The General’s Little Peasant Wife


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She transmigrated into an orphan, thinking that she still had her boyfriend with her, yet in an instant, her world crashed. For the position of heir, he said, “Yao’er, why don’t you become my second wife?” A sentence destroyed her wishful thinking, causing her to end their relationship of two lives cruelly. Leaving the hustle bustle, she then lived in a forest, wanting to find an honest man to spend the rest of her life with. But not long after getting married, she realized that the honest man she married was a bit dishonest.

“Are you not an ordinary hunter?” she stared at the man pretending to be innocent in a furious manner. Is the ending going to be this way? Of course not, the story had just begun from the moment she changed her future.

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Jiang Jun de Nongjia Xiao Qi
Tướng quân nông gia tiểu thê
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New Leandhart
December 4, 2019
Status: c88
The start was ok but it becomes horrendously repetitive and character portrayals are beyond bland, especially between the main female and male character.

It took 40+ chapters for the male lead to appear, before that we keep being subjected to the same 2 mini villainess and their shrew families (I say mini because of how stupid they are made to be) and to my great disappointment, the 2 main characters barely say anything to each other and we as readers are supposed to feel like they "suit" each other for no... more>> reason except for vague descriptions such as how they play chess and talk with each other in companionship throughout the afternoon or encounters where they say a few short sentences to each other.

The female lead is portrayed as someone of few words and cold, this originates from her being betrayed so it is understandable, but then you add the male character that while is not described as cold, says not much either! Add to this a F rank plot plus one dimensional characters and you get a 1 star disappointment. <<less
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Tachi Works
Biah_belle rated it
February 14, 2017
Status: c2
A couple transmigrate into a world together. The boyfriend adapts to the social harem norms and wants to live by them, the girlfriend sticks to the 1 per rule and wants a monogamous relationship so she cuts ties with him. A really refreshing female MC with a backbone.

edit: MC smart yeah, but all the villains set to difficulty level: "super easy".

... more>>

I almost feel bad for the villains looking at how dumb the author made them. Bc I'm sure if they had a choice they too wouldn't want to be born this dumb and death-seeking.

for that reason it's a revised 2/5 for me. <<less
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Mirrordragon rated it
March 26, 2017
Status: c350
It's a very good novel. The MC is not the usual "I am so great, I will kill them all for looking at me wrong" kind of person. She seems tough and indifferent at first but slowly you see that is because of the initial betrayal at the start of the novel and she was emotionally hurt. In reality, she is very kind and caring, not to menion amazingly talented in doing business due to her natural abilities and skills learned in her past life - cooking, wine-tasting and similar.... more>> The male MC is very good too. He is not the usual Psyhcopath that tends to appear in Chinese novels with female leads. He doesn't hate women just for the heck of it and choose the MC becuase he grew to like her and her attitude to life. His backstory is pretty brutal as well and it shows that he is very indifferent to life because of it - not just women for some insane plot backstory reason. Though when he does go crazy, he can be really sadistic to the point he makes his own side uncomfortable. Even then he cares about not involving innocents. The characters also slowly get background reveals and it's done pretty nicely. The occasional comedy is done right as well. I like the slow pacing as it suits this kind of novel very much. All in all an amazing read.


Asking others who are ahead in the novel, why is there a "r*pe" Tag? I hope the female lead isn't the one who suffers? Hopefully not the cute friends or innocent people either. Can anyone tell with a spoiler tag? She is too nice of a person and it would be hard to see it happen to her.

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littlejay rated it
March 17, 2018
Status: c600
Okay at the start, got worse as it continues. Plotline is very repetitive and inconsistent. Typical OP protagonist with brainless antagonists who will all die/fail terribly with regrets for going against the female MC.

I started reading this because the summary looked interesting enough. I was expecting a cute and fluffy romance story but the story digressed from the romance to how powerful the female MC is. The summary doesn't really fit the story either: The female MC left the capital indeed for a peaceful life, but not actually intending to... more>> find a marriage partner (she's given up on relationships after the first guy). She wasn't furious at the male MC either for pretending to be an ordinary hunter and even said she would support him if wartimes ever came. The male MC didn't intentionally pretend, he just didn't want to be caught up in the politics back at the capital and was intending to live out a peaceful life in the village like the female MC; so in his mind he IS an ordinary hunter.

Tbh, I normally like OP protagonists, especially scenes that shows those who looked down on them how wrong they were. But the logic (or the lack of it) in this story just to continue the plot gets really annoying sometimes.


Some of these will happen quite far ahead in the story, after about c200?:

    1. The female MC owns a massive trade organisation that can cause an economical breakdown of any country at her choice, which was started in the single year before she met her boyfriend (the first guy she broke up with). She was 10 years old when she met up with the boyfriend. Unless I interpreted it incorrectly, the reasoning behind developing this organisation is because she wants to be worthy of her boyfriend (because he's an heir), but kept it a secret from him because she just wanted to help out in the background. This was confusing, because she developed the organisation for her bf when she hasn't even met him in this life?? Though, in the later chapters the reason was changed to for the sake of survival.
    2. Female MC can literally become powerful overnight. In the story, she was abducted by male MC's family from the capital but assassins sent by the ex-bf's wife caused her miscarriage. In the next chapter, this caused her to be enlightened to the fact that she herself should be powerful to protect what's important to her - therefore, she unseals her internal energy and becomes a martial artist on par with the male MC with no problems whatsoever even though she sealed her internal energy years ago because she wasn't able to control them properly.
    3. Female MC's allies under her organisation have exact same backgrounds: i.e. geniuses in a very powerful lineage but abused by concubine stepmothers who killed off their birth-mothers (with even more powerful lineages and married over with rich dowries) with the help of their jerks of fathers who practices polygamy and is hogging the dowry for the concubine's daughter (who is of course, brainless). Of course the female MC therefore helps them take back what belongs to them with her massive trade organisation. Weird thing is, her allies have always been known internationally for being one of the in-charges of her organisation while she is the hidden boss, yet to get the story going suddenly they aren't well-known anymore and the families are unaware of their identities until female MC appears to help support them in taking back the dowries.
    4. Tons of super powerful allies with all sorts of skills from her organisation will keep appearing to help the female MC with her issues. Somehow, she met them all in the first year before she met up with the boyfriend, and these allies, as female MC's elder brother and sisters, helped female MC build the organisation. The female MC will always be guilty at endangering their lives and she will always be comforted that they are helping out willingly because they love her. This conversation repeated itself everytime a new character appears. It was also never explained how the female MC met any of them beyond meeting them when she was young (9 y.o. I presume), just that they are all very powerful (martial arts/lineage) or skillful (doctor/poison/hypnotism etc) and that her organisation will always have someone with the necessary skills to tackle the problem at hand.

At about 500 chapters into the story (I read the raws) I realised that the plot was really repetitive already but I stuck on hoping it would get better... Unfortunately, it didn't, so I decided to drop this. I don't recommend reading beyond the MCs' marriage. <<less
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cyndor rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: c142
I agree with paputsza; so far all the antagonists seem to have extreme autism.

No, seriously though, the author keeps using the same 4-5 recurring people going after the MC chapter after chapter just to increase chapter count. I'm on chapter 142 atm whereas it should be more like chapter 20.

This is an okay read but expect your usual cold on the outside but warm on the inside female lead.

Oh, and paputsza, the female lead is not teaching that chick all her techniques because she's an ungrateful bitch. It's one thing... more>> not to teach others just because they won't kiss your ass, but if you go out of your way to spend your time and effort to teach someone who is selfish and unreasonable then you're just an idiot.


I am now at chapter 343 and much of the same has continued. Everyone who goes against the male and female lead do idiotic stuff that they never would have done before. At this point it is my belief that they are infectious and are transmitting some kind of disease. <<less
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KichiX rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c94
With a little more skill, much better pacing, and characters that acted like they weren't 5 year-old children, this could have been an interesting story.

The main characters all seem to have interesting backstories, and the author keeps you on your toes and guessing. Unfortunately, these brief glimpses are overshadowed by the moronic cast of "villains, " the ham-fisted way they are presented, and the lack of main characters making good on any of their threats. I kid you not, this actually happened:

A villainous girl has the unfortunate habit of climbing... more>> over the male MC's walls and going into his house. The second time, he explicitly warns her that should she do it again, she wouldn't want to know the consequences. But when it happens again, he just warns her again.

This failure to follow up on any of their threats makes the main characters the least intimidating people in the novel. We're told how the supporting and villain characters believe from the look in their eyes that they will do unspeakable horrors, but we never see any of it. And, as should be painfully obvious from the situation described above, the instigating reasons for any of the drama are ridiculous.

The pacing is another issue. It jumps from trotting to galloping and back again in seconds. A conversation about building a workroom and then boom! It's done. No romance for 90 chapters, and then boom! Our main leads are engaged. The MC thinking about hiring people? Boom! Five people from her past turn up with no explanation and she doesn't need to hire anymore. An embroidery test at the MC's embroidery house in the captial? Boom! One sentence and we've suddenly arrived at the embroidery house and the test is already happening.

These are just some of the few examples. The lack of pacing and the poor judgement on where to spend time and effort in the prose, coupled with the almost total lack of description (which doesn't matter so much if it's a mountain, but the capital city? Come on.) leaves this feeling bland and rushed.

Oh, and I forgot to add: While I appreciate the effort of the translators and rely on them to read the story as I know zero Chinese, I feel like they really require a proof reader because there are some very obvious spelling mistakes and also sentences that don't make any sense.

And another thing: It's impossible to tell how old the characters are. It seems like the main female character is around 16 years old (in terms of physical appearance - she transmigrated so she is actually older than that) but I would say one of the principle villains in the village is only twelve. How amazing that a ~20 year old could "beat" a twelve year old girl in a battle of morals/wits. At least it gives credibility to how laughable childish the villains plans are. <<less
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SublimiSomnium rated it
September 16, 2018
Status: c75
Finally dropping this story because there is nothing about it that holds my interest. Everyone's entitled to their opinions but reading through some of the 4 & 5 stars they even admit the GLARING DEFICIENCIES:

1. BRAINLESS CHARACTERS the villains are too stupid to believably live and they are incapable of the basic human instinct of self preservation. Most of the story focuses on them and how they get shown up by the FL. FL seems to be following most of the stereotypical historical transmigrated super OP tropes. Just because you... more>> humiliate uneducated poor people with disgusting morals doesn't make you smart and morally upright. One aspect that made this story unique was the fact that a couple transmigrated together, but that was thrown away by the author after the first few chapters.

2. BORING yes the first few chapters are okay and seem to fulfill our expectations, but dozens of chapters after and the primary focus is face slapping, secondary focus is side character interaction, third focus is trade, etc... Romance is extremely background and quite frankly boring. I personally like slow build romance because it is fluffy and realistic. Somehow the entire premise of the story is set up to provide my ideal slow romance, but the writing is so bland that it manages to miss the mark entirely.

3. PLOT ARMOR makes an already boring story more boring. See other reviews for more. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
April 24, 2019
Status: c70
Even though I dislike stories with endless illogical cannon fodder characters, I thought I could last at least until the plot of the story progressed a bit more...

I was wrong.

This is awful. Completely unbearable. Pretty much every person in town other than the MC, MC's friend and ML are 5-year old cannon fodder with no ability for higher cognition. The story is just one endless "X cannon fodder pops out of woodwork to accuse the MC of random sh*t with completely irrational thinking" => "everyone in town suddenly believes in... more>> X cannon fodder for no reason" => "MC shows up and face slaps cannon fodder" => "townspeople all blame cannon fodder" => "cannon fodder hates MC more and tries a new scheme."

Repeat x 1000 and you get this story. <<less
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vebch112 rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: --
Suffers a little too much from antagonist getting away with stuff like they shouldn't be able to

like someone attempted assassination on member of the royal family and got away with demotion, preety sure that's not how thing worked back then

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WindyWind rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: c112
Imagine this

MC is reading a book in a small room, enjoying the silence.

Suddenly there is a random fly buzzing around.

... more>> Too lazy to bother to kill it, the MC instead says:

"Stop annoying me before I get angry"

Of course the fly doesn't understand it and won't stop

Seeing that her gaze turns cold:

"I warn you, you will not be able to handle the consequences of offending me. "

For a moment the fly stops. Seeing that she is satisfied. But then the fly, that was just resting for a moment, starts buzzing around again, even louder than before.

" Don't tell me that I didn't warn you. " she says in a cold voice as she stands up. After locating the fly she suddenly raises her arm and swoops it, causing the fly to spiral out of control and dissappear.

Having restored the peace in her room, she sits down and starts reading.

But after an hour of peace, it is once again disturbed by the familiar buzzing.

"Dare to offend me again and again, it seems like you are tired of living" her voice laced with some killing intent that even the insect with its limited intelligence could tell was danger. But then it noticed a pastry on the table and the fear was quickly forgotten as it's mind was filled with greed.

Yet before it could take a bite, it was caught by a pair of slender fingers.

"You have had your chances, this is the result you have brought upon urself! "

All she wanted was to read a book in peace, those that dare to distrupt it again and again, don't dare to later come complain that she is merciless!

With that in mind she threw the fly outside into a mud pool.

Yet on the next day the fly was back, with another, bigger fly following it...

Couldn't help but to think this small skit when reading the first 100 chapters. Just like small dumb flies the enemies keep bothering MC. MC doesn't properly deal with em, causing drawn out boring conflicts. There is literally nothing they can do to harm her, while MC own fighting power is through the roof. Yet instead of saving herself the hassle she just gives a small 'slap' to the enemies, making them more angry and causing them to bother her more, making the MC to give a harder 'slap' which causes them to become even angrier, bother her even more, to which she has to give a slightly harder 'slap'. Rinse and repeat. <<less
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paputsza rated it
June 22, 2017
Status: c14
I don't know. I'm not sure the main chararacter is likable. She doesn't teach people who "are greedy" according to her judgement. The main antagonist is completely unbelievable unless you think of her as having undiagnosed autism. Like imagine getting food with a friend and that friend says your order looks better when the orders come and so they grab your plate and huddle over it without asking. This is essentially how the foil character acts. Defeating her isn't that important to me, because she's trying to steal bigger mushrooms... more>> and embroidery techniques compared to the norm in these stories where other girls are trying to beat and murder the protagonist and steal her man. As an artist I really don't care if someone wants my techniques anyways. Going out of my way to hide techniques from someone because they're kind of rude to me isn't something I'd do. So the protagonist is hard for me to like, and I feel like that's the main feature the author is trying to give off. <<less
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Senethari rated it
February 19, 2017
Status: c2
Enjoyed the 2 chap intro enough to brave the MTL, and here's what you're in for:

It starts small, with all the drama you expect in a Chinese historical romance packed into a little village, but then it starts to balloon as the MC uses her modern skills to make her life a little more comfortable. No spoilers, but slowly, circumstances are revealed on both sides of the romance that take them to the capital and the heights of power and intrigue. The good stuff includes... more>> all the things you expect from a novel power couple plus genuine love, trust, and monogamy. The only bad stuff isn't even truly bad: almost everything takes a while to develop, with the only exceptions being some reveals so tropey they feel almost gratuitous, but since the results are spiteful and terrible to the enemy, I still love it. Enjoy with confidence! <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c700
As someone who's read through the raws, I really liked this series at first, but gradually I grew to hate it.

The entire story is 2000+ chapters. I got through to about the 700 area before I just started skipping around to see how it ended. After a while, I just read like the last two chapters or something and was done with it.

It was just so stupid and repetitive. And honestly, the MC kind of grew OP over night in a super ridiculous way, in more ways than one -... more>> not just her physical power, but apparently all the power she had hidden away that is "slowly" (it's very, very, very, very vaguely hinted at and then tossed casually into your face) revealed throughout the story. But honestly, it's insane to me because:


She's basically described as being the head of a super huge trade and spy organization that can cause the economic breakdown in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE STORY ESSENTIALLY. LIKE WHAT? And yet, stuff still happens to her organization because ppl betray her or whatever and I just stopped caring after a while. This was a pretty big twist that was kind of ridiculous - she developed the power for her original boyfriend because she was an orphan with no standing and he was an heir, so she developed this power secretly so she could stand tall next to him. Then, ya know, she left the capital after he was like "be my second wife lol".

What blows my mind even more is that people know that she eventually has some connection to this super massive trade organization because the top heads who are the figureheads for the group all are friends with her and spoil and dote on her but everyone still thinks "lol let's fight her anyways" like wtf????

Also what is the point of a super massive trade organization if you still can't deal with one stupid side character until 500 chapters later? Like she has all this power but it's essentially... useless.


Also, the MC/ML frequently vow to "deal" with people in one chapter, and then, what do they do?

Wait another 158064 chapters later to deal with them, giving the other person to do a bunch of stupid crap that will inconvenience them in the future.

Honestly. The author obviously wanted to just draw this steaming pile of crap out so they could idk, make more money or something off whatever platform they were selling their chapters on, because these contrived and stupid plots could pretty much all be skipped if they had just dealt with people sooner. But nah fam it's clear that the audience wants more contrived and stupid drama and petty fighting that wasn't really interesting at all.

Don't waste your time. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c26
Started strong, devolved into Xianxia stereotype-cardboard-cutouts.

Grammar: 1/5

Writing: 1/5

... more>> Story: 0.5/5

Update as of Chapter 26: Grammar is getting worse. The story is getting by on illogical plot devices. And boy, are the characters beyond redemption, extremes only. Either they really like the MC or really hate the MC. The villagers are portrayed as absolute f*cking idiots who can't think for themselves for the most part. I can't bring myself to like this style of storytelling where everyone but the MC and a select few are braindead to make the story convenient.

I was enjoying this in the early chapters (1~6) before it devolved into simple stereotypes being brandished left and right with no apparent reason nor rhyme. The grammar is pretty bad, but it is understandable and easy enough to get through. The writing is really bad, barely giving you anything aside from a brief summary of a situation, bare-bones dialogue, and quick changes between scenes that almost have you reeling from the whiplash. The story, unfortunately, thus far has been nothing but stereotypical.

Not a recommended read by any means unless you have nothing else to read. <<less
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September 16, 2018
Status: c110

I'm enjoying this story so far. The plot advancement (as well as the romance, and the reveal of peoples backgrounds and such) is quite slow, but it's not boring despite the slow overall pace. There's a mix of schemes and slice of life. The adversaries aren't much, and are mostly petty villagers at the moment. I like reading about the Main Character building her life more anyway, as I said it's not boring. I'm looking forward to learning more about her.

Also the Male Lead is not a cold seemingly unfeeling... more>> man with expressionless beauty. Admittedly, the story hasn't interacted with him much up to here, but he seems quite friendly for a ML. Though he doesn't mix much with the villagers, it seems more out of a desire for solitude and peace than because of innate aloofness. It's a nice change from a lot of other MLs out there.

edit: I'm now on chapter 180, and I take back what I said about the romance being slow, it takes a while to get started, but once they start to know each other and interact with each other it goes fairly fast (though in a fairly natural way, I think). And I confirm that the ML is quite approachable. There's no cold shoulder, or waiting in silence for the FL's reaction, it's such a nice change!

I'd give it 4* except that sadly the English translation is rather poor, the translator doesn't seem to be fluent in English. So long as I understand what's going on I'm happy to overlook that. I've been using an online translator to read ahead, after all, and if you've ever done that, you know that it might be enough to get the gist of the story but there will occasionally be whole paragraphs that make no sense whatsoever. With the official translation at least everything is understandable. Though I can overlook it for myself, it's impossible not to notice, and in a review I feel obliged to say that if you're the kind of person who's mind will cringe every time the word "borrow" is used instead "lend" several times in a chapter (as in "hey MC you're rich! You borrowed money to your friend so easily, so why won't you borrow me money now?") you might want to brace yourself ahead of time (this is the most blatant mistake, the others aren't as noticeable). <<less
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LazyDays rated it
March 17, 2018
Status: c15
It started off well but I'm getting the feeling all the enemy characters are idiots. An irrational selfish idiot.

... more>>

The also-reincarnated bf is an idiot, who doesn't even realise he's an idiot for proposing to a modern woman that she should be his 2nd wife.

The first "friend" character we see is selfish, petty, and extremely 2D. Techniques of any kind back then were usually kept secret as they are the key to success. So you don't lightly ask for one.


Helpful, friendly supporting cast seem kinda 2D, but they are moderate, at any rate.

Will update as I go. <<less
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hitotsu-zza rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: c9
hmmm. The first two chapters are nice. I got interested when I read the summary, but boy oh boy, it went downhill.

It would have been nice if it focused first with the two lovers who transmigrated, maybe some or more background about them. I wanted to know the MC's personality to like her, and well I can't like the MC for some reason after reading 9 ch.

also, somehow, I can't get into the story, I always felt like there's something missing. And I kind of gotten bored from reading cause... more>> I felt like these chapters are fillers and unnecessary (I wanted her to encounter the ML which I think she did already but there's no spark of interest from me).

I find this story bland, and well, I'm thankful for the translation but it's bad tho it is still understandable. <<less
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February 6, 2018
Status: c880
It started off nicely. Then, the characters and plot became unhinged/repetitive. I give up.

The story started off in a nice country setting, and seemed to head in a slice of life direction, but then it took a sharp turn into political intrigue. I wish the story stuck to slice of life.
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DaydreamGe rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: c30
It is a nice story about soul that transmigrate to ancient times. It is a little sad for the girl at the beginning where someone who should have together with her actually to choose another woman. I really hope the background of the MC will be out soon.

Anyone knows where to find machine translation for this novel. I can't wait to read the next chapter of it. &Gt;<.

And people that already reach hundreds chapter, do you read them raw in chinese? Or what and where?
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RannSy rated it
June 10, 2017
Status: c298
The story flow of the story is really good. The way the author delivers the story and how each twists unfolds is great. The female MC is really great and even though I was disappointed of her indifference at first, it became quite a surprise when she finally explodes and reveals her true nature and secrets. Thinking back, there is a vast difference from the early chapters to the current chapter. I liked how both the male and female lead improved together. You could see how each event affects their... more>> lives and decisions. It is a very refreshing novel where the male lead aren't actually THAT vicious compared to other stories. He's not the sensitive type unless its related with the female character. I give this 5 stars for the great delivery and context of the story. Thumbs up for the author! <<less
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Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: c119
I liked the premise better than the story itself. MC transmigrates into a 'primitive' world (which later transforms into a xianxia world) with the love of her former life.... and then is told by the Ex-Boyfriend he wants to marry a Princess for power and money but plans to keep her on the side with the rest of his concubines. She says "hell, naw" and goes off to live her own life. Then it goes straight to crap.

... more>>

She moves into a remote mountain village and is "bullied" by the villains. The villains are pubescent village girls who seem to have IQs in the single digits. The MC takes a hundred chapters to deal with them (I mean seriously they're dumb 12-14 year olds!) When she (a person with literally over 40 years of life experience) eventually defeats them, she then has to deal with her ex-boyfriends crazy wife. It gets progressively stupider and stupider and more and more xianxia.

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