Heroine Saves A Gentleman


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Zhou Xiaoxiao, an ordinary fine arts student, transmigrates over to a strange ancient world. She becomes an insignificant character who is highly skilled in martial arts.

Zhou Xiaoxiao was determined to escape her lowly identity as a henchman and live independently. However, she suddenly comes across the exquisitely handsome scholar Yu Xingzhi, who was tormented until he was on his dying breath.

Since staying alive in this dog eat dog world is already difficult, will she rescue him or will she go down her own path? And can she possibly return to the modern world?

This is an unlikely romance story between a heroic woman and a frail yet beautiful scholar.

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Fulminata rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: c81
This is seriously fresh and good.

6 Reasons why you need to read this :

  1. First and foremost, the MC has a good head on her shoulders. She's mature, and this didn't come from the fact that the author described her as 'mature'. She knows how to apologize when she's wrong, and how to be straightforward without being s*upid. I really like how she truly has a common sense. She's also strong, without being that overbearing female-asassins type of strong. She's not the best, and this aspect is realistic.
  2. Second, she's INDEPENDENT. You read me right, folks. We have found an ancient-transmigration FMC whose life does not depends on a man. Wow. I am shooked. She actually escape from her predicaments by her own skill and not the ML's title. She could properly make her own living by her skills.
  3. Third, the ML is not a di**head! Yeshhh! We wouldn't see moments of bickering because the ML's ego got bruised, or MC putting a sh*teating grin while giving the ML empty platitudes for her schemes.
  4. The relationship actually feels mature. It's based on mutual respect. In an ancient-china setting. Again, I am amazed.
  5. Yes, we have well-crafted side characters, folk. Although I haven't read to the end as of now, I really like how the author played different facets of emotions and motivations in the side characters. Heck, I love the ML's cousins. No face-slapping, no mindless petty white lotuses.
  6. It's fun. It has a simple story, and there's not much of a drama. I dare say to label this as a 'feel-good' stories. But, it manages to feel fresh and delivers a good laugh at some scenes.
I truly, truly recommend this for anyone who wants to read a feel-good romance.
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moonrune rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: c129
I really wish I could recommend this one. I had so much fun reading it in the first half, but there's a problem with the story that got harder to just wince at and ignore every time until I had to face it head on: the author is a homophobe.

Homosexuality is invoked maybe four or five times over the course of a 49-chapter (longer due to split chapters) novel, every time in a threat of r*pe towards male characters by the major antagonists that serves as the gasp! Moment of... more>> establishing how truly evil they are. Like, every single one of them! Male desire for men is always portrayed as despicable, degrading to the (always nonconsensual) receiver, and corrupt, unnatural to the point that it is never even an exclusive desire--the antagonists are never even portrayed in a way that validates homosexuality as an orientation, but as them just being willing to humiliate and subjugate anyone under their power. The ML even once describes his attempted assaulter as "disgusting" for his "homosexuality" instead of, you know, being a psychopathic serial torturer-rapist. The part you'd think you'd focus on.

Overall it's a decent story (good until the ending, which is so rushed and overdramatic it wrecks suspension of disbelief--large-scale hostage situation in the bas**ent of a daycare center going about its day, how would no one notice a bunch of unconscious people being dragged in or hear the yelling upstairs if they can hear kids laughing and running from downstairs, heroine snaps a guy's neck but he just gets back up and says WELL THEN WE'LL ALL DIE TOGETHER, what) with a great romance that was ruined for me by the author's homophobic agenda. I stopped being able to enjoy it by the end, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. This might not be the case for someone else, but I think readers deserve to be prepared, especially if they themselves are LGBTQ. <<less
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sugarpoison rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c29
I really love the switching up of gender roles and stereotypes in this story. A breath of fresh air from all those domineering and abusive MLs and supposedly smart but weak MCs. Here, they're both really lovely to read. Especially the MC, who is very heroic. Top tier in my list so far.


Plus, the MC taking the lead with the soft and blushy boi ML while both of them were crossdressing, absolute gold.

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Yuunayoon rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: c87
It's actually has a pretty good start (FL transmigrated into the body of a physically strong maid and then saved the tortured ML), it hooked me immediately. Plus, the FL is really quick-witted and straightforward, a trait that can be said uncommon in historical novels with aristocratic background, and the ML has one of my favorite trait, he's gentle af. Alas, it went off to the bad direction that makes me very dissapointed.

... more>>

1. The problem with FL: In the story, the FL is described as cold-hearted because apparently she's still feeling furious towards her ex-boyfriend who stabbed her to death, thus she doesn't want to fall in love anymore. That information makes me think that the story will probably follow the slow love route. BUT D*AMN NO, the FL only needs to spend a few days with ML before being totally smitten by him. The worse part is, she lost her quick-witted skill after falling in love with him, and it's replaced by a kind-of airheaded way of thinking instead. Especially after the part where she married ML, where she always ran off to some places without doing a good job as ML's wife, I mean she doesn't live like any aristocrat's wife should (yes, I know the ML pampers her, letting her do anything, and what-not, but dude they live in a freaking ancient time! You should follow the rules, no matter how strong your character's foothold is). No. Having a godly culinary skills doesn't make it any better, I even think that her culinary skill doesn't actually have any use for her aside from the sole purpose of making the FL slightly better than she actually is.

2. The problem with ML: The ML is described as a kind of weak and gentle beauty, which is actually a definite contrast with the FL who's described as strong and straightforward (traits that I deemed as, quite useless after she marries ML). But once again, his character diverts off from the paveway when he suddenly goes to a war so he could gain a new status and married FL. Remember, he's a scholar, and recently got tormented, so yeah, I really think that even if he wants to join the war and become the hero, he'll need to recuperate first (more so because he's being punished by his family for forcing them to accept FL as his soon-to-be wife, yeah, more reason to rest and build his strength, no?). But no, there's no way the ML needs any rest, so he just joins the war immediately and wins it shortly after, yay, he marries FL. IMHO, at least if you want to develop your character from a weakling to a strong dude, you need to show the progress first, don't just develop him that fast, lol.

3. The problem with the villains: The villains that I'm talking about are the Lin family members who torture ML. They're very one-dimensional, despite the fact that their impact on ML was quite heavy, I think they should've been appear in some important scenes, and the death of the second master of Lin family is very dull.

4. The problem with the side characters: Just like the villains, they're very one-dimensional, and there's no detailed description about the FL close relationship with other characters around her (well, not like she has any aside from the princes and that one sis-in-law). The part where ML's mom finally gave her blessings for FL to marry her son is once again, very dull and rushed.

5. The problem with the plot in general: As I said before, the plot is actually good, but it feels too hurried and the characters development is close to none. I hope the story will be better as time passes but from now on I don't think I can read it anymore.

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February 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I agree with Four seasons. The most beautiful part about the novel was the bond between the leads. A love beyond bodies, deep into the soul.

I love how they are able to interact even when they're in different worlds through soul touch.


And how his love for her is beyond beauty, class etc. It's just something special between him and her. A love without reasons. Though not loaded with fluff but has the most ideal love form.
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vishae rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Read it in Chinese. Tried reading the English translation, but when the paragraph introducing the female lead says, “The person have a lifeless look in his eyes, his hair was messily combed into two buns...” and then later jumps to a female pronoun with no explanation... yeah, I wasn’t willing to deal with that mess.

Now, why am I harping on the translation when I’m supposed to be reviewing the story? It’s because it’s a pretty good story that flows nicely, and a believable main... more>> lead (maybe a little OP, but in a nice way), and I don’t want people to get put off by the translation.

It’s a sweet love story with a respectful approach to gender role reversal - the man is not especially weak, just that he does get into a lot of dangerous situations and she’s just good at getting him out of it. The other men and women in the story aren’t useless baggage, they all have their own strengths, and the baddies are sufficiently evil. If there is one point I felt a little uncomfortable with, it was that

homosexuality was depicted quite negatively in the story.


I don’t know if the translation gets better as it goes - I just want people to give the story a go. This is a short one and won’t take too long to finish. <<less
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Raizel_Pendragon rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: Completed

I really liked the novel's MC, ML and their relationship. She was a lowly maid- strong, clever, independent. And he a scholarly noble- honest, gentle and cute! Their relationship is strong and sweet weathering battles and oppositions together. It was quite an enjoyable read but I have 3 major issues with it

1. Dear author-nim, just HOW HOMOPHOBIC CAN YOU GET??? ... more>>

almost every single major villain is a "cut-sleeve" and rapist! The author makes it sound like these two are mutually inclusive. The ML even outright says one of his attempted r@pist is 'disgusting' for being a homos*xual rather than for being the vile mass mu*derer serial assaulter he actually is. I can understand the author using it because, YES, r*pe and torture has been used as methods of degradation to break the fighting spirit/will of the opponent since ancient times. It is one of the easiest ways to break a person (regardless of gender) and to ensure that they won't have the will to fight back anymore. As crass and inhuman it sounds that is the reality often faced by the prisoners of war. But when Every. Single. Villain in a relatively short story become a gay rapist... idk man it just makes it weird. And as an avid BL reader/lover this pisses me off. So f*ckin Much.


2. The whole time travel arc

It was passable until I saw how badly it was handled. The author just straight up abandoned the NOT drop-dead gorgeous, rough and tough martial-artist "body" MC initially used and everyone just patted their hands twice and forgot about it. How wonderful🙂! I feel pity for original soul of the body the female lead used. I was sorta put off by the scene where ML fvcked her ?soul, while the said 'body' was sleeping right next to them. What made it even worse was that the body was killed, burnt and thrown away in a temple and no one really mourned for her (org owner). The author conveniently used and discarded her just like that once they've milked out the worth of her body's martial art prowess.

If the MC was gonna end up in her 'beautiful' original body by the end, they should've just used it from the start. It became the generic beautiful FL x beautiful ML. (And the FL even magically retained the martial arts of the other body smh.)

It felt like the back and forth ?time travel/?soul swapping was not well thought out and seemed like they bullshi**d through it just to squeeze out a few more chapters 🧐


3. How rushed the ending was- it really left too many questions unanswered... And there were events I'd have liked reading more about *cough* last chapter *cough*

It was fun to read most of the time and I wish I could've recommended it but nah the above mentioned problems made it unpalatable to me. So 2.5/5 <<less
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March 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel has its good and bad parts. Overall, its a solid 3 stars for me.

The Good Parts:

The female lead, Zhou XiaoXiao, is great character. She is assertive, knows what she wants, doesn't let anyone make her feel like she's worthless, and charismatic. The male lead, Yu Xingzhi, is a typical scholarly type without the two-facedness. Their dynamic is truly hilarious and fun to read and watch unfold. XiaoXiao teases him a lot and Xingzhi allows her to have freedom to do as she pleases, which is not typical for... more>> that time period. They have good chemistry.

The Bad Parts:

1. The ending was tr*sh. It was to rushed and there were massive plot holes that never got explained.

2. Zhou XiaoXiao came from the modern times and should have been more aware of things like PTSD or s*xual assault. But none of those terms were mentioned and instead the author equated Yu Xingzhi's trauma after experiencing s*xual assault to homosexuality, which pissed me all the way off. There were also other scenes where the author just came off as blatantly homophobic. Left me wondering why it seems they hate gay men so much. Very off putting.

3. The pacing of the novel is off, way off. Some things just didn't make sense and I feel that the author wanted to fit everything they thought of in one novel.

There is more that was bad, but I'll leave it to you to figure out. <<less
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Pomelo rated it
December 31, 2020
Status: c144
Fulminata's review outlined the basic virtues of the story really well, so I'll just second that and try to find some new ground to tread while underlining the main principles. Basically, modern woman transmigrated to the ancient era as a child of a servant/groundskeeper. Unfortunately, their master is an unscrupulous guy who likes to kidnap people for pleasure and this is where she finds the ML before she proceeds to save him.

Best aspects:

    • The characters are three-dimensional. Even the people who feel annoying to the reader at the beginning is that way for a reason, out of concern or worry or care for the people close to them. Just because someone is on the side of the main characters doesn't mean they have to be completely affable or without rough edges, or dislikes some parts of the MC (like the ML's mother). It's pretty human. Much more human than the MC having a Mary-Sue halo that makes everyone like them quickly.
    • The MC really succeeded being an independent woman in an ancient setting, which, as many people pointed out, is really damn hard to achieve even for many transmigrated characters. It does help that she doesn't even set her eye too high or wishes to accumulate too much power. She never cared about being a noble, for one, only wants to be financially secure.
    • The MC is mature. She can hold on to her principles, show other people where she stands and disagree with them, without spitting on them. Really, other main characters do make me wonder why it's so hard to act like an adult and have a respectful disagreement.
    • The ML is a kind and open-minded person. Are you tired of overbearing MLs, or MLs who're generally fine but have some shades of that (as if the writer can't come up with other ways to write him?), then come aboard! He's a refined gentleman like white jade, the farthest thing from that!
    • Nice action sequences and war parts, and its inclusion makes sense, what with the MC being a martial sort of woman, instead of randomly tacked on because the writer wants to make the MC look 'cool' (I'm looking at you, Doomed to be Cannon Fodder and its nonsensical final arc).
Addressing Some Criticisms I've Read:

Is the writer is homophobic because the main villains seem to be homosexuals? Uh, no, I didn't have that impression at all. I did get the impression that one of the characters in the modern world did, at one point, use the word 'gay' as an insult, but since he was currently threatened with s*xual violence, I gave him a pass. As for the other villains threatening to r*pe guys... the impression I get was that the writer is trying for a different approach, of evening out the threat of s*xual violence not just to the female members of the cast but also to the male ones.

Historically, there are male brothels too and other c-novels don't even shy away from that factoid. I'm sure many readers have read villain characters in ancient settings with the hobby of raping and/or torturing women too, I don't really think it's too weird if here we happen to see the repeated use of villains with a penchant for raping and/or torturing men. I mean, do people accuse those novels of being secretly having a misogynistic agenda because so many of the villains want to r*pe women?

The writer here is just flipping the villains' preferred target demographic here. Not to mention that beautiful guys being threatened with r*pe is also a historically accurate detail, just not one often touched upon in other stories. Its inclusion in this story is probably to highlight the ML's beauty and the degree of peril he's in from that trait, the same way the ancient c-novel setting put beautiful women in peril.

Really, if we're speaking of r*pe as a weapon of war, it's also about power relations, humiliation and subjugation, not just s*xual attraction. It doesn't actually imply that everyone threatening to r*pe male prisoners are gay. Some of the villains still have concubine-filled harems with many women in it.

And before anyone tries to say that I'm saying all this to make excuses or mansplaining... man, sexually speaking I'm not even that straight.

TL;DR Summary:

Independent female MC with a strong martial bent, she goes saving the ML not long after she found him imprisoned on the grounds of the manor that she was working in. He's a refined gentleman and a scholar, but he's captivated by her capability. He even entered the army to win enough merits to show his independence, shut his mother's complaints and/or disagreements and marry a 'commoner' like her because he wouldn't settle for less nor would he accept severing their relationship altogether.

(She'd rather marry a commoner instead of him if that's what it takes to marry a guy without any concubines. He would rather that she didn't, particularly if she actually does like him).

Has a lot of villains threatening s*xual violence on guys (mostly the ML), in what seems to be a genre-flip from the usual ancient c-novel trope of villains threatening s*xual violence on women (mostly the female characters).
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February 6, 2020
Status: Completed
the premise is actually really good. There are many fluffy scenes. Both leads dote on each other very much.

although there are some tragic scenes coming out of nowhere but not dramatic enough. It was immediately resolved though. It lacks the drama so I just gave it a 4. Well, I guess it's still great, not bad for the heart hehe.

the characters are balanced, I think. Not overly smart and calculative for the leads. The acts of the villains are also not very s*upid.

the ending is somewhat hurried and not so... more>> satisfying. But the fluff is already passable~ <<less
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soysuva rated it
January 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Beginning to middle was promising, but after she ... more>>

time travels back to the future

it all went downhill.

One, let me explain:

The author continues to make gay people the reason why all evil things happen, going with the "homophobic villian culture" *rolls eyes*. It's very homophobic to the point where I just started skipping all those scenes. Why does the author hate gay men so much? She's reeking her prejudices views on how she actually sees gay men in reality, which is very homophobic. All of that was unnecessary in this story. 🙄



The whole time travel plot was interesting until how I saw how sloppy the author handled the soul swapping. She really abandoned the "body" she used and they all just forgot about it. Which makes me feel pity and empathy for original soul and body the female lead used. I sort felt disturbed that he was f'n her soul, while the "ex-body" she used/stole was sleeping right next to them. It sort felt like he was cheating and made me hate the female lead, male lead, and author. What also made it even worst was that the body was burned and thrown away in a temple and no one mourned for her. Sad, the author discarded her body like that. 🙄 While male lead was crying during that event, he only was seeing the female lead in the other world and " crying" for her, while the other one turned to ashes. Which was sort of f'd up in a way if you think about it. If the author was gonna use her original body to time travel, they should of just used it from the start. They tarnished an innocent soul and body that had nothing to do with the darn plot. That's what I'm frustrated with! The time travel was not thought out well and seemed like they sh*t it out last minute. 😤

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Honefuusen rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I good novel for the heart. It's fairly short but quite full of content. It depicts the enduring love of main leads through trials by blood and fire, quite literally. I just feel the ending was too abrupt. And you just don't know what happens with all the loose ends after the leads cross over.

Though overall, it's still a very sweet novel. I think the title should be changed into a gentleman and a lecher, lol.
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MeineMeow rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: Completed
It might not a solid 5 star novel, but i’ll give 6 stars due to :

1. Very strong and optimistic FL. She’s strong, kind but not a fool, funny, pe*vert (you’ll love how she teased our ML in bed), talented yet not an overkill char.

2. Doting and loving ML, smart, give his all to our FL, cute and makes us want to protect snd pamper him to the max.

3. No evil woman (which appear often in CN novel, hates it when the author describing all the women besides FL as... more>> evil narrow minded women). Here we find our FL even love to tease them due to their beauty and kindness. Oh yes, forgot to told you that our FL was a big face con.

4. The plot is quite nice, at least we won’t see a routine transmigration troupe. Love how the author describe the torn between the FL’s attachment to her original family and her love.

Overall, this makes me want to read all the author’s novel, since I notice her style was to give us a strong smart FL. <<less
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LynCross rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: c80
Really great and refreshing. This goes against the stereotype of a strong female lead. The MC is a strong female but not like the usual CN where they're cold, cruel, and calculating. There's a sense of being s free spirit and staying grounded. She doesn't feel like she has unlimited plot armor which and has feelings!! SHE HAS FEELINGS Y'ALL! It's great how the roles are reversed where the ML is working hard instead of being overbearing and throwing money around. The ML is a scholar, gentle, but PROUD. Honest and not calculating.

The MC came from a different era and the ML is rigid in terms of etiquette, but I think he's more open than most seeing how he was able to accept MC. The relationship so far is not toxic, due to the MC being from the modern era, she understands space and letting people chase their ambition. Due to ML being a scholar, he's protective but not overbearing. Bc of the situation that brought them together ML knows MC is strong and trust her.

Most MLs trust the MC but do something behind the scenes. This novel he works as a backup and most often than not its the MCs initiative.

The conflict is well written though not described enough, but it's a simple conflict

about how MC and ML can't marry due to difference in status

but holds up well and I actually felt tense.
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throughtheraine rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: Completed
It’s actually a cute novel, most of the scenes made me smile. I’ve read it in one go since the chapters were really short. Despite not being lengthy, a lot of things actually happened and the story spanned a few years. However, the way the novel was written was like the events were taking place in passing and were not delved too deeply. Even though the protagonists were such a lovey-dovey couple, I think the plot did not focus much on their relationship but more so on the antics and... more>> adventures of the FL. This being said, I felt that I wanted more from them but at the same time it also felt just quite right and you’ll still be satisfied.

It might seem that the affections the couple had for each other was primarily attributable to the suspension bridge effect due to everything they have gone through with each other in those trying times but I like how they were very supportive of each other until the end. It’s also nice that their relationship were not complicated despite there being troublesome people around them.

I like the FL as she is strong, in all sense of the word, independent and confident. She is quite mischievous and dynamic, she got a lot of antics up her sleeves. Being from a modern era, she is not conservative so it’s funny whenever she’s acting like a little temptress and bringing her evil and naughty moves against the ML. Meanwhile, since the latter is truly a gentleman and quite an innocent man, he is just like a poor member of the bullied husband club who can’t just win against his wife. Even so, he is still so doting with her and just let her be just herself regardless her being weird most of the time.

Given the plot of the novel, I think the title was really appropriate. The only thing I’d like to point out was that it’s not the usual transmigration plot and I felt the fantasy part became a bit too much. However, I do recommend this novel since I had fun reading it. Though it might not be considered as one of my top favorites, I might still read it again in the future. <<less
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yesiambroke rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed the story and I also appreciated when the author shortened a whole war into 1 chapter, but that also has some bad aspects to it too (I will explain it further with the cons).


    • The relationship!! I got nothing bad to say about the couple and how they express love!
    • The MC is not a doormat and has more things going on in her life other than love.
    • The ML is willing to make sacrifices for the relationship, cuz he's aware that most of their relationship problems comes from his own family.

  • The pacing in this story is really bad, cuz some scenes just end abruptly so you don't get to see the development of the relationship.
  • I don't like how the author blames the ML's ptsd to homosexuality, instead of having honest dialogue about s*xual assault (no matter the sexuality of the villain)
  • The ending was too rushed for my liking and it left too many questions unanswered.
  • I HATE how the author treated the body of the original owner, especially when we know that she was an unlucky disabled girl
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chiakiss rated it
July 3, 2020
Status: c76
I really, really like this novel. MC is the love of my life. She is strong, clever, independent, but not at the expense of being kind and making connections with others. It's honestly all I ever wanted to read.

Lots of people write "strong female characters", but in many cases, the protagonist ends up being either only physically strong, and too rude or too cold. It's 100% more charming to see characters that aren't an extreme trait, and more like real human beings. MC is great - she's strong, she's clever,... more>> she manages to open and mantain a bussiness, she knows how not to offend to maintain relationships, but she's not easy to bully or take advantage of. Even in times where women weren't independent, she strives to live the life she wants to live.

But what really makes her shine is that she's lovely - She's free spirited and lively, but kind and polite still. She has a mentality to love freely and if that works she's willing to give her all, but she's not dependent of Ml. She's not afraid to show her feelings and cries and feels frustrated when bad things happen, but she still has a life to live outside the ML. She makes friends, trains, draws, and pursues her interests. It just so happens that her relationship is also something that she wants to pursue, and tries hard to make it work, even considering that they may be going against his family, because she really loves him

ML is also great - you can tell he has a very rigid personality because of his upbringing as a noble, but with strong morals. And it's fun to see these drastically different personalities trying to accomodate each other during their travels. At first, he respects her for saving his life, but later he really sees her other good sides, and also warms up to her friendly personality. I can almost feel this affections throught the super cute romance scenes

The translation is not bad, but sometimes I feel it doesnt quite convey everything. Just a vibe, but it's not like I know mandarim so

anyways, I stan <<less
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February 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Fluff, so much fluff

I love the natural mutual respect and devotion they have for each other. I really like the ML as well, he's reasonable and not overbearing.

In terms of character development he really wins, plus he's not an a**hole, I hope there's a lot more MLs like him.

MC is very good as well, although she's good at too many things, it's understandable because she's sharing the body with another memory. I like how she cares for the world she left behind, unlike other transmigrations novels where MC just forgets... more>> about their old lives. <<less
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Isabelle rated it
December 31, 2020
Status: c151
I do really appreciate how they have constructed FL character. It has some political intrigues, but is not deep in details, so you could focus into the cute romance part.

But f*ck, I just cannot enjoy reading because the Author have created a hole homophobic agenda to this novel:

... more>>

All the villains are Homo, and just like other reader have comment before me, seems like they being homo is basically the main reason for them to be mad and r*pe people/rebel against the current emperor with other country.


It makes me really sad, because even the domestic violence is well described and gives extra content to the read, but all this about "homosexuality is a plague" just makes me have a hard time to read and even have fun reading (chap 151 here, so I have tried, ok?)..... I would recommend you to look for other novels at this style instead of reading this one : ( <<less
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Shortk rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: c41
I'm not sure if it's the translation... Or my own understanding, but there are so awkward phrases and sections where I'm like... "Scratches head* ok I guess I get what you mean?" But this is purely on the writing and not the plot because the plot is absolutely so sensible (as it can be in this genre) and honestly amazing. I'm so impressed by the gender stereotypes switch up and how elegantly and naturally it was done. The MC is the best. She is so astounding and maybe a little... more>> OP in her capabilities but it by no means means that she has it easy. This really has the workings of a really well written adventure book. I guess it's probably the translation (maybe? idk) that makes it a step below a standard YA novel written in English. But unless I learn Chinese, that's just natural. I can't know or compare if it would be just as great as I think it can be if read in Chinese.

Seriously very good book. I'm only talking about the translation, not because it's bad, but I only suspect that this book can he elevated to it's truest best if only the author knew English too ;-; and wrote it in English. <<less
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