After Being Reborn and Regaining Her Identity, the True Heiress Is Spoiled in the Seventies


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[Time Travel + Online Shopping Mall + Sweet Petting + Sudden Wealth + Strong Female Lead + Abusive Scum Male Lead]

An Zhi Xia was born and immediately had her identity swapped out. She was harmed by the fake rich miss and her foster parents until no bones remained.

After drifting for a hundred years as a ghost, she watched with her own eyes as the fake rich miss assumed her identity to marry into a prestigious family, achieving success in both career and love. The fake rich miss also angered An Zhi Xia’s birth parents to death, and left her four brothers either dead or disabled.

Upon returning to the 1970s when she was harmed, the hundred-year-old ghost An Zhi Xia decisively counterattacked. She acknowledged her birth parents, drove away the fake rich miss, and sent her foster parents to prison.

Did you think she wanted familial love?

No, she only wanted the villains to pay the price.

But things often go beyond one’s expectations. An Zhi Xia’s big brother doted on her, second brother cherished her, third brother loved her, fourth brother protected her. As for her mother, she was always worried about the fake rich miss, but that no longer mattered. Her grandparents still made the decisions at home and could not be swayed.

In this life, An Zhi Xia wanted to live for herself, make money, and pursue her career. Yet she was secretly being watched by someone.

Pei Jing had a irritable personality but was handsome. After an accident where he was taken advantage of by an ugly woman, he thought he would hate her gritting his teeth. But instead, he unexpectedly fell deeply in love with her, doting on and cherishing her for life.

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After Being Reborn and Regaining Her Identity, The True Heiress is Spoiled in the 70
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New bookmunchies rated it
February 16, 2024
Status: c443
Don't rlly recc this unless ur in the middle of exams or smth similar that makes u want to kill time and not use the brain.

The tl is almost unedited mtl, names are changing all the time, some things really don't make sense, pronouns are constantly shifted around.

There's no forgiveness which is pretty great, fresh and all. But tbo people are shown as almost completely terrible, outside of the few MC approved of on first sight, so long as she has a thought that goes like '' it'd be good... more>> if X was actually kind'' X will prove to be worst sort of tr*sh their situation could manufacture. Even charas that got along well with her after her initial thought of ''hmm nice person? But are they tho? Are they? Sus af to me'' would be turned into scum for no real reason, other than to show that MC and her chosen family are the only good ones. Especially true of women who were put into difficult situations and forced to pick between 2 impossible choices. She would interact with them, and was considered a friend by them, they had great admiration for her, and really wanted to be close to her, but she only ever treated them superficially, wanting to have nothing to do with their troubles and looking down on them when their problems were put in front of her and they had the nerve to ask her for advice.

In the case of the girl with an evil system -tho not a friend- who spent more than half her life a puppet, and true, the life she gained was exactly the product of that evil system, but that sort of life, where she was considered a genius and very much hated by many, all of a sudden losing all of her ability and losing the fondness the system installed in people, how can she ask for lessons and help? Not because of loss of face, but because at her level, to become a layman overnight, it would not be possible to actually continue on. To return home, that too would've been a nightmare, no matter how much guilt she felt, she naturally would not want to be forced into a bad marriage, the same as any other person. The only thing she could've done is get with a soldier in the base, but how many people are able to give up on the dream that had been in the palm of their hands for a long time already? And the little wife who married the husband of MC's first life, to be so disdained because she made the choice to consider the future more than the present, in a house in which her husband and in laws are trying to torture her and harm her young son, and her only choice was stay and wait to be driven mad and maybe even have something terrible happen to your child again, or go abroad to finish your schooling and come back capable of taking care of him and being untouchable by both in laws and your abusive family. The fact that she left a letter and money, instead of asking in person, shows that she was aware that MC was not really ever sincere in their relationship, she had no confidence that she would accept to care for her son, and if she was outright rejected she could only stay and rot. All the while, MC actually was taking care of a child left behind by her business partner -this kid might as well be a ghost cause never mentioned when the daughter has issues later on- and not to mention the boy is almost always with MC or her kids anyway, her getting angry about the way the kid was left behind was normal, but if you actually consider the person who did that a friend, and you know their situation, while your own does give you the capability of taking care of the kid, would you not ask yourself if their actions were influenced by you. She did at first tell MC that given the situation, going abroad would be hard, but people change their minds, it doesn't mean they lied at the moment you first spoke, just that later on, they thought and thought, and changed their minds. And then the girl who committed su*cide, she was genuinely gaslit and manipulated by her family, not to mention isolated, and considered MC the closest person to herself, when she finally got the courage to talk to MC about the fact that she was married with a daughter, seek advice from someone she believed was wise, she was aware that she was being pushed into being terrible by her family, and at that moment more than anything, needed someone to help her dispel her family's influence, but what MC did was say 'we aren't compatible goodbye' in an era when that situation, of abandoning marriage for a diploma was so widespread, she thought that if she herself had been in that girl's shoes, she would never act like that. That mindset was also why MC disdained the other ones too, but she, who has backing, who has knowledge of the future, who has a space that spans an entire planet, who has a trade system space, naturally she could make a different choice, because the amount of options she has, it's so much bigger than what those girls have. She was able to cut ties with her family because she was alive for more than 100years, because she knew where her future leads, this girl did not, she had none of that, she was a girl with a personality that was a little soft and easily swayed, whose family knew exactly what to do to make her dance to their tune, with no other support system besides them, and a husband too far away to visit on a whim, whose letters never came and who never replied to her own. I pity them because MC was definitely in a position to advise them, to help them, but she didn't. She had her thoughts and her disdain and no words for them.


As for the plot, it's very standard, just the amount of kids is bigger than usual, and no forgiveness is given. The marriage happens rather quick and most of the novel is about MC's after. The golden finger is only really used in the beginning and later on sorta drops to the background. There's multiple POVs and we get to see a little bit of the cannon fodders' and villains' lives. The focus is MC's state of mind tbo, she doesn't really get hung up on revenge, or business, or everyday life. So it's very antagonist driven, that said not much actual oscillation because she is very indifferent and way OP.

As for the characters, they are very much divided into good and bad person categories, there's development, mostly into the bad category. The ML is the typical caring soldier who doesn't talk. Ah yeah, the last category is pitiful ones,

like the kid who was raised by his grandpa only to realize there was not really love for him anywhere because all the adults around him have either their own, more important families, or in the case of his mother, are chasing the long gone past and some ideal plan for the future.

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New beki_30 rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: c108
It's been a fun read so far. It has a lot of common themes in a Chinese novel. The only thing that irks me the most is that the names of the characters keep changing, or they're named after different characters. The translator seems to have not paid attention to this part. It's still an entertaining read to pass the time.
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Addictedtoreading rated it
November 11, 2023
Status: Completed
This was a nice story, not too great, but a nice read.

Translation was good, except for repeated wrong use of names. In quite a few chapters the same name kept being used for different people. MC's name was also changed regularly (3 different names for same MC). I assume this was a translation problem, because this did not occur when I continued reading in MTL from ch. 116 on.

Story is told mostly from the point of view of An Zhi Xia. She really resents the fake daughter Guo / An... more>> Meiyun, which I can understand. However it is brought as if it is really disappointing of parents that they still love An Meiyun after having raised her for 18 years. According to her thoughts it would be completely logical for them to get rid of her when they find out about the swap.

I can understand feelings have built up. It's not just a bloodbond that creates ties. So I find her behaviour in never getting close to her parents after they showed her some preferential treatment a few times quite radical. I can understand it, after knowing her past, but I can also understand the parents.

The parents here were never as radical as many parents in the switched at birth stories. They tried their best, but showed a little (not huge) preference towards the fake daughter which disappointed MC.

However knowing that An Meiyun already knew about the swap when she was 16 and contacted her parents and this also caused the Guo family's treatment of An Zhi Xia to worsen, I do think parents should have said goodbye to her right away after finding out about that.

From the moment the fake miss An Meiyun was dealt with around ch 80, it became more of a family saga telling what further happens in the lives of the family members of the An and Pei family (MC and ML's families).

Both families have been friends for years. The grandparents live next to each other.

MC is a nice person. She is described as soft looking she is not physically strong or OP in any way. She can draw a line with people if they disappoint her.

I thought the space and shopping mall were underutilised. The shopping mall was hardly mentioned after the beginning. It is used to get some medicine and special beast meat after the beginning, but for the rest it is rarely mentioned. And MC could only enter the house in her space and did not walk around in her space, since time went faster outside the house, which would cause premature aging.

Description of An and Pei family


Grandparents - give MC a warm welcome. Let her live with them when she is disappointed with her parents. Never liked An Meiyun. Came from the wealthy An family who were mostly intellectuals. They gave most of their wealth to the government, saving them from trouble when China's policies changed. Die at an old age pwrtially thanks to MC's medicine. Grandmother who was also from a wealthy family leaves MC her dowry. Grandmother leaves a few years after grandfather.

Zhou Nan - mother of MC. She's from the country who married into the wealthy An family. Has given birth to 4 sons and 1 daughter. Works hard to do her best for her family and take care of their children. She can't let go of fake daughter An Meiyun when she finds out her daughter has been switched. Repeated preferential treatment of fake daughter at the start disappoints MC, so she never gets a close bond with MC. She does try though. Dies a few years before her husband at old age.

An Jingzhi - father of MC. Looked down on his wife when he married her, because she came from a poor rural family. Lets her do all the housework. Is head of a highschool. Also gave preferential treatment to fake daughter, disappointing MC, so also never has a close bond with her. Dies at old age in hospital.

An Zhiqing - eldest brother of MC. Is in the army. Gives her a warm welcome when he meet her after her marriage in the army. His wife has difficulty letting go of things concerning the inheritance of the family.

An Zhiren - 2nd brother of MC. Teacher. Is quite cold towards MC at the start. This is partially caused by An Meiyun's misbehaviour when growing up. Gets tricked into marrying one of his students. Really hates her for that and doesn't touch her. He destroys her family and manages to divorce her a few years later, after her repeated threats to commit su*cide. His ex-wife conspires to steal one of MC's sons when she gives birth to a triplet later on. Ends up in prison for life. Later marries a girl from the country and has a happy marriage with her. When universities open again passes exams and graduates. He studies politics.

An Zhixian - 3rd brother of MC. He is a doctor. He never marries. Also very cautious towards MC at first because of his experience with An Meiyun.

An ZhiAng - twinbrother of MC. He is the first to give MC a warm welcome. Gets along very well with MC. Joins the army after a talk with MC and does very well there. Later joins ML's team. Gives most of his salary to MC before his marriage.

Liu Ling - married to An Zhiqing. Has given birth to a son named An Wenqing. Lives with her in-laws. Teaches at a school. Gets along well with MC. Starts treating MC coldly later on because she thinks she might get preferential treatment with the inheritance. After talking to her husband and mother changes again. Her husband never tells her how much money he has.

Su Ying - marries An ZhiAng. Is the only heir of a wealthy family. Her grandfather dies shortly after she marries. Is a tailor and opens a shop to start selling clothes again after economy opens. MC delivers ner a large amount of fabrics. Gets along very well with MC.

Pei Yong - Eldest brother of Pei Jing and father of Pei Jianguo and Pei Shuanshuan. Married Wang Yue, because her family saved his life. Hated being with her, so he tried to stay away from her as much as possible, mostly staying in the army. Resigns from the army and takes care of Pei An, Pei Jinguo's son when his mother leaves the country to study abroad.

Pei Jiangguo - son of Pei Yong. Was married to MC in her first life. Gets married to Guo Momo, but disappoints her in their marriage. His mother disapproves of her. His sister pushes Guo Momo down when she is 8 months pregnant, resulting in her giving birth prematurely to Pei An and him being mute and sickly when born. Divorces her a few years later and then marries Lu Keqin on instigation of his mother. This marriage becomes a huge failure from the start. Divorces her and falls for Gao Qingchen, the sister who treated MC badly when growing up. Then marries Liu Chunhua, the ex-wife of Gao Duo. He is a huge disappointment to his father and the rest of the Pei family. He is easily swayed by others. Has a low self esteem becaue his mother always put him down.

Pei Shuanshuan - daugher of Pei Yong. Takes after her mother. Is in love with An Zhixian who never likes her. Dislikes MC. In her 30s she starts an affair with a painter who looks like An Zhixian. He sells a nude painting of her at an auction which MC buys. This causes a huge scandal, dishonoring the name of everyone in the Pei family. Because of this MC's daughter leaves university and starts studying abroad. Is sent away. Later marries someone and divorces again.

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Anastrisha rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: dropped
This could easily ended in 100 ch or so but it dragged the story, ruining it.

The story is already resolve by 1/4 of the story.

    • The fake daughter was easily killed by MC with her OP cheat.
    • OP already resolve the parent yearning she had.
    • OP is pregnant and married with ML.
So what happend 3/4 of the story? Some cannon fodder trying to destroy OP and tried to renact the switch at birth with her children.

Had they cut those unnecessary part, this would be a 4-5 star.

I have to add this as reviews here do not understand the gravity of MC's bio parents actions and why MC is cold.

Let's start with the premise:

  • MC and fake daughter are 18.

So long as fake daughter use her environment well, she could easily get out and raise herself. She's not just a victim but the beneficiary. She literally took all the advantage of being in a rich family and could easily use it to live well but she didn't.


  • MC is not obligated to the fake daughter and bio parents. If anything, it's the other way around.

I hope we could all agree that MC is not obligated to give her parents a chance. EVEN IF they didn't intended this to happen, MC is already an adult and could make her own decision. It was out of her hope and expectation, WITH A PROMISE that she agree to come back and give them the opportunity.


Now let's go with the offences:

  • I think the reviewers are forgetting this but the premise shows that EVERYONE knows that fake daughter knew she was fake since 2 years ago... She herself admitted it. Yet SHE DID NOTHING & COINCIDENTALLY MC treatment became worst.

The grandparents SAW THROUGH HER, yet the parents choose to close their eyes and expect MC to forgive fake daughter and create a sisterly bound together... Even if it means having her stay with fake daughter in the same room.

I have to highlight this just in case, this fake daughter is the same person who KNEW she was fake but never revealed it. Had the opportunity to check how your bio daughter is doing but didn't. And you expect that puting YOUR bio daughter in the same place as someone that seemed to have all the right reason to not want your bio daughter to live a good life is fine?

BTW, I'm also adding the fact that it took them 3 days when the trip should had been just hours from the village to the city. I don't think this is necessarily bad as they were confirming the information, but noting this as MC was disappointed when she waited for 3 days. She understands but she could not help but feel sad and this is normal in her situation.


  • Naming her a name similar to the fake daughter. Ultimately, identity is a sensitive topic. And MC's father is dumb for choosing a name that resemble the fake daughter when last thing both parties want is people pointing out their relationship.
  • Not doing anything. Due to the nature of novels, this isn't obvious as... nothing is written. MC stayed in the house for a long time but both bio parents neither gave effort to bond with her. The closes is when MC and her mother went to the mall to buy stuff for MC.... And that was that. A month in and they didn't do anything for MC or look for MC. At the same time, both parents still had time to arrange fake daughter's future. They thought that their time with fake daughter is limited, so they need to give everything they have while they could slowly take care of bio daughter.
  • I forgot what other action they did that disappointed her. I think she was getting disappointed that from 10 days, it became wait until fake daughter becomes a sent down youth to fake daughter getting married. This is one of the major points I remember as MC and fake daughter's friend told MC's parents that fake daughter planned to have them SA, yet they still care about fake daughter and willingly get their family involve and help fake daughter out when she was implicated by her husband.
After this, MC was very disappointed and stayed with her grandparents instead, who gave her a room of her own and spent time with her for a tea or two.

BTW translation sucks a bit, names and genders are mixed.
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Eeria rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a 3.5.

It's a nice slice of life though a bit long. Contrarily to other reviewers, I agree with how the FL turned cold and distant with her bio family parents and brothers, except few one. Her life experiences tampered her to be a cold person at the base with very few emotions remaining. Because she had been deprived by family affection for so long and because of how her adopted family badly treated her (serious case of child abuse - attempted mu*der), the hope she had towards her bio... more>> family was very high. So when bio family repeatedly refused to give up the fake daughter, her hope was squashed until there was no hope and no expectations anymore and thus no deep feelings. She never turned back on her bio family, just never had deep feelings for them anymore, except for a few people who accepted her unconditionally (her twin brother being one of them). I believe had the adopted daughter not been the source of FL pain and misery, she would have most likely tolerated her and not asked the parents to draw a clear line. <<less
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TenkaDXS rated it
October 30, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s a pretty good family drama in the 70s that turn into more of a slice of life at the mid point (or 2 thirds) of the novel as the tension points and antagonist are mostly settled at this point so there is more a focus on the daily conflicts in a big family at that point. I read it MTL and it wasn’t hard to read at all.

The focus isn’t really on the romance so even if the main couple is a rather healthy depiction of a stable couple... more>> with kids (a lot of them) some readers may find the romance too bland.

One other point that I found a bit meh was that the advantages of rebirth weren’t used a lot so it’s not used as a deus ex but also don’t impact much the story past the first narrative arc as if it was forgotten


I mean MC has seen the development from the 70s to 2070s and has a living space with an inter dimensional trader but those advantages kinda stop being used around the middle of the story which is a shame as the discussions with the other traders were pretty interesting and we could have had a lot more interaction with them or the impact of their situation on MC:


After one of the traders die they kinda gloss over it and there isn’t a lot interaction with the trader after that so the interactions of the MC are almost only with her family


Also on the antagonist:


They are the only ones who really use the advantage of rebirth/knowledge of the future IMO as you see them actually use foreknowledge of the events or social circle of MC to try to plot against MC or gain riches

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LemmonPaii rated it
February 14, 2024
Status: Completed
I liked it, the story has some elements I haven't seen in other novels which is very refreshing. FL is super independent and ML is doting. The romance is not the main topic is something without complications and is built as the characters grow. I really liked it, It has the family as the main topic. I have to say it is a VERY slice-of-life-centered novel so if you don't enjoy it, this is not for you.
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