Death Spiral [Infinite Flow]


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I shall die and die again to know that life is inexhaustible.

Rabindranath Tagore [Stray Birds].

[Nth+1 Event Log] Detected [Core Player]’s death.

-> Reset world

The ghost monsters are resetting…. The world is resetting… Resurrecting all the players… Other than [Core Player], all other player’s memories are erased… Relationship meter is erased…

! Warning ! Detected [Player X]’s memory is still partially retained.

Resetting player again.

! Warning ! [Player X]’s memory imprint is too deep to be erased.

Deleting the player.

! Warning ! [Player X] is an important character and cannot be deleted.


Override the bug, reset the world to the beginning.

***After completing the Nth+1 time of resetting***

**Instance is restarting**

! Warning ! [Player X] has made contact with [Core Player].

! Warning ! [Player X]’s feelings towards [Core Player] has exceeded the maximum threshold.

! Warning ! [Player X] and [Core Player] are commencing indescribable actions.

! Warning! The following content cannot be displayed according to the relevant rules and regulations.

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Death Roundabout [Infinite Flow]
死亡回旋 [无限]
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Metalloid rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: --
This is a very unique unlimited flow/infinite flow book. I have read many infinite flow novels, I dare say, and many of them have their own creativity. For this book, I don't think going back to a time point after death is a very, hmm, creative idea? (Not saying it's bad, but it is not that surprising). What really impressed me in this book is the MC is "real". He is like everyone living a common life. He is not a genius who can survive in a sudden survival game.... more>> The way he died didn't make me feel him s*upid, instead, I'll think it's reasonable and relatable.

His reaction about going through deaths a lot of times is also very real.

At first, he was traumatic about the pain, and he would stop taking death seriously, and when he lost his loved one, he would appreciate that he was able to go back through killing himself to save the ML. The most touching scene for me is that after being killed in desperation without knowing any clues about the game, he cried and didn't want to continue. That moment makes me feel him alive. His vulnerable, indifferent part makes him imperfect but complete.


Btw some people said it hurts, but I think it's pretty okay? (Meaning, not that sad) I think the ML is so adorable, and their interaction is so sweet. Generally, I'll say it deserves a try if you like infinite flow novels. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: Completed
An excellent infinite flow novel. MTL was a little confusing but this novel was good enough for the required brain cells.

The MC has only 1 unique power - ability to re-start the level once he dies. He is not super brilliant, deductive genius or even physically powerful. His only talent is to re-start. He dies at various nodes in the games only to re-start and carefully escape these nodes. Other players think he is some super genius, super senior player lmaooo.

ML is a professional game streamer and it shows. He's... more>> the one to find most clues (atleast before the re-start lol). He is also physically strong. MC agrees that if it had not been for his re-start ability, ML might be the real hero.

MC is constantly dying in various torturous ways (it's horror after all) and there are also many pervert/ crazy players who like to kill for fun. So, emotionally and mentally, MC starts to fade. He cannot sustain dying again and again. ML also notices that at the start of each game, MC suddenly starts screaming or crying or basically sweating and super panicky. He realises after a couple of games that MC is most likely dying and getting re-born.

ML comes off as smart and powerful and a happy-go-lucky guy. But we get glimpses to another side of his - killer yandere. Like legit he is yandere for MC. The last instance (which is super super long f*ck) exposes his yandere tendencies. He wants MC to be his priority and wants himself to be MC's first priority and will kill everyone else, no matter how good a relationship they build, to make sure MC is alive and well. In fact, ML has personally also witnessed certain scenes where MC gets killed and while he doesn't remember, seeing those objects brings him great rage and murderousness.

All in all, a great read. <<less
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waiting for it to rain
waiting for it to rain rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: c42

excellent novel! I really love the premise of this story. Imo, its a bit gory, and the horror/mystery is fun — but isn't scary enough to like, make-you-fear-walking-to-the-toilet. Just a tad bit graphic. The action scenes are brilliant too! The regression that MC goes through is quite unique from other unlimited flow novels i've read, sometimes you just feel really bad for him : (the pain he goes through + how everyone's memory in that instance is wiped out after, leaving only him to remember what has happened;... more>> it really is despairing, , ,

what I love about these types of unlimited flow is that MC isn't op (you'll see why) and the instances are actually fun and engaging to read, not just the leads boom boom power through everything. Its worth reading DEFINITELY!! The highlight of this novel to be honest has to be the ML. Hes VERY VERY different from any other MLs i've seen before. Heck, in the beginning I had to check who's the ML, I ACTUALLY THOUGHT HE WAS THE SILLY SIDE CHARACTER IN MOST NOVELS?? I was like oh this guys so cute I hope he doesn't di- OH MY GOD THATS THE ML?? Hes the happy-go-lucky puppy type gong. (Yea! Hes actually top!! I had to check so many times) I love him so much, hes such a good character. But, don't be fooled by the cute appearance, his deduction/analyzing skills are superb. If I had to say, the pairing is like: younger, energetic puppy gong x older, cold but gentle inside shou. SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE achjejfhfolen. So far its only been translated like 19% out of the whole novel, so don't start judging them now. Character development comes with time. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this novel, its great.

edit: ok so I donated to the tler's kofi and got access to more chaps, and

OH MAN, MC is more ruthless than I thought, scratch that, BOTH LEADS r quite violent huuuu THATS EPIC S HELL

its amazing so far <<less
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pephem rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: c26
(Disclaimer that I've only read the first arc so far.)

Really refreshing! MC has a reset ability similar to The Earth is Online or I Managed to Ditch My Single Status in a Survival Game (if you've read that one). However, unlike EiO or.... MDSSSG....... (WN titles amirite), which treat this ability as super OP and put limiters on it, Death Spiral leans into the idea of infinite resets in a way that's thoughtful and impactful. Just because the MC can redo everything, doesn't mean that the game will... more>> be easy to solve. Also, there are actual psychological ramifications for using this ability, not just as a result of (brutally, graphically, warning for gore, painfully) dying, but also due to the isolation of remembering things that others don't. I really like this approach.

The characters aren't s*upid OP outside of the MC's ability, and they don't have the predictable personalities that reappear in a lot of danmei. A lot of unlimited flow tropes get subverted/lampshaded and the side characters aren't just flat, unlikable cannon fodder (IMO). It's a bit early for me to pass 100% judgement, but as a big fan of the unlimited flow genre, I feel optimistic about this one, and I'm really looking forward about seeing where it goes. Give it a shot!!! <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DogsAreSoCuteTotally rated it
January 26, 2022
Status: Completed
i really really love the relationship dynamic (outwardly cold inwardly warm shou x outwardly a puppy-dog but inwardly blackened gong), the unique plot + premise, comedy and the *chefs kiss* angst of lovers separated through death.

for me, this was one of the novels where, when I was reading the translated version (in the first arc) I had a really big urge to mtl it because I loved it so much, but I also thought "the translation is really good tho..." eventually I gave into my urge to mtl it, and... more>> I do not regret it. its a pretty easy mtl, except for

the last arc, kinda got confused with the mtl mumbo jumbo about time and space

looking forward to read through the translated version once its done :)

issues I had with this book:


the ending: it seemed kinda rushed and disappointing to me. the author definitely could've put more thought into the ending, rather than it be "MC found out everything but ML knows nothing" and "yea a bunch of this stuff happened in the last cycle but I'm not going to explain how or show emotional flashbacks", which leads into the next point.

the previous cycle: since the MC died so many times in the first "instance" in present-time, how did he survive the previous cycle? this may have been mentioned in the last couple of chapters but mtl didn't get the meaning across (+ my memory about it is kinda hazy)

ML perspective: I don't know about other readers but I really wanted to read more about the ml's reaction to MC dying. especially with the recording (?) eyeball thing. I was so upset about it that I cried LOL (though that also could've been because of how heart-wrenching the situation was too...) I guess sometimes you just have to use your imagination...

mc's emotional numbness (?) : the first part of the novel I could definitely feel the emotions, but in the middle it kinda became flat? 2d? numb? although that it probably very reasonable given that he has died a number of times LOL. kinda felt like sometimes he was just an observer in the ml's journey. might re-read to check over this 'cause based off other readers reviews it could feel numb because it's a cold, hard machine translation rather than a loving and warm translator's translation. ily translator <3


aside from this, this is definitely one of my favourite novels (if not my favourite). so I 100% recommend that you read this! <<less
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PainfulLovecake rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: c214
I haven't really ever written a review before so...

I like this novel.

I really liked the all of the arcs none of them were too long or boring. Except the last arc. For me it's the second time I have ever completed a survival game novel. And it's probably the first time that I didn't skip any of the arcs because I felt they were too boring. Although, we don't really see to much of the side characters outside of the game. And I would say that I only really kind... more>> of cared about the side characters in the last arc but thats most likely because its the longest arc.

So overall I would give this a 4/5.


1- Garbage

2- Horrible

3 - Its okay

4 - Its nice

5 - Its pretty good <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
EverydayNeedsSomeAction rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: c73
Very short review:

This novel is f*cking amazing!!! Literally entered as a top lister for novels I’m reading or have read. It has an intense start and the following instances are equally as strong. I love our MC and ML, and how their whole interaction. I am especially fond of MC because he is just so... raw. His emotional changes and transformations really make sense. As of now I am waiting until ML fully remembers all of MC’s death coz why not? XD
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LeniSnow rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: --
Its great really amazing, the flow, the chemistry, the instances, everything about it is just right. The facade ML shows is interesting, or atleast how the author gives few suspicious factors or hints regarding the ml's identity, that bubbly personality in a way is mysterious. I am not a fan of misunderstanding so the part where

... more>>

the MC didnt instantly tell that zhong xiu is his mother


made me skip the whole arc, I know it's such a small thing but the fact its such a small thing and had to be prolong through the instance is too much of a stretch. Just my preference but shouldn't affect too much. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
July 20, 2022
Status: c112
I really like that the author has knowledge on medical field. Working in a similar environment, whenever I find wrongly stated scenario, it irks me off. I like the somewhat realistic personalization of chara. I also enjoyed the inhumane torture MC and I admire his pain endurance.

Cons. I find sometimes that MC is too s*upid given his actual age. I often wondered that if I can think of a solution in the instance or in a scenario, why can't MC?
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Celissiye rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.4

Good horror/survival read. An angst fest as the MC keeps dying and reviving and the ML and MC are always trying to save each other with self sacrifice. VERY similar to Kaleidoscope of Death, where players can keep living in reality only if they escape the horror level scenarios that appear when you enter an elevator. If you die in the level you die in reality. The gimmick is that the MC has the ability to restart any level after dying (he keeps his memories no one else does),... more>> so combining that with his knowledge and the ML's observation skills he is able to keep the both of them alive after a few tries. Most of the horror settings were fun, with gore common, and also some moments of (dark) comedy.

It isn't apparent that ML knows MC always dies and revives until later on in the novel. The ML is the talkative, puppy type, but his impulsiveness also causes the MC to die on occasion. MC is pretty nOrMal, he has a lot of courage to keep going after the terrible deaths. Usually his intelligence is decent, but comparatively less than the ML, who doesn't keep the previous memories if the level 'resets', but still manages to figure out how to survive and leave the zones. Tbh I think the author could've given the MC more moments to shine, still, he was reasonably smart. Thankfully he isn't a mary-sue either. I liked the concept of the MC and ML combining their talents to eventually survive. The ML isn't so OP that he can get through first try, and MC needs help piecing clues together.


While there were a few interesting side characters, the author didn't have them included in enough of the horror levels, so I didn't end up getting attached to any of them (I wanted to see more of white snake man and a certain psychopath). Many of the levels the author wouldn't develop the side characters much and instead focus on the main couple, having the MCs separate from the group or killing off 90% of all the players at the start.

My least favorite part is the last arc. It was pointlessly long (I mean 70 chapters for 1 level!!), double to triple the length of other levels, which would have been fine if it was an epic level with a final boss or something, but the setting was rather boring compared to the previous levels.

Final arc was mostly the daily life of the MC in reality, where the ML and players help him grow up from when he's a baby to 28, with each day in the game being a year of growth. Too much detail about him studying for exams and growing up. I didn't pick a horror genre so I could read slice of life with the occasional death...I preferred reading that only between levels.

It gets old after 70 chapters and much of it is in the POV of the ML. I preferred the POV of MC who was reviving and finding a way to keep ML alive. The 'schemes' of the other players are transparent in this arc and the ghosts are hardly threatening.

Also, the ML suddenly has a yandere side of him exposed in the last arc...? Although it had always been present during some life or death scenarios, it was weird he'd have this side of his personality compared to his usual friendly gamer personality (that I liked much more). The yandere thing felt cliché, like I was reading about 70% of the other MLs in BLs that are annoyingly obsessed with the MC (you know how they care about literally no one besides MC and also are extremely controlling).

I think the final arc would have been more bearable if the author skipped many of the daily life details. The novel itself could have included a couple more levels (there were 7 total) that were more complex. But maybe the author was running out of ideas lol.

Anyways, it was fun for what it was, and I enjoyed the angst of the MC dying over and over in horrible ways. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
auraizen rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: c77
Adore this so much omg I can't wait for more chapters

Arcs are super interesting, characters are likeable, it has a good amount of horror (the gore feels unneeded but dw it's not that bad just a little uncomfortable if you're squeamish like me)

... more>>

Ch 73 though, , , that death, , bruh?? Imagine if there was no resets and the novel ended there ASDFGHJK this novel was easily 5 stars but I despise the trope of severe misunderstandings that could have been solved if they just spoke a few words. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 30, 2022
Status: c70
Omg this novel is so good!

I absolutely love the MC and ML ! It's refreshing to see ML not to be the typical stone cold or tsundere type. He's like a warm ray of sunshine and MC and ML complement each other so well (◜‿◝) ♡. Thank you for the superb translation btw !
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dreamblitz rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: --
Wonderful novel!

It's a tad gory sometimes, but I really like this novel. The characters are very real, and the dynamic between the MC and ML is just something I love. The arcs aren't boring either, and they don't drag out for too long. I find them interesting and fun to read, unlike a lot of other novels where some arcs feel either way too long or too repetitive.

The chemistry between the MC and ML is my favorite... cold and cautious MC with a tender soft side x puppy-like happy-go-lucky ML... more>> who has a hidden dark streak. Their interactions are always so entertaining, and I really like how the romance didn't drag out for too long- unlike some other novels I've read. Also love how they aren't just OP, super monsters who blitz through every instance but are actually a hard-working pair, putting aside MC's reset ability. Even then, he doesn't feel unnecessarily overpowered.

At first, I even had to check whether Lian Qiao was the ML— or just a funny side character. His personality is just so different from other MLs I have seen, and I absolutely love love love him. He's just so funny, and such an interesting character, super unique. I f*cking love this guy!!! He makes me laugh so much.

As for the MC, I absolutely love the way he is written. Not overly smart, not overly powerful, just a dude given an ability that one wouldn't even know whether to count as a blessing or a curse. Sometimes the situations (and deaths) he's put through makes you really feel sorry for him. Just waking up right after a painful and gory death as if nothing had happened, as if that pain wasn't real, would really f*ck up one's sanity and leave some long lasting trauma, especially when he realizes that all the development his relationships went through would just disappear into thin air as if nothing had happened. The fact that the author acknowledges this instead of going 'Dude wakes up, dude knows what to do, dude finishes everything perfectly' is so refreshing. He actually goes through good development.

I haven't finished the entire novel yet, but I really, really love it so far and I cannot wait to read more! As of current, I would totally rate it 5/5. If the later chapters turn out to be not as good, at the very least, I can confidently say the first 80 are excellent and absolutely worth reading!

Overall, it's a very unique novel especially within the genre of infinite flow. I've read quite a few others and all have their charms and unique points, but nothing comes quite as close to this. Oftentimes I find that danmeis have very predictable and lackluster characters, with overused and boring tropes and traits. This one however, was quite refreshing when it came to the characterization of main characters and side characters alike so far, which gives it the final star for me.

I loved it. Nothing more to say! 5/5. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yuen rated it
December 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I really love it! It's a fantastic and totally recommend novel for you who love infinite trope!

The MC is just an ordinary person who has resetting ability in the level where he currently at after he dies. The ML is a professional streamer and comes off as happy-go-lucky guy who's also smart, strong and handsome. The ML is a loyal dog to our MC, so it's a plus for me.

Man, the angst in this novel sometimes just really hurts me bro. My glass kokoro (´Д⊂ヽ

... more>>

I know it's a bit oot but as a nursing student, I really like how detail the author describing the ICU, some of the nurse's and doctor's job when MC was submitted to ICU after falls down from apartment with ML, and the information around medicine or psychology on author's note

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BigFoodie rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: c89
One of the best bl unlimited flow novel that I've read

(holy sh#t if I had known I would've let the chapters stockpile and read it after in one go.)

It just the couple dynamic is so...... Satisfying (I don't know how to put it but it just so good) and I like the fact that they're not perfect (They each have their own flaws).

Seriously I recommend this if you're into Manly (?) gay couple (the mc/Shou is not effeminate) and I swear, if I didn't read the translator... more>> note I would have thought that the ML was the Shou with how he acts.


I remember I read a chapter where the ML wanted the MC to "enter" him. It made me speechless how he was fangirling so hard 😂


Anyway the story is awesome too


right now the story is hinting that there may be some more at the main characters backstory.


And I love the realistic deaths, pains and emotions.


I've read a spoiler saying that in one of the ending arcs (don't know what arc exactly) the ML while have all of the memories of their death and that arc will be darkest of all of them.


Anyway for now I would give it a 5 stars (I would lower it or let it be depending on the following chapters but right now it's just my cup of tea.)

(sorry if there are any faults, English is not my first language) <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CokeSteakAndNoodles rated it
December 11, 2021
Status: c55
this. Is. Awesome.

my basic English can't even explain how devastatingly beautiful this masterpiece is.[sending a huge amount of virtual hugs to the translator for picking this gem up and doing a good job translating it, luv u please keep it up💖💟].

this is probably one of the novels that got me a little scared, and get goosebumps (once read this in the middle of the night and I've never been so conscious of my surroundings EVER. I legit thought that someone was poking my leg lol💀). I have mixed feelings watching... more>> the MC die, learn from his past mistakes and become wiser


he litrly died a couple of times before he even got his mission, poor guy only wanted to cross the road and this crazy stuff suddenly happens.😕


anyways this is def a good read and one of the bl horror tropes that I've been fantasizing abt.

Come and don't be afraid to try ur shot on this, u absolutely won't regret it. if u do there's def something wrong w you jk.💖 <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shelse rated it
September 25, 2022
Status: --
Honestly, the biggest problem with this story is the MC. It's great that he's not OP or genius, but to me he seems very... lazy. He basically takes advantage of his savepoint (return to life) ability, so he doesn't try too hard and just goes with the flow of each instance without really thinking too much. Basically it's ML doing pretty much all the work, and there's no teamwork, because when the MC returns from the dead, he overcomes the key points of the game instance alone, with the information... more>> he got earlier, sometimes thanks to someone else. Well, that must be the point of having that kind of power, but on the other hand it feels like there's no character development beyond himself. ML is cute in the single but starts to fluctuate in personality afterwards, he seems to have secrets and the two have probably met before but the hidden plot wasn't enough to make me finish reading this. I really liked the plot of the instances, very well written. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pcrome rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: --

It's just AAAAAAJAKSGRHSKSGSMZIBD!!!!! Deserving of it's 5 star ratings.

Gold! Treasure! Masterpiece! I'm so glad Ive found this!

... more>> MC is cool, handsome, kind, hardworking, smart and a lil bit low in EQ at first but that just adds up to his charm. He's scarier than a ghost and acts like a real murderer when dealing with those that killed him prior time reversal.

ML is my ideal ML: Kind, childish and youthful. But deep inside he's very possessive of MC and easily gets jealous! He's like a puppy following his "boss", the MC. What's unique is that he's scared of monsters and yet easily beats them up! There are also times when he acts like a masochistic bottom lol! Cracks me up everytime. He's superr funny.

The plot? Just like everybody else, I find it unique and amazing. I've read many! Manyy many I can't even count Infinite flow horror BLs, I would say, this would rank 3rd in my list of best Infinite Flow Horror BL Novel. Mainly because my first is : "Kaleidoscope of death". Second is : "Thriller Trainee". And all of them are masterpieces. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
timefigment rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: --
Read this quite a while ago using MTL. It was understandable but definitely not the best. Despite that, it still made me kept going until the last arc because of its uniqueness in terms of horror infinite flow novels.

I enjoyed each of the arcs and didn't find any of them boring. Got excited n curious about what was going on and how to solve it as well.

The MC and ML was also very real. Both of them were not OP or anything. They survived due to their hard work. (The... more>> MC's ability helped ofc, but it's also kinda...) They have their own tough side n their weakness. They're in a horror world and it shows. <<less
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corninha_69 106_
corninha_69 106_ rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm using google translator so if anything is confusing, I'm sorry

I read until the end and found the story interesting, had put a lot of expectations in the story but there are some things that disappointed me

for instance:

... more>>

the penultimate bow made me a little upset I think, I do not know how to explain right, the bow gave me a bad feeling that gave me the urge to jump to the next arc.

already the last bow I think it got too extended, I had to take some breaks to finish reading and sometimes I felt like skipping some chapters.

and I thought ML would remember the death cycles in the middle of the story more or less, for me that would be more interesting.


more apart from these things the story was very interesting, mainly why the MC is in this cycle of death <<less
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