The Villain is Outrageously Beautiful


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Xu Xingzhi had penned in his original novella:

Over the mountains and across the seas, there was a posse of villains. They were clever and cute, they were peculiar and bizarre, they were diligent and conscientious, and they were planning a jailbreak.

And then, he transmigrated into this dramatic narrative.

The World commanded: Your presence has disrupted the balance of this world. You have to eliminate the villain boss who intends to break out of this cage and take over the world.

Xu Xingzhi replied: Sorry, I’m just a salted fish.

The World: Don’t worry, the villain is the shidi that you personally doted on throughout his childhood who hangs onto each and every one of your words.

Xu Xingzhi: . . . I never wrote such a character setting.

Boss with a gentle face: Shixiong, do you prefer this golden chain or this silver one? Take your time to choose, I’ll listen to whatever you say.

Xu Xingzhi: . . . I really never wrote such a character setting.

This milieu was all as you desired.

Associated Names
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The Villain is too Beautiful
วายร้ายโฉมสะคราญ (Thai)
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New ghoststories rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: Completed
Nothing very new or unique imo. ML is really annoying lol. MC is exactly like the MC from the sequel (which I read first), which I was not expecting because in the sequel it’s stated several times that sequel MC is similar to ML of this novel. But no matter how I look at it, the two MCs have basically the same personality—they even both suffered a life-changing injury (although MC here’s injury was not as serious). Also, MC is so dumb and oblivious that it’s not believable.

I feel like... more>> the author, at the time of writing this, had not yet grasped the line between realistic and melodramatic. Events that aren’t actually that exciting are often played up to be huge and emotional climax points, but... there’s not actually that much substance to them. Most of the adventure is quite boring, to be honest.

A lot of inconsistencies. e.g. (not sure if this is considered a spoiler)

Zhou Beinan sometimes can go through walls or touch objects, but sometimes can’t. Basically whether he’s corporeal or not depends on convenience. If he needs to catch something in order to save a life, then he suddenly has no physical body and can’t catch the thing; but other than that, he’s just living his regular old life as a regular dude.


MC’s flashbacks often have scenes that are not from MC’s point of view, or where MC is not even in the flashback. So... how is he having this flashback of something that happened in the past that he wasn’t even aware of when it happened?

There are some interesting/valuable moments, but overall feels like a starter novel where the author is still leveling up their writing skills. <<less
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Hilyantomi rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: --
I won't say anything much, but as someone who has already read the novel, this is a real "how-to-kill-your-eyes" story. I know it may seem all fluff-fluff at first, but this novel is seriously considered as one of the most heartbreaking danmei. For those who know MDZS, those who love their sunk ships :), well you are all welcome to reach another level of heartbreak stage.

2023 edit: When I said MDZS, I meant the could-have-been-a side CP with BE, not the fluffy main CPs ofc. And like another user... more>> has said, you quit early, your loss, it's 140 chapters you cannot expect resolutions in the first 1/3. And I had to agree with another user as well - goddamn it I'd have damn preferred the rival to end up with the MC instead, I actually kept reading just for his extra in the end and omfg. My eyes. <<less
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Grerutin rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: c17
ML keeps raping MC in his sleep using vines, its gross.

MC must kill ML in order to survive, and return to his world. Hopefully, once he finds out that his nightmares where hes assaulted by vines are real and his soreness isn't psychological fear but rather actual bodily harm by ML, there is actual conflict from the situation, and MC has a backbone to say that it's really skeevy, and and kinds of f*cked up.

I'm not optimistic though - with how the story has been going, I expect that MC... more>> will be overwhelmed with guilt as he has been whenever ML does something bad, thinking that MC, as the author, has shaped ML into the monster he is today.

I would be VERY surprised if the story ends with MC returnign back to the real world. I predict MC will fall in love with ML, take everything ML does to him, and stay in the novel forever, and just throw his hands in the air when ML kills people, as if he can do nothing. <<less
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I Ship anything cute
uwu, I got myself invested before the guarantee of updates! I'm going to cry in a corner.

It's an interesting read and the translator has done a good job from what I've seen

Edit: they updated! Going to see what's up!
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Piercemint rated it
September 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly this book has been such a rollercoaster..... Though the only problem is that it has too much downs... I cried so much reading this novel. Honestly I literally cried my entire time reading this novel. I went into this novel thinking it was going to sort of a fluffy book (I missed the tragedy tag....) Therefore, I'll like to say, don't be deceived by the starting!!!! It's going to get real angsty pretty quickly. Anyways I found this book to be a very enjoyable read. Each character in... more>> the book has suffered so much in the novel that I used up a box of tissues just reading their stories. Like how much they got along with each other, despite their differences but in the end many things happened, making it even more heartbreaking because of all those happy moments they had together. In the end I couldn't really hate anyone in particular even because every single one of them just made my heart break for them again and again... But I hope the tragedy had won't deter people from reading it, since it's really good book and its a HE. I highly recommend this book, but REMEMBER to bring along a box of tissues for this ride, you'll need it. Hope people who enjoy this book as much as I did! <<less
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remiss rated it
May 24, 2019
Status: --
Like it so far, one of the novels I like so much I try to mtl but it's hard TvT

Story so far takes place in an alternate dimension that resembles an apocalyptic wasteland. The place is called "the wilderness" and there are monsters and corpses all over.

I'm super curious about the MC's background and what happened to him. MC transmigrates into a novel he wrote. It seems that the story of the novel is affecting his current world, so to correct the balance, MC is given a task to kill... more>> Meng Zhong Guang, the protagonist of the story. But we get the feeling there's more to it, as MC bears uncanny similarities to the "body" he transmigrates to (the protagonist's senior brother).

Pairing is yandere demon type x senior brother. <<less
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This person is dying
This person is dying rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: c61
(removed and editted, the previous review didn't present my thoughts well enough)

For a story of this calibre I think it deserves more rating, like 4.3 or even 4.5 and more.

(I'm a bit sad with the current rating T_T)

At least try to read up until chapter 60; it wasn't that hard because the plot are quite interesting and most charaters are pretty lovable. My MVP is of course the protagonist.

You'll see later that:

... more>>

Despite being powerless and believing himself to be someone who will betray ML and his party in the future, he's very kind, smart, brave, and principled. My appreciation went up really fast when he bravely protected one of ML's group member with his wit despite the potential of losing his limbs and even life. Also after the twist, I think he has became part of unforgettable characters in NU danmei xianxia.


Anyway this is the kind of story that as you read, you'll change your opinion and view of the story forever because of the many twists. Dude, the twists are kinda mind-blowing. I feel sorry for those who quit early.

So, if you quit or want to quit this book badly before the twists, I recommend you to read this (really major) spoilers first:

Meng Chongguang (Mengmeng, ML) and his relationship with Shixiong

(issue of r*pey ML)


They used to be together in the past. They had gone far, sooo far, that ML dared to be this unrestrained at the current time.

Not only that, Mengmeng also dared to do what he did because:

  1. He had found out that Shixiong wanted to kill him despite their past affection and wanted to give him 'little' punishment
  2. He was jealous and anxious. He wanted to check whether Shixiong had been together with his love rival
  3. He couldn't restrain himself anymore because he had missing Shixiong for so long
  4. But he was afraid Shixiong will hate him, that's why he can only play 'little' trick without Shixiong knowing

This doesn't completely justify his action. But for me it's enough explanation that what he did wasn't just cheap fanservice that I usually dislike.

Beside, if it was another yandere gong, they might have already abused their lover because of all the misunderstanding.

Compared to them, Mengmeng was very obedient, cute, sunny, reliable but also a bit unreliable, romantic but skewed at time. But he did his best with his demon logic. I conclude this after seeing his overall personality including in flashback.

Author did write his first impression as yandere really strong, but I think it's just for impact and don't really represent his true personality.

You might have different opinion about him, but surely he is the type of ML that the more you know him the better he is (at least for the first 60ch which I think is enough to motivate anyone to finish the rest of the story)


Original Shixiong (Xu Xinzhi)

(major spoiler ALERT)


There's never been a transmigrator. Xu Xinzhi has always been the original shixiong!!

He was trapped inside an illusion and lost his memory. I think there's really really tiny plotholes about this, like how it seemed as if Xu Xingzhi really came from different time and place, but probably it's just author playing us.

He was trapped inside the illusion by his other shidi, Jiu Zhideng, Mengmeng's love rival. He was pretty much still in love with shixiong, but it seemed Zhideng had never forced himself on shixiong so it's quite safe (NTR free?).

He was taken out from the illusion realm by another one of his old friend who also used to be friends with all of them (Bai in wheelchair something). It seemed he's now Zhideng's subordinate.

Apparently that Bai wanted to create a dogblood story where the amnesiac person killed his own lover without knowing.

But Jiu Zhideng didn't like dogblood feared Mengmeng would charm 'steal' Shixiong again and wanted to take shixiong back.

Anyway this really changes how we view things, like Xu Xingzhi's relationship with the other characters including Mengmeng.

I approve how fast their relationship change from a "transmigrator and their killing mission target" to "a pair who can do it day and night in all kind of places."

(They're finally together again in chapter 59)


I think it's the most important twist here so far. I won't spoil other details.

I think there will be more twists and angst in the future (as someone mentioned), but I believe this story will be HE for the main pairing. *Praying happines for all side characters*

Anyway there's so much good in the story that will just be too long to mention, just read others' reviews to know that for now.

I'm really grateful for the translator team and hope they can finish it til the end. I couldn't decipher most details of their flashback from MTL. <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: c43
Read ch7 till now..

Up till now MC makes sense to me and his past must be important. This novel is very good judging from the flashbacks and their importance in between. It's quite deep also.


... more>> Read till ch18 now..

The mystery unfolds as MC meets a character or a deja vu. Each chapter makes you want to turn your mind and connect all these pictures together forming the reason of his coming into the wilderness. Each time you think what happened that made all these lovely characters stand where they are now especially the ML and the seeming antagonist.


Read till ch38 now..

Oh, just how did two cuties turned into polar opposite enemies and what's up with the MC being "washed"?!

Too many questions and it's too exciting. My heart starts jumping from nervousness!!


Read till ch40 now..


Wen Bai Bao was the one who gave the dagger and the task of killing ML to MC.



Read till ch43 now..

Gyah!! Too confusing!! When will the mystery be solved and MC's master's death's truth will be laid bare?! Just WHEN?!!! <<less
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Vanilla with Me
Vanilla with Me rated it
July 7, 2019
Status: --
I'm not satisfied with the chapters~ is not complete wuwu. And here I am waiting, but the story is great though

That's why.. Is anyone can help me or know the original story about this? I mean the Chinese story of this is complete right? Please tell me!!! I need it.. Wuwuwu I wanna read it.. I Google translate it. Just for the sake of seeking my long lost love lol.

Please do tell
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Feiyiguo rated it
September 26, 2022
Status: Completed
I thought this gonna be just a smooth relaxing danmei, I didnt really pay attention to the tragedy tag I was like "ah this cant be THAT sad" but IM WRONG WRONG WRONG

I cried my eyes out reading this, so if you are gonna read this just remember that this sh*t wont be easy but the plot is really really good so it's worth the read!
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Anissia rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: Ch 52
Disappointed, sigh.... I actually don't like the ML, I was reading through the story patiently and loved it so far until I started to lean towards the love rival more, personality-wise I prefer the love rival, he carefully cherishes the MC, doesn't dare show his affection nor overstep his boundaries, is afraid to bring down the MC with his affection, he loves the MC almost selflessly tho obviously not at a 100%. The ML is wilfull, obssessive, possessive and manipulative, manipulative I repeat, his love is selfish also, though it... more>> gets glossed over bcs of his sweet demeanor towards the MC. The love rival clearly comes on top when compared to the ML, he is such a sweetheart. I couldn't bring myself to finish reading the story. Though I loved all of the side characters, they are thoughtfully characterized and diverse, each with their own distinctive personality and perks but also flaws, personnaly my favorite side character is Zhou Beinan, such a delightful side character, I felt so much heartache for him, though most of the side characters were all implicated in the same tragedy somewhat and their story and what they've come to is heartbreaking. <<less
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kumikocloud rated it
August 29, 2023
Status: c60
I’m f*cking confused lmao this story is crazy. I forgot which chapter exactly I read up to, since I was also reading the raws. Although it’s quite short for a novel, like only a 100 or so chap I think, I dropped it since the romance, which is the core, is so unappealing.

ok so the setup. The MC is a super capable senior disciple and has a lot of friends and is spoiled by his (old) (uncle/father figure) shifu. Surprisingly, not the bottomest bottom setup in most bl novels. He... more>> gets nerfed pretty early on by getting poisoned for the ML. Think LBH from Scum saving, that kind of poison, and the ML is happy about it. He raises two kiddos under his wing. Since it’s bl... it’s ML and love rival... ya they start young hahah*cringe. They are both yandere types but the ML is the more selfish and spoiled brat type while love rival is sexy discipline and self restraint pain pain. They are love rivals for the MC. Ofc, MC is clueless about this. Obvi, love rival is better choice. ML gets closer since he’s pushy and bratty but love rival tried to control himself but ML keeps pushing and he’s so jealous.

Since... ya this is real, ,... ML has been raping MC in his sleep which is crazy (!!!) to me. With vine magic. And it’s not like super romanticized here either, which is wild to me since usually when people do dubcon at least they’re into it right? If not then what’s the point. But MC just wakes up like, ouch what a weird and painful dream.

also, to make MC more clueless and less equal to the ML, he has memory loss, no powers and needs to kill the ML by a system like urge. But apparently, MC was killed x years ago and it’s implied that current MC is a doll/puppet animated by some evil force or smth. But ML knows this, he’s mad with love lust and he just wants whatever he can get of the MC, even if it’s fake, he even would let him kill him. Then MC gaslights everyone in the party to think he’s real and slowly gets his memories back. All his bro characters are so confused rn. It’s quite interesting to read about them and piece together what happened, cos it’s like robust young man>terrifying ghost. Robust young man>mind not quite right

so usually I would eat this right up, but MC is so uninterested and ace in this that I’m confused. It seems so one sided, esp since the setup is sees him as a younger brother+I’m so straight. Can say I ended up shipping all the side couples more than main couple. Yes, even the straight couple with the white haired guy in the magic wheelchair. The candy sharing necromancer x his ghost, I think they’re so sweet. But the main couple? Maybe I dropped before it got good, but I hate it. <<less
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