Shinka no Mi (WN)


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A class full of idols and beautiful people are sent to another world. However there is one guy who is ugly, fat and smells… our protagonist. This is his comedic story of evolution and the slow building of his harem. The first heroine is a gorilla.

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Shinka no Mi ~Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei~
The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made (LN)
The Seed of Evolution ~Before I knew it I was one of the champions~
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78 Reviews

Mar 28, 2016
Status: c77
Incredibly underrated series. First of all, I'd like to stress that the selling-point of the series is comedy, so those who are reading should keep in mind the nature of the work while evaluating it. While the story and plot are rather familiar and may even seem repetitive to most (JP transported web novel) readers, it does not come off as generic due to the light-hearted narrative and easy going storyline. However, this runs second fiddle to both the heart-touching but hilarious moments which are ingeniously reproduced in a style... more>> similar to what is prevalent in Gintama. To summarise, most of the negative reviews are due to the misguided initial anticipation, and not looking at the series as a whole. It's an incredibly entertaining and well thought out comedy. The MC still does what he needs to do rather than act completely spineless. This is consistent with the setting and feels way more natural – which is extremely difficult to write from the author's perspective and rarely found in web novels. <<less
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Feb 07, 2016
Status: --
This is a short review, but here goes nothing.

This series start out VERY good, then it went down hill to where there’s no return.

MC is a pu*sy even tho he had power.

Nothing to said much since I stop at around chapter 23 where MC being so pu*sy when he had OP power.
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Apr 23, 2016
Status: --
This novel is definitely worth the read but a fair warning to the ones who want to start. This main character is very slow in the head. He complains all the time and he would mostly prefer to run away from fights. If you don't like any of these traits in your main characters then you should avoid this novel. I personally actually hate characters who are slow on the uptake and don't understand things even if its spelled out in front of them but I still really enjoy the... more>> novel and I'm looking forward to seeing the reactions of the classmates who abandoned him when he finally reunites with them.

The girls mentioned in the summary are also great characters who are easily loved by the readers. <<less
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Saint Life
Saint Life
Jan 15, 2017
Status: c46
After seeing the reviews, I was hesitant to read it. However it went to read it anyways and it is not as bad as people claim to make it. It's enjoyable to read and yes there are some parts where you want to beat some sense into the MC but he isn't bad overall. There are some funny moments and dialogue when he encounter new people. I recommend you give this a try but it isn't everyone's cup of tea. If you enjoy good romance with progression, funny moments, and... more>> have some patience with MC since his thought process will make you frustrated sometimes but it is better compared to others than this novel might be for you. Don't let bad reviews stop you from giving novels a try! Just because a large portion of readers doesn't find it appealing does not mean you will. <<less
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Dec 04, 2016
Status: c45
Seriously, I dunno why you all so disappointed and give this novel that low rating. But for me, the herbivore type MC in this LN is actually one of the most appealing aspect in this LN. Why? Well, with that type of character, it make the comedy more interesting and colorful. And maybe you thought, why the jokes is repeating over and over? Well, the LN itself is a Tsukkomi-Boke LN. Like Baka to Test who mock the idiocity of Akihisa, this LN do the same, in different way of... more>> course. <<less
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Mar 28, 2016
Status: --
Starts off interesting, but it goes off the rails fast. I've come to hate the "cold and ruthless" MC estereotipe. I wish more LN had the "just a decent person" MC (like Rimuru from Tensei Shitara Slime). At first, it seems like this is in that direction, but it ends up going to the extreme of that. The MC is EXTREMELY naive and spine-less, to the point where it just gets VERY ANNOYING. Even though he is incredibly powerful, a lot of time is spent on things that could be... more>> dealt with in a second. Overall, every situation comes across as irrelevant.

If in the future the MC's actions change, I'd be interested in giving this a second shot (if it happens, someone pls post a review saying when exactly).

For now, this may be interesting if all you're looking for is a comedy (it's not the best, but it has its moments). <<less
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Mar 31, 2017
Status: c42
This would be pretty funny, if not for a number of nagging issues, such as the absolutely worthless main character. It's not just that he is a coward (though after living in a jungle for five months, one would expect at least some development in that regard), but he is so absolutely rock-s*upid that it makes it incredibly hard to sympathize with him. But I am getting ahead of myself.

This is our premise: As per the standard isekai formula, the protagonist and his schoolmates get transferred into a magical word... more>> by a "god". The twist is that it is an "idol school", however much sense that makes, where everyone besides the protagonist is ridiculously pretty/handsome. On the contrary, he is a fat otaku-stereotype (without actually being an otaku) and smells horrible, so he gets bullied a lot, and upon transfer the others cast him out. The god takes pity on him, and grants him an extra bonus skill, which allows him to get full drops from any monster he slays, all their skills and even parts of their stats and life experiences. Then he gets thrown into a jungle where he eats a bunch of "evolution seeds" that make him "evolve" upon receiving XP, so he gets OP in short order, then he meets a talking gorilla who then transforms into a hot chick and she becomes his girlfriend and if you are not already yawning thinking "Aside of that gorilla bit, this is soo clichéd!", you must not have read many isekai stories yet.

Still, the premise is salvageable. Too bad no other element does so. The game elements are all over the place, with ridiculously high stat-numbers that don't seem to make much of a difference. As in, the protagoist with single-digit stats could evade the attacks of a monster with stats in the thousands (albeit barely). Skills are also advancing randomly. During his five months long timeskip/stay in the jungle, he only gained a couple of resistances, and then in rapid succession he gains thousands of stats and dozens of skills in a couple of chapters.

The writing doesn't help much either. Apparently the author thinks that the protagonist screeching from the top of his lungs and yelling random english words is the funniest thing ever. Aside of him we have the deredere monster gorilla girlfriend, whose only character trait is that she is madly in love with the protagonist and wants to have his babies, and a friggin talking sheep in a tuxedo who showed up just to infodump while trolling the protagonist in the most annoying way possible. On top of all that, there are tons of fairly repetitive writing here. Protagonist doesn't realize how strong he is and defeats monster -> protagonist thinks the monster must be weak -> protagonist finds skill cards -> he learns the skills -> he observes the skills and screeches about how amazing they are -> he finds items and screeches about how amazing they are -> he finds a small fortune in gold, and complains about how it is useless to him in he jungle. Rinse and repeat.

Also, there are a number of times I felt that the author introduced things only to realize they didn't work and then sweep them under the rug, but none of them were as blatantly dumb as the helmet.


The aforementioned sheep gives the protagonist a helmet to hide his face, because due to the Disguise skill his charisma plummeted. The scene where it was introduced went into great details about when it can be removed and by whom and so on for pages, and then two chapters later the author apparently figured out it was silly, so the protagonist levels up, the Disguise skill powers up, and so the helmet is no longer needed and gets discarded. Again, this wasn't just some random headwear; it was introduced and explained in meticulous detail only to be discarded two chapters later.


Finally, and with this we are back to the first paragraph, the protagonist is astoundingly s*upid. As in, he can see his own stats and he can see the stats of his opponents (albeit only after he beat them), and yet he still has absolutely no idea about his own strength. Furthermore, he does things that make me beat my head against a wall, like trying to figure out if the skill that hides his stats actually lowers them from 100k+ to 10, even though it is directly written in the skill description that it doesn't, and then he screeches and complains when he accidentally destroys a field by swinging his weapon. Or he complains about not being able to use the two legendary swords the dungeon boss dropped because he lacks the skills, even though he just learned the relevant sword technique from the same boss and he had been using a dual-wielding counter-skill already! And then he screeches and complains about leveling up raising his stats! It's moments like those that make me think that either the protagonist or the author has the mental capacity of a particularly ret*rded goldfish.

Overall I would say this is not an entirely bad series, but if you have no tolerance for low-brow humor, cringe-worthy protagonists or a general lack of sense for the worldbuilding, I would not recommend it. Oh, and the translation swings between decent and unintelligible word-salad, so be warned.

[Edit]: Since I felt that writing a negative review only after twenty odd chapters was a little unfair, I forced my way through two dozen more chapters. To put it bluntly, the story is still incredibly dumb, but the protagonist actually got a little bit better, there are now semi-interesting side characters and the humor is slightly less aneurysm-inducingly bad. In short, it got better, but it's still not great. Let's go with "readable" and "mostly enternatining". <<less
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Feb 17, 2016
Status: --
Absolutely love how he tsukkomis everything even though it was helpful for him to avoid being arrogant. The comedy and the way he gains godly skills each time, even further making him a monster as the story goes on, is purely light-hearted and fun to read. Great story so far.
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Jan 02, 2021
Status: c180
It started as a pretty interesting story. It was a fresh take on an otherwise unremarkable scenario. Class gets isekai'd by a nation, except MC who isn't liked by the rest of the class gets sent to a dangerous part of the world. What made it interesting was the outlandish scenarios that the MC had to go through. The first couple arcs were alright, but it soon turned out that the author ran out of steam quickly. Each character became a one trick gag, and what few laughs there were... more>> originally, quickly disappeared.

I can think of the exact moment when the author ran out of original ideas, as well as a specific character that just COMPLETELY ruined the story.


The sorry was engaging enough up until the magic school arc. Since that moment there hasn't really been anything particularly unique or original that occurred.

The character that ruined the story is that s*upid ass. The donkey named Rurune or something like that. At first she was a little funny, but she's so annoying. Her gag is that she is a glutton. She started out as a normal donkey that could do amazing feats like win races against racehorses just to eat something she heard was delicious. Now she is a walking disaster that literally had a black whole for a stomach. She has caused more problems than the main antagonist at this point. I cannot stress how unlikable she is. She isn't funny, and she appears more frequently than the main fl.

The current state of the story is: the party goes to new location, Rurune gets into trouble because "glutton funny", MC gets new deus ex machina power or early defeats it with so effort, more people fall in love with MC.


I still stuck with it because I had been reading it for years, but I think I'm done. Don't waste your time. <<less
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Sep 26, 2018
Status: c22
A good example of a generic tr*sh Japanese novel.

Cliche plot and characters, with boring overused jokes, endless “cute” monologues, and trying to appeal to readers with pe*verted fan service...

Not to mention the weebo translatiom with endless japanese words teying to be cute...

This right here is why I generally avoid Japanese novels, and mentally take a star away from every Japanese novel when deciding the next novel to read.
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Sep 06, 2018
Status: c23
Main scenerio has a good opening. Bullied boy, good powers, sad story...

But main protogonist's character is completly tr*sh. Everyone saying protogonist have a good nature. Let's look at this.

Hello I am protogonist with monstrous power but when someone from same gender tried to r*pe me, I can only run. I am powerful than them but forget it.

... more>> They dont know my real powers and keep asking me do life threating missions. I am whining at everything they ask but in the end I am doing the job.

Something like that. Dont misunderstand. I love this story. But main protogonist need a more realistic nature. His responses too far from reality. <<less
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Jan 30, 2018
Status: c23
Started out alright; the usual trope, bullied MC gets transported with rest of class, has sh*t stats, ends up becoming op. He acts pretty confident while he's in the forest, even fighting someone that has way higher stats.

It all changes when he gets out of the forest, he suddenly becomes super spineless. At this point, the story solely relies on his spinelessness to form all of its comedy and just about everything, and it gets old really fast, as evident by the fact that I could only make it to... more>> chapter 23 before dropping. In c23, he literally runs away from a dog that he could pulverize with a slap. Someone at lvl 1500 has stats around 60k, his stats are over 1mill, the dog is lvl 180. <<less
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Aug 06, 2016
Status: c42
Shinka no mi is an interesting story (at first). The first arc was the best, and sadly everything that came after was kind of interesting (garbage). I mean the first arc had an awesome premise. The story of guy going to another world (pff so generic) and gets to marry gorilla (what?!!!!). The arc had a good (pretty generic but funny because of all the jokes) conclusion. However, that is also the main problem. The climax and most of the interesting parts happened in the first arc. Everything that came... more>> later is pure LN nonsense, with a few quirks. Most characters are generic for the most part, except the main cast (more or less), the antagonists are badly portrayed (especially the bullies), and the rest of the cast are mostly weirdos or never truly go beyond their roles. I didn't include the demons in the list as antagonists because we barely know them, and they seem split between idiots with shticks, honest or one dimensional villains.


In the first our main character goes through something called character development (a word alien to most LN writers, they cant even grasp the concept). The school setting is idiotic to the point of being insulting (seriously, a school for mostly idols). The concept behind this particular school is beyond baffling (Idk what the author was smoking to come up with this setting). Such setting could be explained in a shoujo or slice of hell type of LN, but here it just seemed out of place. I understand that it was to contrast it with the MC, which the author made him look ugly and fat (at least for the first). Was he trying to convey that beauty inside type of sub moral? If he was he did a terrible job since our MC was not likeable at all. He was neutral at best. You could sympathize and understand at best, but he wasn't without fault in the matter. Although, it is perfectly understandable for him to act the way he did after thee death of his parents, but his friends truly cared about him and wanted to support him for most matters he faced. I don't know much about japanese culture and laws but did no one made him go see a shrink, or at least have someone taking care of him? But in the end all of that doesn't matter since his classmates are irredeemable a**holes, and our protagonist ends in the wild and emotionally tortured to death. He then meets a gorilla that falls in love with him because she thinks that he is strong (kind of works here because she is a gorilla). Then he starts to fall in love, and proves his love by fighting a demon ghost skeleton (complicated and sounds ominous, he's a pretty good guy), while his common sense is being push over the edge. He defeats the guy gets the girl and everyone is happy. The story could have ended here for the most but sadly it doesn't. Everything in the later arcs is pure LN garbage.

After the first arc, the story embraces all the LN garages tropes shamelessly. It still has that kind of charming sense of humor, but the originality (ok, I'm using that word loosely here) of the first part. I knew that Saria (the gorilla girl) and the MC would become attractive in the future, that much was a given and also that the MC would become OP. I mean I knew that this series is typical LN by nature, so they would want to sell waifus and a cool or handsome MC later on. But ignoring character development of the MC for him to become and bland OP self-insert and push Saria in the background to introduce new waifus, was a bit of a shock (it wasn't, I knew it would happen eventually).
Shinka no Mi is the perfect example of LN shooting themselves in the foot, for the sake of a prolonged story that panders to otakus. It had the possibility to differentiate itself, but falls into the LN type of genre hell. It was never really praise-worthy type of writing or story telling, but it tried to differentiate from other LN and tell an amusing story. It also suffers from a bit of genre clash in the overall story, since it tries to be dark and comedic fantasy harem story. I could go further and talk about the lack of plot and the lack of information of the world/setting or lvl up system, but the first arc makes it perfectly clear that those things don't matter. Heck, the plot is pretty much what happened in the first arc. It was a if the author wanted all of it out of the way first, so that he could do something else. I didn't mind it too much since the story was trying to be a comedy before anything else, so I could excuse most things, but the dark undertone of the LN keeps reminding me that the story isn't pure comedy. So, it is kind of a mess.
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Aug 06, 2021
Status: c209
Very cringe story. The first 2 volumes were fine but when the s*upid donkey entered the story it seriously started to suck.

There's no stakes in this story as Seiichi becomes OP (basically god) and even the world itself caters to him. This story is purely a comedy (not a great one)

Basically it goes like this. Bad guy does something, Seiichi goes to solve it, problem solved by ridiculous op cringe method.

... more>> MC doesn't acknowledge that he's op and that's the running gag as everyone else knows he's op.

Annoying characters plus boring story. Don't read <<less
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Nov 18, 2018
Status: c58
I can honestly say that I really liked this at the start. The first two volumes were pretty nice, easily a 4/5 from me. The mc's behavior felt reasonable, he was new to this unreasonable world, he was new to magic, new to having to fight and he was just recently bullied along with having no powers whatsoever yet. He was fairly likeable. The gorilla thing was also pretty nice and touching in a way. However, then things started to go out of control and the author clearly couldn't draw... more>> the line between "moronic to the point where it's upsetting" and "funny comedy from clever, well-placed silliness (like baka to test) ".

There's only so far you can go with using the same joke over and over again. The thing is, it never changes and it isn't creative. The whole novel is built around the MC being as pathetic and noisy as possible. It's pretty much all about him screaming, screeching and crying about how OP he is, how easy everything is, how unreasonable things are and how illogical things turned out to be. Gets a new skill? Cries and screams about how OP it is, how he's sorry to everyone who worked for it and how it's unreasonable. Gets more stats? Cries and screams about how he doesn't want to become even less human and even stronger (despite having a skill to control his power output). Kills something by mistake? Screams about how his skills are too powerful. Seriously, 90% of this novel is just the MC complaining about everything. At the start it was reasonable as it was all new to him and he wasn't used to things, but any decent author would know that you can't keep on using the same joke over and over again because, no matter how s*upid he is, he would get used to it and stop overreacting to every little thing.

Honestly, his s*upidity and spinelessness starts to grind my gears more the longer I read, especially since he never seems to develop even slightly mentally.

He has power levels that put the demon king to shame. A dragon god that he defeated that was level 5000 had around 1/8th of the mc's stats as a level 15 newbie that can level up quickly. The MC gains a dragon god's worth of power every time he levels up twice. He gets the most extreme magic of every type as soon as he reads about that type of magic or has it drop from a monster. He gets the skills of a supreme master in swordplay. Same for crafting and everything else. However, he never learns to use any of his powers and the only time he acts slightly worthy of his powers is when his body goes on auto-self-defense mode from a cheat skill that moves his body without him having to even think. He can't even use his swords properly despite having the swords skills of a supreme master imprinted. I've never seen anyone more unworthy of his powers than this guy, because nothing can excuse his actions and lack of even slight self-confidence and self-respect, he could literally destroy the entire world easily by throwing some punches here and there and a little bit of magic randomly. There's also no excuse for him hiding his powers since it's more bothersome not to do so than reveal it, nothing can be done against the MC anyway and he could solve anything and everything instantly


Sigh, the s*upidity of the MC is just baffling. Not only is his main move just screaming at everything, he also couldn't be more s*upid. He almost never inspects other people when meeting them despite being concerned about them. He does not develop even a smidgen in terms of personality from the start (well, unless you count that now he's just stammering, cowering and can't say no but he's powerful enough to run away or realize that some weaker guys can't do anything to him). He yells that everything is scary, he can't get his priorities straight (like casually taking his time when a party member is in danger). He's just a hopeless case. At the start it was funny, maybe even endearing, but the author should've moderated his personality before it became too late. This might as well be a test of how long you can stand a wimp that pulls the same boring and washed-out antics again and again every single chapter, often several times in a single page.

Oh, let's also mention that the relationships just sucks. The gorilla was great, but the rest isn't worthy of mentioning. Especially the second heroine, I hate her pretty damn much.

Any novel where the MC can't say "no" to the girls around him and acts as if he's a worthless husband caught being unfaithful makes me want to drop the novel instantly, especially when the MC in question didn't do ANYTHING wrong, yet still cowers back, becomes meek and quiet and takes the abuse/harsh words of the girls who pretentiously stands before him. Seriously, only masochists would like something like that. If you can't say "no" or fight back a little when you've done nothing wrong and gets unjustly accused of something, something is fundamentally wrong with you. How broken and dominated do you have to be as a human being if you can't defend yourself even when you're in the right? Just the indignation alone would make sure you wouldn't take any crap, especially when you're the most powerful being in the world


Sadly, we won't even get the satisfaction of him showing off in front of those who told him to die and refused to let him in, because he, for some reason, neither wants revenge nor resents them. Nope, if these people who abandoned him and chanted that he should die while laughing in malice were to be in a bad situation, he would swoop in like a hero in cape and save them. He also wouldn't care to even make them eat their own words or make them regret it in any way, that's just the way this MC is written. Haaaaaaaaaaaaah.

So, to finish this off. To like this, you would either have to be a masochist or just young. I don't recommend this to any older readers, at least not after the first 2 volumes. Read it until the gorilla transforms, drop it after that. It's a shame, because I really liked the setting at first. The author just couldn't pull it off. <<less
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Oct 17, 2016
Status: c43
The starting is like other typical transported to other world story and there are some really random and strange parts but it's quite a funny overall.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dream Seeker
May 19, 2016
Status: --
An very interesting comedy story about battling ones inner demons.
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Sep 04, 2015
Status: --
Well, so far there hasnt been much progress in the story, we got our super fat male lead that is discriminated and treated like rubbish in all the school except for a girl that for some reason unknown cares for the MC. And if that wasnt enough, later god decided to remove the whole school from the world and sent them to another world since earth is overpopulated but when its time to transport you must form a group or you will be transported to a different place and after... more>> being refused and insulted the MC ends up on his own in a big forest with animals and monsters a hundred times more powerful than regular animals from his world. As of chapter 11 we finally meet the heroine?!?, and its a 3 meters big red haired beautiful overpowerful Female "Gorilla" that later will evolve to high-human new species <<less
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Aug 12, 2020
Status: c32
This is pretty poor, even among other works that are similar to it. Drop in your generic MC, except he's ugly, fat, and unpopular. MC gets overpowered cheat skill and gets crazy high stats. Well, that's fine and par for the course, but the real problem is the writing.

Most of the dialogue goes like this:
Character: "Hi, I'm a one dimensional character. Look at my muscles/I am a sheep/Let's try BD*M."

MC: "I tsukommi."

... more>> MC in his head: Oh, I tsukommi'd

Character: "LOL whatever I just said I'm saying it again."

MC: "I tskommi again."

MC in his head: Oops, I tsukommi'd again

Meanwhile everyone is tsukomming all over the place and everyone is covered with the stuff. If you haven't read this type of novel before, you may not be bothered by this stuff, but this low-tier workmanship just isn't for me. The tsukommi nonsense wouldn't be so bad if the author didn't tell the reader that they wrote another damned tsukommi each time, presumably while pleasuring themselves. <<less
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Jul 20, 2017
Status: c56
Hello all! I suggest this novel first and foremost; I write this so that if you don't want to read anything I've written below, at least you know where I stand on read or don't read. ^_^.

This web novel turned light novel is about a deeply misunderstood and ugly boy taken from his home world (Earth) who is flung into another world where fantastical creatures and magic abound and deception is the name of the game.

The boy quickly becomes cheat-ish. If you don't like cheat protags, don't read. If you... more>> don't like harem novels, don't read. If you can't stand protags who are brain-dead when it comes to relationships (he's actually NOT THAT BAD, love is actually a word in his vocabulary) don't read.

There are many negative reviews of this novel saying it doesn't go anywhere and the jokes fall flat. I have to disagree, but with the caveat that you have to understand Japanese owarai comedy. This novel is full of tsukkomis. This novel pokes fun at the Isekai genre and its' tropes through its tsukkomis, much like Baka to Test did. If you don't go into the reading of this novel with this understanding, you will find yourself getting annoyed by the tsukkomis. If you don't bother to realize why he's tsukkomi'ing so much, then you won't enjoy the novel. Hint: It's pretty obvious.

Anyways, the long and the short of it is I strongly suggest this novel. I've had many a laugh at the situations our MC gets himself into and out of. While not a novel I would give a 5th star to, it's still worth reading. Also, the translation team has done a pretty good job with the translation of the novel and deserves all the credit in the world for really trying to convey the humor of the story without sacrificing readability.

Finally, his path is pretty much laid out in front of him; he becomes overpowered and things to make his and others' lives better literally fall into his lap. But that's the joke. Go into this novel knowing this tidbit and profit. <<less
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