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In his previous life, Shen Zhen was in love with his childhood friend Qin Yue, and was willing to give up anything for him. But in the end, Qin Yue’s true love was someone else. He hated the other, but he was unable to do anything about it.

However, during a party, he somehow ended up in a one-night-stand with another.

After his death, Shen Zhen discovered that he was only a malicious antagonist character in a book – the protagonist being Qin Yue’s true love, the person who directly caused his death while putting on an innocent facade.

He had previously believed that being kicked out of the Qin Manor was because of his drunken mistake when in actuality the whole situation was part of Qin Yue’s true love’s scheme.

In this life, Shen Zhen returned to the day after his drunken mistake. With the opportunity of rebirth and starting over, he decided to keep far away from the main protagonist couple and instead hug the golden thigh of the head of the Qin family.

But what Shen Zhen did not expect was that he would became a source of calamity in the eyes of others.

Immaculately dressed in a fine three piece suit, looking very dapper and genteel, Qin Xing said while smiling: “Let everyone know, you are mine.”

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Wintercreeper rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Several chapters in I realized that I read this years ago, somehow I remember nearly nothing, that's how generic it is.

Conveniences. That sums up the whole plot.
MC just happens to be liked by ML for no particular reason, MC just happens to suddenly get super scheming and bulldozes everyone around him, side-characters just happen to suddenly turn braindead and ruin themselves so MC can get what he wants.
It's "everyone but MC & friends are mentally handicapped toddlers" despite all of them having easily screwed him over in his... more>> last life, so you would assume that they either are quite clever or MC is a complete idiot, neither would change just because he's reborn... but it did change for plot-convenience's sake.

You can basically say that every character that isn't head over heels for MC in the first three paragraphs they are mentioned in is going to be cannon fodder and will be face-slapped into oblivion.
The story would have been totally fine without most of it, like co-workers who have no reason to treat MC like sh*t and apparently aren't intelligent enough to see that he has some kind of big baker even when it's totally obvious.
Does his uncle usually employ idiots? Not according to the very same story.
There's so much unnecessary drama just to make MC/ML look better, neither is there a lot of logic or consistency, the writer didn't care about any of it.

I managed to finish it, and my final conclusion is, that it's not worth the time.

The ending is rushed and invalidates basically the whole novel by suddenly bringing up a solution to dethrone the original protagonist... which ML seems to have known about for a long time.
He could have ended all the suffering and problems at the start, instead countless people had to lose/ruin their life because, for some reason, he just didn't do it.

It's pretty clear that the writer didn't think of this solution before writing the story, and it's obvious that she lost interest while writing and wrapped it up at lightning speed just to get rid of the novel.

Not recommended. <<less
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cinlky rated it
October 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Oohhh I love this book so much. Can't wait to finish it that I got MTL. I definitely will be back for translation again. MTL book kills my English. Yet there is limited BL story..😭

💕Firstly I wanna thank translator for sharing this book. If not I don't even know this exist.💕 Second thanks author for writing this book.

It a good story about revenge and love. I'm glad the revenge is not the manic type. I super love the quote " Love till end of time". The romance is there. The... more>> protectiveness is there. A little unlogic drama is there. But they both are such a great couple.😍

Sometimes I feel bad why they have to bully till corpse also cannot be buried, but second chance of rebirth is good. I'm glad SZ/CZ rebirth with good intention, not just concentrate on revenge plot.

The halo of being a protagonist is really mind boggling.🧐🤪 Shamelessness bar is super high for this one. I don't even understand his logic. But no matter how. Some will be sacrifice to be cannon Fodder. Does all canon Fodder get to choose to be that evil or s*upid? <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: c24
I feel like I'm going nuts trying to read this.

At first it doesn't seem bad but idk if it's MTL or what but like everything feels just a beat off pace. It's like every other chapter the author is referring to their notes for the story but unbeknownst to them someone has been tampering with the notes just slightly.

... more>>

MC says he doesn't know how old ML only that he's probably late 30s to 40s but like a few chapters later he says ML is 38

Also like ML's sister ran back to him to ask him to get revenge on her ex husband while she was pregnant with his nephew (who is 24). Which makes ML some big boss CEO 14 yo??


Look I'm not trying to be nitpicky but if you give enough information within the limited words of a novel, it's hard not to notice or go huh?? Especially since I am curious about ML's age since he's going to be much older.

This is like a small detail but other aspects of the novel feel similarly a bit off. I'll be honest I didn't even realise the MC was simultaneously reborn and also a "novel character" until several chapters in and even then I'm still not fully sure.

Characterization also suffers from the pacing but this and plot details might get patched later on. I just don't want to read till later on. Might edit this review if I read the translation but for now I'd say it's a subtly messy novel. <<less
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October 13, 2022
Status: --
The source of their calamity is mostly their broken logic. But it isn't bad just dramatic, very dramatic. The writing is fine and isn't hard to follow. Still I don't like this drama with illogical sense like having multiple mature solution to a problem but making it seems like there is only one thing possible way and it must be for revenge when I personally don't feel like the retribution he is seeking is worth of what's been done to him. It follows your typical face slapping MC and a... more>> black bellied very clean ML. It's modern but their world logic so ancient it's still living in caves. <<less
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erialolita rated it
January 15, 2023
Status: Completed
2.5 but rounded up because there were some elements I really liked, but mostly this novel is a hot mess.

What I did like

  • MC recognizing the power imbalance and striving to be better
  • MC not jumping into the relationship, but isn't completely against it
  • How MC handles his revenge
  • The side characters
The author's inconsistencies were rampant and the author fumble on some important plot points.

MC-22, rebirthed cannon fodder from a novel.

Age inconsistent when he went to Qin family

... more>>

the author initially states that MC has been at the Qin's since he was an infant, then later says he came at 5, then towards the ends says his first year when he was 6, so not sure how old MC was when he went to the Qin family. Also he says how he won't smoke in this life because after the QY thing in his past life he got addicted to nicotine and he wants to keep this body clean, but then later he says he was smoking at 19


MC's emotions are all over the place

first MC is hellbent on his revenge and hates the Shen family QY, QL, and SSQ. He randomly is kind of on QL's side because of QL's mom and helps him get a job in the Qin family company. He does this to ruin QY as well, but was super random. I mean in the first life QL is the one that chases him out of the Qin's but MC helps him in this life.

He lets go of his revenge pretty early, SSQ can ruin his life on his own tyvm. I'm happy MC decides to focus elsewhere and grow as a character, but it isn't shown as growth, it just is. Author really struggles with transitions.


Shen family


His emotions for all the Shen family is supposedly complete hate to begin with, all 3 brothers, the dad and kind of mom.

His first meeting after rebirth he beats up the youngest brother, then later helps him out because it's randomly brought up that the younger bro helped MC in the past life, but still hates the other 2. Then the borther that is just a bit younger than him is broken and living in filth and MC helps him. The middle brother is hated from begining to end. So you think he likes his brothers some what... no in the end he tells the youngest that he has always hated them and wants nothing to do with them.

Then he tries to reconnect with the mom, who apparently is alive. Things are awkward but she tells him she regrets it and he tells her he understands that she didn't have an power to refuse. He says he will come to have cookies another day. Then at the end he completely cuts ties with the Shen family, says he hates them all and will never see them again... including the mom

The dad is weird too, he kicks his son's out of the house and doesn't care of they live or die, but when the middle brother gets into gambling debt he helps him solve it because it his son and he can't give up on him. It was kind of a brutal way, but still random


MC's emotions towards ML


first MC has respect only towards ML, then they become like father and son, but ML still flirts with him. MC finally gets it and ML says I love you chapter 57 (in an abrupt way too) they get together finally and then no bed activities until 77 then a couple chapters later with no indication anything is wrong MC rips his hand out of ML's and is back to questioning the relationship? It gets fixed a couple chapters later but it was so weird and out of place. There was no transitions and just random conflict.


ML's age when he took over


another reviewer said ML had to be 14 when he took over the company, then when I read further, it's mentioned ML took over the company at 15 and debuted in society at 16. So I was like okay math is a little off but still works. Then in the last part of the book the author says ML takes over at 16.

Let's just ignore the fact that a 14-16 year old could run a billion dollar company, but the author can't even get the age right.


ML-38, he is okay. Typical cold CEO type with perfect body, except the heavy sweat


he is rebirthed as well. Not sure if he knows it is a book, but he knows some force is pushing him and everything along.

Towards the end of the novel, he mentions that in his past life he did things he didn't want to, like letting MC leave, not being able to save MC, and going abroad. At first he thinks if QY and SSQ get married it will end the driving force, but with MC's changing things that doesn't happen. ML takes a bone from SSQ when he gets injured and after that SSQ's luck slowly leaves him and goes to the bone. This wasnt shown to us as the story happens though, just written as a 1 paragraph after thought, like oh yeah and this happened.

ML's reasoning for falling for MC is so random too. On MC's 18th bday MC treats ML like an idol of business and so ML falls for him?!


The book aspect was not well explained. We are dropped into the story, which is fine, but never actually get a synopsis of the book. We do get bits and pieces through the novel, but not enough

we never find out how ML was kind to SSQ in the first life, and never get a full picture of the original story.


The timeline is all over the place. There was a couple times they talk about taking over the information company 5 years ago so I thought there was a time skip, but then the ML mentions doing something when ML is 25 which is a few years away. I think the story only takes place over the span of a year, but not sure.

I was just left with so many questions.

Why was MC given to ML's family in the first place? Is giving children normal in this world? Shen family was supposed to adopt SSQ who came from a declining family as well. So random to just have musical kids.

What exactly was the book about and how did original ML 3 and 4 not fall for SSQ's charms

Where was the mom for the first 80 chapters? I thought she was dead.

Why did the author write the Shen youngest to have such a hard life? He was such a cute idiot

Where did the rich 2nd gens MC meets at the first party go? The one was never mentioned again and the business partner was mentioned once.

How did MC run such a successful business? He never showed that he excelled at business, just had some future knowledge.

What about the nanny? He says the nanny is basically his mom, but then they get rid of her. But it's okay because now she is with her son and they still pay her....

SSQ and QY end


SSQ is very delusional, he doesn't ever think he is in the wrong, and believes everyone should love him, exactly how he is written.

He is an annoying, shameless character, so an okay villians. He ends up in basically a brothel disguised as a club selling himself. His luck ends up in the bone which ML makes into a necklace and gives to the shameless girl SSQ got fired from the cleaning department. She gets his luck and gets a rich, young family head as her husband.

QY poor QY. We find out that before the start of the original novel QY loved MC and was going to propose to him, had a ring and everything. The force of the novel makes QY blind to everything and SSQ his everything.

When he spends time away from SSQ he becomes clear headed, but will become immediately muddled when in contact with SSQ. It's not until SSQ loses all his halo and QY gets in a car accident for QY to break away from the force of the book.

QY ends up going abroad with his boytoy turned boyfriend to start over. He doesn't love the boyfriend yet, but is going to try to be with him. QY and the boyfriend deserve better


The extras are okay, mostly they are about the side couples original ML 2 and 3 and then orinal ML 4 and his secretary. Liked the closure for their stories.

I MTL'd most of it, easy to understand. Translator was great, gave explanations of uncle/uncle/uncle which helped, I'm just impatient.

All in all this story had so much potential, but the execution was horrible. Too many inconsistencies and not enough explanations and depth. <<less
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Give.Me.A.Piece.Of.Cake rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: c25
The plot is pretty old school with rebirth and revenge as the theme... classic but drama is always a good thing in novel as it keeps the reader intrigued. I haven't read that far to see any character development so I can't say for sure if I'm going to like the MC/ML...I'm even considering dropping it but a couple chapters more probably won't hurt to read.

What really bother me was the transitions in the novel. It's so weird almost as if there is no transition. For example, you see... more>> character A and B having a conversation and then suddenly character C start talking with character D so you assume these 4 characters are in the same time and place but nope out of the blue the scene shift to a random character and the reader is left with "huh? what happen earlier? Did I just skip a few paragraphs?" It's very, very weird that it breaks the flow of the story and emotional build-up in certain scenes.

My understanding of Qin Xing (ML) and Qin Yue (Protagonist in the original novel) are like the emperor and the crown prince. Our ML is the emperor while Qin Yue is the crown prince meant to succeed the ML in a modern setting. Qin Yue valued both MC and the white lotus differently. For Qin Yue, MC is the general meant to slay his enemies and pave a path for him to be the next emperor while white lotus is his queen who exist to support him both emotionally and sexually. From the start of the novel, it was implied that white lotus and Qin Yue have s*x quite often and everyone in the Qin family (even servant) know so they treat white lotus better than MC since MC has no backer.

After rebirth, MC decided to climb the emperor (lol, the ML) bed instead and be the queen to slay the crown prince and his lover (future queen). Qin Yue still values the MC but only because he wants MC to be his right hand man and pave the path for him; he does not like MC nor want to have sexual relationship with MC. There was a part in the novel he told MC he needs MC and he also needs white lotus because white lotus have a different position in his heart and hold different position from the MC. <<less
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AriaSoul16 rated it
March 18, 2023
Status: Completed
I love this novel even though there are many illogical and unrealistic things. However, that is the fun of fiction. Whatever you want and imagine can be true.

I honestly don't understand why it has a poor rating. I found it both funny and tragic. The characters are distinctive and well-written. They have their own personality and changes as the novel progresses.

My favourite part is the extras. I like that there are conclusions to other CPs. If the Main CP feels like their relationship is very natural and destined, then the... more>> other CPs feels like an explosive chemical reaction due their personalities. <<less
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nitan rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: Completed
5* just for enjoyment, I agree with the other reviews though so if you're looking for something less biased maybe heed the other cautions?

Overall, I liked the story because it's actually about corporate environment. As an ex-corporate worker it was refreshing to see a story that doesn't just have one arc related to workplace drama and then drop, but consistently gives business and corporate drama. It made me feel like the author is a working person and not just a person who doesn't really know what goes on in a... more>> business. It's nice? Weird to see, but ultimately a little fresh.

Not only that, but this novel made me pause at some part and go into wistful reflection mode. some of the relationships and backgrounds of these characters are too real. As in sometimes you got to stop and just think about human relations, educational systems and financial loans/money options for a while.

It's a taste full of.. adulthood... a taste of the vicissitudes of life. I read this and it felt good to me, biased, but it's because I can relate to some parts of this novel and felt that it's quite relatable. It's definitely not for everyone, and I agree if I'd looked into this without my personal biased the glaringly obvious plotholes would've bothered me alot more. So! Take that as you will.

I don't.. really care about their romance. But it didn't really annoy me? lol to be honest there weren't alot, so I had no time to be annoyed. It does feel a little off sometimes but I didn't think about it too deeply. I think... give it a try. I wish the ML (at the beginning) would've been a little scheming and colder, but he thawed out pretty fast. This is just a personal and subjective opinion lol

Overall, I think this novel is worth a try. It's interesting? I haven't seen a familial structure like this before in a novel so it's a good idea to try it out. Only if you can stomach whatever's going on of course? I think, if it's not too annoying, it's good to read the entire thing, but if you can't -- please don't force yourself!! I think if you don't like it, it will only get worse from where you drop it lol


also it didn't really sink into me how weird SSQ - QY are as people until I read the extras. Spoilers ahead but learning that in the last life, SSQ was locked in a basement and eventually ate QY's body due to starvation -- so cannibalistic. That's his dead lover's body who was left out accidentally. It shocked me and also made me realize how cold-blooded he (SSQ) truly is.

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Hades97 rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: --
Think I read up to Chapter 5? 8? But anyway, realized that the MC has 0 morals and everyone else in this novel also has no morals which is why I felt like I was watching the usual "MC and the strong backer ML" trope but written from a villain view point😂😂 the MC even said that if he was this other guy he would have killed his older brother before he became an adult because if you're mediocre in the family you need to remove those who are better... more>> than you "early". The ML is another one with a weird no morals villain vibe where he's actually acknowledged as having killed several of his siblings for the family business...... this isn't a palace story but in modern times which just makes it that much weirder. <<less
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