Accidental Mark


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Pei Shaoze unintentionally heard about a novel called Accidental Mark. Once he woke up, he found he had transmigrated into the alpha scumbag in the book, Pei Shaoze. The omega protagonist of the novel, Cheng Xia happened to have his pheromones out of control. The original scumbag not only took the opportunity to mark the protagonist but also killed the protagonist’s parents and ruined his reputation. The protagonist was completely blackened and returned five years later to stab the scumbag to death.

Pei Shaoze, “……” What type of melodramatic plot was this? Why not invest well in movies and TV shows when he was the boss? His brain was used to bully the protagonist. No wonder why he would be stabbed to death.

Therefore, he thoughtfully sent Cheng Xia home and helped select a school drama for Cheng Xia. “This drama is suitable for Cheng Xia and has the potential to be popular.”

It turned out to be really popular. Cheng Xia said, “Thank you, President Pei!”

“Cheng Xia should expand his shows and challenge himself.”

Cheng Xia whose fans soared to the tens of millions. “Thank you so much, President Pei!”

“Do you want to try this drama? I think you are talented enough to handle this difficult role.”

At the awards ceremony, Cheng Xia said, “The person I want to thank most is President Pei!”

On Pei Shaoze’s birthday, all the stars of the company came to congratulate him. After the party, Cheng Xia personally sent Pei Shaoze home. The young man’s cheeks were slightly red and his eyes were shining as he stared at Pei Shaoze. “President Pei, in fact, I know your feelings toward me and I like you very much.”

Pei Shaoze, “……?”

Later, it was found that Pei Shaoze was a producer in every one of Cheng Xia’s shows.

The fans said, “This alpha is pretty good. Xia Xia, hurry and chase him!”

Cheng Xia answered, “I’ve caught him :)”

—Give you the most tolerant love and help you spread your wings to fly high.

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Accidental Mark (ไทย)
Đánh dấu ngoài ý muốn
意外标记 (穿书)
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300 Reviews

New Mochirily
Jun 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Decent read, but nothing is deeply elaborated. ABO is very lightly written. Entertainment portion very lightly written. Romance also. Transmigration too, kind of just glossed through. Nothing impactful to make me want to reread. Forgettable leads. If you’re tired of drama and dogblood, this is a good refresher.
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New Sandstorm143
Jun 10, 2024
Status: Completed
I held off reading this novel for years because of he title and summary. I thought it was the usual ABO scene with dogblood events and hormones all around. But nooooo.

It's smoother than butter. The whole story was smooth-sailing and a fast read. But it didn't give off a rushed feeling. Every action was well-thought and made sense in reality. I actually learned many things about how the entertainment industry works. I really wasn't expecting much but I was so into the story that I read it in one go.

One... more>> thing I liked is the fact that Lin Qianshu made no splash in this life. Pei Shaoze said he'll be the strongest support and he really nipped things in the bud. Cheng Xia was hurt one time and it never happened again. He never let Cheng Xia down. Their relationship wasn't transactional and both parties take the initiative to show affection and transparency. Their relationship can't be any greener than the brightest green flag.

Pei Shaoze is literally the person we all need but can never have. He takes you to improve step-by-step and every step is solid. Cheng Xia remained sunny and optimistic until the end. Pei Shaoze pampered him and he made him strong. Their love was fast but it lasted two lifetimes. Sana ol. <<less
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Jan 19, 2021
Status: Completed


Waaow.. 0o0

... more>> It's 2am in the morning, and I don't really have the energy to make rainbow farts about anything, BUT THIS NOVEL IS JUST-

*cough* these days I'm kinda into gentle seme protagonist novels, and I'm so lucky to actually discover this novel by accident. Story wise, this novel is very cute read with not much drama or angst, maybe it's because the protagonist is too capable, any problem will be solved quickly. Usually in "transmigrate into novel" story the rival will be very annoying and trying to destroy main CP relationship, but no... you can rest assure that the romance is very satisfying, with no rival at all, very healthy, and very reasonable, non toxic unlike many usual "Cold and powerful CEO falls in love with me" themed novel. This kind of story would be for anyone who needs healing type of story after reading abuse sadomasochism type novel. Also it's kinda unusual for ABO themed novel not to have toxic plot like usual ABO novel (well I seldom read ABO novel but I read many ABO manga and it's basically biting marking raping and accidentally make a child so yeah my view on ABO is not that great, thank you), so you can check this novel is you don't like those messy plot.

For character, hmmm I can say nothing but "cute" about Chen Xia (ML), BUT THE MC THO!!! Long story short I just want to say that I wish I had a man like him in my life. He's very mature, very serious, very gentle, very responsible and caring, although he acts cold with people but when he's with ML he's very romantic. Also he's smart, quick, and efficient when handling any problem, so yeah, all good things a man could have is all on him, so I like this man.


The best part about him is that he's very responsible yet frank towards ML, at first when ML was in heat he didn't mark him because he thinks it's no different from r*pe if he do that, and also ML's career will be over so he didn't want to mark ML. Then the confession scene is very lol cute, he kinda unsure about ML bcs ML is very young but actually ML is already like him from a long time, MC accidently kissed ML and he froze, then he continue to kiss, even ask for ML permission to kiss him again lol, and bam! They're together. Ok, ok what I admire him the most when they are about to make child, lol yeah before papapa MC ask ML "do u want child?" ML said that he wants, then he answered "ok I will learn to be a good father" and omg!!!!! I'm melting!!! I was like, Chen Xia (ML) did u save the galaxy or something? What did u do in past life to be able to get this man? Huhuhuhuhu so lucky I also want.


Ok I'm tired, honestly I'm kinda lazy to make review, but this novel is just too sweet for my fragile heart, so I want to share it, also this novel deserve many many love from reader. Overall this is a good read, but not very suitable for single dogs bcs you'll be drown in sea of sweetness lol <<less
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Jan 18, 2021
Status: Completed
I love this kind of ML the most. Principled, with respect for his partner and not a horn dog. Be sure to read alll the extras.
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Jan 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Really cute! What I love is that the MC (the seme, Pei Shaoze) is actually a good person! And that the ML (shou, Cheng Xia) also takes initiative! The relationship buildup between them is so sweet and loving, and there a few funny moments too. It's nice to see how Cheng Xia knows more about A/B/O things than Pei Shaoze does.
50 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 09, 2021
Status: --
FIRST OF ALL, Pei Shaoze is THE GOLDEN STANDARD for all romantic leads. ALL. Doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, man or woman. This is the kind of partner everyone deserves!!!!!

I couldn't stop smiling while reading my god it's fluff but a healing and wholesome and mature fluff.

Also, an ABO novel without the emphasis on s*x and the dominance of alphas and weakness of omegas and mediocrity of betas? What a treasure.
45 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 02, 2021
Status: Completed
Consent, respect and consideration - such a rarity in relationships set in ABO premises yet here, it is embodied by the protagonist Pei and reciprocated by the love interest, Cheng.

This is a feel good novel with minimal to no considerable villian, twist or heart wrench. Good amounts of career (acting and investing) oriented material mixed with heavily sweet romance. The transmigration element is well used especially with the extra chapter in the end to tie it all.

The premise is well set and the author has put in enough material to... more>> maintain the ABO pheromone based atmosphere with healthy relationship ideals. I both liked and disliked how much the 'original storyline' characters were sideline. I think it would have a added a bit more of conflict but at the same grateful it didn't take the usual clichéd route. I do think the romance brain transformation of our protagonist from a minimal talker to a particularly cheese smooth sweet talker was a bit abrupt but hey, love changes people (Especially in romance novels!). <<less
35 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 08, 2021
Status: Completed
In short, y'all would want a man like Pei Shaoze

I couldn't even find proper words to describe how much I loved this novel.

There's no dramatic plots but I cried sooo much at the ending (and fyi, I only have teary eyes even if a character died in a novel) the story it's just too heartwarming

... more>> I seriously wish I could have a beautiful, loving, mature, and understanding relationship like theirs with my SO in the future.

Ending my review with a funny note;

Accidental Mark is not Accidental Mark without the beautiful misunderstandings HAHAHAHAHAHA <<less
26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 30, 2021
Status: c57
The novel is such a slog.. I am at Chapter 57 and even though there are some very slow developments, the prose writing is just too much to bear. It's so boring and the characters are just not relatable at all. Contrast it with Very Happy, who I read in one sitting, this one is such a pain to sit through
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
You gotta be kidding me
You gotta be
May 12, 2021
Status: --c64
if youre tired of reading obsssessive, violent, abusive and scummy gongs you definitely HAVE TO READ THIS!! THE GONG IS THE BEST. LEGIT SOUL CLEANSING. This is gonna be my favorite gong so far, gooodness President Pei I love youuuu from the bottom of my bottom >>^<<
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 11, 2021
Status: Completed
5/5 stars!!

Oh my goodness this was such a lovely novel!

Despite the original dog blood setting, the real story we read is so full of fluff. I feel like I've been stuffed with sugar haha. Our CP here is one of the cutest couples I've come across~ ] just adore them.

... more>> .



I'd describe this as a slice of life/road to success type novel. The author does a wonderful job at keeping the reader engaged in both the romance/entertainment settings. That is quite a feat in my eyes since sometimes I've found myself in other novels become disinterested in one of those aspects.

Our main characters are Cheng Xia who is the original abused omega in the novel, he is a total sweetheart. He has a clear love of acting, a brain that goes a million miles a minute and a strength to his character.

Then there's Pei Shaoze who on the surface is a cold, president but in actuality a compassionate and warm guy. He's very focused on work but can be introspective and deals with situations/people in a fantastic manner.

Both of them together is just the cutest thing. I found myself constantly smiling and saying "awww" while reading their romance blossom.

If you want a healing story you have to read this!

(Minor spoiler)

P.S. In case any of you were worried about the setting of how the MC is transmigrated into the novel world but still alive in the real world in terms of romance:


Don't be! With the way the system explains it the MC's time has stopped in the real world and one of the MC's final prizes after the ML's love reaches 100 is that he can stay with the ML till they die. And when they do grow old together and pass on, its said that the ML is also somewhere in the MC's real world, since there was some parallels considering the MC transmigrated into a body with the same name/looks as him. So don't worry and enjoy the ride

Thats all ciao. :)

20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This tastes like syrup on my favorite pancakes. I love how frikin sweet this is. This is honestly the one of those few ABO that you can read without losing hair from stress, anger, angst, and disappointment. Although there are a few plot holes here and there but the main reason I read it was for fluff anyway so it's good. I loveeeee the MC so much, he is disciplined, calm, reasonable, romantic. I adoreee the ML but tbh I think MC full-on carried this story, no hate though I... more>> still love it. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 10, 2021
Status: c15
Can't understand why this is rated 4.8. Doesn't seem to be very well-written.

The narrative is terribly bland, and the conflicts get resolved so quickly hardly anything seems to have happened. Plus, everything seems so convenient.

Some sentences were obviously placed there just to rack up the word count, giving the novel a sloppy feel.

Maybe it'll get better later? But I think 15 chapters is my limit for now. It's so tiring to read.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Racing Raindrops
Racing Raind
Jun 24, 2021
Status: c82
this is one of the sweetest novels i've ever read here. Psz is an absolutely wonderful. This guy, I am very pleased to tell you, knows how to ask for consent and respects it. fellow readers, surely you know how f***ing attractive that is?

this guy is considerate and respectful of cx even before he ever has an inkling of romantic affection towards him. He cleans up the mess of the original setting that made cx blacken in the first place.

psz also puts pieces in motion to make sure that cx's reputation doesn't get tarnished because of it long before cx ever thinks it becomes a problem.


cx, on the other hand, is all too cute doing his best to show his affection and care and worry whenever it concerns psz. Watching him clumsily shower psz with love and somehow sending himself to psz's door is too cute.

it is not plot-heavy and it doesn't drag at all. This novel is fluff. Full of fluff, warm and soft. This is the refreshing drink after reading dogblood drama. The cool feeling to soothe your bruises from the tragedies and angst. Very much recommend!!!
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly make up your mind, you cry when the relationship is too toxic in novels and you want consent then cry that novel's like these were too bland ??? And its not like its not entertaining too wtf

Like bruh... make up your mind-

And yea the story where I have read till now basically has consent and they respect each other (no rapist MC that shows love by forcing themselves on their lover) plus this novel focuses more about their independent journey through the entertainment industry so if you don't... more>> like slowburn... don't read?

Anyway I enjoyed it and definately ask you to give it a try :) <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 10, 2021
Status: c95
Yay...i made it to the end!

About the Story.... our MC is basically the overbearing president type, well.. he actually is the president of an entertainment company. His younger sister is reading that novel "accidental mark" and complaining quit a bit about that alpha lead scumbag which shares her brothers name. After his birthday party our MC wakes up in an unfamiliar place with a system in his head that welcomes him to"accidental mark". The system starts to give out tasks according to the original novel beginning with "marking ML", which... more>> is basically the beginning of the novel and the downfall of ML. MC declines the system and insists on walking down a better road.

Why am I only giving 3 stars while almost everyone is popping rainbow farts here?

Well... the beginning was really good and it felt more like a 4 to 5 star. Unfortunately the story declined at around the half and there were a lot of things I was unsatisfied with.

First of all, everyone here is praising the unabusive ABO setting and how cute the MC is to the ML. Well it is true that MC acts reasonable and responsible and the more disturbing I feel about the rest of the world setting cause there seems to be a tacit understanding that it is OK for alpha to not be able to control themselves. All those hints like "an omega is sending themselves to your door and you don't grab him" and so on. There appear some serious clashes that left me with a bad feeling.

Then there is the marking part... I read in the reviews it was consensual but I don't think so?

Basically the MC was surprised by his hormonal phase. He was in his own hotel room and even before he lost control his situation was discovered by his younger brother. Instead of calling a doctor that guy called ML to "help". And here starts what I highly dislike... the ML was in a comparable situation and MC acted responsible, called a doctor and kept his distance what repeatedly is a source of thankfulness and trust for ML. He is highly praising him for this but now he doesn't do the same. He is"helpful" to his boyfriend although MC was asking for the doctor and didn't want to "hurt" ML.

The story is most likely doing this under the name of "relationship progress" but in my opinion it is a double standard and breach in reasoning.

Then there is the story flow... as mentioned the beginning was good and there was actually some fun and action but unfortunately that was over soon... the story concentrated totally on the first drama and from then on it decrease alot to the second (while still there) and from then on everything is rushed like hell. The system was....i don't even know why there had to be a system... aside from the start it plopped up like 3 times and was not in use the whole time. Also, there are a lot of side Charakters that seemed interesting but were never fleshed out. Even MC and ML were lacking in my opinion... there was dog food but I did not feel like there was that deep soul connection you find in good written stories. Just because you write and emphasize over and over how good their tacit understanding is and how much they love each other doesn't mean I can feel it.

Well all in all it is an okay read. No surprises, repeatedly the same kind of OPness and face slap, that is really getting boring. I made it to the end but don't feel like I will ever read this again or even remember in a month. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 04, 2021
Status: Completed
Accidental Mark is a gem in AO genre. It has competent and mature Alpha who respect his Omega. It has Omega who is lovable and determinated with his dream. You rarely see this kind of couple in AO genre. Highly recommended.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly this is really a sweet novel. It was a quick romance, but their love is not without any foundation.

I really love love our MC. This is the first omega verse I read were the alpha didn't scumb to lust even though he didn't know about anything at first.

But seriously, I thought the ending will be the same as The Only Favourite Ugly Husband, where both protagonists will return to reality and get together.

This Novel can still continue. When I finish until the ending chapter where our MC proposed to... more>> our ml, I thought there is more.

I even suspect that the novel is not yet finished. I'm hanged!

It like when you read the Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial Palace and Warhead pet Hamster which ended very abruptly.


I want more!!!

Edit: NOOoooo!!! I very wrong!!!

The raw sight I came to read is not complete. It when I saw chekanalia review did I tried searching the series again. Turns out, I missed out many chapters QQ

Saw I came to edit it again. Huhuhu. This is really a great novel. No wonder Rainbowturtle choose to translate it.

It's really good!!! <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 01, 2021
Status: c95
First thing first, the translation is very good, the story is « sweet » and the beginning is fun

BUt, that’s definitely not my cup of tea

the pace is sooo slow, the author throw praises at the characters but there’s actually no grow (no depth either ?) - it’s like a pair of gary stu story, they a nice, but on the caricature side

the my alpha /my omega is overwhelmingly boring (it’s like my male, my female : hello ?) - the 26/30 yearold know nothing about intimacy and goes... more>> from blushing boy to hungry beast in one noght is also a pathetic cliche

it is so lovely the MC is not a bully... but why does the writer assume that all alpha are (granpa talking about marking is like « seize the prize you like - why bother asking for permission or feelings — common opinion seems to be that alpha are prone to be uncaring rapist, and the MC is a sweet exception)

it has some very very strong stench of ultra patriarchal values (the omega (female) wait to be marked (unilaterally) and becomes the possession of a male who will protect her/him, don’t talk about intimacy, one is the object of the other (literally : marking thing !) - the omega is also, younger, poorer, and very obedient ... as always ?)

despite being rather able to become a great actor (thanks to the unrelenting help od is « support « (!) the ML is also very dependent - can’t we watch more bears, and tiger (or, panda !) to see truly independent female for once ?

so basically you have a very patriarcal model with few variations : our own character is allowed to work (worries while meeting step parent and brief allusion about « kept omega », carier omega becoming house wife) - and the ultimate stretch is to this rule should be in their descendance : but it’s definitely an exception, something rather unique

it feels likes the author has a strong will to escape the patriarchal standards : but actually the only way to get there is never by unfolding a different system, but by making it the gift of a benevolent patriach : the alpha MC let the omega be is quasi equal — it’s a universe in which the omega can be bounded and marked for life like cattle, even if there’s little about the world being unfair to female, there are traces of prejudice in quite a few places

you can’t escape the whole greedy carrier path to success with the same money workship, and the ultimate accomplishment being to be recognized worldwide (really ? Not making it internationally is really not such a big deal for an actor, it’s not like « international (American,) job are showing the best of world artists)

on the good side e, there’s very few vilain, and the very evil rival is totally scraped from the plot ! How lucky ! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 29, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was good, but definitely not the greatest. Story was a little intriguing at first and then it started lagging. ML and MC were pretty good but not very fleshed out. The others characters were also okay, but none were really good. And how the heck can the MC be so dense till the end, like they kissed and stuff yet he was doubtful whether the MC truly liked him!!! And idk if it's me but I felt there was way to much emphasis on world building and showbiz... more>> than on the couple.

For those who like cute slow burn novels this book would be a good choice. At least the MC is respectful of the ML and no forced stuff happens. As far as ABO novels are concern this is really good. No forcing, no overbearing characters and no toxic stuff. So in the end it's a book which you could go for if you're looking for a mild and sweet abo story. Translation is great btw.

I would give 3.5 stars for it, if I could.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
We All Need Holy Water
We All Need
Apr 23, 2021
Status: Completed
The only thing that I can say is: this story raised my standards, both fictional and real life. They both respect, trust, and love each other. The MC's very mature and responsible, and the ML is just a ray of sunshine. The plot is quite questionable if you think about it; the OG host suddenly changed into MC and no one even questioned it hardly, they just thought he matured. The rest of the story makes up for it though. I died out of fluffiness so many times. This healthy-loving... more>> relationship is just right for me.


Also, the fact that President Pei didn't mark Cheng Xia because that's violating him even though he's (ML) in a force estrus made me hooked in this story. MC also said that there's no difference of marking an out-of-control omega and a rapist, and you know what? He's right. Many ABO themed novels justify r*pe just because of estrus/pheromones, and this is just a breathe of fresh air. Their relationship is built out of each other's consent. And even though MC's the president, he lets the ML grow on his own, ready to pick him up in case he fail but doesn't over do it. He still spoils ML in other ways though.


Also, thank you for the translations, translator-nim. It is really good. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 23, 2021
Status: c57
This is a really sweet story. If you like cute, fluffy relationship stories this is totally for you!

A lot of people probably have some reservations about "sweet" ABO novels. The ABO-Genre doesn't really have a good reputation when it comes to good relationships. You see a lot of non-consensual s*x and r*pe, which is made "normal" because of the setting. This is not the case here! The whole ABO setting and pheromones really take a backseat in this story. The focus is completely on the entertainment part and the relationship... more>> between the MC and ML. MC just wants to protect and support his little lover to let him get famous in the entertainment industry to fulfill his dream. The age gap between the two is a little worrying MC is 26 ML is 19. But both the MC and the ML are emotionally a totally blank sheet of paper, the relationship starts really innocent, no "marking on the first time meeting" kind of stereotypical plot in ABO novels. Unusual for ABO novels the MC even asks for MLs permission to kiss him, yeyy. Finally some decent consent.

I want to add that I normally don't like novels with a seme protagonist. I'm not sure why, I just haven't found any novel yet with a seme protagonist that I like. I decided to give this novel a shot still, because the synopsis and the positive reviews. If you're like me give this novel a try! <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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