The Virtuous Omega Disguised as the Vicious Colonel


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Colonel K is a legend of the Omar Empire. He single-handedly destroyed the Star Pirates Warship, with mercilessness and cruelty, and everybody trembled at the mention of him. Lan Yu, dignified and elegant, the model of thousands of Omegas, mistakenly became the black-hearted Colonel K.

In order to keep the persona from falling apart, from then on he punches the intergalactic beasts and kicks the bandits’ out of their nests, tore a mecha to pieces with his bare hands, and the corners of his lips picked up in a cold smile. As an Omega who is thinking about getting a husband and having a child, Lan Yu feels like he’s suffocating.

But the good thing is that he was once a movie star, with his amazing acting skills, no one noticed any difference between him and Colonel K, whose name was used to stop children from crying.

Except for his nasty rival, Lu RanKong.

Lu RanKong could always find the “Interstellar Butcher” Colonel K’s unnoticeable changes.

With the corpses of Star Pirates under his feet, the ion gun leaning on his shoulder, his hand on his hand-knitted woolen holster. With the wind still in his face, a corner of his uniform’s shirt lifted, showing an embroidered yellow flower. With skin scuffed fingers, a grim, bloodthirsty smile, his eyes filled with tears.

At night, he would only fall asleep if he was holding a teddy bear? He drank the nutritional supplements with no expression, but the bottle was labeled with ‘orange’ and ‘mango’ flavors.

Lu RanKong slightly narrowed his eyes. Why did this black-hearted K become more and more like a ♥ K?

Yet he found the other man f*cking attractive!

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After the virtuous O dressed as a fierce colonel
Colonel K you continue to fool around
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Ohinmaaloh rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: c19
Quick Review: I was excited for the novel. However, as I read the novel, I felt like it isn't for me. It feels like the novel is supposed to be serious, as the topics at hand seem so, however the author doesn't like writing serious topics, and instead chooses to alleviate the tensions with out of place sexy descriptions and ill timed comedy. The very unserious writing for a serious story made it hard for me to like this story. If you are interested in a brainless romance story with... more>> a vaguely serious backdrop, then this might be the story for you.

Full Review:
I had high hopes when I started this novel. It had a very interesting synopsis, and a good rating. However, my first time reading it, I gave up around chapter 8. I later tried again, but I couldn't make it past chapter 19 this time. I just don't think that this is the story for me, since it seems I'm the only who disliked it.

I had two main reasons I don't think its for me, and bunch of smaller issues.

First of all, let me say that I love handsome men. Who doesn't. And I enjoy descriptions of handsome men in stories. But I didn't understand why the author would constantly interrupt serious moments of the story to suddenly describe the handsome appearance of the ML. They would be running through the city, dealing with a bomb crisis, and suddenly there's a paragraph describing the ML's powerful waist, or they are performing an interrogation and suddenly I read multiple times about the ML's handsome wheaty ankle, or they are conversing and then theres three paragraphs describing the ML's clothed chest. I felt like a middle-aged pe*vert who couldn't perform a basic action without getting aroused by the nearest person. And most of all, these sections resulted in big tonal shifts too, bigger than when the MCU tries to throw comedy into world ending situations. I enjoy descriptions of handsome men, but they felt so out of place here, as if the narrative was telling me "Don't forget! Don't forget! We might be in a life or death situation, but the ML is handsome! While he is doing x, he is doing x handsomely!". But maybe I'm just being harsh, cause its not like this novel is alone in that.

The second, and bigger issue, I have with this novel is the MC. As mentioned in the description, Lan Yu became Colonel K. Notice the word: Colonel. Yes, Lan Yu is now a real ranking officer, in a real army, with real soldiers beneath him (within the narrative). Also, Lan Yu has no prior experience in warfare or leading an army, and it is stated in chapter 1 that he posses the combat ability of Colonel K, but not the memories (its later stated he has some muscle memory in other spots, which I will get to later). My point is, Lan Yu is responsible for the life or death of a battalion of soldiers, and he lacks the foundation, training, and ability to lead them. Despite knowing this though, he agrees to lead the battalion on a mission. Now, I understand this is a YA fictional book and brainless fiction is brainless fiction yadayada, but if I ignore that and instead look at Lan Yu, who chooses to jeopardize the lives of the members of his battalion for... what? He doesn't like warfare, he's expressed his preference to retire, the only reason I could find is that Lan Yu is still Colonel is because he 'has enemies' and need protection, but he clearly doesn't care about these enemies considering the only enemy that gets named is the ML but the MC still has the time to admire the ML's chest muscles for three paragraphs. Overall, I just couldn't understand the MC's motivation to continue to be a Colonel instead of retiring, and it felt like he was playing with the lives of the soldiers that were beneath him, a trait I wouldn't mind as much in a character, if it was acknowledged within the narrative. But instead, this aspect of the MC never got acknowledged (as far as I read atleast). If I had to describe the kind of feeling this would give me, I could see the MC being a white lotus villain from another novel, who just goes: "Oh whoops, I didn't mean for all the members of my battalion to die under my lack of leadership skills, teehee! Turns out, I just am a humble actor who had no choice >~< But at least my partner is capable of leading in my place!".

Both of these reasons made it hard for me to get immersed in the story, and there are smaller reasons which I will briefly touch on below, but since it they are more specific, I will spoiler them.

  • The MC kills someone for the first time in his life, and is emotionally distraught by the appearance of the corpse to the point that he refuses to look at it. Very understandable. Then, the ML shows up, we get paragraphs about how handsome the ML is, part of which includes the ML scooping up the blood of the corpse and smearing it on someone?!?!?! And the MC, who was distraught about killing this person, is just..... still admiring the ML's beauty? Admiring this entire process? Completely ignoring the dead body that he mu*dered that was involved in this scene? And the blood?
  • On the topic of the MC constantly admiring the ML's beauty, I don't understand why his admiring the ML's beauty is constantly interfering with his ability to act. Like, he was a movie star back home, who won awards. Yet he never got used to acting with handsome men?
  • This futuristic dorm somehow has worse sound insulation than my 1905 apartment with cracks in the walls. And this is ok? We don't care if a high ranking officer can hear every single conversation another high ranking officer has? Seems a little dangerous to me.
  • Speaking of which, when the MC hears the ML enter the bathroom, his first instinct is to... press his ear against the wall? And continue listening? Not sure why ML is considered the pe*vert. And then when the ML stops singing in the shower, the MC...... thinks that he passed out?? Is that anyone's first instinct when someone in a shower stops singing? The sound insuation is that terrible, but he somehow didn't hear the ML falling over after passing out?
  • The MC spends 2 weeks (i think thats how long) training after he transmigrates. During those 2 weeks, he apparently not only didn't train in a mech, or start a mech, he didnt even see one (which is shown because he was surprised by the mech's appearances on the sandy planet).
  • The MC retains the muscle memory of Colonel Lu, and this muscle memory doesnt include the "speaker" or "start" or "open hatch" or "unsheathe blade" buttons of his mech, but does include the "accelerate" button. Such a convenient muscle memory, allowing for comedy when necessary, but plot development when needed.
  • The MC didn't know there was an oxygen mask in his mech (understandable), but somehow he knew there was a shovel inside a tool kit inside the mech (?).
  • The MC taking the time to stop and give a kid cotton candy while chasing after a very dangerous bug in a mech that is about to run out of power was.... an interesting choice. Like, I don't even understand why the author chose that instead of "the bug pushed the kid off the pedestian bridge and the MC caught him". Comic relief? Why is there comic relief right there in the story?
  • The MC, a colonel, has "tender and white" hands. Really? The author is so stuck in the "Omegas must be tender uwu" mindset that they didn't stop to think, a colonel wouldn't have tender hands. Even if the colonel is an omega, they are hiding their omega status, so they wouldn't be caring for their hands and keeping them soft.

Thats all I can remember for now. Overall, I guess if I had to describe my problems with this story, its that the topics at hand feel like very serious and mature topics. War, a clear and dangerous enemy, etc. And the author, at times, is very good at managing these serious topics, and conveying them in a good and convincing manner. But the constant interspersing of less serious moments really just brings the novel down a few levels imo. I can't tell if their editor forced them to make the subject less heavy and it resulted in all these poorly thought out items which don't add to the overall story, or if this is just how the authors' stories are all written.

In the end, I would give this story a 1/5. However, I recognize that it just seems like I'm not the target audience of this novel, so I rated it a 2/5.

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Melange rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm glad someone picked this up.

MC is a soft and comely omega actor who wants nothing more than to retire, get married, and have a bunch of cute buns. Unfortunately, he gets the exact opposite of that. He transmigrates into the body of a super super super serious and entirely unfriendly colonel who 1) hates everything, 2) is a strong mega tyrant, and 3) is definitely NOT a sweet omega.

Even the world's best actor can't be on 100% of the time, and ML quickly notices that his rival has some... more>> weird little changes. For instance, despite having a nice "boyfriend" named Gugu (actually MC's teddy bear), this "boyfriend" never appears. For instance, this very serious colonel somehow has an intuitive knowledge of cross stitching. And for instance, this rival of his seems to have forgotten some basic military knowledge and --oh, he just punched something and looks like he's about to cry??


At one point, MC has to fight against some giant caterpillar things and he tried so hard not to scream while beating them up. Everyone thought 'wow our leader is so strong killing those bugs' but he was actually crying on the inside, hahah. Poor baby.


Although this is technically enemies to lovers, MC and ML were never really enemies.


They're childhood friends, but MC was taken over by the mysterious blob people when he was a kid and his soul went to a different realm. The blob person tried to live as MC's identity but died and that's when MC went back to his original body.


This is a pretty good read if you're looking for a stress free action/romcom. <<less
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darkelf01 rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: c21
What I read: Virtuous Omega Pretending to be a Vicious Colonel

What I expect: a cute story about a gold actor pretending to be a tough military guy but discovered by the gong so they escaped to the la-la-la land of romance together

What I get: star craft x sherlock holmes x starship troopers

Not the best combo, obviously. The action part is too long, though detailed and would excite any action lovers. But I'm already burned out by the chase and investigation at chapter 20. They haven't gotten enough rest yet they... more>> already got another mission, heavens! Even as a reader I felt tired. Maybe it's my fault because I started reading this novel after a busy day.

It's still a good story, as the reviews said, but you shouldn't read it if you aren't in the mood for something heavy. My only complain is that there aren't enough sweets around. <<less
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Amamiya rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked the plot!

The author writes in a way that encouraged me to think together with the characters to solve the mysteries.

The story is good, the characters are good, there is romance, there are super sweet and fluffy moments, the two love and respect each other. The love between them happens naturally and gradually, everything happens at the right time.
I liked all the arches, especially the prison arch. Definitely 5 stars.


I loved the end of the arc and how MC and ML decide together to stay one more night in prison to say goodbye to their cellmates friends and to everything they went through together.
At the end of the prison arc, the two are already in love. ML declares his love to MC in a very cute way, MC accepts his love, and they start dating. For me, this was the best arc, I have nothing to complain about it.


ML is so good with MC and so in love with him ~
There are two scenes that I really loved

The first: because of MC's lie and a series of coincidences, ML ends up misinterpreting an omega (coincidentally named Gu Gu) with the MC's fake ex-boyfriend (the teddy bear named Gu Gu). Because of this, ML makes a public declaration of love to MC in the middle of a bar. The scene is hilarious! It's also exciting hahaha ML swears eternal love to MC several times.

The second: when MC is having the first baby, ML doesn't want MC to feel pain. He invades the MC's spiritual consciousness. Thus, ML who suffers all the pains of childbirth. I want a man like that hahaha!


The extras are good too! Unfortunately, there are only three extras. I want to read more!
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JuneV rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Can I give more than 5 stars!! It's simple and smart yet little complex plot with full of love and missions!!

MC should have f*cking saved the universe in his last life to get such a love with ML!!

The way ML loves MC is just so pleasant to read. I'm going to stay single for the rest of my life cause i'll never meet someone like ML. The plot is just wow, the arcs are good and the development in their relationship is steady. They are bickering couple so no end... more>> for laughter. As well no end for foolish smiles when reading their romance.
Another thing I like is, here plot is main, where those AO elements like pheremones and Mpreg are normal ways of love, instead of hyping the story with pheremones their love is more natural without these. Ofcourse I like those AO elements too.

A little spoiler!!

The ML will go into MC's body when MC is in labor of giving birth, ML will experience the pain in place for MC (Like soul swapping kind of) I just got tears in my eyes, where can you get such love. MC's pregnancy is one of my favorite part along with their confession.

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Rather pleased with this bickering couple of (fake) Alpha x Alpha !

There's action, a touch of mystery, and also a good dive into their chase for each other. It's not a pure fluff danmei which is why it doesn't get boring. Reading halfway into the novel and I'm awaiting the completion!


Aww ML is really one kind of ML!


Even bearing the pain of giving birth of their children for Xiao Yu.

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peppergum rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: c86
It started off strong, and there was so much chemistry during the prison arc. But the further the story progressed, the flatter the MC's character became...?

He began as incredibly competent, with an occasional quirk like a hobby of knitting or a need for premium self-care. But then as soon as the confession happened, he became weak-minded, fussy, and incapable of anything. Constantly shrieking, constantly crying. Combined with all that emphasis on children, cooking, and cleaning...? A caricature of domestic femininity, really.

I was so into it at first and binged the... more>> first sixty something chapters in one sitting, but by chapter 86, idk. Probably gonna put it on hold. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mikumiku_100 rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I LOVE IT. This author really has a knack for action and suspense. ABO and transmigration is no longer an uncommon genre/tropes but the author use it in an interesting way. The unraveling of mysteries and plot points excites me all the time.

Plus points for the not-so 2D characters and the good dynamics between MC and ML.

Really, highly recommended *v*.

(I hope ERS translates the extras too :<, can't find it in other sites *sigh*

Edit: Nvm, I just mtled the raws lol)
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 3, 2021
Status: c13
Really like it so far. I find it to be hilarious. The interaction between our MC and ML just wow... chef's kiss. A favorite scene so far is definitely

The Mecha fight when the MC accidentally starts playing rock music lol


9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fisukisuki rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This Novel Deserve Everlasting Praises and Compliments!!!

I'm not Joking! It's Absolutely One of the Best, if not actually Top 5 The Best of the Best of The VERY BEST OF THE BEST ACTION/ADVENTURE DANMEI NOVEL EVER!!!

The Actions... The Missions... The Satisfying Journey... The Very Good Characters... The Awesome Story Lines... The Plot... The Satisfying Ending... Perfect !!! Everything Is PERFECTION!!!

... more>> Sure we could say MC and ML not Perfect Characters. But the way they are, their flaws what made them Perfect!

Especially ML. The. Best. Alpha. EVER!!! The Very Best Alpha in the Whole Universe!!! Best Lover, Best Husband, Good Father, Great Military Man. PERFECT!!! Not joking. The Extras completed his characteristic Perfectly!

First, he already spoiling and good at coaxing MC when they both still in Rival/Enemy pace. Then when MC in Heat, ML helped him by taking over his body, so he can actually feel how 'horrible' Heat is. And when MC giving birth, he also taking over the body so he actually know the feel of Giving Birth !!! And already with First Child, he would let MC acting while he taking care of the child!!!!!


Truly... This Novel is Beyond Any Expectations. I Love this Novel Way Beyond Eternal Love for The Eternity and Beyond BEYOND!!! <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 22, 2022
Status: Completed
One thing I have to say first is, I FXCKING HATE NITPICKERS THE MOST!! If you're like me who reads some reviews first before reading this novel, then I STRONGLY SUGGEST to not read Ohinmaaloh top comment as of writing this because it just managed to nitpick even the smallest details in this novel.

This novel is just a hidden gem 😭❤️

The plot of this novel will make you feel like you're the edge of your seat specially in the last 10 chapters. It's action packed and I really enjoyed myself... more>> reading this that I barely left my phone.

At first, you might really hate the MC because of his initial behaviour because that is just him adjusting to his current identity. Once, he adjusted all of his behaviour are very consistent with the character that the author has given him.

The ML is just too good. He's super good to the MC that I know that I'm already doomed forever to be single because I need a man like him who will literally take over my body for me to not feel any pain 😭😭❤️❤️.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND this novel because it's really worth it and the plot itself doesn't deserve it's current 4.4 star rating as of writing. It should have a higher rating!!! <<less
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earlydiaries rated it
April 2, 2022
Status: Completed
felt like a really drawn out read zzZzzz the effort put into slowly unfolding the mystery is appreciated but it seems this author is very bad with pacing and timing. thrilling parts of the story are finished fast and the boring ones that are like fillers are drawn out for god knows what reason.

... more>>

e.g. the MC and ML have to patrol undercover at the mother and baby center or whatever and I think two whole chapters are of them handling babies like they aren’t in the middle of a mission?? or, MC getting distracted by ml’s ~hot bod~ whenever they’re on duty?? ML and MC having sweet moments while someone has invaded ml’s body and MC was forced into heat? by the way, why the f*ck didn’t ML at least beat that longtan bit*h after everything was settled like he forced the MC to go into an unnatural heat that’ll only stop if he’s marked? what the f*ck would MC do then if who was with him wasn’t his alpha, huh? MC just lets it pass too. pushover main characters are my least favorite. you don’t have to be such a pacifist for no reason, like at least express some anger or something. it’s like MC doesn’t give a shit, are you a block of wood..?


romance is??? I really don’t know what to say. the author just doesn’t know how to time things. it’s like they’re overwhelmed by their own writing. it was there, but didn’t feel right... it’s like edging but at the end, you get nothing and you’re just left there. we’ve got them on duty or on missions and they’re being sweet?? every time they’re supposed to rest, something new happens so they can’t figure themselves out lmao. you can’t hide that sh*t with the ML being sweet, author. we see you and how you can’t seem to pick which to prioritize first, plot or romance. it’s hard to enjoy that when MC is in trouble or ML is in trouble or the f*cking planet is in trouble. good try but not good enough.

look, there’s a lot MC and ML have to address in the end but it isn’t addressed because we have a timeskip after everything?

  • MC never explains in-detail his life as lan yu. ML seeing him as an actor isn’t enough to explain all that. you can’t pull out a point of intrigue and wing it like that, it feels incomplete. he never sits ML down to properly talk about it and how it affects his identity. we know this is important because MC still feels attached to that part of him but it’s never brought up again to be properly talked about.
  • MC and ML never have a good talk about kids, considering ML doesn’t like kids and feels very iffy, almost borderline unwilling. but somehow they have kids in the extras and unsurprisingly, ML looks unsure while MC is pregnant. who the f*ck would dare have kids with a partner who is unsure? so irresponsible! talk first before you have a kid?? hello??
  • how did meeting the parents go? it was mentioned as if we’d see how it goes then it’s never shown and happens offscreen.
  • did MC ever get to investigate his past in-detail and visit the places important to him in his childhood for closure? ML reassures MC that he’ll talk about his past but again, it probably happened offscreen.
  • what happened to the institute and their research? the stabilizer? mc’s grandpa’s recipe, does he ever remember?
  • what happened after the big fight? who got promoted and how? how did sasu planet recover from the infiltration? what happened to the longtan b*tches who would even hold hostage others and drug omegas, are they free now so they don’t have to f*cking violate others like that again? don’t just summarize it in one passage. it’s part of the big plot but it just sits there like it’s irrelevant? MC and ML got their bodies stolen f*cking twice and thrice.
  • did the MC and ML ever get to f*cking properly talk about their relationship after getting interrupted several times over? what did MC decide to do and how did he become an actor again? if you’re going to timeskip, proper anticipation should be done. f*cking write what the MC does to get back into the entertainment industry. what, does he audition for a smalltime role and it becomes big?? where is the closure for them in the main story? why put it in the extras and it’s not even full closure lmao?
i obviously have many gripes with this novel. I just felt like I was led around so much and then plopped onto an unfulfilling story end. for the love of god, just punch the longtan people for once. you WON’T lose anything. sheesh. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
peewee23 rated it
April 1, 2022
Status: Completed
If you have the time i'd definitely suggest to sit down and read this one!

Not only is the plot very interesting and intriguing, the main couple is just a cup of sugar being shoved down your throat, they are so hilarious throughout the whole novel and with them is never a dull moment! Truly I was a bit hesitant seeing some of the bad reviews but if you are becoming hesitant i'd take your chances with it anyways because the mysteries and antics these two go through is all worth... more>> it. They are understanding toward each other and LRK is truly the best husband there is, attending and loving to his omega. Even in the last moments of this novel I was holding my stomach as I laughed so hard, really im urging you to give this novel a chance you won't be disappointed! Hahaha! <<less
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BlTransmigrationfan rated it
October 19, 2023
Status: Completed
Best omegaverse novel, not revolving around discrimination, nice and exciting well build plot and explaining the transmigration of our MC, the love has nice development someone may not like it but I love it especially love our ML he is such a nice husband, and the babies are represented realistically that I genuinely think like "the baby is cute but it's good that's not mine"
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ritsuka rated it
October 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Let me start from the review by Ohinmalooh, her two problems are the descriptions of ML's beauty everywhere and then the MC not understanding his burden as a colonel. Before I say anything else, first of all I must say that you should atleast read halfway before making claims and complaining? A lot of novels use the explain later tactic a lot. So the thing that might be pissing you off might be explained later and you just end up giving bad review to the novel for the holes that... more>> aren't even there! Her review was really convincing tho lol.I was exactly like the other people who dropped likes on the review thinking that she was right but I still wanted to see it for myself so I gave it a read and I'm glad I did.

First of all, about the ML's beauty and handsomeness descriptions, you must be really new to chinese novels to not know that authors just love to do this. Whether its a really good mind effing novel that leaves you speechless or a mediocre novel, authors love to boast about their MLs in EVERY FREAKIN SITUATION!! Take 'Mist' for example, really one of a kind novel that makes you feel s*upid but the author will be praising the ML's hotness in every situation that you just get numb to it. Compared to a lot of novels, I think it was rather tame in it? Secondly, about the MC not really understanding the burden of being a colonel and retiring, if you read ahead you'll know that MC wants to retire very much but you can't just up and leave the army any time you want my dear. As its shown ahead in the novel too, that his superiors tried their best to make him stay and wouldn't have let him go if not for ML intervening, not to mention that K had enemies (tho idk not even one was shown). As for the lives of soldiers in his hands, were their any lives in his hands? Dude, he never commanded them. The only thing he did was to train them and most of his missions were with the ML and even if his battalion went, they were all commdered by small team commanders not the MC so I don't see any point of her criticism. There are other points in the spoiler section of the review which can also be explained if you read ahead but there are also a lot of her points which make sense, which brings me to what I was gonna talk about next,

The novel was 'surprisingly' plot driven, emphasis on the surprising part, see that. Because, the name and the summary aren't really promising, you go in expecting some brainless cute fluff with comedy, but get a rather plot driven story instead so cause of that a lot of 5 rated reviews are kind of over exaggerating? Its good indeed and meticulously planned but not really that plot based actually. You come in expecting one thing but it gives you another thing so you just get caught by surprise amd give it 5 stars. There were some plot holes too as mentioned in the review I talked about earlier, like how the author didn't emphasise and show MC's mental state and burden of suddenly being thrown in a unfamiliar world and then killing and doing dangerous tasks.I think we all needed that and it would have added so much more to the story and fleshed out the character but alas. Thus, the 4 stars. But its a really good read indeed, don't get me wrong I'm not bashing it, I'm just saying its a 4, just not a 5. The author connected the events of the story seamlessly and struck a great balance between romance, comedy and plot. So don't shy away from it!

The romance was Really good! I mean I stan bantering couples! And their banterings always without fail made me laugh so much! I loved the first and the prison arc and I think it was the best the novel had to offer cause they got together kinda quickly after that, I could have enjoyed more ambiguous tension and bantering but they were still cute after that.

I see a lot of reviews praising the ML and I wholeheartedly agree that he deserves all the praise! One of the best MLs and definitely the best Alpha i've seen so far? Tbh I don't like ABO much, cause no matter what I feel like the relationship is kind of unequal. The Alphas are always a bit condescending no matter how nice and gentle they are but Lu Rankong? This guy just left me in total awe like girls thats husband material right there!He's cute, adoring, expressive about his love, will love you wholeheartedly and listen to everything you say. He'll take your pain for you and he'll take care of the kids like a pro in the future and let you go to work worry free if you have to. No alpha dominance stuff here!I feel so envious of Lan Yu! You lucky guy!

I actually loved whenever the MC acted like the cold colonel and gave orders like that was really sexy! He had a really domineering aura with it and later on, it wasn't just acting anymore, it became a part of his personality whenever he was dealing with stuff.i loved that he was only soft with the ML.I'm soft for that kind of setting. He was so badass and independent that there wasn't any difference between him being an omega or alpha tho he had his cutesy sides a lot and loved beauty and care. Anyway, I do need more omega MCs like him!

This read was worth my time.I was also surprised by the good plot since the name and description were corny and had lowered my expectations (this teaches you that don't judge by the cover lol).I'm so glad that I read it! I think ExR love translating stories that surprise us like this? I read the General vampire Omega by them which still sounds cringe but was a gem! I'm looking forward to ExR bringing us more hidden gems like these! Thank you for the translation! I hope anyone who decides to read it after reading my review enjoys it fully! <<less
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Nny rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: Completed
I agreed with one of the comment before. Don't blame me with my opinion. After read so many interesting and good story. I became picky reader. HAHAHA....

The story was interesting at beginning, but after that it begins to boring. It's obviously not my cup of tea.

The character of MC need to be reconsider again. His previous life was an actor, but since he meet ML, he can't control his subtle movement or his facial emotions. Why u need to peek ML, why u need to blush, why u can't keep... more>> the character u need to pretend.


After transportation, he didn't learning about the world he lives. With high status he has, he needs to learn so many things, he can't just depend on another people imagination about the original body image. The hell with indifferent and crazy image that he could do mistake anytime. No training and doing military affair, just relied from the body's respond when the danger approach. The batalion under MC, u so lucky to have responsible captain leader

After meet ML, he became more unrestraint with his acting. He even didn't cover anything, just blurted out everything he didn't like.

He could casually joke even he know the original has some hostility with ML, he could think to abandon the mission because his ocd (yeah I know for some person this could be one of the important reason, but what could he expect from going to jail and he could bring his face n body care, and he expecting the single room in jail look like a vip room or maybe like his dorm?), cried when he hurt but running and working the day after without any word like the bruised magically disappear (he said his waist usually bruised when he hanging in safety cable when syuting and he didn't cried!? So why this time he can't stand the pain)

How can he win some awards with his acting like that?

And also after he n ML decided to dating, arghhh... No more acting even in front of other people, clingy, control freak (it's good when it's talked beforehand and discussed, but he only said what he want ML to do and he can't accept rejection. Or I just a little bit sensitive with this MC), unlogical and only thinking about his interest.


Haaaa... I don't have strong impression of the MC's character, so maybe there's the wrong explanation there. Plus there's no character development.

Because my first expectation and the reality so different, I have so many thing to nag.

ML hem... The character became worse, So fast to switching mode to obedient lover.


From prestige and dependable, to doggy and careless person. But if it's about the official matter, he's so responsible even take care MC batalion...


They also had memory impairments, seems like the original body and the ML has some connection

Because I on middle story I just could review until this part. Maybe later I will continue again after finish it!

Okay! I finished it now. I could say the story good enough if u didn't bother with the first half character of MC. Because I really2 annoyed with his fussy about unimportant things.

The story after MC learning about his memories became better, the interaction with ML became more enjoying n interesting. So this is good. At first I give low rating and now I change it to middle one. Hehe he...


So the 'original' was the one that invaded the MC body and make MC fly to another space accidentally. With this explanation, I became more lenient with the character of MC, because he need to take back his body and the previous image was another person. 🥴


ML is still a henpecked husband and pampering one.

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thebadgirl05 rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Done reading, I must say, it was a nice surprise.

The first few chapters weren't that interesting for me. However, reading further hooked me in more and more. Although I doubt an actor can really execute a professional fighters fighting skills and whatnot, I still enjoyed reading it. ML is also a huge fluffball. I also appreciate how MC is portrayed as it represents his character build up. Because he's an O, it shows his similarities with other O's. Unlike in others where the interest of omegas are all typically not... more>> inline with an MC's hobby where they are portrayed to be 'different' from other omegas. No hate, it's just I found this one refreshing. <<less
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BadNora rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I liked it!

There's some investigation/action parts that are interesting and the romance is quite functional... And consensual!
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Nyaa.23 rated it
August 19, 2021
Status: Completed
The first half of the novel is good but the later half is just so-so. Tbh, I stayed for the prison arc. The later story where they tried to catch the lotans are just bland. The relationship progresses real slow. I think the romance start at chapter 50 ish. After that, it escalated quickly.

This is more of an action story, not my cup of tea. The MC and ML are nice but I don't really found their relationship to be fun and interesting. The side characters and villains aren't well... more>> developed, I don't have much expectation about it. The MC's backstory is kinda meh. Reading this book is like riding a rollercoaster that's high but it stays the same throughout the story and doesn't get any higher.

It's not something I would re-read again. The strong omega setting and the prisoners arc are interesting tho. <<less
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remiss rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: --
Soo cute and funny, both charas are chuunis who act "cool" (but inside think the other is cringey)

MC is an actor transmigrated into "K" and has the act the role of a crazy/ruthless/dangerous alpha. In reality, his exploits just look like he's overcompensating as he's hiding his identity as an omega. His internal screaming is the funniest, but outside he projects this stoic cool persona. (He likes to knit, is a germophobe, and hates c*ckroaches)

ML outwardly acts as a foil to K, in that he's in the spotlight... more>> like an idol warrior. His chuuni habits show in the form of looking flashy and gathering fans. In reality though, he's a bit quiet and studious, tinkering in some projects and weaponry.

MC gets this terrible impression of ML tho and thinks he's a showy, messy pe*vert whose mind is always in the gutter. (Bc of a terrible first impression from when he first moves back into the dorms)

love this so far tho, esp since the chemistry is so subtle yet good 💛 <<less
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