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There are some people you hate at first but end up liking more and more the more you interact with them.
There are some people you love at first, but the more you come to understand that person, the more helpless you feel.

The Great Film Emperor, Ji Mian thinks that Young Master Xiao Jiashu is an arrogant, poison-mouthed, spoilt, rich snob who exploits his strong background to ruin people’s lives on a whim. But when he somehow obtains the ability to read minds, Ji Mian comes to realise that Xiao Jiashu is probably the most adorable person in the world.

This is a story about the rise of the acting-fanatic, Xiao Jiashu, as he silences his haters and wows the world with his magnificence.

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177 Reviews

New kromeee
Nov 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I feel so torn because I really really really adored the main couple, but ... more>>

the (way too long) final arc where the mom becomes abhorrently and ruthlessly homophobic was so personally upsetting to me. Genuinely wish I had been warned before reading so I could avoid the book, or been able to at least mentally prepare. This is a very personal gripe I have with the novel, and I can say overall otherwise it's a great read. I just can't say I would ever read it again.


So I can't really rate it, because my feelings are so on both ends of the spectrum here for different reasons. <<less
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Apr 03, 2020
Status: Completed
Don't listen to anggr291. That's literally the entire reason I even feel moved to write a review--their judgement is terrible and should not be at the top of the reviews.

I'll elaborate more (and link spoilers) later, but for now...

Their arguments are invalid.

For one, the ML's mind-reading ability is limited to people within a certain proximity, and he doesn't really have control over it. It's not just when it's advantageous to him, but people usually think about things related to him while he is nearby. It's also not just limited to... more>> that.

For another, he likes MC because MC is really enthusiastic, and he appreciates MC's sincerity. Also, he appreciates that when MC conceals things, it's not for a negative purpose. Of course, it doesn't hurt that MC really appreciates ML and believes in him. It's not just ego.

Otherwise, by anggr291's definition, I'd say that anyone who owns a dog or likes dogs is a gross, egoistical narcissist, which is just not true.


Third. ML's boyfriends doesn't deserve hate, but ML has ever right to be disappointed. Their relationship is not one that would work out well-long term because the two involved are simply not on the same wavelength. It's not just that his ex feels insecure. It's also that the ex genuinely doesn't enjoy the physical side of their not-platonic relationship, and treats having relations almost as a currency--a way to appease the ML. Of course, the boyfriend thinks this while they're about to have s*x, and that naturally serves basically as a cold shower for ML. It's like if you have a partner who fakes enjoying spending time with you--once you realize they're faking it, you also lose some enjoyment. In contrast, we have MC, who genuinely enjoys spending time with ML and appreciates his opinions and time and efforts.

In chapter 44, the ML straight-out addresses the boyfriend's insecurity issues:


I'm paraphrasing the boyfriend's insecurities, but I've also included the original MTL.

The boyfriend wants ML to provide him with the best everything, but doesn't want ML to interfere or control (I'm interpreting this as advise, like "this isn't a good role" or "don't go to this party, that director's not a good person"). The boyfriend lets his insecurities hold him back. He wants to stand next to ML, at the same level, because he feels insecure and wants to defend his fragile dignity. Meanwhile, ML never meant to insult his boyfriend (Lin Leyang) and always treated him as an equal on the same footing. It's LL who's perceiving everything as a slight to his dignity.

You have admitted a lot of mistakes recently. Can't you answer my question? Then I tell you what you want. You want me to provide you with the best everything, yet Don't want me to control you and interfere with you. You are enjoying my efforts, but you can't move forward. You want to stand at the same height as me not to consolidate our feelings, but to maintain your ridiculous dignity. Lin Leyang, I never meant to insult you, I always put you on an equal footing, you are underestimating yourself. Dignity is indeed important, but it is too much about self-esteem, is it not a manifestation of inferiority?


The relationship dynamics in this story are really well-written. Like I've written above, the ML loves and respects his bf, but their relationship just doesn't work because they're not compatible. The MC is genuinely a good-hearted person who gets misunderstood a lot, usually for things out of his control.


For example, I think his father's family think his mom was involved in the death of the previous wife, but it later turns out to have been a misunderstanding because it was someone else. Also, the dad feels really guilty b/c MC once ended up kidnapped. The mom doesn't get together with the dad, but the grievances are laid to rest and they've more or less at peace. Not reconciled, but willing to let things remain in the past.



The MC also is really nice. Not pushover-nice, but nice. If I had to give a reference, think the MC in Very Happy (a very good feel-good story I would recommend everyone to check out). He helps ML's boyfriend (Lin Leyang) when LL ends up catching the eye of a really sleazy guy at a party LL attends in an effort to gain something through his own actions, only for LL to insult him. ML drives over because someone else called him, and says that spiel I pasted above. ^



Towards the end, the mom actually disagrees vehemently with their relationship, which I think was an interesting addition. One, it showed that the mom wasn't perfect, which I think is important. For another, it was really cool how the two resolved it--MC and ML work together to get MC and mom casted for a movie, which ML also is in (but that's a bit of a surprise). ML spent a lot of effort on the script, and the ending for the movie is quite Romeo-and-Juliet-esque, but with fire and less poison. ML's character dies (due to misunderstandings) and MC chooses to die with him. Mom is very caught up in the acting, realizes how it parallels life, and might end up with psychological trauma because ML wrote the script and drama too well. Whoops? Either way, it's pretty entertaining.

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Jan 25, 2018
Status: c104
The novel is just to my liking. I think I have become addicted to the work of Fenglu Shuidai. First, Quickly wear the face of the devil and now this jem.

The story is about a rookie actor and his, shall we say, s*upidly cute escapades. The other main lead is a seasoned actor who is mature, handsome and all round awesome, with the exeption of his dubious at the start of the novel taste in boyfriends.

Xiao Jiashu first enters the entertainment circle because his mother urges him to do so... more>> but he finds that acting is really his thing. Ji Mian thinks he is at the top of the world: great job, plenty of fans, awesome boyfriend, until one wacky carcrash renders him able to read the minds of people around him. Talk about eyeopener! The annoying rich second generation he thinks is useless turns out to be cavity-enducing sweet and the gentle and sensible boyfriend he adores - riddled with insecurities idiot. Hilarity ensues in all shape and forms and my personal favourite - face-slapping.

I totally hate you Fluffball! I got work to do, you know, and I haven't progressed much because of you! Like absolutely, undeniably, super-duper strongly hate you! <<less
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May 02, 2020
Status: c37
Feng Lui Shu Dai has once again succeeded in making the MC despisable while making the villians relatable. How even.
It's basically like --> MC: insensible, born with talent |vs| "Villians": works really hard, realistic
Y'all remember the QWTFOTD piano arc in which that brother got locked up for the MC while the MC ignored his affections while being with his "soulmate" just bc he felt the whole soul connection thing? Yeah that just repeated.
To the 5-star givers: Are y'all masochists or something, or are your morals just rly... more>> f*cked up?

In the beginning the MC was despisable bc of his insensibility and slacking off. He however goes through a development so I'll give him that.
But he still remains insensible: at first he took video's of other ppl's NG scenes for fun. Then when he finally got more familiar with acting I thought he had changed, but then he went on and bashed another actor on social media while he's on set with him. Wtf. At least he wasn't s*upid enough to do that with his official account, but that fact on the other hand makes him look like a backstabber.
All this is justified by the author by making the MC a dense character, who does whatever he wants and says whatever is on his mind, without any understanding of his surroundings and situation. In other words the MC doesn't have bad intentions; that's just the way he is.
Cute? Nah, annoying. However, this justification could've worked if the "bad guys" weren't forced to be the "bad guys" because of MC's insensability (I'll elaborate about that later).

Another thing about the MC is how lucky he is. He just has the talent, and when he encounters a difficult scene to shoot he just so happened to end up in a situation where he automatically acted the way the director wanted him to act (later on he did get into his character on his own, but that wouldn't have happened without that luck).

On the other hand, the side characters like ML's bf (gonna become ex-bf) and manager, are clearly painted as the "bad guys" by the writer.
ML's bf worked rly hard for years by studying movies etc, but lacks MC's talent, so he makes some NG's which causes him to become insecure (mind you it's his first movie). He is then in turn compared to the MC, and together with the fact that the ML pays a lot of attention to the MC, he becomes jealous. Isn't that perfectly normal???? Because of the jealousy he ends up thinking bad thoughts about the MC (who, I remind you, is insensible and even took vids of his NG's for fun). He also talks against the MC sometimes, bc he thinks that what the MC says is wrong (so not without reason), while also wanting to attract ML (his own bf I remind you) 's attention by saying what he thinks is right. Perfectly realistic and relatable.
Another "bad guy" side of the ML's bf is his lack of desire for intimacy and lack of communiaction. Also realistic.

The ML's manager also talks bad about the MC, but that is just because MC's insensibility which causes the MC to leave bad impressions. I do agree that the manager was wrong in the beginning as he judged the MC based on his appearance, but his judgements afterwards are perfectly understandable as the MC slack off on set (he changes later tho). Just imagine how difficult it is to land a role in a big movie, and then someone gets a role through connections (so he doesn't need to audition) and then plays video games on set, ignoring everyone. Who wouldn't hate him?

Another thing is how the author wants to appear smart and educated by mentioning lots of famous people, and then dedicate a paragraph to the quotes of those famous people. This makes it seem that the author's knowledge on the film industry is limited, and that they want act otherwise by googling famous quotes concerning acting.

The good points to this story is the misunderstanding drama and the ML. The ML is a treasure so far. Too bad the good guys - bad guys stuff ruined it. <<less
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Mar 24, 2020
Status: c33
Alright I cant deal with this novel

The ML is suchhhhh a gross guy....

Another -_- thing is that he gets to read only SOME random specific people's minds when its only advantageous to him.. Idk it's the cringey type of narcissim

... more>> He only likes MC bc this guy is rich, cute, and simple, which is understandable ok but gross he can read mc's mind thats full of reverence and ADORATION towards himself

the ML ego is toooo big for his head!

Everyone hating on ML's ex bf... first of all unlike QOFWD I have to sit here and read a bunch of bs and so gross whenever ML becomes "disappointed" with his ex bf because ex bf feels insecure like??????? Maybe the problem is..... you??

In conclusion I hate everyone including the random aliens wtf <<less
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Feb 03, 2018
Status: Completed
From the Author of Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil comes yet another masterpiece~ 5 shiny stars!

MC is so adorable. ML is so dedicated to his lover. This is just full of fluff~

... more>>

Don't expect too much from the villains tho since this is not a revenge type like FoD. MC easily forgives and don't take grudges. It's the ML who does things for MC and always protecting him. There are face slapping moments but not really the focus of the story. It's a slow romance but both MC and ML were attached to each other in the earlier chapters. And MC was actually straight. LOL

Let's talk about ML's ex-boyfriend. Don't expect too much from this guy. If you're thinking of a green tea b*tch, he's not really like that. He has some issues, he's a negative guy. I think his character was the most realistic? I thought he would be the main antagonist but nah... He's an annoying char but not the kind where you'd want to strangle him. He was so weak, man...

I actually expected too much from the villains maybe because of FoD where you just want to kill all of them (aside from the pianist guy - he was autistic okay?). But all of them were so mild--oh except for the last one. The last antagonist is the FoD type hahahaha!

My fave character aside from MC and ML, is MC's brother. Don't hate him. XD

My only regret is not being able to read the 1500 omitted words, darn it! You'll know if you read the raw. So heartbreaking... wuwuwu... <<less
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Jun 18, 2020
Status: --
I really liked this novel but I had one problem which I just couldn't ignore.

I liked the ML's boyfriend and felt that as the story progressed they just added faults to him so ML could leave him for our MC. I thought I was really odd for focusing on this point in the whole novel. But I read a review which just seemed to have been taken from my mind.

What made me ultimately drop this novel was what is prevailing in all novels, manhuas, manhwas (in romance category). Its that... more>> the main characters are perfect.

Not perfect as in have amazing intellect, physical abilities etc. Its just that their personality is amazing without a flaw and everyone just likes them no matter what they do

Like in this novel where everyone hated MC at first due to him being lazy, unprofessional, being rich, having opportunities but not cherishing them, not talking to them at all (which was all reasonable as well as realistic). But after one incident, they were just wowed by him and then everyone likes him and anyone who doesn't is a villain.

Which brings me to my second point that while main characters are perfect, villains are either evil with no good reasoning or in this case, its like they're forced to have personality flaws.

I liked the ML's boyfriend. He had a rough past and had to rely on his own sweat and blood (which is the backstory of many MCs in romance novels too). Not only that he was introduced in such a sweet manner. And the initial few scenes with him were so cute, he could be a main character but as the story progressed, his inferiority, thin-skin, jealousy were introduced and magnified. They were introduced little by little in very smooth manner. What I had a problem with was how they were magnified to make him look like a villain.

(Except pretending to be gay. He did it because he liked ML and was grateful to him but at the end it was lying and deceiving someone and overall a despicable thing to do.)


Everyone has those basic faults and they do lead to people making bad decisions but not to the extent of them turning to a full on villain who everyone hates no matter what they do. Plus him having those faults was actually normal and in line with his past because he didn't have a protected and pampered life (like the MC). He couldn't be an innocent little rabbit like the ML wanted because an innocent little rabbit wouldn't be able to survive in that dog eats dog world. So when such a realistic and well rounded character was treated so unfairly just because he was a 'villain', it really put me off. E.g


The lead actress in 'Apostle' (forgot her name) asks if the bruise on her face looks okay (i think). The villain replies with it looks better than last time. The MC replies it looks bad. Someone thinks the MC isn't good at interpersonal relations because beauty and face is very important to girls and they should always be flattered in this regard. However it turns out she actually wanted the bruise to look bad so she compliments MC for being honest and indirectly mocks the ML's boyfriend for being flattering and two faced. The whole problem with this is even ignoring the fact that a stranger would've said it out of courtesy (that it looked better), the actress herself has risen to her postion through her blood and sweat with same circumstances as ML's boyfriend. In an earlier scene, It was even shown that she went to MC to flatter him because he was a big shot and she HAD to treat him with respect because the waters of entertainment circle are very muddy. So this just made me cringe that since she had so much in common with the 'villain', she should've sympathised with him more because she had to do the same in her newcomer days but no the MC's halo is too strong so he is doted on for something that if the villain did everyone would berate and criticise him.


This is not a review on whether you should read this or not (I totally recommend reading it tho). I just wanted to express my feelings about something that annoyed me.

The main point is that I want flawed characters. Main characters making bad decisions which actually have bad outcomes due to which they are actually reprimanded. Villains with either a good backstory or a round personality with strengths as well as flaws.

This is my first time posting so I don't know what exactly Im supposed to write in this section so I just wrote my honest feelings.

As for the novel, to the extent I read it, it was a cute romance novel which had some scenes that were really intriguing and made you sit on the edge of the seats but ultimately it became like the others; cute and entertaining but only as long as you don't focus on the plot and characters using logic and reasoning. <<less
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Feb 24, 2020
Status: Completed
(sigh) I understand this is a romance BL novel, but as the story progress, I got annoyed with the ML, for the sake of Xiao Shu

I think Xiao Shu will reach a higher level without his constant influences which could he translated as disruption of his growth as an actor.

... more>>

Rather than be lovers, they should be rivals. Xiao Shu works and acting seems to be too dependent on whether the ML is acting with him or not. From first film, to the end, all of them reeks ML "might" & "influence", which somewhat diminish Xiao Shu so called talents.

And the fact that Xiao Shu survive 10 years alone in the US while already having his Master degree in business at 20 which means he should has some mad skill in business or decision making in general somehow slowly forgotten. And the fact that for 20 years he always live under everyone dictation and finally find his passion in the from of acting, but at the end it's just somewhat just a tool to connect him to the ML got me screaming. I got so frustrated with the overly sweet PDA too, and the fact that ML has the power to read all of the people mind including Xiao Shu, combined with ML all controlling tendency, put their should be equal relationship to be a hierarchical relationship, with the ML holding all the rein while Xiao Shu is just a cute pet.

I'm kinda bored with this stigma that shou shouldn't be stronger or more talented than the gong and at the end all the shou just cute, pretty, must be pampered mary sue.

I love Xiao Shu, I truly do. But I think ML ruined his character. I really think Xiao Shu should just get over him when that ML ex-bf made him believe that ML and him still dating (which is weird, cause with his should be intelligence and his so called 10 years of experience living alone, also his trauma after his bestfriend death, Xiao Shu shouldn't be this naive and trusting to everyone, which happened in more than just one occasion, or at least, his mad perception skill should give him some clues in those situations). And Xiao Shu would be free of the shackle of "love" (i think it's infatuation, it's not love) then meet more sincere people in the industry, and live happily with his brother and mom, as the Movie King, surpassing the ML.


I get that this should be a romantic story, but this story could change to a very different, a very empowering, and much preferable direction in my opinion. <<less
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Nov 30, 2019
Status: c50
Skipped ahead, but couldn't finish the novel. Here's why:

... more>>

Jiamen has a lot of elitist attitudes toward his current BF even though he's in an advantageous position. I felt like all the things his BF did or thought at the time were all very understandable, especially in light of the fact that he didn't read minds. His BF did have an inferior complex, but you can't really blame him as he didn't have any assistance and didn't grow up with protection from his family. So of course he would be more complicated and have more selfish thoughts. If Jiamin had been more vocal and explained things better to his BF, his BF might be a lot more understanding. The reason our other main lead, Jiashu has such an innocent personality is because of his upbringing. He never had to worry about money. He placed himself into challenging circumstances as dedication to his work, but all of that is temporary. He was never in any true danger; he even had hidden bodyguards, for godsakes, how much danger did he really have? I don't think Jiamin was very sympathetic to his BF's situation and wanted to toss him aside for someone more innocent like Jiashu because he was less complicated. That's his prerogative, because he prefers simple-minded people. But I couldn't detest his BF for his actions... it was all very human the way he reacted. For that very reason, this novel didn't jibe with me. I can commend Jiashu's ethics, but he is only the way he is because he had the backing of his rich and powerful family. He doesn't have to struggle and calculate every step of the way, unlike Jiamin's BF.

20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Nice overall story.

3 cons, though:

    1. the author tried too hard to be philosophical. It's hard to explain but you'll know what I mean when you come across it. It's like she tries to be deep... but it doesn't really work out and only comes off as unpleasant stereotyping. Like when MC had to dress as a 'tramp' (as in the text) and he decided to wander the streets and join the homeless. And then it says how he starved for food and water for three days and lived on the streets and was beat up by kids. Then it was all "oh! this signifies his dedication to acting! look how hard he works", as though a 'homeless tramp' was some sort of glorifying caricature and an homage to acting. It was cringe, and blatantly ignorant to read.
    2. There are many times where I was like, author... is it necessary to write so much pointless inner monologuing? I get that that's the point of it all, but nobody just stands in place in front of someone who they're talking to, and think three paragraphs worth of fleshed-out thoughts before speaking.
    3. the ending was a whole f*cking dumpster show. It was completely unnecessary. All the author had to do was tie it up nicely and sweetly (kiss-kiss smile-smile if you will), but she decided to bust out that dog-blood, cringe dialogue+drama last minute.

      It came out of nowhere with no rhyme or reason; suddenly there was a whole hidden conspiracy and multiple entangled relationships involving the MC's family. A bunch of completely unnecessary emotional drama.

It just left a knot in my stomach. I should've stopped reading while I was ahead. I recommend stopping around chapters 100-105.

This story can be separated into three parts.

  1. The longest part (70-80+)... The ML slowly realizes his boyfriend is a bit two-faced (not in the white lotus way, but in a way that the person he presents to the ML is not his true self) ; insecure and paranoid; and has a raging inferiority complex, while he is also bombarded by MC's positive, loving, fanboy thoughts. Note: the ML's boyfriend is honestly just painfully and pathetically... realistic. Dude's got enough personality problems to cover the moon. There's no other way to describe it. He never owns up to his problems and any time problems do crop up he blames them on others (I'm sure we ALL know a person like that). The ML didn't know this initially, but being able to read the boyfriend's inner thoughts, he realizes what type of person his boyfriend really is.
  2. the best part (10-20?)...ML ditches his boyfriend and gets together with the MC. Oodles of fluff and kissing and sweet dialogue.
  3. A whole f*cking dumpster fire. The ending bit. Not worth reading... to preserve your sanity do not read beyond c110 (or something). Anyways when a dude whose name starts with 'Liu' appears (I think it's Liu Wei? idk MTL isn't clear)... DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT. NO. Seriously. Drop it and don't look back. You'll thank me. Or read on and see what I mean.
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May 18, 2021
Status: c105
Disappointed I must say I'm Utterly Disappointed. I had high expectations for it before. The starting was good, the idea was good but just the way characters were portrayed was an utter failure. I am sympathizing so hard with our 'villainous' villain. I mean the poor guy did not even do anything wrong. (Most of it was his assistant and the only most serious mistake was also committed by the sister not him)

First, there are actually ppl in this world who are very insecure (Woah yes there are *sarcastically*)... more>> and it's not their fault but the environment they grew up in. AND what will our most "sensible" and "good" ML do? DUMP him of course! The insecurity was the reason he was still clinging to the assistant bcz he had saved him in the past and the reason the insecurity never disappeared was bcz the ML never really loved him and I'm quite sure that somewhere deep down he could feel that as well.

Second, it's alright there are times when you get jealous, especially when you see that your boyfriend is not paying attention to you but some rich kid who is a natural-born handsome and talented and can get everything in this world without hard work. Of course, you are going to get jealous. Also, don't you dare say that they were just work-related friends. Later in the novel, it's said that they both were attracted to each other since the start.

So in conclusion the ML was just finding faults with our poor 'villain' cause he was no longer interested in him and had found a new target. [I say this is definitely the plot where the villain is going to be reborn, beat up the scum, and find his new 'n good life]
Why drag the villain and make his perfectly good life bad? He was also trying his best to adjust with the ML (who I must say has a Self-Complex) and as far as I can see he was truly in love with the ML. If ML truly wanted to break up with him, he should have done it cleanly and perfectly BUT no the SCUM of a man ML had to keep his feet in both the boats, and only after seeing that the second boat was secure did he jump on!!

And just a fact I would like to add: Humans are beings that say and think things that they don't actually mean or feel. Humans think million of thoughts, many of which are bad but it doesn't make them bad. In fact, I am wondering how the ML was able to retain his sanity. No matter how good mind-reading sounds, the human brain does not have the capacity to handle it. Especially when you don't have the power to actually control what you can hear. <<less
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Nov 14, 2019
Status: Completed
Wish fulfillment at its core, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Story follows Xiao Jiashu, an unfavored descendant of a pharmaceutical empire. The prodigious airhead returns to China to a cold reception from his family outside of his mother, a former award winning actress. She refuses to see him wallow his life away and introduces him to the entertainment industry, and he thrives while acting.

If you've read any of this author's other works, namely FoD, you know that the author isn't too concerned with a grounded narrative. The characters you're supposed... more>> to like are amazing talents/gorgeous/good natured while the ones you don't just suck. Emotional beats tend to be exaggerated and serve solely to highlight how cute/cool/talented/strong against all odds the protagonists are or the opposite for the antagonists.

The gimmick in this novel is that the ML, Ji Mian, was......

attacked by aliens... yeah...

and gained the ability to read minds. Why did this happen? Is there a follow up? Is he bothered by it outside of the impact on his daily interactions? The novel doesn't really care to answer any of that. The story focuses instead on the ML coming to terms with the fact that people's public and private personas can be quite different, especially since he works in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, the story only cares about how he can read the minds of only...4 other characters? The MC and the ML's lover at the start of the novel are the only important ones.

Character work is a bit inconsistent, especially for the MC. A lot of the setup from the beginning of the novel, namely his acerbic outer persona, is basically forgotten about. A large part of it is because we're in his headspace a lot, and the ML is constantly reading his pure, childish, and petulant thoughts, but pretty much everyone starts to view him as this precious goober. It's very fluffy. It's also really strange for me to see these personality traits in a character who's apparently an unfavored step-child business prodigy (who graduated from Wharton UPenn undergrad and grad program in 4 years) and acting prodigy, but that's wish fulfillment for you.

We could have had a very different novel if this premise was written by another author. The mind reading is intriguing, and the ML's boyfriend wasn't horrible by any stretch at first (he seems to get worse and worse just to highlight how amazing XJS is in comparison, but never to the point where you would point at him and deem him worthy of death). I'm not saying it's bad at all, since I read all of it and was entertained. It's just that everything in this novel after about 30 (?) chapters comes off strongly as dramatized fiction.

The relationship is cute. I'm not really obsessed with either of them. The relationship development is slow, but when it happens, it happens all at once. Once they decide to start dating, they sprint towards the finish line. All problems melt away. Marriage is swimming in their thoughts a day later. They have a desire to tattoo each other's names across their heart. Their PDA is on a whole other level

to the point where the professionalism they pride themselves on compared to other actors is basically thrown out the window and they're making out and serving dog food while in the middle of shooting a movie. the cast is supportive, but it annoyed me that they were holding everyone up and got away with it due to their wealth and status and talent. other characters could never.

The whole shebang. It's extreme, like the rest of the novel is.

All in all a heavy handed romance fluff with occasional drama. There's a significant niche for these types of stories, and this is one of the better ones. It's also surprisingly coherent through MTL if you wanted to knock it off your reading list asap. <<less
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Mar 02, 2018
Status: c137
Gosh, what can I say? It was amazing. The premise was so interesting that I mtl the entire novel and I don't regret it. The romance was so cute and fluffy, their interactions were so freaking beautiful I had smiles on my face throughout. I got really emotional at some points as well because of our MC experience. I'm so glad that there is someone to protect his smile. 10/10 would recommend.
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May 05, 2018
Status: Completed
Simply lovely. One of the first novels which hooked me from start to finish.

The MC is incredibly endearing and has a refreshing personality and perspective. The ML is gentle and not at all r*pey. When they do finally get together, both are very, very enthusiastic, which contrasts nicely with ML's relationship with a side character at the beginning of the novel.

There's a good balance between descriptions of filming and relationship development. Female characters exist, have personality, and have purpose other than being hindrances to the OTP. There's enough drama to... more>> be interesting, but not enough to be frustrating. In short, this is simply a very, very, very good novel.

The only qualm I have is that the ML's mind reading power, which is a pretty important plot device, is never explained other than maybe aliens. He also never tells MC about it, but even if he did, MC probably wouldn't care. And in the end, even I as the reader didn't care, because the plot points involving MC and ML's relationship development intertwined with their entertainment circle troubles was just so good. 10/10 would recommend. Also, relatively easy to read in Chinese, so good for beginners. <<less
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Aug 20, 2021
Status: c1
Of course, not trying to generalize but- some people who gave low ratings to this novel honestly seem to be missing some vital plot points. This novel definitely has it's flaws, but not rlly the ones that are being repeated (to me, that's just more based on subjectivity and how you perceive the characters).

YES, the MC was not rlly a goodie two shoes, esp at first (how dare the MC be imperfect!) His act of filming LLY in an embarrassing moment was incredibly insensitive. But imo, I saw that as... more>> a result of MC's unstable and traumatizing childhood and experiences. He is emotionally immature and doesn't understand feelings, and lacks empathy in a way, making him seem like a child sometimes. Not all empathy, mind you, but given his experiences, he honestly did not think that what LLY was going through was that bad. He develops from this, and apologizes to LLY. Could it have been handled better? IMO yea. But the action itself to me did not make the MC insufferable.

LLY was not intended to be seen as the evil villain. Li Jaier was the evil one. LLY honestly feels like the protagonist on some parts of the story, which might be a drawback for the story for some. We become VERY intimate with his thoughts and how he thinks, almost more than the MC. He even has some stereotypical MC qualities- coming from a poor background, extremely loyal to those who he considers friends, wishing to be independent, etc. And all those traits, in the real world, can have some negative effects as we can see.

A huge thing that I think most people just don't consider is that... the ML is a person too. He is human. He has emotions. He is flawed. I get it, we're so used to perfect ML's, who are practically just the romantic role than an actually character. But Imagine, having to hear the thoughts of someone you love and who you thought loved you back just as much, and being CONSTANTLY 24/7 bombarded with doubt. He is continuously being judged by LLY, his every action analyzed and overthought. If it were me, I would start to feel very insecure and self-conscious, and extremely doubtful of our relationship. ML never wanted to hurt LLY. But you can not expect him to just suck it up and stay with him (for some reason I see some ppl saying that he shouldn't have broken up with him. That was a toxic relationship for both parties). Perhaps ML could have done this or done that. But he tried his best, and gave SO many chances for LLY. I really feel like most would not have endured even that much.

Being insecure is NATURAL. Jealousy should not be smth shameful IF ppl own up to it. Jealousy becomes ugly when ppl keep it to themselves. Relationship requires communication and honesty, and LLY just would not do that. It is normal to keep some things to ourselves in from our partners. But LLY does it literally every single possible time. In a relationship, you're supposed to feel safe and wanted. Instead, ML just feels as if his presence and actions is just hurting LLY because he keeps it all inside, constantly conflicted and twisted and insecure. I am DEEPLY insecure, and I overthink everything. I have been with people who are even worse. And it sometimes gets tough. But you know what? Eventually, we communicate. We can talk it out. And we move on. Even if we CAN'T read each other's minds. Other times, some things just can't get talked out. And so we break up. All for the best, if we were just hurting each other, and if we could not envision a future together.

Did ML curse him? Hate him? No. He just broke up with him. Just like for many couples, divorce was the best thing they could do for themselves. They both needed a break from the other. Just like how MC's mom broke up with the dad. Breaking up shouldn't be seen as a bad thing all the time. New beginnings.

Another thing that some ppl are missing- yes, MC is a bit more privileged and did get some shortcuts. But, that's the a huge point. It doesn't have to be a horrible thing to accept someone's gift. MC's mom worked HARD for her position and for her son, and MC doesn't have to deny every single opportunity that comes with being her son. Ofc, for the sake of pride, he could. That's why LLY is sort of an interesting foil. Many normal MC's will often do that, but to me, it's ok to be in an unusual perspective, and see how it comes with it's own unique set of challenges.

I by no means consider this novel perfect. But I've typed for long enough, I just wanted to express my views on some common controversies. <<less
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Nov 25, 2020
Status: Completed

This novel is honestly one of the best written showbiz bl novel I have ever read. From the characters to the plot arcs, everything is well written and tied very nicely at the end. I don’t want to spoil much but here are some of the things I loved about it:

  • LOYAL TALENTED PUPPY SHOU !! The MC for this novel is quite sweet and smart. He is often misunderstood by others because of his rich background and prideful personality. However, as the story progress, you will absolutely ADORE AND PROTECT the MC ! This is because the MC is honest and super sweet to everybody (to the point where he comes off as naive or mocking) but this is extremely endearing as he will be super loyal to the ML to the point where he would rather hurt/sacrifice himself than to burden our ML. Plus, he is TALENTED and HARDWORKING which often results into great face slapping/badass moments into the novels. But amonst all his traits, the one thing I love about the MC is that HE IS WILLING TO ADMIT HIS LOVE FOR OUR ML AT THE PROPER TIME!! He isnt like other main characters which take ALOOOT of time and jealousy from second leads inorder to realize his feelings. He is extremely emotionally intelligent and is willing to be true to himself and others which makes the plot more direct and the romance sweeter!!
  • LOYAL DOTING GONG !!! The ML for this novel starts off as a gentlemen. However, because he has yet to recieve his mind reading powers at the beginning of the story, , he (like the rest of the characters) discriminates our MC as a rich and mean brat to the point of firing him. But, as he gets his powers, he will start to see people from whats underneath their masks and soon realize that our MC is not as bad as they seem. And as he continues this, he soon unconsciously starts to DOTE AND PROTECT OUR MC because of our MC’s sweet thoughts about him. Overall, he is a great HUSBAND for our shou and is always willing to GUIDE and KISS his “baby” (thats his endearment to our MC) at any given time.
  • LIL ANGST BUT FULL OF FLUFF IN THE LATER CHAPTERS !! The story becomes angsty because of a third character that is closely related to our GONG but, as our ML realizes the incompabilities between him and that third character, he will soon start to distance himself from that third character. And as our ML distances himself from that character, our MC (who most of the time coincidentally meets up with him) starts to become his happy pill because ML learns that they have the same passion for acting and mentality in life.
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Nov 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I give this a 5 and I'll rank this higher than most of the entertainment danmeis that I've read so far. I think the way a person reacts to a novel/story is also driven by their personal experience which accounts for the mixed reviews of this novel.

I can basically sum this novel with one sentence, and I think it applies to most of the side characters that made their appearance in this story: You never know how good something is until it's gone. Yep, I think everyone will agree that... more>> this also applies in real life. As of this writing, I've read all the translated chapters and powered through the mtl. I think the novel is worth a read, but as with every other story out there it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea/joe (based on some of the strong reviews). But for me, this novel was quite satisfying.

There's drama but it wasn't overly dramatic. I think it's also good that the author did not focus too much on the backstories of the main protagonists, and just inserts these as background information once in a while, to remind the readers that the characters have their traumas and they've dealt with these traumas in their own way (as best the could) and that how they interact with the other characters are a product of their way of dealing with these traumas. I'd say that there wasn't really a villain in this story, just side characters who were greedy and wanted to get ahead of everyone else since none of them deliberately did something life-threatening to the MC or the ML, all they did was try to ruin the MC's reputation over on social media, so I'd call them bullies instead of villains in this regard. I won't even mention anything about the acting methods and the name dropping in this novel because that's the author's way of integrating their research into the story.

So the MC is quite pure and has a one-track mind and that is to show his family - especially his father, brother, and his grandfather that he is worthy of their "name", and despite his harrowing experience he persevered and graduated ahead of schedule with a postgraduate degree with honors. My issue here is that


I think anyone who lives away from the family at a very early age and mingles and is exposed to a different culture for ten years would pick up some behaviors and mindset from said culture. So in this regard, I think the author kind of overlooked this aspect or maybe not, but for me, it's like the MC's experience while he was in the US really did not do anything for him except give him a little prestige and the parts where he kind of used the experience he "acquired" during that time did not do this prestigious background justice. I'm guessing it's because the story did not want to focus on the intellectual aspect of the MC and just his innate talent for acting and the love plot. I guess that explains why the MC was painted as such, in a sense he has the intelligence but his childish innocence overpowers that especially when he rediscovers his passion for acting and falls in love with the craft as well as the ML.


I loved the MC's character actually, no matter how insensible he was because he retained his innocence and did not compromise his beliefs and passion. He remained straightforward and he gave the ML the most sincere affection and love that the ML actually deserved.

I also liked the author's treatment of the ML's character in this story. He also had his trauma and overcame his situation with the help of another side character. Unlike other MLs in the other danmeis that I've read to date,


the ML here was in a relationship when he met the MC. They started off on the wrong foot until he acquired the ability to hear what the people around him were thinking. The ML was like the ideal boyfriend, willing to protect his lover, and was actually quite devoted. Helping alleviate his lover's situation by helping with his school and so on. And once he had the ability to hear other people's thoughts, he actually made a lot of adjustments for his lover, which (although not explicitly mentioned) I think he had been doing since they started their relationship. He was willing to wait for his bent boyfriend, willing to understand that it wouldn't be easy for his bent boyfriend to truly be affectionate. And for this alone, I'd give the ML full marks. He didn't cheat on his boyfriend, if anything he continuously tried to reassure his bent boyfriend that he was loved. But like any other person, he is human too and will eventually reach a breaking point where everything will be exhausted, especially if you can hear other people's thoughts and feelings, and see that it's completely different from what they show you.


As for the ML's confessing


that he can hear people's thoughts, I think it was okay that he did not confess this. That was the advantage that was given to him by fate (aliens) so that he'll experience the love that he deserved. Note that he did not take advantage of the MC or any other character in the story, and he was aware that having such an advantage is unfair and was conflicted, but I'd like to think that he deserved to be selfish and make full use of this ability to pursue his own happiness. If anything, it allowed him to correct his initial indifference to a lot of things and to realize his feelings and give himself the love he deserves.


And Lin LeYang... Lin LeYang was the ML's boyfriend before he met the MC, and he was originally straight. He worked as the ML's life assistant before becoming the boyfriend. The author left their little love story to the reader's imagination and was not narrated in detail. However, based on the novel he and the ML were already together for several years (4 or 5 years). This side character wasn't really bad, he was actually quite realistic. His reactions and mindset were quite convincing. But the bad thing about this character was that


he was half-hearted. So the author did not deliberately just pile on the bad behaviors and shortcomings just so the ML would break up with him. It was only magnified because the ML started hearing his thoughts. I can understand the resistance he had whenever the ML wanted to be intimate with him (because he originally identified himself as a straight man), and they are in the entertainment industry and subject to public scrutiny, but in my opinion, he was treating the ML unfairly. Yes, he agreed to be in a relationship with a gay person and was willing to kiss and f**k once in a while, but he was never truly committed to the ML. Yes, he loves the ML but his love had a lot of reservations, always cautious, and was rooted in his gratitude towards the ML - there's a difference between wanting to be with someone and being with someone out of gratitude. He became complacent and full of himself actually, thinking that the ML would always give in to his every request to the point that his treatment of the Chen brother and sister outweighed his half-assed love for the ML. Yes, he loved the ML, but his love was half-hearted, complacent, selfish, and insecure, regardless of the countless times that the ML tried to reassure him. Yeah, he's worked harder than the MC, but as with real life, rich people and geniuses (especially when they are both) always have the advantage, especially in an industry where looks, talent, and background outweigh hard work (that's how it is in real life). But I don't hate this side character, if anything, I felt that the author could have given this character better treatment in the story.

But again, the ML deserved someone better than Lin LeYang, especially since they had been together for a long time, I think if you identified yourself as straight initially and then decide to go into a homos*xual relationship, I think by the third year (at least), you should have made up your mind whether you still want to be in a gay relationship or not, by that time you should have either resolved to become gay 100% and commit to your partner or just leave and end it. Because if you continue to have reservations and resist the type of relationship then fck it you are being unfair and insincere, and do not deserve the love that your partner is wholeheartedly giving you.


This is probably the longest review I've posted so far because I think this novel is quite good, the author gives you room to fill in the gaps and give your creative mind a chance to interpret these characters. It wasn't perfect (heck! like I know what a perfect novel is) but for me, it was worth a read, and I will still follow the translations until it's completed. <<less
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Sep 23, 2018
Status: c176
So in love with this novel! I laughed, I cried... agh. I made an account on the JJWXC and bought the VIP raws JUST SO I COULD SUPPORT AUTHOR! I love you! Face of the Devil was amazing, There's a Beauty is amazing, God Made is amazing, Why Harem.. Raise a Dog Instead is amazing... aghhhhhh author you are so good!
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Jul 24, 2018
Status: Completed
That's a quite sweet fluff romance, it's initially slow but after~ bam~ sweet~sweet~

... more>>

The ML actually was in a relationship in the beginning of the novel...... good thing that his ex wasn't a green tea b*tch, but just an insecure fellow (inferiority complex).


The MC, lil'sapling, is the complete opposite of ZYS (QWFOD), not a little boy but a big man (with a 4 packs).... but even though he at first appears cool he actually is extremely cute in the inside! That kind of moe gap!! A big baby that make us want to take home to spoil~

@Arisana, are you sure that MC was straight? I'm sure that his 1º love was his childhood friend, and just like with the ML, he didn't notice.


ML is the loyal dog type~ it makes me remember that arc of QWTFOD, the husband frenzy XD

@Arisana Why would someone hate his bro?

That brother is a doting and slight flexible overbearing CEO~


There's also some family drama in the mix. Prepare your tissues!

I want a spin-off of mc's mother!!! She is so cool!! <<less
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Apr 02, 2018
Status: c137
I can't even describe how lovely this novel was. It was very heartwarming. Fenglie Shudai definitely does not disappoint. The gradual recognition of love between the MC and ML was very satisfying. There is not many cliffhangers or the usual dramatic scenes where the MC and ML keep misunderstanding each other. The MC is adorable and is definitely not an overly used insecure shou (uke). He has full trust in ML and is full of love and worship for the ML which is of course reciprocated by the ML. I... more>> think the fact that ML can read minds is a stroke of genius. It definitely eliminated much unnecessary drama in their love life. Overall this novel is just so full of love and it is definitely a feast for the soul. <<less
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Feb 26, 2018
Status: c3
ML is such a fluffly little child. Really misunderstood by a lot of characters. I find him really endearing.
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