Reborn to Love Lord Qiansui


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If there was any identical and pure coincidence.

He is Lord Jiu Qiansui (nine thousand year) who everyone loathed. He is vicious, merciless, cruel and savage. Receiving flattery and take unfair advantage, causing calamity and chaos beyond the scope of syllabus. The emperor doted on him and trusted him, the consorts tried to gain his favor, the crown prince vowed to get rid of him and the officials wished that they could devour his bones and eat his flesh.

The crafty wanted to get into his favor.

The honorable wanted to kill him.

The commoners looked down upon him.

He is the rebel and traitor that everyone wanted dead.

And such a him got a love that he wouldn’t even dare to think about. That cold fragrance had always stood by his side and vaguely always surrounded him. She was like an antidote that seemed to carry poison, making him crazy.

If you don’t abandon me, then I will give up everything for you to have a life of no worries!

When Zhao Zimu pulled Ling Qing’s first white hair, his lips were in a thin line and asked displeased, “Do you abhor me now?”

Zhao Zimu touched his forehead with her lips and laughed, “How would I dislike you? You are the one I want to grow old with. Now, you are just one step ahead of me.”

Even through rain of blood and forest of daggers, I will stay by your side in this life, looking at how the flowers bloom and wither and how winter becomes spring.

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Insideofadoge rated it
September 24, 2020
Status: c68
It’s good. Eunuchs deserve love too. I like stories about damaged people coming together and learning how to trust and love and comfort each other. Relationships that require people to use their words and be a little vulnerable and brave, despite being broken from the way the world has treated them.

The ML is the go-to guy for getting stuff done around the palace, so of course everyone is afraid of him and nasty to him both behind his back and to his face. And to be able to survive, he... more>> has gotten just as conniving as everyone else. Even though he gets all the work done, people still sneer at him for being a eunuch.

Some folks in the reviews don’t like the ML, but I appreciate that, unlike the ruthless CEOs from other novels, he is nasty in his work life but a soft boi in his personal life. Just because you are tough at work doesn’t mean you have to treat your loved one bad, yo!

Both characters are just people who lived without love their whole lives. MC is tough and cold, but she goes all-in early because she is reborn and knows how ML feels for certain—she saw it. He still has to work through some shame and body issues, and doesn’t have the luxury of 100% certainty that the MC isn’t playing games.

If you want a story that has SUPER MANLY DUBCON COLD CEO and SOFT SWEET DUMB LADY then this is not for you. Everyone in the real world is already a mix of traditionally masculine and feminine traits anyway. <<less
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August 15, 2020
Status: Completed
If you love General is above, I am below, I highly recommend you this novel.
Our MC is a very strong, cold and gentle martial artist. Her image is very similar to the one of MC in GAIB. She is more of a cold and handsome yet gentle husband type in other C-novel while ML is the one doted on (a cute little wife type).

... more>>

Unlike Ye Zhao, she didn’t start off as a general. She was one of ML’s beauty but later
join the army and become a general. The only thing that doesn’t make much sense when I MTL is that I don’t really understand how she falls in with ML (She said he had saved her life. The details seem to be missing Idk maybe it’s because of the MTL.)


Our ML, Lord Jiu Qian Sui (9000; which means he is the second only to the emperor) is an eunuch who is surrounded by lots of beauty but never falls in love with any of them since non of them really love him. He is a very powerful politician, a trusted confidant of the emperor. After MC is reborn and make a move on him, he slowly open up to her (And is very jealous). Their relationship is very healing. My soft boii.

I don’t feel like spoiling it...

It’s a good read. Please give it a try. <<less
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readingjenny rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: c82
Rating 4 stars. But it is enjoyable, the I like the concept so, I gave it 5 stars

We stan sexually proactive women in here. We rarely see stories with women who are sexually active (and unashamed of their desire) without being sexualized, objectified, or punished in the narrative. And I like that. You go, girl! Express your sexuality!! You are both adults who mutually consented. Enjoy your s*x life!!

An apathetic woman and a man with deep-rooted insecurity, having each other as their emotional anchor. They are both capable of standing... more>> on their own and can manage their own problems. They cannot live without each other, not because they are weak, but because they could care less about their lives. I like their relationship.

The translation is meh. But I like the notes---very helpful. <<less
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Qiwis20 rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: c21
The ML scares me a little bit from how ruthless he is with other people, but hoooooo boy did he melt like butter from the FL's advances. Straightforward FLs, that's the sh*t I like ?

I'm so looking forward to more chapters, the translation quality is good can tell their relationship is gonna be deep and heartwarming ? Many thanks to the translator (s) and editor (s) for the quality and for the consistent updates!! ?
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Lianna rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: c5
Not everyone yet understands the gap moe when a ruthless and fearsome person suddenly melts in female lead's arms, but it's truly precious!
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Kieukieu rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c18
So far so good!! I'm looking forward to seeing how the relationship develops between the leads. I like how the relationship dynamics are reverse, in that the FL is more dominate and aggressive in her pursuit of the ML. It's a breath of fresh air, especially for someone who reads as much romance as I do.
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18Yuki rated it
December 16, 2020
Status: Completed
True eunuch ML, domineering MC, equal relationship.

Both characters stay true to themselves to the very end, even if they devote all their heart and gentleness to the other, they never stray from their characters. To others, ML is cruel, ruthless and calculative, MC is cold, ruthless and indifferent.

ML psychology is realistic, he is paranoid, insecure and often involuntarily questions the MCs love, but there are no misunderstandings between them. Each time MC will act decisively to show him.

Even if the MC likes to use a straightforward approach to problems, she... more>> isn't any less cunning then the ML. He calculates her, she calculates him, they both know what the other is doing and they both know who the other person is when they got together. No deception, no misunderstandings, probably the purest dark emotions.

Every time the MC soothes the MLs inferiority it feels warm and comforting, MC is very much the reliable type who give people a strong feeling of security. ML isn't squemish, nor does he turn useless after getting together with the MC, ML is still Lord Jiu Qian Sui, just with someone he wants to protect who loves him.

The other characters are reasonably well written though some are annoying they are very realistic. Every character evidences the 'no one is entirely good or evil' philosophy, just look at the MC and ML, they are good to each other but ruthless or evil to others, especially the ML, who is just doing what he needs to to survive but is discriminated against and hated, so he had to use stronger methods.


Other examples would be the 7th Princess who fell in 'love' with the MC's male disguise. I say 'love' because it was more of an obsession, I feel the MCs male disguise appeared to her as a last chance of salvation to escape from being married off to the Xiongnu, he met her fantasy of someone strong, handsome and unique (in that the MC didnt treat her as a princess) who could sweep her off her feet and rescue her from despair. This princess is someone who is naive and ignorant, who didn't understand until it was too late that there was a price to be paid for the privilieges she has as a royal. Her fate was tragic, though she became an 'enemy' to the MC and ML.

The 5th Prince is also someone who would be a typical minor antagonist to the MC and ML. He, like his sister, eventually fell in love with the MCs male disguise (MC rarely appears as a female in the latter half of the story). He is not an ambitious prince, rather he prefers life as a General in war then fighting against his older brothers for the throne. Even if he has acted against the ML, he isn't an unreasonable, brainless villain.

The main villain of this story is the Crown Prince (no surprise) but even he isnt truly evil. He is just the rightful heir to the throne whose power is threatened by the ML. Even if he is the villain, he is still the most talented prince among jis brothers and most suited to be emperor. Even the 8th Prince who eventually became the Crown Prince after his death with the support of the ML and MC can only be said to be average. He isn't especially ruthless, he did care for his siblings to a degree, and only fought against his father in the end because he was drivem to th corner. He was calculated by the ML to the point that if he didnt rebel, only death and disgrace awaited him. In the end, he also allowed his uncle to escape being grouped with him to death when the rebellion failed. He isn't a tyrant, rather even the ML would agree he would have been a wise Emperor. It just happened that the grievances between him and the ML are too deep, if he succeeded ascending the throne like in the MCs previous life, the ML and MC are doomed.


Lastly, while not every part of the novel is realistic (for example, the MC treating any of the Imperial children disrespectfully shouldn't be so easy to gloss over, or even the MCs strength is pretty much he gold finger) the novel is a good blend of realistic and non-realistic elements. I doubt you will notice it.

Overall this is an amazing novel, a great read for someone who likes a strong MC and fluff in the form of the MC spoiling the ML. <<less
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judeiiro rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: c37
Similar to I Married an Exasperating Eunuch but I like this one better!

Lord Qiansui has a huge gap moe and I love reading MC subtly dominating him while still fluffing up his pride and self confidence 🤭 Reading his thoughts is pretty amusing and I love the little insights from his pov

Translations are pretty good! Just occasional typos and similar word misplacements (using "safe" instead of "save", etc) but definitely easy to read! Time to continue reading~ Thank you for your hard work, translator ٩ (๑・ิᴗ・ิ) ۶٩ (・ิᴗ・ิ๑) ۶
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Strawberrymilk rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I am very happy with this novel.

The FL was reborn - wanting to love and repay the ML from the protection that he gave her in the past. Court, Country, War and Love - paving a way for their peaceful future together.

The roles of the typical leads are reversed.

... more>> The FL is strong and calm yet gentle. She's not shy when it comes to the things that she want (*ehem* bed). She's also not one that can be controlled. (Yay! For STRONG AND INDEPENDENT WOMAN)

The ML is a eunuch, a bit weak in physique compared to the FL but not useless. He has power in court.

He is also a bit paranoid. The ML constantly tries to stimulate the FL to love him deeper.


All in all, I had a great time reading the novel. I truly admire their tenacity and loyalty to each other. Also, the schemes, the strategies, and the wits, truly never a dull moment.

Also, this is the first wherein you'd find an ML who's a eunuch and was able to be happy in life. And an FL who was never dissatisfied with their kind of lifestyle.

Because, honestly, they usually find a way to heal the ML from their disabilities. It's a refreshing intake to have one that despite being eunuch, he lived a good life in the end. It's not pitiful that the ML was a eunuch because the FL truly didn't mind. She just continued to love him for what he has. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CaliforniaMaki rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: c93 part2
Another great Ancient China novel.. Love the FL is very dominant over ML... ML is a eunuch, a TRUE eunuch so yeah think about that *wink*

Novel is very detailed with portaying the feelings and emotions of the character. The scenese are written tastefully and I love how intense these two are. I think this novel has depth and characters are not 2D. Really found this enjoyable and will say this is a GEM!

Thanks also to the translator for doing a wonderful job!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zemmiaphobia rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: c124 part1
This story is really good! I love romances with unconventional gender roles and this checks a lot of boxes. The MC is very powerful and both men and women fall for her everywhere she goes. She's very heroic and pragmatic. The ML is a eunuch and takes a more submissive role, though he is equally powerful. I thought the author did a great job of writing the sexy scenes in a believable and, as far as I know, accurate way.
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Newbookeveryday rated it
October 22, 2020
Status: c75p1
first thoughts: this story is awesome! after about ten chapters: What have I gotten myself into!

firstly, I love the character of the MC. Shes basically a dude in girl skin lol. this girl is a true flower lover. she came off as a cold iceberg in the beginning but you'll learn why she had her reasons. You can really see her development from just wanting to make sure the ML dosent die as repayment to wanting to share her everything with him. also shes very open and isn't one of... more>> those fls who like to hide things because they feel like mls don't need to know now.😞

the ml... he's someone im surprised I began to enjoy. I sort of wanted to switch their titles in this review. (ml=fl/fl=ml) 🤭but decided to go off how they were born. Just based from this you can tell his character, enough said 🤭. like the fl, ML changes a lot as you read. he learned to trust her and cannot live without her. ML really shows the emotions of a eunuch, something I knew nothing about. best to read and find out.

to be honest as I read I began to feel tricked in the beginning... I know eunuchs have no s🙈x but I was expecting it to be along the lines of BG love (I dont know why??lol I just did) but it began to feel more like a GL (which I have nothing against but BL's are my lifeline). ie. FL comforting ml, ML kicking FL out of carriage (smh), ML scared FL will leave him, FL kissing mls forehead (how tall is she?😂)... you get what I mean, but to be honest I was laughing the whole time. but it was mainly because the FL was hilarious.

Anywho this story has that kind of vibe. To be honest, I haven't felt the desire to drop and although this story feels like a GL, but it shows better emotional development than a lot of BG love novels. definitely should give it a 5 chapter try before throwing it out. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nsr rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: Completed
Love it. It's refreshing to read. I dont think I've ever read a novel where the female MC is way "male-like" than the usual ML in romance novels. In various ways mwahahaha (read this novel and you'll know what I mean).

Also, the review that mentioned why the MC didnt use her strength in the last life, you should read the final chapter (the extra) and you'll know why.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shouahang58 rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: c35
I like strong female protagonist that doesn't always rely on the main guy to save her from everything. How ever I do also like to have a strong ML too.

So I'm giving this novel a 2 star cause I don't find the ML attractive cause he's a bit too weak for me and I also don't like how he is a eunuch who is supposed to be mighty but he really isn't. Also hate how he is somewhat distrustful of MC.

MC is somehow reborn but then you find out that... more>> she is actually good at fighting and has all these people that would help her, but then it makes you wonder why she didn't use them in her last life if she had all these resource. Makes no sense at all to me.

I also find the princess to be supper annoying asf!!

So I won't be reading anymore cause I can't focus on it while I was reading. <<less
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