Rebirth of a Star General


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The ancient saying goes: Most generals come from Guan Xi, while ministers come from Guan Dong.

He Yan was born to be a Star General.

She was merely a stepping stone for her family, and was used as her brother’s substitute. She had fought on the battlefields for years, bringing peace to Xi Qiang, stopping the barbarians… When her brother recovered, she gave up her position with great laurels brought to her name. Without further ado, she was married off.

During her married life, she was forsaken by her husband and even suffered from a strange illness, thereby losing her eyesight…

The young and pretty concubine stood in front of her, speaking softly: “The decoction you drank that made you blind was instructed by the elders of your family. As you know, the dead tell no tales. If you lived, you would be your family’s greatest threat!”

A great general of her time, the heroine of the country, died pitifully in the hands of those shameless women, who only knew to fight for a man’s favor… How absurd!

When she opened her eyes again, she had become the drill fields officer’s daughter, who was weak and arrogant, innocent and naive.

They had stolen her glory, taken her life, lead her army and betrayed her feelings! She had crawled back from the depths of hell and would take back everything she had lost, one by one.

Bring the world under her feet and with her beauty and nobility, overwhelm the nine prefectures!

But would she get out easily once she entered the barracks?

Hardly did she begin her adventures when He Yan met her arch-enemy of the previous lifetime, that young hunk whose “enemies would retreat as soon as he attacked”.

The chic and cool female general versus the handsome and ravenous young man. Two efficient generals team up to conquer the world!

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Legend of the Female General (Drama)
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87 Reviews

New elliepot
Apr 11, 2024
Status: c175
In terms of romance, this is better than The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage, their relationship progressed from initial suspicion to mutual interest then affection and finally to love. The development of their relationship had a strong foundation as they had very meaningful interactions from the past which affected the present. Both the ML and FL had tragic backgrounds, two lonely souls looking for the love that was absent in their childhood. They eventually found it in each other.

The FL has a very charismatic personality, she's highly... more>> independent and determined yet at the same time vulnerable. She's a relatable character in a way that she has her flaws and imperfections. In my opinion, she was definitely no Mary Sue, she literally has no talents in the four arts and her plans don't always work out. More than anything as a woman, she understood the struggles of females in their era, and in all her lives she protected them whether she was disguised or not. I love her for that cause most novels whether modern or historical tend to pit women against each other.

The ML, all his actions were reasonable from suspicion to eventually falling in love with the FL. His past was heart wrenching to read similar with the FL. You could say that his cold personality was justified, yet at the same time he was also soft-hearted. But what I really found endearing about him was that he NEVER restricts the FL's actions, now that is rare. He was far from overbearing and possessive, sure he gets jealous but he doesn't dwell on it, he treats the FL as an equal whether in power or position. He trusts her abilities, keeps his promises with her and never once tried to cage her but instead lets her spread her wings.

Admittedly, malicious empress had a much more complex plot, here revenge really wasn't the main focus but rather the development of the main characters. In fact the so called "villains" in this novel were quite mediocre.

Most favorite parts

The confession between them is really sweet. Starting with the FL implying in one of the chapters that she likes the moon but the moon doesn't know and after a few chapters the ML asks her is she likes the moon and then says that the moon is hers.



When ML finds out the truth behind her past, he doesn't blame her but instead apologizes for only recognizing her now as He Yan and that was the only thing the FL wanted from the past until the present to be remembered as He Yan not He Rufei

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New eliiizabeth
Mar 27, 2024
Status: Completed
God-tier. Random read but definitely unforgettable. I’ll read it again soon bc it’s THAT good

Also, yes, there are numerous side-stories of other characters but they definitely do not stick out in a weird side quest kind of way. The side stories were very heartfelt and shined in their own way
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Jul 12, 2020
Status: Completed
[1st Edit. Ch 250.
2nd Edit. Finished.]
I just finished it and it's beautiful. It's emotional and we can definitely see how the author has improved a lot with this one novel.

I've read all other works by starting with The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress, followed up by The Ill Fated Consort and The Marriage of the Di Daughter (had to read the last two with google translate.) and I must say this is my favorite now.

Just like the other 1981093812380 reviewers stated. Rebirth of the Star General is a bit different from the other titles. Where as those focus on courts and vengeful female leads face-slapping the opponents ruthlessly, this one focuses on friendship, familial love, and war strategies (It's not too much, don't worry, I know most of us are here for the romance coughs). So if you think the past works characters are way too evil, this one, my friends, is for you guys.

He Yan, the main female lead, isn't cold, ruthless or apathetic as the female leads from the rest of the titles. She's a big kid at heart. She's a bit naive at times, sweet, lacking a bit of common sense because of her past and that makes her interaction with the main lead fresh. She's just adorkable.

Xiao Jue, the main lead, at the beginning was described just like the main leads from the other titles. Lazy. Cold. But, he grows on me later on (fan screaming here). Now they're my most favorite couple. ///

The romance is the best written in this title imo compared to the works before, and there are lots of them! There are lots of emotional scenes as well and I couldn't help shedding a tear or two even with google translate.

That's all!
Thanking the translator team for bringing up this novel as their first work. I wouldn't have found this treasure without you guys.


"Is this your first time carrying a woman?"

".... Are you a woman?"

"Am I not a woman? Then... Do you like men?"
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Jul 03, 2020
Status: Completed
I read this novel in original Chinese, so can't say much for the translation.

This MC is quite different to MC in the author's other works, I read' Malicious Empress' and 'ill-fated consort' before this and loved both, so I started with high hopes - this novel exceeded all my expectations.

The major difference in the rebirth is that MC doesn't get reincarnated into her own body, but 'wakes up' in the body of another girl who happened to bear the same name as her - yeah huge coincidence. there's also no... more>> time travel, so MC wakes up to find her family and husband putting up a great show grieving her tragic death - which they covered up of course.

There's also less focus on revenge - oh don't worry the bastards get what they deserve, but MC doesn't spend the whole story plotting it. Instead, she focuses on reestablishing her own military achievements, and this time, under HER name - but of course she has to keep her female identity a secret at first.

Reading her struggles to regrow her physical strength and prove her worth really endeared this character to me. She makes friends along the way - soldiers who shared her tent and even some rivals who tried to challenge her. It's not all an easy smooth journey where MC smiles and everyone likes her, she used the skills in her past life - the physical fighting skills, mental planning skills, altogether she eventually goes from the weakest of the recruits to the 'no.1', but that's just what she calls herself haha.

MC's personality is also quite different. She just wants to receive the recognition for her own hard work - which is truly a very realistic ambition. There's less political and courtyard scheming, and mc's talents are all focused on military strategies

having knowledge about terrain and tactics in her past life really helped

(It becomes bit of a joke how she's so unskilled at the traditional talents expected of women lol) MC also maintains an amazingly optimistic spirit despite the backstabbing she experienced, this creates a very enjoyable narration with many amusing moments.

ML is like all of this author's other MLs, EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL. That aside, I think that the relationship development between this MC and ML was one of the best I've read. His intelligence and honest respect for MC really make him stand out from all the other typical 'beautiful/handsome/amazing' MLs in c-novels. I've read other 'female general' novels but even there the ML still treats the FL as someone to be protected. Meanwhile, Xiao Jue gives He Yan his own sword cos he knows that she can handle it. Throughout the story, ML also pursues his quest for justice as he investigates suspicious circumstances surrounding his father's final battle, this adds some spice to the few bits of political intrigue in the novel.


In mc's previous life, when she was still using her cousin's identity, she attended classes and ML was her classmate. Their acquaintance started there, and throughout the story, there are various flashbacks to that time. Although he discovered He Yan's identity as a girl around chapter 100, he doesn't find out about this identity secret until around chapter 200. The rebirth and identity switch secrets took longer to break. In the finale, they're sent to lead troops at the same time but to different places. and the trust between MC and ML as they separate without certainty that the other would return really showed the strength of their relationship


There's a second male lead.

but I don't feel that his relationship with MC ever went to such an extent to call it a 'love triangle.' there were a few occasions where ML got jealous, and the second ML did confess to MC, but his feelings didn't really get anywhere.


The long cast of supporting characters also brought so much life to the story. One particular pair of side characters might make some people think the story became too lengthy, but it was beautiful to read, although heartbreaking. Another pair of side characters... SERIOUSLY MAJOR SPOILER:

The death of Yan He and side story of his widow Xia Chengxiu's life in the years after his death brought a depth to the story which contrasted really well with He Yan and Xiao Jue's happily ever after ending. but aha why did such a sad chapter have to be the last chapter I finished this novel two days ago and I'm still depressed...


TLDR: HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you wanna read about a strong, confident, physically skilled MC that kicks ass. Throw in some identity secrets, military strategy, humorous supporting characters, and it's impossible to put down (in my opinion of course) ❤ <<less
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Idris Elva
Idris Elva
Oct 30, 2022
Status: --
I am on the last chapter, do you need volunteer translator or editor for the novel, I want to continue on this one. I know that there is already someone who has take over this novel but that guy is taking too too long and my hands are itching to translate this novel and I am stopping mysled to ask permission from you guys, I want to volunteer for this novel and read on.
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Jan 10, 2021
Status: Completed
This is undoubtedly my favorite novel from this author. Why? Because it has a sense of humanity that the other novels don't touch upon.

The main themes are friendship, loyalty, and kindness.

The story itself diverges from the typical reincarnation/transmigration because the FL continues the timeline instead of going back in time. Since lots of reviewers have already noted this, I'll just say why I really like this change.

    1. I love the continuation of the timeline as I feel it makes much more sense for all the revenge and actions of the characters. There aren't any random 12 year olds plotted against, all the people who have bad endings fully deserve them in this life. Furthermore, the continuation of the timeline allows us to see the impact that He Yan had in her original life and helps to build this beautiful relationship with Xiao Jue.
    2. The impact it has on the emotional aspect of the novel. Allowing the audience to be privy to the consequences of her life, we get to really see He Yan's selflessness and never-ending naivete. It really pulls us into the emotions of the characters by giving us small moments that are heart-breakingly tender.

For example, the scenes with Liu Buwang. It's so heartbreaking that there are only so many people who treat He Yan wholeheartedly and know who she is in both lives. Their interaction really really tugged on my heartstrings. The timeline allows us to retain these moments and feel affection for these characters which would have been impossible if this was a total rebirth.


WHY do I love this novel so much? THE CHARACTERS!!!

    1. He Yan - she is my favorite character EVER. She is kind, loyal, and so so so precious. Despite facing so many harsh things in life, she continues to care for others and protect the people she loves. She isn't some ruthless schemer or planner. She just wants to protect her soldiers, her country, and her people. I love that she's vulnerable. Despite being the "strongest, " she has such a pure heart and I just want her to have all the best things in life.
    1. Xiao Jue (Huaijin) aka our ML. He doesn't try to overly protect HY and instead lets her shine through. He appreciates and supports HY in everything. Most of all, he gives her the safe haven and love that she was never allowed to have in her first life. He is probably my favorite ML ever.
The novel has so many sentimental moments and is incredibly touching as HY's character is unraveled and she gets to finally live a life full of people who actually care about her. The story-telling, as always, is top-notch. HY's life both past and present are intertwined BEAUTIFULLY. This is such a satisfying novel and I love love love these characters so much.

Also... my favorite quotes of this novel are from (1) He Yan's POV and then (2) Xiao Jue's:

He Yan (Early on) : "I like the moon. The moon does not know"

Xiao Jue (Epilogue) :

"She did not know that the moon also had its own secret.

She is the moon's heart, the moon's lover, the beginning of his heart, and the end of it.

This is the secret of the moon."
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Jul 31, 2020
Status: Completed
Read the raws for this.

I love this novel as much as I love Malicious Empress, though for different reasons. As for the content, all the previous reviewers have given some sort of spoilers, so I would not dwell on that.

One difference between malicious empress and this is how the male lead found out about the female lead's past. For all those who've read malicious empress, you'd know that SM explained to XJX about her past as a dream/ vision, because in this lifetime (after rebirth), everything that had happened were... more>> wiped out; SM's rebirth provided her a clean slate to live her life again. In star general, it's different because she was reborn into someone else's body and the timeline continues from where she had died; He Yan's past exists in this timeline. Because of this, Xiao Jue was able to gather clues, connect them and deduce He Yan's previous identity. This is what I love the most about this novel - the details, the intricacies woven into the story, and the grand reveal.

Malicious Empress was heartbreaking, but Star General was tear-jerking. I felt like I cried throughout the second half of the novel (for some weird reason). Both He Yan and Xiao Jue had a tougher backstory compared to Shen Miao and Xie Jing Xing - SM had a loving family, He Yan did not; Xiao Jue carried the guilt of having "played a part" in his parents' death, XJX did not.

On He Yan's character in the novel:


Another thing I really love in this story is He Yan this character, I think it's well written. There are multiple times throughout the novel where Xiao Jue will call her a liar, and my heart hurts every time I see it. Xiao Jue thinks she is consciously lying to him, but to He Yan, this persona that she portrays is already so deeply ingrained in her that even she doesn't know that this image isn't the real her. Truthfully I too, thought that what we see/ read is the real He Yan, but there was once where Xiao Jue said "Liar, I'm afraid you've fallen too deeply into the act, so I want to remind you." and for the first time, I came to realise there are many layers to He Yan's character. In my personal opinion, He Yan also gradually came to realise and/ or acknowledge that there is a real her hidden deep beneath all these facade; further down the story after the above incident, she once told Xiao Jue that "Sometimes, it is inevitable that one will forget who one is after being someone else's substitute for a long time." and wanted Xiao Jue to remember who she is.

What is saddening is how Xiao Jue thinks she is consciously, purposely lying to him, and only in the later part of the novel, when he saw how contradictory her character was, did he realise that that wasn't the case. 'The highest tier/ realm in being a liar, is probably when one speaks the truth, [she] still needs to hide beneath what seems to be an unintentional lie.' What Xiao Jue thought was a purposeful lie, had actually been the truth all along.

In the end when people found out that the real Fei Hong General wasn't a male but a female, everyone was in disbelief. It wasn't that no one couldn't find out that she was a female, it was because she was too good at being a male. To me, it really showed that she had reached god-tier; she had truly, wholly, disregarded and abandoned her original self.


One of my all-time favourite, 100% would recommend.

Edit: (27/08/2020)


I did not see anyone mentioning this and felt that I had to; Yan He and Cheng Xiu CP is truly unforgettable (in chinese words, truly 意难平). No matter how much time has passed after I've read this novel, I will never be reconciled with the fact that Yan He died, that he left Cheng Xiu widowed, and Mu Xia fatherless. Cha Cha's last epilogue is also on this CP and so even though the main CP had a happily ever after, as a reader, I'm left feeling melancholic and torn. From time to time when I think about this CP, I'll always end up choked with tears. Only God knows, how much tears I've sacrificed for this CP.


Edit: (03/09/2020)

I translated a Chinese review of this novel, check it out. Https://forum (dot) novelupdates (dot) com/posts/5815460/ <<less
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Jul 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Do you ever read a book and think "The author wrote this book for me". It doesn't matter if it is not objectively perfect, this novel contains all the points that click with me so I can't help praising it. It has a lively and strong female character, a cold but soft male lead, slow burn and well built romance, friendship and little comic moments.
The MC is very likeable and relatable. She seems like a real person, she is guided by her ambition, she doesn't want revenge just for the sake of it, she mostly feels responsible for her brother's actions who puts in jeopardy the life of his soldiers and kills to protect the secret of the identity of the real general. She is very determined, focused in her training and little by little she rebuilds her strenght and joins the army with the aim of unmask the fake general who replaced her. I appreciate a lot the fact that there is a real and logical reason behind the villains' actions which doesn't revolve around petty jealousy or hate for the mere existence of the protagonist. What better way to keep a secret than kill the main witness?

Is it believable that a woman can hide her gender for years living and training among other soldiers? No.
Do I care? No. I just love Mulan-like stories where a woman shows how she can be on the same level of a man.
Is it believable that a woman, even after hard work and training can win against several man in hand-to-hand combat and still be as pretty as a flower when she wears female clothes? Hardly and still I don't mind.

I also love slow burn romance stories where the romance isn't the focus but takes a back seat, so be aware if you are looking for a fluffy romance. Though, in the middle of the novel there are several chapters with scenes from a typical romantic comedy like pretend relationship or silly misunderstandings that can't help make you smile.

The male lead is the typical aloof and perfect man and still I grew to love him. He grows to respect and admire the MC treating her as an equal, revealing his feelings only when he is sure that she feels the same. There are many emotional scenes that made me tear up a bit and the most powerful one is definetely when he realizes that the best scammer is the one who mixes truth with lies.

On a side note, I was a bit sorry for the second male lead's ending.

The flowery language from other novels is toned down a lot and I have never felt bored reading it.
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Dec 28, 2020
Status: c210
3 stars & dropped at ch.210

Overall, this novel was simply a big disappointment.

In retrospect, the glorious title, the action-packed early chapters, the MC's nail-biting backstory & great personality... All those great elements lead to high expectations. Expectations on which the plotline didn't follow through with, for later on, obvious reasons.

This isn't a revenge novel, this isn't an epic tale, or even the subversive & courageous adventure of a women hiding as a guy to pave her own way in a patriarchal society no, this, at its core, is simply an... more>> average but well-disguised romance novel (hence why I feel duped). It's only in the second half that I started realising it.

This is actually a tale of the past and present interwining, to form a web of missed and fateful encounters between the MC & ML and everything else, more or less became the foil setting to their future love story. I get that it's a romance novel now, but still, I just couldn't help but feel that, regardless of genre, this was a crude and reductive cope out in view of all the potential this story could have yielded.

You know what I would have loved reading about? The MC's origin story, the one before she died, the one that was alluded to and gave me shivers of anticipation just thinking of it.

The one about her gruelling rise in rank among the military, the road towards forging long standing bond of brotherhood, the in-feuding, the geopoliticking, the corruption, the bravery, all those happening on the backdrop of blood curling battles to come... This, in my heart, was meant to be a personal tale of endurance, tale of adversity, a tale of the rise of a champion, a female one at that or you know... a tale where she was actually a general, the hero of her own story. A la Spartacus (vibe wise) or Mulan (but better). Not a girl sitting on her hands waiting for a guy *sigh*

All in all, it's obvious that the utter lack of ambition here just left me all the more heartbroken. If you start with different expectations, a.k.a know it's mainly a romance novel, your reading experience might be different than mine.

Also, I admit I'm clearly not the target audience here as I, more often that not, can't stand romance novels on their own. When I do, it's because I found something tangible to keep me interested till the end whether it's character growth, emotional depth, family drama, complex schemes, compelling secondary characters (none here, not even the 2nd ML), politics, military battles, cool adventures... And while the first third was entertaining & promising, the later half of the story was genuinely lacking in those aspects.

And let's not even delve into the multiple times where the author just decided to have the MC re-learn complex martial skills literally overnight to wow the peanut gallery (cos' apparently muscle memory can travel across time, space & body too). I'll just point out that there's a slight difference between having an OP character and plain lazy writing. Even more so since it's not meant to be comedic...

So kinda took the wind out of my sails as the romance is also a bit meh for me but still a decent novel. And a lot of people apparently liked it so if you're also in love with love, this might be right up your alley.

Edit: tried to push through later on but realised there just wasn't anything in the novel I was looking forward to at this point. <<less
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Feb 16, 2022
Status: c228
this novel is god-tier for me. Now don't get me wrong I love a good face slapper makjang as much as the next webnovel enthusiast, but for me the key difference between this and the other rebirth novels from the same author (that I also liked!!) is that this MC took the rebirth as a chance to develop relationships, which is something she was so deprived of in her first life. Because of this we get all these lovely scenes of friendship, bonding, family and teamwork. She isn't standing coldly... more>> above everyone, she needs help and she gets help. When

her fellow soldiers follow her to save another city, I just felt such joy in the relationships she's developed with her brothers

the characters are nuanced and I do feel like maybe because she didn't reincarnate into her old body but got to qt into someone else, we didn't have to stay with the awful awful people that caused the end of her first life and instead got to see her build relationships and friendships that she was sorely lacking from her first life. Instead of revenge it feels more like a novel about healing, which was what the MC got to do after the trauma of her first life.

i read this through a unadvised combination of the translation (lovely!!), some mtl (at times inexplicable) and the raws (challenge rating 1000) but in the end this story was so lovely I couldn't help but continue. Will definitely read again once the translation is done, and what the heck, i'll probably reread it before it's done anyway. Truly just a wonderful novel that I really loved. <<less
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Jun 27, 2022
Status: c120
This is not the 1st book of this author that I've read, so I was expecting a decent quality similar to Military Empress, especially after all those positive reviews but... Damn, what the hell? You literally need to switch off your brain to read some parts of the book. I won't provide a summary as there are lots of them in other reviews, I'll just provide a few examples when this supposedly 'intelligent' MC who used to be a general herself behaved in such a manner that all I wanted... more>> to do was to roll my eyes.

1. She being a mere soldier goes to trainers and the general! every time she has some questions (often s*upid ones) and expects them to answer them even if the topics are supposed to be secret.

2. She being a mere soldier picks a lock and enters General's room whenever she feels like it, for examples she can't fall asleep, so 'why don't I look around General's room'? Can you imagine such a situation in those times really? Would it be possible for some random soldier to walk in and out of General's room like it's their own room?! And mind you, there was nothing going on between our MC and ML yet.

3. She keeps pestering the General to let him join the special unit, to go to battle, etc. Again, can you imagine some random soldier doing the same?

4. She keeps picking fights, so that the General aka our ML notices her and lets her follow him which only deservedly arouses his suspicion but she really doesn't understand why he suspects her so much.

5. She keeps getting in s*upid situations drinking wine like a horse knowing that her new body may well be not up to it but still thinks that it will be fine, like seriously?!

There are other similarly s*upid situations, but I kept reading hoping that the story will improve or MC will grow on me. As if! So, I've read half of the book and dropped it. Can't read it any more. <<less
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Jun 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is like Mulan, but better.

This is my favourite - and imo the best novel - by Qian Shan Cha Ke, and I think it's even better than The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage and The Rebirth of an Ill-Fated Consort. It's a revenge transmigration story, but unlike the typical revenge transmigration story, the MC He Yan isn't your stereotypical damsel in distress. She's strong, independent, INTELLIGENT, with a great (and super funny) personality and character. What's refreshing about this story is that it's also not... more>> about imperial concubines and harems. There is some political intrigue (especially nearer to the end of the novel), but the story is largely about how He Yan disguises herself as a guy to join the army and how she gets better, defeats enemies and moves up the ranks to eventually get revenge.

I read this in Chinese, and the writing is absolutely beautiful. There were some incredibly poignant quotes and symbolism, including one of my favourites:


"I like the moon. But the moon doesn't know."


The story is incredibly well-written, and I love how subplots and backstories are interconnected and interwoven together into a beautiful finale. I also really appreciate how Qian Shan Cha Ke takes the effort to develop the characters, including MC, ML, side characters and even the antagonists, and I really enjoyed reading the character interactions between MC and her family and friends (like He Yunsheng, Cheng Lisu, Wang Ba etc), as well as the best ML ever, Xiao Jue.

Speaking of which, where can I get myself a Xiao Jue???

Conclusion: A super well-written story with a strong female protagonist and beautiful romance. 5/5 <<less
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Apr 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Another amazing work by the author. Loved the FL, she is the perfect combination of everything. Unlike other Chinese novels where the looks of the FL are praised endlessly, this is a refreshing novel where a FL is recognized for what she is and not what she looks like. ML fits her perfectly in his own way. Although the romance starts late, it was at the perfect time.

All the side characters are good. I loved the interactions between the FL and her brother.

Every time I read a Chinese novel with... more>> ancient theme, I cant help but feel really glad for the life we all have now. <<less
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Aug 03, 2021
Status: Completed
The main story of this novel is a recommended read. 👍 However, reading this one is a roller coaster experience. Why? Because this novel has AN OPPRESSIVE AMOUNT OF BACKSTORIES for each new character it introduces for each and every turn in the story. Some backstories are necessary but a lot of them are just downright fillers. A paragraph or two would have been enough for a new character but this author writes chapters after chapters of backstories that do not really add much to the development of the story.... more>> 😢 <<less
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Aug 10, 2020
Status: Completed
This was a gem. It's been a while since I've read and I honestly don't remember a lot about it. What I do remember is that I liked it enough to finish the whole novel. When I found out this one had the same author, I jumped at the chance and tried a few chapters. I couldn't put it down. Admittedly, the author can be wordy. So much so that I felt my interest petering out a lot of times but I hung on coz I liked the MC so... more>> much. Also, I liked the premise that this wasn't a rewind where she gets to come back to her younger days. I felt so much more invested in the story since those who wronged her before felt they were free from worries and were living life in luxury.

I'm not good with reviews so I'll just jot down the stuff I liked about this novel:

    • She trains hard to regain back her skills. MC has the know-how but her body can't keep up so she trains. And trains. And trains. She was already a veteran before she died. MC knew how to train properly and is able to fight quite early on.
    • Slow burn. ML doesn't fall head over heels for MC at first sight. Thankfully. It's a slow going romance. I appreciated the pacing. Because of that, his realization that she was the past general he knew was quite rewarding.
    • Character development. One review mentioned how ML called her out for being a liar. It stings but you see her realize just how much being called a liar hurts more when she realizes that she's basically lived a life that was a complete lie. And yet, she was still living the same way. It's slow but her perspective changes and I love her push to become herself.
    • ML. He keeps his pain to himself. I don't like characters that hurt themselves with their own pain but you get to see why he isolates himself so much. That changes too and I'm happy that it does.
    • The side-characters. They come back! They stay relevant!
    • The deaths. Yup. They hurt. Hurt a lot and I'm still reeling from it. The reason why I like the deaths is coz it brings home how devastating war is. MC and ML are generals. They have to show strict discipline. Even in the face of grief.
    • The little joys MC has about life. MC's past life was so terrible that the little joys in this life just make her so damn happy. Sits on the roof, eats her favorite food, joke around with her friends... etc.
Those are the top stuff I remember liking about the novel. I would have rated it a 5 if not for that political upheaval part of the story. Characters were so poorly used that it didn't make sense to me. There was so much potential for conflict but it became a generic imperial political drama that the whole arc was a waste. <<less
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Nov 05, 2020
Status: Completed
One word. AMAZING!

It starts off slow, and shows our He Yan's struggle and adventure in regaining what was rightfully "hers". Througout the story, different characters will be introduced, and you'll definitely understand and like them more. He Yan is one of my fave MC! She's funny, adorable, helpful, genuinely kind, straightforward, etc lol. ML is also great - he's expressive and sweet in his own way. He might be caculative and cunning, but he's not one of those cold blooded irrational kind.

he didnt fell inlove instantlyz too!


The story flowed naturally - from beginning to end, it was really beautiful. There might be a part where you can say it was uneccessary especially before the end, but all of those were important. Most characters background were told, that's why the readers can still understand their perspective, why they did it and why those happened. But course, there are a few who were really shrewd.

There are character deaths which was heartbreaking because as I've stated earlier, you'll really get attached to them.

Romance was slow, but those tiny flashbacks will make it worth it.

Definitely RECOMMENED!
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silent hobby
silent hobby
Jul 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is a new fresh air for the fans of this author Qian Shan Cha Ke. The story line and the FL's character are taking another route, which is great.

The MC, our FL is diffrent from other novel's FL from the sam author. This Novel's FL, He Yan is bubbly, open minded, heroic, hard working and strong but she does not scheming and also not heavy minded.

I loved her shameless and humor, how she made the ML speechless many times.

Of course for ML, he is the most smart and... more>> beautiful man in the entire kingdom/dynasty ???. I suspected the author has deep obsession for this type of man (LOL).

This story mostly about military training and warfare. But don't worry, this is not boring at all with our shameless and proud He Yan, the Female General.

I laugh and cry when read this novel, it's refreshing and enjoyable reading journey.

Highly recommend this novel as one of the best reads. <<less
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Dec 31, 2020
Status: c259
I read through mtl, its pretty hard but the general flow of the story is still understandable. More patient people should just wait 3-4 years for the translation to finish.

Both the ML and FL are great characters. They both have a lot of interaction even in FL first life thus you will feel like they are both destined together.

I like how even when FL is acting like a man, author is not trying to make her 'not like other girl' trope, but she genuinely wants to fight and contribute to... more>> the country. The author do not degenerate other women who don't do this but repeatedly acknowledge that other women also have their own kind of strength and given the chance they could also directly contribute to the nation.

The plot itself is great so I forgive some inconsistencies here and there. I don't finish this novel simply because I don't care what happen after they get together and the court is settled. <<less
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Nov 15, 2020
Status: Completed
For me, this story is slow yet interesting. I like this book because it didn't stray out too far from it's title.

This is a story of a female general, who lived a miserable first life as a substitute. In her second life, she vowed to get everything back. Yet she got more than what she hoped for.

The romance is good. Most of the time, it was funny. And at times it was heart-wrenching. Not only the romance of our main pair, the side pair (s) are also good. It was... more>> a pity the other pairs don't have much story-time.

The main characters are really interesting, they're so humane. They have flaws, but I couldn't hate that flaws. On another side, the side characters are also funny and have their own stories.

I love that almost every part got their ends tied nicely. Overall, this is a good novel. I couldn't wait for the translation to complete. <<less
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Sep 22, 2020
Status: Completed
A really wide ranging adventure of a story. There's genuine and clear character growth that you can root for, and a satisfying slow burn romance to enjoy. I think one of the biggest differences from the author's other works is in how well fleshed out the characters are, particularly the side characters and antagonists. No significant paper villains here. And the story doesn't forget those characters even when the plot moves past them, which is particularly enjoyable and moving. The story is overall fairly light, but not without it's serious... more>> and sad moments, the result is a good balance between smiles and tears. <<less
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Sep 09, 2020
Status: Completed
First of all, it was really a long journey in reading this. But I really did read it till the end. It was kinda sad at first due to MC's experience but after that it was really fun and nice to read as she counterattack and take revenge to those people who deserve death. And I like how the progress of the MC's love story is. It was slow pace romance but at the same time, it was already started from the beginning hehe.

Though, at first, I was totally angry... more>> how ML bullies MC during her training and not knowing her true identity. But as when the ML realized he loves the MC, he now bullies the dogs attracted to MC's charm. It's really sweet. The fact that the ML truly loves the MC very much and time to time gets jealous for her. Sigh~ This kind of man who is so endearing is really hard to find or just didn't exist at all in reality.

However, when there is sweetness and happiness, there is also bitterness and sadness. The fact that the reality about war is truly a tragic thing.

It really hurts my heart how many people died. It leaves my heart in pain as if I was experiencing the people I love gone and leaving all alone grieving and reminiscing all those memories we experience together. Ahh~ I really don't want to experience such a thing. Just imagining it, I really don't know what to do. My heart still aches... Even characters in this story makes me sad. The realistic of this story, the fact that war stole life of someone dear and that we don't know who will die and who will live for another day.

Ahh~ I'm still dwelling on the characters who died.....😭😭

I don't want to read such tragic thing anymore huhuhuhu.... My heart aches..... Still it aches.....

I think this story will make me remember for my whole life even if I can't remember the title, I will still remember the story and how it goes, even if it's not everything that I remember. I will surely remember.... <<less
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Sep 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Beautifully fleshed out characters, strong storyline and emotionally well detailed. A reincarnation story with wars, army and politics as key plots. Highly recommended
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