Paintings of Terror


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If Ke Xun could do it again, he would have never left his house to go out and flirt with guys, even if it would mean getting beaten to death.

Weren’t they supposed to have just been taking shelter from the rain in a museum and looking at some erot*c paintings while they were at it? Why…did they enter the world inside a painting?!

Mu Yiran: Every single one of us is acting out a role in the painting.

Ke Xun’s eyes lit up: How do we get into an erot*c painting?

Mu Yiran gave him a long, drawn-out look: Shut your eyes and lie down.

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Hua Bu
Họa Phố
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ylial rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: c187
Im a fan of survival game and slow romance. This one really suits my taste <3

Both ML and MC are capable but not OP, so in every arc you can feel the tension and helplessness of the characters. This is not the typical predictable horror infinite game, and it makes me want to look forward for the next chapters.

Note: this is slow romance and the ML only opens up around midway of the novel. Kudos for the MC for pursuing ML with all his heart; also, he always putting his... more>> life forward for ML and his bestfriend <<less
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ScarletGlassesMochi rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: Completed

and I must say, IT'S FREAKING BEAUTIFUL 😭😭😭😭

I am so impressed with the detailed analysis in each arc and in each paintings they encounter. Actually, I got the hint of what the ending (or more like, what really is happening..) in the 1/5 or 1/3 of the story. I always have this strong intuition like Ke Xun's.

I PRAISE THE AUTHOR. I don't know if you're either a really good writer and that you really researched the different artistic perspectives or you... more>> understand all of them because you're an artist yourself or both!! Nevertheless, the work is soooo amazing!!

For all those who truly want to know about the general story, for those mystery lovers HERE'S A NOVEL FOR YOU!! And for those who are pure bl readers, always chasing and pursuing the youthful love between the MC and his ml, well, THIS NOVEL IS ALSO FOR YOU!! But do understand the limited bl actions because the direction of the novel is not just centered between these two lovers, but it wants you, alongside with the novel characters, to BREAK THE MYSTERY DOWN AND ACHIEVE A HAPPY ENDING!!!

I got really inspired and I'm planning to make some mini fan arts, either just the charcaters or arts depicting the scenes or moments in each arc ✌️🤓 (Hopefully I get artistically productive hehe)

💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 <<less
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Danmei_Empress rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: c300
CAUTION: this is a draft with bad grammar and typos

I will come back after rereading the story. (I stopped reading this because I needed to learn for my exams and I don't really remember where I left off. I think it was the copy with the 2 actors and the RPG like game about imagination?)

I just wanted to write a quick review with what I can still remember so that you'll be attracted to reading this.

... more>> But I am really happy to see this one getting a translation!

I just wanted to say that this one is on par with earth online and definitely belongs in my top 5 infinite flow danmei. The worlds of terror that the author created are sublime. The ideas and the worldbuilding of these worlds will blow you minds away (in fear or admiration) and if we only look at this, it would be my number one horror story.

They are original, they scare you to death sometimes because the author knows how to keep the tention going and even make you stop sometimes to think about life. I am not kidding, some of them really are philosphical. Most of the worlds don't have ghosts. Not only that, this is a story where you can truly participate and use your braincells to uncover the mysteries.

I can guarantee you that you will never get bored while reading this one. I do however recommand you to keep away from any spoilers. These worlds needed to be delved into without prior knowledge cause otherwise you will lose that one chance in your life to become a paranormal detective Conan, haha.

If you're really curious, I will put some basic information into the next spoiler about the worlds.


Order can be off

First world: ancient china, home, funeral : a very good start when you compare this with other infinite flow stories, but when you compare it with the other worlds this author came up with, it's one of the weaker ones? (like third place of from the bottom) Not because it was bad, but it takes the more normal horror approach (ghosts)

Second world: god, beggars, really love Ke Xun's straight forward approach with Mu Yiran in this one

Third world: hotel (again ghosts) (least favorite one. Not much mystery but definitelly enjoyable)

Eh... I don't remember the order of the rest so:

Favourite: Farm world. This one shares first place with novel/black white world (did NOT expect the plot twist/the mechanism in the black/white world. I really would go on my knees for this one: Again, the hints!! The mystery that's possible to solve yourself!! And gosh that scene with the door. This one really did spook the hell out of me.)

*Hisoka Moan*

This story really is terrific and so, so addicting.

Desire world: It may feel a bit more boring/slower but when you're halfway and the MC noticed the strangeness in this story/his own actions you would really be like. Wait what? Hold on. Just let me go back for one second. Like the author sprinkles little hints in all her worlds, but with this one she's really leading the MC and his crew by the nose and also the reader.

Story world: I really liked reading this one but I do think it would be more enjoyable if you were Chinese and had seen al these cartoons.

RPG world; imagination world: eh, I don't know if it's because I needed to study at the time I was reading this and was overridden by my guilt or if Ke Xun really did lose some IQ but I didn't find it as enjoyable as the other worlds? But I do have to admit that I wasn't that far in this arc. Maybe the plot twist and the nerve wrecking scenes had yet to happen (probably this).

Ship world: I did not expect that! This was also a world like the story world where you could have solved the mystery with the hints that were given if you had prior knowledge of the monster/myth/history. Again, I am not Chinese so I didn't grow up with this story.

Painting world: Loved it but I wanted something more from it. Maybe it's because my thoughts of the mechanisms of this world were wrong and I was not yet fully convinced that I was haha.

Human experiment: Also one of my favourites. Gosh, the goosebumps that you will get from this one! And more so because the scary things in this world have happened in real life (like in our history) !!

I think I forgot about a couple of them... but keep in mind that this review is a draft with terrible grammar haha. So please forgive me


I loved Ke Xun and Mu Yiran. But after they got together (I would like to remind you that this one is more of a slow romance as Mu Yiran is like a cold, tsundere queen) I do have to admit that their relationship ended up a bit duller? Maybe it was the MTL or maybe it became better in the story but where I stopped reading, they were only just together and the powerdynamics between them wasn't balanced anymore?

Like Mu Yiran always had the brains and the knowledge so without them they couldn't go far. But Ke Xun was the leader with the instinct who cleverness and muscles on the table. But when they got together, Ke Xun ended up... eh... how can I say this in a nice way... s*upid? Maybe they did it too much that he lost his braincells together with the fishes. I don't know. (Don't let this scare you away. This only started to happen late in the story and it's possible that it got better.) But this is the only reason that this story is in my top 5 infinte flow danmei but couldn't take the first place.


In the beginning I thought Ke Xun was the gong. I dislike seme protagonists, but while reading this I was like. Hmmm, if it's Ke Xun, than it is A okay.

Why did I think that Ke Xun was the gong? He was straight forward, was more manly that Mu Yiran the way he was more dependable (Mu Yiran got the brains in a smartass way but Ke Xun really is clever.) He was the puppy kinda gon that had this trustworthy air of a greatness around him while Mu Yiran looked like a tsundere queen.)

I really kept thinking this until they ended up together and my whole world was shattered. To be honest. It still kinda irks me because I was really convinced it was true T-T. Or at least that they would be a switch couple.

It think that they got together before the start of the story world but suddenly Ke Xun became a tiny bit dumber. Normally he is the fliratious one in their relationship, but now it felt that the powerdynamics had shifted and he became a bit more like a dumb and naive shou. (still better and more useful than the average one, but when comparing to my first impression of him - the one and only seme protagonist that I would have accepted in my heart - he kinda dissapointed me.

That's why I hope that it will get better in the future chapters.


This story is about people who entered the museum at the wrong time and ended up getting sucked into the world inside the painting where they needed to understand the thoughts of the painter to survive and discover his signature to go back to reality.

The group stays pretty much the same altough some will die. The sad part is that those who die in the painting, do come back to reality. It's just that they lost their memories about their comrades and the copies... and would die in the near future. It's truly heartbreaking when they can't really say their goodbyes to their friends because they forgot about them. Oh, and if you don't show up in time, you'll also die (after coming back to reality, you get a ticket of a different museum).

The characters are all 3D and have distinct characteristics and their own story to tell.

Another difference between this one and the other infinite flow novels is that there is no main computer in an interstellar dimension who forces dead people in these terrible copies, but a real mystery that I have yet to discover.

Truly an amazing story and hopefully this draft wasn't that horrible, although it's probably pretty bad, haha. <<less
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February 7, 2022
Status: c78
It is very important to know, going into this novel, that it is not like your typical danmei infinite flow novel.

It is horror.

And you may say, okay, but so are supernatural movie actor app, card room, the earth is online, etc.

... more>> No. Those are adventure/action/survival/puzzle novels that use horror motifs and trappings. But they are not horror - they are not written to evoke feelings of dread and despair and, well, horror. The protagonists don't truly suffer horrifying things in ways that leave an impact on them.

But this novel? IS horror. It is written to make you feel sick to your stomach. Characters experience horribly things and are traumatized by what they experience. Gory or psychologically terrifying fates are graphically depicted, and characters don't just shrug that off.

The happy ending is that some characters survive - don't expect some uplifting moral or great triumph. Surviving is as happy as it gets, and many characters you will get attached to don't even get that.

The writing is excellent, the worlds compelling. Images from this novel will stick with you.

Consider yourself forewarned. <<less
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starstarbee rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: Completed
It's Good. So good that I jumped right into reading the MTL (which was /not/ at all difficult to read!) and sometimes I miss this novel so much that I even re-read the MTL. Ah! I wish there were more horror infinite flow novels like this.

Main CP are very /very/ sweet! I certainly do love the main CP but the strength and focus of this novel isn't necessarily the BL/romance aspect of it. You won't miss the lack of CP interactions nor will you find it overbearing; it's just right.

The... more>> arcs are very well thought out and all I have to say is author-nim, thumbs up, your IQ/intelligence/ideas are certainly something! The characters will often discuss ideas/discuss the painter's intentions and the author presents this in a very organic way. It's hard to describe, but it's such that the author doesn't truly force feed you information at once but makes you gather clues on your own from the characters' discussions/dialogue/thought processes (and they may not be right!) and then, reveals the solution.

Character deaths are inevitable (as usual) in these novels but if you're genuinely worried (I will only advise you to read the following spoiler if this makes you hesitate on actually reading the novel as otherwise where's the tension and the drama?!) :

if a given character survives for more than 2 paintings/arcs, they're actually (surprise!) part of the eventual main cast and won't actually die. Those who can survive the paintings are literally the /chosen/ ones. AKA. Don't freak out Dr. Qin won't die (saw that in the author's notes a lot of people were throwing knives when it got to this part haha).


I am immensely satisfied with the ending. The ending will blow your mind up to the nth dimension. As a hint, you shouldn't think of any arc/painting as a filler arc. The helplessness of our characters to their fate! Our main CP's bond! I sincerely applaud the author for writing such a cohesive plotline.

Further ramblings under the cut (will try my best to minimize spoilers).


Again, regarding our CP, it's very much: melted iceberg/gentle male god Mu Yiran x strong, warm and dependable Ke Xun!

KX falls first (around arc 2, Faith) and then MYR (in arc 6, Human Studies). They also get married in the extras! Strong-strong CP w/ a tacit understanding of each other. To paraphrase from the MTL, there is no other couple in their world who has shared as many (life and death) experiences together. After our CP officially get together (arc 6-7 ish), you aren't really force fed dog food (?). What I mean is their interactions are reserved to a couple lines during paintings (i.e. Shown through body language, like hand-holding/comforting etc.) and in between paintings. You might think that KX might have harassed MYR into giving in, but it's definitely not like that, it's very much reciprocated and I think Arc 9 (the painting on the sea) very much shows this.

Also shout out for my second male lead, Zhu Haowen. This is one good boy.

Heads up though, for the most part, most of the female characters in the first 2/3 of the book are either malicious or irritatingly weak, which might be a turn-off for some of you. However, look forward to Fang Fei's appearance! Very cool, decisive and strong!!

Favourite paintings/arcs probably would be Arc 4 (animal world), Arc 9 (painting on the sea), Arc 10 (photography; inverse/reverse (?) travel) and Arc 11 (Schrodinger's cat). Weakest arc is probably Arc 13 (New Year's paintings), just because the screen time was split between the main cast and I am biased, oops.

May be a complaint for some, but the author doesn't go in detail about the main characters' pasts, which I appreciate. I'm very sick of long dedicated arcs about how tragic so-and-so's past is.


TLDR: Can't recommend enough. <<less
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crustyturtle rated it
October 17, 2020
Status: c38
(i have only read up to 2 arcs so far btw)

plot: the MC (ke xun) a gay phys ed student and his bestie (wei dong not the ml) graphic designer enters an art exhibition to hide from the rain. after walking a bit they get transported into a painting along with 11 other people. the goal is to find clues to solve the mystery/message behind the painting or find the artist's signature/seal in seven days or they all die. every night there's a chance of them dying and... more>> if there are no deaths then everyone needs to vote for someone to die the next morning.


  • every painting/instance/copy is pretty original with a detailed backstory
  • the side characters are somewhat interesting although not totally fleshed out so far
  • slow-burn romance (which is refreshing lol)
some things that irked me while reading..

  • when the author wants to "kill" some characters off by vilifying them (most became really selfish/greedy for their own survival).
  • not gonna lie.. in the second arc when one of the girls I think li ziling? made it obvious that she was going for the ML the MC got really jealous and snarky-like? idk exactly what he said cuz I mtled this part but this bothered me.
  • although the MC and the ML are not super OP the ML has outside knowledge? is the only one who is able to solve the mysteries. like... come on.. the ML is a mega prodigy/rich art appraiser/trader but somehow knows a lot about religion/chinese characters etc.
  • i really wished that there was a shop/point system in this novel because idk how long they will last without being "lucky" logically.. every time the MC comes close to dying someone else dies.. or something will happen.

will update this in the future :p <<less
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CynicalStrawberry25 rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Review after completing:

IT WAS AMAZING, why did it have to end??

Not really a spoiler if you already know who the ML is:

... more>>

Let's face it, Mu Yiran really is a winner in life. Not only has his whole life been smooth sailing (conveniently ignore the paintings) and he has gotten to do something he's loves and make a lot of money doing it, the cutest, self sacrificing, most beloved loyal dog Ke Xun plops down right on his doorstep. Why're some people just so lucky?😭


This is one of the only BL novels that actually kept me curious as to what would happen next. The plot and truth behind the whole mystery, even the romance develops slowly but deeply. Even the characters actually grow. This novel doesn't lean on cliches much and the development is extremely realistic. Never did I feel unsatisfied, the ending doesn't fall short (although I wish there was more) and with the trauma there's just enough sweetness to keep you going. Compared to this, many other BL's are far, far more shallow, the romance is instant, the characters are pointlessly OP, and it falls back on cliches for plot with the occasional brain hole. This one? Not so much. The characters are also varied. Initially, I was frustrated by how weak, shallow, and s*upid the female characters were. But after the midpoint there are strong female characters and there is a variety of characters the author chooses to invest in. It's not like the leads are the only privileged ones and there are a variety of people with different relationships with the leads. My only one possible criticism is that the ML seems perfect. Of course, he does have personality and I love his character but seeing that his life is basically perfect with no major struggles, he doesn't seem as realistic as the other characters. Still, I love his sweet moments with the MC! I wish there was more!

Review After reading only to chapter 153 (old review) :

You think it's going to be a cliche horror infinite flow where the ML is a big boss falling for the cute MC, it's not. The plot is interesting, the characters are varied, and overall it's a very engaging read. But the romance, wow. It takes 150ish chapters for them to get together but wow, it's worth it. There's no love at first sight for either of them (although there is attraction) and they have to truly understand and go through many life and death situations before truly falling for each other. But that's what makes their love so real and strong. I found myself re reading the first 153 chapters before progressing further just to savor each moment, each spark of attraction, each death defying moment, just to watch them fall deeper and deeper. And, it's realistic in the sense that the leads do have a life outside their love. It's not like the cliche obsessive BLs where they start spending all their time together or cancel all meetings for extravagant holidays. They do love each other but they're individual people too and I love that. So, I would highly recomend binge reading the first 150 chapters (I MTLd some of it). And if you're willing to stick along for the ride please do, it's worth it. Also, the MC and ML are both amazing in their own ways, they're totally equal, just throwing that out there. <<less
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August 5, 2020
Status: c1
The story is actually pretty interesting from what I can see, the MC and his friend go to a museum after MC encountered things that weren't normal for him and basically end up inside a painting and have to find something to get out.

If u do not like slow romance and are very used to op mc's this is not for you. The story's pacing is very realistic. Like super realistic
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ApolloAresZues rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a really amazing novel I wish more people would read. I read up to where it was translated and then mtled the rest. MTL quality was pretty good I've read worse. It's a long novel so some stuff is blurry but I'll try to give an insightful review for those who need a little extra push to actually read this.

Lemme start by saying that the strengths of this novel are in the character growth of the MC Ke Xun (and the ML romantically), the horror elemant, the message... more>> behind each painting, and the eventually accumulation of the plot. I'll go into each one.

The MC Ke Xun starts out as your ordinary gay guy that lives life going through the motions. He has a sad past

his parents passed away and he has essentially no ties left in the world

For some people his initial entrance into the paintings might be annoying as he isn't some instantly op MC that knows to be calm and knows everything. That role is left up to our lovely ML. Instead he acts like any ordinary person would in that situation, does dumb sh*t any one of us would do, and gets scared.

The highlight though is the amount of progress we get fairly quickly. Before you know it Ke Xun is a pillar of inner strength, a driving force behind the emotional state of the team, always thinking outside the box, with the tenacity of a c*ckroach lol. He really becomes a person to admire. His love for ML and for his bff is really touching. Hes the type of person who never gives up and has to die fighting.

ML starts off as a know all op that's cold, which seems typically but tbh if he hadn't been the whole team would have died. And its sorta, kinda, explained why someone so op would end up in the paintings by the end, if anyone caught it.

The paintings pick out talented people on purpose because of the paintings powers wants people that will survive to the end. So while he is op, it's not some random selection.


And the romance is super late only coming in around painting 5, but like its completely understandable as nobody is kissing while theyre about to die. In any case

The romance imo was well done for such a heavy plot and such strong horror. Like most of the time you're gagging so theirs not alot of time for making googly eyes. Instead, the two silently admire each others drive and brilliance as the painting goes on. MC falls in love first shockingly and practices flirting while on the run very well lol. ML thaws out and once he does hes the embodiment of gentle and accommodating. Esp in situations when MC shows weakness, ML is there to be his support. They're a very solid couple.


The books greatest strength is probably the horror element. Theres alot of supposedly scary novels on here that arent actually scary. This one was among the scariest for me because it actually felt thrilling. In alot of novels the thing that takes you out of the horror element is actually how serious the characters are about the situation and if they feel any danger, but here even the most op character ML would work up a sweat or be desperate. There was actually a very real feeling of will they make it out of here? Theres alot of gore, a lot of unconformtable stuff that probably needs warnings. The writing is done well in that at first it sort of vaguely suggests something that makes you wanna throw up and then blatantly says it and actually makes you kinda sick. I'll provide some examples of the type of horror so you can see if it's too much or if it's to your taste.

In one painting human beings and animals are reversed, so humans are cooked and eaten and even fattened up by forcibly pumping food into their stomachs. In another, their blood is squeezed out of their bodies slowly until they become like a ball of paper.


Whats also really enjoyable are the paintings themselves, which all have themes and meanings behind them that you can examine yourselves. There's alot of dissecting of the paintings, especially near the end. I'll mention some of my favorites.

Mentioned above, I enjoyed the animals human reversal painting. It was fcked up and made even me uncomfortable, but like the psychology behind it was interesting. I also really enjoyed the laboratory painting, in which they tortured homosexual people to turn them back to "regular" thinking. One of my favorite scenes is when the MC and ML are plugged up to an electric thing that shocks you until you cant handle anymore, only if you press a button to kill the other person will it stop. Everybody died there except ML and MC, bc till the very end they simply refused to give up on each other. Lastly I enjoyed the faith paintings, the teamwork in that one was impeccable and the reversal of what everyone assumed was the solution slapped me in the face. There were alot of paintings that messed with the characters mind or warped their heads. Stealing their senses, hallucinations, truly a test of human willpower.

In any case, while there was some paintings that were hard to understand I enjoyed going into each painters head and seeing the meanings.

Ok so there was alot of explanation regarding the plot, alot of theories, and to be honest my brain took a back seat for this one esp because mtl became increasingly difficult as it unfolded. Last painting is basically gibberish tbh. But the explanation felt mind numbing.

I wont go into details but the whole idea is way bigger than some random paintings. It's like very broad and deals with historical context, religion, and witchcraft.

anyway there was alot of explaining so domt worry that you wont get answers to questions... you just might not understand the answers completely. But everything is basically explained by the end and even if you dont understand it, its interesting to watch the characters throw ideas back and forth and figure it out themselves. They spend a pretty appropriate amount of time deciphering everything and it allows you to follow their thought processes and think too. By the end you feel pretty accomplished for having done nothing accept ride the main characters coattails. Theres still slight mysteries but it's a sort of "only god knows" kinda thing.

About the side characters, I liked about 8 or so of them. Theirs reoccurring ones and ones that die in one chapter. But the side characters arent just coattails riders, alot are as smart or know more than the ML and some are just as brave as MC. These two are the leaders of the team, but the side characters are great supports. They can hold their own, esp by the end.

Ofc, while I love this novel there were some things that bugged me. I'll list them here.

1. Biggest lost opportunity I saw in terms of building tension was the voting thing not being utilized. Theres a thing in the painting where if nobody dies for a day, you have to vote somebody to die the next morning. This was only used like, once? It was mentioned, but was never used again. I was pretty disappointed, especially as the team group, because it would have been interesting to end up in a situation where they would have to vote among precious members, or would team up as majority vote to get rid of someone harmful. In any case, it could've been used!

2. Like someone said before me, death conditions are kinda dubious. But I forgave it because I created my own explanation. The paintings are the will of the painters and painters are people, not machines. That means there is lots of blurry or gray areas. It makes sense that everything doesnt make perfect sense in a painting.

3. Female characters are used and discarded until about half way through. There were some that were super evil and a couple I was sad to see die bc they were brilliant. It was only toward the end we had reoccurring female characters. Before that, whether they were smart or dumb, they died eventually.


In conclusion, read this if you like horror and gore and mystery, dont mind slow romance, and can accept not everything being completely explained to you via pictures and slide shows. <<less
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plainbreadstick rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: c77
Great story, I love the arcs and the interaction between the characters. Would recommend.

This is a more plot heavy story and there isn't much romance (which is expected in a situation where you might die, can't really date in a situation like that can you) but there is currently some flirty banter which is good enough for me. The arcs are intriguing and I find that the way the MC and ML discover the clues to be interesting and how the author describes them as well. The way the paintings... more>> test the characters will and knowledge to survive is great. Being book smart won't let you live if you're a coward. Can't explain it well but it's good. The way the ML just knows random sh*t and is almost perfect is weird but for plot convinces we can ignore that. If he wasn't mister perfect everyone would've died ages ago.

The relationship between the MC and the ML is really nice as they both depend on each other to escape and have obvious trust in each other. Even if the ML seems cold, we as the reader can see that he cares for our MC and isn't as cold as he seems. This is what we call, "cold on the outside, soft on the inside" haha. What I adore the most though, is the relationship between the MC and his BFF (if he dies I will cry). The way they interact is human, giving the story a sense of life-like. I love that the MC is open about his sexuality and that his friend isn't opposed nor awkward about it, both making non-offensive jokes (this needs to be emphasized as I feel most authors f*ck this up) about his sexuality which I (a non-straight/cis person) could see myself making. That part probably makes me love the story the most as friendship feels nice. Also, the way the MC has mentioned that he will save his friend over the ML is great. I love a character who treasures his friendships but if possible he would try to save them both at the expense of his own life which makes me admire him.

I really do like this MC. He tries to keep people alive, lightens the mood (keeping everyone's emotions at bay) and I find him able to adapt quickly (at a humane level, don't expect immediate change) along with imperial fearless. A guy who treasures friendship and love as well. I swear, if this bit*h was real I would ask him to platonically marry me.

5/5, absolutely recommended. Recommended for those who like episodic novels with good plot and those who enjoy the relationship between the characters (regardless of whether platonic or romantic). Will be back after each arc is translated. <<less
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May 19, 2021
Status: c8
When I first read the synopsis my first thoughts were 'interesting'... then I read the first couple of chapters and honestly I was a bit disappointed to see the ML being like the typical cold male lead in most BL novels. I was looking forward to more lively main characters. My fault for having too high expectations.

Anyways, will probably provide a review once I've got myself around revisiting it.
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AmNut Obcess
AmNut Obcess rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: Completed
So good! I wanna read more 🙏😭😭 more extra chaps please huhuhu

I assure you that this story is really really really worth to read!!! The MC is so lovable. I especially love his character growth and his interactions with the ML and his best friend 😂😂 (Best friend is not a love interest! Purely bros for life 💪💪)

But yeah seriously, I really cried with how much dedication the MC will do for the ML, his bff and teammates. Wuwuwu he's such a beautiful existence ❤️ He deserves all the... more>> all.

I think the extras need to be extended tho! Wanna know more about that incident happened with the MC at the end of novel 🥺 <<less
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moon-bunnies rated it
May 1, 2022
Status: c68
Not the best unlimited flow novel out there, but not the worst either. I wouldn't say it's scary, just gory.

Characters lack complexity here, and disagreeable characters are promptly villainized then screwed over (with the exception of one cannon fodder out of the twenty encountered so far). The ML's boring me a fair bit right now because he's just so stereotypically smart, cold, aloof, and knowledgeable.

... more>>

Not a fan of the MC & ML's dynamic either. I'm sure it'll improve later on, but for the first third, the MC is just the ML's lackey while the ML treats him with disdain lol. I like a shameless protagonist, but so far I'm just cringing chapter after chapter. Not much of a bond between them other than MC is obsessed with ML's good looks and intelligence while ML views him as a useful but pitiful kid.

It pretty much comes down to:

MC: flirts with ML

ML: ignores MC and looks at him with disgust

MC: keeps doing it for whatever reason

Just zero chemistry.


Other reviews really set my hopes up high, and since I came straight from reading Kaleidoscope of Death, my expectations were set even higher. But so far, KoD is much better imo (and far scarier).

Still gonna stick around until chapter 100 and see if writing gets better. Would've been 4 stars if writing wasn't so biased against female characters lol. So far, if a girl's pretty then she'll be automatically be characterized as vapid and airheaded. Almost every female character loudly wants to rely on men simply because they're women.


Between second and third painting, there's a female character named Sha Liu. She's not only the sole female survivor of previous arcs, but is regarded by the main characters as conniving without much merit. They constantly correct her wrongs and the writing generally uses her as a foil to the MC & ML's intelligence. Yet apparently, she's the smartest that womanhood can offer because the other female characters assert that "Sha Liu was the smartest among them (the women) ". Come on lmao. Funnily enough though, she's actually the most complex character in the novel so far and I prefer her over the MC & ML.

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Kassandra rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't believe its the end (;´ ༎ຶ益༎ຶ`) !! The last fanwai at the end... It was so touching!!!

... more>>

The wedding scene was definitely not detailed but that just makes me feel bittersweet. I felt mixed emotions. Happy that they're married. Sad that its the end of their journey.

It also made me feel curious of the two women wearing evening dress and holding hands. And the man who caught the flower and another man staring at him.


I definitely love this novel. I cried for so many characters that died just for others to survive the painting. (Angry for annoying characters.)

This is definitely different. The side characters are not just side characters for main characters. They can be their own main character on their own.

I definitely shipped Wei Dong and Fang Fei.


I remember the old man in the painting arc Bamboo Shoot. He sacrificed himself for others. In the end when they came out of the painting, they saw him happy inside with the girl.


Don't forget the horror of this novel!!! The vivid and exquisite description of the Author really really creeped me out. That I have to stop reading halfway of the novel just to calm my nerves and stop being paranoid that I may see something horrible in my room.

My description of the horror aspect in this novel may be short but guys, the horror in this novel is definitely not short. I talked longer about the emotional aspects because I just finished it and the latter part was quite... emotional. Being emotional while reading this is really rare for me. Most of the time, I'm really creeped out.

The romance aspects of this novel may be slow but guys, be patient. We'll have our time soon, just wait. Their dog food feeding may be rare when they got together but you'll definitely feel satisfied by some scenes of their relationship in some chapters. I even stared at it longer, lingering like a spirit. Screenshoted it too, for remembrance.


Ke Xun tattooed a kiss mark on his neck/nape not sure but said 'under the tip of his hair'. He also tattooed Mu Yiran's username from WeChat, 'Mooney' at the top of his tailbone.

Mu Yiran made a silver ring for the both of them.

At Valentine's, Mu Yiran gave Ke Xun a customized expensive chocolates. Ke Xun gave something for the two of them, a pair of necklace. It had their initials. M for Mu Yiran, Mooney. C for Ke Xun, Corgi.

They frequently used that nickname from their WeChat, Corgi and Mooney. Like that was so cute!! ><


Gah! Really really love this. Definitely recommended!!! <<less
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Justarandomnoone rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: Completed
I was impatient so I MTLed the rest of the novel. As with what the previous reviews have stated, the romance in the story comes in later and is not the focus of the novel. The MC and ML do have a good dynamic together. The novel itself delves into some pretty serious topics, so if you're looking for some fluffy stuff, you're not going to find it here. This definitely is one of my favorite novels for horror. The deaths can be pretty graphic so steel yourself of you... more>> have a weak stomach. The world building is amazing and intersting. As for the people who die in the painting, not all of them are bad and not all of them are good. I think the author created a good variety of characters.

Regarding the paintings:


The story itself deals with a lot of metaphysical stuff, such as higher dimensions, etc. All the paintings in the novel have a theme that's pretty philosophical. Each painting has a theme that leads up to the final mystery as to why 13 people must enter paintings. I didn't write the themes down, I just wrote the general description of each world.

Please don't read the bottom half if you don't want to get spoiled any further.

1) Funeral - a world where there are supernatural entities and a curse run rampant in a small village

2) Faith - a world where people have to get sacrifices for a god, appealing to the good side of a dual-sided god

3) Breakthrough (Bamboo apartments) - ghosts replaying their lives and death in an apartment building

4) Animal world- when humans are at the bottom of the food chain and cows are on top, humans get treated as livestock

5) Shadow- colorful world where people cannot be stained with another person's color

6) Human Studies- human experimentation galore, different experiments that you see in your psych textbooks but more dangerous (frontal lobe extraction, electroshock therapy, etc.)

7) Pure Land- cartoon world where each world is connected somehow, people must become a person in the cartoon

8) Scarlet Beast- a world where your troubles manifest in the real world as like some kind of symbolic thing

9) Rhinoceros on the Sea- on a boat, facing an illusion that tests the basic seven emotions (joy, desire, fear, sadness, surprise, anger, contempt) trying to find a signature that doesn't exsist

10) Inverse- a place without time and the introduction of different timelines, a place where time is taboo and trying to determine how the timeline works

11) Schrodinger's cat- a gameshow like world where people have to solve questions, a reference to how strict our school's are, as they focus on memorization and following the principals decided by others

12) Restart- a world where 2012 occurred and how humans have destroyed the world due to their own carelessness AKA: ebola outbreak, global warming, pollution

13) Harmony- different worlds and solving puzzles in a smaller group, different because everyone is truly split up with no ways of contacting each other

14) Shanhai - where the final 13 discover the different dimensions

The first and second painting that the protagonist didn't go to was a crime world and then a medical world.


Regarding the characters:


The ML is the only character I have a problem with, he's way too OP. He's an art dealer but he practices martial arts, knows a lot about various subjects, and is practically like a detective. Every other character is pretty well written and has a pretty distinct personality, the doctor is my favorite character. The female characters are pretty well written as well.


Kudos to the translator so far, I will definitely be rereading this when the translator has finished translating. Please also support the author if possible! <<less
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November 17, 2020
Status: c31
Infinite flow horror series.

So far, it's okay.

The tension is there, which is the most important part. I like the arcs/worlds that the author is coming up with so far. I quite like the MC's personality. His shameless thigh-hugging with the ML and his relationship dynamic with his friend are entertaining.

On the downside, the characters are forced into a really passive role. Right now, death seems to be just luck of the draw. The mystery element also seems a bit lacking so far. It feels like the author is trying, but... more>> mystery's not there yet. Lastly, ML is like a walking encyclopedia, and it's a little over the top. Just a little. These are all minor things that I can ignore while reading though, and maybe they get better later on. <<less
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1Sami rated it
October 11, 2020
Status: c20
I haven´t finished the first arc yet but so far I´m liking the story a lot! The ML (I´m guessing he´s the ML but it seems pretty likely) is an experienced player and the MC is a newbie who´s pulling his friend along for the ride. He (MC) projects himself as a muscle-brained idiot but he actually thinks ahead of the plot a lot. The friend is always behind and it´s really cute!
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Jamieee rated it
June 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Love this! Still can't get over the fact that it's over :') I wish the author wrote more extras, but either way, this was a great read!

I guess if I had to say what it lacked, it's that ... more>>

in the early arcs, there was little to no down time with the characters in-between paintings, so I felt that I couldn't get sufficiently attached to some of them who were only around for an arc or two, plus I felt that the author had trouble juggling too many characters


Still, the plot is great and I adored the characters may they be antagonistic or not because they all had their own distinct personalities

Also for those curious about the final survivors


Qin Ci - Arc 1 Doctor

Mu Yiran - Arc 1 Big Boss ML

Ke Xun - Arc 1 Gym Owner MC

Wei Dong - Arc 1 Bestfriend

Zhu Haowen - Arc 3 Engineer

Luo Bu - Arc 9 Rich 2nd Gen

Fang Fei - Arc 9 Diver

Shao Ling - Arc 9 Editor

Wu You - Arc 11 Mystic

Du Qingqing - Arc 12 Bookworm

Yue Cen - Arc 13 Art Connoisseur

Hua Jiqiu - Arc 13 Art Curator

Li Xiaochun - Arc 13 Chef


Oh and since I read numerous reviews about the female characters, my personal thoughts on it are:


It's true that in the first few arcs most female characters had less presence, but I don't know,

Mother Geng from Arc 2 stuck with me, she was willing to die for her son

Sha Liu from Arc 2 as well was a horrible person who was willing to step on others to survive, but she was realistic, she was a complex character whose first and foremost priority is to survive, innocent people be damned, so no I don't like her but as a character, I could appreciate her.

Arc 5 had Guo Lixia and Yening Chenyi.

Guo Lixia was a sharp tongued woman, and you could say she wasn't the most pleasant person, but she was an efficient worker and at the end of the day she was a good person herself.

Yening Chenyi was a normal art student, cheerful and helpful, she didn't have much role, but I liked her.

Arc 6 had Xu Zhen the dignified and rational office lady, Cai Xiaoyan who was timid but still did her best and the three fujoshi friends.

Arc 8 had Zhao Yanbao and Chi Lei.

Chi Lei was someone who was willing to stay strong despite all the hardships she went through and Zhao Yanbao willingly sacrificing herself for the group since she wanted to stay where Chi Lei was.

Arc 9 had Xue Ge who also willingly sacrificed herself for the rest of the group and Fang Fei who was brave, courageous, and fierce.

There's also Yue Cen who is knowledgeable and unflappable, Wu You who was normal and terrified but was willing to get through the paintings, and Du Qingqing who is a bookworm and tried to offer as much help as she could

They did have lesser screen time, that's true, but honestly, it's pretty obvious that the author was struggling with giving screen time to all characters, not only the female ones

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ghoststories rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: Completed
After reading the first arc, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this book or if I should continue, but I decided to keep going, and I’m SO glad I did! This novel is overall well written and really draws you in. Each painting they go into is a whole world and the author is reasonably meticulous about the details that build up each of these painting worlds. Each arc has its unique + interesting points and brings something new to the story. And the length of each arc is... more>> just right—short enough that you can stay focused and absorbed in the plot the whole time, but long enough to deliver all the details and wrap up all the loose ends.

I skimmed some of the more critical reviews here, and I think the points mentioned by many of them were resolved later in the book. For example, in the first like maybe 3-ish, it does seem like there’s just this very small main cast who can do no wrong, and no matter what they do, they will always survive, while the other cannon fodder characters are annoying and selfish and all die off. But later on, the main cast grows and becomes way more diverse. You get to see why they were able to survive, whether through luck or knowledge or skill. And the characters who die from arc 4-ish onwards are also way more diverse, not just following the same pattern of “whoever disagrees with us gets killed off.” There are still characters who are obviously very self serving, which leads to their own destruction. But there are also characters who are genuinely good people and try their best to be helpful and get everyone to survive. And there are characters who are unsure how they feel or how to act, and have both “good” and “bad” elements. So I did feel like the author successfully brought in a wide variety of characters and didn’t make it too predictable as to who would live and who would die in each painting.

Also saw that some people are unhappy that ML has like an insane amount of random knowledge. It is annoying at first, but later when there are more core characters, they all get to bring their own knowledge and to the table so that the author doesn’t have to just force ML to be the only one to know things lol. And he does also have his “knowledge blind spot, ” which actually becomes a joke towards the end of the book. Plentiful anime references were involved in this joke, which was a bonus for me lol.

To me the less strong parts are where they are NOT in a painting, when they are looking more into why/how they are getting sucked into the paintings and who is behind the whole series of events. The actual concept behind the creation and history of the painting worlds is actually interesting, but the way the characters come to discover it is not very well put together. They are grasping at straws and drawing conclusions based on fallacious thinking, but someone still happens to find the right answer. A couple of examples:


When they’re listing out the “hints” that each of the paintings has given them, they’re like, “Since the arc 7 painting has tools such as animal ears that we can wear, it’s telling us that the we have patterns tattooed onto our bones that we can use as tools.” Like... how did you make that connection?

Another example: “One of the paintings depicts a scene from the Qin Dynasty, which tells us that the entering painting incidents started during the Qin Dynasty.” But there are also paintings taking place in other ancient time periods, in the 1990s, in the year 2012, and in the present day, so why did entering paintings definitely start in the Qin Dynasty and not in any of those other times?


So in both those cases (and many others), even though the conclusions they drew were true, the ways they reached those conclusions are not believable.

The other thing is the pacing. A couple of theories are (very lightly) touched on pretty early on, and then are NEVER brought up again until almost the last arc, when the characters suddenly decide it’s time to dive deeply into the whole mystery behind it all. So at this point the author has to rush to get all the info and framework in, resulting in chapters upon chapters of the characters literally sitting in a circle and talking at each other. The author even acknowledges in one of the chapter notes that there is a lot of talking and theorizing, but that it’s necessary to tell the whole story, because ending it “too easily” would be doing the whole novel a disservice. I do agree that it’s necessary to thoroughly show the reasoning and clues that lead to the conclusion. But I think a better approach would have been to start leaking these clues early on and showing a tiny bit at a time, so that when they get to the end, they already have a big chunk of knowledge and can just keep the action going to the very end.

That said, I imagine it’s EXTREMELY difficult to plan out all the clues in such a long and complex novel, so kudos to the author for at least getting it done to this level. I would have been excited to read later works by this author to see if they could deal with this pacing issue better, but unfortunately there won’t be any more from them... : (

Favorite arcs:


Arc 3, which I liked because you got to see the emotional struggles of not just the “painting hoppers” but the NPCs as well. The arc takes place in an apartment complex and you find out about some of the previous tenants who died for various reasons, but they each had an insecurity or traumatic event that they were plagued by, and it was sad but beautiful to get to see that part of humanity.

Arc 7 because the theme was cartoons and I found out about a lot of cartoons I hadn’t know about. Also because they have props that they have to carry/use/wear, including cat ears, bunny ears, etc. and it was cute lol.

Arc 8 because it was so heartbreaking!!! One of the characters who died was a surprise to both me and the rest of the characters. They were mad about it and so was I, but more in the way where I just cried a lot because the author did a good job of weaving this story together. You also find out about the doctor’s backstory here. And the backstories of some of the other characters who were introduced in this arc were so sad too.


Least favorite arcs:


Arc 1 for some reason that I can’t put my finger on; it just didn’t draw me in or feel as compelling as the later arcs. Even though the scenes described sounded like they were pretty terrifying and grotesque, for some reason they just didn’t give that FEEL of being terrifying and grotesque. But I didn’t have the same issue with the later arcs; in those, the horror and gore elements were sufficiently, well, horrifying and gory.

Arc 12 felt weaker to me because there were so many mixed and seemingly unrelated elements/clues. Even after they figured out that all the clues were tied together by the concept of the world ending/restarting but freed from human evils, it still just didn’t feel cohesive. And it really bothered me that the doctor was like, “I’ve been so stuck on the gruesome and exaggerated deaths that the paintings always have, so it didn’t even occur to me that our group members in this painting died of an actual, normal, real world disease, and the only exaggeration is the time frame.” And I’m like... no, this is actually a VERY exaggerated depiction of death from ebola virus??? Because real victims of ebola virus... don't melt into a puddle of blood. Also, there’s this part in the beginning (ish) of the arc where they were like, “It’s useless to search in the jungle because it’s huge and there’s no way we’d be able to see a tiny signature amongst all the wildly overgrown trees.” And then after they have the breakthrough where they figure out that the theme of the painting is to restart the world but in a more “natural” way of living, they’re like, “Oh, that means the signature must be in the jungle! Let’s go comb through the jungle!”... which makes no sense because the jungle is STILL huge and filled with wildly overgrown trees and plants, so they still wouldn’t be able to see the signature...

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Fisukisuki rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: c176
Finally the most brutal Chinese Horror novel I have ever read so far. ... more>>

One of the reasons was: "if no one die, they HAVE to Chose/Vote someone to die".


You should not just Expect the Horror as in Ghost and Gore. It's MORE than THAT!!!

It's has one of most Epic 'Horror' moment:

One example, Forced to watch a Giant figures having s*x and had to listen too!!! LMAO


Simply put, this novel has the MOST Unique Scenarios compared to many Unlimited Flows/World Hopping Horror Novel I have ever read so far!

This novel has MC who are Selfless in a way where he would sacrifice himself for his Bestfriend and ML!!!! 😭😭😭 Even when he was in pain, his instant/immediate reaction is to save or protect his Bestfriend or ML who also in pain!!!

He's also the Brightest and Warmest Protagonist I have ever see in any Horror story (and I mean literally ALL type of horror story I know so far; movie/comic/novel/etc) so far!

Also, Ke Xun (MC) is soooo good at treating ML. And he's the SHOU!!! Even in many Manly Gay Couple (non reversible/versatile couple) novel I have ever read, I have never see a Shou/Uke treated their Gong/Seme like a Honorable King/Highest being unless it was in actual Royalty or Master/Servant AU.

But when MC and ML finally get together... The Dog Food is So Powerful and I felt like being Choked but in Happiness !!!

Anyway, every arc keep intriguing me to read more. There's no one second where I find it boring. But you do really have to prepare your heart and mind because the Horror is more than just Ghost or Gore!

I truly Loving it and I pray soooo hard the Translation would always keep going till the end and the rest of the story is Satisfying to the end!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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