Hard to Escape


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Waking up after a car accident, the first thing I saw was Yin Li’s handsome threatening face.

It made me somewhat embarrassed.

But in the end I had to be ruthlessly heartless, cursing while pointing at his shapely nose:

“It looks like you’re the bastard who hit me!”

He blankly stared, and then coldly said:

“I’m your fiancé. Yan Xiao, you have amnesia.”

Then I had to persuade Yin Li, I was a wretched toad and wasn’t good enough for him.

He sneered, “Even if you grew wings to become a swan, you still wouldn’t be able to escape your birthright. Not to mention that you’re just a toad.”

This is definitely not the general amnesia plot that you have in your mind! You definitely won’t be able to guess it~

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In Love with a Tall Rich Handsome Counterfeit
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New fanneeywp rated it
July 6, 2019
Status: c31
The ML is mysterious and kinda hateful at first. Fortunately, MC is a reliable narrator, isn't stupid, and well aware of her own conditions. This is a mystery storyline!

In the latest chapters, when MC discovered her past as well as her complicated feelings towards ML, I already hooked and can't wait to read the ending!
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nixxara rated it
August 23, 2016
Status: c3.1
MMM. There is no backstory to this in the beginning so many may be left confused with what's happening in the story. The story starts off with the female MC losing her memories and then the male MC (I presume) claims he is her fiancee yet shows no love but rather coldness towards her. Don't misunderstand, he does take care of her but what's cold is his heart and not his actions. The female MC is definitely smart, as she knows that they were never in love with each other... more>> and uses her wits to test the male MC by acting boldly. The female MC is hilarious and I'm so happy she has no feelings whatsoever for the male MC and even wants to bid him farewell. I see that there are a lot of 1 star votes and those votes probably exist due to the non-existent background that causes confusion among readers. Because there aren't many chapters out right now, it's like following a story with inside jokes you don't understand.

Fret not, because by ch. 3.1, you may be getting the gist of what's happening and how awesome would it be to see the cold male lead fall in love with the female lead? :)) 5 stars for the funny female lead! <<less
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love-cutter rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: Completed
I finished this novel in a day!! It was that good!

The first 3 chapters were english translated and it seems like the series has been dropped. I had to MTL all the other chapters, but it was written well enough that you could understand about 90% of the story (he/she is often mistranslated in Google sadly and obviously grammar is a bit weird with MTLing).

I really liked this novel because it's complex and it feels so damn real that you'll end up loving it. It's about loving who you are... more>> and all your faults. But of course, it's a bonus when there's someone who sticks with you through those hard times.

The first three chapters can be summed up in the synopsis. Our female lead is wary towards her self-proclaimed fiancee. She recalls absolutely nothing about her past and doesn't trust anyone else's recollection of her memories. The way she treats her fiancee is HILARIOUS. Trust me, she has a good reason for doing so. Read the spoilers if you must.

To sum the novel up, the female lead will regain memories about her past as a talented ballerina. She'll find out memories in her past that she'll want to forget and she'll learn to accept herself--ballet and the life outside of it.

The truth about her past and the characters around her.

The female lead was adopted by her mother and moved to France when she was 12. (I'm unclear from the MTL if she ran away from home and just snuck into the shelter or not.) She fought fervently to leave the hut that housed the other hopeful adoptees in Mexico. Since then, our female lead has fought for parental love from a woman who used to be a ballerina, but could no longer be because of an injury. She practiced ballet until she was hella good at it, but she actually hated it. She felt trapped from her mother's and her teacher's expectations. Even the French man that pursued her often painted her in her ballerina outfit, which she fervently rejected because he also saw her as a beautiful ballerina. She was overall a cold person (quite the contrast to the FL we know which is hilarious) who practiced ballet every day to the point that she's become accustomed to the pain in her toes.

Her self-proclaimed fiancee is the male lead. I'll call him ML. ML's sister was also a talented ballerina who practiced ballet with our female lead in France. FL and the sister considered each other as rivals, but our FL was better than her because FL was acknowledged by that teacher. Watching the man she loved (the French man who fervently pursued FL even though she heartlessly rejected him) and the ballet teacher that she desired taken from her, ML's sister decided to something as payback. ML's sister was drunk one rainy afternoon and decided to run over the FL. But here's the twist that our FL remembers much later on, recall that our FL is extremely unhappy with her life. FL sees that ML's sister was only scaring her because the car swerves around her. FL intentionally runs towards the car. She was suicidal. She didn't want to live like that unhappy life anymore, but having practiced ballet for so long, it was all she had. Her adoptive mom died about 2 years earlier and wasn't that rich.

ML comes to the scene seeing his distressed sister and the FL (who he only briefly met when she told him off for smoking in a non-smoking area) covered in a pool of blood. Seeing this, he immediately thinks that his sister is guilty and he takes FL away to China. Only the blood was found by the French police.

Later, our FL will wake up briefly as she's taken away to a hospital, just to tell the doctor not to amputate her legs. Then, she'll wake up in the hospital without any memories. I'm assuming this is from too much blood loss and perhaps, her mind wanted to suppress the bad memories so she can start a new life. When she wakes up, the ML proclaims himself to her as her fiancee but is actually quite cold. He's polite and gives her housing, rehabilitation, schooling, etc. But she feels no warmth from him nor does her body recognize him (she tried it by kissing him lmao). ML wanted to protect his sister and pretend to be FL's fiancee so she wouldn't sue his sister, etc.

But contrary to his expectations, our quirky FL weaves her way into his heart. I think the first time this really showed was around ch 10 (I might be wrong, it was around there somewhere) where the FL takes back a dirty stray cat and he orders her to throw it out immediately. When the cat runs away, FL chases after it, but the ML has already found it first and gave it a bath... even though he has severe cat allergies (his face gets bumpy). Or, when he found her trying to do ballet moves with her injured legs and she falls down, crying. He starts to soften up to her. I could tell the guilt was killing him so he sent her to university to study French. She could easily understand it because she's lived in France~

There's a bunch of fluff fluff scenes for the first half of the novel. Like the first time he proposed to her out in the middle of nowhere with the stars and he asked her poetically (something about the galaxy and stars... Sorry MTL sucks).

The second half of the novel is when she falls head over heels for ML (mostly, dependency because he forged her new name and life) but finds out he's a fake. I like that she gives him a hard time. He totally deserved it. But, then again, she wanted to die initially so I'm not sure who to blame. All I can say is that everything gets resolved wonderfully, the rivalry between the sister and her, getting recognition from her old esteemed teacher after not practicing ballet for 2 years, turning down her fervent French pursuer and getting the man who lied to her but loves her wholeheartedly.


So yeah, it's complex. Initially, it was fluff fluff then it gets quite heavy at the end. No R-18 scenes lol.

The only downside to this is that I wished there were extra side stories~ I wanted to see some post-marriage fluff and children!! <<less
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savii rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: c15.1
The novel is soo good.. If you get past the first few chapters then it's a roller-coaster ride..

The story is written beautifully. And the translators are doing an amazing job.. Its very emotional, mysterious, fluffy in some parts and very angsty in other....

I hope this story doesn't end and goes on this beautifully for ever... Highly recommended...
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JojoChua rated it
May 24, 2019
Status: Completed
I like this novel, so warm-hearted. The story is flowing well, with comedy here and there. I laughed so hard at Yan Xiao's antics. Thumbs up for both translators who deliver good translation.

I finished the novel with MTL and somehow I feel that the title is fit very well. It's hard for Yan Xiao to escape from Yin Li *lol*
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Pink rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: Completed
Hem.. it was good story.... nice MC and very human nature ML. In this story the MC lose her memmory and find that she get a fiance who dont have any feelings for her. with the companion of her fiance she will find her memories. Who is she, who is her fiance and what happened witb her. For me it was a great with painful feeling when I read it.
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