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This legend tells the tale of the protagonist, Kuroki summoned to protect the demon king from the hero.

Kuroki, unbeknownst to him, suddenly came to another world. He was summoned by the demon king, Modes. The territory which the demon king overrules was in the midst of being destroyed because of the hero. He had no choice but to bow before Kuroki.

“Please save us, Savior Dono!”

Kuroki nodded, deciding to save the demon king due to an unexpected turn of event.

The Rewrite Version of Previous Ankoku Kishi Monogatari

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RE: Tale of the Dark Knight
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AzKuroV rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: v1c6
The original story was something about being summoned to defeat the hero but actually the story is more about the daily life of the dark knight story after he defeated the hero

The rework version have more depth to the story and more polish to read

I quite like the story following the dark knight just a bit irritated with the hero character and the girls around him.

Ps: the image for the novel is wrong. That is the image for Ankoku Kishi to Issho

This novel is Ankoku Kishi Monogatari
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Nirvaq rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: --
Okay, like the changes to the story so far. I think this could be a major improvement if kuroki develops a bit faster in this version, a lot of the events in the original acted as setups for his character to develop but it never felt like they bore fruit. For example

... more>>

The big ol' or*y with kuna, regina and the demon girls. Beating reiji into the f*cking dirt in their second duel, just the entire existence that is Kuna and (tentatively) him being effected by Ferrions ideology and enjoying battle more (I'm putting this one here because while we haven't seen it play out yet I'm guessing that it'd fall flat like most of the other opportunities)


Seeing more tangible changes to his personality and self confidence would really help with the frustration that sometimes boiled up while reading it. I want to see kuroki stop being a simp and drop kick a woman full force. Oh, and more of an explanation/usage on his dragon powers please. They're really cool and it is a crime that they are shown so little. Like, he gets a fire dragons spirit and next time it's mentioned he's absorbed THOUSANDS of dragons? Huh?!

Also, more opportunities for him to NTR the hero of lust would be much appreciated. The girls other than chiyuki, shirone, kyouka and kaya don't get much, if any, attention so just having some backstory would be enough to please (unless it's all "uwu Reiji-kun so cool, he saved me and now I want him to plow me until I can't walk in the morning" because nobody needs to read an entire chapter about that). Make Shirone apologise for acting like a c*nt (DON'T YOU DARE THINK I FORGAVE YOU FORCOMPLETELY FORGETTING THAT PLOT POINT) and let kuroki be proactive and reach out to her to have a proper talk at any point in the story (which'll feed back into the character development). Show Chiyuki actively questioning and losing faith in reiji's 'might makes right' personality after seeing the damage it causes and how he only ever uses it due to him lusting after every attractive girl he meets. Let her search for the truth of the worlds history when she notices discrepancies rather than her thinking 'Oh, that's a weird thing that contradicts all the facts that have decided my course of action for the past year. Oh well! I'll just leave it alone despite having plentiful free time to research the world I have to live in.' Give her more chances to directly experience Kuroki's character and let us see her gradually change her mindset from "compared to reiji, kuroki is..." to "compared to kuroki, reiji is...". A simple change in who she see's as the better person which leads to a fracture in the hero's party as she starts pointing out flaws that her lingering attachments had hidden from her. But this is basically fanfic territory so imma stop here.

I know this is basically me listing improvements I want made but I just want to show how much potential this has. The premise of the story has always been great, It's just fallen flat more times than it should've and this rewrite has the potential to show just how great this novel could be. <<less
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Rainofswords rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: v1c6
I do want some of the personalities of the MC to mature. But I like this story very much. Hopefully this one won't be the same as the previous one where so many plots remained unfinished.
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chaserjacksaw rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: v2c14
It said it's a rewrite or something so I'm expecting new things or a complete Change of the scenario from the previous version.


I did notice Author add few new details. BUT the plot is all going the same exact thing so much so it will make you wonder.... Why bother rewriting? There's nothing new... Its still your annoying Black Knight and its wonderful wasted characters.
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JustAMerePleb rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: v11c19
Great premise but mediocre excution. MC is your basic always kind to your surrounding (apply to everything, even if someone commit the most heinous crime, MC will forgive and forget) and collecting harem while not noticing anything. (Anti hero tag is straight up lies)

Author really like abusing and repeating tropes over and over again while stalling the plot as hard as possible. Most of the story arcs is structure similar to each other with little to no change. It's always start with MC + hero party planned to go... more>> into the same place, MC and hero party might help each other against common enemy, MC and rival kun always duel when meet face to face, repeat.

MC have zero progression in personality department. You think that after having contact, f*cking the most beautiful goddess and her clone daily + some side chicks, he might have develop some kind of confident or mature a little but nope. MC still flustered like a virg*n everytime he see a little bit of skin exposure and have a boner every time he see a little b**bs sway. Also MC have MONSTER DONG so everytime he have a boner he must hide it by doing something weird and the plot got push to the side, he never try to find a way to overcome this "weakness" for some reason. Even rival kun have more progression than the bloody MC. At first rival kun is annoying and shallow, but after getting his ass kick so much by MC he start developing his skill and even teaching MC where he is lacking.

World building is intriguing but some times author go a little bit overboard on useless exposition. Plot progression is really bad cause author keep forcing the plot moving forward by cutting scenes or character straight up refusing to explain and just let the misunderstandings pile up. Author play heavily on misunderstanding trope, most of the plot can be solve by simply talking but author either gloss it over or just straight up cut the dialogue and move on to the next scene. Characters relationship is mostly tell don't show but maybe that just my subjective opinion, since most of the characters interaction got push into the background and you just assume characters is friend with each other cause author said so.

Shounen tag is pretty cursed, if you see that tag and still want to read the novel then my advice is to reading while turning off your brain. Cause the moment you try to apply normal logic into a shounen novel then you already lose. <<less
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SilverEagle100 rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: prologue
Hard to find characters to like. Honestly, the MCs personality is about as interesting as driftwood. Renji acts as a terrible foil as it never explains how he was so talented at things he’s never done. I think the story needs to focus more on the MCs character development and stop bouncing back to the hero party. Do that after you’ve gotten the audience to invest into your character.
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yamatorules rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: --
i really wanted to rate this higher because the more a novel makes you hate a character the more satisfying is feels when karma finally gets them. So for the hero, they really make you despise him and justly so.

He only saves or talks to women. He ignores everyone else literally, even kings and other mercenaries if they're not women. Won't make eye contact and acts like they aren't saying anything if they talk to him. It's implied (except for a princess since she wakes up with him) that he also sleeps with every beautiful woman he comes across. In this world, all women throw themselves at the hero because he's handsome and strong so it's kinda like seeing a awful generic xianxia protagonist from the other side.


The hero is bad. Cool, we can all see that but what I don't like is what happens after a certain incident

when the MC finally kicks the hero's ass in front of a large crowd, he seems to develop a small fear towards the MC. I was waiting for the author to capitalize on this but nope. The hero overcomes his fear immediately and keeps challenging MC whenever they meet. Like what was the point of his fear then? He's still an ass and he still thinks he can beat the MC because the MC won't kill him or even wants to fight him. In fact, by the time the MC goes to the sea demon city (forgot what it's called) it's slowly implying there is a budding friendship between the two because they like to fight. Think about that for a second. The guy that caused the MC and his childhood friend to not be close anymore and the MC are becoming friends only because they both like to fight. This infuriated me as the one person in this novel that doesn't deserve a redemption arc is the hero otherwise what is the point in making him such an a**hole? I don't believe there is ever going to be a time where the hero is truly kicked off his high horse so I dropped it half ways into volume 10. Maybe I'll pick it up again after a while but I feel like there will never be satisfying payoff (if it ever happens) to the hero's fall.


the last point I want to mention is the author also forgets about the darkness in mc's heart. It gets mentioned in the first 8 volumes but it goes nowhere. I feel like the author doesn't know where to take the story anymore since the heroes aren't actively trying to kill the demon lord anymore.


i know there are demon gods trying to revive demon lord's mom but it's so slow and nothing is really happening.

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Astellar rated it
May 30, 2023
Status: --
I tried reading the original and compare to this one.

But man, what I even expect?

Poor execution, bad writing, poor character buildings, characters have no depth, the fights leave much to desire are among many down points I can point out.

The only saving grace is the story concept.

I dont know how others even get this one 5* but I concur, MC is a total pushover free pass, useless, brainless, gutless who cant stand for himself.
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DudeComesUp rated it
December 17, 2022
Status: prologue
I'm impressed that changing the pov from first person to 3rd person can make this series 100 times less cringed even though the content is almost the same. Still want the MC to grow up faster, the girls show up faster, Reiji gets beat up harder and Shirone realizes her feelings sooner. But rewrite this thing is a good idea.
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Ersicoada rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: --
I think the setting is good but the story lacks depth and the character lacks development.

... more>>

for example:

The ex princess saved from Goblin and the prostitute dancer or the female warrior & fire hero doesn't have anymore relevance to the story or get mentioned.

MC got dark elemental power by rejecting (imaginary) Shirone and already making children with several women (Lena, Kuna, Totona & probably Kyoka) but his personality is the same as usual (he's scared to look at Chiyuki's eyes)

Did he even visit his son? #Just ranting


But nevertheless, its one of web novel that I will continue to read until the end. <<less
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Zakorak rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: v10
It's an okay story, don't take it seriously. Characters don't have much depth nor is there a true plot. There's NTR but it doesn't happen to the MC. MC and had feelings for his childhood friend but she liked another guy, they never dated. Originally, the MC was a loser 2 years ago but over time he slowly improved how he was but still has an inferiority complex because he was constantly compared to Reiji, a handsome genius by his childhood friend. Story starts off with DK vs the hero... more>> but transitions to DK /heroes vs evil gods. Villians constantly makes it kind of repetitive with hero takes credit and DK saves the day in the background.



Reiji: OP Hero of the story who is a womanizer. Sleeps with every princess and anyone beautiful no matter if their married or not. A genius good at everything but doesn't put any effort into anything he does. He's one dimensional throughout the story.

Kyouka: Little sister of Reiji, only one who slowly forms their own opinion of MC. Not much depth to her character, laziness due to how everyone else in the group is better than her in combat.

Chiyuki: Part of Reiji's harem but never slept with him since he's a womanizer. Loves him but never all in. Sometimes she disagrees with Reiji but always follows anyways. She thinks the most out of the group better than a Shirone POV. Potentially becoming a shotacon.

Shirone: Kuroki's childhood friend. She's manipulative and generally a terrible person. Treats Kuroki as a servant rather than friend. Essentially, she isolated Kuroki from everyone else but her by spreading rumors so that she's his only friend. Eventually she ditches him and becomes a Reiji fangirl. She becomes obsessed with Reiji but wants Kuroki for herself. Originally, author had her sleep with Reiji but changed it cause they don't know whether to make her Reiji or Kuroki harem. Doesn't really make sense with how much she loves Reiji.

Kuroki: Has a inferiority complex due being beaten and compared to Reiji constantly. He's pretty preverted early on but less so later on the story. Grows over time but rather slowly. He's overly dense and does not like killing which causes problems. He a crush on Shirone but gets over later on but still helps her all the time no matter what she did. Not the best MC but gets better really really slowly.

Rena: Narcissistic she's a rather b*tchy goddess but is a devoted person to who she loves. She doesn't care for anything else. She shows up sometimes but very little focus but of main girl for MC with Kuna.

Kuna: Clone of Rena made to love Kuroki but her violent personality. Similar to Rena but she does what she wants to others more often.

There's Regena, Guno + unnamed knights, potentially Kyouka, Tess, Sienna are the rest of harem members. They're minor characters that show up once in awhile.


The story is sometimes focused on the hero's party where Kuroki's pov shows up sometimes. It's about a 40/40 split between the hero and MC with 20 % being minor characters depending on the arc. Kuroki treats the world as a place where he lives so he learns everything he can and treats people with respect. On the other hand, hero party has already been there for a year. They essentially treat it as a playground/vacation without a care since they're the stronger than 99% of the world. Worldbuilding is not bad a lot of history and details.

Reading the hero's party can be a headache not the author tries to show that not everything revolves around Kuroki but also the hero. The problem is the 2 hero pov Chiyuki and Shrione are fangirls. There's a lack of character development in the party with every girl fan girling around Reiji. Mainly Reiji is just a womanizer and the 3 other girls are background. Shirone is rather idiotic while Chiyuki is kind of smart but not really. <<less
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Roby1610 rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: v10
This novel is a combination of isekai and mythology. It has elements that make is sound like it came straight out of greek mythology, but at the same time its got all the elements of isekais. Its honestly just fascinating. Its a power fantasy, but not an absolute one. The characters have some depth to them unlike most isekai where its all what you see is what you get, though I cant say they are too deep either. I find it fascinating how a lot of the reasonings and decisions... more>> made by the characters come down to looks. Its all looks here ladies and gentlemen and that makes it intresting to me. Its a series thats not for everyone as since its partly based on greek mythology there is a bunch of adult themes (rape, ntr and so on), but to me at least it has a weird charm that makes me really like it.


The biggest reason I like it is because of the characters. The MC, Kuroki, has very nice character development. He isnt that confident at the start since his childhood friend and first crush got taken by the hero, Reiji. He also lost to him in kendo, which not only has he trained for a long time, but also was very talented in. Not to mention that was Reijis first time doing kendo. But slowly over the course of the series his inferiority complex goes away and he starts becoming more confident in himself. He manages to do that by beating Reiji a couple of times, getting stronger and yes having s*x with a couple of girls (the man pulls of a 6 way in which he f*cks a girl so hard he almost kills her). The thing that needs to be mentioned is that he was given aphrodisiac by one of his lovers, Kuna, and that he didnt r*pe any of the girls. Though I think the most important character to Kurokis character development is the goddess, Rena. Rena is a bad person. Selfish, manipulative, arogant and so on. She is the pretiest girl in a world that worships beauty and she knows it. But the thing is she doesnt like flashy playboys. But our MC is just her type (that being handsome, but not flashy). And so after trying to get him to drink a love potion and accidentally drinking it herself, she has a one night stand with him, erases his memories, gets pregnant, falls in love with him and in the end has s*x with him from time to time as their relationship is a secret. Meanwhile the whole world believes she is in love with the hero and the hero himself believes it because of a few missunderstandings. Hell the MC, who lost his memory of the time they had their first time, thought she was in love with the hero. It wasnt untill she restored his memories. Its a fascinating relationship because he knows she has a rotten personality, but he still loves her as she is very good only to him. There is a bunch of other great ones, like the hero who you just love to hatte, but at the same time he isnt really all that bad and has an intresting character arc. Same goes for a lot of characters, though some more obvious than others and some might just wrrite characters of as annoying, dumb and so on even though they are quite fascinating. You can even see the author making fun of isekai hero tropes here and there. The hero, Reiji, and his harem arent much difrent from some isekai MCs in other stories. Its just the story presents them from a difrent angle than other isekais.


Ps. I added spoilers here mainly just to write my opinions on the characters. You dont have to read it as its quite long. I say give this novel a shot if you like isekais. Dont be too bothered by the ntr bits and enjoy the show. Also remember that although the hero party seems annoying and dumb, truth be told they are just any op hero and his harem from most of the power fantasy series just as side characters. <<less
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l2aYz rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: prologue
I'm not sure the main protagonist is Hero's party or Dark knight cause We got a lot of Hero's party POV and their fluffy moments from hero's party.

The novel could be nice but the writing and setting are bad. No wonder the LN got discontinued.

MC so OP he was summoned like a day and beat hero easily the whole novel can be finished like 3 chapters. What bad is he refuse to do any meaningful shit. Does MC even have a personality? I don't even know. There's no explanation why... more>> Hero is so strong on the earth even without any training and why MC becomes so op after summoned as well. (It's already explain our MC is training so hard. Yes, that it's)

God and Goddess in the world are far too weak. What the heck? Summoned heroes are even stronger than god.

okay, I catch up latest raw well, I'd like to change my opinion The whole act that we got MC POV is the most boring one. Srsly, Since MC is OP, so he doesn't have much screen time just thinks it like One punch man and powerful being will suddenly pop up later so, MC not that op anymore (still op). The things that carry the whole novel are MC's relationship with heroine (not the yandere one) and what will become to our selfish childhood friends the rest is pretty much dull and average. <<less
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Xtremister rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: v4c1
It's a story with great potential but the author likes to drag things around and keeps stacking up misunderstanding upon misunderstanding. MC feels like a side character, and he keeps focusing on the Hero's team. I feel like the setup should be done by now, and it's time to begin the character development to explore Kuroki. Right now he lacks a goal after making his love doll, Kuna. MC's childhood friend also deserves her character development and redemption arc. That's all I have to say.
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Hggat6 rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: --
After seeing many many make no sense reviews I wanna say what the hell you are reading ? Are we really reading same novel ? I have no idea really nope no idea first and mostly MC is not weak not even from start nope even in real world he is strong but he have really lets say he dont thinks he is cool while HERO is moron with natural reflex plus fast learning nothing more eh sorry plus handsome face well thats important in real world.

Hero is pathetic and... more>> I am not even joking here.


Even heroes own harem start asking questions about world and other important things while HERO being moron doing nothin and fooling around here I am not even joking already 2 or 3 girls from harem they like why we are even here ? And in some way they even not in Heros harem they dont do snu snu or other things they just feels respect because hero saved them in real world nothing more while MC doing things gettings girls even cucking hero to abssy here not joking MC f*cks Goddess that Hero loves cares and having big crush on not even joking


About MC


When MC and Hero first meeting ends with blood while MC while holding back %1000 nearly killing hero like nothing and never ever MC gets bullied by anyone here not even Hero nope no one he just dont care he just annoyed by childhood friend being moron while following s*upid hero nothing more here to say He gets goddess clone he gets other girls he bang and seeds two goddess while Hero being moron and lets dont forgot about MC HAVE MASSİVE D PLUS HE have dragon soul or body so he have dragons vitality (big D energy)



About gods yeah they are mainly tr*sh other than few really strong ones like Main god and Demon lord is really strong and few others I can understand that this can be annoying but believe me Hero cant kill Demon Lord and in enemy gods theres some really strong ones here like Fenrir one that one is really strong even strong for MC while Demon lord defeated in past so Author personally changing things little too much sometimes like first Gods was really weak later strong ones appeared


Sure first 50 60 70 chapters is can be boring because of Hero is main attention of that arcs here and MC dont care about anything but after some time series really gets good here not joking believe me I can understand about first 60 70 chapters but believe me after that novel becomes even better with MC showing real power here.

I wanna say this here really dont listen 1 or 2 stars in any reviews they always written by childs personally if someone gives this novel 3 star thats for me fair really theres ups and downs here so up to you reading or not. <<less
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Akshayrauth rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: --
This story has little to do with MC.

It's mostly about the hero (MC's archrivel) and his harem showing their powers.

The gods of this worlds are way too powerless.

... more>> The hero and his harem are even stronger than most of the gods. Hero being equivalent to king of gods in terms of power.

Most of the story is about hero and harem going to other countries and receiving praises for their beauty and op powers.

If u are looking for op MC who flaunts his powers then it's not for u.

If u like a novel where the side characters and MC's archrivel gets all the praise and shows their might then it's for u. <<less
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