History’s Strongest Husband


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The little handsome son-in-law passed through a world as waste material and the husband of a wealthy family. But because of his lacking aptitude, the wealthy family had driven him out. So he worked hard and found a more powerful family’s thighs to hold onto. Soon enough, he became the strongest son-in-law and husband in history.

In this world, it was impossible to practice martial arts. It was futile so he might as well take advantage of his wife’s thighs and maintain a comfortable and leisure lifestyle.

He’ll train his wife to become the strongest and best person in the world.

“Whoever dares to provoke me, my wife will kill you!”

Associated Names
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History's Strongest Son-In-Law Living With The In-Laws
Shǐshàng Zuì Qiáng Zhuì Xù
Sử Thượng Tối Cường Người Ở Rể
The strongest son-in-law in history
사상최강의 데릴사위
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chekanalia rated it
February 5, 2019
Status: c243
MC is brilliant and funny and so shameless he is in the realm of meng hao (ISSTH), zuo mo (WOC) and Bai xiaochun. He is weak and afraid of pain but he is vain, intelligent (x1000), cunning and crafty and very politically savvy. He is also OP. I bet you are thinking about how you've seen all that before but what blows me away is that he has a way of roping in actions taken an arc or three back and tying them into current plots and plans and does... more>> it in a way that makes you marvel. Now, what makes it iffy for me is that he is too lecherous and the le*dness, while it was presented in a comedic manner to begin with became dry and overdone. One of the main character settings is that he marries into the Noble family and will stay there as a soft rice bucket and will be completely faithful and loyal to his wife but

he gropes and eventually sleeps with her personal maid (even though she had been offered by the wife that was when they had not decided to make the marriage real but he does it after they have begun to fall in love and work on being a true couple) ; he sleeps with this pirate queen (of course he was innocent as aphrodisiac was involved and she r*ped him as she is known to be a strong woman) -this I dont pin on him; he sleeps with the emperors daughter (again aphrodisiac) he has these amazing medical abilities and he cant dilute an aphrodisiac or be careful while he is drinking outside considering how many enemies he has??? And all the while espousing how much he loves his wife and doesnt want to hurt her or make her cry WTF?!


One of the major selling points for me in this book is the political machinations involved...I love watching these chess masters play these convoluted games. Enemies and friends change like fads, it is being on your toes all the time. It also has an aspect of reality with the cruelty involved since that is how it actually went down in those time periods and people died... not like some other novels that ring of utopic ideals.I am using mtl to read this and I have been unable to put it down.... despite the bits that make me fume, it is an amazing read. <<less
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qull rated it
April 22, 2019
Status: c300
Good in early chapters, becomes pretty chaotic and all over the place later on. This is a shameless and cunning MC. However, it becomes very cliche similar to any overused "smart and cunning" MC novel. Most of the time, author shows MC being genius by making him predict far far into future. To the point of absurdity. Somehow he could expect every single moves or countermoves from opponents.

For example, MC sold a pill recipe to some random merchant. That merchant later walked into the enemy door and simply gain alliance from them by using his recipe. After all these blunts MC made, somehow the author retconned by saying the recipe is actually poisonous. Then the MC just acted as if he knew this random merchant would eventually side with the enemy.


It's boring after a while. Its premise is very similar to Zhui Xu novel, but rather than calm and collective, we have a shameless MC.

In a nutshell, this novel is not a battle of wits but a battle of activating trap cards after trap cards out of nowhere.
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wigglegui rated it
December 12, 2019
Status: c500
Quite surprised to see this novel being translated, I remember spamming F5 every day and hoping for new chapters to update back when this novel came up on qidian.

Completed this novel, but my review will only stand for chapter 1~500.

I recommend to give this novel at least up to chapter 40+, if I remember correctly, it was around those chapters that the novel got interesting for me.

Think at chapter 40+, he got his backing from his in-laws. And it was at this point the novel started to get going for me.


If you are reading this thinking that this novel is about MC helping his wife and training his wife, and his wife will in turn settle everything with her cultivation skill, it is not. (I myself read the novel at first because I thought it was gonna be a novel where MC train and help his wife etc, and he just sits back and relax as the son-in-law while the wife settles everything.)

However, if you want to read a novel where the MC has no cultivation strength at all and survives through the novel with strategic plottings and schemings, this novel is for you.

For me personally, chapter 40+ was where it got me going, and from chapter 40~500, the novel was super good and enjoyable to read. As for the chapters after 500, honestly, it's better not to talk about it, I like to imagine that chapters after 500 didn't happen.

However, just for how good the novel was from chapter 40~500, I think this novel deserves at least a 4 or 4.5 out of 5. Super recommend to give this novel a try.
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wraith26 rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: --
I couldnt read it. This is simply ridiculous.

It is just another boring and repeatitive face slapping story. With arrogant young master and young lady pooping out.
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AcasualPawn__ rated it
November 20, 2019
Status: Completed
First of all don’t judge this novel based on author’s previous work. This novel is totally different and it is unbelievable how an author could improve so much.

I will do this review in two parts, first part is for first 400 chapters and second part is for rest of the chapters.

First half of the novel is full of political intrigue, strategical battles and lots of scheming. Our MC is shameless, petty, revengeful, narcissistic flower boy. He is extremely intelligent with no physical power at all.

He becomes son-in-law and helps his... more>> wife’s household to go through their difficulties. First half of the novel is all about rising in political ladder and a bit of knowing the world. World is mysterious, with lots of hidden mysteries. THE ONLY THING I HATE ABOUT FIRST HALF IS useless, s*upid references. SO MANY REFERENCES!!!! SO MANY REFERENCES!!! SO MANY REFERENCES!!! I mean 35 out of 100 (I.E 35% or less of first half) chapters are only about references.

Second half isn’t that much about politics it is about MC knowing the mysteries of the ancient civilization, their extraordinary inventions, unearthing them and studying them. Using their technology and modern earth technology to create something new. Our MC doesn’t become strong until last 100 chapters of the novel.

The second half of the novel is about mysteries and some sci fi elements are involved. There is really huge twist in the end involving everything that happened throughout the novel. The ending is not bad but it does not do justice to the novel.

In the end novel becomes somewhat of sci fi genre. And If you know little about science then maybe you will find ideas of author little s*upid and preposterous. But for me it was in bearable range.


Give it a try.

4.3/5 <<less
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kouhai rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: c68
So far... so good... saw that this was the same of author of Nine Yang Sword Saint and World Destroying Demonic Emperor. Knowing this, I had to read it!!! Besides, the synopsis hooked me in.

The novel tells the story of Shen Lang, a narcissistic handsome lotus. It has a lot of comedic moments that I laughed out loud to. I swear, once you get past the first 10 chapters and beginning the part where Shen Lang stumbles unto new, rich powerful wife, the story suddenly starts to get interesting.

There's also... more>> a lot of poetic moments that makes you think about life but suddenly turns to comedic moments that you can't help but to laugh and snort out loud. It's a really good novel so far. I thank the translator for translating this novel. Moreover, I love the fluidity of the translator's writing. Please keep it up. I hope this isn't one of those novels that has potential but only to get dropped. <<less
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readerX rated it
October 13, 2021
Status: Completed
This is how this novel work

First part (4 star)
- Historical + Wuxia + a bit of Fantasy

Middle part (3 star)
- MC doing continent hopping to start his Xuanhuan/Fantasy journal. (Sarcasm for World Hopping)
- Completeley transform to Xuanhuan/Fantasy. Pleast do author a favor and forgot about all Ancient Times/Historical setting just throw it alway from your brain.

... more>> Last part (3 star)
- Still has Xuanhuan/Fantasy but now it also add Sci-fi. Plot twist with who is final boss.

Why each part got 3-4 rating from me but I rated 2 star for this review? Because author nonsense as break original ancient times setting and forcefuly turn it into Sci-fi + Fantasy and how plot become badly chaos by middle to the end of novel. <<less
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March 11, 2019
Status: c7.2
It's a good read. The author did great to make the story realistic and the MC likeable and relatable. The translation is smooth and fluent. I'd give it a solid 4/5 enjoyable read though it's still to early to say whether the series is gonna let me down big. Only peeve, currently, is how the translator didn't earmark the patreon wall chapters here in NU. I expected enough to form an opinion, not limbo.
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Shut it
Shut it rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: c68
Shitty plot, plus every single characters in this novel seem to have low IQ or down right s*upid. MC is boring and unrealistic. I don’t know how many time I have the urge to quit the novel, but seeing as it have a high rating I keep on going until now.
My advice skip this novel look for something else.
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Drake888 rated it
February 8, 2020
Status: c29
Picked this up because of the synopsis. No real assistance for the wife yet and it doesn't seem like he will be helping her get stronger. Typical problem of MC pursuing face before anything. Seems clever about it but I'm not interested in another author's self-indulgent idea of how to slap face in the past. I was hoping to see him actually build up his wife and have her show off. Not another story of some dude with broken abilities impressing everybody with how clever he is and get away... more>> with it because he has a strong backer. <<less
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: c4.2
Early review and I will probably change it when it has more chapters.

So far it's super slow, kinda annoying that he continues to act like a fool by not doing anything when the girl wants a divorce. Reminds me of Spirit realm where the MC acts ret*rded for no reason at all.

The woman leaving the MC is weird cause if I recall back then women are looked down upon for getting a divorce no matter what.
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Kaizen Subaru
Kaizen Subaru rated it
April 21, 2019
Status: c18 part1
Reincarnation novel, starts off pretty interesting. Reminds me of a few other novels I read in the past.

I wish the release speed was faster though, the chapters are quite short because they are in parts.

Deserves to be more popular. At times like this, I wish it becomes one of those novels Qidian pick up.
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Ixcez rated it
April 20, 2019
Status: c472
I've found myself hooked on this story much to my surprise. The setting is that a handsome guy in our world has his face ruined and tries to get married by his knowledge and exploits instead. Sadly the world is cruel and looking like a roadkill no one gives him even a second look because of his ugliness.

He dies and when killed is s**ked into a black hole together with an x-ray and his computer. So fairly normal transmigration where the MC is granted special powers. In this case his... more>> brain is super smart, has super knowledge (basically he has access to the internet, not mentioned but that is pretty much how it works since he can look up any information) and has x-ray vision. He can also combine the two to gain information on what he is looking at, this is however only showcased in the first few chapters and after that this power is completely forgotten, at multiple times it could have been used to solve problems, dilemmas or questions but instead the author never uses it, it would be an easy way out and not give the problem as many word counts I guess.

The MC is at least for me fun and has enough face smacking to give everyone some slapping. Also the MC is powerless as in he is unable (or perhaps to lazy) to train martial arts. Instead he uses his intelligence, scheming, modern/more advanced weapons/technology and minions to do his bidding.

What I really don't like about the story is the fact that at some major points the MC will be in a pinch but then he just snaps his fingers and we are told that the MC had already planned/prepared for this moment weeks/months ago and now everyone just get's steamrolled cause the MC is so smart. This part at least at certain points feels more forced or deus ex machina then actually making the MC appear smart. Since it's kinda like saying that the MC knows exactly how everything will play out, even without any information on terrain, who he's going to fight, army size etc etc. Instead he just knows everything so just go with it, is pretty much what the author goes with a lot of times.

One part that I at the moment is to be honest fairly sad about is the 2nd arc of the story and most of it, I understand that authors have to milk the story as much as possible but this just feels way to forced for me. Heavy spoilers be warned.


At around chapter 400-410 the first arc is finished and the MC has finished all his enmity and saved the kingdom. This would have been a nice spot to actually end the story but instead we find out that the MC who was previously said to be the son of a pair of farmers. Is actually the only son of the previous emperor, who was assassinated by the emperor who rules now some 17-18 years before the story started.

So guess what? The emperor sends out an army at the size of millions of soldiers to kill him so he has to flee the eastern continent to the western continent. This part has felt to me extremely forced since it was introduced simply to prolong the story and give the MC a bigger enemy and challenge then before.


So if you would like a novel that has almost no focus on cultivation, pretty much all fighting is done by armies, and most of the story is about scheming and face slapping then this is probably one for you. <<less
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July 25, 2023
Status: Completed
From Nine Yang Sword Saint to World Destroying Demonic Emperor, this author has managed to improve a lot. Three acts- Son in law saving the family, Traveling and uniting the world, and the final act. It's very multi dimensional and the hero is active, never cultivating for chapters.

Personally, I'd grade the acts as 9/10, 8/10, 5/10. Total 8/10 rounding up. I think the characters are fun, the humor hilarious, and the action is engaging.
    • Problems are how characters are put away until the story needs them again. Prime example his first wife. She's absent for 60-80% of the story. That's not right. Other characters you get attached to also pop in and out.
    • Final act is a joke and a mess. If it was three separate stories I wouldn't read the last act at all.
    • Second act is a bit too repetitive. Think ridiculous power creep. Flying beasts to teleporting to nukes to dragons and 100s of different super soldiers
    • He's a bit too clever and right all the time. It's one thing to purposely walk into a trap and flip it around, but some of the stuff he plans out seems too over the top for the result.
Still I highly recommend this story. It's a great adventure even if it gets slow at points. It's probably the most creative Xianxia type story there is.
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promet rated it
January 17, 2023
Status: c74
Okay, but not my cup of tea.

Also, it's "completely translated, " but I think they mean the (somewhat) edited MTL version because I could find no other complete translation (except for unedited MTL, which is 10x worse). Btw, this edited MTL (on novelhi) is actually readable.

The setting is okayish. I mean, it's not original at all (basically a typical not-on-Earth wuxia setting), but it's a solid setting that works even if there are hundreds of novels based on it. Because the protagonist doesn't (for now?) practice martial arts, don't expect... more>> the setting to have much detail regarding the power system, which is a bit of a detriment but also not particularly important in this novel.

The plot is, well, good enough for a transmigration story, I suppose. The premise is dumb (the disfigured guy in his first life was really a dumbass, like, he should just get a plastic surgery... I know that facial acid injuries can't be completely fixed, but that guy was a god damn surgeon, and he didn't even try to explore that option), but it's acceptable if you don't think too deeply about it (the way the x-ray machine and laptop played a role is really making me speechless... why is it so Japanese and yet not?). The rest of the plot is basically focused on plotting and schemes while the MC is basically a useless young master outwardly. Well, not quite, but close enough. This makes it similar to novels such as Otherworldly Evil Young Master, and makes for an enjoyable read. Even in those 70-odd chapters I read, the author managed to surprise me with one plot I hadn't foreseen (admittedly, it is foreseeable, it just didn't occur to me because I didn't think deeply about it).

The characters are okay. They're funny, they have distinct if simple personalities, and they're not s*upid. (Btw, this censorship is really ret*rded.) They're overall likable.

However, this is unfortunately one of those "wah, wife scary" novels, which make me cringe greatly, and I have grown tired of them (Chinese and Japanese novels sometimes have guys pandering to their wives/girlfriends and groveling before them and whatnot... I get that it's supposed to be funny, but it's just pathetic instead). This is the main reason I dropped it.

Long story short, if you can ignore or even enjoy the aforementioned trope, and you like novels about scheming and plotting, then it's something you can give a try. <<less
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arunansh rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c300
If you have time, then give it a try.

It does get boring a couple of times, mostly due to some repetition, but not all novels can be engaging as a whole.

Furthermore, you might have noticed that those who have read more chapters have given a relatively higher rating.
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: c300
This novel is ironic in a good way. It is full of schemes, back stabbings, and using brains to destroy the opponent over raw brawn. In this sense, this is classic 'chick fight' material in Chinese fiction where the characters are all women in an imperial harem or something. However, this is told completely from a male MC's perspective, a male MC with zero martial arts who has to use his cheat-like brainpower.

This combined with the fact that his wife is super strong at martial arts makes this an incredibly... more>> unique and refreshing take on the 'chick fight' genre with flipped gender roles. I literally could not put this down for the first 200 chapters. I binged it, probably hurt my eye-sight, and gained some weight.

There's very few translations and I was pretty much just using Google Translate but it didn't matter. The author's writing style makes it really easy for auto-translate and you can follow the plot even if some of the words are translated weirdly.

Lastly, I would say that the first 200 chaps are 100/100 while afterwards, it gets steadily worse from there. I quit before chapter 300 and skipped to end where it got too crazy and wild for me so I had to drop it. But, as a really unique novel, I would recommend everyone take a crack at the first 200 chapters!! <<less
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Elixxie rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: c38.2
This novel is pretty interesting. My words may not change anything but I believe one should try reading it as it may be what you like reading
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