Evil Love Appears


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Xu Jiale, a divorced and pessimistic Alpha, has the following life vision:

“I hope my dad hasn’t spent all the money my grandfather left behind, so I won’t have to work hard.”

Fu Xiaoyu, 25 years old, an urban beauty in the ABO world. A returned elite with A-level pheromones, working nearly 12 hours a day.

Xu Jiale, can list Fu Xiaoyu’s shortcomings like reading off a menu: proud, unapproachable, workaholic, ambitious, lacking in charm, and pheromones so sweet it’s nauseating.

He absolutely, completely, utterly does not like him.

But their initially incompatible business partnership takes a bizarre turn after an unexpected incident.

Fu Xiaoyu: “Xu Jiale, I want to pursue you.” 0.0

Xu Jiale: Do you know how ridiculous it is for an Omega like you to actively pursue a divorced Alpha like me? -.-

Love arrives at an unpredictable moment, making it all the more wonderful.

Fu Xiaoyu remembers Xu Jiale at the KTV booth, one hand holding a cat named Xia’an, the other holding a microphone.

This Alpha sings Cantonese songs well, and he sang the song “No Man’s Land”:

In this world, the worst crime is being too easily moved,

But I like this crime,

It’s earth-shattering, but it’s a pity that heaven and earth are indifferent,

Without sound, without wind, this love has no witnesses.

It was at that moment that he thought— he truly wanted to possess this Alpha.

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