Dandere General and his Lord


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Cheng Qianye transmigrates to a period of turbulent war and s*avery.

Though at first, she is reluctant to accept her situation, she can’t bring herself to ignore the devastating situation before her.

After meeting Mo Qiao Sheng, a miserable s*ave on the verge of death, she saves him and takes the first step to bringing about change.

With the help of her system which shows her the aura of a person, she gathers loyal allies and sets about to abolish s*avery and unify the country.

Note: This story focuses more on character development and the overall growth of the political situation. Although political, this is an easy read without too many complicated twists.

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New CaliforniaMaki rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this strong FL and ML couple. So the story is really about this strong monarch FL and this taciturn general- to-be. As the author stressed (or was it TL?) this is a quickie, so the characters aren't really fleshed out, the plot is not defined, especially the political and military arena are mostly narrative of they won this battle, someone's dead and all that jazz.. But I gave it a 5 because I seriously enjoyed this type of fast paced novel with enough romance, action and a... more>> dark undertone. Side bonus of interesting side characters

Cheng Feng, my bias!


I could honestly say the golden finger of this FL is perhaps the most useful golden finger I've read.

She's a monarch so having the ability to spot talent and know that they're loyal or not planning to kill you is the best hack ever! Hence, she was successful as a monarch.


Also, I don't think the author was portaying homosexuals as horrific people. I think the point she/he was making here is that there are predators/BEASTS out there that will r*** others no matter the gender. I think these reviewers shouldn't be stuck on a it's guy on guy r*** but that r*** is unforgivable and it shouldn't be tagged to someone's preference (being homosexual). I think this was all about the interactions between a master and a s*ave and if I'm not mistaken the ancient era was male-dominated i.e. The BEASTS where mostly male. I hope my thoughts come across correctly.

And with that, I was hoping for a:

BL couple in novel.. Either there wasn't one or I just didn't understand it through MTL 😅

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New Caroline0101 rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: c1
I get that some of these novels are supposed to be fantasies for us readers to get lost into and I love them to death but, its nonsensical to believe a modern day woman with a typical modern day job could dive into being a ruler and army commander of a country that is drowning in rampant wars, power struggles, s*avery and corruption; I love kingdom building, generals and what not but I like my novels with some realism in them.

The author doesn't explain how, what, when and where this... more>> system comes from that supposedly helps her identify people auras and potential besides her role as ruler and commanding armies seem too rushed and unreal too, if the author mentioned that she was a police officer or soilder or even had some bit of martial arts background in her last life, that would help explain how she easily fit into her role, am not asking for a history in everything just wanted some breadcrumbs here and there to paint a clearer picture. <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: Completed
What else can I say? It's a really great read that deserves nothing less than 5 stars---hands down one of the best historical novels I've ever found on NU.

The plot centered around how MC, a modern-day woman transmigrated into ancient china, became a revolutionary king in the era by abolishing s*avery and giving opportunities for common people to become officials while uniting the continent. Her character is truly inspiring, she's like a female ancient Chinese version of Nelson Mandela. The plot is so realistic and intriguing with all the war... more>> and political strategies that it seems like you're reading a piece of history with a little bit of romance on the side. I came for the romance, but the plot is so well-built and interesting that I became immersed in the war and political elements later on.

All of the characters also have enough depth and are portrayed so realistically that I couldn't help emphatizing and rooting for them. My favorite is by far Zhang Fu, the brilliantly cunning minister archetype you'd always find in any historical drama, except for the fact that he's not treacherous (to MC).

Everything from the intriguing original plot, realistic character setting and growth, solid worldbuilding, the author's writing skills, and the amount of research put into this simply makes this one of the best read I've ever found here.

I seriously question the taste of the one reviewer giving this novel 1 star and calling it 'nonsense' and 'mediocre' just simply because it's not 'fluffy enough'. Well if you want unrealistic sweet sugary fluffy romance aimed for teens, just read all those novels with recycled cliched tr*shy plotlines that are clearly everywhere on NU. Sadly not everyone can recognize a piece of gem like this. Calling this clearly well-written novel as 'mediocre' is showing that that one reviewer doesn't have any basic understanding on literature. <<less
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A Loner Reader
A Loner Reader rated it
January 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of the few novels where I finished the MTL in one go.

This is good. Very good.

At first I thought it'll bore me in the long run but no. The pace is just right.

... more>> This novel is about politics, tactics, leaderships, camaraderie, love and character development. In a sense isn't this novel a bit too perfect?

To be honest, the MC is not OP but that's exactly what makes this novel refreshing. She might have a cheat but it's not omnipotent. The characters are not one sided. The ML is unbelievably cute!

This is a must read. I am grateful for the translators for introducing this book to the world. When I read the last chapter I seriously want for more but there won't be such a thing, it ended already (╥_╥)

To those fans of independent woman MC and NOT overbearing plus cute ML, I recommend this! And some INETBAMATTTF fan might actually like this, 'cause at some times I'm seeing Boss Lan in the MC, although this MC doesn't have dominance in her bones. She is a true leader.

This is a good read. <<less
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Jevanka926 rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: --
You know what? It surprised me to see this novel got translated. I'm very impressed with FL's decision. I like how she didn't feel superior, she was very aware that the reason why she could get things done smoothly was because she was 'helped' as she could see people aura. These auras helped her to find people who would truly be loyal towards her.

I also like that the romance wasn't rushed. The ML had to struggle with his insecurities and FL had many things to protect and she couldn't be... more>> selfish. What truly warms me is ML's conversation with his friend who used him. ML knew how cruel the world is towards them, and he understood his friend.


If I could only desribe ML's past with one word, that would be miserable. His mother was a s*ave and if I'm not wrong, he had four siblings where each of them had different fathers. There's this one time where his younger sister was forced to serve a stronger male s*ave. He tried his best to save her, and then his older brother came. I think he said something that ML still didn't understand how the world works, then he entereded the tent and came back after dark with body filled with bruises/torn clothes? I think the older brother replaced his sister and that simply breaks my heart : (

Their mom could only cry and became blank. ML hated the male s*ave deep into his bones, and he promised to avenge his family. Once he became stronger, he killed the male s*ave. His mom probably knew but she was silent about it.

He was sold to a scholar who taught him many things and he was trusted by him. Unfortunately it aroused others jealousy and he was framed. The scholar didn't want to listen to his explanation, punished him, then sold him. That's how he ended up as the army's s*ave.

He had two friends there, a very beautiful and cold friend, and a very bubbly and innocent friend.

Another part that will probably break your heart, is when the innocent friend died. I'm not sure what happened, but I think he died after he was called to serve a general? The sad part is, he was so cheerful before he died as he was wondering whether they would get some rewards. ML and the beautiful friend laughed at him. It became very depressing after they saw his cold body.

ML was lucky since he was never called to 'serve' anyone. Unfortunately, the beautiful friend was numb already. In case you're wondering, the serve here means, serving others sexually and often times theey were called to be abused (whipped beaten, etc)


I really like the FL because she wasn't a door mat, she was a fighter. She fought alongside the people, she's a protector, a planner. She didn't force her feelings towards ML and she gave ML the kind of security he never had. She's also not arrogant (like +100) and self entitled. She listened to her people's advices and she understood theiir positions.

Just like what the TL said, this story focuses on growth and politics. Wait, don't run first. They are easy to digest and absolutely won't make you wanna burn your brain like some other stories.

In short, yes, you can't brush off this gem! <<less
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grayskies rated it
February 13, 2021
Status: c29
Wow. This novel really depicts the times of war and abuse of those high in power truly well.

The way my blood was boiling reading some parts of these chapters, it really brings your emotions to light at how unfair life can be if you’re born in a low social class status.

Also the ML is both a demon in the battlefield and a shy, loyal, caring character towards the MC :’)

Definitely will be waiting for the upcoming translated chapters!
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Meatshield rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Had to MTL this after reading the author’s other work, Let the Villain Go.

Have to say that I prefer LTVG a bit more than this because the characters are more lovable? And the apocalyptic plot was more interesting. However, this novel was pretty enjoyable too.

The FL’s a rational but realistic character. She’s not OP but she does have a cheat ... more>>

that allows her to see people’s “auras”. Basically, when she looks at the different colours that make up someone’s aura, she can figure out what kind of person they are and what their feelings towards her are like. For example, people who feel negatively toward her project a gloomy black aura. As that person’s feelings about her change so does the colours she sees in real time. This proves to be a super helpful cheat because as a transmigrated girl who is forced to crossdress to inherit the position of the original body’s dead brother (who’s some type of lord or prince vying for power), she really needs to know who she can and can’t trust.


With this cheat, she picks up various talented people including the ML who despite being “just a mere s*ave” when she meets him has a lot of hidden potential and an upright character.


Because the ML was in such a bad place when the FL first picked him up, he becomes fiercely loyal towards her and later falls in love with her because she can’t help but pamper him a lot. As the synopsis suggests, he becomes a general and one of her most powerful tools at securing power.


The ML and FL honestly have a really cute relationship. Although they’re in a boss-subordinate relationship at first you can tell they care about each other a lot. In the beginning the FL has to protect the ML because of his low status but as he steadily proves himself a capable warrior, he becomes strong enough to support her in return. Even so, he gets bullied by the FL throughout the whole story cause he’s so damn pure and she loves to tease him. And honestly who wouldn’t tease an innocent, beautiful, and puppy-like boy who can fight like the fiercest wolf to protect his beloved owner?

Overall, not a bad read but seriously if y’all haven’t read Let the Villain Go, please do yourself a favour and get on that because wow did that story wreck me. It’s heart-wrenching at first but it’s beautiful and ultimately it’s a HE. The ML in that novel is even more endearing (and pitiful) and the FL is one bamf. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I put up with the nonsense throughout this novel but simply put ... more>>

CH80 on ruins this novel with the most braindead s*upid plot armor ever where MC shows up as Princess self and picks up Zhang Fu easily. It’s so s*upid. The next plot is even dumber and rushed with MC being betrayed and people dying.


Novel didn’t have nearly enough romance, except the early part where ML really is loyal to MC for saving him. When MC reveals she’s a woman there is basically no reaction. Novel really fails to explain anything and MC doesn’t take nearly enough advantage of her abilities.

There’s no military strategy and novel completely falls apart at the end.

Not advised to read since it isn’t that fluffy, nor that serious for kingdom building or action.

Failed mediocre novel. <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Who's chopping onions?

This is one of those novels that you love because of all the strong emotions it evoked, and yet it somehow still manages to have a happy ending. Yes, it's somewhat cliche, but why care? We all love and adore a good underdog story, and this one is full of underdogs, from the main character to the ML to her country, to every single character she chances to meet and tries to win over.

It also has to be said that I'm a sucker for the romance trope of... more>> "two badasses join hands to adventure together" one, and it's tragically uncommon in non-yaoi light novels. The main characters in this one not only fulfill that trope, but they complement each other so well.

I've now read this novel through twice and I hope the translator will eventually finish it so I can read it in English. &Lt;3 <<less
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Kieukieu rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: c38
There's alot that's wrong with this story but what can I say it's just my cup of tea. I love stories where the FL saves and nurture the ml, and especially if there's a power imbalance, slowburn and codependence on one another, this story has all that and then some 😆🤣
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January 4, 2021
Status: c117
an interesting novel about a modern woman transmigrating into ancient china kinda setting and her journey to get rid of s*avery and s*ave trade. mid-way into the novel I found myself asking why she was trying so hard when she had zero obligation and realized it was mentioned she had a system (but not really?) and only after she reached that goal did she have hope to return.

a lot of times in the novel things felt jumpy but again I did mtl so...

the novel doesn't have much 'women empowerment' for... more>> anyone who came here for that nor does it have heavy drama or much political intrigue really.

it feels more like a pass-the-time novel, nothing too memorable but interesting enough to keep me going.

it seems to only have 117 chapters yet I felt the ending mostly unsatisfactory, I mean we were given a vague idea that she planned on travelling then going back to the modern days...i was quite looking forward to knowing about what happens after they return since her backstory was pretty non-existent.

not bad but not too good either.

3 stars for me.

ps I love the ML hes such a crying bag lmao im envious the MC got to bully him so much... :P <<less
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Jian Yue
Jian Yue rated it
January 3, 2021
Status: c7
I know it's too early to rate this novel but the first few chapters already left a deep impression on me.

The translators did a great job of conveying the story, making the people immerse themselves while reading and even feel the characters' emotions.

Thank you for picking this up. Kudos for the hardwork. Looking forward to more chapters.
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NiCa_ni rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: --
I want to say that this female lead is not the typical female lead I have read before. Like in other story, the female lead will dress girly or show her girly side at the middle of the story but this one she is dominant till the end. Not only that, she really like a real emperor, the way she do stuff and talk which is so badass. On other hand, I am into man crying, like I find them cute and look vulnerable. So, when he keep crying I... more>> feel like I also want to hug and kiss him. Overall, I love this novel. I even go to read in MTL whatever until my brain cells can’t function properly anymore after I finished it. I ship other couple both gay and straight but sadly author only talk about our lead. <<less
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tedy2004 rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: c33
What did I just read, other novels can't be compared to this shitty, disgusting novel.

I took all the bullsh*t this novel gave me by a fanatic author who's his imaginations disgust me, so many chapters read for nothing, this author tends to make homosexuality as a normal 100% occurrence done straightforwardly in ancient china... (which even irl this rarely happens) thought it would've gotten better.

... more>>

The author's gotta have mental problems of how he thinks ancient china was back in those days, not saying that homosexuality did not exist in that time but it these series of actions with master/s*ave wouldn't be done so openly without shame in terms of words, actions or punishing s*aves just because HE DIDN'T ACCEPT THAT I AM HOMO EVEN THOUGH I'M HIS MASTER and want him to be my *** toy for a night. No, I guarantee it would've been done discreetly even in ancient china or in our days?, this is a dark topic but although it's true, I do think humans haven't reached that point yet of animalism with only thinking with our lower body parts...

WHICH the author actually inclines in this disgusting novel.

Shitty story resume till c33:

FL transmigrates to a different world (no reason why she transmigrates, how she transmigrates, just that she was white collar worker (typical in China, etc. tendency)) - then gets the lord position by being the fake lord cause brother died- FL then saves ML s*ave numerous times because she actually has a system cheat that allows her to see people's potential by looking at their inner Color feelings which obviously ML is tha beeest- FL gets ML as her own s*ave and ML loyalty forever etc, (the things I've said here barely count cause many ugly things happened in these chapters i've read, other s*aves being forced etc...) then FL with ML and other loyal people with potential Color (cringe mary sue r-r) are expanding their own Great Jin (FL was the Lord of this place independently, as Marquess from her Father then ancestors?... which is illogical in that time, like so many factions fighting for land but why this name when there should've been a monarch but no monarch, r.i.p from plot loopholes 30x) and while they succeeded so easily to gain more cities, finally something happens to her army, from a villain out of nowhere, FL's army got under attacked and ML took FL on his back and ran far away, the ML stopped because he was hurt by two arrows out of nowhere they stopped where ML takes the arrows out, then FL carries ML hardly in this land of 0 details, and they find a cover very cool in the forest, they take care both of each other and abruptly comes a bunch of soldiers out of nowhere where FL tells her identity as Marquess, and they get on a ship?? to Yan place..., FL is given a good room while ML who has the mark of s*ave is put into a prison, FL then sees Princess Yan, the sister of Yan owner, FL and this Princess Yan make a marriage of convenience, because Princess Yan was married before to an old duke by her brother, but he died of illness, and now she's a widow meaning it would be hard to marry plus Princess Yan is an amorous person for males q-q and FL tells the reasons that she wanted to escape and that she likes that s*ave as a cut-sleeve r-r, Princess Yan's mother is satisfied by FL and considers him in the first chapter they meet 100% son-in-law already....., then they get married (this is where I said, my limit is done chapter to c31 as I was too shocked of what I've just processed in my mind by reading those chapters, then reading two more chapters after that disgusting event) and at the night event of marriage they have different rooms ordered by Princess Yan where Princess Yan is with her lover and ML was moved to the marriage event room (cause as Princess Yan understands they are lovers) and then FL arrives and realizes that ML is drugged and.................... "helps" him relieve himself, I'm out, the end....

In the end, what I've just read was a novel full of plot holes and full of disgusting ideals, like the author wants to make you get you used with these... lustful minor and major events in his novel as something normal just because it's "ancient china"... what disturbed me the most was that "helping him relieve", I do accept ancient china wasn't and isn't perfect even now the present world isn't perfect with the series of evil deeds that are done, just that I don't accept this private deed as something normal... hope you are with me on this, author's imagination related to this novel has no sense of what's wrong or what's good for a character, again just because it's "ancient china" as he considered something like this as a "sweet interaction" maybe and as a minor event, sigh...

Author gives "sweet interactions" kinda making you from dull/forget about the disgusting events as you read FL's and ML's interactions, as this is what I think was what the author put the most effort in, their relationship= FL independent macho position considers ML s*ave who's grateful to her when crying x4 times as cute, the end of their relationship.


I don't recommend this novel at all, in my opinion, would've given it 0 stars if I could, one of the worst novels I have read in my entire reading adventure.

I guess 1 star for that Mo Gu An... (rest in peace r-r) who served as a plot and shield for ML, till now I haven't seen ML saying something about trying to find his family to FL master, rip details.


Good night... <<less
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Nixie_pixie rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: Completed
So many emotions. I love this...

(˘ ³˘) ℒ❁Ѵ℮

Im gonna miss the characters of this story. It feels like I went through everything with them and so, I'm gonna miss them so much. Why does it have to end??? \ (;´□`) /
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Aoi Alice
Aoi Alice rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a 50-50 read for me. Don't get me wrong. The ML is totally adorable and so cute that it tempts me so much.

It's a fun and good read honestly. If you ignore the plot 🙃

I didn't like how the author didn't even write anything about ML's family. They only served as foil for him.

... more>>

They only EMPHASIZED how his brother was r*ped

Honestly, there are so many unanswered questions. I hope that the author didn't forsake the ending but NO, honestly everything felt rushed at the end. When I read the epilogue, I felt so hollow.

I didn't like how homosexuality was portrayed here, if you were to observe closely, those who were involved in deaths the most were perverted homosexuals. It's really clear at this point that the author has a BIAS and PREJUDICED view of people they have no clue about. I'm writing this because in real life, we have friends and/or relatives who are gays but fall prey to these injustice and stereotypes.

Honestly, even if you don't like them at least have some manners and decency. It's free and cheap.

Of all the tropes I read. The story really fell into that kind of frustrating troupe and I was disappointed.

I knew that the story revolved more about MLs emotions and abolishing s*avery, but I hoped that it didn't only contain perverted old homosexuals.

I wanted there to be scheming princes and whatnot, nevertheless the thing that saved the story is the cute ML himself.

I know that self-confidence is hard to built and the struggle to have one is prevalent in Asian countries. That's why I really liked how he gained trust within himself and at the same time maintain a somewhat positive outlook in his life. I was really touched by ML's innocence and perseverance with continuing his struggle to live despite the exaggerated background of how society was portrayed. <<less
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Ancient Bookworm
Ancient Bookworm rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: c1
Its an amazing novel that tugs at your heart strings. It really takes s*aves and the struggles of being one seriously.

The only thing that got on my nerves was


When the female lead was a bit passive in the beginning not taking heed of her situation its only when she saved the ML she actually begun to care about her duties.

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Arie Sun
Arie Sun
April 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Persevere when you read this masterpiece! The beginning is totally frustrating but it gets better! This is a rare gem, prepare tissues because you need them! I think TL should put warning in some chapters too because it can trigger people.

10/10 one of the best novel on NU.
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