My Groom Ran Away


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All the rich people in City B know how much Ruan ZhiYin likes Qin Jue. She had blindly followed behind Qin Jue for many years and watched as he matured from a youthful boy to a young man. Eventually, she had finally waited until a grand wedding was planned for them.

The Qin and Ruan families were to be connected by marriage. On the day of the wedding, the groom Qin Jue went missing. Ruan ZhiYin knew that Qin Jue had rushed to City C for his ex-girlfriend who had tried to commit suicide. The guests had completely filled the seats and she, who had been looking forward to this wedding for years, finally completely gave up on Qin Jue.

She was not willing to let the Ruan family become a laughingstock, so she gritted her teeth and dialed the number of her arch-enemy: “Cheng YueLin, come and marry me right now. We will divorce in one year and I will give you the BeiCheng project.”

On the other side, Cheng YueLin stood in front of a floor covered in cigarette butts and held his phone as he raised a brow: “Miss Ruan’s groom ran away? Okay. Just wait. This Lord will come marry you.”

The next day, young master Qin and his good friend returned to B City. The assistant who had come to pick them up looked a bit hesitant.

Good Friend: “Could it be that Ruan ZhiYin wants to terminate the marriage contract?”

Assistant: “No, that is not it. But…”

Qin Jue: “But what?”

Assistant: “Miss Ruan has switched to a new husband.”

Qin Jue: “?”

— Cheng YueLin who had returned home with a beauty: I’ve already received the certificate. You don’t need to call me. Thanks.


After the wedding.

Ruan ZhiYin realised: No matter what I do, I cannot leave this marriage.

Cheng YueLin was secretly overjoyed: This is a pie that I never would have thought would fall down from the heavens.

Qin Jue who was full of regrets: This is a wife that I can never get back even after she is cremated.

“You dare to run away from the wedding. I dare to change the groom.”

“Even after cremation, you will never be able to get this wife back.”

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New sslsdm rated it
May 10, 2022
Status: Completed
have the same vibe as get rid of male god and marry the rich. But this one aint really that heart breaking since FL did not love QJ for ten years.

this book ML I like him more lol, He teased FL so much and pretty much more fun to read.

i kinda dont like the flashback part since I read thru MTL so yea, anw I like the leads.

Tbh FL is indeed a cold person. Kinda feels bad to QJ but then again remember him always choosing LJ over FL and... more>> always sided with Lin family even tho he knew so well how FL loathed LJ and her family, he did not deserve FL. But still hoping that he have his own ending, which is move on or whatever it is. His love is real, sadly he's a stupeeeeed guy.

There's aint really a villain tbh. The only big rock standing on their way is QJ (who's not a villain but some ex dude) and LJ


For LJ, grew up treated as a princess and the apple of everyone (at last that what she thought) and then one day boom! Another gurl coming to ur life stealing everything you has (thats wht her daddy said) she's super jealous and yea that leads her to be a villain. But dang, she have her own chara development and she did regret it.


Recommended if you want to read something nice to kill time, the plot aint dog blood so yea its good for blood pressure <<less
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Jeez Louise
Jeez Louise rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I wanna be Ruan Zhiyin (FL) when I grow up. If I have to summarize her attitude towards the idiot ex, it will be like this: Yes I do like you but I just happen to like myself more. Why would I shortchange myself for someone unworthy of my devotion?? AMEN SISTER 👏👏

But I have to say Cheng Yuelin, the ML, stole the show! Majority of the time why I laughed here was due to him. His vanity, arrogance, and pettiness reminded me so much of Yan Rusheng (Crafty... more>> Husband, Aloof Cute Wife) not to mention the way they "bully" the woman they love seems like they were taught by the same master hahaha!

Sure, it was because of his calculations that Zhiyin ended up with him but if only Qin Jue (FL's ex) didn't fcked up himself and proved that he is worthy of Zhiyin, I know for a fact that Yuelin would back off and let go of Zhiyin and not force himself between a happy couple. In short - yes, he is scheming but he's not a manipulator.

Here are some of the reasons why Cheng Yuelin is very swoon worthy:


💀 He used beauty trap to seduce Zhiyin hahaha! Him with his bathrobe purposely opened which made Zhiyin accidentally touch his chest made me lol! Poor girl thought she commited a crime and ate his tofu not knowing the guy was more than happy to be eaten! 😭

💀 I always chuckle when he post pics of EVERY meal that was cooked by his wife and even the clothes and things she bought for him. I'm surprised none of his friends ever blocked him 😂

💀 The "nonchalant" way of him bragging about his wife's care for him to his friends kills me EVERY SINGLE TIME. He always oh so casually overshare details like how his wifey made sure to cook him breakfast or how his wife instructed him not to smoke coz smoking is bad for his health, or for him not to drink cold water since he has stomach problems. He'll also always ends it with him sighing as if saying, "What can I do, this is the life of a married man." It's so frigging obvious how blatantly he's trying to show off 😂

💀 And lets not forget about the marriage certificate that he carries with him in his special pocket EVERYWHERE. When out of the blue, he randomly took it out to unapologetically gloat to fl's ex, I fcken hollered!!!


Seems like my review is more like me stanning the ML hahaha! Just go ahead and read this since this novel only has 63 chapters plus 8 extras, and you'll understand where my rainbow farts are coming from (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵) <<less
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liriodaisies rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all I just want to say: IGNORE THE LOW RATING!!!

I don’t usually do reviews but the low rating got me mad since this novel is seriously good. I read the whole thing on MTL (which was quite easy and surprised me).

The main character is very likable, she was kidnapped and found by her wealthy family after years, but because of growing up without love she put a persona of being perfect, rarely showing her true feelings and allowing herself to be emotional. Her relationship with the initial groom... more>> was also like this, she liked him but was afraid to show her true self.

Here comes the ML: he liked her during high school and annoyed her on purpose, which is why she says he is her enemy, but she never knew about his crush. After their marriage they slowly develop from a contractual love to true love.

It’s not a stressful novel (although it has antagonists) and they are very very cute, definetly recommend!!! <<less
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ricachuu rated it
October 19, 2021
Status: Completed
This story tells about love that was missed for such a long time but eventually found again after such a long wait.

True, that ML was indeed black-bellied and planned to have the FL and Qin Jue separate, but he never forced her to do anything that she doesn't want. He was patient and was even willing to give up if FL and Qin Jue truly love each other. He just patiently waited even while he suffered for so long and when Qin Jue slipped up, he definitely took the opportunity. He then did her best to make FL love him and he succeeded and he deserved it.

FL was also a pitiful character. She was taken away by human traffickers when she was 4 years old and was saved and ended up living in an orphanage. She was happy in the orphanage as she had her friends and a kind Dean that cares for them. She was suddenly taken back by her relatives many years later and she didn't feel like she was welcomed by her new home except her grandfather. She did her best to catch up and excel to be worthy of her family's name and always put on a facade of a gentle, perfect, and soft-spoken person. She always distanced herself from everyone even to Qin Jue, who she thought that she liked. She was even willing to give up on her 'like' for him and went abroad. She actually didn't want to be with Qin Jue but felt moved because


she thought that the things ML did for her secretly were done by Qin Jue


Qin Jue was a sad character but he deserved it lol. He really never thought about how FL would think about her abnormal consideration to that white lotus cousin.


He actually only cared for that white lotus because he promised her grandfather Ruan that he'll take care of her.


Anyway, another beautiful love~ Perfect for hopeless romantic people like me~
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelle rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5 stars

This one makes me think of the quote "Your true love makes you realize that your first love isn't your first love." That basically sums this up. MC underwent big character development with the help of ML. The author really made a point that her home is not in a house, but in a person. This is a good love story.

I wish the author could've told us what happened with MC's friends. Their stories were opened up but never given resolution. There's room for a couple more chapters,... more>> but the author cut it short. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fungiball rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
5/5, completed by mtl-ing


Similar with other commenters, the premise is great as well as the story. Let's start with the main leads. FL, RZY, was a great woman, a type of sister that I really want to admire. She was clear-headed and concise throughout the story. On the other hand, ML, CYL, was a really frank and sweet husband, #can I get one CYL pls?.

The point is, they communicated every of their marriage problems with each other. There were not any unnecessary prolonged drama. Salute for the author making... more>> this novel into one of my favorites that perfectly match my cup of tea.

Overall, this review might be overly biased, but one sentence to depict the whole story: highly recommended 👍 <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 5, 2021
Status: c18
Reading this MTL, currently to 18. The situation with Ruan Zhiyin and Qin Jue has shades of 'switched at birth' trope, Green Tea, and Male Chauvinism.

Ruan Zhiyin was actually lost when she was four, her parents died, and so the aunt who married out came back with her husband and Lin Jingfei became the 'young miss' of the Ruan house. So far we don't know how RZY was discovered, but she came back to a household with an elderly grandfather and an Uncle Lin who was trying to take over... more>> the family, so she plays wall flower. Jin Jingfei is a total green tea who feels like Ruan Zhiyin is stealing her things.

The Ex, Qin Jue, is s*upid as hell. He actually likes Ruan Zhiyin, and liked her BEFORE the dating situation with Lin Jingfei. He wanted to test if Ruan Zhiyin would be jealous... instead, RZY proposed to her grandfather to break the marriage contract. They go abroad, he finally successfully pursues RZY, and then when they come back to China... him looking after Lin Jingfei directly wears down RZY's love for him. Lin Jingfei is intentional, Qin Jue is just dumb as hell for not realizing that despite having successfully 'caught' RZY, he still needs to maintain her feelings and not treat her as a second priority to Lin Jingfei.

Ruan Zhiyin actually does like him, too! Has! But her pride won't allow her to tolerate this bullshit, and honestly she shouldn't tolerate it. Even though Qin Jue likes her, its not a human kind of liking - he doesn't care about her feelings at all. It's clear that even if they'd gotten married, Qin Jue would continue to favor Lin Jingfei due to some promise he made to her grandmother. You can take care of Lin Jingfei's business without PERSONALLY attending to it! He's a president of a company! He should understand this basic concept! But his male chauvinism puts his feelings first, and his ''''responsibilities'''' over the feelings of the person he '''loves''' and wants to marry.

So by the time the story starts, Ruan Zhiyin doesn't love Qin Jue anymore, she's only bitter she wasted time loving him.

As for Cheng Yuelin.... tsk. I haven't seen evidence yet that he's grown up past being a bear child. He only knows how to bicker with Ruan Zhiyin, and not in a cute way. Ruan Zhiyin isn't actually bad with EQ, which tells you how badly he handles their interactions that she doesn't have the slightest clue that he's 'secretly in love' with her. He's pulled off a few schemes to get her to actually legally marry him rather than just have the ceremony, and even get an extension on the one year deadline, but it's not even in the 'blackbelly' way, it's just... arrogant bear child running a protection racket type way.

I'm holding out hope that Yuelin actually proves worthy of Zhiyin, or otherwise this is a situation where I regret the FL being written into this kind of book. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hoouuujae60 rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Pretty good! Got hooked because of the synopsis!

Liked all characters, even felt pity for the ex-boyfriend cause he really liked her but he took advantage of the fact that she's obedient and tolerant and put her last so maybe it was just not meant to be... ML always lost the timing everytime he'd try to chase her, things took a turn for him when something bad happened, he always seem to lose the opportunity ever since highschool all the way to eight years later but FL turned to him and... more>> end up loving him for the warmth and importance he gave to her, made her feel the home and belonging she always desired ever since she was little.

I just want to say FL and ml's interactions are awesome! Made me crack up every time! ML is so narcissistic lol and so arrogant, he keeps on teasing fl, made her think she's dirty and that she keeps harrassing him oh my hahaha!

It was a nice read, binge read it for a day, should try it out, don't understand the low ratings this novel has since it was great! <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel simply has an extremely unrealistic set of characters and uses too many cliched troupes commonly found in your mom's favorite soap operas.

The ML is undoubtedly the most crippled character here. He always helped MC with everything, and I mean, everything, borderline stalked her, and yet he never failed to hide every single thing he did for her. Even when he knew that the reason MC decided to date her ex before was because she misunderstood his hidden intentions and thought that it was the ex who helped hee,... more>> the ML still did not try to clarify it. The ML said that he's head over heels in love with MC and wanted to chase her since high school, but always gave opportunities for others while deliberately concealing his deeds, does that make sense? Who is he, Lei Feng?

There's also the part when the ML was already sure that the MC is in love with him, and what did he do? He did not try to develop the relationship, like, at all. He just watched her trying to chase him and all that in the distance, not even bothering to say that "yes, I like you too". They're legally MARRIED, he's been in love with her since high school, they live together, and he was just treating it like casual Friday. The one who took the initiative ended up being the MC, and it literally took more than one year for him to say that he likes her. Oh and another year for MC to know that the ML was the one who actually helped her all this time, and she always found out from others. So, if those people didn't happen to tell her, then she probable would never find out the things the ML did for her back then, and the 'good person' who always helped her in her heart would forever be the ex fiance.

Does that makes sense?? If you like someone, why would you deliberately let other take your credits in front of the person you like without any intention of clarifying it?

And don'r even talk about his highly inconsistent personality. I'm talking about the cold-blooded merciless CEO on one side and tsundere gap moe lovestruck silly boytoy on the other side. Istg the ML's personality is just too inconsistent the author could've split them into at least 3 different personalities and say he has multiple personalities. I get that there are different dimensions of a person's personality, but this character is just too all over the place and so very inconsistent like he has no proper sense of self identity.

Now let's go to the ex. The ex is said to be fully supportive of MC's cousin because of the promise he made to MC's grandma. The full support here includes accompanying her here and there, sponsoring her behind the scenes that people everywhere knows he's her patron, and even giving up his extremely expensive gift that was originally meant for MC to that said cousin, not even bothering to mention that it was a mistake until he got fed up with her. Now my question is, what REALLY motivates him?

You're telling me a single sentence of a distant acquaintance who's not even his relative can make him behave like that? You're telling me a person who ran away from home and cut all contacts with his family for years is for once obedient, but not to his own family, just so he could give everything he has without any other intention to a girl he doesn't even love and put the girl he really loves at the back of his mind?

The author really doesn't understand how human psyche works, it's baffling....

In a case like this, there are usually only a few possible scenarios that really makes sense: either the guy is a really straight-laced person who always listens to what elders say and always want to do the right thing (which he certainly is not since he's never been an obedient child), or that he enjoys the woman's company, be it for truly intimate purpose or simply just to boost his male ego with his protective nature.

The author, however, just simply portrayed the ex's actions as a way to fulfil his promise to the grandma, that's it. The ex didn't even have the slightest entanglement with the cousin, yet he never hesitated to make MC sad repeatedly because of the cousin. And he said MC was the love of his life, no questions asked.

Does that make sense? I mean, I get that someone can not treat the person he likes well, but what is the proper cause/motivation? I'd understand if the setting was he has a tr*shy personality or that he really held the cousin in his heart or something, but he didn't. He even let the cousin's father go to jail and let others destroy her career without giving any kind of help after he realized his mistakes. In this sense, it means that he really don't care about that woman. Can you believe that he actually put that same person as his first priority just because of a single sentence for years, even going so far as to dismissing the woman he loves?

Seriously, the author needs to read more psychology books, or just interact more with other humans. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YoriMei rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a 4.5, a really nice story that has a very cute couple and a pretty nice plot line that doesn't overstay its welcome nor drag on forever. MC has a really good head on her shoulders, she doesn't dally about her choices and is firm in her decision to end it with Qin Jue. As for the ML, he's hilariously head over heels in love with MC and it's cute watching him try his best to catch his wife's attention. There's plenty of cute moments, the side characters have... more>> plenty of charm, and while it doesn't re-invent the wheel; it was a joy to read if you're looking for a nice romance story with very little drama between MC and ML.

The story has several moments where the author could have fleshed out a bit though. For example, one of RZY's best friend's ends up in an (amiable) divorce with hints of her ex-husband still in love with her, but everything is happening off screen and you only get to know one or two small mentions of it happening on the side. Another is where RZY finds out that CYL had

colluded with QJ's enemies to drag the couple back to China, and then promptly fanned the flames to help break them up. Yes, you could argue the cracks were already there or RZY would have never been truly happy with QJ, but surely the fact that CYL would help spread the gossip that QJ was involved with another woman and actively helped in breaking them up would cause some reaction from RZY right?

But instead it gets swept under the rug with a very weak confrontation and a "Oh well, I love him though". Qin Jue especially gets the short end of the stick in this story, and while yes he was neglectful, he never cheated and truly loved MC, who never truly voiced her real opinions with him either. It was kinda painful to watch the author continually drag him out to extend the word count, refusing to let him bow out with any dignity and making him continually obsessed with MC.

Overall, it was a sweet story of one guy who fell in love with a girl in high school and couldn't let her go. I do wish ML faced some actually repercussions for his scheming though, it doesn't have to be a big fight, but at least let the confrontation be more than a few lines before she realizes she loves him too much to care. Despite my gripes though it's a really nice read that I really recommend you give a shot if you just want a happy romance story. <<less
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Fyrehydrant rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: --

came here for the scummy ex suffering in sadness and regret but I stayed for the fluff ❤️

... more>>
  • RZY and CYL’s development was definitely funny and cute. An emotionally closed off boring kid managed to catch the attention of a hopeless tsun. Everything was cute except

    the part where CYL deiberately tried to break up QY and RZY. That was petty and mamipulative but then again he never did try to manipulate her into liking him. He just didnt want to see them together. So I guess, plus brownie points for CYL??? Idk. I admire RZY for having the heart to love him anyway

  • QY was definitely pathetic. His indecisiveness and naïveté killed all his chances in winning RZY back. Granted, RZY never really loved him in the first place, he just kept losing credibility of being a reliable husband/partner. Dude never really noticed LJF was playing him until the end.
  • The Lin family deserved their ending. LC is especially disgusting for trying to manipulate a child for his benefit. LZ is a pervert and a cowards and I wished RZY actually stabbed him. LJF is just sad. No words for this woman. Least RZY could do was to send her to therapy.

overall, I loved reading this novel. We never really get to know what happens to RZY’s friends and I hope the author considers to put extra chapters on the side characters that seemed imoortant. Its light and calm and it makes you believe that even if you think youre alone in the world, there’s always someone who thinks of you.
I highly recommend this novel <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Slight backstory on FMC

-she had been kidnapped at age four and ended up in the orohanage and later in her early teens found back home. Her parents had passed and only her grandpa was left along with an biological aunt and uncle. Her uncle had most of the control in their company and she’s been facing off with him since her return to China (past 6 months ig)

-since her early days she had a crush on QJ (ex) and had a marriage contract with him. However, he had... more>> started dating LJ (bish cousin) and that made her give up on her feelings for him and ask her grandpa to cancel the marriage so everyone can be happy. She decided to go study abroad and she and QJ (ex) studied in the same university where he started to pursue her. There was a small incident which ultimately touched her heart and decided to give him a chance on top of her previous feelings and so they got into a relationship.

-apparently prior to their return to China she had supported and unwaveringly stood behind QJ in his struggles to take over his family and the business and despite the highs and lows they both made it.

- the break up with the ex was not abrupt but it was one of those situations where a woman has been tolerating a mans BS but doesn’t immediately break up but finally does so when most of the feelings are gone and it’s too late to turn back.

backstory on EX

-grew to fall in love with MC in their younger days and made some s*upid decisions in order to ‘test her love’

-was raised by FL’s grandma (dead in current timeline) and has great love and respect for her. He made a promise to watch and protect green tea cousin this the extra care. Not to mention they were good friends that grew up together.

Back story on ML

-mentioned multiple times in the novel that the past him was a ‘bear child’ and allegedly an arrogant punk. Fights, poor grades, high school hunk kinda guy.

-around the time MC went abroad ML seemed to go through some family trouble where his dad had been jailed (false accusations I think) and committed suicide leaving ML in a dark spot with no family except an evil step-mom and her young kid. He climbed back up from the ashes and rebuilt everything from scratch earning himself the reputation for being extremely profit-hungry/greedy/capitalist etc...

things I love about this novel is that the ex did have may faults, somewhat neglect for MC and putting his own desires to have a whole peaceful setting over the MC’s true wishes but he never cheated. Even his love for her was absolutely true but he just didn’t know how to prioritize her and their relationship as well as understand her dislike for certain individuals thus making the wrong decisions. I also do want to sympathize with the ex cuz it seemed that he was somewhat insecure in their relationship as she’d never been open and one to communicate. It’s sad to think that she had never been in love with him... loved him? Maybe... idk but surely not in love with him.

they were just never meant for each other and I wish that the ex could have come to that realization and the author could give him his own happy ending as his previous relationship would have taught him how and who to prioritize and what it truly means to love and be loved. As well as break apart his calm and perfect image.

I really like the ML and I’m extremely fond of the whole “villain gets the girl” trope. Their relationship is lovely not to mention it includes the whole -flash marriage trope too!
I don’t want to spoil ML much but his dedication wins an A*

worth the read for sure. <<less
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rihan839 rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Sometimes, I low-key like it when the MC gets back with the OG ML especially if the ML did enough to repent for his wrong doings and has actually learnt from his mistakes.

But not this one, ... more>>

i dont think this is a lack of communication issue (I don't recall how strongly the MC was against him running to the other girl 24/7, apologies) coz the fact he went outta his way just to see the other girl right before their wedding is kinda messied up imo, its your wedding, im pretty sure your assistant could resolve it on your behalf =.= Totally his fault that he got his as* dumped on the day of the wedding.


Anyways, love the new ML,

he reminds me of a ML from another novel who was my secret bias but minus the douch and was secretly pinning after the MC for years. All the sweet things he did. And the side story at the end was so bitter sweet :') 10/10

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Adira rated it
February 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I won't rant here much about the entire because I really want other readers to read the whole thing by themselves. Because within the story there're so many things I didn't agree with the MC's way of handling things or situations.

... more>>

For an example among others: Not getting a restriction order against the ex-fiancée while putting other offenders to jail or handing them over to police.

I will stop right here as my examples could give away many plot lines. However one thing is for sure is being satisfied, while some might find dullness throughout in between chapters. What I liked the most is our female MC decisiveness, whether to refuse or accepting things the way it should be. While understand this, she might have bended herself in the past to cater or in consideration for other peoples. Because she wanted to stand firmly on her own first and gain herself a favourable position. This is the reason that she didn't express herself openly to anyone even to her own grandfather, which also irritated our ML since school days. However it all changed, which you'll know once start reading the story. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eeria rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Very cute and satisfying story! I'm all for heroines that drop scummy ex even when the ex « repents ». Just don't see the point in wasting time with someone that shows you no respect. He is not now ado he wont in the future, though he can pretend for awhile. I love how the FL is determined and how the ML had supported her. They match well together. The story is short but I loved it.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sky2829 rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: c50
It was good but plain. I liked the start but it started to be boring as it went. I'm not saying it's bad. It's worth a try but I kinda lost interest after they got together. Moreover, I felt like the author placed a lot of emphasis on ... more>>

the fact that she wasn't actually madly in love with her ex. Almost like she changed her mind in between. MC cried after getting proposed as the ex proposed not because of their marriage contract (they broke it as ex got into a relationship with her cousin) but because he loved her. She also said that the wedding held different weight their hearts with her being more into it but midway through author says she liked him because of admiration, she wasn't madly in love as everyone thinks. This was repeated many times with her saying that the main reason she agreed to Qin Jue was because everyone said to give him a chance and she got a jade Buddha or so from her dean asked by QJ at that time. The author also gave hints that QJ didn't have friends there so he couldn't have been the one who just so that the ML could be one who did it. I don't mind the ML having more role, I would love that and she wasn't actually real with QJ but her past relationship was downplayed like nothing.
It also popped up from nowhere that she still had some kind of distance in her mind from her Grandpa whom she loved. Maybe it's MTL but her character was extremely confusing with first saying that she deeply loved and then saying that there was still something wrong and the only exception is ML. It's okay if it's the ex but why grandpa. An okay reason is given but why wasn't it even hinted at the start. This is not a major issue but I just found the MC's character not well developed but rather spontaneously added.


Most people may like it but it does loses its appeal as the story progresses. I'm not sure if the story gets better as I dropped it at ch 49 or 50. <<less
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Milkshake rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: Completed
As like the above people said, I don't get this novel didn't get enough rating. I can feel the love throughout the whole journey. It was not like love that make your heart beat fast, hot or shy. You'll feel calm but it can melt deep into your bones. He can give secure, loyality, protection, happiness. In short, he can give her a home. I've read many romance novel but I can't feel the ml's love for fML at all. All I can see is jealousy, possessive but not two... more>> way. They can control the fML but what about themselves? But this novel is different. They are in two way relationship and have respect, loyality that every couples should have. I don't want to say this is a hidden gem but truly gem.

👉The plot

Except for too much work cases, I like it.

👉The female lead

I really really like her. She is one of strongest MC I've ever see. She dare love and she dare leave without looking back. She will be silent until someone cross her bottom line.


He was too narcissistic. No wonder he can't get fML in the first stage🤣. But kinda cute.

👉The ex

Lol. The poor man. He love her really but he took advantage of fml's kind for him but he cross the bottom line so their story ended. He should communicate with fML earlier. <<less
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Shortk rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: Completed
3.5 rounded up because I did enjoy the romance. It felt very respectful even though we find out how black bellied the ML was at the end. Like the very end which was rushed af and bad writing imo but ok

Pro: the relationship between the two of them, when they interact with each other, feels healthy and is overall respectful. For contract marriages the ML usually just traps the MC by going against his word and saying you can't leave, but do you know what the ML did to extend... more>> the marriage? He

just asked her if they could stay married. Yes he communicated. He asked for her permission. What a turn on for real


Con: this deducted a lot for me because the pacing of this novel was strange to me. I definitely feels like the author didn't know how to pace it well to end it well. Considering the villains don't feel 3d, the leads don't feel emotionally involved in the drama therefore I feel like it's hard for me as a reader to care too much about the drama, and because the overall tone of the novel felt although cliche still more fluffy than dramatic, the "revelations" in the last 2-3 chapters is really abrupt.

It just doesn't match the tone of the novel for me. I think what really gets me is that although yes this was a cliche rich person modern day novel thing, it had a lot of potential for it's romantic story up until the last third part that was lost due to its (happy ending but) different tone at end to the overall potential. I feel like some authors don't know how to end a fluffy romance in a satisfying way. That's basically it. But I still found it enjoyable enough. Just remember it's cliche. <<less
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dewey rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: c1 part1
Although chapter 1 and part 1 of chapter 1 have been uploaded, why is it already rated so low? Based on what I've read it seems interesting and the summary gives me high expectations that this will be face-slapping filled novel (hopefully).
I rated it 5/5 to raise up the rating, I'll change it accordingly as I read the novel!!
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DemiUchiha rated it
March 17, 2022
Status: Completed
This was an alright story. Even though it was already short, I feel like it could have been shorter. I feel as if it was kind of drawn out longer than it should have. Also MC kind of annoyed me a little bit.

... more>>

I'm glad that she didn't forgive Qin Yue/Ju because I hate when MC's forgive ML's who are involved with other women easily. Also the ending was not all that good. There was no closure as to what happens afterwards. Like I would like to know what happened to Lin Jiafei after she hit Qin Yue.


I don't think I would ever reread this, but it's not a horrible novel. 4.8/10 <<less
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TheEthicalCorrupt rated it
October 19, 2021
Status: c15
Got reeled in by the synopsis. Was looking for something light hearted and fun. Story delivery was okay, with cliche plots...


high school crush, switched at birth


There's minimal character development for anyone in this story so it got kinda boring. It's great for those beginning to find interest in this kind of narrative plus it's a short read, yay (60+ chap)
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