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She transmigrated into the body of a little girl from a fishing village! Her father is honest and foolishly filial, while her mother is weak and ill. Moreover, her siblings are still young children.

Her father was the best fisher in the village and breadwinner of the entire family. However, when he got injured and was on the verge of death, her cruel grandparents and uncle kicked her whole family out. They were hungry and cold with nothing but an empty house…

But that’s ok! She has a multicolored stone that can accelerate the growth of crops. She was also an expert at preparing braised meat in her previous life.

Just watch as she, an eight year-old girl, challenges the taste buds of people who lived during ancient times. With improved high-yielding crops, she’s going to become the most famous farming expert in the world!

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New RoseCh rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: --
Transmigrate, get rich, separate from the abusive family. Similar setting as "Eldest Sister, Why Haven't You Married Yet" but more inferior.

Everything is so slow like a whole day would consume 10 chapters alone. The author loves sidetracking. In the beginning it's okay but it gets annoying because you can't help but notice how loooooong it is.

They farm, get rich, live more comfortably and then the author doesn't know anymore what to write next but they need the word count to earn money so they add some nonsensical, boring fillers that... more>> does not align anymore with the MC's goal aka the plot. 300 chapters and she's still yet to grow old.

Onto our couple, I can't root for the ML.


Firstly, he's a 16 year old going heart eyes on a 9 year old. I know it's normal to get married early back then but to actually view a 9 year old romantically? And wtf is wrong with that Princess Jing? You are a mother and you're basically pimping another's child to your son who has tendencies to get violent. Bit*h wake up! Not to mention that she loves manipulating her children.

Secondly, if we are to put that thing on the side, I'm not really invested in him or his family. He was introduced on the earlier chapters way too briefly, and integrated into MC's life way too late yet too rushed. He was nowhere from the beginning and then suddenly he's on everyone's face every second. They also have no chemistry what so ever. I've skipped chapters with him in it because, as I've said not invested, not interested.



I kinda like the MC (well at least from where I am now). All of her skills weren't suddenly acquired like that of most transmigration stories. It's from her hard work in her past life.

But damn was she dumb at times. One example would be when she first learned to swim and her stone helped her to breath underwater.

As the story progresses she became more reckless and dumb.


As something to pass time, this would do well but be prepared to be angry at their relatives and be prepared to be frustrated at her spineless parents. <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
March 3, 2020
Status: Completed
All right I finished it. And here is my updated review:

It's still a 3 star story for me. It's just okay. I didn't think it was amazing, nor did I think it was particularly horrible.

Once again, the pros:

... more>>
  1. The family relationships: there were excellent family relationships in this story that I really appreciated. Not just between our MC and her family, but also between MC and her adopted godmother/godfather, the MC and the ML, MC and ML's family, ML and his own family, etc. They were heartwarming and excellent and I really enjoyed it.
  2. Realism in the setting: I always thought it was kind of weird that heroines who transmigrate to ancient times just have perfect fluency in ancient CN lmao both the spoken and written are EXTREMELY different from modern CN (as someone who was forced to learn a little bit of ancient CN it s**ked LOL) like I guess you could write it off as 'former host's memories' but still lol.
  3. The cheat isn't super overpowered. It's even stated in the story that although she can improve crops for the first gen, they have to carefully selectively breed the second gen if they keep wanting higher yields. I mean, this is true of ancient times so I appreciated this.
  4. Good interpersonal relationships: MC and her friends were fun to watch and all the people who helped MC and her family out when they were down on their luck also made me smile. My parents came from a remote village in the mountains in CN and the villagers were all like this from my memory when I visited there as a child. Obviously not everybody will be friends but they are all from the same hometown, and that kind of bond is pretty strong.
  5. The heroine isn't super overpowered: I mean, she has the stone and she knows how to do a lot of stuff, but that's because she was forced to grow up after her parent's death to raise her younger siblings and make money to give them a comfortable life. Like, everything she does is because she was forced to work different jobs and earn money.
  6. MC and ML relationship: I think my favorite part was when the ML told MC that she could depend on him for anything, and that he would 'hold the sky up for her'. The MC was super touched by this because all this time, she's been working hard for her current family to bring them up and in her previous life, she was also unable to be a carefree young girl like most people her age would've been. She's never really had anybody who would unwaveringly stand in front of her and take care of her. I thought it was so cute!
  7. Some character growth: I did like that some characters grew during the story, but imo, it was mostly shallow growth so although it was nice to see, I won't say it was anything too amazing or interesting.


  1. Holy shit. WHY are there SO MANY CHAPTERS of just s*upid FAMILY DRAMA. I will NEVER GET OVER THIS. When they finally sort of faded from the chapters I was so f*cking excited because I was SO sick of hearing about Madam Zhang and her s*upid, sleazy ways. Even then of course she eventually shows up and I'm honestly not happy about her end which was basically: she has to work the rest of her life for her son because she can't leech off of anybody anymore! This is the worst end for her! I'M SORRY WHAT? SHE mu*derED THE MC'S GRANDMOTHER AND THIS IS HER ENDING? I'M OVER IT
  2. Too many seemingly important characters that everybody forgets about for periods of time: AKA the older brother who everybody would mention "they need to bring home" only to forget about him for f*cking... 60 chapters??? Wtf. Also MC's GRANDMOTHER who became a VENGEFUL SPIRIT after BEING mu*derED BY HER COUSIN SHE TOOK IN just sorta fades out and everybody forgets about her because I guess who cares about their dead mother/grandmother???
  3. The heroine can be pretty s*upid sometimes: For somebody who lived until she was in her 30s??? She acts like a f*cking 12 year old. Like, drooling like she's some s*upid brainless idiot when she sees people who are good looking. I know it's supposed to be comedy but it just makes her look s*upid. While on one hand I appreciate that she didn't immediately adapt to the current times, I'm also somewhat annoyed because she doesn't f*cking learn her lesson and continue to learn and fully adapt to the times. Instead she continues to make s*upid blunders and talk like she isn't afraid of anybody only to immediately shriek and get scared afterwards. But then she DOES IT AGAIN and just doesn't f*cking learn???
  4. I'm kind of over everybody seeing the heroine and being like "omg ANGELIC BEAUTIFUL NOBLE GIRL SHE IS SO PERFECT AND KIND AND AMAZING AND OMGGGGGG" like okay, we get it.


My biggest gripe with this story was the inconsistencies with a lot of the characters and a lot of the dumb family drama that just sort of gets written or brushed under the rug and everybody is happy and hunky dory. TBH a lot of the pros I have for the story are also the cons: the familial relationship is good and fun, however, I get annoyed too at all the emphasis put on filial piety which just causes more drama. It's so s*upid it's like: "ok we won't mess with them anymore bcuz they know I committed mu*der" then LITERALLY THE NEXT CHAPTER they're like "ok let's go bother them" like what???

It's kind of s*upid because Old Yu is like "omg look at how great I am having fathered a son who's become an official and on TOP of that having a granddaughter who is the first female official WOW LOOK AT HOW GREAT I AM" when in reality, he nearly let his son die from a bear attack which they went to hunt for the f*cking family, he lets his biological son of his dead wife (who is hinted [cough pretty much stated] to be the person he loves and only loves or whatever the entire story) suffer for the whole family and doesn't think there's anything wrong. He steals the 300 silvers and "feels guilty" but never f*cking tries to do right by his son who has broken away from the family and instead just lets them sit there and continues to "feel guilty" or whatever, like their family should suffer but it's okay because at least he FEELS GUILTY! He also ALMOST LET THIS FEMALE OFFICIAL GRANDDAUGHTER OF HIS DIE MULTIPLE TIMES like LITERALLY you would not be "the father of the first female granddaughter and an official and a grandfather of a f*cking future PM" if it weren't for the fact that the MC transmigrated in and saved all of them. And yet, people all just praise the grandfather like he lifted a single f*cking finger to help ANY of them at ANY f*cking point. He just cried and felt guilty and I guess that was enough for him to be absolved of all crimes in helping almost kill his son, his daughter-in-law, and his grandchildren????? Even if he didn't directly try to beat any of them, he still helped create the circumstances in which they suffered and didn't do a damn f*cking thing about it. He just "felt guilty". But I guess feeling guilty is enough because "filial piety"

Which brings me to my next point. FILIAL PIETY. It's so emphasized in this story but everybody forgets about the DEAD WIFE WHO BECAME A VENGEFUL SPIRIT AFTER BEING mu*derED. I guess because she's dead nobody has to pay any filial piety to her?? They author always hints at how much Old Yu loved his dead wife and how much he missed her but when it comes to her mu*der he's like "well she's dead, so it's fine let's just leave it as it is" like are you f*ckING kidding me????

And then when he sees her dead ghost he's like "OMG WHY DOES SHE HATE ME OMG SHE HATES ME WAHHHHH" and cries about it for half a chapter then next chapter he's like "dead wife? what dead wife? yeah you're right Madam Zhang let's go bother the people who we LITERALLY the last chapter said we wouldn't bother anymore and have nothing to do with each other because you want to scam them of more money LOL OK LET'S GO DO IT. What, my dead wife?? Who is that again????"

I'm just going to assume that the author decided to write so much in this story with so many characters and people and didn't plan anything out which is why they just forgot everything they wrote, even if it was just the last chapter. Because otherwise, anybody who had logically planned a story out, would probably never be this f*cking s*upid.

I just... I can't. It wouldn't be so bad if the family drama didn't take up over 1/3 of the entire f*cking story BUT OF COURSE IT JUST HAD TO because HOW ELSE IS THE AUTHOR GONNA MAKE HER PENNIES???? Ugh.

The story had a lot of sweet and fun moments, but it had just as many equally s*upid and dragging moments. Literally, the family drama should have been cut by like 2/3rd's of what it was, and I probably could have stomached this story better. But literally, that over 1/3rd part of the story that was just s*upid family drama made this story extremely draggy and boring.

Although I'm glad I finished the story, I have to say, it wasn't anywhere nearly as good as everybody says it is. People might say "well she said it in the story, it's unrealistic to completely cut familial ties" but it's literally not??? At all???? Xiaocao is always talking about how she doesn't care how people view her or whatever because SHE knows what she's like. But then she's like "omg we can't look bad about filial piety in front of everybody because that would be TRULY heinous" lol okay. Never mind he didn't give a sh*t that you almost died several times or whatever. Filial piety, amirite? We can just use this excuse to extend all the dumb family drama.

And then honestly, after the family drama ended, I kind of don't really know what was the point of the rest of the story. There isn't any real exciting plot after this, just a few incidents that happen and that's like it. And after she goes to the capital, she just sort of forgets about her parents and siblings and they show up every once in a while during like, New Year's or whatever where the MC HAS to remember her family because those are family holidays.

Ugh I don't know. It wasn't a horrible story but it also wasn't amazing either. It just... kind of was okay. Nothing amazing nor was it anything groundbreaking for this genre. It was just... the standard sh*t you always see.

If you're bored and have nothing better to do during this quarantine, then yeah by all means finish it. The MC and the ML's relationship was excellent, I do have to say, and I really enjoyed reading that part of the story. I could have done without the rest of the dumb bullsh*t though, or at least had a cut down version of the dumb bullsh*t because it was just exhausting to read after a while.

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charysa rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: Completed
I found most of this story to be quite adorable, especially the earlier parts when the MC is still a prepubescent child and the setting is restricted to the small seaside village she grows up in. Watching their immediate family break away from the evil step-grandmother and the useless grandfather, and working together (at MC's "inspiration") to build a better life is quite heart warming. Some spoilers...

While at first glance, even the MC thought she got sent back to the historical Ancient China, this actually takes place in a slightly... more>> alternate version of Ancient China, due to...

... the fact that MC is not the only transmigrator around. The current emperor and his grandfather are also both transmigrators, and they've already butterflied a lot of big changes into the annals of history. This is a Ming Dynasty which has built a great navy and preempted Europe in the Age of Sail. MC is the only one who got a golden finger with her transmigration though.


While there are a great many handsome young men who may have potentially fallen for the MC, she only ends up with one love interest. I'll spoil that now, it's

the young prince they rescue from the sea in the beginning chapters. Of course, he then disappears for 200+ chapters before returning to Chinese shores. Afterwards, it takes some more time before he realizes that he's fallen for the MC. And then even longer for MC and her family to accept his suit (since she's so young and the difference between their status so vast).

Also, even though he's not a transmigrator, the ML has a cheat of his own. He is able to read other people's emotions, and later, thoughts. People like transmigrators are immune to this ability, though. The way ML awakened to this power in his childhood was traumatic, and it was uncontrollable earlier on, causing him to have berzerker fits. Of course, MC is the ray of light who is able to bring him out of his berserk state.


The first half of the story takes place almost entirely at her home village and the nearby town. The second half moves to the capital, where the MC starts wielding her cheat and her knowledge for the betterment of the people (while also making "some" money on the side with her side businesses).

There are some flaws I personally found in this story... One is the weird reverse harem charm that the MC has. I don't mind animals liking her because that was well explained by her cheat. But all the exceptional young men in the story getting a crush at first sight on a prepubescent girl who's not even noted to be especially beautiful...I didn't think that contributed anything to the story, especially after it became clear who she would end up with fairly early on.

Another flaw is that while it makes sense for MC to sometimes talk brashly because her modern sensibilities have no sense of the taboo subjects of the era (like whenever commenting about nobility/the imperial house), it stretched disbelief that she'd always get away with this with no consequences. Especially after she arrived at the capital a controversial figure in the eyes of the nobility/court. Either someone with the brains and adult mentality like hers should know better than to speak loosely, or she should've had to face some kind of consequence at least once. But eh. This is something of a mary sue MC. <<less
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sleeplessnk45 rated it
June 10, 2019
Status: c19
It's still pretty early and tags are bare so I don't really know what I'm getting into. I would probably edit this in the future but for now...

Things I like:

    • Intimate family relationships. MC loves her new and old family. Her new father and mother are weakwilled but very loving. Her new siblings are much more assertive and clever than the parents. They all love each other, it's pretty sweet.
    • Cute kids. The siblings would probably be one of the focuses of the first part of the story so if you like reading about kids, this is good.
    • Cooking. Food is another main focus of the story. This is mc's main talent as of now and where she gets her money. There would probably be more dishes and ingredients described in later chapters.
    • MC is not op? Again, it's still too early to say, but I'm hoping she's not. Ofc, she's beautiful, it's hard to find average-looking MCs (mc's who turn beautiful don't count). Her knowledge is justified, she's mentally 29 and she didn't live near the ocean or mountain in her past life, so it's great to see her not knowing much about those topics. It's realistic, at least.

Things I feel ambivalent for:

    • Family squabbles. Common in cnovels and typical of transmigration stories. There hasn't been much face-slapping yet, though. So I'm a bit curious to know how that's going to happen.
    • Cheat. We don't know how strong the cheat is yet, since it tired itself out after saving MC from death. Hopefully, it's not too all-powerful.

Things I feel cautious of:

    • So far, we have a prince, a restaurant owner, and a mountain hunter as flowerboys that MC has met. As MC is an 8-year old, there's no sign of romance yet. However, I avoid reverse harems, harems, and love triangles in general because it's really not my cup of tea. Even if it's not a harem, just reading how a lot of side characters fall in love with the MC is very tiring for me. I personally hope this wouldn't be like that, but I know there are some who do, so I'll give a heads up if it is like that.

Thanks to the translator for good quality translations, fast updates, and pictures of food!

Edit: June 22 2019


There are more tags now, so I guess I know more or less what I'm getting into.

Thanks to charysa for clearing up some points. Knowing there would be pseudo reverse harem charm, makes me feel conflicted. I'll keep reading for now, but hopefully it's not too bad.

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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship rated it
June 28, 2020
Status: c353
Warning: spoilers ahead.

There are a few points that made me dislike this story.

First, Yu Xiaocao's (the MCs) terrible family are really obnoxious. Madam Zhang and Madam Li work as effective antagonists for the first hundred or so chapters but as time goes by they become less and less effectual while maintaining the same level of obnoxiousness. Eventually, they reach a point where (because of differing wealth / social status) they are just completely unable to touch the MC and you sort of wonder why they are still in the story... more>> at all.

Second, the male lead. Like Edward from Twilight, the male lead instantly falls in love with the (10 or 11 year old) MC because she's the One Girl Ever who is immune to his mind reading powers. I personally don't like this sort of 'magical' romance that is predicated on one side having magical powers that compels them to love the other. It just feels cheap. On top of that, the male lead Zhu Junyang is a terrible person objectively speaking. Because of his magic powers he's been prone to fits of violent rage all throughout his life where he would lash out and randomly kill people. There's a laughable line at one point that explains that he only killed people 'who deserved it' and it was a pity how his powerful family had to spend a lot of effort covering up for him after the fact each time. Remember, his power is reading minds so killing people who 'deserved it' means he was killing people who were thinking mean things about him - i.e. literally executing people for thoughtcrime lol.

Also, besides being a violent lunatic with a hair-trigger temper, he has many of the other common failings of Chinese romance novel male leads. He's possessive in the extreme. He doesn't respect boundaries. He does that thing where, entirely because of his own actions, he hurts himself and then forces the MC to 'take responsibility' by serving him like a s*ave for an indeterminate amount of time.... and oh boy, he sure loves making the MC serve him like a s*ave - he often uses the power disparity between his status as a prince and her status as a commoner to make her do things that she clearly doesn't want to do. In another story, it might come off as flirty and playful but in this one, because of the fact that he wasn't in the story at all until like chapter 250 or something, it doesn't. Because he never had any time to build up any repertoire with the MC or help her at all in any way before he starts pulling his 'serve me s*ave' routine - it just comes off like a rich person bullying a poor person. By the time he finally starts 'helping her' it's always just doing something she could have done herself anyway. Like one time he buys her a house in town because she wants a place for her brother to live for his studies... after it has been repeatedly emphasized that MC is literally richer than god. She easily could have bought the house herself!

Third, and maybe most damningly, there doesn't seem to be much of a goal in this story? Like long before the male lead even shows up the MC has already completely cast off her evil peasant relatives, she's closely tied herself to the most prestigious family in her hometown, she's made more money than she'll be able to spend in her lifetime, she's become the 'adoptive' daughter of some general from the capital... and after doing all that she doesn't really seem to have anything she wants to do? In the first hundred or so chapters there was a clear goal (separate from the evil relatives) and a clear antagonist working against that goal (the evil relatives) but then after she casts them off there's just... nothing? She just spends the next 250 chapters getting increasingly richer but not really doing anything with her wealth (around c300 she finally buys some more farmland and a shop or something) and it really feels like the story is just spinning its wheels in a cycle of 'MC creates some money-making method > some sub-industry is created that allows her nice relatives or fellow villagers to benefit > her evil relatives curse her under their breath but 'there's no medicine for regret in this world' > repeat ad nauseam'. By the third or fourth time she 'made more money than she could spend in ten lifetimes' I, the reader, am left just sort of wondering what the hell is going on.

So yeah, in conclusion, if the story spinning its wheels for hundreds of chapters while the MC makes more and more money (but never does anything with it or seems to have any plan for it) until the violent, cold-faced, and impulsive ML shows up 250~ chapters in so the beautiful relationship of 'one ordering, and one serving' can finally begin sounds like your cup of tea then... this is the story for you. <<less
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adurian rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: c450
Pretty unique isekai slice of life with a few minor problem and a 'minor' (pedophillic) problem.

Mild spoilers ahead

Series strongest draw is in its setting, MC starts as nearly lowest of the low peasant, with (initially) mild powers that helps in day to day life. Descriptions of peasant Chinese life and native (modern) dishes are great, and pacing is quite good at the start. Villains, step grandma and aunt are mildly cruel at first, but slowly scales up to unrealistic, comically horrible in a couple of chapters to scale up with... more>> character wealth and achievements. This is when the story starts to derail, as the main lead starts a business with cheat powers with convenient backing of nobility, which turned this webnovel into a generic MC gets filthy rich with cheat power isekai.

The first of the few problems this webnovel faces starts with their side characters which the author seems to abandon with the leads' meteoric rise in the ancient China social ladder. The op hunter family friend are shipped to become General at the border to pave way for the main love interest, and the business heir who helped out with the family at the start has to kowtow to the social status of main love interest.

Now comes the major gripe of the series, the portrayal of romance between a (physically) 10 year old and a 19 year old Prince. People will justify that it is not improper in the era, but I am uncomfortable reading the main lead discovering his 'love' towards the 10 year old lead. Furthermore, every single description of the main lead's behaviour seems very abhorrent, with him acting extremely violently for no reason other than he is able to mind read, hence executing and crippling people left right and centre for the crime of thinking. The author seems to retroactively realise that the main love interest is by any definition a bad person, hence out of the blues adding in that he was possessed, hence absolving him of responsibility for his actions.


Overall, this webnovel has taken a very disappointing turn as the author seems to skip a few steps in character and world building and is trying to rush the MC up the social ladder of that world with aid of very questionable characters. The sprinklings of some distasteful mild homophobic jokes and some casual racism doesn't sit very well either. <<less
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luxannefelix rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c60
Casual review so I won't cover all the points

    • So far I really like her intimate family especially the father which is really are in this genre since dads are usually cold and or abusive.
    • Imo doesn't seem op compared to other novels and

      the source of MC's "cheats" are "explained" to her family

    • Pretty interesting since she didn't transmigrate to a whole new world and there might be transmigrators other than her.
    • Love that she actually have nice siblings esp the sister
    • The raws are 730+ so I wonder how the plot will evolve to last that long
Review update as of now c453

First rating was 5stars up to c60.

My new rating is 3 stars (c453) only for the translators. Cuz props tho, they provided a glossary and very helpful pictures and explanations. Satisfactory grammar and layout.

well took a turn, the plot got Mary sue very quick

  1. howare the "bad guys" so f*cking s*upid? How is that even possible?Andthe background characters are always worshipping the MC
  2. did author not think about the future economy since MC took monopoly of the food, cosmetic and clothing industries
  3. a 12year old female official? How are most people not creeped out bout tht? Realistically the people would at least find tht alittle suspicious right? Esp in the olden times when they're superstitious.
  4. don't get me started on the rs of MC and ml. First of all, the age gap. Then the reason ML fell in love with MC is cuz "she's different from other girls"??? Lol is this written by a 12 year old tht have a "I'm-not-like-other-girls" complex. Very flat male lead.
overall a mediocre plot thts meant for ppl who enjoys op & Mary Sue MC.
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ChiChidi rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: c236
It started out really good and interesting... But as the story progressed, the authors weak points in writing became more prominent. Here are a few of the issues I noted.

  1. Her own family, at the point where I am at, has pretty much been forgotten. With the exception of her father, her other family members nearly don't show up anymore.

    Which is especially a shame, concerning her older brother. I had expected him to be more prominent in the story after he had been saved from that horrible apprenticeship... but instead it is just like before he left the household. He sporadically gets mentioned existing.

  2. The way she writes everyone to absolutely adore Xiaocao (Protagonist)... Is getting a bit much. It was reasonable when it was just her family, but now it feels like every chapter someone has to comment on how amazing she is. It gets tiring to read. Most characters seem to have the same personality and no depth. The only character with a good written personality is Xiaocao.
  3. Spoiler

    The way she gains wealth... and then just does almost nothing with it makes no sense. She definitely has to be the richest person in her village and the town nearby at this point, and yet... she almost does nothing with her wealth unless it advances a plot point. Besides that, her continuing to run the braised food business makes absolutely no sense. It feels like a plot device to get strangers or acquaintances to start loving her. She makes SO much more money of farming and renting out her stores. There is no good reason to continue the labour intensive braised food. That nobody in the story has commented on it just makes me feel like I am right, and this is simply a plot device.

  4. The ML is tr*sh. I haven't gotten to the part where the romance begins to play up yet, but it is so easy to tell that he is the ML.

    He threw his freaking subordinate over board and let him die, simply because he adressed him as Young Royal Prince instead of Royal Prince.

    From the way he is being written right now, and the fact that the book has a male yandere tag (+the reviews on him)... has me thinking that he is not going to get better. I normally somewhat like yandere's, but this guy is just not it. "His icy eyes so icily glared at me." ugh. I don't care that he has icy eyes author, you don't have to mention it 20 times every chapter.
Then there are a lot more small things like for example, Xiaolian subtly being portrayed as the lesser twin. Whether it be because of her tan or because she doesn't have a dimple... I just don't get why that was needed. The author could have written Xiaolian to make a proper duo with the protagonist... Because one person can't do everything well. That would have been so much more interesting than Xiaocao using cheats every time something becomes difficult for her.

Or her grandmother just basically getting off scot-free. Especially some of the things that happen...

It just too many things that are too noticeable. Combine that with the seemingly imminent future of a terrible ML constantly hogging up all the screen time, I just can not motivate myself to continue reading.
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rakusu rated it
August 21, 2019
Status: c92
I can't for some part appreciate this novel due to inconsistencies. One most noticeable thing are the Yu siblings. They were introduced to be kids around 8-10 years old. But there are times where Xiaocao's siblings spoke like they were adults. Here are some instances:

... more>>

"Don't... " Her older twin sister, Yu Xiaolian, secretly rolled her eyes, "If you caught more, then it would be even less likely for us to eat anything. You didn't get to see grandmother's pained expression when we needed to pay for the medical fees. She would surely find ways to make up for the loss, while also doubling the earnings."


And another one:


Yu Hang held back his youngest sister's eagerness and politely said, "Business is about the mutual willingness between the two parties. It's natural for the seller to set a price and the buyer to bargain. Even if the deal doesn't work out, we can still maintain a benevolent relationship. We have nothing more to say since Manager Liu didn't like our goods. Please excuse us!"


Not only they talked like adults but they also sound like enducated people which is really contrast to the author's introduction of family living on the sea side. Also the author points out that Yu Hai (their father) deeply pampers them yet allows his family to be bullied by the step mom and eldest daughter in law. What a contradiction.

Initially, the cheat is already a minus for me. But since there are lots of good reviews, I thought I should try. However, there are no characters or events piquing my interest so far. Now, these inconsitencies in the story that's making me roll eyes everytime I encounter one. I'll read a few chapters more but if it didn't get better, I might drop.


Ok. After reading a few more chapters, I managed to reach the latest chapter by ignoring the inconsistent stuff.

So the story turned to be a little interesting. Lots of potential male lead were introduced with no certainty who's the real one. Currently, the pacing is soooooo sloowww because there are lots of cooking scenes and the process of making them.

And I'm not so thrilled of the idea that

the emperor is also a transmigrator


The thing that keeps me going on is the MC and her twin sister. Alright, this might not sound interesting but I'm curious why they are twins in the first place and the author's deliberate avoidance to let them go together outside the fishing village. What's the catch?

Other than that, there's no other interesting thing here. It's pretty much predictable. The author has a habit of leaving a clue sometime so you can already predict what's gonna happen. <<less
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Gabi94 rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: c1
Honestly, I'm not a picky reader, if doesn't have r*pe, awful Mls, or pro-s*avery Mc's that kind of shit, usually I can get far on a book, even finish 1000+ chapters ones, don't mind cliches, don't mind lack of action, always kept my expectations low as possible, I may sound snob but most transmigrate and reincarnate novels don't feel like a professional book anyway, so I just enjoy myself without caring too much for the errors that might pop up.

These novels with simpler plots, are a type of calming and... more>> light read for you feel good about people getting justice, and get that feeling of security that all will go well. So we can forget a little about the chaotic real world where we all know, bad people run free and there's nothing we can do about it, so even tho I don't expect much in terms of intricacy, I like them very much.

But this one was hard to read !

I'm at chapter 113, constantly afraid of the yandere tag, but still persisted to this point, only to drop now, even before ML shows up.

I REALLY, REALLY, don't know why this have so many good reviews, I tried to push foward because I liked that MC didn't get Rich immediately, even tho logically, she should. (The author chose to delay I guess...)

But I couldn't, at this point, I don't even care about the characters at all, and I'm usually the type who empathize a lot, and that's why, as mentioned previously, I can't read r*pes and yandere types.

  • The plot drags
  • Justice is never really served because the punishmnets are light and you leave with that bitter feeling that something isn't right with the world.
  • s*upid parents that see their children dying and do nothing, and still the author wants us to think of them as good loving parents. I seriously think taht this author underestimates his readers intelligence.
  • Characters are bland without much personality, altought some kind people are present wich was nice.
  • Lots of empty chapters with nothing relevant happening, the fillers aren't even good or entertaining.
  • s*upid mistakes for the sake of adding to the plot, and draggy. VERY draggy paragraphs. Lots of empty descriptions who didn' add much to the scenary or overall feeling of the scene.
PLEASE note, that these things I mentioned, happens in a lot of novels, and I don't mind that much, but this novel manage to be SO BORING that I couldn't overlook this.

In the comments session in the translator site, you will find that people already guessed the plot way before actually happens. It's ok, most c-novels of the transmigrator type are like that, and I don't mind, but this one, was annoying, because you knew that you'd have to survive 10+ chapters of s*upid ass characters that never get what they deserve, because the author didn't want to create new characters ou new conflicts. For me this novel only wasted my time, and I have a lot of free time, so you can see how much this novel sucks. <<less
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kairoz rated it
March 26, 2020
Status: c294
This story is very good for any one who is foodie, and MC though she has her cheat power it is not something overpowered. Still she has to be careful not to call much attention and at the same time building money to support her oppressed family.

The one thing I like the most of the story is the kids, all of them, from the family kids to the kids in the village. Author has a good hand a portraying childish wonder and innocence, and all their... more>> antics and interactions leaves you with a smile.

However, I am dropping this story and this solely for two reasons. First MC has slowly become more bratty, careless and s*upid. And second because of ML. MC becoming an unlikable character is solely thanks to the now clear ML. Whom is the typical handsome, powerful, martial-arts expert and emo with a sad past that can only act as "a normal human being" around MC. In other words, everything I hate about a ML.


I know many people will like the interactions between MC and ML as playful banter, but this clearly turning from josei/seinen to a common shoujo. A shoujo with an MC that's becoming more and more mary sue everyone likes despite being a bratty person that disrespects everyone and an emo also with a cheat power despite not being a transmigrator gary stue ML. And now seeing again the tags and knowing ML, I admit I never expected the actual ML to be the yandere instead of a side character.

I went from not being able to stop myself from reading, to dreading every time ML's name appears in a chapter hoping he was not ML.. Instead he become more prominent and s*upidified the MC as well.


Thanks, but no thanks. I'll still rate 3 starts because of how enjoyable the first part was. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nikkiart rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: c582
Read this looking for farming slice of life and literally this was recommended on every other one I've found. So many people have said it's great, but honestly it's a bit lackluster.

Idk I can't find myself caring about most of the characters besides the MC. They just seem to have little to no personality other than to listen to MC and carry out the tasks she wouldn't be able to do like manual labor. Literally they serve no other purpose really especially the older she gets. In the beginning I... more>> had some affection for them, but by the time we started reaching chapter 200-250, they all became super boring.

Additionally, the ML isn't that great. He's not bad per say, but he's not endearing in any way whatsoever. He's just a bit too pushy and temperamental for me and idk but I just didn't feel any sparks? Might be because in the whole beginning there really weren't any to avoid the extreme pedophilic vibes it would of given off (not that it's that much better with a teenage girl, but I've started overlooking that in the historic setting novels unfortunately). I can also sort of convince myself she's older in my mind because she acts like a kid the whole time but it takes so damn long for anything to happen at all in this novel. It's also that he has a superiority complex of some sort where he treats everyone but the MC as less than him including her family. Also the mind reading thing is so out of left field and doesn't really enhance him in any way besides giving him a reason to not already be married or whatever the hell.

The whole transmigrated other people thing could've been really interesting, but they made the emperor super unlikable after a bit. Like I get the emperor's gotta have pride, but like if you met someone you could finally talk to about your "hometown" would you not be less rude and stuff? Additionally would this man have this kind of temperament when he wasn't really raised to think like that in modern society? If I had a reputation for being mean or cold but then I met someone I knew from school, it's not like I could keep pretending to be super cool or whatever. He also wants to scare her and later take her stone thing but never does he want to talk about the things he misses? Idk.

I enjoyed reading about her making money and the food and everything in the beginning but somewhere along the way even that started to get boring. It's just a very lackluster novel with lackluster characters. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
zaim9999 rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: c352
This story had a great start where the MC uses her knowedge, experience, cooking skills and her cheat to barely survive in a difficult family situation.

In all honesty, I really enjoyed the first 100 chapters or so. However the things that bothered me, kept growing as the story progressed till eventually I just couldn't stand it anymore.
... more>>

1. The weakass beta father. There hasn't been a single instance where the kind, loving father who is also quite strong physically saves the day. When it comes to a brain problem, it's the MC who finds a solution and when it's physical danger it's the ML who always saves the day. Not only that, the father with his filial piety and forgiveness actually puts his actual family through a lot of trouble and even life-threatening danger.

2. The MC mental age slowly regresses as the story flows. Around 300 chapters later, she actually becomes this little girl who pouts, rolls eyes, pointlessly bickers and so on.

3. The romance is completely forced. I thought since she is only 7 at the beginning of the story, I wouldn't need to experiece cringy romance but the 13 year old MLs keep appearing. The last one which is a Royal Prince and 17 yo, basically starts flirting with her openly, sometimes in front of her useless father (who does nothing of course) while she is only 11 (mentally and physically). Everyone around get it btw, so it's not subtle or anything. He literally jokes that he will take her as a concubine and she says only the main wife will do. Just gross.

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ohmycalla rated it
February 25, 2020
Status: --
I love this story so much. I've been following this novel in volare but because they would only released one chapter a day (if you're not a vip), I decided to read it by translating the raw in fanyi baidu. It's more accurate than the translation in mtl.

This novel is a kind of story that you wouldn't want to end because of how great it is. I love all the characters, I love MC's interactions with her family and ML.

There are things that I like and dislike in this novel... more>> and I will list some of them.


1. MC's family especially Little Shitou

2. ML, I don't like him at first but I came to love him because of how he treated MC.

3. All the characters who helped the Yu Family


1. Too many characters, I want to know more about the Yu Family.

2. Madam Zhang and Madam Li



1. MC became an official because of her farming skills and live in the capital.

2. MC and ML got engaged when MC was 16 and they got married after she became an adult. (18)

3. MC was kidnapped and almost died but was saved by Little Dumpling.

4. Little Shitou (her younger brother) passed all the test to become an official.

5. MC and ML had 3 children, the eldest is a boy, while the two were twins (girl and boy).




ML died because of old age and MC goes back to modern world. She was in a hospital when she wakes up after being comatose for a hundred days by falling off the stairs. She met ML who rebirth as a doctor. The End

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CoryLeia09 rated it
September 5, 2019
Status: Completed
I really like this novel, mostly due to the food p*rn. This reminds me of when I was reading Transmigrator meets Reincarnator. Although some of the food descriptions are lost during MTL but still can't help but drool to the list of foods that were introduced in the novel.

The next thing that I loved in this novel is the interactions between the ML and FL, so much dogfood are thrown in lol. And those last few chapters of the novel makes me a bit quite teary eyed.

... more>>

Both of them died at the same time due to old age. Then FL went back to modern age and they meet again. Or maybe I just became teary eyed due to the long hours reading this novel lol


Overall this is a very good novel to read, and I'll definitely read this again once this is fully translated. :) <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dovah rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: --
started out really interesting but as time went on, it made me wanna drop it. first of all, I don't like ML & the romance. That man is just creepy & annoyingly clingy & a pain whenever he tries to freeload food. Also, MC seems to hav forgotten her mental age. I don't really remember what age she was when she 1st transmigrated. But right now, she's acting like a kid all the time. & I don't mean she's acting for others to see, I think the author just plain... more>> forgot mc's wasn't a kid when she transmigrated over.... <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Silangan rated it
January 21, 2020
Status: c246
It started out great but it just went on for far too long. The author somehow squeezes out every last word count they can out of every single thing.

Most of the food arent even that great! It was fine, but everyone keeps acting like it is. Just stop. Move on with the plot. I have nothing againsts slice of life stories, those are actually my favorite, but when nothing ever changes and the author just keeps recycling the same thing. No thanks

Edit: Review up to c516

The MC's extremely young age... more>> is really the biggest con of this story. Probably could've condensed the whole story in 200-300 chapters if she started off at the reasonable age of 15 or something. The romance is cringy teen material between an extremely underaged girl and her ice block-no personality-almost 20 year old suitor. Creepy. All these MCs please get someone close to your own age please.

I've only 'read' through this from my previous review (c246) by stockpiling dozens of chapters and skimming the repetitive monologues.

Honestly I'm f*cking bored. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The book gremlin
The book gremlin rated it
November 22, 2020
Status: --
I'll keep this short because a lot of people already covered the major flaws of this novel. I'm only posting to express my disappointment. I'm a huge sucker for cute family dynamics since there seems to be a lack of them in general. But! I can't ignore the fact that the story is going down the drain. I can stand repeating villains, I can tolerate op mary su-ish powers and the mc's increasingly childish actions, I can even turn a blind eye to useless parents as long as they genuinely... more>> love their kids, but I just can't stand the ml!

He's (physically) older that the MC but he's just as childish as her except everyone is too afraid to confront him because of his status and he knows it. He's even smug about it! The MC has absolutely no chemistry with him even though the author is trying to set them up as a lovingly bickering couple. It's clear that she's annoyed with him! The entire family is tense with him squatting in their house and the fact he treats them as servants just makes me despises him even more. It feels like the whole plot is grinded to a halt because his royal highness wants free food.

I'm dropping this novel cause I don't want to read more about this insufferable character. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
winterprison rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: --
Interesting settings but sadly the writer doesn't know how to write characters.

All of them are one dimensional and as the story progresses and the author adds more character, she completely forgot some of the earlier character's existence. The girl's biological family is forgotten and her biological mother became nonexistent. I haven't seen her twin sister in 100+ chapters and they're still supposed to be living together.

The romance is also forced, there's no characterization to the ML other than being clingy to the point it's almost creepy.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JoyArenas rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: --
I give this an okay, if you have nothing better to do, tolerable. I'm on chapter 300 but I really need to say this!

Why are there many families with surnames Zhou and Liu? Surname shortage, author-san? Lol. The FL's mother and her maternal family's surnames are Liu, her father's close friend and his family are surnamed Liu, the husband of her older aunt is surnamed Liu, the steward of the royal prince is surnamed Liu, even the minister of revenue's surname is Liu. For the Zhou, the family of imperial... more>> merchant and FL's business partner is surnamed Zhou, their neighbor with the chicken business is surnamed Zhou, even the new county magistrate that replaced offical Wu was named official Zhou.

The only reason why I know who is who is because of their titles, like, Madam Zhou, Official Zhou, Third Young Master Zhou, Madam Liu, Eldest Aunt Liu, Paternal Elder Uncle Liu, Maternal Eldest Uncle Liu, Second Uncle Liu, Third Aunt Liu, Steward Liu, Minister Liu. Why? Wtf is that? Is it because they're side characters so it's okay if their names are the same? I really have to get this out. If there will be more characters in the future chapters that would be surnamed Liu and Zhou, I'd flip. Lol.

Even brother Zhao Han and his family, their former neighbor that turned out their family was the family of generals of the previous dynasty sounds like Zhou. Zhao and Zhou. For a Chinese, there's a huge difference I think. But for a non Chinese speaker like me, that's quite confusing for my eyes. What's with author's naming sense tho? If it's not exactly the same, they sound and look the same.

As for the other issues, I wonder why nobody has been jailed even tho they committed mu*der and frustrated mu*der. Like the FL's step-grandmother, she mu*dered their biological grandmother in order to grab her husband. But even after they found out, they just let her sign an agreement that she would not bother them anymore just because their grandfather begged them to have mercy. Really? Your original wife was mu*dered by your second wife but just wanna let her be for the sake of your other two younger kids and your reputation? What about your two kids with your original wife that you neglected? Though he regreted it later, that move was quite s*upid tho and the FL and her family let it. The author wanted to make them look so kind and filial that they seem dumb and let others take advantage of them. The other one was that Xia girl, the niece of FL's godmother Lady Fang. Because she wanted to be Lady Fang's adopted daughter and she's jealous of FL, she hired a couple of men to kill her. But when they found out, she just sent her back to her family and married her off to a useless and idiotic nobleman. Really? She wanted to take her life but that's all the punishment she got? Maybe I was just used to other Chinese novels with female lead that's too vicious and cruel if you wronged them, but come on! Maybe the author was just lazy for more complicated type of plots so the novel was more farming and food oriented.

And the two guys that was hired to kill her had the guts to negotiate that they would not say who hired them if she didn't promise to let them go. The was rescued by the son of Prince Jing, a first rank nobleman and the brother of the emperor and they had the guts to say that in front of him? Ancient China is the setting right? Wouldn't they tremble just with the mere sight of him with how the nobles and royal family of that time was revered and worshipped? But in this noble, I don't know. Lol.

This novel looks like something you'd found at wattpad with teenage authors. Amature and s*upid and dumb on some parts but okay if you have nothing else to do or read.

Ps: I hate the children in this novel. FL's younger brother, her cousin Liu Fangping, and the emperor's three year old kid. Noble children and commoner children, they all act spoiled and all threaten to cry if you won't do what they say. Come on, not all children are like that. Maybe I'm not just into kids tho that's why they easily bug me. Lol. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Halo-halo rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: --
If you are reading this beware of exaggerated good reviews.

Okay, so I saw a several 5-star review which compelled me to read the novel and here is my opinion.

  • reading from the early chapters you will find a headache for identifying the charaters.
  • tbh I only read less than 10 chapters but I think it is enough coz of the whole contradiction BS of the author (first, the father of MC who dotes his children and love his wife but the situation of the MC is way worse than the author describe, literally, they are all bag of bones (I'm surprised they are not dead) and the father is effin oblivious to this even though they live in the same house, the house-s*ave mother who just just takes a beating but no resistance, like honestly, the parents projects that they love their family but literally, you could just feel their uncared nature surrounding this whole BS.
I know I just read a few chapters but I just can't I already read f*cked up dark genres, but this is not dark this is twisted, fully contradictory, illogical ****.

Trust me, only read 2-4 star review.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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