Forces of Temptation


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The world’s shared, open interactive communication game ‘Forces of Temptation’ went online and quickly took the world by storm.

There was a perfect ecosystem, a physics engine that was completely close to reality and game instances that opened up dimensions that could be chosen. In particular, the supernatural instances received rave reviews.

Almost everyone thought they were playing a normal game until one day, millions of people saw a dialog box that appeared in the sky.

[Sun.exe isn’t responding. If you continue to wait, the program might respond.] [Do you want to end this process?] [End Process / Cancel]
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Kokoro Mugen
Kokoro Mugen rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: c28
I feel like this has the potential to be the next “Card Room” or something!

Likeable MC & ML ✔️

Good chemistry between CP ✔️

Interesting instances/world ✔️

Power couple ✔️

Interesting characters ✔️

I can’t wait for more!
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Wuxiwua rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: --
2.0/5.0 for me, personally. The first chapter started off well and it was good for a few chapters but then some things started to bother me.

Personally, I prefer the characters being fleshed out and described equally.

At first, I thought the characters were good and what I loved the most was the ML. He was, although very powerful, not like many other ML of the same genre. The ML here is supporting and well, very kind.

What I didn't like was how MC wasn't described well. I liked his cat like personality... more>> but there should be something more to him and it felt..... lacking. Till now there is nothing bore than, blunt, cold and cute.

The side characters are really good though. I kept reading just for them.

If you aren't bothered by the things I am, then you would probably enjoy the novel. It's very well written and has a bit of comedic undertone.

I love this author and their work's, my favourite being "don't pick up boyfriend's from the tr*sh bin". They write their ML very kind and supporting. That novel

has it's characters described very well.

I wouldn't say that this novel disappointed me, but it just wasn't for me. <<less
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Ivan Cheng
Ivan Cheng rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: c16
Omg it's so good!!

So far, there's a lot of mystery surrounding the setting and even the main characters, but I like how the author doesn't over-complicate descriptions of puzzles and how charming our MC is haha XD

Really cool so far 👍
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mmem rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: c59
Updated: I really really like the ML & MC. I can't put my finger on it but there's just something special bout them. I really like that side characters exist and interact with them. Not just their teammate, but also other players in the games. The games are pretty interesting too~

Still too early but I like it so far, I'm just so confused. But maybe take that with a grain of a salt lol. I get confused easily and stuck in that feeling.

I think it's because I still don't know where the MC came from or understand a lot of the world building. I didn't even realize the system error message and the FoT game were connected until I read the summary (I went in blind for the 1st 16 chpts) !

For now I give it 3 stars for its potential and the fact I really love stories like this. And for it inspiring me to to write a random review for it.
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Morfzine rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c157
Ok, so I read the MTL so forgive me if there's a mistake on the point that I make. At first, arc 1

feels a bit mediocre for me, but arc 2 really makes up for it and got me hooked. Really love the uniqueness and design of each dungeon puzzles that author puts.... more>>

There's actually different types and levels for each dungeon, like there the one that focus on deduction, there's the one mainly about physical strength, etc. That's why each of them feel fresh at least for me.

MC's team focus on the PVE dungeon so there won't be much drama between players


although, we do get some of the PVP stuffs later


About the character, the author makes "Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the tr*sh Bin' so it's pretty much guaranteed. Cannonfodders don't just court death everywhere they go, they might even keep their lives intact and help MC's team a little bit in the future, basically everyone got brains, solve some puzzles too, and don't just get carried by MC or ML.

If there's an annoying a** character it's probably means they are high on something lol, it's deliberate, not the author writing at fault


There's a reason why MC's personality is like that, and man it's a pretty awesome plot twist too

imagine being the only one "alive" from your birth


ML also aint got some cookiecutter tragic backstory. In my opinion, his past is really down to earth and vivid/realist? it also explain how he got that many skills

Long story short, his dad fall to his death when they were hiking. Then his mother got crazy and blame him because on how much she loves his father. BUT, he still takes care of her until she died, and then ML quits his high paying job, he then goes around the world and do odds jobs to pay for the travel, so that he can enjoy his life and freedom I guess ?


There's not much drama, it's mainly about how ML cope his feeling on MC

ML got his mother's "crazy for love" gene so I guess he's in denial or want to protect MC from his crazyness


The story is not a "one man show" between MC and ML, it's nice that the other players is also important for the big things that's going on inside the game. The only bad thing in this novel (for me) is that there's to much side CP for my taste and I hope we can know things about how the outside world is right now.

Here's the list of the arc for now (i won't count the city introduction/rest? arc, except for some) :

  1. Three people become ghosts
  2. Xiao Ming's Daily Life
  3. Sand, sand, sand (i think this's supposed to be a dragging sound effect?)
  4. 8 hours game battle (it's technically a city arc but...)
  5. Fear of the full moon
  6. Eternal day (this is a backstory arc)
  7. Brain invasion
  8. Thousand-man pursuit battle (also a city arc, kinda a PVP)
  9. Dark war (i forgot lol)
  10. Evil drop
  11. Doomsday syndrome
  12. Dou zhuan
  13. Homeland/Suprise
  14. Ants
(i stopped to stack chapters/wait until the novel finish at evil drop arc so don't know about the rest of the arc title lol. my fav arc is "xiao ming's daily life" and "brain invasion" btw). <<less
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Asphyxia778 rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: --
Review as of chapter 61-

Currently there's no concrete romance yet but the story buildup is great. Amidst the instances we readers are left guessing the true mysteries hidden within while each character tries to clear the game. The MC especially is very interesting with his well hidden secrets and mysterious qualities. ML too is a great jack of all trades and is quite black bellied.

The third member of their team doesn't feel excluded. For example the author could have easily created a situation for the MC and ML to be... more>> alone in the 2nd instance but they stick together as a team and focus on the survival first. This is why the story flows naturally enough that I felt myself immersed in it. The writing is very solid and characters are enjoyable. I have great expectations for future chapters. It's a solid 4.5/5 for now <<less
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timefigment rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: c27
Interesting characters and instances. Can be confusing in some places.

The 1st instance and arc was confusing and wasn't that interesting in my opinion. Too many unimportant characters and explanation that just confuses me, but it did good at introducing the main casts. You can already understand a bit about the main casts and the general idea about the story.

The 2nd instance is where it gets interesting. Everything is weird and there's no logic to what's going on. However, when it's revealed what it's about, it was simply mind-boggling. It's so... more>> simple but so unexpected. It made me wonder how the rest of the instance is going to be like. During this arc, readers also get to understand a bit more about the main casts. Especially the unique MC whose mind wanders in its own place.

No romance as of now. However, it looks like both MC and ML has a mysterious past together. Despite some odd wording and confusion I get, this novel is still worth a read with its unique settings and characters. <<less
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luxe rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: c145

Story: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨
Incredible worldbuilding and engaging plot, not unexpected given author of the tr*shbin novel. But, romance kinda gets in the way sometimes -- like, there's too much going on. LOL. Intriguing story, ruthless game, BAM, MLs having a moment with each other while LYH exists in the corner.

Translation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨
Really great, some typoes here and there, but a high standard that makes it easy to read.

Romance: ⭐⭐⭐️
ML shows a kindhearted, gentlemanly facade at first, but has an inkling of being a tragic male lead with hints of possessive, manipulative and OP-KILLER tendencies while living somewhere in self-denial. Sometimes, I feel like he's boiling MC in a pot of hot water slowly so he doesn't notice, and MC is too naive to comprehend. When MC'S brain is suddenly online, ML starts to backpedal his pursuit and I'm like what. The romance doesn't really engage me at all so I end up side-eyeing them for how they interact with everyone else. Their backstory is pretty interesting (MC's in particular), though the DPUBFtr*shbin author already used amnesia trope in the other novel? Communication skills are left wanting since hiding stuff from each other because ✨tragic backstory✨ is the default route to go, lol. Anyway, it's good if it's your thing.

Rating here is generally my own interest level, and will definitely vary if you actually like the pairing.

Side Characters: ⭐⭐⭐✨
Li Yinhang is the third "main character", as she's on their team. She's kind of the "reader's viewpoint" in terms of normal person accidentally falling into the game. Since readers are more likely to relate her, JF's regard towards of her is iffy. Sometimes, her treatment is nice, sometimes it's bad. She's not as developed as NZ or JF, and not as important or cool as MC/ML, answers simple questions to reveal the way for MC but is generally going the wrong route. In fact, sometimes, it feels like she's a caricature of a person with how much the author brings up money in regards to LYH, I really hope she displays more growth and can act more independently by the end. Nan Zhou treats her well enough, and is teaching her on and off.


As for ML... if both MC and LYH a prisoner? ML: as long as I reach MC... (LYH: *air*). Even one of the bosses who had MC and LYH captive was like "what about the girl?" ML: does it matter since they're both there?


The good point is that LYH is aware she's baggage to these "gods", and while I'm riled of ML's bias, she's incredibly self aware and just handles herself accordingly while they make eyes at each other. It's also no surprise that when asked what her greatest fear is, one of her true answers is that she's afraid of dragging them down and getting left behind. Anyway, I really like LYH, but she could stand to be more developed as a character, even without being one of the parties in the romance ship.

Another good point is that most of the other characters that are shown longer than a few seconds have their own motives and it's possible to win them over even if they were originally antagonistic. They have their own goals and motives.

Also on side characters... how many people are taking steps towards same-s*x relationships? 👀

Edit: My initial impression is somewhere towards 3.5, moving up as I start to enjoy the story and characters getting fleshed out... and then back to 3.5 since it's actually a possessive/manipulative ML.


Initial ramble:

The first game is fairly fun and interesting (though I'd be riding on people's coattails to pass, for sure). I like Li Yinhang, as she's by far the most relatable person to the reader - along for the ride, but at a level that matches the average reader. The fact that she started searching for her roommate was sweet and human... but I wish she was able to help the two MLs a bit more or figure out a clue without the direction being wrong, lol. The other thing I like is that the MLs don't entirely treat her like air when she's not needed to chime in as a prop. They make sure she's safe and keep her guesses in mind. (Edit: I spoke too soon on this, lol. I think Nan Zhou is genuine (relatively) ; Jiang Fang is just pretending to be nice for Nan Zhou. Haaa.. JF helped LYH solve a psychological problem, but immediately changed face when he was done - "didn't want a burden dragging his team down." Ew. Understandable since life and death situations, but putting it like that after going through several instances together is just sociopathic... and he's starting to reveal that he's a faker and his obvious bias for Nan Zhou. It gives me the chills.)

On another note, the two MLs just seem... out of this world, as if the author needs to make them standout to make us like them and put them in a low-worry mystery genre rather than a life-and-death game. I can already tell the MC will be dense when it comes to EQ and the ML slow cooking him with sweetness until he's ready. (As I read more and more gets revealed, I can see why author does make the Nan Zhou stand out; JF is just a stereotypical ML with a tragic back story).

Their introduction definitely made them bigshots, but also extremely eccentric. Nan Zhou's 5 seconds to suddenly gauge and decide on an identity to avoid suspicion? For me, the situation was jarring, especially when the POV suddenly switches to his perspective and all I can do is wonder how geniuses' brains worked. Also, why are the "NPC"s annoyed at him just because he does things a little off? It seems like an attempt at humor where you make fun of the System, but ends up falling flat and makes the story lose the "horror" atmosphere. (There's some inkling of why revealed where I'm at now, so I'm glad it isn't a random trait).

Romance-wise, I WANT TO ROOT FOR THE SHIP, but if I don't understand the logic behind a pairing, showing it too early makes me balk from it. I believe there's a reason why Jiang Fang immediately liked Nan Zhou, otherwise I feel he's a bit too quick in trying to romance MC. (Edit; where I'm at, there is a reason for this as well... but now JF is just a possessive, manipulative ML I find uncomfortable since he's onesidedly focusing on NZ. You don't end up a good guy just because you're good to one person and nice to everyone else because you don't want to drop your mask in front of the person you like. You can tell JF would drop LYH in a flash if NZ said he didn't want to bring her any more, no arguments).

Also, despite being tagged manly gay couple, the author's notes were quick to call Nan Zhou Jiang Fang's wife...... It's a pet peeve, but I personally wish people stopped feminizing men just because they're likely the bottom.

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peppergum rated it
July 12, 2022
Status: c88
At first I thought this was yet another overpowered couple who blindly plot armour their way through instance after instance, but I was wrong.

While the first arc is cliché, the author slowly builds suspense and mystery with each subsequent arc. Stakes are raised higher and higher as our main characters progress in FoT. Each instance has steady pacing, a fascinatingly creepy premise, and a solid resolution backed by logic. There's also a ton of foreshadowing scattered around, so you never feel like a plot twist is far-fetched.

World-building is amazing, and... more>> on par with the most popular unlimited flow novels. So many great imageries, whether it's beautiful fantasy landscapes or grotesque images of the paranormal.

I'm also intrigued by the fact that we're not dealing with deuteragonists, but tritagonists. Nan Zhou & Jiang Fang are well-developed romantic leads who possess complex backstories that impact their personalities and motivations. Then we also have Li Yinhang, a female main character who's meant to be us readers' reflection in the novel as she provides well-timed commentary and observations. She's self-aware, reasonable, and a comic relief-- the whole package. Together, the three of them build a heartfelt companionship that the best adventure novels are made out of.

There isn't much face-slapping either (with a couple of exceptions). Most antagonists aren't unanimously evil, but portrayed as flawed characters who are capable of redemption.

All in all, I'm very, very sad that the majority of this novel isn't translated yet. I just wanna binge it in one go so bad. (But also, thank you translators for providing a great translation :')) <<less
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Lyrae rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a survival game story by the author of Don't Pick Up Boyfriends from the tr*sh Bin that makes me question the very nature of my existence and our world. I adore both the plot and the main couple, and the plot twists and revelations are just fantastic. Don't be discouraged by the first chapters; it gets exciting after a few plot points.

... more>>

I love how the story delves into philosophical questions: What is the nature of our world? What happens to the fictional worlds we create? Could we be the creations of another species that reside in a more advanced world ourselves?

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Wonzu rated it
May 21, 2022
Status: c168
This is a Manly Gay couple! I really like this couple, both uke and Seme acted like just another Guy, described as a real guy, instead of a woman put on a guy's name.

I like how the Gong in this novel is described. Long-haired, braided and put it on the shoulder, beautiful, gentle and (outwardly) approachable guy!

The Uke is not indifferent, but more like um, he doesn't have a good EQ to put up a pretence of a sociable person? (Well, considering his real origin it's understandable tho)

I also... more>> like the girl companion. IMO, I relate quite A LOT to her, since like, well she's the portrayal of what a true ordinary girl would act would think when they're shoved into this kind of horror game.

She's ordinary but she didn't become a dragging oil bottle who hinder the OP MC and ML. She really tries hard how to survive using her utmost ability, without dragging her teammate down, and that's amazing.

While I like her, however, I also felt pity, since like, in the beginning, because in the 3 people group, the other 2 are a couple... you can imagine how pitiful this lonely single dog is! Since my personality is somehow similar to her, I did put myself into her state, and well, that sucks, it's never a good feeling when your friend is dating, and you just remained there, trying to be understanding...

IMO, if it were a NO CP novel, then the teamwork of those 3 people would be much more interesting, I guess... <<less
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SleepyTy rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: Completed
One of my new favorite novel. I'm bad a reviews so forgive me.

About the MC and ML:

... more>>

I loved the MLs personality, one of my fav Mls. MC is adorable, and his bluntness is funny.


About their backstory:


I really enjoyed reading about their past and found the MLs insecurities about admitting he's in love very interesting a new. It made me cry when the MC died, even tho ik he comes back.


Side characters


First Li Yinhang (I'm super bad with names so even tho I just finished this novel I might haven't gotten her name a little wrong), I rlly like her, and find her quite realistic, she didn't become super strong, and stay very kind, I like that she was very included.

Now Chen Sufeng, he didn't become super prominent till near the very end, although we do meet him much earlier. I cried when he chose to die, and the fact everyone no longer remembers him...

I dont actually remember his name because the MTL kept messing it up but the high dimensional Yuan dude. Didn't care to much about him, he was annoying but I understand why he was.

Everybody else's names aren't fresh I'm my memory so maybe I'll talk about them later


Definitely recommend it. The copies were interesting to. <<less
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Luca1864 rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: c86

At first it reminded me of earth is online but scary, and look it's just as good. The instances are not boring and the personality of both the MC and the ML is really good, not to mention the minor characters who are just perfect! in this story even the cannon fodders seem to have life, I almost cried because of them.

The dynamic of the couple is really great and cute, I loved it. At the beginning of the novel... more>> I couldn't understand how a male man was the shou while the beauty was the gong, but then... haha ​​then I understood.

simply perfect.

When I got to the last chapter that had I wanted to scream, I really wanted to continue reading, but I couldn't find the MTL to read anywhere... all I can do is pray and wait for the translator to finish the hiatu <<less
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Bridget999 rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: Completed
This is truly my the most favorite novel and my the most favorite author! (Read in full with automatic translation from Chinese).

This story is higher above most popular novels, in particular works of MXTX +erha.

The world, the plot and even minor characters, which seem to be a temporary background for dungeons, in the end are incredibly well thought out. You'd better remember all the names as they will appear more than once, some of them will make you cry more than once.

The only negative is that the plot accelerates slowly.... more>> At first, everything may seem incomprehensible, complicated and unnecessary. But in the end, you will understand that every character that appeared in the story was not just an NPC (In fact, even the NPCs themselves were thought out and the arches with them eventually closed really completely and even make you cry), was not forgotten, most played an important role in the plot and were even part of secondary couples.

The main couple is also very well thought out. I'm just sorry that their full story is revealed so late, which makes you want to re-read, realizing how they really feel and why they do so.

Do not listen to those who say that they are not described equally!!! People just need to learn not to leave false reviews until they finish reading!

In fact, it's just that the story of Jiang Fang is revealed to us earlier. The story of Nan Zhou is later, but it is much more complicated and interesting, I really did not expect THIS! Their personality and story is really unique and amazing to me. In the end, the author revealed them enough so that I could understand each of these boys. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Nan Zhou may seem like a Mary Sue or an insensitive machine, but in fact, later on you will realize that this is not so.

The depth of thinking through the world really shocked me, it's not just "some kind of game that appeared from somewhere for some reason."

But, again, the most interesting, unfortunately, begins further than the middle, in the region of 200 chapters. And the last two arcs are so, so amazing that I have no words! While reading this novel, I said 6, six (!) times that "OMG!!! It couldn't be better anymore, really!". Just imagine how much better it gets as you read, like a good wine))

I think not everyone will be able to get to the most delicious, but it will definitely be worth it!

I highly recommend it!

Also sorry for my English and maybe I'm too much excited but I really fell in love with this novel so much that I just didn’t sleep for several days and read read read read >~< <<less
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Blackrain76 rated it
August 1, 2023
Status: Completed
It's one of my favorite unlimited flow novel. The novel starts with a warning to the earth and after that mass disappearance of people. The MC and ML meets at the starting of the novel. MC and ML both have long hairs and neither of them is normal human. MC is character of comic while ML become human npc due to his wish. It was their second meeting with amneasic MC and ML have memory of their first real meeting. It has action, reasoning, amazing stories. It was a very... more>> interesting novel. Side characters were also good. They have their own story nd pairing. I just feel sorry for one character chen sufeng, he sacrificed himself for the revival of his crush and brother, who were lovers at the wish center due to a a a**hole. <<less
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kai0.1 rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved this novel!!!

Sometimes I didn't sleep for days just to read the novel every day, what I liked the most was how the backstory was revealed little by little and the best thing were the characters.



Nan Zhou
In the novel he was described as someone beautiful with perfect proportions, he seems kind to me, I see that it is a bit difficult for him to express his emotions

Jiang Fang
a good character who has reasons for his actions, I found it curious how the first time he saw Nan Zhou was in a fairytale
I'm not going to lie, when they first described it I ran to find fanart-
The first thing I thought?

Li Yinghang
My favorite character. I thought she was nice, she quickly became my comfort character. I could easily identify with the things she did. If you look closely you can see that she grew as a character, now she has more confidence. I love her so much ❤️❤️

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acmangalover rated it
November 7, 2021
Status: c86
Wow, what an interesting story! My gosh, there could be multiple stories made of just this story. The backstory to our MC is just too sad, but really, really interesting and different!
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Ann99 rated it
October 26, 2023
Status: c1
Halfway through. So far I'm liking it. This one has so many interesting points, MC's origin & his backstory, his relationship with ML, why ML's special to him etc.
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