The 11th School Trip


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A strange school trip keeps getting repeated.

“Please Baek Seon-woo, don’t get hurt, or I might really go crazy.”
“Ga-jun… You should not say stuffs like this to a friend.”
“This is because you and I are not friends.”

Ga-jun thought, whether Seon-woo heard or not, holding his breath. He has a problem now… If he was a friend who had to die in front of his eyes again and again, and had to return every time, this kind of friendship had to disappear.

Now, the terrifying thing wasn’t the training centre. He had become uninterested in encountering monsters or seeing someone else bleeding out in front of his eyes.

“The most important thing to me is that you don’t endanger yourself.”

The obsessive obsession with Baek Seon-woo’s safety.

It was the beginning of our 11th school trip.

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11번째 수학여행
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Mar 19, 2024
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Glad this is being translated!

This is a regression story where MC and ML are high school classmates and go on a school trip where a cult has kidnapped them to force them to have a secondary power awakening. MC has vision powers (and perhaps more?). ML has the power of obedience, aka forcing others to do as he says. ML is the most powerful student in school and so ends up dying while protecting others. On the 11th regression, MC refuses to let the ML die again.

MC is cold, clever,... more>> and obsessive over ML's safety after repeatedly watching him die. ML is a golden boy but has his issues going on. <<less
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