Devil Venerable Also Wants to Know


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In a Mary-Sue novel, the readers all liked the Devil Venerable, the second male lead who devoted himself whole-heartedly to the female lead. However the female lead only loved the male lead who abused her physically and mentally.

Readers: Why doesn’t the female lead like the Devil Venerable?!

Devil Venerable: This Venerable also wants to know. But what I really want to know is why I even like the female lead at all.

In order to understand why the female lead wasn’t attracted to him, the self-conscious Devil Venerable brutally interrogated the entire cast of characters from the novel.

Background characters: I have so many things I want to say but I don’t dare to say it to his face!

After obtaining the book, the Devil Venerable discovered that the book described the world he lived in. This book said that after he sacrificed himself for the female lead, the fourth male lead, his silent and loyal subordinate Yin Hanjiang, blackened and attempted to kill her as a sacrificial offering for his lord.

Devil Venerable Wenren E: Yin Hanjiang, this Venerable wants to know why you wanted to kill the female lead.

Yin Hanjiang was silent.

Wenren E: If you refuse to speak, this Venerable will cut out your tongue and have it with alcohol!

Yin Hanjiang: …

Wenren E: What the hell are you blushing for?!

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Ma Tôn Cũng Muốn Biết
Mozun ye xiang zhidao
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New roe_sesandthorns
February 22, 2024
Status: Completed
love love love it. Cannot recommend it enough, especially if you've read enough transmigration/rebirth novels and/or harem cultivation settings. It's a genuinely though provoking and enjoyable read. AND one of the most feminist texts i've ever read esp in danmei.

the relationship is absolutely gorgeous and well written, both the MC and ML grow and develop over the course of the story, the side characters are incredibly fleshed out, the plot is amazing.

it's suuuuch a breath of fresh air. I can keep reading it again and again. Hope there's more danmei... more>> like this. <<less
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Lighthouse Snail
New Lighthouse Snail rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: extra 2
I was expecting another cliche "MC has to fix a bad story in order to live", but ended up flooded with feels and a lot of reflection.

The plot isn't anything new. Our protagonist suddenly receives a book with the story of his whole world and, after reading it, is decided to change a lot of things that make no sense.

I was fully expecting him to just fill the plot holes by taking advantage of many situations and then kicking some jackass to depths of hell. However, what made this story... more>> so great for me was that instead of just going along with the book plot and trying to change a few things here and there, he undestood many things about his own world and was able to have a different take on the people around him.

I can't say I liked it, because I LOVED IT, HONESTLY. One of my favorite things in reading is when a cliche premise actually becomes deeper and overthrow your expectations, not necessarily in a mindblowing way, but in a way that makes you reflect on many details of the story. That's exactly what Devil Venerable Also Wants to Know did for me.

The level of attention the author gave to write and develop secondary characters is a breath of fresh air. I was able to find most of them very interesting and was really engaged in their respective moments.

Some of them at first seem to fall into overused archetypes and tropes that usally give them one-dimensional characteristics, but this novel was able to turn these archetypes into something deeper and actually refreshing to read. Being good, being evil, being s*upid, being obsessed, all of this details are overturned as the story progress and show that people are not as simple and superficial as some stories try to picture them.

Things were rarely as simple as they appeared. The surface of a still pool hid innumerable secrets, and few people were able to see through to its depths. (Chapter 44)

I can't even get started on how funny this novel is. Most of its comedic undertone comes from the demonic cultivators in Xuanyuan Sect, as they're all unhinged badasses full of hidden intentions and yet so likeable that you find yourself enchanted by their personalities. There are lots of entertaining moments that are just my type of comedy.

Gladly, it isn't just comedy, as the story takes a more serious tone when it needs and doesn't try to be funny when is not the right time. I had my fair share of fun, tense and heart-warming moments.

When it comes to MC, the first thing that come to my mind when I think of him is "Greatest of all times", because that's what he is. Once again I was able to see another example of how accompanying the """villain""" (though he is only a villain in the perspective of the righteous sects) can be really refreshing when well done. Wenren É is a mature and a very down to earth person. His manners are calm, he's thoughtful and he doesn't have time to cause unnecessary and pointless trouble just because he's a demonic cultivator. At the same time, he isn't all that caring, mindful of others suffering and good-hearted. Not evil, not good, not neutral. He does what he wants and needs to do without being over the top and going around like a psycho madman. Like he himself stated, he can accept anything but inefficiency and hasn't a single care in the world for reputation. This personality reflects a lot on how he command his sect, as he actually finds it great that his subordinates have ambitions and always try to get his position as sect leader, as long as they do their job well in the sect. At the same time, he's heart is completely moved in face of the true loyalty that comes from his Yin Hanjiang (our ML). I don't remember ever seeing a character like him in any novel I ever read and was immediately drawn to him.

At first I was reluctant with the romance dynamics for this novel, as I prefer both leads being in similar status as each other, and am not a big fan of master/disciple or master/subordinate tropes. Boy, thank goodness I didn't let that stop me from continuing to read this novel, because the master/subordinate relationship here had me on my knees. It truly isn't anything mindblowing, but MC and ML interactions are so beautiful and meaningful I was overwhelmed with emotion, even if the romance is really really subtle here. I felt like I was seeing two people learning how to not be alone in the many years of this world, and that's exactly what is. Seriously, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL.

But I have to warn any person who came here expecting to read a lot of romance and cute moments between the leads. This novel focus A LOT on the story (I repeat, A LOT) and takes little time to focus on the leads being lovey-dovey. I can almost say it is 1% romance and 99% percent everything else. As some people said in the reviews, the romance really is a subplot here. BUT don't let that stop you from reading it, because Wenren È and Yin Hanjiang's relationship is not about kissing and flirting endlessly. Their connection is something deep and heart-warming, as you can see from the way the regard each other throughout the story.

I love how the story takes some time to show that the world we see is only our own perspective on things, and if we take as if it was a single person's stage, disregarding others for our own sake, then the only thing left in the end will be endless loneliness. This theme is nicely explored in the two characters Baili Qianmiao and Hè Wenzhao. Baili Qianmiao, who at the original Mary-Sue novel wasn't able to get past her love for her Shixiong and it led to the suffering of many people, only because she'd always choose the scumbag over the ones who cared about her. And Hè Wenzhao, who was so infatuated with his own image and path in life. I can't say anymore of his fate, because that'd be spoiler. But I can say one thing this novel I grasped from observing these two characters: to truly change, it comes from one's own will. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
February 6, 2021
Status: Completed

Complaining that you can't find any sweets when the place you came to actually is a Hotpot restaurant, is ridiculous. So after reading this, don't complain about not finding any s*x or heated romance when the novel is Shounen-ai :)

Now that I have finished this novel, I'd like to sprinkle a little debris off my mind here as well. I agree with one of the reviewers here. "It's not a mind-blowing novel, a novel that left you in a daze for a few days unable to face reality. But! It's truly a good novel! One that is new, refreshing, and satisfying. Worthy of the position being rated almost 5 stars."

Something that I love most by reading this novel is, the realization of my impression of "What is... more>> Devil Venerable, What is the Supreme Lord of Evil, " when you hear the words itself?

  1. Is it----A character with a blackened personality, the patient of Chuunibyou disease "I hate the world and I want to destroy it" ?
  2. Is it----A character with a black-bellied tendency, looked soft and kind on the outside, extremely evil on the inside. Only good in front of the Love Interest, and ruthless in front of others ?
  3. Or is it----A Heaven Defying role, a Devil Venerable in name only, but with a characteristic of a Great Buddha ?

Not one of the list above is the Devil Venerable in this novel.

The MC in this novel, the Gong in this novel, Devil Venerable Wenren'E is:

  1. Someone who is stronger than any leader, wiser than any leader. When we heard the title of Venerable, most of us will expect them to be an awesome and charismatic leader, but in other novels, the authors usually make a blunder somewhere and ruin our expectations. While here, Wenren'E totally deserves his title!
  2. Someone who doesn't have the heart of a Buddha, but doesn't have the mind of the Devil either. Then, what is he? Simply a HUMAN. He's not ridiculously kind like a Saint, nor is he weirdly Evil like a Demon. He's just Human. But because he's human then he's worthy of his name as the Venerable, as the Lord. Because Human was granted to have the Brain and Heart, hence Wenren'E is capable of being logical and also compassionate at the same time. Human is the most capable of growing and learning. Therefore, Wenren'E is a character who truly learnt from past experiences, and is the portrayal of human growth in many senses. His capabilities to learn, understand, adapt, and grow, truly fascinate me be it in the flashback or his current life.
  3. Because he's HUMAN, he's someone who neither sides with the "Evil faction", nor sides with the "Righteous faction". It's the society and the world in general that he cared for. Wenren'E here didn't become a demonic sect leader because he is inclined to do evil, neither did he do it for some kind of secretly pure and righteous reason. He became a cultivator to stay alive, he cultivated unorthodox cultivation to evolve, and he became a demonic sect leader to strive forward. He is someone with a firm resolution and a broad mind, understanding the cause and effect, and is very particular about the cycle of karma in the world. His character setting is impressive and awe-inspiring.
  4. He's a great leader. Someone who said, "I don't care if you want to usurp my throne or not, I only care if you are competent or incompetent in my Sect." What he asked his subordinate is not undying loyalty towards him, but only a competent job. Contributing and competent to the organization (sect), do their job properly, and do not neglect their position. If they can do those things properly, whether they are loyal to him or not it doesn't matter. He is undoubtedly someone who will push his organization to fly to the sky during his reign, lol.
  5. Devil Venerable is someone who is fascinating. He is the type of leader who is willing to be spurned by the masses in a certain period, only to do something that will actually be praised in the far future. Devil Venerable Wenren'E here is truly a Venerable I have been portraying in my mind. His character truly deserves the title of VENERABLE.
This novel is not mind-blowing, but it's satisfying. This novel will give you the satisfaction you can't get from the mainstream XianXia genre.

It's not a BL novel with the hints of XianXia.

It's a XianXia novel with the hints of BL.

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September 8, 2021
Status: --
The novel is a fun ride that parodies a lot of cnovel tropes. It's more focused on plot than romance, but that comes with the territory since it's more about correcting common plotholes or tropes as opposed to setting up romantic encounter.

I have to say, this novel was brought to my attention because it's being shared around as an example of a "translator" (though it pains me to call them a translator) doubling down on being wrong and actually CHANGING parts of the ORIGINAL novel to fit their Google translation... more>> mistakes because they refused to admit they were wrong.

If you are reading the translation by ontimestory, be warned that they have actually changed parts of the original novel because they made several major mistakes early on and refused to correct them despite being told by native Chinese speakers they were wrong. I have never seen a "translator" double down so hard on being wrong before, but there really is a first for everything.

What did they translate wrong? Aside from a million issues that comes with using Google to translate a novel, literally the names of the main character.

Wenren E/闻人厄. Wenren/闻人is a compound surname. Just like Baili from Baili Qingmiao is a compound surname. E/厄 is literally his name. It is not "He", it is literally "E" His name is literally 厄. You can plug 厄 into any Chinese dictionary on the planet and you will never come out with 厄 as "He".

Zhongli is also a compound surname, but just like with Wenren, ontimestory intentionally mistranslated it as Zhong, and the Zhong clan despite the text explicitly saying Zhongli clan. This is basic stuff, you can literally go to Wikipedia and see a list of Chinese compound surnames and find Wenren, Baili, and Zhongli listed there.

And why am I making this callout? Normally I wouldn't care if one translator has a ton of mistakes in their own translation, but I actually corrected the book description on the novelupdates page so it has the CORRECT names and SOMEBODY changed it back to the WRONG version. If you want to use the wrong names in your own head, fine. But the description on novelupdates are meant to reflect what's ACTUALLY in the book so stop trying to force your own wrong version on everyone else. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: Completed
If I had to describe this novel it would be a breath of fresh air.

The story is engaging and there is never a dull moment. Events occur one after another and at the same time.

The author ties the plot seamlessly together and as you read on, the knots begin to untangle allowing the cycle of retribution, cause and effect, to come into play. It really shows the true path of cultivating to ascend to the immortal realm.

... more>> Within the story are common, but popular genres mixed with the author's own originality.

All characters have a role to play and they all take different actions to deviate from the "plot".

In other words, they fight against destiny.

Of course some characters succeed and some don't but it's certainly an upgrade from 1 dimensional characters.

There isn't much to say about our two main protagonists other than that they're extremely wholesome. The author does well "developing the plot" and their relationship. It's a double entendre ;)

This certainly deserves to be in the upper ranks of BL novels on this site. Yes, it's a must read.

All the elements of satisfaction is present. (Except the lack of papapa *sighs*)


Enjoi and Adieu!


What I loved most about this was the equality between the two protagonists.

When I read Yaoi, there will always be similar trends for both Japanese and Chinese novels on who the gong (seme) and Shou (uke) is.

But despite being a major avid yaoi reader and having a level 100 knowledge on who pushes down the who, I will admit I couldn't tell.

I had an inkling to who the gong is but the fact that the author mixed up the typical "trends" of Chinese BL novels was just amazing.

It really shows that both the protagonists are equal. They're men. People on the immortal path fighting against destiny. Going against fate.

It was really spectacular. But of course, if you're a level 100 yaoi reader, your inkling to who the gong is becomes certainty.

Why? Well, the two descriptions highlighting someone's "slim waist" is more than enough to give it away.

Although, I have a kink for loyal subordinates pushing down their masters, Yin Hanjiang is really too submissive.

You guessed it.

The Gong is our venerable Wen Renhe.

I should have determined it earlier as this man showed signs of his domineering personality ahaha. I guess this is one of the things that fall under the realm of being "typical" in BL

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wistful rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Excellent novel that subverts a lot of common tropes and playfully parodies popular plotlines for women and men. Like many of the author's other works, the story has tons of humorous moments and well fleshed out side characters. What I enjoy most is how you can really get into the MC's head and sees how he attempts to use logic and reason out plans, but also you as a reader can see the parts where he's missing the point.

The story starts out like a typical parody novel, but everything starts... more>> coming together and I was forced to change my opinions of characters. I started out disliking BLQM and HWZ but started changing my mind and feeling pity for them. It's a deep dive into how your actions only make sense from your perspective, but from someone else's it seems insane or irrational.

Regarding translation quality, the ontimestory translation is edited MTL. There are a lot of inaccuracies and complete mistranslations, often bungling noun adjuncts in sentences and flat out mistranslating what's happening. The entire section with the rou lingzhi is a nightmare. They also don't seem to understand what a compound surname is, which is strange because there are parts in the novel that make it explicitly clear that Wenren is a compound surname, and he even talks about a Wenren clan... but they chose to ignore that and mistranslated it as the Wen clan.

I was so happy to see it picked up by another translator, mourningcrow, who has a much better understanding of Chinese. <<less
43 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whitespade rated it
December 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel able to tell narrate dao, cause and effect, and the cycle of destruction and rebirth in 80 chapters where an Er Gan novel barely able to do that in 1000chapters.

It has very thought out and logical plot and characters with consistent personality that act according to their own directives. The novel able to deconstruct the illogical plot and inconsistent characters in typical stallion and romance novel and create a narrative where we could understand more why FL could be so brainless and why ML could be so domineering.

This... more>> is a BL that everybody could read even if someone only read stallion novels specifically - and these kind of readers may find more enjoyment from seeing the typical tropes in another point of view. The MTL is acceptable but should be attempted for more experienced readers as some phrases are too jumbled. <<less
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XxShining_HopexX rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Same author as they say I've encountered a ghost and sharing system, so you know this is gonna be good.

Tags are off, I'd say this is a soft shounen ai and not a yaoi, and the story is sooo good. A relatively quick read with long chapters.

MC receives a book from the heavens and eventually discovers that all is not as it seems. He decides to intervene with the events in the book to change the fate of him and his very loyal partner.

The relationship between the two them... yin... more>> hanjiang is sooo cute :) and MC eventually realizes he loves ML too and promotes him to his equal. #mutualrespectandlove

Just read it, you won't regret it. <<less
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anonmily rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Oh! I read this one on jjwxc in Chinese, so I’m so happy to see it being translated now. It’s a great story, and the relationship is definitely not anything like that of the stereotypical aeffeminate bottom/as*hole top. The MC might be a Venerable Devil, but I wouldn’t call him evil per say... In fact he sees some things more clearly than all others. The ML starts out with this strong inferiority complex and channels all his love for the MC into loyalty at first because he is so afraid... more>> of disappointing him. But the MC gradually heals his broken soul and puts the pieces back together, accepting all the ugly parts of the process and giving the ML his trust and love. The relationship is definitely not one-sided and you can feel their love and dedication to each other. My only complaint is that it is too short......D: All in all, highly recommended. <<less
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vvreath rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I loved the concept so much I mtled the raws and honestly. I loved it. It has all my favorite tropes and the main couple are so, , , , , heartwarming. Unlike other novels that kind of? Are stereotypical and are fun to read, but are irl kind of, , , , , , red flags?

Even though Bai Li and Wen Chao are the more explicit example of the author subverting those scum tropes w/ their ending, you can also see it with our main cp.

In this genre, with their statuses? W/ their personalities? Its expected that Wen Ren He would use his power and Yin Han Jiang's loyalty against YHJ, or YHJ would, in his obsession, become obsessive and yandere and black bellied? And? Don't get me wrong, he absolutely is obsessive and he is blackbellied, but never at WRH, and its v understandable and in some ways justified in their world.

Despite all of that and the trend of toxic / realistically manipulative and abusive relationships in this type of novel, the ending of the main cp is really f*cking happy? They trust and support each other, understand each other, Abd tho they have the ability to take advantage of and manipulate each other, both, esp WRH take great efforts to understand each other and emphasize and grow, and YHJ's growth from WRH's tool to his equal, in life and standing is, , , , , good. I'm emotional. They acknowledge their flaws and work to fix them and what they lack in they make up for in each other.


The only complaint I had was that it felt short, but that been mtl and just my general enjoyment wanting more. Perhaps the pacing was a bit fast? I will not say this is a masterpiece, not something that will blow your brains and make you question your life and impact your life, BUT not everything needs to be. This is a very solid, VERY HEALTHY depiction of growth and love, steady and nice.

As a bonus, all the female side characters are all so good, and there's no h*mophobia from either the readers or the characters.

no one blinks an eye when the main cp get together, at least not bcs of their genders. There are even ppl shipping the heroine with some of the other female supporting cast and its so cute lol. There is some b*tchy fighting over Men, but there are ALSO women supporting each other and making their way in life w/o- what Shu Yan Yan does, what Qiu CongXue does, and what Bai Li Qiangmao ends up doing in the end.


All in all, an enjoyable read and honestly? This is a novel I would recommend to someone who doesn't normally read bl, bcs it doesn't come off as weird or fetishy at all. 5/5
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jklm rated it
January 9, 2021
Status: c16
A hilarious beginning. I love how the story starts with the MC discovering that his world is that of a bad novel, with it appearing to his subordinate (the ML) that the MC has gone into seclusion to read a tr*shy romance. Even better is the main goal he comes up with: "After three days of meditation, he made up his mind to find out why Baili Qingmiao (the FL) was so brain dead."

The MC is endearing for his curiosity about why the characters act the way they do in... more>> the novel ("Devil Venerate also wants to know!"), not really understanding the emotions that drive them (and the bad plot). He doesn't really understand love as a motivation in the beginning, but what I like is that he puts in effort to understand what he doesn't know (even though he sometimes comes to the wrong conclusions), and really wants to help the FL and his subordinate ML. He doesn't just rush and tell them what to be, but rather slowly encourages them and improves their environment so that they can grow and find a better path.

Other details I like include:

  1. The MC uses the knowledge of the book's plot to find rare resources/treasures, but he pays attention to who in the book originally obtained each item. If it is not something he originally obtained, then he finds a way to repay the person who would have obtained it.
  2. The MC has an interesting way of dealing with the novel's original ML:

    He keeps setting him up with women so that the FL won't get into a relationship with him and will focus on cultivation instead.

  3. The story takes karma/debts surprisingly seriously. There are also some pretty interesting side characters, especially in the MC's demonic sect.
In conclusion, a refreshing and fun BL cultivation story. I look forward to more chapters. <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
thebadgirl05 rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: --
Just like someone upstairs said, this is a breath of fresh air.

ML isn't necessarily arrogant like the usual. He's super chill, broad-minded, not necessarily cruel but not necessarily kind. If I have to describe it, he seems to be a person who won't bother with superficial steps. He's clear cut and has a vivid character. I also love how logical his thought process is and how he clears up possible misunderstandings with the MC so there's no dog blood drama to abuse the heart.

To me, MC is cute---not the kind... more>> of cute where they're gorgeous and even their toes are cute bla bla. No. His character is like a puppet. He is incredibly dedicated, willing to burn himself to ashes for ML if he needed to. But such a setting doesn't grate on my nerves like how some other character settings of some MC do. He's straightforward, funny sometimes without meaning to, loyal, has a one-minded train of thought of following the ML no matter what.

The devil venerable's other subordinates bring plenty of humour and fun and I love that. I also love the setting of ML. Most novels I've read, demonic ML's basically earn their subordinates and every one else's respect. Here? Not really.

They're demons. The bear children under heaven. Loyalty isn't their thing. They're supposed to be 'evil' but some works try too hard to twist things as if what they did was justified and that they're in the right.

No. The demon's here aren't like that. They own up to their identities.

Lastly, so far, I don't really understand what's up with the female protagonist's s*upid mind. I guess I'll just wait for that to unravel. <<less
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katiethairu33 rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTL'd it. I loved the whole story, setting and the badass characters. I don't feel like writing an in depth review at the moment but it's in my favorite pile of books for sure. I just realized that this author didn't spend an enormous amount of time describing how handsome and beautiful and delicate the main characters were! It's such a relief to get to the story and the meat of it instead of engaging in superfluous imagery. Anyway, definitely worth the read!
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lazykitty_99 rated it
July 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Gem of a novel.

Whether it's story, relationship of leads, side characters, ori fl, I just love everything.

This novel satisfies many genres I like.

... more>> #face slap original novel#

#original novel is filled with uncovered mysteries#

#ori FL isn't bad#

#supporting female characters#

#equal relationship between leads, support each other, mature leads#.

Just loved the growth of ML out of his inferiority and support MC gave him for his recovery..

ML & oriFL are like similar people with their obsessions, what makes it different is their object as MC would never let ML suffer. From that perspective only ML could understand oriFL and help her to come out of her "confusion".

Even though I don't like kind hearted fls but with orifl, I wholeheartedly wished that she could move on from scum of oriML and grow up as a strong person. (Have a big sis mentality for orifl)

Another of my fave character in this novel is Zhong liqian.

I also enjoyed "readers comments".

A must read even if someone isn't a fan of bl. <<less
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Bluepersona rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: Completed
It's time for the demonic cultivators to shine. Trust me, you will love love loveee the side villains (who aren't actually the villains) even though they are evil, cunning, and super weird... they are just so damn funny. At first, you will think 'oh it's quite a predictable plot..', but no it has some serious crazy unpredictable stuff too plus it's a light easy read. I think I was able to only predict one of the twist and rest I was just going with the flow enjoying the 'ohhhhs and... more>> wahhhhs and whahahahas'

Demonic sects vs righteous sects, crazy braindead supporting characters, hot responsible clueless devil MC x Way too loyal, a bit scary but oh soo adorable, somewhere between tsundere and yandere ML, supporting leads being kidnapped, female lead suffering from brain circuit failures aka rag doll (You will know what I mean if you have read it, it's funny), heart demons, healing love, power couple, etc.

My only cons would be that it's short and gives you that feeling at the end of wanting to keep continuing.. but because it's a light and easy read, I still feel the author covered most of what they wanted to tell us, and it kind of leaves you satisfied at the end.

Oh, the backstory and healing part was really handled smoothly, making it more wholesome and made me a bit emotional too which I had not expected cause it's directed more towards comedy. I really like how the author also touched upon mental health issues (yes, we are all slightly dealing with heart demons in our world I think) and the very unique take on the cultivation world and the righteous path. Nevertheless, go read it to have a good time and a bit of laughter, and cry for the 3rd MLs hair fall issues.

PS: All hail secondary leads, they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!! <<less
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holachica rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: Completed
A really good read. Totally MTL-able. There's not a single moment where I feel anger at the writing or plot, and it's pretty pleasant. It's not an amazing and totally mind-blowing novel, but between 5 or 4 stars, it deserves a 5 (although the official 4.7 on Novel Updates suits it just fine) simply because everything was pleasant. It's decently interesting and enjoyable from beginning to end; not too predictable, and not all that cliche.

My only beef is that there is not enough fluff between the MC and ML.... more>> Not even a fade-to-black s*x scene. They only kiss, like, twice v_v I was totally really for some puppy-dog ML and indulgent domineering MC at the end. Just once chapter would've been fine. But alas... nothing...

Also He Wenchao... can't decide if I hate him or not. He's categorically a 'super good guy', but he also treated the female lead like tr*sh. I mean, he's willing to sacrifice his life to save others, but the thing is... he cheats, and when he cheats, he justifies it with "oh I only LOVE the female lead... so it's fine if my body strays as long as my mind doesn't." He still thinks he was in the right. So I dislike him, but at the same time, he isn't that 'bad' of a guy. He wasn't evil.

He's like that f*ckboy who's really nice to his friends and to his friend-girls (i.e. platonic interests), but when it comes to romantic interests, he's a player. That sort of dude. <<less
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hakuna matata
hakuna matata
May 28, 2021
Status: c3 part1
This is the first ever novel where I've read the MTL'd Without stopping half way through, even though my brain feels like a rollercoaster trying to comprehend the words 😭😭, but it was so good I couldn't stop, and now I'm waiting for the English translation to complete so I can reread it without feeling my brain gonna explode 🤣🤣
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ike_00000 rated it
November 27, 2020
Status: c14.1
Very interesting story. Not only is the premise unique, the characters are extremely logical and the plot is very interesting.

The thing I most appreciate about this story is how true to character these characters are. MC is not by any means a good guy; he's a genuine Devil Venerable. He doesn't understand emotions and only power and personal strength are worth his time. He's the type of person that would kidnap someone and bind them to someone else physically in order to expedite / cultivate "love".

That's why his romance is... more>> also extremely realistic. It's not guilt and sudden care at all; he realizes his subordinate's true loyalty so he'll show favour, but that doesn't mean falling in love. It's a process of getting to know the other.

I also love the side characters, such as Shu Yanyan. So fun haha.

Very optimistic about this story! Although tbh the overall rating is a bit too high imo, still giving it a 5stars. <<less
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Batman was the greatest cat
Batman was the greatest cat rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c2 part1
So far the story is exactly as the summary describes; about a Devil Venerable who receives a book in which he is a second male lead. His response to it is very logical, he first question why he would fall in love with the female lead and why she would like the male lead. He questions all characters actions and decides to question all book characters including his trusted subordinate Yin Hanjiang in order to understand the situation.

So far it's a very fun read, if the quality doesn't change then... more>> I highly recommend it. ~✧✧✧✧✧~

Ontimestory's translation is once again excellent. ~✧✧✧✧✧~ <<less
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April 19, 2022
Status: c40
Firstly, I must say one sentence: if there are novels that you must throw away your brain to enjoy, this is a novel that picks up said brain, dusts it off, and gently squeezes it back into your head.

It's not complicated. It simply addresses the utter s*upidity in certain genres that we have learned to overlook and accept as reasonable. In a way, it targets all the cliches and tropes that have always been the bread and butter of lovebrained novels and hotblooded munchkin harem novels. It's amazing that it... more>> can target both at the same time, fitting everything together in a perfectly reasonable and logical way.

If there's one word that I had to use to describe this novel, it would be: logical.

This is an author who strongly adheres to the belief that everything in this world can be explained through logic as long as you know the full story. And indeed, as more plotholes are unveiled and combed through, reasons that make utter sense start popping out.


For example: the male protagonist has powerful women falling in love with him left and right. In reality, scarce few of these women are truly in love with him and are more attracted to his body which has special qualities that can promote their cultivation.



For example: the female protagonist is constantly bumping into treasures and harvesting them back for her beloved protagonist senior brother... well okay, her lovebrain is still incurable but that's due to growing up with said senior brother and being basically groomed by him from young. But she's the reincarnation of a goddess with a heartsickening fate so it's kind of her destiny to be misled and abused like this.


The story is so logical and everything is due to karma...I really love it because it incorporates a worldly understanding that I feel also suits how cultivation comes to be. Cultivation is about enlightenment, is about understanding the world and yourself and humans more. How can it be that the more you cultivate the dumber you become unless it's some kind of broken brained technique that stifles your cognition to go berserk? As another reviewer mentioned, the title of venerable is also often cheapened in stories so the Devil Venerable really does make me respect him as worthy of this title. <<less
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Alta rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: c59
Really good so far!

Definitely recommend mourningcrow's translation since it reads with more literary sense!
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a190619 rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: c33
Really, really enjoying this so far. The characters are pretty likeable, and the translation is very smooth (I'm reading mourningcrow's version). I basically have no complaints.
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