I [Imperial] Am Not This Kind of Man


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Qin Nuo transmigrated into the Great Zhou dynasty, becoming the dim-witted Ninth Prince. As if it’s not enough to be a female transmigrating into a male, (s)he thought that (s)he could just enjoy a life of drinking, eating, and being merry–but no. He ended up being pushed to do something way beyond his abilities and entered the fight for the throne. Internally there is strife among brothers, and a powerful official with great authority; externally there are foreign powers looking to invade, and the discontent of the people that is boiling over. How is he supposed to pave a path through this mess both domestically and abroad? It’s hard to be emperor, and even harder to be a good emperor! This is a story about an emperor farming. While others are farming a field, he’s farming a whole imperial court.

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V_sA.Bl_.E rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is amazing. I don't know why it's 3.9 stars, so underrated. Also, I want to mention that Sam7's review isn't accurate. The MC transmigrated into a MALE prince. The female lead is NOT A PRINCESS. This is TECHNICALLY NOT YURI because the MC is occupying a male body. No offense, but I wonder how Sam7 interpreted it that way. I believe there's more in that review that I didn't mention, but I just want you to know: Sam7's review isn't accurate. Her review made me hesitate to read... more>> this novel, but luckily I read it anyways after a few days. You should read his novel, it's really good. I don't write reviews, but the idea of writing one here has lingered on my mind for days now.

(Edit: There was a big plot twist in the middle.) <<less
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Luce94 rated it
January 23, 2020
Status: c229
a Beautiful story about en emperor. Sometimes it's touching, sometimes anger-inducing and sometimes it leaves you anxious to death.

Not at all plain, a slow world building. The characters are all full and complex.

There are plausible causes and effects all through the story, never the same, never boring.

... more>> Don't expect much on the romance side. The female MC that becomes a full man will naturally understand women a bit too much and as an enlightened emperor with a need for heirs he won't go around chasing men.

Downside, either I didn't get the google-translation right or the ending seems a bit too rushed. I saw here in NU that there are some extra chapters, maybe those will satisfy my needs, who knows <<less
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Royuki rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTL this story and I really enjoyed it. The MC is a practical figure who acknowledges how lucky she is to be transmigrated in as a male royal born in a patriarchal and caste based ancient society. He starts off just wanting to live a quiet peaceful life as a powerless ignored prince in whole bunch of princes but that is stripped from him due to a series of unfortunate events. Realizing that he can't just struggle to survive the fight for power in this gigantic clash of titans,... more>> he goes from a powerless prince to entering the chess game himself. This novel is less romance based and more political base. Its really enjoyable to read the strategies the different players make and how they attempt to outdo each other and how the MC survives all of it. It's better because the cast is incredibly well rounded, no one is really casted as straight up villain, so watching these people plot against each other is more interesting.

I really love this MC and I love so many of the supporting characters. The MC is from modern times, so he doesn't just jump into killing anyone but his main goal is to reduce killing which is difficult to do in a fight for power and fight between kingdoms. The characters MC fights against are also very intelligent as well so they aren't going to be making s*upid mistakes and they aren't going to be won over easily. But it makes it more satisfying when the MC finally wins one over. Another thing is, this MC actually thinks about things like taxes, social reforms, even math, so I really looked forward to the changes the MC brings forward. I wish the epilogue would extend out even further, but I'm satisfied with this novel throughout. Don't worry about being bored by all the politics, the MC is actually pretty funny and there is a running plotline that's really funny too. One spoiler about the romance.

There is a little BL subtext but it's a hetero ending for the MC. Another character/s is reveal to be the BL storyline but the ending for them is open ended.

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Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I've never seen a more INCLUSIVE novel than this one.

    1. It has all shapes and sizes of ships (fleeting/non and romantic CPs). This novel was generally a "romantic subplot" but I love Author-nim for promoting openness... Even in his/her other works, s/he has a knack for gender benders XD.
    2. There is high respect for characters. Almost all key characters are given a short arc. Author-nim took great care in each one, and none were fanfic-like OOC. Each one can be a novel of its own.
    3. Author-nimspoils the readers. MC and lead characters have NUMEROUS interesting scenes from pop culture HAHAH. I binged because Author-nim kept things burning and interesting.

      Personally, there is the feeling of being a little ancestor because Author likes to reveal things down to the smallest details. IDK if it's to prevent plotholes, but the novel is very much worthy of a Drama adaptation

    4. While the novel will leave you feeling cute and warm, the schemes here are ingenious (err vicious). If you're the type of reader who sticks to the narrator perspective, you'll be very surprised by how things develop.
    5. MC himself is the ambassador of inclusivity and upright Three Views.

      Although he is cunning, sly, and feared on the side for his foresight (modern)

Other points are small things-

including the overly idealist development of everything, and maybe the luck value and haloes of the characters. There is emotional pain in the arcs which is about 11/10 but grief should be as low as 6/10. It's at the pinnacle of HE

I am overwhelmed by the amount of things that happened in this text at the moment... Reading the characters' vigorous lives made me feel as if they had lived several lifetimes for achieving such feats. I feel tired and happy... I might dwell in "historical tag" novels for a while.

*Bows to LazyInu, Daed and Shiny* for their hardwork and translation efforts. *Setup camp for rereading* since it's worth it.
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l3umblel3ee rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the whole machine translated version of this story. Although some details might have been missed in the translations, I cannot help but say the story is amazing. The story execution was fantastic. Characters were not two dimensioned and had amazing backstories. I really enjoyed MC's interactions with the characters around him. My favourite character relationship in this story had be

... more>>

the MC and his bodyguard. The reason being is that we saw the whole process of how their whole relationship developed. I swore I cried at one point. If this story had been BL, they would would have been definitely the main pair. Unfortunately, the main pair in the ending is straight. Here is a brief summary of how I grew to love their relationship.

    • The bodyguard was a war s*ave in the gladiator arena, so a person who was from an enemy nation. MC saw him in the ring and decided to buy him as a martial arts instructor.
    • Throughout the story we read events, where the bodyguard protects MC, and see how MC
      slowly beings to depend on and trust him. (Kyaa~! MY BL TINTED EYE!) In one event, the bodyguard offers to take part in a polo game for him, in concern for his safety. On the other hand we watch MC benevolently reform his country, while the bodyguard stands with him.
    • There was a hilarious scene where Pei T-something and Ren-something, thought the two gay couple. This scene does eventually play a surprisingly important role in Ren-something's story.
    • MC's country general Pei, later tells MC that the bodyguard was the one exposing their plans to the enemy nation. However, MC says he believes in the bodyguard. It made the scene, where the bodyguard claimed he leaked the military intel, all the more saddening. MC was so sad in the scene where he repeatedly says "why". MC was incredibly patient with him and was waiting one day he'll tell him his story. We later find out, MC already had an idea of who the real culprit was, but was hoping the bodyguard would speak the truth.
    • We eventually find out the bodyguard was previously the big general of the enemy nation before he became a war s*ave. The bodyguard hadn't cared previously whether he died or not because he essentially lost his family in the previous war. From my perspective, MC was his healing life. (WHY IS THIS NOT BL?!)
    • The real culprit who leaked was the enemy's nation's ninth prince. The bodyguard knew this so he took the blame instead. However, just because we knew that the ninth prince leaked the intel, I the guy wasn't dislikable. The ninth prince had a fairly sad background. The enemy nation previously had a loving royal couple, however the ninth prince was born out of a pure accident with another woman. Due to this accident, the ninth prince's mother was never acknowledged as a concubine. In contrast, the nine prince gets acknowledged as a prince after meeting the bodyguard and his eighth brother. The bodyguard was essentially his martial arts teacher. Later the mother gets in trouble due to her family. In order to save her, the ninth prince agreed to act as a spy in MC's nation. This is the reason why the ninth prince eventually creates a spy network in MC's country. Since the ninth prince was acting as spy since he was young, his spy identity was really special. He had been acting undercover as the country general's Pei adopted son, named the Ren-something, who I had previously mentioned. It was quite interesting reading the story because the ninth prince had mixed feelings towards the general growing up. He was after all the reason his country was in tatters and his adoptive father. The reveal was quite surprising and heart breaking. Ren-something was definitely the caring mother hen character in his group of friends.
    • Eventually, the bodyguard completely switches over to the MC side and becomes MC's country naval general. T_T (WHY ISN'T THIS A BL STORY?!?)
    • There is however an open-ended BL relationship at the end. It did catch me by surprise. It was with the Ren-something guy, and MC's cousin.

To clarify, the MC IS MALE. He was a female before transmigrating. As for his thoughts on the matter, we don't know. The story started a couple months after he transmigrated, so I guess he came in terms with it some time in that period.

Here are some other amazing relationships or storylines in the story:

    • MC has a brother who essentially grew up with him because of their close age, but the brother (tenth prince) was heavily influenced by his mother to hate him. Although, they grew up essentially as enemies, anyone who grew up together are bound to feel familial with one each other, so the ending between the two was bittersweet. Near the beginning of the story MC accidentally kills the tenth prince's mother. I'm pretty sure, if this event had not occurred, the MC would not have become emperor, but rather the tenth prince. They sounded very cordial when the tenth prince still did not know about the truth of his mother's death. Unfortunately, the truth came out and the confrontation event was just as emotional. MC pleaded to him to give up his revenge. You must note, even though the MC only transmigrated for a couple months and the tenth prince constantly attempts to bully him, the tenth prince spent a considerable amount of time with him since he transmigrated there.
    • MC and the country general Pei have a very friendly relationship. Pei is very open-minded and he essentially is the go-to-guy whenever he wants to talk about new ideas from the modern ages.
    • MC loves his sister. I find it hilarious how he constantly crossdresses her. Moreover, crossdressing becomes a very important plot device. (I mean he essentially "marries" himself. LOL)
    • I honestly could not see the romance between the MC and FL, but their willingness to confide in one another was very refreshing and nice. They were like two besties.
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whitespade rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all, just disregard the gender bender tag because that has barely any influence in the story. Like, none at all.

Secondly, clearly this is a magnum opus for this author. The world and the characters are all complicated with different backgrounds and motivations, it must took author quite some time, at least a year before properly writing, to juggled everything so it fit right with no loose ends. It feels really gratifying to read something so complete.

Third, I like the fact that our MC has no golden fingers except... more>> being more clever than normal. But he's not too heaven defying clever, but just the normal cleverness of someone who reads a lot.

Fourth, you have to read this. Just MTL, it's understandable. I use Google translate. I cried a lot in some parts of the story, their struggles are really pitiful. However this is a complete HE for everyone. Our MC don't hate anyone, and any antagonist, if uselful, will be reused by our MC. So most people got a HE even if us readers with our normal morals don't agree. Don't get mad with MC, he's just practical. <<less
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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: c17
This is the kind of story that I have been looking for, it's quite nice to read a female MC transmigrating as/or being the MALE LEAD. As to why I put that in capital letters is, I read through the comments before posting this as it's so confusing to what was being described of the Main Character that they (once a she) reincarnated as a princess that much like what V_sA. Bl_.E has written:

The MC was a female before she transmigrated into a male body of a prince.

In any case,... more>> I haven't read that far but am planning to do so on MTL despite the lax english translation and being not an affluent Chinese speaker myself. But, all I can say is this story has potential as the plot itself was enough to induce a spark of interest in me as a reader.


The main character, Qin Nuo, is the ninth prince and a reincarnator who also had the same name from her past life, Qin Nuo, before 'she' became a 'he'. Also, the body she inhibited has a twin a sister named Qin Zhin (from Foxaholic), (or Huo (from Wattpad)).

Qin Nuo only wanted to live a peaceful life until his (her) ill Emperor Father was suddenly bedridden that that's when everything started to fall apart as a certain Noble concubine and her son tried to get him (her) killed only for that Noble Concubine getting what she deserves in the process (she ended up being stabbed by a sword that slipped from the hands of a maid). Qin Nuo escaped death and upon witnessing a servant that tried to kill him, he wasn't that merciless enough to implicate a pitiful ex-former maid of the Noble concubine as the prime suspect in killing said Noble Concubine as he (she) only instructed her to do what he told her so as the Noble Concubine's son wouldn't kill her.

Throughout the chapters on what was given here on NU, his siblings and other people, except his sister and his attendant (a eunuch) and a few other maids, still see him (her) as the dim-witted and s*upid ninth prince but soon, all of that will change...

*DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!!!!!!*



So, yeah, although on MTL, the tag for this story had a 'shounen-ai subplot', it was confusing as this tag doesn't really indicate much, at first, on whom the MC will interact with, but I think the meaning of this tag hints the unambiguous interaction between the MC and other characters with each other (and this tag is on MTL, not here on NU).

In any case, give this story a try! <<less
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Sam7 rated it
December 15, 2019
Status: c70
What I like about this novel is that the FL is patient and smart, she's not like other transmigrators who go out all guns blazing n stuff. I like her cool-headed character.

She's smart, she uses knowledge from her previous life, like making soap and wine to make money, she knows business, she also knows this buddhist martial arts, but so far martial arts isn't a key focus of the novel. She mets this princess and agrees to marry her. And I think she forgot that she is in fact not a man. And gurl do you know you would be trapping her in this marriage with you, a female!? She doesn't even tell her shes a woman, and the princess does hold a kind of affection for her. I almost thought this was gonna turn into a yuri novel. I almost thought the heroine was in fact a man! I had to go back and double check lol. Princess is kinda a fallen women cuz she was like married before or engaged or something and everyone blames her for her fiancees massacre. She and our heroine are very close.

Besides that our heroine does end up winning the throne!


What I don't like is that the pacing is kinda slow. At 70 chapters, she is still pretending to be a man, the chapters are long btw. Its about political intrigue, and the fight for the throne. Romance is not coming to the fore yet, but I can kinda see who the ML is. Shes kinda naive too but also very benevolent. Shes not the violent type.
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MegumiTan rated it
October 17, 2020
Status: --
THIS BOOK IS ONE OF THE BEST CHINESE WEB NOVEL I HAVE EVER READ. If you are looking for romance, that makes only 10% of the novel but the various 'ships' are really cute. The majority of the novel is focused on the political intrigue and maneuvers, and it does it really well. Most of the characters have hidden backgrounds which are really intriguing to discover. I like all the characters and they all feel very real. This novel covers the protagonist's journey to becoming the emperor (spoiler) and then... more>> uniting three countries. Although there is not much focus on the fact that the MC is female-male transmigration, the MC is a just, fair, and progressive ruler. I love the focus on improving women's rights in a historical setting. The epilogues give satisfying endings for all the side characters, I only wish the author gave us some more sweet scenes of the MC and female lead. <<less
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Shortk rated it
May 1, 2022
Status: Completed
The tragedy tag had me at chokehold the whole time I was reading this. I was so worried. Because I love all of the characters. But it's ok.

Ok so the book feels a bit shallow for the first half, but I think it's overall masterful. If you love politics and war, it's amazing. Plus the emperor is legitimately a feminist king. Excuse me. Yes. The MC actually has a character growth dealing with the naivety of his ideas for progress/reform/peace in direct confrontation with the actuality of reality. (Even tho... more>> he is op, the challenges he faces balances it all out.) But what makes this book stand out is how the MC decides to face them.

He makes hard decisions to take the unseen path to maintain his moral/ideals to the best he can even if the path is neither the easiest or clearest to take. You can directly see this with how empathetic he is to the side characters. And props on the writing.... I was so worried for so long bc they may be grey characters but I loved all these b*tches. And the MC did not disappoint with how he dealt with them.

Ngl, too bad we couldn't have a bl harem but honestly the romance, although not the focus, is actually really sweet. He gave up the easy road many times for her ya know. The bromance will make u cry tho.

The ending part was so unexpectedly hilarious. Also, what a great way to end this. Nothing abrupt. Great slow pacing. It's like the author knew we didn't want to part with anyone too quickly. And the author gave that too us and I'm very very grateful for the extra time they gave us readers with the characters until the end. This is epic.

Me @ the extras: cries @ author "ty for giving me the spice of life!!! The bl.... Ty so much cries" if any of y'all are hating, get real. It's not realistic if there wasn't any bl. c'mon we're talking ancient china ppl.


I love this novel too much. I'm so sad. I want more. <<less
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Chisaki rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: c104
What can I say, I've never read a transmigration where the MC is so pitiful realistic. The guy's not particularly strong or intelligent, and he doesn't seem to have G**gle merged into his brain like so many other transmigrators do, either. The amount of times his continued existence depended on another person's whim is truly astonishing.

The MC has become emperor for 50 chapters but the 'kingdom building' tag still hasn't come into effect yet. So far he's just been dealing with problems that keep coming up and making sure his kingdom doesn't fall apart.


Even sadder, the unique feature that makes him stand out from other MCs: being a woman transmigrated into a man's body, doesn't add anything to the story, doesn't give MC any advantages/disadvantanges, and is completely abandoned a dozen chapters in aside from some stray musings of, "I'm really glad I transmigrated into a male body, women have it really hard." RIP MC 🙏
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friedbanana rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: Completed
What I can say about this novel is.. This is legit. So fking legit.

Personally, this novel is fit my preference nicely. As a reader I love gender-bender novel that not focus on the romance. As a woman myself theres a time when I always wonder how it feels to be a man. How is the world/society actually work to them. How they actually handle the problems. Their point of views. So for gender-bender novel especially woman to man, I put myself on the MC's shoes. Rather than chessy thouchy romance,... more>> I always want to know and experience the adventures lol. And this novel gave me that. *Chef kiss

(Girl, actually you can just read some male MC novels for that. Yeah, but gender-bender novels are more relatable to me😌)

There's still romance in it, but it's natural and cute.

Even tho you are the reader, don't even think you will know everything what happened in the novel. Because this author-sama will make you feel as if you are one of the MC's subordinates, one of the characters. Theres be a lot of surprises that will blow your mind. It's maybe sounds so exaggerated to you, but yeah just go read it.

The characters are also well developed. Characters that even they betray you, you can't help but forgive them and give them a second chance. That's what the MC did too actually. Those characters made me feel anger but I couldn't stop loving them at the same time.

(It got me frustrated, I wanna give some characters pats on the head and slaps on the butt😪)

I don't wanna talk too much about the MC. What I can say about him is, this MC will make you willing down on your knees and vow to be loyal to him.

And the last, it's just a little advice from me. For better chill and badass experience, listen to Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio when you reading this novel. This made me want to transmigrated, then toss a glass of whiskey and lit a cig with the MC while watching the riots lol.

So, this novel is worth of your time. Go read it.

Edit :

Maybe there's some readers still confuse with the story line. So, the MC was a FEMALE in her previous life. Then she transmigrated to an ancient china dinasty. Occupied a prince body. So in this novel, the MC was physically a MALE. The novel itself contained minim information about the MC's previous life, it just mentioned anything related to the knowledge the MC knew in previous life. Which was a big part of the whole story. The MC also rarely mentioned anything about its gender in previous life. Because the story line is focus on political and war strategies. <<less
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FarihaAhmed29 rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is really good. The characters are well developed and all of them are likable. No cannon fodder. I really like this author. ^_^
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Pavetta rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: c1
I don't know why the story got bad ratings. There's one chapter so far, but it seems pretty good. No huge errors that I can see, and an interesting plot.

Based on the premise this first chapter shows, I would definitely recommend this. Once I've read more, I'll edit this to show my thoughts about later chapters.
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January 28, 2023
Status: c21
I really like this book and got impatient so decided to MLT but oh gosh I wasn't expecting my brain to get fried =⁠_⁠=

So far I enjoyed the book and thank you foxaholic for the translation ^^ hope we get a continuation with the translation, it's a great effort ngl 🫂
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Mariad45 rated it
April 1, 2022
Status: --
It is a very entertaining novel, I loved it, it is not yuri or bl, but the plot is incredible, it hooks you and won't let go until you finish it 😉the characters are the most entertaining and each one has their story and the male lead is incredible
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peanutbutter_J rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Surprisingly good tbh, the MC not an airhead and all characters has depth, story, and motives. Even if it's a foe, you sometimes can find humor from it.
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Cereal Is Life
Cereal Is Life rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: Completed
Main Character (Qin Nuo)

The unfavored 9th Prince out of 16 Princes and 20 princesses. He has a twin sister who is ranked 13th. His mother died shortly after giving birth to them. The emperor's health has deteriorated 6 months after his arrival and the crown prince (4th) is appointed to be the next emperor.

He was frequently bullied by the 10th Prince whose mother supported the empress faction. The 3rd Prince was crippled in battle and had an engagement with the empress' niece and tried to force himself on her... more>> when she wanted to break the engagement.

Part 1 - Surviving

Using the engagement, the new emperor and the empress dowager set up a plot for the 3rd Prince to rebel which resulted in the deaths of most of the Royal bloodline. Out of all the Princes, other than the emperor, the 7th, the 9th, and the 10th survived. Out of all the princesses, only 3 survived. One was already married out, MC's twin sister and a child. There were already marriage talks with the southern emperor who is 50+ yrs old... So can guess who's the next princess to be married out.

One year after the new emperor ascended the throne, he passes away because of illness and left an edict for the MC to take the throne.

Part 2 - Emperor


Next is tidying the inner court such as the military power and the empress family clan. The empress dowager and 10th Prince plotted to kill the MC but failed and are eliminated. Betrayals. Dealing with man-made plague, coming up with the idea of a bank, inventing bbq, better wine, better glass, gunpowder, messenger bird, etc.


Part 3 - Journey


Plot against the southern tribes by cross-dressing as his sister to marry over and bomb the southern king's forces. Later escaping and becoming a saintess to plot with the southern tribes to turn against each other (not united)... took 1 Yr.

20 chapters of extra chapters that included dreaming into 500 years later where the later generations of historians converse of MC having 2 sons and one daughter, CP rumors with another emperor, guessing his plot...


I think that ftm is just for the MC to not have a harem (faithful to wife), treating women equally (empathize instead of being pressured to follow the norms of men do all the work and women just stay at home and look after kids), and being able to come up with the idea of cross-dressing into a female several times throughout the story. <<less
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kyuujunana rated it
February 7, 2022
Status: c1
I didn't read it yet just so u know. After reading all the comments it made me wonder why this novel is given a 4.1 rating. I kept this in my reading list, hoping the chapters to accumulate first. But dang..., this is soooo long. Such a good novel is buried and I can't even read it!

Forget MTL, I HATE MTL. I don't want hopes, just to stop halfway. I want to read a proper translated one!
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