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As Wanzhu Corporation’s number one assistant, Lin Hui was, without a doubt, an incredibly outstanding individual.

The CEO trusted him. The employees relied on him. Their business partners appreciated him.

Lin Hui’s career was like a duck to water. However, he had been secretly in love with his boss for several years.

Just as he thought his life would continue like this forever, he and his boss accidentally…

Within Wanzhu, no one could say no to Assistant Lin. Not even the CEO.

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7 Reviews

Aug 21, 2022
Status: Completed
MTL and it was amazing, but not as amazing as the story itself. UGH the maturity that both of these characters have is something I really appreciated. What a great way to break away from the overused typical plots and characters I have had to suffer through before I found this gem.

A++++ communication, REALISM, the gradual flow of their romance and the drama! Beautiful. One of the few couples I purely enjoyed and wish for their eternal happiness. The definition of a power couple. I love love.
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Aug 25, 2022
Status: c33

Drugs, attempted r*pe, d*bcon

MC gets drugged by an antagonist to r*pe MC, but is saved before anything happens. Still, a little warning via tags or comments would have been appreciated imo.

D*bcon part is ML ending up doing some s*xual acts with MC (Though not last base) because he can't physically resist MC while MC was drugged, though ML wasn't exactly unwilling.


On the plus side, the novel had more mature characters, unlike many novels that have adults that act more like children.

What's more, you can feel all the emotions MC has experienced, and his yearning for the ML.


They're already together at the chapter I'm at, and there's probably some more plot development after this, but I'm pretty satisfied with ending it here haha. Might pick up again if I'm in need of some fluff.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 08, 2022
Status: --
Holly F!!

A very good Modern Danmei, its a light novel with minimum conflict and very focus on reletionship development of MC and ML.

Simple, eloquent, and sweet.

With some sprinkle sweetness here and some sprinkle over there. :') 5* from me.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 02, 2022
Status: Completed
Ahhhhh!! This novel is so cute and fluffy. Though my heart aches 😔💓 thinking about MC secret love to ML for 7 or 8 years but it was worthy since ML starts noticing about his feelings to MC. Sometimes I am pissed off about ML not recognising his feelings for MC before but we cannot blame him because of his past trauma well you cannot call it as trauma it can also be taken as sad past. Alas I liked how they express their feelings💘.

At beginning I cried a lot... more>> 😭 but then my broken heart ❤ was healed due to their sweet movements.

Never gonna regret reading it. Lots of love ❤. <<less
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Aug 04, 2022
Status: c32
I MTLed this novel because I was too impatient. And even through half-crappy MTL, my heart throbs in painful, restrained fluffiness.
The novel's vibe is a sort of cute, airy drama. And I emphasize airy. It's like the airiness of drinking on the balcony at sunset. It's fresh like a summer cucumber but also grounded.
The characters are relatively relatable and comedic. The main focus is still on the two main characters though.
I've only read up this far but it's enjoyable.

My teeth are rotting.
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Jun 04, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s a short but beautiful story with realistic characters. The characters are well developed and each has their own flaws, but that’s what makes them human and loveable.

However my favorite part of the story is ML’s family. I love how the stepmother isn’t made out to be a villain, and how the stepbrother looks up to his elder brother. And while ML was traumatized by his mother and had a hard time managing his feelings, he didn’t turn cruel either. He still helped out his stepbrother, although he tried to... more>> distance himself. While father seems controlling at first, we later come to understand why he acts that way and I don’t blame him. He only wanted the best for his sons although he didn’t go about it the right way. The only villain would be the mother, who hurt the whole family because of her selfish actions, and Ik: glad that was recognized.

Overall the story was well written, with a more mature perspective, but the romance was so sweet. I did feel sad for our beloved assistant at a few points, but that’s what made their love more enjoyable.

This story is definitely one of my favorites! <<less
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Aug 09, 2022
Status: Completed
Soooo cute~ I like the calm protagonist, calm story. They are so sweet to each other. It's like... MC gives his heart to ML in silence every day and when he feels hopeless, ML pays attention to him, feel something different between them, try to understand what he feels and finally gives positive feedback. I like it. even when there's some dragging drama before they become a couple, I think it's perfect short time to think and calm their mind. This story really my type.
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