Bijo to Kenja to Majin no Ken


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Kei Arakawa, an average salary-man somewhere around his thirties, fell into a chasm between worlds. In exchange for a single limitation, he gained the ability to perceive someone or something’s status. But apart from that skill, he has no skills any ordinary person wouldn’t have. All he could do after ending up in another world, was to gain insight into something’s status, and use that information for his own growth and survival.

One day, as Kei was being assaulted by enemies, a certain individual appeared and saved his life. But it just so happens that this individual has an enormous secret――

This is an adventure fantasy where our MC encounters some beautiful women in another world, and throws himself into fierce battles with powerful beasts.

This series has been adapted to a manga, with updates being published under the Comic Valkyrie label.

This novel is a recipient of the 3rd annual WebNovel Award, with three volumes published to date.

Associated Names
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Beauty, Sage and the Devil's Sword
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3DCat rated it
October 10, 2017
Status: c1 part1
Can't say much for the overall story currently as the TL is just getting off its feet but the quality alone is great and while the story is working on the typical trope of transmigrating along with the ability to see the status of things we have a protagonist who isn't a complete idiot nor a minor (Thank the heavens)

Hopefully within the next few chapters we will be able to get a better feel for the world of Florence itself and possibly give a glimpse into which direction our... more>> protagonists development might go.

10th Chapter (First Arc) edit:

The quality of the TL hasn't gone down at all, you would almost expect it to be an official TL from an EN publisher.

The story has stayed pretty grounded so far, the MC isn't given unfair advantage in comparison to some other novels in the genre and its so far avoided a few key tropes this genre suffers from.

Not much has really been fleshed out in the first 10 chapters, this could be either a good or bad thing in the long run, I suppose we will see. <<less
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January 9, 2018
Status: --
The only reason I'm reading this is because theres a redhead on the cover.

...10 chapters later

Its not worth it. Its a very typical isekai novel with nothing that makes it stand out.

Not to say that its bad, but after reading quite a few of these, the entire story so far seems to be sticking to the general formula.
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Old_Man rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: prologue part1
I think it's fantastic. It seems well written. The main character actually makes numerous mistakes, though the author doesn't make them explicit, the author clearly makes it evident as the plot rolls on.

Good focus on RPG elements. a lot of series abandon those elements. not this one.

IMO it was fairly gripping.

Many chapters are un-translated. (60+?)
I just spent 5 hours translating the next chapter, chapter 18. I uploaded the text in the forums within a comment with a noted spoiler. 'not sure how else to get it uploaded to... more>> the interwebs and listed as a chapter, but I encourage anyone to copy and paste my comment into an appropriate section of the internet, then have it listed here on NovelUpdates.

enjoy... <<less
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SirGardakan rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c10
Not so good story, every time the MC look or talk with the girl ("she have big b**bs" "Every one look at her" " She'is a beauty")....

... more>>

I quit when the MC took 2 sword (too powerfull) from the b**bs of the girl....


And is a very classic Isekai with a loot of number and illogicality.


The MC is rapidly increasing its stats and levels. Since any action (passing the broom or carrying heavy loads) increases the stats.
Beside this we have the nun who is that lv 3 with low stats and the high priest lv 49 with stats that are barely better than that of the MC.
While he has only been in this world for a month, the MC is already OP.

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June 13, 2020
Status: c22
This could turn out to be a good story as long as it doesn't become "The Adventurers of the Man Permanently Stuck on Second Base".

I like that the author is skilled at getting the reader just invested enough in the side characters he kills off so you care about the deaths but not so invested that you flip the table.
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MyRAMEN rated it
October 19, 2020
Status: c3
I didnt like it bur it looked better than most fantasy harem isekais, at least from what I seen in 3 chaps I read, I also dropped though cause the translation is currently dropped.

Edit: after reading other revs I changed it to a 3 as it seems like most harem novels, love is sht, and everything is forced and illogical, but I havent read that part so its 3 instead of 2
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