Fields of Gold


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She transmigrated into the body of a little girl from a fishing village! Her father is honest and foolishly filial, while her mother is weak and ill. Moreover, her siblings are still young children.

Her father was the best fisher in the village and breadwinner of the entire family. However, when he got injured and was on the verge of death, her cruel grandparents and uncle kicked her whole family out. They were hungry and cold with nothing but an empty house…

But that’s ok! She has a multicolored stone that can accelerate the growth of crops. She was also an expert at preparing braised meat in her previous life.

Just watch as she, an eight year-old girl, challenges the taste buds of people who lived during ancient times. With improved high-yielding crops, she’s going to become the most famous farming expert in the world!

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New grenfunkel rated it
November 20, 2019
Status: c183
The first 50 chapters was a torture but after that you can finally taste the sweetness of the novel. There are many obnoxious characters but this was able to emphasize the goodness of other people. This novel also has an MC who transmigrated in a world where a previous transmigator has already been successful so the story is in a parallel timeline in history wherein life for women is better.
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New Chan2 rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: c164
I fell in love with almost all the characters. I would recommend this novel for those who love to read family drama and daily honest heartwarming lifestyle. I am fed up reading so many abusive, revenge, killing.. Etc type of storylines. This book touches my soul as it depicts humane treatment/love between siblings, uncles, aunts, parents, cousin's and friends. I don't regret picking up this novel.

I would like to convey my sincerest thanks to the translator. The translation was just awesome.😘😘😘😘
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charysa rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: Completed
I found most of this story to be quite adorable, especially the earlier parts when the MC is still a prepubescent child and the setting is restricted to the small seaside village she grows up in. Watching their immediate family break away from the evil step-grandmother and the useless grandfather, and working together (at MC's "inspiration") to build a better life is quite heart warming. Some spoilers...

While at first glance, even the MC thought she got sent back to the historical Ancient China, this actually takes place in a slightly... more>> alternate version of Ancient China, due to...

... the fact that MC is not the only transmigrator around. The current emperor and his grandfather are also both transmigrators, and they've already butterflied a lot of big changes into the annals of history. This is a Ming Dynasty which has built a great navy and preempted Europe in the Age of Sail. MC is the only one who got a golden finger with her transmigration though.


While there are a great many handsome young men who may have potentially fallen for the MC, she only ends up with one love interest. I'll spoil that now, it's

the young prince they rescue from the sea in the beginning chapters. Of course, he then disappears for 200+ chapters before returning to Chinese shores. Afterwards, it takes some more time before he realizes that he's fallen for the MC. And then even longer for MC and her family to accept his suit (since she's so young and the difference between their status so vast).

Also, even though he's not a transmigrator, the ML has a cheat of his own. He is able to read other people's emotions, and later, thoughts. People like transmigrators are immune to this ability, though. The way ML awakened to this power in his childhood was traumatic, and it was uncontrollable earlier on, causing him to have berzerker fits. Of course, MC is the ray of light who is able to bring him out of his berserk state.


The first half of the story takes place almost entirely at her home village and the nearby town. The second half moves to the capital, where the MC starts wielding her cheat and her knowledge for the betterment of the people (while also making "some" money on the side with her side businesses).

There are some flaws I personally found in this story... One is the weird reverse harem charm that the MC has. I don't mind animals liking her because that was well explained by her cheat. But all the exceptional young men in the story getting a crush at first sight on a prepubescent girl who's not even noted to be especially beautiful...I didn't think that contributed anything to the story, especially after it became clear who she would end up with fairly early on.

Another flaw is that while it makes sense for MC to sometimes talk brashly because her modern sensibilities have no sense of the taboo subjects of the era (like whenever commenting about nobility/the imperial house), it stretched disbelief that she'd always get away with this with no consequences. Especially after she arrived at the capital a controversial figure in the eyes of the nobility/court. Either someone with the brains and adult mentality like hers should know better than to speak loosely, or she should've had to face some kind of consequence at least once. But eh. This is something of a mary sue MC. <<less
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sleeplessnk45 rated it
June 10, 2019
Status: c19
It's still pretty early and tags are bare so I don't really know what I'm getting into. I would probably edit this in the future but for now...

Things I like:


    • Intimate family relationships. MC loves her new and old family. Her new father and mother are weakwilled but very loving. Her new siblings are much more assertive and clever than the parents. They all love each other, it's pretty sweet.
    • Cute kids. The siblings would probably be one of the focuses of the first part of the story so if you like reading about kids, this is good.
    • Cooking. Food is another main focus of the story. This is mc's main talent as of now and where she gets her money. There would probably be more dishes and ingredients described in later chapters.
    • MC is not op? Again, it's still too early to say, but I'm hoping she's not. Ofc, she's beautiful, it's hard to find average-looking MCs (mc's who turn beautiful don't count). Her knowledge is justified, she's mentally 29 and she didn't live near the ocean or mountain in her past life, so it's great to see her not knowing much about those topics. It's realistic, at least.

Things I feel ambivalent for:


    • Family squabbles. Common in cnovels and typical of transmigration stories. There hasn't been much face-slapping yet, though. So I'm a bit curious to know how that's going to happen.
    • Cheat. We don't know how strong the cheat is yet, since it tired itself out after saving MC from death. Hopefully, it's not too all-powerful.

Things I feel cautious of:


    • So far, we have a prince, a restaurant owner, and a mountain hunter as flowerboys that MC has met. As MC is an 8-year old, there's no sign of romance yet. However, I avoid reverse harems, harems, and love triangles in general because it's really not my cup of tea. Even if it's not a harem, just reading how a lot of side characters fall in love with the MC is very tiring for me. I personally hope this wouldn't be like that, but I know there are some who do, so I'll give a heads up if it is like that.

Thanks to the translator for good quality translations, fast updates, and pictures of food!

Edit: June 22 2019


There are more tags now, so I guess I know more or less what I'm getting into.

Thanks to charysa for clearing up some points. Knowing there would be pseudo reverse harem charm, makes me feel conflicted. I'll keep reading for now, but hopefully it's not too bad.

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rakusu rated it
August 21, 2019
Status: c92
I can't for some part appreciate this novel due to inconsistencies. One most noticeable thing are the Yu siblings. They were introduced to be kids around 8-10 years old. But there are times where Xiaocao's siblings spoke like they were adults. Here are some instances:

... more>>

"Don't... " Her older twin sister, Yu Xiaolian, secretly rolled her eyes, "If you caught more, then it would be even less likely for us to eat anything. You didn't get to see grandmother's pained expression when we needed to pay for the medical fees. She would surely find ways to make up for the loss, while also doubling the earnings."


And another one:


Yu Hang held back his youngest sister's eagerness and politely said, "Business is about the mutual willingness between the two parties. It's natural for the seller to set a price and the buyer to bargain. Even if the deal doesn't work out, we can still maintain a benevolent relationship. We have nothing more to say since Manager Liu didn't like our goods. Please excuse us!"


Not only they talked like adults but they also sound like enducated people which is really contrast to the author's introduction of family living on the sea side. Also the author points out that Yu Hai (their father) deeply pampers them yet allows his family to be bullied by the step mom and eldest daughter in law. What a contradiction.

Initially, the cheat is already a minus for me. But since there are lots of good reviews, I thought I should try. However, there are no characters or events piquing my interest so far. Now, these inconsitencies in the story that's making me roll eyes everytime I encounter one. I'll read a few chapters more but if it didn't get better, I might drop.


Ok. After reading a few more chapters, I managed to reach the latest chapter by ignoring the inconsistent stuff.

So the story turned to be a little interesting. Lots of potential male lead were introduced with no certainty who's the real one. Currently, the pacing is soooooo sloowww because there are lots of cooking scenes and the process of making them.

And I'm not so thrilled of the idea that

the emperor is also a transmigrator


The thing that keeps me going on is the MC and her twin sister. Alright, this might not sound interesting but I'm curious why they are twins in the first place and the author's deliberate avoidance to let them go together outside the fishing village. What's the catch?

Other than that, there's no other interesting thing here. It's pretty much predictable. The author has a habit of leaving a clue sometime so you can already predict what's gonna happen. <<less
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luxannefelix rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c60
Casual review so I won't cover all the points

    • So far I really like her intimate family especially the father which is really are in this genre since dads are usually cold and or abusive.
    • Imo doesn't seem op compared to other novels and

      the source of MC's "cheats" are "explained" to her family

    • Pretty interesting since she didn't transmigrate to a whole new world and there might be transmigrators other than her.
    • Love that she actually have nice siblings esp the sister
    • The raws are 730+ so I wonder how the plot will evolve to last that long
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Jessy_m rated it
September 26, 2019
Status: Completed
I like novels about farming, living simple life, specially going back in time creating tools to facilitate life... I don't like when it's about royals and rich families fighting, concubines and evil stepmother and ALl that cn stuff.. So when I read the summary I hoped it will not deal too much with all that cliché.. And I was happy with what I got.. Although it begin weaker than average novels like for sometime there obssesion over food that doesn't make sense, she catch so much food every day and... more>> they are still starving, I was also worried when she started meating nobles to leave farming behind, there lots of novels start with farming or opening restaurant idea, but they throw it away after some chapters and it become typical cn bullshit.. But that didn't happen, stayed faithful about farming.. I would love if we got some chapters about historians writing or teaching a biography about her in their moder time, talking about how that dynasty affected the country and the world.. Also I preferred ending to be but more detailed but in the end very good novel, nice relaxing not stressful.. <<less
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Akareading rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c84
After many transmigraters, I had read, this one is another new taste.

The most I like is MC’s father, may be he is the first I read that love MC (his daughter) in all many novels and her siblings also love each other.

Thank you for translations.
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seawaterwitch rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: c117
Not bad. Everyday life. "The cheat" is very high. MC is OP 😄. I don't mind. She just like Kaguya Goddess send on mortal realm and help her poor family. The father and mother protected her and trusted her "reason" why she come back alive 😉

Good translation. As I expect from Volare team. Their team is awesome.

I am curious who is the Male Lead. Is it the Emperor, brother six, Qiao Wen, Zhao Han, Third Master or even the Prince ? So many handsome male were surrounding her 😍

So many... more>> food porns too. Thank you for the foods pictures 😍😍😍 <<less
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CoryLeia09 rated it
September 5, 2019
Status: Completed
I really like this novel, mostly due to the food porn. This reminds me of when I was reading Transmigrator meets Reincarnator. Although some of the food descriptions are lost during MTL but still can't help but drool to the list of foods that were introduced in the novel.

The next thing that I loved in this novel is the interactions between the ML and FL, so much dogfood are thrown in lol. And those last few chapters of the novel makes me a bit quite teary eyed.

... more>>

Both of them died at the same time due to old age. Then FL went back to modern age and they meet again. Or maybe I just became teary eyed due to the long hours reading this novel lol


Overall this is a very good novel to read, and I'll definitely read this again once this is fully translated. :) <<less
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BobChan rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c137
So far so good~! I am enjoying how the story is progressing so far. But as much as I enjoy it, there are some things that have been bugging me as I've read.


... more>>

Minor Tantalizing Villains That's Won't Die. The fact that Madam Zheng (I don't remember the step mother's name...) and Madam Li are a common occurrence that continuously pop up and annoy the MC and her family. I understand that they're family and all and it's for a more realistic pov but nothing so far has been done to mitigate their existence.




Typical Mary Sue... yes, it's kind of bothersome to see how many will just fall in love with the MC (at times) with no rhyme or reason. I get good impression but it's not just good impression she attained—she basically gets them as a whole on her 'side'. They'll ferociously defend her and is unable to see her faults at time.




The MC. It's written that her mental age is thirty something but she doesn't even act like an adult and more of a teenager who's about to hit their twenties/ or is in their early twenties. She's not bad, but it can be irksome at certain point when you're reading and you see her Mary Sue act.




MC's view. She's came from modern China (another timeline) and she's was sent to a more feudal time. Although it's not 100% Ancient China (due to the other transmigraters) the people still adhere to some of the orthodox ways of thinking. The MC's lack of comprehension (at times) can be very annoying. Yes, she's from a more modern time—where it's more open minded—but she's also a thirty something year old lady and fails to read the situation before saying anything. She often pushes her way of thinking and doesn't realize that she could get into a lot of trouble despite it being more lax than it had been in her timeline.


Thankfully the story so far is light and not dark other wise bodies would have been dropping in the novel. Quite frankly it was frustrating to read when the MC's intelligence falls low, thus I skimmed a lot when it came to those points.



The number of gluttons... It was funny at first, then it turned to boring... The amount of time the same plot is spun makes it boorish and flat. She cooks something that isn't known within this time period: she gets attention, people like her, they praise her, she gets money from it, she draws in even more attention and goodwill. There's no 'treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime' when it comes to her.




'The Love Interests'. There isn't any but just seeing those who 'fall' for her pile up is... aggravating to read. It's very spurious. There is still the mentality where 'females shouldn't be so close with males'. It doesn't click in with the MC though (her modern mindset I guess... and lack of understanding the difference between then and now, other than when she's cooking and seeing which dishes aren't available currently). Truthfully, if it was from another person's POV, she would seem like a temptress, 'messing' with so many people of the opposite sex. (She's only 8-9 currently but at the rate the plot is repeated with people falling for her, it looks like it'll still be used in the later chapters as well.)


Its an enjoyable read but that doesn't mean that it doesn't come with some cons. Currently at 137, she's still around 8-9 years old so... the story is progressing rather slow. (There's also a lot of repeated plots so... things can get repetitive and boring.)

p.s. there's no love development at all so far and as some of the other's have stated:


It may seem like there'll be a harem with how many guys are attracted to her cooking but she only ends up with the ML (the kid they saved from the shipwreck). If you're going to read for romance... probably wait until they get to the 200s for the chapters.

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Felix3D rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Out of all the "transmigrated female POWER" stories out there, and the specific "recipe/farming based" subgenre, I think this is the most fun. It's not perfect, there's definitely a lack of character development and things feel trite at times, but the key point is that this is a fun story, no matter which chapter you flip to.

Yes, some characters are cartoonishly exaggerated in some chapters (or overall), yes the action feels forced, but as a story focused on the MC's developments, it's pretty strong.

I highly recommend people try it out,... more>> and if in 25 chapters you don't think it's your thing, feel free to drop it. <<less
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Krais rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: c143
it's a really good reading for me, I like the story of the daily life of the family while there is still the excitement from trouble coming in from outside, but what making me frustrated is that the MC parent is too softhearted and too filial to borderline extreme and its making me really want to smack parent rather than the one who is causing the problem.

anyway if you want find a daily life of a heart warming family then I really recommend it even though some time a bit... more>> annoying. <<less
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Piggychan rated it
October 17, 2019
Status: c149
A relaxing story, which never fails to make me feel hungry everytime an update comes.
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Hundred Lilies
Hundred Lilies rated it
October 13, 2019
Status: c146
While it's a great novel, I've got a belly full of anger from practically every chapter the MC is wronged and has to be the guardian angel of not just her siblings, but her parents as well. She should enjoy being a child again.

Anyway, as always I find great joy in novels about cooking and the MC is really likeable.
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Rileanda rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: c144
I have read this novel for months now and it is something I look forward to every day when Volare Novels updates a new chapter. The story is not too heavy and has a light happy theme which makes you smile. It has just enough drama to make you wrapped into the story and feel an emotional connection to the characters. Would recommend this novel to anyone that enjoys a good balance of drama, happiness and fun. Love it and will continue to love it for chapters to come.
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MysticDreams rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: c118
Excellent translation, great food, and a non-OP female lead! Sure she has a cheat, but she still has to work for what she has, still has to think up of recipes and make business-smart decisions.
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expensivepeanuts rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: c131
One of the few novels I read on a daily basis thanks to the Volarenovels for the daily updates!

Fields of Gold is among my favourite relaxing, feel-good novels to read. This novel sets itself apart from other novels with a similar genre because instead of a story that revolve solely around the main character, this story also gives a lot of importance to the main character's family as a whole. If you enjoy sweet and wholesome familial interactions then you will most likely enjoy this novel as I have. The... more>> story puts the MC's family through a lot of hardship (some of them a bit difficult to read) so you can't help but cheer for them and in turn, makes it so satisfying to see when good things finally come for them. This part of the novel is honestly refreshing because in most webnovels, the MC's family don't exist or aren't around or they don't have a very good relationship with each other.

The main character transmigrated from the modern world into an alternate historical ancient China (same Earth but alternate history which is explained later why). As with a lot of webnovels with a similar genre, she is in possession of an ability and knowledge unseen in this new world. I like the main character, she is a good person but she is not a doormat that can be stepped on and she's very proactive. The MC is always doing something and getting things done and any rare moment that she's resting she spends thinking of new things to do. In summary, she's very hardworking. Which is quite unique for an overpowered character with a cheat ability because she still needs to work very, very hard in order to achieve her goals. Yes, the MC can be quite a mary sue but I don't find her annoying despite it.

This novel also has a LARGE cast of side characters, some are nicely developed and written (those that appear often) while some are basically just props (the ones that pop up rarely). The cast of characters is so large that you're bound to forget some of them. Sometimes, someone will reappear and I'd be like 'who the f is this again?' The antagonists aren't special and is the kind you would expect in this type of novel; they basically exist to be slapped.

Family ties and filial piety is a major topic in this novel and while it is clearly a valued virtue in the story, we are also shown its ugly side and how it can be used to hurt and abuse people.

There are fantasy/paranormal elements in this novel as well, especially concerning our MC's cheat ability.

Though the genre specifies this as a romance novel, there really isn't much hint of romance so far, even though some characters show interest towards the MC. It's a long novel and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it. Volarenovels does a great job with their translation as expected and they even have helpful footnotes at the end of each chapter for difficult terms (and tasty food pics). Hopefully, the novel will only continue to improve. <<less
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