Escape From the Library


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One day late at night, Yue Xingwen went to the library to check out some information, and as soon as he entered the door, he heard a cold mechanical sound ringing in his ears — Welcome to the ‘Escape From the Library’ real-life survival game. Library rules:

1. Credits can be obtained for each clearance, and the credits can be exchanged for field of study-related skill books or props;

2. Each department has a different subject course;

3. If you can’t pass the course, you will be obliterated!

The library was full of crises. In order to escape their life, the students trapped in the library crossed the sea with eight immortals and showed their remarkable abilities—

Department of Chemistry’s schoolmate: Acid, base, salt, chemical reaction melt everything!

Department of Physics’ classmate: Light, electricity, spring, magnetic field, gravity, the demons and ghosts stay away from me!

Department of Medicine’s senior: Scalpel, surgical suture, medical gauze, what the hell with pulling out the electric chainsaw?

A student from the Department of Biological Science can do mitosis to directly split himself into countless numbers?

The senior sister from the Department of Environment can plant trees on the spot, and the junior brother from the Department of Architecture can dig a hole in the ground to make tunnels…

Department of Chinese Language and Literature’s protagonist: Don’t panic!

Conveniently taking out a copy of “Modern Idioms Dictionary. ”

Schoolmates: ….???

This escape team is getting stranger and stranger.

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16 Reviews

New shuulys
May 23, 2024
Status: Completed
One of the best unlimited flow novel. I like how it's based off a library with different faculties (courses in uni). It made the different arcs so much more interesting and 300+ chapters became a breeze to read. Despite it being soooo long, surprisingly it's not draggy and v fun to read. The plot isn't repetitive so it's not boring. Plus I love all the main and side characters.

Although the romance is a very very slow burn, I wasn't like too impatient for it haha. It was plot quite well... more>> and although they only got together quite late, the early chapters were still very sweet and interesting.

Yue Xingwen (MC) and Jiang Pingce (ML) only got together at around 270+ chapters 🥲 but it's okay! The chapters before that is still very sweet and cute hehe

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Apr 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Hii it's my first comment here in NU even though I have been here for years😆
So far this novel only has 2 updated chapters...

But I've read the mtl up until the 300th chapter and I've got 14 more to go!!🥺 It's sad to say that I wanted more from this. I can't express myself well as I wanted to since this story was such a nice read.

The romance part is quite slow-paced and seen in the later chapters but you won't mind it that much since every instance shows the mc's and ml's tacit understanding of each other.

It was such a refreshing idea to incorporate a library or specifically an instance just for uni students. Why and How? Every member of the group with MC shows a diversity of personalities and unique characteristics. Sure it revolves solely around Xingwen's pov but Pingce and his friend's presence are quite evident and present since they're going through several instances with each other.

The things happening don't flow smoothly at some point and I like that for it shows that they are not invincible and are just humans too that make mistakes.

Stories wherein the MC and ML are such shueba's are certainly my cup of tea! MC is a top student in the Chinese Department while ML is too for Mathematics Department. Others involved with MC are great too, students that got into the library are from different universities with diverse colleges.

You can see the expertise of every member which clearly showcases their ability in their given field so everyone actually has the chance to shine!

MC (Xingwen) is an open, lively, leader type, and easy to talk to kind of person. ML, on the other hand, is more closed off and cold, an exception to that is Xingwen hihi. Though pingce is not the type that doesn't really talk, he is actually fine when talking to others, just not the happy-go-lucky type. He stands alongside MC and pushes through various instances with him and the team.

It's not just their story but with friends beside them supporting each other

Zhaoqing, Shaobin, Xin Yan, Zhuo Feng, Manluo, Yishen, Qin Lu, Qin Miao, Xiaonian, and Lan Yarong.


Sorry for the long talk hehe<33 I love this novel and the author so I hope you'd try this too! This may or may not be your type nevertheless I know someone would appreciate and love it as much as I do.
Thankyouu and bye!
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Jun 21, 2022
Status: c322
Teamwork! Camaraderie! Students helping other students!

All of them have their own specialties and they all contribute to get through the tests.

I'm rather new to the Unlimited Flow trope, but this novel is the most uplifting, hopeful, and positive one among those I've read, so far.

... more>>

There's not much cannon fodder making trouble or dying gruesome deaths! I mean, there still are some, probably around five or so? But for the most part, everyone was civilised (thanks to the student representatives they gathered within the library, in part) and they all helped each other.

Also, they all can form groups of their own so there's no problem of infighting or anything of the sort within the main group since everyone was either friends, friends of friends, or recommended by acquaintances and has the same goal of getting out of the library


MC and ML are adorable, they're the very definition of a power couple.

Regarding the MC and ML's romance:


Really cute! It is slow burn but from the very first day, you could already see that they both care for each other a lot, their trust towards each other and their tacit understanding is off the charts. Honestly, even though they weren't together for like, more than half the novel, they felt like they were together already.



ML has been in love with MC since their highschool days


The Team:


First off, I want to say that I love the C-183 Research Group to bits. Now, to the characters!

Yue Xingwen (MC)

-Top Student of Chinese Literature. The team leader and is someone who brings people together. Upfront and cheerful.

Jiang Pingce (ML)

-Top Student of Mathematics. Highly analytical, aloof but cares a lot about MC. Takes everything step by step.

Ke Shaobin

-Student of Computer Science. Foodie and is often considered the team mascot with his wild ideas and happy go lucky personality, but is an expert in his field.

Zhuo Feng

-Student of Physics. MC, ML, and Ke Shaobin's Senior in the Student Union. Is in a relationship with Lin Manluo

Lin Manluo

-Student of Environmental Science. MC, ML, and Ke Shaobin's Senior in the Student Union. In a relationship with Zhuo Feng.

Xu Yishen

-Student of Biological Science. Was in a research group with Zhuo Feng and Lin Manluo prior to joining C-183. Lazy and has crazy driving skills.

Liu Zhaoqing

-Student of Medicine. Was grouped with MC in the first arc. He's a post-graduate student, if I remember correctly. Scalpel and gauze supremacy!

Xin Yan

-Student of Chemistry. Ke Shaobin's classmate from highschool. Untrusting and rather unapproachable, but is also considerate.

Qin Lu

-Student of Geography. Was grouped with MC in the first arc. Twin Sister of Qin Miao.

Qin Miao

-Student of History. Older Twin Sister of Qin Lu.

Zhang Xiaonian

-Student of Architecture. Junior brother of MC and ML from the same highschool who idolises them.

Lan Yarong

-Student of Law. Post-graduate student one year older than Liu Zhaoqing. Last to enter the group through another team's recommendation.


Favourite Arc:


Department of Biological Science. Definitely that one. I wouldn't spoil more about it though!

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Sep 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm actually surprised when I saw this in Chrysanthemum Garden's recommended novels. I felt that this novel was very familiar, from the title to the cover.

And, I know it. The novel and the author of the novel.

I saw Escape From The Library when I was scrolling for danmei novels in jjwxc. It was ranked high in the top list of danmei novels.

And the author, words can't describe how I lover her and her works. (♡ヮ♡) I've read several of her works and it's amazing. I love them so much. (I'll... more>> stop because I know I'll just continue simping.)

When I read the description in jjwxc, I immediately said "no" to myself because I feel there would be too many technical terms and the mtl won't be able to translate it accurately.

And I immediately slapped myself to the face because I'm currently finishing the novel in mtl. Ironic, isn't it? The novel is actually interesting, especially the concept/theme of students entering a game and the game is a library theme, which corresponds to their identity as a student.

Another thing I like is the courses (different levels), because as they reach another floor, the game doesn't increase in difficulty which I like because it's not so cliche. The difficulty just differ in credits, where different college have different points. A 3-point credit is more easier than a 7-point course. If you get it, you get it. I'm not good at explaining, just read the novel.

And don't forget the characters!

As they reach a specific floor/finished a specific college (forgot which college it was, it's the college of medicine I think?), they were allowed to make a group, specifically a 'research group', coined by the library. There's actually numerous characters here and I can say that even if I can't memorize their names, their respective characteristics would be able to make me recognize them.

Though, don't point at me! I secretly shipped some of the characters, hehe. There's definitely sugar! You'll also ship when you read their interactions.

It's Xin Yan and Ke Shaobin. ♡


And don't forget the main leads! I love the relationship, academic rivals-slash-friends to lovers.ヽ(♡ω♡)ノ

The romance in the novel actually came a bit slow, it just started to become officially ambiguous chapter 225. But don't worry my friends, the extras will overdose you of sugar that you'll become diabetic soon enough.

I love how Xingwen (the protagonist/shou) is the leader of their group and how Jiang Pingce (the male lead/gong) always follow Xingwen's lead.

It's just a nice power dynamic where the male lead isn't always the leader/commander when there's a group and a leader is needed.

And Jiang Pingce (the male lead), he's one of a kind.


He's not your type of a male lead that forces Xingwen, nor the yandere/possessive type. Although he did a strategy, the "boil a frog in a hot water."

And he admitted himself that if he confessed and Xingwen doesn't accept his confession, he won't force him and will just leave.


I mean– who wouldn't like someone like that? Fortunately, Xingwen didn't pass up this opportunity.

They're a match made heaven in my eyes.

I FINISHED IT!! T■T (except the extras.)

I kinda expected/guessed the truth of the game but the detailed explanation still made me a bit shocked.


Especially the changing and modifying of the memories of the players.


It's very nice, Escape From The Library is a minority in UF novel genre. It's more on science, not paranormal.

Recommended. Would make you despair because most of the characters are top students in their respective colleges. (I wish I'm also top student in my own college.)

✧・゚: * The extras *:・゚✧

In the 3rd extra chapter, titled Beach BBQ, you'll see a proactive Xingwen. He's too proactive that I can't believe it.

He directly crawled on Pingce's bed. (〃ー〃)


It made me think of, [proactive and hasty shou X obsessive disorder and step by step gong] couple. That's them on that chapter.

I won't tell anymore about the rest, just read it! This isz your sign.


Don't mind this, just some scenes in the extras.

Lin Manluo's eyes were slightly red, she nodded and said, "In the future, there will be fewer opportunities to meet, so take care. Also, don't bully Ping Ce."

Yue Xingwen: "Hey? Why aren't you worried about Jiang Pingce bullying me?"

Lin Manluo said: "He is reluctant."

Behind him, Jiang Pingce smiled slightly, looked at Lin Manluo and said, "Yes, I can't bear it."

It's hard to catch up, but can't you pet and protect it?




I KNEW IT! Their love is so beautiful. (ಥ⌣ಥ)
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Jul 08, 2022
Status: c16
Misogynistic and poorly written.

Honestly, how can anyone love a novel such as this one?

First of all, if you are a fan of chinese-typical flowery prose and beautifully composed text, this novel isn't for you. You might say, "no one expects this kind of writing from an action work." It is more than that. 'Escape from the Library's author didn't do a spectacular job of constructing a compelling narrative. There are several instances where we are told the exact se information in two consecutive sentences, and it makes this novel seem... more>> du*b. Aothor doesn't bother to show the emotions of any of the characters or take an opportunity to explore them more deeply. It seems like you are reading a story about manequins going on adventurea and the painted-on faces are their 'personalities'

The quality of translation (chrysanthemum garden) is subpar as well. There are quite a lot of repetitive phrases and awkward word choices, grammatical mistakes, too. Overall, it is readable, but doesn't bring much joy.


Really? Really? Author, this is the best you could do?

Shallow female characters, hooray! Most of the women in this work are portrayed as useless, weak, easily scared, petite, and cute. In the second arch, the female characters can only help with the investigation by chatting up some grandmas to ask if the local doctor is single. Also, the author's opinion about women's intelegence is clearly shown in the kind of majors he/she gives to them. Preschool education and geography, while the males have such majors as astrophysics, computer science, medicine, etc. There is one female medicine student, but she doesn't do almost anything, save for throwing an anesthetic syringe when the protag tells her to!

Will update when read further but for now, my hopes are low <<less
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Sep 05, 2022
Status: Completed
This was great.

I loved the story and found many of the arcs very interesting!

the characters have personality, they are not empty and have good character growth.


My favorite arcs were Not Guilty Defense and Cell Factory, original and entertaining.

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Jun 20, 2022
Status: c314
A very unique type of unlimited flow novel, not the typical "everyone's dead except main characters and their friends" unlimited flow. The romance is veeery slow but it's really a good read because the characters are funny and likeable (there's no villain).

I like Yue Xingwen's personality, he's such a positive guy but he's not naive. He's the standard school grass; smart, friendly, and know how to set the mood. Meanwhile ML is more like an introverted genius, he has a big brain but zero social skill.

Although I've read all the... more>> chapters using MTL, but there's a lot of narrative that use complicated words during instances which made me feel s*upid, so I would like to read the translated version and edit this review. <<less
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Jan 08, 2023
Status: c106
Firstly, I have to say that this is actually one of the best unlimited flow stories I've ever read. It's the first one where it's not necessarily an apocalyptic setting showcasing the dark side of humanity. In fact, it's a story about how humanity remains humane even in the face of terrible circumstances.

Of course, I wouldn't quite say that this library system is comparable to the other grimdark settings since it is also pretty humane. Although there is life and death, its purpose doesn't seem to be one that forces... more>> people to their wits' ends. Of course, we are also following the MC and ML's team whom are the cream of the crop, so we are definitely seeing fewer deaths and horrible tragedies.

One thing I found really interesting was the amount of knowledge that I learnt from this novel. Although it covers a wide range of subjects, it presents them in a novel way. Of course, since all this comes from a single (?) author, the depth of knowledge is unequal and so some exams might seem less complicated.

The review from mountain_scenery is partly correct in that some characters are less developed. But as a writer myself, that's literally the nature of writing and is why there are differentiations between main characters, side characters, arc/seasonal characters and cannon fodder. Given that I have not actually seen evidence of bad grammar myself in the very same translation by Chrysanthemum Garden, I'm honestly sceptical if they read the same version I did. CG has always had top quality translations as far as I've experienced, and I've read over 20 of their novels.

Also, their account seems created for the sole purpose of this review? It sounds, to be blunt, sus.

In any case, give this novel a try, it showcases the bright side of humanity, gives a creative spin to university students cramming for exams and also teaches you knowledge that you may have never learned before in an ingenious way. There's a slow burn BL pairing for romance lovers but I've always felt that stories that don't try to make romance their focus are always much more interesting and have greater plot depth.

Every arc is extremely different, every faculty exam might have similarities within the same faculty but they are not all the same across the board. Although there are some old power combinations, as gamers we also know that there are golden combinations that are suitable for nearly every fight. The team does expand their powers as they grow and each use is more novel than the previous! (Just check out the first Biology exam)

From slapstick comedy (the ways the team users their powers are weird and funny) to inspirational (2nd Bio exam!) this is a very complete and great novel. Pity that it has so many difficult and scientific words so I rather to wait for CG rather than MTL. <<less
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May 06, 2023
Status: c144
This is honestly my first time leaving a low rating. Usually if I don't like something I just don't rate at all. While there are a few things I did like about this novel, such as instances for each department, I really do not like the protagonist. The novel is too Mary Sue (forgot what male version is called) ! I would not be shocked if this novel ended with the protagonist waking up and it was all a dream of his fantasy of ruling the world.
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Jul 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved it❤, the world building is well done and the romance is satisfying, the extras are the cutest part.
This story is about the MC and ML going through the levels to escape the library and come back to reality with their team.
The weak point would be the terror, there wasnapos;t much to be scared of, but I think it was better that way.
The strong point is that the construction of the world was perfect and all the information was true with very diversified arcs.
The romance is slow but steady, with a happy ending and,

In extra there is a marriage proposal


Great to pass the time.👌😘
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Feb 11, 2024
Status: c286
Original ideas with interesting, fleshed-out characters; well-executed and with an adequate share of dog food! And I have to say, this also partly restored my faith in humanity - seeing the world inside the Library not fall into chaos, seeing the students organize themselves, was heartening. As well, the relationship between the MC and ML was well-written; they complement one another.
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Jan 09, 2024
Status: --
It has everything I love In a book and more. The MC is a natural leader, the ML is supportive and talented working really well with the MCs plans. The other team members are unique interesting and capable never fading out while still allowing the main two to shine. The arcs are interesting for the most part though the last escape was a little bit of a drag.
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Dec 28, 2023
Status: Completed
First of all, what a refreshing plot! Using a virtual world where students from different courses have to use their knowledge to escape the system is honestly such a cool idea.

Except for the use of virtual worlds and systems, I've not come across other plot lines of this novel in other novels to date. That is really impressive 'cause I've read hundreds of novels just this year.

Second of all, I have to thank the author. Thank you for writing a novel showcasing the good sides of humanity. Honestly, I've been... more>> pretty disheartened these days due to everything happening in the world nowadays. This novel showed the lovely sides of friendship, teamwork and the magical things a human can be capable of. Every single person in the team were just so superior in their field of study. Everyone in the team had a part where they shine in the novel and I just had so much fun reading this. Furthermore, the female characters were written very well in this BL novel which was a great plus point.

I did actually like the relationship between MC and ML. Though most of the romance happened in the extras, their tacit understanding, their ability to immediately apprehend each other's thoughts without a word being spoken, and their deep concern for each other can be clearly perceived even while they were still in the virtual world. I do like me some friends to lovers tropes on occasion. Ok, the only cliche I found in this novel was when

the MC realised he loved the ML after the ML was fatally wounded. Like why is that such a recurring trope in literally every type of media?


Anyways, 11/10, definitely recommend. <<less
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Sep 10, 2023
Status: c72
Read this for a few arcs/departments a few months ago, paused, and then picked it back up today. I really liked MC so far (someone said he was too Mary Sue) but I personally liked his smart, OP, and perfect self LOL

Anyway, I enjoyed reading all the departments and the team members' specialty and major and how they can each shine in their own department and just the overall teamwork of the whole group

Really nice translations with very minimal or no noticeable bad grammar and also very consistent updates!

Can't wait... more>> for Chinese department to show up so MC can display ever more of his OPness haha

This novel is written by the same author of Card Room so if you liked reading that novel, you'll also enjoy this one too. Overall, I recommend! <<less
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Aug 04, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a very good novel. I think if you read it, you will not find any difference between the protagonist and other characters. All were op. MC is the captain and ML is deputy but all their teammates are best in their area. I think It was the best team. If any one is missing then they are incomplete. It has one straight couple, one main couple, one side couple. Xin Yan and ke shaobin 's chemistry was also good. If you're looking for a good teamwork making their way... more>> in difficulties then it's for you. <<less
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Oct 07, 2022
Status: c51
Haven't finished it yet, but this is really good! I'm usually not into unlimited-flow genre with 'white as a paper' morality. Because as you know, unlimited-flow is a survival type of situation, having a saintly protagonist in that scenario for me, is hypocritical. Not to mention the various identity of the people that were randomly s**ked into it, you can't expect all of your allies to be morally righteous as possible.

But this novel actually set a setting that matches that kind of personality, they are all university students! At most,... more>> they have just graduated, with little exposure to the 'real world' as for now. And although they still have the expectation that everything will work out, they are still sensible enough to know not to cause messy trouble and are easier to be united because again, they haven't really touched the dark side of society yet so their motives are more or less in sync and they still have high bottom line.

I love how the powers are very quirky, it has that 'cataloged based on your major' powers which are intriguing and distinctive. To me, it feels like those power systems that are based on your birth month, personality, etc, where you will feel more relatable to the character because you can have your own sorted powers as those things are what almost all humans on earth have/had experienced. The powers are pretty much balanced, there is no overpowered or underpowered powers. But they do have their own weakness which is why most students forms their own teams. The university theme is very thorough, they are based on general majors in the worlds.


There's even elective courses to gain more points and sports days! Idk about you, but I, as a college student feel "omg, they are just like me fr (suffering) "


Which brings us to the next point, MC and ML are not the only ones who shine! Or more aptly, there are no 'one-man show' bs here, they all have to actually work together to pass the level, all of the characters are important and vital to the team. So this is a breath of fresh air if you are done with 'big thigh' protagonists out there and wants to see a healthy working team relationship.


They even made a student association organization, INSIDE THE GAME. This was one of the best ways to show their aspiration and unity. As well to show their competent-ness (reminder that almost all of the main characters are straight A's college students) and to establish rules in this otherwise lawless game world.


The dungeons here don't have a death requirement, in fact, they actually inspire you to keep more students alive. That again, are never seen before in unlimited-flow genre. There's also no b*llsh*t scenario where "only those with x power can pass (which is usually rare and suprise2 MC had them) " or "only those with x item can pass (which is almost impossible to be gained, but because our MC is a special cookie, he had them) ". All in all, this is the most family-friendly unlimited-flow genre novel you might ever read, followed by a good plot and characterization as well. <<less
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