Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!


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She, a famous doctor from the 23rd century, turned into a village peasant girl of a different world!

Her grandmother was cruel and vicious. Her aunt was very mean. So, to have a meal and clothing every day, she, a famous doctor had to pull up her sleeves to do farm work, treat patients, and abuse the bullies!

What? Grandmother need money for her illness? Cousin has no money to get a wife? Cousin needs to borrow money for his studies?

Roll! Roll as far as the history can go!

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Kurobito rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: c502
What's best about this novel:

1.) lots of face slapping that is truly satisfying

2.) Awesome novel for those that like medical stuff, farming and foooodddsss (drool on them)

3.) romance is slow and cute. Not love at first sight which I find it ridiculous.

4.) great plot where you can read different characters pov and not limited to the protagonists but also antagonists.

What's terrible about this novel:

1.) Those that don't like huge age gap and child marriages... Like I would not recommend it to you as... more>>

MC is only 12 going 13 while ML is 23. Which is something normal in the medieval era.


2.) Each chapters are short

3.) Story development is slow

4.) MC is a hypocrite. She says she want to leave a quiet and peaceful life but there you see her running around saying "i am a doctor!" And goes off saving people with high status. I mean, come on, with that kind of scenario how to lie low and lead a peaceful life. Bs

5.) Story with too op MC. She can cook, she can treat patient and she knows martial arts like wtf... Where is there such talented person that master of everything??

6.) Again something to do with the story. Too much coincidence or good luck. Like you'll never see MC having any tough luck. Probably the only tough luck is having a cannon fodders grandma, uncle and auntie <<less
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LostMySoul rated it
July 22, 2019
Status: c1164

It was actually quite good at first. Loved how our FL was all about earning money and working hard but then later on, things got complicated. When they


transferred to the capital



she was still working hard but for different reasons and she lost that businesswoman attitude that made me attracted to this novel.


yes yes it's because of her identity


anyway, it's just different.

At this point, the focus was more on the


complex nature of the royal family since ML is a prince


And then later on, due to some reasons,


FL and ML got separated for 3 yrs and when she came back, voila, ML was already the emperor and he had many concubines too. They were all decorations but still, what modern woman would accept that


Stopped reading after that part mainly because mtl is hell and I lost interest in the ml. Although realistic, I thought he was a coward by giving in to the officials. His cool acts in the past and his promises just seemed like a joke. Hmm or maybe I'm just used to op male leads that are monogamous af

i actually feel sorry for our MC because she never gets a break and ML turned out to be unreliable too.


hoping things just got lost in translation


we all know that that they'll still end up together in the end. Will continue reading this later when my interest comes back

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IrisBay rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: C1130
I dropped this novel, I reach in the chapter after the storm and a long long waves when MC reach in a desserted place and meet an police man. After that I got tired so I searched for a spoilers then after that when MC return after 3 yrs, ML was an Emperor and had alot of Concubines. From the beginning MC did alot for him.. Then what ML did was totally disappointing. I don't care if he touch those Concubines or not, or just a decorations, they are still... more>> his Concubines in law and name, still a Mistresses. he feed them, he give them a safe place, they had power or fame or wealth... If he really do Love MC he must stay pure in everything.. LIKE THE 2ND ML from the Modern World. While MC was trying so hard desperately to retun and ate alot of hardship... POOR MC... So I dropped it.

Not, I realised I wasted my time for this...I feel so bitter.... The ending was they got together.. Wow... If im the MC I will never end with him even he died... <<less
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ChocoLatte rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: --
The storyline is super interesting until...


The ML decided to have a bunch of concubine in his eff-ing harem

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boomstick3000 rated it
December 6, 2018
Status: c703
I've noticed a lot of "doctors" that transmigrate tend to use their abilities to make poison or alchemy pills, and very rarely actually want to help the sick. The MC in this story in this story in the exact opposite in that she just oozes compassion and seems like she has doctor skills because she genuinely wants to help people. I found that refreshing.
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notawordybirdy rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c5
Only 5 chapters in and there's not much to say about it apart from the fact that it looks promising. Excited to see how the story progresses and will definitely edit my review once there's more chapters.
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Sonea66 rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: c195
This is, as other reviewers have already noted, a rather run-of-the-mill transmigration story only remarkable by how utterly shameless and lacking in common sense and basic morality the villains behave. This would have been alright if this face-slapping on speed did not happen on cost of plot progression, character development or even increasing the sympathy of the reader towards the MC.

At my stage of reading, this feels more like I am reading the story of the villainous family self destructing, interspersed with truly mindboggling commentary to underline the senseless cruelty... more>> and egoistic ways that lead them there.

Occasionally the MC does something I would consider to either human decency or friendly favours at little cost to herself, for which she is disproportionately rewarded.

In short, this is an exhausting read which often leaves me feeling drained or in a bad mood, but occasionally (when reading this along the lines of satire) it startles a laugh out of me.

I might return at a later date to give this story another chance, but for now I am discontinuing reading this novel. <<less
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joellyanne rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: c1475
It is easy to read as the chapters are short and the story has all the right elements for a fun read. It has romance, some actions, comedy as well as some very s*upid villains, politics etc. Also I would like to add that it is partly science fiction in some parts especially to the latter parts, which is putting me in a quagmire at the moment as I am wondering whether I should carry on reading it on mtld version as just did not expect this at all. Anyway... more>> I will probably still will carry on with reading it from raw through google chrome translate it as I am nearing the end of the story and really cannot wait to read what happened next. Just want to add that reading the story this way you won't lost any essence of the story as the mtld version is really good.

Just 'Completed' (19/02/19) . Love love it to the last chapter. Very Highly Recommended. Not going to add more than that as don't want to spoil the story to the rest of you who has not read it yet. <<less
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March 13, 2021
Status: c1256
I quit at this point.. It's a long journey, so buckle up.

Why I persisted for so long:

  1. The beginning was very good. She's capable self reliant, engages in business, medicine etc.
  2. She is compassionate with a sense of measure. Many FLs are either totally ruthless or too compassionate but she's measured. She is not one to put her enemies to death unnecessarily but she does sit without retaliating too. She has good medical ethics.
  3. They fall in love very young but doesn't engage in it until she's fully matured (17+).
Why I quit :

  1. FLs growth is not that significant. She contributes a lot as a doctor but she only ever is seen as a woman who shows too much face in front of men unless she's needed.
  2. She has no loyal follower/ companion. The people around her work only as props, you don't really get to see any true companionship / friendship in here that's consistent. They often appear to support the plot and just disappear and I hate that. I love when a woman has her own followers / servant / friends who are always there to support and work with her.
  3. The romance part is really dry. I love reading romance novels so much that I have already filled one list (100 max.) and has 18 in the part 2 that I am working on. But they're mostly short novels (upto 200 chapters). So for sure I can say, anyone who's looking for dog food in here is bound to get disappointed. There's just this lacking feeling in there that's not satisfactory. Maybe it's because the plots not consistent.
  4. The characters are too 2D to be ignored. A human has various emotions and responses but the characters in the story are like NPCs, those who are greedy are greedy to death, those in love, love till death, those that are motherly are.. You know the drill. Basically all characters are assigned a certain role and they are then stuck in that loop till they're discarded by the author.
  5. All men besides those married will only ever fall deeply, passionately, madly in love with the FL. Not even friends and that's unbelievable.
  6. The worst part of it all: THE INCONSISTENT PLOT. I don't know if it's just me but I feel the author just can't decide if she wants to write about a farmer, a businesswoman, a medicine expert, palace conspiracies, romance, sci-fi or whatever. The plot just jumps from one aspect to another without any prior notice and that's too irritating. There's a lack of smooth flow
  7. Skipping details too much. The author often skips details as how a certain achievement is made, it's just like he's done that and now he's become this, I mean how, when, where and what about those competitors c'mon you can't just make it look like they don't exist can you. Give them some respect for acting as a cannon fodder.
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KichiX rated it
May 11, 2019
Status: c210
As others have mentioned, there's nothing new to this transmigration story. What there is, though, is a level of shamelessness rarely seen, even in the most shameless webnovel villains, to the extent that the characters are unbelievable. Characters can be selfish, self-centred and narcissistic; they can even feel like the world owes them everything, but there has to be a reason. In this novel, every time a villain is required, previously okay people become illogical, self-centred and extravagant, while the protagonists' side can't say no.

It's frustrating that these are the... more>> villains in the novel - if they were even slightly less shameless, slightly cleverer, then it would be a much more satisfying read. The villains as it is exist only to be knocked down by the MCs.

If you can stand being angered by the non-existent morality of the villains then this is quite an entertaining read. <<less
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Gabi94 rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: c830
If you don't mind skipping chapters, I recommend this : Read the first 15 chapters, and then, skip to 100. There's a LOT of unnecessary family drama, really, was really annoying and didn't add sh*t to the plot.There's lot after too, but a bit less.

Good points :

  • Sometimes in these novels, all man are good and awesome, and all woman are crazy and evil except the MC, this is not the case here, there are a lot of evil man and woman equally.
  • MC isn't the most op that i've seen, she is op tho, but not to the point that makes her seems like a god. She knows how to "fight", but the author kept it real, she can't really fight, most of the times she just avoid getting caught, but not always. Some reviews said that she can do it all, but if you read it, you will see that is not like that. She can cook, and know medicine, that's all. I've read novels where MC's were : tamers, doctors, alchemists, powerfull mages, powerfull warriors, and so on. So this one isn't this Outrageous.
  • She behaves like a normal person of the modern era would behave : Doesn't treat servants as s*aves, because she doesn't believe in this system, doesn't treat childs as adults, doesn't go around killing everybody that disagrees or even do bad sh*t to her.
  • As I mentioned previously, she isn't the murderer type. I like it. Sometimes, authors want to make a heroin type, but end up going to far on the revenge, and the fine line between "anti-heroin" and "Villain", gets crossed and if the author didn't plan that from the start, things get messy and plot holes pop up. So you can tell right away that he doesn't know how to writte a solid and coherent character. This one sticked with " she is clever, and won't let others step on her", but also, she will not going to casually kill everyone who offended her, because killing is not the modern-times solution for good and ajusted people.
  • She is a doctor, so she will save others even if she doesn't know them, or if she prefer not to be known as a genius doctor. Because she took a vow, and there's a reason why she wanted to be a doctor to begin with. FINALLY, a etichal doctor in a c-novel
  • She keep on slapping people about the previlege of nobility and how what they have has nothing to do with real ability. AND she kept it in mind after. I think that her character as well constructed and cohesive.
Bad Points :

  • Author makes MC week sometimes, so ML can save her.
  • The really big age difference between MC and ML.
  • ML for me is dull when he is not busy being annoying. (Always saying stuff like "you're gonna marry me because I said so blah blah) Entitled ass.
  • A lot, I MEAN, A loooot of family drama. Multiple characters point of view that don't necessarily add things to the plot. Even when it add something, its still boring to read. I actually did something I almost never do, wich is skip chapters, usually if I have to skip that many chapters, I just drop the novel, but this one kept me going for minor details.
  • Mc's does a lot for the ML, but at the point that I'm now, he keeps on putting her in these difficult positions, like :
... more>>

He Asked her to treat the Empress Dowager who are a old crow, with the little detail that : If she couldn't cure the ED, all the blame would fall on herself. And she would have to deal with it.

AND HE DOESN'T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE ED. He just pushed her there and then AFTER he gets preocupied because of ED fame in being a thankless person. What was the point to ask her? The Empress Dowager is an enemy, if the empress wanted to say " oh, she didn't treated me right, kill her"



An then, ML asked her to cure the princess of another country, BUT WAIT, if the MC can't cure the princess, that would be bad for her too, because it is a international matter. Was a HUGE

risk, for me, he is really selfish and doesn't consider what she wants, or her security


She told him many times that she doesn't want this kinda of live, but he keeps dragging her to it.


Some will say that she was already dragged by her family, but if it weren't for him she would not be discovered and wouldn't have to risk her life at the palace. This led to various consequences for her, like the other evil prince attempts to get

her naked to blackmail her into marriage,

and so on, and WHERE IS HE ? He left her there to go do some task for the emperor, *


BUT DUDE, really ?

You tossed her in the fire and then ran away, really, a prince charming indeed *eyes rolling*You can see that a HUGE part of my cons are about the ML.

For me was a 2 only because of the good points I said before, because in writting, authenticity, plot, characters (apart from MC) everything important really, was always a little worst compared with other novels, and now

i am in a serious need to read a romance where the ML is a genuine good partner, just to restore my faith... <<less
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April 24, 2019
Status: c200
I guess this is fine if you have nothing else better to read. But despite its good reviews, I wouldn't put it on the A-List category. I mean... in terms of uniqueness, there's probably 0. It's just the same carbon copy as those other transmigration novels - "A modern woman with medical skills transmigrated to ancient china along with her cheat". Even the usual tropes like shameless relatives or ML with (not so mysterious) noble background is used.

Is it entertaining to read? Somehow it is. I find myself a couple... more>> of times MTL'ing a few chapters in advance so I guess it is. Also, the chapters are short so it is easy to read.

** start of rant **

But it is exactly because of that that I didn't noticed I was already at 200 chapters and find that probably 80% of that I was rather annoyed. Why? Because it's always about the Bai family and their shamelessness.

Oh, how I wish the author would focus on the neighbors instead, or introduce new characters just so we could forget about the Bai family. But lately, they have more screen time than Bai Zhi herself.

There's not even any character development. No matter how many times their faces are slapped, they never learn. So it's not satisfying at all.

** end of rant **

So that's my take on this novel. Anyway, as I said, this is fine if you still haven't found anything better to read. I wouldn't rate it for now cause it's still early. If you're interested, go ahead and read. <<less
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FableCat rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: Completed
Positives: Sweet, funny, lots of face slapping, you get what you sow, lots of surprises with a bit of twist, heart touching, family loves, friendships and other stuffs that will make you feel wanting to read more chapters.

Negatives: too many kidnapping even though MC will use her brain to escape. Too many guys that fall head over heels with MC and wants to possess MC. No bonus chapters on time skip at the end. (I want to know if they have children. What happen to the side characters and so... more>> on).

Weirdness: Erm also at the end of arch... o.o the storyline kinda went to other world realm. I understood the storyline but the jump from its usual route a bit weird. The arch a bit rush and short but interesting reading. (True feeling: THE HELL? What? Why? Thats it?! Just like that?) <<less
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alrahe rated it
April 21, 2020
Status: c1180

When I read this novel, I was thinking that, for all the things that she's (MC) done for him in his lowest time, it would be very bad and unwise for him if he (ML) betrayed her.

And he did, though it's not really betraying her, (all the women are only decorations) but what he did, really leave a bad taste in my mouth.


The face slapping is good, a bit satisfying but the feud before the face slapping sometimes a bit unreasonable, maybe that's for emphasizing the face slapping.

And also love the hardworking MC, especially when she still in the village. How she improve herself and her new big family, and how she create many yummy food, that was heartwarming.
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honeybunny55 rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: c300
Not the worst thing I've read, nor is it the best.

Also, it went in the exact direction I figured it would go in. =The foreshadowing wasn't even foreshadowing, it was basically huge bright neon lights that very clearly said what was going to happen in the future lmao. I mean - it's fine, that's not a bad thing I guess, but the plot is incredibly predictable.

It's not bad. It's not great. It's just another one of those stories lol. The translator has done a good job of translating it though.... more>> The face slapping was pretty satisfying, won't lie.

Not a terrible story. But it did get kind of boring after a bit, but once again I am someone who has a tough time reading anything over the 1000 chapter area because imo, the drama becomes stale and the plot begins to drag out after that point....

That being said, the chapters are all pretty short, so that has likely contributed to the very long chapter length of the story.

But it's not bad. If you want something to pass the time and like the genre, then I'd read it. If you're kind of picky, then there are better stories out there. <<less
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nimeaano rated it
June 3, 2022
Status: c168
The plot is ridiculous. MC is 12 and very OP, everyone around her supposedly have intelligence but somehow can accept a 12 year old peasant girl who only ever goes to the mountain suddenly have godly medical skill, can make food better than most Chef, can make modern blueprint never been seen before..

The spoiler is not helping either.
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Lissie Furen
Lissie Furen
September 14, 2021
Status: --
As many others, this one suffers from the ever present obsession with palace intrigue and so on. It is as if farming or being a doctor by itself could never fill the plot if the FL doesnt find an abandoned prince or something on that order.
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Spiritreader-itsme rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: c846
I’m honestly in-love with this book, it’s definitely better than a lot of others I have read.

One thing though, when reading the more suspenseful parts it does make me have a minor panic attack as I’m working through them.

So if you’re looking for a book that makes you question whether the FL will truly survive every obstacle this one if for you.
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tholovar rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c200
I like this so far, but it is very lite on the "Farmer" aspect and the "Doctor" part is really mainly there so far to increase her interactions with the ML & 2ML. It is mainly about a) face-slapping her s*upid relatives, b) flirting with the Male Lead despite not even seeing him as a romantic interest.

I actually like the MC (Female Lead who is 13) but I really do not like the ML (who is 23) or the 2ML. The Male Lead is bland, needy, possessive & entitled, whilst... more>> the 2nd Male Lead is Bland, needy and whiny. Whenever the Female Lead is around the Male Lead, she is clumsy, frail, weak, cowardly, submissive (so he can constantly catch/support her when she trips - she only trips around him) and when she is around the 2nd Male Lead (and everyone else), she is strong, confident, brave, pushy. And for some reason the Male Lead (who is very poor) has nothing to do except accompany her where-ever she wants to go instead of actually working. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: Completed
TLDR 3 stars it's well told but needed to be cut down to maybe 600 chapters not 1600.

There's a lot of fun in this story but by about ch 300 I had drama fatigue it was just too much and far too much of the MC not being willing to solve problems. Then the forced misunderstandings started happening and I stopped reading and just started skimming. Then the novel went full scale s*upid
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