Extra Concentrated Pheromone


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CP: Qu Jing X Yu Zhao, 1v1, HE, ABO has two settings.

Yu Zhao, an OMEGA, with a rose-like appearance and a personality as spicy as chili. He is an elite professional in the workplace, a young CEO with a naturally high concentration of honey rose pheromones. Fearing to lose control, he carries a suppressant with him daily, injecting himself with it when he goes into heat.

Qu Jing, an ALPHA, with a fragrance like sandalwood and a heart as deep as black ink. He is an elite professional in the workplace, a young CEO, and like Yu Zhao, he carries a suppressant with him daily, fearing he might lose control. Whoever gets attracted to him, he will give them an injection.

Yu Zhao and Qu Jing devote 99% of their time and energy to work. They don’t pursue love but only money. Until one day, they are arranged to be married…

*This is not a power couple. Both may seem strong outside but are internally fragile, and the attacker needs to heal them.

*The legal, economic, and other plot points mentioned in this story are fictional, within a fabricated world, not following real-life logic.

Work tags: Fabricated World, ABO, Marriage Before Love, HE.

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Drakion rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c45
A child wrote this. The only character that the author didn’t mess on is the MC. Everything is a mess. ML is all over the place. His character is so inconsistent. The side characters also feel bland. And the story? Typical family drama romance scenarios. I wonder if the author drew inspiration from that.
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