Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields


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The people of Dafang village all say, the personality of the Lian family’s eldest daughter changed dramatically after her engagement was cancelled by her fiance’s family. She became extremely forceful and unreasonable.

After hearing this, Lian Fangzhou secretly thought: Forceful? My parents are dead, my little brothers and sister are still young, with no one lending a helping hand, there are too many people looking to bully us showing up at my door! There’s still the most shameless pair of uncle and aunt eyeing our few acres of land, and even scheming to sell me off as a concubine! Treating my siblings as servants at their beck and call! If I was not forceful, how would we be able to live in peace? Don’t tell me that I should act like the previous Lian Fangzhou and die from extreme anger?

In order to quell this bunch of demons, break out a wide path to walk on, angelic faces are useless, only the tricks used by malevolent spirits are the way to go!

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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
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chibiheaven rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: c1451
The story was quite interesting in the beginning, but as I got further in I began to dislike how the author chose to continue the story progression. The continuous drama I felt really held the story back, and I disliked how the moment one issue was solved another immediately came in it's place. The female lead also seemed to just... Forget about lessons she learned previously and constantly found herself in situations she should have never been in.

The antagonists were very one dimensional, cliche and were your typical disillusioned villain.... more>> They were annoying and got old very fast. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: Completed

Lian Fangzhou, the female lead is a likeable character. But sadly she has made some baffling decisions throughout the story. It is understandable why she refrains from dealing with her evil uncle and aunt as reputation (to get public sympathy) is important in ancient China with a family without elders. However being someone from the modern era she should have kept her guard up. From being knocked out by her evil aunt and sold to a wealthy family, to the point of sending her bodyguards to look after her son Xue'er and leaving herself vulnerable to being captured on the Dragonboat Festival Day and shipped off to a Pirate's den. You can say she is very naive or the author try desperately to create new plotlines.

Her handing over the Cotton empire, the fishing, honey and poultry industry over to Lian Ze (second brother) is just plain s*upid. All the hard work and effort in the most interesting arc is simply wasted.

Lian Ze said he is going to become stronger and learn martial arts from Ah Jian (Li Fu) to protect his eldest sister (Lian Fangzhou), yet throughout the story it is Lian Fangzhou who is protecting him and fixing his mess. Once again the fault lies with Lian Fangzhou for leaving a business empire to Lian Ze who is a plain and straight forward martial arts idiot.

I really dislike Lian Ze especially how he could fall madly in love with a woman who has done nothing for him (initially) and who does not like him. Yet Li Sisi, a maidservant who loves him and have gone through difficult situations with him. He could ignore her feelings. A very heartless man.

Lian Che (third brother) is another straight forward person who is studious and supposably very clever even at a very young age. Yet, he could not even recognise a beautiful girl disguised as a man. He feels more like a running gag.

Lian Fangqing (fourth sister) is a bubbly and freedom loving individual. She just likes to have fun and by the time she is sixteen her personality has not even changed. For some reason the author decides to make her do a u-turn and fall in love with the Crown Prince's second son. Lian Fangqing never liked Zhou Yan but suddenly she is head over heels for him. In the end Liang Fangzhou and her husband Li Fu helps both of them onto the throne.

Neither Lian Fangqing and Zhou Yan (second son - his older brother was groomed to succeed after the Crown Prince) should be the Empress and Emperor with their personality and upbringing they were never meant to be on the throne.

Ah Jian (Li Fu), I feel he is a great male lead being the "man behind the woman" before he recovers his memory. Once he got his memory I feel his character changed a bit. This is understandable and he stays true to the female lead, but I find Li Fu very naive and allow his wife to be hurt or captured again and again.

Weak villains and sudden moments of genius from the villains make you wonder sometimes. But in general it is not too bad, just slow and some points can be annoying.

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Graestra rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: c1
This seems really interesting, it's a nice change from the traditional reincarnation into a bullied daughter of a prominent family, especially with her having to take care of her younger siblings.

I really hope someone picks this up soon.
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jkmessah rated it
October 8, 2016
Status: c6
It is quite refreshing to see the MC have siblings who are not total jerks and downright evil. The story is going at a believable rate and she's not OP with her modern knowledge of agriculture. The titular general have yet to appear but seeing how independent our adorable MC is, I'm not too worried of her being a completely dependent maiden in love that loses all her abilities or sense of responsibility. I am looking forward to how the story unfolds and the translator is doing a good job,... more>> though a little bit of grammar is off, nothing that would affect your reading significantly. <<less
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XieJyun rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Oh. Is this novel popular due to its length? The novel progresses as slow as my thesis. It's just so slow! Just the cotton farm stretches over 300+ (?). Actually the slow paced was bearable. But the problem here, temporary solution there, and then another problem, so is solution. It's frustrating how problems pop up one after another, that it seems worksheet that never ends. Oh and the characters doesn't build up too, they, actually turns naive and more naive, creating new dramas that suddenly pops up, twisting the plot... more>> in unrecognizable level. This is my first time writing a review here, and this is due to; me, being frustrated in new level. Wondering why I've finished reading this? Well, that's how humans is. <<less
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May 4, 2019
Status: c325
This would have been great if the author increased the pace a bit and reduce the number of annoying duplicate characters. Seriously, from the chapter she borrowed money from her cousin (about 75) up to the chapter I am atm (325), I am yet to see the cotton harvested. That's how slow it is. The author went into detail how she acquired the lands, seeds, fertilizers, manpower, animals, farming methods, etc. I appreciate that. But I believe it can be told in a lengthy chapter or two for EACH. But... more>> author went as far as 3-10 chapters EACH.

Also there are so many annoying characters who are basically similar but only differs in the level of shamelessness. Take for example the girls who chase after Ah Jian, Cui Gonzi, and Su Master (Fangzhou cousin's husband). They are all girls obsessed in chasing guys who clearly have no interest in them. Like the author is not satisified to annoy you with one so s/he gave you 3 instead.

Another example would be the greedy wives who likes to take advantage of FL such as Lian Li's (Fangzhou's uncle) wife, Li Zheng's (village chief) wife, Aunt Zhang's (neighbor) daughter-in-law, Sun's (hunter) wife. Fortunately, the last 3 is on the mild side. But you see the redundancy in character here. Not so very creative for the author.

I understand that since the story is still on Fangzhou side (ML still not recovered most of his memory) so most of the villains/cannon fodders are females with exception to FL's uncle and ex fiance. But it's so time wasting to read 5-10 chapters about their greediness and s*upidity most especially the uncle's wife. It would be fine if the FL teaches them great lessons but most of the time they are just shamed in front of the village crowd, then that's it. They move on then few chapters later, they come back with another level of annoyance. Lately, I just skip their chapters since being repetitive. FL is too kind and just bribes money/goods which is kinda meh.

Putting aside the rant, the story writing is good actually. I like that it's not about arrogant female lead revenging and scheming. But FL needs to be stronger in slapping people faces. I also liked that the story is focused on the slice of life. Just that pacing should be increased and information dump on farming should be reduced. <<less
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KKristen rated it
February 2, 2017
Status: c27
Early review of the 24 chapters that are currently released. Will update in more detail later...

Plot so far:
A 30-year old agricultural researcher dies and is reincarnated in the body of a teenage girl. Her parents have recently died, her engagement has been broken, and she and her three younger siblings live a poor village life. Follow the main character as she uses her modern knowledge to grow her farm and refuses to let her family be bullied. (The "general" mentioned in the title and novel description has not yet... more>> appeared.)

• The main character, Lian Fang Zhou (formerly known as Zou Mei) is level-headed and practical. She is not over-powered and her knowledge of agriculture and modern education are realistic. She has a sharp tongue when bullied. She is VERY realistic so far (compared to other reincarnated heroines), and I appreciate that.
• The three younger siblings are eager and sweet. They haven't had many roles yet, but they are loyal and likeable.
• The antagonists so far are mainly just bitter, gossiping, older village women.
• The general isn't here yet.

• Because the story has not yet developed, the main enjoyment is just watching the MC adjust and improve her new life. The MC is interesting but the rest of the cast and plot have yet to be developed.
• I hope this story eventually extends out of her little village.
• The translation quality is pretty good. The translator changed after Chapter 22 (and they changed the title to "Village Girl as the Head of the Family"), but the quality is pretty consistent.
• I'm giving this 4 stars for now because I think it has potential.

Edit: Ever since this has changed translators to Radiant Translations, the English is barely intelligible. The grammar is atrocious and you can barely understand what's going on. Also, even though it's been 27 chapters, the plot has still barely developed. I'm going to have to drop this for now. <<less
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Dovah rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c192
at the beginning it was totally awesome. MC acts like a 30-year old agricultural researcher, a modern educated adult who does her best for herself & her family while taking care of antagonists splendidly. MC actually acts like a MC w/ her own ideas that she follows through. Later some time after ML shows up, MC's IQ gradually drops & eventually acts mentally like a teenager. Not the smart ones, MC acts like some airheaded ditz & practically looks to ML for every single decision she should have made as... more>> the boss/MC. It's fine if MC isn't an expert at everything, it's fine if she looks for advice from an expert, it's fine if she's the boss that delegates work that aligns w/ her subordinates' skills. But this is NOT what happens in this novel. In fact, the situation eventually devolves into one such that ML becomes the MC/boss/head of her house & subordinates. For practically every single decision MC should b making as the actual MC/boss/head, MC would look at ML, & when ML gives permission, MC would then nod her head like a well trained dog who got her permission from the master to decide on sth. Then she tries to rationalizes these action by monologuing how great ML's thoughts r the same as hers then goes to verbally flatter ML about how he's family & everything she could do / has achieved is all based on ML & ML alone. It's fine to b grateful about how ML's presence makes ppl cause less trouble but as the MC, u really shouldn't b giving absolute power/authority to someone else especially when u hav so many vulnerable & impressionable family members to protect. It's fine to treat ML as family for all he did but not in a way that endangers ur dependents if he ever changes his mind or gets his memories back.

At this point the other supporting characters that come in r really extremely 2D. Seems like their only reason of existence is to find out & then praise about how MC is awesome, intelligent, kind, benevolent, takes them as equals..... so they'll never leave & will always b loyal to MC. When this cycle repeats for practically every few sentences these supporting characters say, it gets really annoying. It's fine if less advantaged ppl at that time r grateful for MC's modern values but it gets really overdone & repetitive.

Speaking of support characters, another point I have problem w/ MC is that MC seems to b only capable of feeling comfortable being around or willing to treat well either commoners, those in more (or similar) disadvantaged situations than her, or those townspeople useful to her. When MC comes into contact w/ wealthy / successful / noble / higher class ppl aka those that MC deems to b outside of her little circle of peasants, no matter how well-intent or sincere they treat her, MC treats them like the plague / burden & can't wait to run away or throw them away. It's fine to b cautious of ppl w/ higher power/status/wealth but MC acts like she has PTSD or sth & can only use 'treat them politely' technique to get away asap w/out even listening to them properly nor having deeper thoughts about them/the situation nor caring about what those ppl think or how they worry/care about her & her difficult situation/environment. Actually MC does NOT treat them like humans at all. She discriminates against them very much. Instead she limits herself by investing all she has into treating those commoners/peasants in her village or necessary associates of the nearby town (who she deems inside her social circle) as the only real humans in existence.

Also, for the plot, once it reaches the prep for cotton planting plan /fruit tree planting plan, it slows to snail-paced crawling so that author can concentrate on some serious slice-of-life content w/ MC & her little followers living their everyday life. Seems like we'll never (or will take forever) to go back to the actual plot (farm building/successful career/improving family situation). <<less
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Milliane rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: c93
This has been dropped by the translator. OMG.

This was promising to be a fun and chill novel. HUHUHU.

I hope another translator can pick this up.
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fayee rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: c1
It was interesting at first but it gets tiring as it goes on. All the antagonists are the same and the conflicts are practically also the same. The MC is also too passive. After people bully them or tries to ruin the mc's reputation all she does is get them to apologize, that's it. Then surprise surprise the people who bully them doesn't learn their lesson and comes to find the MC to make trouble. The story isn't progressing at all. The conflicts are just fillers that if you remove... more>> them it doesn't affect the plot. Like every single chapter there has to be trouble and the main plot gets sidelined for some subpar face slapping. It isn't even satisfying. <<less
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icecream rated it
September 25, 2016
Status: c4
I really like how the setting is slightly different from the usual. And the side-characters are really good. The MC is also cool and funny. Compared to the other reincarnation type novels, she is more down to earth and frank with her words. She isn't as caring and self-conscious of maintaining "face" and elegance for other people much either. So far a very promising story and female lead
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SublimiSomnium rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c22
Didn't want to review until the mentioned General shows up, but at this pace it's probably going to be a while. The reason for the 3-star despite the sensible female MC is for all the other characters. Every villain thus far have been one-dimensional bullies, easily provoked and consequently manipulated into either embarrassing themselves or doing what somebody with even a nominal amount of human decency and common sense would do. Annoyingly enough, these bullies are usually older women.

The saving grace is the MC. She's got a good head on... more>> her shoulders and genuinely cares for her new younger siblings, which is cute. Also, her agricultural knowledge is a nice addition to what would otherwise be a typical reincarnation story. Her knowledge isn't OP, and she explains agricultural techniques which I find interesting. Good for a light-hearted shoujo, but I'm getting a little tired of the formulaic confrontations. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Avrohom rated it
August 22, 2022
Status: c773
It's an unusually well written, very slow paced, slice of life story with a great FL and a wonderful ML. Some places in the opening chapters made me laugh uproariously. Very funny. Others, further on, are disgusting and depressing as hell.

... more>>

Third Aunt is my favorite character in this novel so far, such a fighter! She is real family, the one who makes them all family, the backbone of it. No one else in this novel gives me the sense of family or even togetherness, especially not the FL who is alien to this world and to the og's relatives and never even shed a tear for her own family or loved ones left behind in our modern world. She always gives me the impression of a lone worker bee and a lone fighter fighting the same three battles (with the og's uncle, ex-fiance, ex in-laws to be) over and over again, never achieving a decisive victory, always a stalemate, always letting the aggressor to regroup and attack over and over. And the remaining people are sort of all by themselves. I especially pity the three orphaned kids.

Unfortunately, the story has long stretches of very dry and boring prose, especially in the beginning (poorly written or poorly edited, I do not know) and certain parts about relatives and neighbours testing the FL's limits are so revolting that I can't continue reading it. They are not particularly bad people, just human with warts and all, but the way they are described makes my blood boil. Not a pleasant reading at all, so I stopped reading it around ch.171 right after the FL accepted two precious s*aves as a gift from the young master Cui. (P.S. the story actually gets better right after that point but also much more disgusting and demoralizing.)

In truth, my decision to drop it was due mostly to the total lack of any love of anyone towards anyone or anything. There are just and conscientious people, like the FL herself, there are helpful people, especially in exchange for some serious perks, but no kind nor loving people. The author focuses more on disunity and egocentricity driven by greed, pride or profit than on the family swetness or community building, on positive values. There is a lot of doing things, the down to earth business of rural living and large scale farming and its derivatives with tons of infodump, and a lot of fighting and being greed-driven or resentful, but nothing drives this novel from the heart let alone from the soul. It's an Evil-driven world, truly. The only inkling of it sparked for a brief moment when the ML started to have his first flashbacks, memory returning, he feels longing when he decides to make an arrow and a bow. It seems that being a general, the leader of men and a military genius, is his true passion, the love of his life.

This novel is not as much about adventures in life of a young woman or amassing a fortune from scratch as it is about living with (astonishingly evil) people as they are with all that it entails, day by day, artfully navigating the maze of th**ny human connections and difficult personalities, hands and feet bound by cultural restrictions. That is where this novel shines. No one is willing to change their goals or methods or even to compromise so it takes a lot of genius to actually live a life in such company.

For those who want to know when the FL and the ML tie the knot...

They discuss their marriage date in ch 536-537. They marry in ch. 561-564. They had to wait for the period of mourning for the OG's deceased parents to end for them to get married. By then the FL is already a millionaire and her 14y.o. brother, the male heir and head of their family of four orphans, learns how to run business and is delegated their family business management, and the FL does tons of charity.

Meanwhile, her aunt Qiao had attempted to kidnap the FL and sell her as a gift (as a s*xual servant) to a merchant, then to be r*ped by and married to her (aunt Qiao's) nephew, then another girl arranged for the FL to be humiliated and gone as a concubine to the county magistrate.

During that same time the amnesiac general escaped being recognized for who he really was twice which is good since his identity would make their marriage impossible by his relatives, the emperor himself, and their vastly different social status. Once - by imperial tutor Ding during his visit of the experimental cotton fields, and another time - by a pair of fellows in the provincial capital. They recognized him but did not believe their own eyes.

And no, the general had not recovered his memories prior to their marriage, he had flashbacks three times, but so fleeting, he was not sure what they were about and who he was. So, at the time of their marriage discussion he is penniless, homeless and without a name, marrying an orphaned village girl, the FL, with three "oil bottles" and a widowed aunt living with her (her "baggage"). He recovers his memories one month later, in ch593, on their honeymoon in the mountains where he has a near death accident that shocked him.


This story is not for the faint of heart. Reading about seemingly normal people losing the vestige of humanity, nearly two thousand chapters of it, will have a hollowing effect on your own heart and soul. Read at your own risk. <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: c1391
It's great if you like dog-blood drama. The main plot is quite smooth, but every other day there is new drama kicked off with some villain or other. Most villains are pretty shallow, too - they either want money, or they're lusting after one of the main couple - so there's not a lot of gray moral area. So I wouldn't call it a deep, soul-searching novel, but it does scratch all the right itches very satisfyingly if you're in the mood for something shallowly similar to 'The Rebirth of... more>> Han Yuxi' and just need a good scratch. It's nowhere near similar in the early chapters, but in the middle chapters (500-1000) I think that's the novel it's trying to be, although it's nowhere near close.

I nearly quit around chapter 1300. 1100-1300 is quite a drag - the MC (who has up until then been very level-headed) makes a few jaw-droppingly s*upid decisions, and has just the most amazingly bad luck and is constantly stuck with the most annoying of side characters. I ended up skipping a few dozen chapters or so. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ChiChidi rated it
September 29, 2020
Status: c16
I would not recommend this.

I can't put my finger on exactly what the main issue of this novel is. I think one of the major issues is the way the author writes the story. The flow of conversations don't feel good to read, and quickly becomes tedious to do so. The themes of the story should in itself be very interesting, but I found myself to get quickly bored. I think due to this I also struggle to feel invested in any of the characters, including the MC and her... more>> family.

Even though it is a bit early, I am dropping it. It just doesn't look like this is going to get any better. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dinda0501 rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: c149
This novel started good with the farming and family background. I thought it would potray the farming life, and maybe some romance here and there. However, it started to get boring when the same drama always came repeatedly. Like seriously, as far as I read, most of them were about the protagonist relatives who gave her troubles or the ex-fiancée family who accused her of being seductress.
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0angel0 rated it
December 14, 2022
Status: c152
I usually like slice of life, especially this kind of transmigrated to ancient times as a poor farm girl kind of stories.

Unfortunately this is just too impractical - the FL goes from not even having money to eat meat to borrowing 10, 000 taels & developing a 1000 acre cotton farm with nothing in between. Just the whole process of buying the land, clearing the wasteland etc was so tedious that even I felt tired. And the way the FL borrowed money from a never met before relative - literally... more>> just telling them trust me I’m willing to take a chance on this unknown crop - sorry it’s just so unbelievable & too much of a cop out.

The endless parade of vicious aunt/ uncle, ex fiancé’s family & new wife etc is just too repititive, with everyone finding trouble every few days. After 152 chapters of not so intelligent quarrels & rebuttals, I feel like my IQ has been challenged too much and I think it’s time to drop this & find a better book to spend my time on.

it’s a shame as this really had the potential to be interesting <<less
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Ninety-nineMistakes rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c66
I have no idea what's up with chinese novels. Everything's repetitive. No offense.

Anyhow, as far as I've read of this novel whic isn't that far yet, I could only say it gets a little boring. It is interesting at first but as a reader of transmigration/reincarnation books, you'd find yourself bored at some point. I mean, you already what's going to happen, you've already seen that type of character, etc. Especially with the lots of chapters. 1800+ chapters and I haven't even reached half of it yet the spark is... more>> gradually declining.

Nontheless, I can't say too much since I haven't actually finished it. The book does have good points. The MC is good, better than those over powered female leads, but she seems a little dull as well. She is something new, but I wouldn't call it a fresh type of new either but I do like her. She's sensible, has a heart, mischievous but still, she lacks some personality to be interesting enough that'll get every reader's attention.

The side characters are cute too. I especially like the children. They're sweet and cheerful. The male lead finally appeared but I can't say much about him either. He's still quite a mystery since the part I'm on focuses more on lifestyle. It's a slow romance though, so it's expected.

Then here are the antagonists. They certainly are one sided. Very static. I'm fed up with these types of characters but it is satisfying to watch them receive slaps after slaps. Still, they get boring if they keep on coming. It's just getting old. Especially the tricks that were being used. God, it's just too repetitive. It's everywhere on other books.

The information dump can be a little tiring too. Not every reader likes to read the detailed info on farming. I mean, it should be a story, right? Not a guide? It is good, that these info were placed in the book because they can be useful but the fact that it slows the progress of the story down makes it a con. It would have been enough if a single chapter is used for each info dump but using more than that for a single thing? It turns readers off especially if the romance is extremely slow.

Over all, the book has potential. It has charm. The male lead keeps me curious, after all. The author's done a good job using the male lead to lure me in so I'll stick by to see what's going to happen. Hopefully, it gets better as I progress into the story. <<less
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September 21, 2022
Status: c49
Just skimmed through the first 30 chapters as there wasn't anything important in those - it was boring, bland, and just empty. Chapter 30 to 49 are much better, but still not really that good. It's so slow paced even for a Slice of Life novel. Basically nothing happened after 50 chapters except for the addition of two family members (MC's aunt and ML). It's hard to read this until the end when I already read 49 chapters and still did not gain anything out of it.
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trash_generalist rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: c425
(Updated: 02/02/2023) : Third read. My impression is still the same as the first time. This is the kind of story that I feel half-and-half about. I enjoy poor-to-rich stories where the MC struggles to improve his/her circusmtances. And, the slow pace and the epic length of this fic make it a very good story to try. Unfortunately, its length and slow pace can also be said to be the reasons why it's not so good. That is, it's the reason why the story is filled with all sorts... more>> of filler conflict with poorly developed side villains and no character development for the main characters (because if they learn from their mistakes, of course, there would be no story to write LMFAO.) I stopped reading when I did, even though I had initially intended to read the MTL, because I felt like I needed a break from the novel. It's very exhausting. It's one trouble after another. Of course, it's also satisfying in a way, but too much is too much.

By the way, the first time I tried to read it, I gave up after only 5 chapters, but after a second look, it's not so bad (I made it to c467). The translation is of good quality and I enjoy the poor-to-rich/slice-of-life aspect of the story.


The basic premise is that a transmigrator transmigrates into an Ancient Chinese setting as the orphaned eldest sister of the Lian Family. She has three younger siblings and no memories of the original owner's experiences, which already spells trouble, never mind the noisy Yang family who wants to break her engagement with their precious Son and the MC's greedy paternal family.

The focus of the novel are usually split between drama and the business management aspect (though the author does favor their drama -- like 85-90% of the time). I recommend reading this if you're looking for a face-slapping novel. The romance is slow-burn and not the focus at all (the ML was very behind-the-scenes, and I assume he will remain that way until he remembers that he's a general, which hasn't happened in the 500 chapters I've read lol). I even felt like their start was a little too forced the second time I reread this, and that the ML doesn't have much of a personality. All in all, I wouldn't say that the novel is not the best but worth reading (at least, it's not as bad as most mary sue novels out there. The MC is likable, and the drama, while sometimes unbearable, can be skipped pretty easily.)


The characters of the novel are a little better than some novels of the same length but the canon fodders characters are very bad here (they actually give off the taste of the generic cannon fodders that become protagonists in those transmigration stories, XD. Some of them are not bad but are like affected by the aura of the protagonist and become s*upid as soon as they see the protagonists. Of course, others are just plain s*upid.) As mentioned, the ML also seems like an accessory half the time.

Lian Fangzhou (MC)

The MC is the stubborn but responsible type. Seeing her situation, she adapts pretty quickly and doesn't hesitate to make big plays to bring her new family into prosperity. In terms of consistency, the way she deals with people is a little weird at times. Like she just brought the ML home without really knowing him, or the way she snubbed the Supporting Male Lead almost instantly upon meeting. Still, I found her more likable than most FLs.

Ah Jian (ML)

He doesn't have much of a presence in the beginning. I expected it because of the title LOL, but ended up being disappointed. I like him well enough, but yeah, he could have been used more!


Not sure if this is a historically accurate dynasty or not? But it's ancient china and the initial setting is the rural village that the MC lives in. Customs are pretty strict there, which breeds a lot of drama with the MC's paternal family and there's a lack of innovation when it came to certain crops (like cotton, which is the MC's ticker to business). The author gave the MC a strong agricultural background, so the growing and processing of plants is also given its moment to shine. No fantasy, aside from the transmigration. At least, not yet. There may be some in future chapters.


The story is all about overcoming adversity in the times. As orphaned children, they're already living it rough. The fact that the MC is a young female with a broken engagement makes things even more difficult. This is the kind of story where the MC never really suffers though. She'll continue to grow after easily overcoming challenges.

RATING: 3.8/5

In my opinion, this novel is worth a 4/5 rating (rounded up). It's rough in some areas but the author improves as time goes on. If I had stopped in the first 200 chapters, I would have given it a 3/5 rating directly. But stopping at the 400-500s, my impression has improved a bit. I like the business management aspect of this novel. The MC starts off big immediately, which is rare. Usually, novels like this start with stalls and the like. Meanwhile, this MC is starting off by buying thousands of acres lolol. <<less
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