Give You Two Green Hats


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Lu Yi is cuckolded by his boyfriend/husband every day.

Little male ex-boyfriend: My first love is back!

Phoenix ex-boyfriend: who made you not gentle and virtuous, but also refusing to have children

Playboy ex-boyfriend: in fact, you are both stand-ins

Later, Lu Yi got together with the ex-boyfriends’ white moonlight

Lu Yi: Give me a green hat. Give you two green hats, won’t thank you for holding them!

Quick transmigration, gong protagonist.

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iRaine rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Calm, mature, capable gong MC x Vibrant, sweet, loyal shou ML

Lu Yi is truly too sensible and rational- when his long time childhood friend turned lover runs away before their marriage, Lu Yi decides to carry out the marriage with a different bridegroom: his boyfriend's first love and white moonlight, Yu Ke.

After coldly writing up a contract to buy a marriage for 1 year with 10 million, Lu Yi has no more special feelings in his heart for this charming, yet still strange man who has now become his new... more>> husband.


Then his new husband pushes him away from a planned mu*der via car crash and dies in his stead, and Lu Yi is given a chance to fulfill missions to bring back Yu Ke's soul fragments from different worlds. Lu Yi will not remember his lives in the different worlds; he will only remember his original identity. So, our boy Lu Yi takes on the task of overturning the "host" body's tragic fate and somehow manages to meet and fall in love with Yu Ke's soul fragments (who are also the scum boyfriend's white moonlights) in every world.


Lu Yi is a cold financial giant; i.e. He is deliberate, planned, and has little emotional fluctuations. He didn't really love his childhood friend/lover but chose to indulge and respect him as his partner as they "naturally" became a couple due to their family relationship and background.

Throughout the worlds, Lu Yi learns to let go a tiny bit and discovers the emotion called love, which was never in his considerations while growing up in an elite family. The "revenge" is not so much face-slapping as it is living such a good life that the scum ex-boyfriends feel unwilling and out of balance (with some exceptions depending on the scum's actions). Due to our MC's high IQ and business ability, he never has trouble going from rags to riches in any world. Often times, Lu Yi becomes a big golden thigh who offers his full support and love towards ML. Both are very sweet together.

If you enjoy a more toned down novel that gets sweeter (and better) with each arc and has no dog blood/abuse (Lu Yi disposes of his scum lover rather cleanly), you'll probably enjoy this. <<less
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Aletsan rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: c48
Title is a little misleading because the main characters aren’t cheating anyone. The green hats are more emotional/psychological. A more accurate title might be “Eloping with My Ex-Boyfriend’s White Moonlight” or “My Ex Despises Me So I Ran Away with His White Moonlight” or something like that.

Anyways it’s an enjoyable read! The author skims over a lot of exposition but if you’re here to read a fluffy QT romance then you will have a good time. If sketchy hand waving away the illogical bits bothers you... why are you reading... more>> QT novels? 😂 <<less
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NotSoProud rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I have only a few things to say about this novel.

First - it was good. It's not perfect - no story is, so it's fine.

Second. You know how in most world hopping novels the MC picks a career path that is at least somewhat related to what the original body was doing? Well, not this MC! Lu Yi is good at being a president and managing a company. He just wants to make money. So? Just do that. In every single world Lu Yi is like "Okay. Let's make money.... more>> There is never too much money. What company should I start now?" xD I love it. And It makes sense. He's good at it so why shouldn't he do it.

Also he has no memories in every world, so it is to be expected that he would go in the same direction each time.

I like the relationship between the main couple. The scum's ending is different in each world, some better, some worse. The last world probably had the least interactions between the scum an the MC.
It also feels quite rare for the MC's real world to get so much build up, so I was quite surprised. The ending was quite unexpected (I mean ML's story that was told at the end) but also not really.

Anyways, it's a 5/5, 10/10 story for me. As in - it's just good and I enjoyed it. :) <<less
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XElla rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: c107
This is 5/5 story but...

dropping it because of weird translations from Travis Translations.

I noticed that the transaltions became extremely weird from 50- ish chapter, like it has become hard to understand who is doing what action and some descriptions seem ripped straight from google translate: "When he woke up, the porridge was also hot. Just right to drinkable temperature."

At first I thought that it will get better but it didn't. So I'll probably try to mtl it.

I'll change/delete this review if there is any changes or a new translator group.
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08YeNna rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: Completed
It is a fun read. :)

The things I like in the story:

-MC (seme) 's character

-ML' s character

-the rags to riches details in the story hehe

... more>>

MC losses his memory after finishing the world, but don't worry he will retain the memories at the of the World hopping and ML too.

-fast-pacing of the story (very perfect for light read and relaxation)

-the story does not justify the bad things

-I love the relationship between MC and ML in some arcs and in some is kinda nah

-... And many more :)

What I don't like

-the backstory is for me: ? _?

-the reason behind the transmigration is also: ? _?

-the ending is kinda far from the start of the story. Not the kind of far that it is a different story, but it doesn't just mash up well. No wait, maybe because they have they their memories and already experienced many lifetimes.

Uh- well anyway just read it. :))

-the relationship between MC and ML in one or two arcs are not developed well or unclear.

Oh, and I read the MTL.

The MTL is understandable, for me. :) <<less
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J.A.M. rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: Completed
The plot is interesting. It's not bad but it's not so good either.

What I like is:

  • MC/gong is straightforward. He didn't develop any love for his partners and break-up/divorce them cleanly.
  • The arc is interesting. It didn't follow the common arcs where authors put ABO, Ancient times, futuristic setting, etc.
What I mind is:

  • I can't feel MC/gong feelings. Is he too calm that even for me, who read the novel didn't feel his feelings for ML/shou? Or the way I read is not right?
  • The reason why this happen also didn't make sense to me. I don't know if its because I didn't understand what it was portraying or it really doesn't make sense. I prefer novels that every event and action have meaning.
I still like it even though I mind some things in... more>> the novel. <<less
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Sugar77 rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: --

I like the ML YuKe so much, so so much.
Of course, he did a lot of mistakes some of them he can’t take back but he redeemed it in the end (I mean, he literally died).

He also has the character setting type that I like, for a playboy and opportunist, he’s actually very innocent and falls way too hard way too fast.

at first when I saw the spoiler I thought how could this proud boy who would even lead on any other rich boys for money fall for a cold abstinent god like creature? Like, how could this relationship go? But then it turns out he’s very innocent and it’s obvious he’s fallen in love HARD even passerby would notice. I thought ahh this boy would really die for love...

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Fisukisuki rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I won't give stars yet. I want to be very sure about this novel. Anyway...

The Summary is Clear and yet the Title is misleading, and I was Suuuper Confused at first to understand which one should I trust; the Title or the Summary?

I was like "Is it romance? Or is it pure revenge?" "Is there only 3 main characters or there's the 4th one???"

The answer is... ... more>>

The Novel Title is Misleading/Wrong, the Summary was right. It's a story of MC who get together with his Ex's Moonlight.


The story inside is even more a surprise. I thought it was like Beloved Husband Novel, but apparently I was wrong. The one I thought as FIRST arc was The BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING. Now THAT'S RARE AF!!!... but it did kinda like the Beloved Husband novel on a certain theme.

in every arcs, MC always forgot the previous world or any world he had been through. He always think the new world he's in was his first mission world.


Also, The 3rd Mission World's theme is especially Unique.

I hope this Novel won't disappoint me and would always have Great story arc and Satisfying Ending. The start of this Novel was Unique after all. I pray so hard!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Finished at 2 June 2022:

Everything was Revealed in the end... And it was BEAUTIFUL!!!


MC would Cross so many world to collect ML's soul so ML could live again.

While ML had tried so many times and so many decades to save MC from being killed.

They both are so Devoted toward each other!!!


I truly LOVE the end plot and how the story end. I Love this Novel sooo much for Eternity and Beyond!!! <<less
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periperi rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: Completed
5 stars!

I thought this was a refreshing plot in the transmigration genre, and I really liked each arc and the main CP.

The set-up for every arc was ... more>>

modern! No sci-fi, historical or ABO arc! ALL MODERN! But I liked it. Each arc plot was still unique from the other, with a scum an his white moonlight and how MC came out over the scum and unintentionally (yes) gets together with white moonlight. MC goes into each arc remembering who he is and his main objective of rescuing YK so he doesn't deliberately goes after the white moonlight character. Sometimes, it's even the white moonlight who does the chasing. And I like that kind of plot.


I liked the ending where

both gets back all the memories of them together in the arcs then officially get together as a couple.


Overall, a good read especially if you like modern setting and face slapping (because the scums really do get just deserves). <<less
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Kall_ rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I recommend reading this (๑•̀ㅂ•́) و✧

Although it's a bit messy in some part like it was done in a hurry, it's still a good read for me.

It also has a nice plot too.

... more>> Since I read the MTL, there's a few sentences I don't understand but still had a clue about it.

MC gong prefer a mature and stable partner instead of his ex-fiancee who is young/childish and irresponsible that run away few days before marriage.

ML is active in taking initiative in some cases but still quite restraint so that MC is not uncomfortable.

MC gong would tolerate ML shou at every first-time-meeting in every world without realizing it. <<less
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Tuzi rated it
June 29, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is a Disappointment.

Original I wanted to read it because I've read in comments that the MC is rational and stuff. But what I see is just an idea created by the author and later the author forgot to add feelings in the name of rationality.

From what I read the author says that MC is rational and calm but he was so ashamed by the ex that he went to find his white moonlight for revenge.

Where is the calmness? It is only for ML to see. He would show... more>> anger to all his ex's but is very calm in front of ml. He even know to soften his voice when talking to his ex when they were in relationship but when it comes ML he doesn't back out.

And most important thing, author just focuses on telling the situation on surface and forgets to connect the emotions of characters often in the name of rationality and calmness.

Yes the way MC dealt with the enemy was rational but the way MC dealt with ML was nowhere to be rational for me.

The rationality and calmness the MC showed only proves one thing. That MC falls in love with certain conditions. If those conditions are not fulfilled he won't love the ml. He would not be rational and calm enough when blaming ML but when ML blames him, the ML would be told off by him to be naive and not mature enough.

MC found ML in all other worlds and fell in love. True, but ML was the one to take initiative all the time. Not only that MC refuses to confess first even after knowing that the two people likes each other. And in one world, even after knowing that ML was innocent he was angry at ML because the pe*verted guy liked him and hanged the MC for a long time in the name of rationality.

I read in other comments that you can see MC changing for his love slowly in every world. And had my hopes high. But I don't see him changing at all. If ML meets his conditions, he would love ML and if he doesn't, he would hang him or tell him to change in the name of rationality.

I mean, even in real life if you have high intelligence and rational you would not let your loved ones change for you just because they are a bit navie. If he was rational enough, why not explain to ML slowly but fight with him?

Utter nonsense in name of rationality and calmness. <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
May 29, 2022
Status: Completed
The story had a few plot holes and I felt the main characters' reasons for doing things were very confusing - it seemed pretty selfish and petty. Perhaps if I read the story in Chinese, things would make more sense, but I often found myself scratching my head at the righteous explanations for pretty awful behaviors. Sometimes, the one given the green hat wasn't even that bad - they were just acting in their own self interest, like the main characters.

The rationale for the multiple transmigrations was also the weakest... more>> I've ever seen. It didn't tie up anything and wasn't at all satisfying.

Finally, the mini-stories themselves were very repetitive. Unlike other stories of this genre, the ML doesn't bother assimilating into his character - he just defaults to his standard script. Start a company and money on the stock market. Anyone who has invested money knows how unrealistic this is, not to mention how this just messes up the story. An entertainment novel turns into rich ceo novel. A high school love story turns into rich ceo novel. Rinse and repeat.

The characters themselves were pretty nice though in my opinion. I loved how sunny and loyal the MC was, and how rational and calm the ML was. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Not bad, the character development of the MC was done very well.

He is presented as a very cold, rational character. Throughout the worlds and different lives, he slowly warms up.

The romance between the MC and ML has a long development, which wasn't a bad thing, because the author took baby steps and spread out the MC's stages of falling in love/realizing he loved his partner across multiple worlds and timelines.

I am not sure I recommend this translation however; it seems to be barely as good as MTL. I would describe... more>> it as someone taking individual Chinese characters and matching it with a dictionary one by one, creating many clunky and mystifying sentences. Throw in a plethora of grammatical mistakes, and well, it doesn't make the story very easy to understand.

At least with MTL nowadays, phrases get translated according to their intended meaning and might actually be easier to read in the end.

Overall, not a bad QT. <<less
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denisse rated it
February 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I haven't finish it yet but I'm invested! Since I already caught up with the chapters so I'm gonna read through MTL 😳

Not gonna lie, at some point I was like "how can he fall in love with every ML without guilt?" (all MLs are the same person btw) But then I realized at the beginning of each arc he thinks that world is his first mission and he doesn't recall his past world's lifetime with the ML until the end😂 but he does have this familiar feeling about certain... more>> behaviors 👍

I actually really like their relationship! They're so sweet with each other~ and although I found this novel because I was looking for a Gong MC and I'm not disappointed. I liked this novel very much, waiting for more chapters o ((*^▽^*)) o_


I finished reading through MTL, it's easy to read so if anyone wants to, just read it. I have to say that I didn't like the ending not because if was awful or anything but it was too rushed and I want to read more about them in other worlds, but it is a HE!! So I'm satisfied (*´ω`*) <<less
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Queen_of_Chaos000 rated it
December 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Loved this QT! Quite different from others even though the essence remained the same. But absolutely adored the relationship between the two main leads.

Definitely Recommended!!
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aovel rated it
December 8, 2022
Status: Completed
this was a surprise. Although there are parts that were not done properly, like it was hurried, the whole plot unravelled in a very interesting and satisfying way. This is quite short but each world felt like a story on its own. The interactions between the gong and shou were interesting, to say the least. I liked the actor arc most.",)
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Akri rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I got somewhat lost in the last part with the time travel stuff, not sure if it's bc the translation was chopped or the story per se

It was a diferent kind of QT, cuz neither ML nor MC know... Well they don't know anything, it was way less romantic than I expected, good enough for me to finish reading, just not the best i've read so far
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Yumeru rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Ok so maybe at first there's of course some loopholes and transmigrating world to world is very fast to ml. The twist/the catch is at the end of the novel👀 so read it first!

The start of the story/ our couple is very quick, they just got to know each other less than 24 hrs then a tragedy happened. ML is strict to himself like a robot and it was just slowly being intersted to our MC, but accident happened before they can go further with their relationship. Now he need... more>> to finish some worlds to get "yu ke's fragments"

1st world : Campus/Ceo life-ML, Cook-MC

2nd world: Pianist/Ceo

3rd world: Ceo/artist etc

4th world : ML just ordinary haha // against weak /psycopath villain, MC is a busness partner of villain's father
5th world Highschool to CEO

After per world ML will Forget it and will just rmemeber that he needs to change the chara he transmigrated to gather Yuke's/fragments

Along the way, we can see as ML slowly becomes more human. He now have time to enjoy and appreciate the things that he usually will not on his original world's strict schedule. 1st world he experience being taken care of especially meals by MC. 2nd world he rekindle his passion for music though he's back to business in the end hahah. 3rd he's caring and supportive to his lover. There's also some bits that makes hime familiar fr the past worlds.

Equal relationship! Even if not in the start, both of them works hard to be up to par to each other. +They both complement each other and no irritating long misunderstandings ✨ <<less
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proxyjess rated it
December 16, 2023
Status: Completed
This title is really confusing. I think this novel try a different take than the usual QT. Although it's nothing sensational, it's a good read.

... more>>

The whole QT starts with a shocking event, and we know right away why, because the 2nd character's death. Was it still spoiler if it's happen in early chapters? And so Lu Yi have to travel for a chance to save Yu Ke. If I remember correctly, each world seems to not connected as Lu Yi doesn't seem to remember what happen in previous world. So yes, readers can skip arc if they want to. Fortunately or unfortunately, this make our Lu Yi going back to what he do best in every world : be an entrepreneur.


The protagonist, Lu Yi, is calm and collected in his conduct, but he'll definitely make sure you feel the same humiliation (or more) when you shamed him in public. I mean, it's shown in just a few starting chapters. But that doesn't mean he's not unforgiving. In fact, he seems to understand the limit of his revenge and knows when to step back. I'd say he's kind to his ex-fiancée. Lu Yi is the type that knows what he wants and what to do to achieve his goal. He have a sense of responsibility and attachment to his family. Which he projects in his several QT family. He was never overpowering with his choice of words too. He's very patient.


I was quite shock when I read Yu Ke's death chapter. It just so sudden and I feel like we didn't yet understand what happen. Lu Yi's tears when Yu Ke die makes me think he feels some sort of guilt of the outcome, even when it's not his fault.

The ending though... and I meant the part where Yu Ke explain things is just... what? Wait, what? It's just confusing.

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Lina_Abdullah rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I love everything about this especially how the author put effort on the real world story and the reason of the QT more than other authors of QT novels

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