After Rebirth I Became a Rich Man’s Wife


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When Chen Xu was twelve years old, in order to cling to Si family, his parents gave him as an adoptive son to Si Ye, the young patriarch of Si family.

Being young and ignorant, he was not afraid of this man whom everyone feared and respected. Si Ye pat him on head and asked him to call him Uncle Si. He did not recognize this son, but he still raised him.

This touch brought trouble to Chen Xu. Si Ye’s legitimate son hated him, and even killed him many years later.

When he opened his eyes again, he returned to the night of his eighteenth birthday party. This time he will be the most favored child of the Si family and take revenge.

However, he accidentally drank too much and forced a drunk kiss on Si Ye, “Uncle Si, give me a birthday present.”

“What do you want?”


Si Ye smiled, embraced him and kissed him, “Greedy child.”

Later, Si Ye took his hand and walked to his son.

“Call him Dad.”

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After Rebirth I Became a Rich Man’s Wife
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New SammyTheBee rated it
July 20, 2024
Status: --
It's a nice novel, entertaining and an easy read. I actually enjoy how MC and ML interact and deal with the problems. But...

  1. I don't like the moral ambiguity. They are uncle and nephew, but also not. ML is 10 years older and MC is only 18, but also not

    (btw in his previous live he made it to 22, and it's not that big of a difference. Also if we count past live then ML is even older, because he lived past the death of MC!)

  2. MC is so OP that is almost omnipotent. At this point just 'previous life' doesn't cut it. And I like OP protagonists, but I got tired of these rainbow farts
  3. I'm not sure if it's in original or problem in translation but at ch. 50-60 I feel like there are missing end of the chapter. The scene hasn't reached conclusion yet, but the next chapter already jumped completely different story. So it feels rushed
  • Yet to finish reading if there would be something worth writing, I'll update it
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New BlTransmigrationfan rated it
July 11, 2024
Status: Completed
A quick review

    • The plot is pretty much dog-blood and there are some misunderstandings but the couple handles them good and both are clear-headed and resolve those through communication in time if I may say, not instantly cause what's the point, but after deliberation and awareness that keeping quiet doesn't mean the problem is solved
    • It's kinda generic that both MC and ML are outstanding but being both outstanding has it's charms
    • The relationship progress is pretty likeable to me and the characters of both MC and ML is stable, they just both melts around each other but outside they are cold and indifferent in their own way

I kinda liked that the found nephew Si Lin even thought grew up poor wasn't a good and outstanding person, it all depends on the environment in where growing up an mental state, and also both MC and especially ML doesn't have the responsibility to raise him, like he also suffered in childhood and doesn't understand family affection, maybe in the critical situation as in the banquet to introduce him to everyone ML didn't need to scold him for his bad speech, but on the other side ML had a point

The part where the author almost gaslighted us into believing that ML and MC are uncle and nephew is such a dirty move, but many of us would still read this novel if it was true


    • Also I recommend you to read the raws for most of the chapters because I found problems with big chunks of text missing or just well text input in not timeline wise as text in chapter around 60-70 is in chapters 59
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Ecirteab rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Not as shady as I'd like it to be the summary makes it out to be.

MC and ML have a pretty genuinely wholesome relationship. Talk it out, rely on each other, mutual desires in bed. People might get weirded by the whole adopted nephew X uncle thing but honestly it's fiction and there's definitely worse out there. They don't really interact much as relatives anyways.

Pretty easy read but not very tantalising. Author keeps including more random drama that gets resolved in the same or next few chapters just to... more>> add some dog-blood spirit. I honestly could not care less about all the random family members who are living thier best Taiwanese drama lives.

Read to pass time, not too frustrating main relationship but nothing too exciting or filling either. <<less
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Gumamela rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I have been bored lately and although this novel is cliche, I am satisfied and rated it 5 stars. I have read so many novels and this is one of those that has such a complicated family.

If you are passing time and interested in reading dog blooded, face slapping type novels, then you can read this. The MC and ML are both smart and capable. Although the ML is always there, the MC is not a person who constantly needs other people to fight his battles for him. He is... more>> not completely dependent to the ML and that's what I like about him. <<less
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Lost Happiness
Lost Happiness rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: Completed
A story full of ups and downs but at the end, you will feel the sweetness the couple have for each other. I love the extras especially the final extra.

... more>>

MC's brother Lin Yirun's husband threw the bouquet and ML caught it and propose to MC again saying that 7 years have passed and the body is new due to the cells and what now. Which is so sweet. I love how some of the people grow up like Si Lin and Chen Yuqi, they understand that nobody is going to spoon feed them and mature to be independent. Especially Si Lin who realised that taking over Si Company is too much hardship and ran away since he can earn money himself and won't be a dandy.


Only 1 thing missing is homeboy Si Xuezhou (if I remember to spell it correctly),


he never appeared after going off to learn Medicine. Though he probably feel embarrassed since he is like half brother to ML after all the secrets came out on his true birth. I would like to see him being happy and more confident since he grew up neglected and always scolded. I felt for him, and wanted to cuddle him in a blanket.

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xiao_daoist rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: c25 part2
After reading the book I found it clich

that doesn't mean I despise it. No, I love fluffy books without any angst so it's right up my alley. The relationship between the characters however was quite scandalous if anything.


Contrary to some reviews;

    • MC was just reborn when he took the drugged water from that Tao or Tang guy. He never suspected him in his past life because he drank too much that night, threw up and was admitted to the hospital. Plus the Tao/Tang guy acted cowardly. He didn't think him capable of harming him. Not until the next morning. After which he withdrew from the Tao guy.
    • Secondly, for those saying MC did not take revenge on SYC, remember not everyone is capable of killing someone. MC even said it himself that he did not want to spend his second chance on revenge. He only wanted to hinder SYC from being the heir.
    • Thirdly, when that Tao/Tang guy (for the love of Christ, I can't recall his name) said all those sh!t about ML having a white moonlight, he did not believe it. Not untill the white moonlight slyly blocked MC's number on ML's phone, ML went over to his house to take care of him without informing MC plus the picture. And MC also confronted the ML about it.
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Psychoutre rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: c36
MTL'd and it was okay. Rough but you get the main gist.

Probably going to be an uncomfortable couple for some, seeing that it's between an adopted son and the father (referred as the 'uncle'). There's a 10-year gap between the two.

Speaking of gaps.. Even the MC has a gap in personality. I think the author couldn't decide the character and made him cold-hearted, tough with the general public but soft, submissive, and a people-pleaser with the ML. It's hard to read when MC beats someone up and then fawns over... more>> his adoptive father the next second.

MC also has a crazy golden finger. He can paint, design clothes, play drums, sing 'high-pitched', and is the top examinee for university.. What else can he do? He literally has no weaknesses.

The way MC and ML is a bit SUS, there is definitely g*ooming, though you can argue that the MC is 22 years-old living in an 18 year old body. I am not sure how he's blind to the ML's predatory intentions but is quick to beat up others that do have them..

Overall, a soap-opera at best with a touch of adoptive in*est.. Cliche faceslapping moments and a jack-of-all-trades MC.. <<less
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3/5 for the story, 3/5 for the entertainment.

I'm dropping it at Chapter 62. The plot holes are simply too much for me to continue reading the remaining 38 chapters. For me, I can forgive plot holes as long as they're not distracting. For example, I don't mind braindead cannonfodders because it's a Mary Sue novel and power fantasy is what I'm reading the book for. What irks me is when the MC or ML is s*upid.

For example, the MC continuously does nonsensical things like allowing people hostile to him to... more>> remain in their house and even believing those hostile people. Is he blind? It's very obvious the author turned off his braincells so the plot could move forward. For example, one of the other adopted children drugs MC with an aphrodisiac in the early chapters. MC knows he did this deliberately. Still, MC did nothing. Even when that other adopted child continuously threatened him and MC knew the ML would take his side, the MC still did nothing against that other adopted child. Is he s*upid? He had already died because of a hostile person in his last life. Even if the other adopted child had no real power, did the MC not consider he could still harm him?

And when that other adopted child told the MC the ML had a white moonlight, MC believed him! He checked the ML's yearbook and when he saw one of the ML's classmates that used to like the ML, MC immediately concluded, "ah! So the ML does have a white moonlight! And it's this guy!" Like what? Where is your brain, MC?

Also, even if we say that the MC is not a hostile person, he is still always on the defensive. In the early chapters he vowed to take revenge on ML's adopted son, who killed him in his previous life. MC even studied Economics in college instead of going to an art school because of this. Yet, he never does anything against the ML's adopted son. All faceslapping done to that son was done by the ML himself. The MC never does anything on his own.

And that's it for my rant. If dumb MCs are your thing, you'll love this. <<less
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Hohodudu rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: c14
I already read this novel on MTL but it's really hard to understand.I appreciate to translator for picking up this novel.

First of all, some people said this is really much of dog-blood. Exactly Not. This novel is full of dog-food. If you like to read full of dog-blood I recommend to read Black Lotus, 188 boys.

10 years age gap storyline is really beautiful if you like that type.

MC and ML are both strong and sharp. Good at Face slapping haha.

Can't wait for next update ♡
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume
May 1, 2023
Status: c100
The beginning of the relationship in the initial chapters seem very abrupt, but Si Ye (ML) is not that kind of pe*vert. There is actual non-creepy backstory behind the 28 year old guardian enjoying the naive seduction of his drunk '18 year old' ward.

... more>>

Si Ye's attraction to Chen Xu comes from the previous life. They are both reborn and Si Ye could tell that Chen Xu had 'returned'. SY fell for the 18y Chen Xu in their last life when CX silently accompanied SY at his lowest moment. It started with curiosity until SY was finally determined to officially pursue CX at 22, but CX died traumatically before SY could make his move. SY lost all motivation to keep going after successfully doling out revenge on CX's behalf. This might be why SY managed to transmigrate back to his 25 year self when he fell asleep on CX's tomb 3 years after MC's death. The trauma of seeing the burned corpse of the only person SY loved is why he was determined not to hesitate in this new life. However, he clearly distinguished that the MC was still a child and any display of preference while under his mother's surveillance would put CX in danger. CX's rebirth and seduction broke through that final layer holding SY back.

SY was never attracted to CX as a minor and any barrier caused from raising CX in his home was nullified in the previous life when he decided to let CX go (even if it was from misunderstanding CX's s*xual orientation). The guardianship is a layer of controversy, but SY did his best to meet CX as equal adults. His lie to tie CX to him in marriage is much worse than any level of perceived g*ooming in the book.


The antagonists of this novel trend on the extreme side, but their maliciousness is not entirely unrealistic. The nameless passer-by who listen to groundless rumors all day long experience an IQ drop at most. The only important brainless character from main cast is Si Lin, but I'm pretty sure being s*upid is part of his personality. The other fostered children have abnormal personalities, but they are clearly influenced by the pressure of their parents and their inclusion into the toxic competitive environment called the Si family. Every character in this novel has flaws including the protagonists and most even have backstories. The person taking action against the Si family seems to be an inconspicuous side character until the big reveal.

This 'OP CEO' ML is unique in that he does not stalk every detail of CX's life. SY gives him space and respect to develop independently. This was taken advantage of by the bad guys in both lifetimes. ML was actually ignorant of the extent to which the MC suffered in private until this new life. He and the MC both fumble multiple times before they can finally reach their happy ending. The greatest strength in their relationship is ultimately their bond of trust. Their greatest weakness as characters is that they are still equipped with exaggerated personal ability and wealth.

I only say the extremism of the side characters is acceptable because the later story will show that not all rich families lack sincerity. This comparison makes the Si family even more unforgivable. It is hard to determine which of the Si family were the most scum between the ML's (dead thankfully) father, his biased cruel mother, or his insane sis-in-law. Luckily, there were a few who were ultimately redeemable like Si Xuezhong (3rd sis in laws son, not sure of spelling?) and Si Jing. The latter's backstory had me the most angry.


Si Jing was r*ped by her uncle, Si Ye (ML) 's father. His mother pushed her back into the room when the child had barely managed to escape. This couple persecuted their gay second son as a 'monster', but that pair is clearly the true monsters. This doesn't even include what they did to their first son and the third sister-in-law. The author doesn't even try to justify the behaviour of a rapist and his accomplice. The author instead focuses on the fallout of this couples toxicity on their entire family. Almost everything, including the MC's death, can tie back to their influence. His mu*derer was raised to have no tolerance or kindness by SY's so called 'mother'.


The plot is somewhat cliché family drama, the romance is overly sweet, and the conclusion is relatively satisfying. The body count of the novel was still pretty high, but the protagonists handled most of their punishments through the law. The exceptions include hostile takeovers of at least two family businesses, but the methods used were not elaborated whether they were legal or not. This novel might be worth a read if you appreciate flawed protagonists with reasonable personalities in an otherwise Gary Sue world. <<less
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Novel Crazy
Novel Crazy rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel very much... Good plots, twists and storyline.. kinda dogblood but we will not feel it's too much.. the story goes in a flow that we will not feel bored.. MC and ML is very pitiful in their childhood..I didn't like Chen family (except grandfather and MC), ML's family (except si xuezhuo) and ML's friends.. Lin family and MC's friends are very cute.. Romance starts very early..

... more>>

Both ML and MC had rebirth.. ML liked MC from his last life


I liked this novel very much.. MC and ML is a very cute couple.. and there is side couples.. this novel is fluffy, heartwarming and sometimes touching or heart-wrenching.. <<less
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teagsho rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: Completed
It's good. In my opinion this novel is full of dog food and contain minimum dog blood. Well, the truth of the conflict are INDEEDD SO BLOODY DRAMATIC but the process of the reveal didn't even tickled me with suprise lol

So, you can say that this is brainless fluff with MC and ML's EQ and IQ online.

I love how MC's character is cutee but at the same time he is literally an Alpha Man lol. So manly😭 But he is really cute when interacting with ML, I love him (plus... more>> ML) so much.

Despite his cuteness, MC is suprisingly frank and straightforward when he is encountering "potensial" misunderstanding that happen to his relationship with ML.

He didn't run away or boldly believe other people remark of ML's white moonlight aka crush. Although he feels like he (MC) indeed the subtitute (because there are so many clue about this), he didn't rashly run away and got into a cold war!! He patiently wait for ML and confront him regarding the truth! I really like this scene lol

I really had enough of shou MC who keeps running away and misunderstand without using their brain (sarcasm toward a certain novel 👀)

I think that's all. This is a full sweet text, you should read it to enjoy the sugar!

9.8/10🌼 <<less
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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Easy enough to MTL, but gratitude to a translator for picking this up.

This one is heavy on the dog-blood, I'm more of a face-slapping fan and don't like to torture cannon-fodder. Also the families in this are tr*sh. I really don't understand how they can harm their own children. But money makes people crazy I guess.

The double-rebirth was sweet though.
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rorowingaway rated it
December 21, 2022
Status: c100
Rating: 10/10 ***********


    • MC = cunning, smart, talented, cold & ruthless, relatable
    • MC goes through a lottt when I mean a lotttt I mean a lotttt literally basically = gets killed for no reason = rebirth = low key revenge turned into love = dog blood & drama proceeds

      the chen family "mom" & "dad" are so disgusting like we alrd know chen xu (MC) is not really related to them @ the ltr part of the story but they really treated xu like tr*sh smh I was really hoping for these two cannonfolder to d*e so bad but it did not hppen huuu but xu does buy the company and become their boss HAHAHA FACESLAP lmfao but yeah MC goes through a lott bro

    • ML = sweet, bad @ feelings, cold & ruthless, money making machine CHA CHING HAHAHAH can hear the dollar sounds already
    • ML's family & friends are very problematic and does not cherish him

      literally they only use and throw him away I feel so bad for him even his closest friend. Like cos he has a trio friend grp basically xie who was the actor in mo company liked ML frm young but ML dont like & mo liked xie. @ One part xie puts huge dosage into ML drink when he was accompnying mo to make sure his friend is not going through the hardship alone which is aka xie not liking mo back. Then the xie tries to r*pe him but the MC came and beat the shet outta him and send to police station and sued his a** HAHAHAHHAAH I WAS LIKE BADASSSS LESGOO MCCC PROTECC OUR ML. The worst part is the mo frnd take the xie side nd blame ML like wtf??? I get that you like tht xie dood but what the fk u mean you excusing his actions then sayin its the ML fault? Just how disgusting & blind can you be and wait lets not forget how xie went to beg mo too when the MC sent the xie to police to get sued HAHAHHA MC SO BADASS RIGHT he said tht he will nvr let tht xie person reach to the top again YASSSS LESGAURR HAHAHAH I LOVE THE MC

    • MC x ML = sweet doting duo both went through a lot and heal each other its very fun & interesting to read
    • BTW BOTH ARE NOT RELATEDD & rarely had interactions in 1st in 2nd lifetime is when you know reborn and yeah
    • LOVED THIS NOVEL the dog blood and drama was insane im happy that both MC & ML had happy ending HAHAHHAHA THEY DESERVE ALL THE LOVE~
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Kassandra rated it
May 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Is okay, I like the double rebirth/regression premise.

The only thing I don't like is the continuously scheming from the Si and Sun family. There is indeed a clear stream family but their screen time is too short, it's the Lin family.

Overall, it's 4/5 for me.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kall_ rated it
December 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Good but a little bit unsatisfying.

I really want to know how the other people end up after few years, even after xuezhao go learn medicine, never heard of him after that.

It doesn't feel rush either.

... more>> The story is not complicated but the Si Family is.

I can only say that Si family is crazy, I just don't know how they gave birth to good children such as Si Ye and Xuezhao, it's amazing that they grow up in a toxic family but did not grow crooked.

There was a twist that make you go cold but then the twist was like 'oh, wrong way.' and you be like phew then it surprise you into raising an eyebrow.

All MC's friends are very good to him.

MC is good, he's not s*upid when dealing with hateful people. He only likes to act spoil in front of his husband, warm when with lovable family and friends. But to others/strangers MC is very cold and indifferent.

This is a good story for those who like a face-slapping scene but not quite a satisfying revenge. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mairin rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: Completed
It cab be a 5☆ but there are things that I find kinda lacking and some stuffs that I can't point out lol

A good story and yeah haha I forgot my words... But I love how strong MC is and the love of ML, despite growing up in a very toxic family they still grew up strong and never lose themselves. The Si family is disgusting and the filth of the old ended up causing the young ones to suffer. There are a lot of piece of shits the family... more>> but there are also a lot of victims within the family. The most disgusting one is ML's father, even after death he still cause a lot of damages. Even the mother is equally disgusting. I don't even know how this two piece of moulded shits producing decent children where one is treated as if he's abnormal and sick just because he's gay.

Aside from the relationship between MC and ML, I also love MC's relationship with his friends. He have such a wholesome and lovely friends that always supports him and never forsaken him.

Just too bad author didn't write the ending of other characters, it could be interesting to see how they are doing after all the dramas.

There's no extras on shubaow... Luckily I still find a site that has the extra chapters wew. <<less
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This person is dying
This person is dying
January 11, 2022
Status: c9
If you're already determined to read the story, don't read this review because it'll spoil your fun.

This is overall a bad review.

... more>>

The story feels like it has two main plots: MC's life with his family & MC's life with his friends. The focus shift was done badly.

The author started too strongly with MC's motivation to rebel towards this one family member from his past life. So it felt freaking weird when the story suddenly shifted to his time with his friends who was never mentioned in his past life and it has its own small plot!

The two story might intersect later though, but I have no patience to put up with all the uninteresting details and writing.

The characters are either spitting on the MC or licking him. Currently, there are no between.

The face slapping is good I guess. MC is not s*upid. The ML seems nice and trustful. Their relationship seems it'll be fluffy and good later on (unfortunately I don't have the patience)

So there are definitely rooms for improvement. But I still think that this story is mainly for those who like face-slapping family drama with an MC who has dog-licking followers (perhaps, just for the sake of it).

It's not really well written and the translation is not especially good, so if you don't especially like these type, I think just skip.

PS: huge age gap, and at the start the MC was not in college yet. But he already at age if I'm not mistaken.

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Fisukisuki rated it
June 28, 2024
Status: c65
It's really Great to see an MC Shou who had no problem using real Violence again his enemy and all the bad guy. From the first chapter I know I would love him since the first punch.

Everytime he use violence was with valid reason and man... I'm beyond satisfied!!! We feel good it's soooooo GREAT!!!

Okay, anyway beside that, love the progress between MC and ML.

... more>> Love knowing how Loving ML is and how good he is to MC.

Both of them is not perfect character, but they're Lovable and really Good!!!

I admit at few chapters around 50ish there was some part that confuse me with the way it was written. I don't know if it was because the author or the Translator. But anyway, beside that the rest of the story are good to read. The first translator and the second one did Great job deliver the story, so it's easy to understand.

The faceslapping was nice. Nothing exaggerated. And for readers, don't feel bad for the main villains aka the adopted son of ML. Even when There's part that MC for a flash second he think he (villain) was a little bit pitiful, he immediately remember he shouldn't pity a (his) mu*der.

The main villains DOES NOT deserve pity for being a Bully AND a Greedy mu*der.

Anyway I hope there's no more big trouble for the rest of the story.

Pray so hard the rest of the story has satisfying conclusion 🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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