Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha wo Taosu Tameni Maou ni Shoukansaremashita~


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This legend tells the tale of the protagonist, Kuroki summoned to protect the demon king from the hero.

Kuroki, unbeknownst to him, suddenly came to another world. He was summoned by the demon king, Modes. The territory which the demon king overrules was in the midst of being destroyed because of the hero. He had no choice but to bow before Kuroki.

“Please save us, Savior Dono!”

Kuroki nodded, deciding to save the demon king due to an unexpected turn of event.

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Tale of Dark Knight~Summoned to Defeat The Hero~
暗黒騎士物語 ~勇者を倒すために魔王に召喚されました~
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New Fortunos rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: --
**** Heavy spoiler alert here ***

... more>>

The author have relocated this novel to 2 others website but it seems like he isn't posting the continuation of the previous chapters yet.

I think this novel is worth your time to read. You may find it's frustrating to read in the first half but the mood will get more sunny and humorous in the second haft (Starting from when Goddess Rena rape the protagonist, maybe. LOL)

In fact the girls in hero's harem watch out for each others so their relationship with the hero are not progressing at all except the hero's childhood friend who's already bear his child. Not even kissing. So you can tell that all the girls (except one) are still pure despite people calling them hero's women or hero's wife.

In the later chapters you will see more of Shirone's POV where she try to compete with Kuna for MC, Chiyuki's POV where she's kinda obsessed with MC' d**k, Kyouka who fell in love with MC and Kaya who turned out to be lesbian.

The elf girl, Tess will appear again in last episode on syosetu but doesn't have much spotlight on her. I think the author will keep her for later episode, maybe after the Demon king's daughter.

Well, hope I will see chapter 196 and onward soon.

BTW, I read from syosetu using Google Translation.

And lastly, don't feel so down about the NTRed knight. He will be going on journey with an elf girl more beautiful than his previous fiancee

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New Auree rated it
June 18, 2019
Status: c1
Pretty good start, an anti-hero story by misunderstanding.

I have no problem with that, as this genre is getting more cliche in recent years.

The problem is that it is dragged on for too long, and the misunderstanding never gets cleared. It appears that the author thinks it is the most fun to see how the MC gets humiliated and misunderstood. Yet the scum-bag Yuusha party gets to even be washed?

If all you do is to screw up the MC with no proper reason, then what's the point of us following it... more>> all the way through? <<less
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wuhugm rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c150
Hands down the best novel in narou at this moment

MC is NOT an adventurer. He's the subordinate of "Demon King" (ugly male, not beautiful female Demon King).

The story is based on Greek Myths, Norse, and many others

Human relationships are greatly depicted

No choroins
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ToddWithTheHotBod rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: c6
Story is moderately interesting but it feels like the author is attempting to avoid the generic isekai tropes by making the protagonists situation just slightly different.

Also the translation/editing is not only abysmal, it's painfully slow for how short the chapters are and how much money Roxism makes through patreon.
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SamStrike rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: c17
This might be just my opinion, but the fact that the misunderstanding never gets cleared up is f****** annoying.
The hero is someone that like to stay with women, even if he does not force anything to them, the fact that everyone has their trust in the hero without even listening to the opinion of the other party (in this case the demon lord) is annoying af.

The MC

... more>>

The childhood friend of the MC is in the party of the hero, and she is apparently in love with him (the hero), the MC loves her but since she trusts and loves the hero so much she doesn't even give a little of trust on trying to understand that what the hero is doing is wrong. The fact that everything is given to the hero while our MC can't do anything is annoying


The Hero


The hero itself can't really be considered a villain, he does anything to protect any girl in any case but doesn't give a f**k if the person suffering is a guy. I have to be honest, it annoys me that the person the MC loves, love the hero; but that is another thing. The hero could be said that he was tricked by the goddess into helping her, but since she is a beautiful woman he would probably not care and just try to do anything to help her anyway


In the end: It annoys me that the MC doesn't get what he deserves for what he is trying to do and everything is given to the hero. <<less
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August 17, 2018
Status: c7
I dropped it once I saw the self inflicted misunderstanding fest at the beginning and his complete lack of self awareness. Miss-understandings are a cheap cliché to progress the story and overuse must be avoided if you ask me unless your target audience is the the under 15 year olds.

I would have enjoyed the story more if the MC was more mature but as it stands it's frustrating to read because most situations can so easily be avoided with a bit of communication.
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PringleStorian rated it
December 28, 2018
Status: v5c8
Prob my favorite novel I picked up this year.

Don't get me wrong, at the first 2 chapter I was already saying "Wtf? Where is Author going with this?" and so I kept going. And then I got hooked on to the world, the relationship, the twist and turn

... more>>

Especially at the end of the first Volume where MC decided that he will create goddess and forget about his childhood. And then at the middle of Volume 2 MC straight up hook up witha goddess, the same goddess that he's gonna make a copy off.

At this point I was already about to give 5 star but then I decided to read the raw and it didn't disappoint me at all. The character was almost never 1 dimensional (except the Hero and his 5/6 followers) I loves that unlike the goddess Lena being a complete sadist (seriously she said that she gladly put a collar around MC neck) Kuna, the Goddess clone is instead a complete sociopath love struck goddess (Which was clear as day when she uses the Ogre witch to "serve" her master)

And then the MC, MC is your normal dude (except he isn't) and infact was a rather splendid person except that he suffer an inferiority complex that he got because of his childhood friend which was the reason of his many action (Not believing that he's good enough, scared of woman etc).

And then the Hero party. Oh boy are they completely generic which meant that I rather not talk about them

Anyway Since people said that MC got NTR-ed by the Hero... Are you guys retarded or something? The MC never said his feelings, the childhood friend never said that he have any feelings for him and it was clear even to MC that his childhood friend, hell even MC admit knew that his childhood friend loves the Hero.

Oh and also, the Misunderstaing WILL get cleared up although lacking since it basically ended with MC clearing 4 misunderstanding and then creating another 2 more which is idiotic


Update: Oh boy Volume 4.... This is where the Plot actually begin in my opinion


Why did I said that?
Well because simply all the plotlines actually done here, In this Volume we finally get to see everybody point of view, in order to save time, basically there's 4 faction that exist on these novel which is:

1. The MC Faction: MC faction consist of MC (obviously), Kuna (Goddess clone) and some other character that im to lazy to write down, but basically this Faction is the one where they want the demon to co-exist at the same place without discrimination

2. The Maou Faction: This Faction consist of the rest of the demon people, this faction is the one that wants Human and Demon to be peaceful but rather not live together at the same place

3. The Goddess faction: Prob the most annoying one but the one that changed the most since this faction is spearheaded by 1 person which is the real goddess and basically wants demon to be dissapear and MC becomes her Pet/lover

4. Hero/human faction: Basically the rest of human and Hero alone that wants demons to be destroyed along with MC

Now the stage is set, what the f**k is actually wrong with this faction you may ask? Good point I'm also a bit confused about what will happen but this is the basic so far.. Dear god I hope that this novel don't turn sour

And fun fact. but the Novel updates shouldn't add the Yandere tag just yet since Kuna (which is the yandere one) appear on Vol 3 and showed her yandere side at vol 4

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superkingoftacos rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: c18 part2
lots of netorare.

cowardly protagonist.

The MC takes everything laying down. He just does nothing when the stakes are high and makes excuses for the enemies that deserve but hate and scorn.


I really want his ex childhood friend and her shallow af haremmates to suffer... but it looks like the author is going down the masochist route. I only made it this far because I was speed reading it to see if they get whats coming. They do not.

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sdb rated it
April 6, 2019
Status: c35 part2
This novel is unique, the only downside is the paywall and the act of splitting the chapter to tiny bit of piecess, even though their site is add ladden,..i get it people like to earn something and we would be happy to turn off the add blocker..
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Yoburi rated it
January 11, 2019
Status: c30
Horrible the MC of this novel isnt a man, he is nothing but a f**king pacifist that will die before fight back the heros just because they are females.

I cant take this novel it could be a great one if the MC didn't act like a moron all the time, also the side characters are patetic the female companions of the hero are all terrible.

Don't read this work if you want a decent MC this one should just die even the antagonist Reiji is more likeable than him because atleast... more>> he isn't everybody bich. <<less
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tempetahu0 rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: --
This is your usual Japanese MC (wishy washy, soft, weird attitude about women)

if you like that kind of MC go ahead! At least there's something unique in this story, MC is a demon king's subordinate.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
UnknownSaint171 rated it
August 18, 2018
Status: c20 part3
The writing is good and not that cliche. It's a very fresh story. I totally recommend this. Don't be deceive by the comments, it's not really ntr when 'Childhood friend' never loved MC. Unlike the Hero, this MC is nice but reasonable to a extent and questions things. He knows the whole picture. I just dislike his indecisiveness, no maybe it's the Author who indecisive. Truly needs some polishing.

Honestly I want the Hero party and Goddess to feel regret and die. If there's a flaw in this story. The... more>> MC is too merciful. You can already predict how this is going to end because of this trait. The female Heroes and Rena are obviously what one would call "B*tches" truly rotten brainless girls.. The elf girl was too forced and Chiyuki is probably the only best girl but we know she won't obtain the "First Wife" position which she clearly deserved. The characters aren't putted to their full potential despite how well fleshed they are. The elf girl had potential but quickly erased. The refuge princess also had potential. But wasted.

This story could seriously be one of the best. The reunions and encounters could make you feel emotions but it gets ruined with the Harem. Also it causes those stupid misunderstandings.

In the end it fills me with some regret as the Reader. But this is truly worth checking out. (For now)


The MC will most likely spare Reiji and his stupid childhood friend who only hurts MC! Since they cannot coexist even if he spares them they'll most likely be banished to Another World with his wives. It's also stupid how MC saved the demons and they praised the MC but later all the sudden the demons dislike the MC. Only the Demon King, his Teacher and Rat see MC as a friend. The demon queen was kool at first but she's just as similar as Rena! Though I can't really blame her for guarding up against MC. The MC had the chance to kill that crazy b*tch Rena burn he didn't. If in the end MC still gets with the childhood friend which I see impossible, then this Novel is trash.


im very tempted to continue reading on in the Raws but... I'm afraid of MC or characters f*cking up at some point lol. It's decent story for now but it could change later.. Anyways, I agree with [email protected] it would be a less frustrating read if MC was a bit more mature and a little colder as much as I like his nice side. It does lead into stupid logic sometimes <<less
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ollerus rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: c195
This novel try to makes you M well joke but %50 real first 80 chapter is really annoying not like MC bad but author try to give hero reiji really big character and thats reallly make you wanna drop this novel thats not lie same happened for me but after chapter 80

... more>>

MC beat hero to death without sword or any op magic thats feels so good after that MC start gain big scene time in novel before that god thats so annoying sometimes I forgot who mc


All girls see hero instant fall in the love thats stupid and annoying even someones wife fiance girfriend they want instant s*x with hero reiji thats so annoying this thing give you feeling I wanna drop this novel and thats true I am not gonna lie but you need wait for 80 chapter after thats turn really good direction


ın hero party 2 girls start questioning hero MC childhood friend and sage girl thats really good devolepment childhoodfirend even start jealous MC more and more in the and you understand all girls feeling fake love for hero reiji girls just love handsome and cool person so hero reiji best person for that until MC comes this 2 character still stick with hero but in the future chapters they gonna leave hero they just dont know what the do


anohter thing gods really sucks here later author fixs that but still reijij strong gods sucks they just superhuman nothing more well there more power here but againts reiji thats meaningless hero reiji really op


MC op too he strong as main god after author fix that demon king and ancient evil gods gets buff MC and reiji not gonna win easy againts them because demon king beat many evil gods that really strong so summoning MC meaningless form him but still story start with summoning MC even without him demon king easily kill hero and hero girls


until chapter 81 I can give 3/5 for this novel but after 81 I can give 5/5 but there problem here author start rewrite novel so new chapters gonna come really slow thats sucks other than that there nothing I can say MC cool and chill he just posses some inferior complex againts reiji thats bad but like I say after 100 chapter thats start to dissappear so there no problem for that if you want try it just try but if you dont like read 80 chapter then just dont no one force you for that after reading many novels I can say that this is better than some op and MC do anyhing novels MC smart and try to solve things with no race thing but hero reiji thinks humans best like every classic hero out here well for me worth try but that up to readers.


last thing MC kid with rena and hero reiji kid with healer girl and heros kid is girl and that girl want to near of MC kid so lol thats so funny reiji dont know that but when he learn oh boy he gonna roar and I understand reiji just spoiled moronic character thats truth but thats not make this novel bad you just need bear 80 chapter later thats gonna be good not %100 but %80 so good luck

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shinanigans rated it
December 23, 2018
Status: c26

the MC is okay but I want him to be more assertive or some with brains that really manipulates the hero not only the goddess

I believe that the hero's personality is supposed to piss the reader but almost every woman that comes in contact with him become stupid I enjoy the multiple pov but it becomes padding at this point (I don't care about the princess and the hero's idiotic lovers pov but it nourishes my hate and annoyance for them) I recommend to read this by months.
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Ersicoada rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: --
At the start I thought it would be another "the brave NTR'ed my childhood friend so I will make them pay" story.. But its not. The protagonist have his own shortcomings however he is likeable character.

Read all the raw till today, still wondering who is the main heroine.
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Kuronairo rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: v8c169
It's a story about a boy who is summoned not as a hero by a goddess but by Maou (who happens to be ugly and not a beautiful girl) as a dark knight.

His childhood friend was also summoned with Reiji (who happens to be the hero of light) and his comrades. But they were summoned by a beautiful goddess as heroes. Reiji is a "bishonen" protagonist type MC, he easily conquer the heart of any girls, he is literally the "perfect guy" (money, looks, strong and "kind").

In... more>> the story we don't only follow the story from the pov of the MC (kuroki the dark knight) but we also follow the pov of others charas and even "antagonists" sometimes.

Well for those who are searching a villain MC, it's not what you are after, even if MC is a dark knight he is still kind and don't kill humans though he still fights to defend maou.

Pros :
- Good worldbuilding (be it the lore of the world or how the world is being presented, same for charas, we also see some "minor" charas who are usually forgotten appear again and they also have some important interactions with some main characters that is important to the story)

- Though MC is quite "donkan", he is not gonna stay virgin for a thousand years and the novel is not full of useless ecchi fanservice, there will also not be a whole chapter about MC trying to create mayonaise..........

Cons (it's rly my own thinking about this and those are not cons but just not to my liking) :
- MC doesn't have any confidence in himself (it's not rly a con but sometimes it creates some misunderstandings that annoys me)
- MC is just too kind (totally the opposite of the CN serial killer MC who even slaughters chickens of the ennemy family). Though MC killed some monsters, he didn't kill any humans yet though he is feared by many people.
- Some misunderstandings are annoying to me but saying more would end up as spoilers.
-......I want more details about snusu (even if it's just knowing more often that "they did it") *cough* *cough* (there is snusu but well only thing we know about it is "it happened"

Well though I ranted a bit near the end, I finally finished reading the 8 vol and looking forward for vol 9 where we'll get more screentime for a chara (rly looking forward to see that chara encounters MC, I would also love to see when MC will know his "ties" with that chara).

Overall it's a good story and though sometimes it makes me mad and wanted to rant about the story, I still read 8 vol without stopping so it's a good story that I recommend. <<less
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vzona rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: c16
It's a reversed beta-story line. I love how this MC approached in the story.

So exciting when He's appeared in front of his schoolmates/enemy?

Many expectations for this series!
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ganya rated it
February 28, 2019
Status: --
I want to scream that "is the author not being M?". This is the most stupid, boring, and most pathetic of the protagonists of all the protagonists I've ever known. I read more than a hundred chapters afterwards without getting progress in both the story and the main character. I do not understand if the mindset of this main character has a disability? Why is it going to the demon king faction and trying to practice while not wanting to fight with the heroes? If you simply adventure and enjoy... more>> the world, what do you do under the demon king? Not only that, every time the heroes get into trouble, he goes out to solve the problem and the hero is almost always got all the credit for himself and the main character just fools away. Always thinking like this: I can't leave them alone, even though they aim at my life. Teach the hero's younger sister the same thought: I will help her because she tries even if my life decreases. If the heroes of the hero are willing to kill him, then die, hurt the people he supports. The main character who works also feels lost, has no purpose, and doesn't receive anything worthy of what he has done, playing with girls is completely neglected with drunkenness, doing anything passively. To all the stupid misunderstandings, the right one miserable guy. I want the author to do something that affects the main character to make him change, read the protagonist's POV, but abuse the reader. <<less
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slothreader rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: --
Plot have brain. Theme to my liking.
Characters POV are not bad. A good read.

Of course MC is pacifist pu**y but have a good sense of responsibility. So when it is matter he got it done. Respect man. Respect!! MC is not too smart or stupid. Just a boy trying to survive and have fun in another world without losing his previous values. He was weak so he know how the weak feel. He protect the weak because he was one of them.

Even in old world MC is trying his... more>> best like improving his sword skill in Dojo daily. So to me he is a hard working and good guy trying his best.

As the saying goes in every successful man behind there is a good woman (in his case good women) he show his values more after he got his waifus. Waifus are a good pushing factors for plot and his character. Mind you, so far waifu are a little evil make them cute since they love MC. Whose kidding they can be call bitch (harmful to other good to MC) if not see with pink eye. Make your heart trembles with love or fear!! LOL

Just wish more chapter and hope the novel see the end. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TomiNdumplings rated it
November 25, 2018
Status: c18.2
I admit that I'm not very far in but this story is kind of frustrating to read.

The MC is an OP badass but all of the misunderstandings and with how all of the reuniting and stuff happened so fast you'd think that the story would be a shorter one that didn't drag things out a ton, but it feels like it does and considering that there are 166 chapter and counting I feel like it's only going to get worse.

I do enjoy the multiple POVs and the somewhat-stuck-up-hero-bashing, but to... more>> be honest the womanizing hero who gets all the ladies attention and is showered with praise constantly by the main females ie. the childhood friend is getting really annoying.

Half of the characters I just really want to punch in the gut and I read a few spoilers threads and I get the feeling that the punch in the gut isn't going to happen at least not anytime fast.

As I said before I went to a couple spoilers threads just to probe ahead a little and I kinda regret doing that b/c it seems that it gets kinda weird...

appearantly a certain scummy goddess gets preggo etc.


As someone mentioned there, the stories really frustrating when you take it seriously b/c the story itself is probably meant to be read lightheartedly.

For now I have a pretty neutral opinion on this novel, its not a bad read and if read with the right mindset it could be very enjoyable, so for now I'll sit snuggly in the middle with 3 stars.

I think that with the way the story is written and the way the cover looks I expectedly a pretty serious novel, so I got really frustrated with reading it. For now, with the directions the story seems to be taking I think I'll be dropping this novel for a while.

I might come back to it later on and try reading it again. If and when I do so I'll come back and edit my review. <<less
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xkei1215x rated it
July 21, 2018
Status: v8c169
I'm not really good at expressing myself. So im not good at posting my reviews too. But I will only say this.

"Read this novel and im sure you won't regret it."

Though there's an NTR-like scenes but since the MC and childhood friend is not in any sort of relationship aside from CF. Then pay it no mind. Aside from MC and ?Kuna?. Make sure that you won't get emotional attached to any other characters.

P.S. I hope our OP MC gets his harem soon. Though he have a LOT of maidens... more>> who likes him they're not together with him. Unlike the "hero" who have his ?harem? With him all the time. Though only two of his (hero) companion likes him though (what's more. One of the two girls who likes the hero is already pregnant.) Our MC only have and always have Kuna by his side. So im having a mixed up emotions. Maybe because I want our MC to have the same members as the Hero I guess? Well that's my personal opinion though.

I feel like im spoiling the story. If I did I guess sorry? I'm newbie here so im not that familiar with the buttons and settings. <<less
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Nvelist rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: c12 part2
We've been here already fellow readers. The long sequence stereotype saga of a Hero and Demon King.

Everything from that to here is with some glued-eyed difference.

Putting in a way the misunderstanding background and seeing the real deal the right and wrong.

... more>> The Hero aside is makes you all hated at him as the author seriously characterized this person that rubbed in discomfort and discontent. Though the generic trope of justification against evil. It is being bordered by here by a callous personified goddess with an ugly personality.

Inkling of Greeks here is strong. Very strong aside looking at the divine and species below.

Realistic charming about the protagonist that willing to do something. <<less
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