Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!


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What the heck? She, a famous doctor from the 23rd century, turned into a village peasant girl of a different world!

Her grandmother was cruel and vicious. Her aunt was very mean. So, to have a meal and clothing every day, she, a famous doctor had to pull up her sleeves to do farm work, treat patients, and abuse the bullies!

What? Grandmother need money for her illness? Cousin has no money to get a wife? Cousin needs to borrow money for his studies?

Roll! Roll as far as the history can go!

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New LunarWolf
October 17, 2019
Status: c1400
Im close to completing it but came to review it before I forget to.

This is one of the most well planned novels I have read. The events occur over a continuum of time so we skip around in points of views of different characters to see what they are doing in relevance to the plot. So you have events that occur in one chapter at a certain time period and you see its importance and continuatiin maybe 20 to 50 chapters later. Nothing is forgotten. Every event and person mentioned... more>> has a purpose. They fade in and out of the story in a logical way. Nothing is random or ruins the flow of the story. I hope people who see this can understand what im trying to say. <<less
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Okura Hatsu
New Okura Hatsu rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: c100
The story is really interesting and the MC is lovable (to me), and the ML is kind of cute.

The translation is so smooth an easy to read.
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Kurobito rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: c502
What's best about this novel:

1.) lots of face slapping that is truly satisfying

2.) Awesome novel for those that like medical stuff, farming and foooodddsss (drool on them)

3.) romance is slow and cute. Not love at first sight which I find it ridiculous.

4.) great plot where you can read different characters pov and not limited to the protagonists but also antagonists.

What's terrible about this novel:

1.) Those that don't like huge age gap and child marriages... Like I would not recommend it to you as... more>>

MC is only 12 going 13 while ML is 23. Which is something normal in the medieval era.


2.) Each chapters are short

3.) Story development is slow

4.) MC is a hypocrite. She says she want to leave a quiet and peaceful life but there you see her running around saying "i am a doctor!" And goes off saving people with high status. I mean, come on, with that kind of scenario how to lie low and lead a peaceful life. Bs

5.) Story with too op MC. She can cook, she can treat patient and she knows martial arts like wtf... Where is there such talented person that master of everything??

6.) Again something to do with the story. Too much coincidence or good luck. Like you'll never see MC having any tough luck. Probably the only tough luck is having a cannon fodders grandma, uncle and auntie <<less
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notawordybirdy rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c5
Only 5 chapters in and there's not much to say about it apart from the fact that it looks promising. Excited to see how the story progresses and will definitely edit my review once there's more chapters.
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boomstick3000 rated it
December 6, 2018
Status: c703
I've noticed a lot of "doctors" that transmigrate tend to use their abilities to make poison or alchemy pills, and very rarely actually want to help the sick. The MC in this story in this story in the exact opposite in that she just oozes compassion and seems like she has doctor skills because she genuinely wants to help people. I found that refreshing.
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LostMySoul rated it
July 22, 2019
Status: c1164
It was actually quite good at first. Loved how our FL was all about earning money and working hard but then later on, things got complicated. When they ... more>>

transferred to the capital


she was still working hard but for different reasons and she lost that businesswoman attitude that made me attracted to this novel.

yes yes it's because of her identity

anyway, it's just different.

At this point, the focus was more on the

complex nature of the royal family since ML is a prince


And then later on, due to some reasons,

FL and ML got separated for 3 yrs and when she came back, voila, ML was already the emperor and he had many concubines too. They were all decorations but still, what modern woman would accept that


Stopped reading after that part mainly because mtl is hell and I lost interest in the ml. Although realistic, I thought he was a coward by giving in to the officials. His cool acts in the past and his promises just seemed like a joke. Hmm or maybe I'm just used to op male leads that are monogamous af

i actually feel sorry for our MC because she never gets a break and ML turned out to be unreliable too.

hoping things just got lost in translation


we all know that that they'll still end up together in the end. Will continue reading this later when my interest comes back <<less
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joellyanne rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: c1475
It is easy to read as the chapters are short and the story has all the right elements for a fun read. It has romance, some actions, comedy as well as some very stupid villains, politics etc. Also I would like to add that it is partly science fiction in some parts especially to the latter parts, which is putting me in a quagmire at the moment as I am wondering whether I should carry on reading it on mtld version as just did not expect this at all. Anyway... more>> I will probably still will carry on with reading it from raw through google chrome translate it as I am nearing the end of the story and really cannot wait to read what happened next. Just want to add that reading the story this way you won't lost any essence of the story as the mtld version is really good.

Just 'Completed' (19/02/19) . Love love it to the last chapter. Very Highly Recommended. Not going to add more than that as don't want to spoil the story to the rest of you who has not read it yet. <<less
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May 11, 2019
Status: c210
As others have mentioned, there's nothing new to this transmigration story. What there is, though, is a level of shamelessness rarely seen, even in the most shameless webnovel villains, to the extent that the characters are unbelievable. Characters can be selfish, self-centred and narcissistic; they can even feel like the world owes them everything, but there has to be a reason. In this novel, every time a villain is required, previously okay people become illogical, self-centred and extravagant, while the protagonists' side can't say no.

It's frustrating that these are the... more>> villains in the novel - if they were even slightly less shameless, slightly cleverer, then it would be a much more satisfying read. The villains as it is exist only to be knocked down by the MCs.

If you can stand being angered by the non-existent morality of the villains then this is quite an entertaining read. <<less
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Sonea66 rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: c195
This is, as other reviewers have already noted, a rather run-of-the-mill transmigration story only remarkable by how utterly shameless and lacking in common sense and basic morality the villains behave. This would have been alright if this face-slapping on speed did not happen on cost of plot progression, character development or even increasing the sympathy of the reader towards the MC.

At my stage of reading, this feels more like I am reading the story of the villainous family self destructing, interspersed with truly mindboggling commentary to underline the senseless cruelty... more>> and egoistic ways that lead them there.

Occasionally the MC does something I would consider to either human decency or friendly favours at little cost to herself, for which she is disproportionately rewarded.

In short, this is an exhausting read which often leaves me feeling drained or in a bad mood, but occasionally (when reading this along the lines of satire) it startles a laugh out of me.

I might return at a later date to give this story another chance, but for now I am discontinuing reading this novel. <<less
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April 24, 2019
Status: c200
I guess this is fine if you have nothing else better to read. But despite its good reviews, I wouldn't put it on the A-List category. I mean... in terms of uniqueness, there's probably 0. It's just the same carbon copy as those other transmigration novels - "A modern woman with medical skills transmigrated to ancient china along with her cheat". Even the usual tropes like shameless relatives or ML with (not so mysterious) noble background is used.

Is it entertaining to read? Somehow it is. I find myself a couple... more>> of times MTL'ing a few chapters in advance so I guess it is. Also, the chapters are short so it is easy to read.

** start of rant **

But it is exactly because of that that I didn't noticed I was already at 200 chapters and find that probably 80% of that I was rather annoyed. Why? Because it's always about the Bai family and their shamelessness.

Oh, how I wish the author would focus on the neighbors instead, or introduce new characters just so we could forget about the Bai family. But lately, they have more screen time than Bai Zhi herself.

There's not even any character development. No matter how many times their faces are slapped, they never learn. So it's not satisfying at all.

** end of rant **

So that's my take on this novel. Anyway, as I said, this is fine if you still haven't found anything better to read. I wouldn't rate it for now cause it's still early. If you're interested, go ahead and read. <<less
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Silangan rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: c308
As everyone else pointed out theres really not much to this novel.

Its a shallow but entertaining read, completely over run by villainous cliches with no sense of intelligence, or morality. The villains just never learn.

Chapters are very short, I actually timed myself reading and it took a little more than a minute to read a single chapter. 5 plus of these would probably be a single chapter in a regular novel.

The characters are very cookie cutter, they’re cliches we all know and some love. The story is okay. Both have... more>> no depth at all.

The romance... well, at this point they arent officially together, but I still cant get over the thought that the MC is physically 12 while the ML is 23, and the ML is already making the moves. Gross. You can argue that the MC is mentally the same age at 23, and I dont fault her for finding someone her age attractive. Its a different story though when the ML is the one who’s showing an attraction. In my head theyre the same age for a smidgen of comfort for me. I still squirm whenever I remember.

Story - 3/5

Characters -2/5

Translation - 4/5

Enjoyment - 4/5

Overall Rating - 3/5

Fields of Gold is better. <<less
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FableCat rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: Completed
Positives: Sweet, funny, lots of face slapping, you get what you sow, lots of surprises with a bit of twist, heart touching, family loves, friendships and other stuffs that will make you feel wanting to read more chapters.

Negatives: too many kidnapping even though MC will use her brain to escape. Too many guys that fall head over heels with MC and wants to possess MC. No bonus chapters on time skip at the end. (I want to know if they have children. What happen to the side characters and so... more>> on).

Weirdness: Erm also at the end of arch... o.o the storyline kinda went to other world realm. I understood the storyline but the jump from its usual route a bit weird. The arch a bit rush and short but interesting reading. (True feeling: THE HELL? What? Why? Thats it?! Just like that?) <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Not the worst thing I've read, nor is it the best.

Also, it went in the exact direction I figured it would go in. =The foreshadowing wasn't even foreshadowing, it was basically huge bright neon lights that very clearly said what was going to happen in the future lmao. I mean - it's fine, that's not a bad thing I guess, but the plot is incredibly predictable.

It's not bad. It's not great. It's just another one of those stories lol. The translator has done a good job of translating it though.... more>> The face slapping was pretty satisfying, won't lie.

Not a terrible story. But it did get kind of boring after a bit, but once again I am someone who has a tough time reading anything over the 1000 chapter area because imo, the drama becomes stale and the plot begins to drag out after that point....

That being said, the chapters are all pretty short, so that has likely contributed to the very long chapter length of the story.

But it's not bad. If you want something to pass the time and like the genre, then I'd read it. If you're kind of picky, then there are better stories out there. <<less
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draw2much rated it
June 26, 2019
Status: c243
Characters are fun and it's well translated. The FL is smart and sassy. The mystery about whether she's really alive or how she went to the past (is it the past?) is interesting. I like that her medical knowledge doesn't help when limited by the tools available to her.

ML is stoic and scary, but only to strangers and trouble makers. Watching him try to be all tough with the FL is funny. Their interactions are generally cute and humorous.

Other than the terrible family, other side characters are interesting thus far.... more>> The story is better the less time is spent on the in-laws...

The chaptersa super short though. The translator makes up for it with frequent updates but... When family drama happens what would usually take one or two chapters takes up almost a week instead. This can make it feel way longer than it actually is... Don't give up! There's quite a bit of story not involving the crazy in-laws so no worries. 😁 <<less
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ivanlyw7 rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c1891
MC doesn't immediately give her all to ML and sticks to her ideals.

No typical black bellied ML who forces his way into MC's heart. Everything is slow and steady romance wise.

MC and ML have their own weaknesses and both have their points where they are struck down by these weaknesses, hence the OP trope also does not apply.

... more>> Also, MC has the cheat of being one of the best doctors around, meaning that her skills in cooking various medicinal concoctions is also to be expected.

Side characters on mc's side are also provided with character development on their own (E.g. Grandmother's relationship)

Antagonists are also fleshed out well, with clear (though sometimes annoying and rage inducing) reasonings for going against the MC. The author also goes somewhat in depth into their after story. (For example, the mc's 'family' treats her like sh*t cos they view her as a slave and expect her to move hand and leg for them). However, this is sometimes written in the middle of other arcs, which can be somewhat annoying at times.

I'm not a fan of how the ending is written as it still leaves me with some questions, and the entire last arc, which seems redundant to me. <<less
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August 9, 2018
Status: c35
So only 35 chapters in. Not much to review.

Potential and style seems to be great. I recommend.

It seems to focus more on farming, medicine and possibly politics (coz you know, tags are such spoils, the Amnesiac ML is probably a royalty or a general, at least a high ranked official).

PS: the antagonists (relatives) are very annoying, stupid and lazy.
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Kizumi rated it
September 11, 2019
Status: c291
Well, the novel isn't done yet at this point but I'll share my opinion on it so far. For those looking for a "refreshing" plot, well um this probably isn't for you. The plot is pretty typical but one thing that I like about the female lead so far is that she doesn't give me that overly annoying vibe (You all know what I mean? Like that Ooooo sh*t I can tell she's going to be kinda annoying flag?) So far, the female lead has a nice balance of confidence... more>> and logic which makes her a pleasant character to read. Each chapter is kind of short but it was interesting. A very easy light novel to read. Although the plot is similar to many other novel's the author's writing style definitely makes it stand out from the rest. Would recommend to read. <<less
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ferndoll rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: c256
I am loving this novel so far! I love how she is using her knowledge to improve her penniless situation. I hope the novel will continue in this vein because I am so sick of the usual family/strangers/rivals scheming towards the main character in every chapter! Although this novel does have the family scheming against her but I really really hope the author will keep it at a minimum. I just want to read how the main character grows into a strong and amazing person. I also love Rebirth of... more>> a Fashionista and Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman which have similar poor to riches so far. <<less
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quivo rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: c192
This is a silly/satisfying read for me. Leave your brain at the door, because the villains surely have. Somehow, it just manages to work, it hits just the right brain candy spots for me. Looking forward to the eventual ~shocking reveal of the ML's true identity etc.
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IoukoMiku rated it
February 8, 2019
Status: c151
I seriously recommend this to you if you want a light, short novel to read! The story is heart-warming, and most issues are settled within a couple of chapters. The MC is really beautiful, intelligent and most importantly, knows how to cook. 10/10 from me, I love this novel so much!! :D
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Boredbunch rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c111
Brilliant story pace, I dislike so few chapters but won't decrease rating due to that

Translation seems really good I can't read original so don't know if anything missing

Great face slapping

Can't wait to know when and how she takes that necklace off horrid grandmother

And for her to bring back memories of the male lead
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November 6, 2018
Status: c98
Started reading not long ago... I find this story quite nice, not a lot of development happened yet. I like the relationship between the mother and daughter (It's refreshing and sweet). Moreover, the relationship that is being built between the MC and the ML is slow and more like real life (but I hope the writer doesn't drag it too much... after all slow and authentic is nice, but slow and repetitive is a no-no-no).

... more>>

I don't know why but I think the Buddha statue that was found in the BAi family will have a big impact on the story development.



That concubine that turned into empress is suspicious... maybe she had something to do with the ML loss of memory

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