The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories in the ’70s


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Tong Xuelu had the nickname Queen of Green Tea.

She was stunning in looks, has a shapely body, and had a lot of suitors, although she had never been in any serious relationships.

By the time she was done being a green tea and was about to be a nice person, her retribution had caught up to her!

She had transmigrated into a book. Into the 70s where materialistic goods were rare and she was a poor soul who was the fake daughter of a wealthy family!

Per the story, she would be face slapped by the real daughter who was rebirthed, be married to an old man who had once been married, and finally die from domestic violence.

Tong XueLu: ……I’d rather continue to be a green tea.

Raise three bosses of the future and be a salted fish such that all she had to do was to lay around and wait for things to be handed to her. [check]

Cheat her way into a government-run restaurant and have good food every day. [check]

Use her agility and wit to avoid being faceslapped by the real daughter. [check]

As far as an excellent green tea was concerned, she would be able to handle any scripts handed to her and still end up the winner.


Wen Rugui, a physicist, was young, handsome and had his entire life ahead of him. He had, however, let his research distracted him from starting a family.

All of his bosses were eyeing him to become part of their family.

Until one day.

Wen Rugui brought a charming girl into his research facility and with love in his eyes announced, “This is my fiancee. We are here to report our upcoming matrimony.”

His bosses: Shocked beyond words.

His female colleagues: All hearts are broken.

Tong XueLu: Sorry, all. My charm is but a passive skill.

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The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories
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63 Reviews

New Eeria
Apr 08, 2024
Status: Completed
If it was possible to give more stars I would have given this novel a 100000. Loved the FL. Among all the novels I had read she is among my favorite. She is a green tea but a very lovable one. The ML backdrop story is so sad. The novel is well written and I didn’t see any obvious plot holes. Feels all characters had their endings good and bad. It was surprisingly better than what I expected.
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Apr 23, 2021
Status: Completed
This was surprisingly very good!

Why you'll like this novel:

    • The most clever green tea protagonist that you'll ever meet. She doesn't provoke anyone who doesn't provoke her first but when she strikes, she always manages to get them where it really hurts. What I enjoyed most about her unique brand of face-slapping is that all of her schemes are simple on paper and it wouldn't take a genius to think of them but they're also very effective and satisfying to watch. For example, to prove that this one character was lying about saving the lives of three drowning people, in order to be recognized by the government, she directly kicked her into a river because she knew that the other girl couldn't swim. She doesn't have any cheats besides being beautiful and being able to cook well but it's hard not to root for her because her mind turns so fast, she's hardworking, and genuinely grows to care about the people in her life.
    • The ML is a a sweetheart. He's so shy and awkward but he always tries so hard to make the FL happy. In the latter half of the story we get into his tragic childhood past and honestly you just want to hug the guy because he's been through so much. I love that both he and the FL try to protect each other in their own way.
    • A good set of secondary characters. The other characters in the protagonists' life are pretty interesting and funny like her enemy turned friend, the ML's grandfather, and ofc the siblings.
Why you might not like this novel:

    • Surprisingly, a lot of people get shot, poisoned, exiled and/or jailed. Perhaps because of the time period the story is set in, offenses that in modern times would be seen as minor are dealt with very seriously here. As such, many people run into trouble with the local authorities and in the worst case even get executed.
    • There are so many villains. Some are unexpected but so many people like picking fights with our leads cause they're jealous lol.
Overall, if you like the green tea protagonist you'll like this.
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May 20, 2021
Status: Completed
The romance is good, there are no misunderstandings between MC and ML. Our MC is very keen and can smell conspiracy from a mile away. I liked how despite knowing that a person is fake, she can still be friends with that person because she knows that's just how it is. MC is perfect, she's beautiful, she has a rich backup early in the story (ML) and eventually finds a powerful backup (a family member). She's surrounded with friends that have useful jobs and connections so she can get things... more>> done without being overly involved. Whenever, she needs a certain skill for a certain situation, MC just happened to learn that exact skill in her previous life. MC leads a smooth sailing path to richness and peace.

The thing that will make you roll your eyes in this story is how the whole story is filled with Chinese patriotism. I kid you not, there's a lot of "serve the country" and "leaders know best" stuff in this one. Lemme just *eyeroll* If you tell me that a politician commissioned the author to write these things, I will totally believe you. It's a good light read story, but not worth 5 stars because it's just a narrative of a perfect person with a perfect life. <<less
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Apr 23, 2021
Status: Completed
TLDR Not really 5 stars but more than 4. A good solid read but with some flaws.

One if you are looking for a real daughter vs fake daughter switched story this isn't your book. It's much more a transmigrated into a book/time travel novel. The real daughter vs fake, is a very minor part of the overall story. The same goes for face slapping. While the book has plenty of face slapping they really aren't the best part of the book by a longshot.

The novel shines with the family interactions,... more>> the cute kids. The family especially the grandparents are a pure joy. It's a shame they aren't a larger part of the novel.

Another fun part of the novel is the depiction of China during the cultural revolution and the transition to a more open society. There's all sorts of little details that while I have no idea how accurate they were gave a real feeling of solidity to the setting.

Note: If you read this via MTL the Google Translate is currently readable and hilarious. For some reason the word the author uses for woman/women gets translated as lesbian. The word they use for bachelor/single man gets translated as gay man. It produces some hilarious passages in the book. <<less
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Jul 09, 2022
Status: c134
It was satisfying up till the author started pushing the male and female leads together, feels like a kid mashing dolls' faces and shouting "now kiss!"

Really don't know why so many chinese/Asian novels have to have shameless side characters to bust in on the ML/ FL's life, eat their food, and then decide to matchmake; I don't have a close relationship with most of my extended family due to moving but I know for certain I would cuss the ML Granddad up and down the street three times while chasing... more>> him with a broom. <<less
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Apr 09, 2022
Status: Completed
It's pretty good.

The MC is very likeable, her siblings are adorable and so is the people around her (only the good ones, of course).

I love that the story is fast-paced and there's no misunderstanding between the MC and ML.

... more>> I'll say though, I found the ML a bit annoying at first and I still do but not as much as in the beginning.

And the patriotism in this story is a bit too much for my liking and the whole time I felt like I was reading a propaganda lmao.

Overall, it's a nice story.

Personal rating : 4.4 <<less
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May 05, 2021
Status: Completed
One word: wholesome. 70s, no black market, no system, no space, no cheat. She started everything from zero. Even if it's a transmigration series, our FL doesn't really know what's actually happening.

Even though the FL is kinda overkill (a good cook, a beauty, super smart green tea), but the plot development is acceptable honestly.

Love the interactions between the FL and ML. Our ML is not that perfect. His childhood is really pitiful, he suffered a lot.

Lots of antagonist. Like, a lot why tf is it not over??? Yet sometimes the... more>> 'finishing' of each villains is so abrupt like they stumbled then suddenly died or sent to farm but then poisoned???? Hahaha so anticlimax.

Don't read the last extra chapter (ch. 166) if you don't like a farewell in a story. It's like a true ending, left me devastated bc I personally hate goodbyes. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 04, 2021
Status: Completed
i really love this novel.. the previous novels that I've read that is set in this era 70s-90s are normally related to farming or in the country side..

i love how the progression of the MC from weak to strong coincides with the progression of the era.

this novel is worth the read and I love how MC is a green tea b*tch, she's a cunning bit*h but in a good way... like rationally...
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 06, 2022
Status: c97
Up to chapter 97 of the translations, which is around ch 30 of the actual novel. Yup, still got a long way to go. I did skim some ML (pretty understandable) to get ahead on the plot.

Trigger Warnings: mention of in*estual r*pe (happened to younger sister in past life), verbal/physical abuse (FL not scared to get her hands dirty)

Pre-Review Notes:

  • Basic story of green tea FL transmigrating to the past (right before college exams opened back up in Communist China) and face-slapping her way into victory.
    • Checklist:
      • Starts studying for college exams early
      • Gets her siblings who hate her to start liking her (love how one of the bros is tsundere)
      • Gets an ML in a high position to take ~ interest ~ in her
      • Leaves her (ridiculous) adopted fam with a casual face-slap
      • Face-slaps her (ridiculous) extended family with careful planning
      • Plays green tea role so everyone pities her (great actress!)
  • Romance is too early to have comments; the ML is a government researcher (I believe physicist) and helps FL out on the side. Their interactions are honestly pretty lukewarm at this stage but we shall see.
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Sep 13, 2021
Status: Completed
A lot of things happen in the novel. And somehow, the events are neither exaggerated nor over-dramatic. So many things happen that I didn't need to skip even though the book covers everything from when MC transmigrated, raises her kid siblings, falls in love and gets married and even some parts where are kids are growing up as well. From working in a factory to a waiter in a govt run canteen/ hotel to becoming a manager in the same hotel and then setting up her own business - MC... more>> seems a bit OP. But she is extremely smart, very high EQ and quite open about giving and receiving benefits.

ML is the shy and quite type while MC is the one teasing and tormenting him. There are some surprises with him as well

ML was abused as a child by his own mom and forced to think he killed his younger brother when actually, his real mother (pregnant at the time) fell by accident. He forgot his memories but instead created a separate imaginary friend in his mind (who looks exactly like young!ML). He becomes mildly schizophrenic. He is basically stable until one day, when MC is pregnant, his mom confronts him with his childhood photos. He becomes worse and his mental stability goes for a toss. However, MC and his family (grandfather), as well as his friends and boss from his workplace all stand together with him and help him to slowly recover with the help of a psychiatrist and medicines. I personally liked this part coz they show how close he comes to committing su*cide, does self-harm and wants to improve but cannot improve and how he HAS to take medicines for almost 1-2 years before seeing any difference. Most of the time, mental sickness is written off with 'love' but not in this one.


It might start off as a real daughter vs fake daughter typical novel but tbh I wouldn't term it as one. This dilemma is barely 1% of the novel. The rest is how MC single-handedly comes out of poverty using her original world skills and her high EQ. It's about how China starts to slowly develop and the cultural shifts that take place. I don't know how accurate the events depicted are but the history of 1970s, 80s and 2000 portrayed is quite interesting.

This book is so much more than romance. I highly recommend it. <<less
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Jul 07, 2021
Status: c1

lot of patriotic info about china but I guess it's really similar to what happened then. Really like how the female MC didn't rush to develop or do business and actually smartly make use of timing and wits to do business. Lots of funny scenes. The male lead touched my heart a lot, makes my heart ache for him.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 22, 2022
Status: c25
the grammar is a bit weird and there are quite a lot of errors

Also the characters conversations feel very unrealistic. Most of them are also too accepting and instantly folding in an argument. MC always gets her way and her previous life barely gets mentioned.

It's good if you have nothing else to read I guess.
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May 02, 2022
Status: c30 (raw)
Still reading, will probably update this soon, but I really want to ask the author: in almost 1/5 of the novel ML's face blindness is mentioned, like, three times? And he has absolutely no problem quickly picking up between familiar people without any hesitation. Why had author made this into some big romantic plot device about how FL is the only one who he can recognize, if they don't use their setup in any other way.

I've seen a similar trope in Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs, but there it was actually a meaningful plot point, and a lot of stuff was tied up with it.

The way face blindness is treated here feels like the author thought it would make a romantic moment, slapped... more>> it into the story without the second thought, and forgot about it completely after a few chapters. <<less
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Mar 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I would have given this a 5, except... What the heck was with the last ten chapters? The author basically wrapped up all the major character lines, had a neat little epilogue with the kids, and then branched off into this long, extra-super-patriotic side arc about minor characters I had almost forgotten about. Don't forget to be loyal to the motherland, children, or you should be shot!

Otherwise I felt like the story gave a pretty good and nuanced version of going through a turbulent era of Chinese history, with... more>> cute kids, food, business and romance. You know, the usual. ML is an absolute sweetheart, and the FL's siblings are adorable. Really everything is perfect but the last ten chapters, I feel terribly deflated. <<less
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Apr 30, 2021
Status: Completed
A refreshing novel in the 70s era.

The story's first half is about MC's interaction with her siblings, while the later half explores her love life.


What I liked-

  • Female initiative is rare in CNs, more so in the 70s era. The author beautifully maintained the leads' personality consistent throughout the novel.
  • The plot was cohesive throughout. Everything that happened had a justified reason, despite the transmigration of FL and her OPness, the story was relatively realistic.

What I felt could be better-

  • Few plot holes were present. The first one being the FL thinking about taking science stream while asking ML questions but suddenly took English. Another fact being a lot of novels mentioned that foreign books were banned in the era but no one questioned MC's abilities
  • The FL graduating early with another batch. Wasn't she one of the first college students batch? Then who were the seniors at the celebration with whom she graduated with?
  • The chinese patriotism was mentioned many times, but that has become almost synonymous with 70s era by now.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 04, 2023
Status: Completed
It's good, but not phenomenal

If you look at the tags, you'll see Nationalism, don't ignore that. Although, I feel like the MC was being sarcastic about it most of the time. She uses the 'nationalist' sentiment to mess with people when she's being unreasonable. When she wants to cause trouble, or doesn't want trouble she'll just pull an "I'll report you to the police" sht.

But then last arc happened and it got serious real quick 👀, like damn, chill with the spy sht.

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Jul 02, 2022
Status: Completed
Love this. Initially, I was hesitant in reading this due to the novel description and thankfully I persisted. A bit of a warning though, a lot of people died in this novel. They're villains and evil people though. They got shot for their crimes.

This also a different intake of China in the 70's. The story started in Beijing and stayed in Beijing. Unlike most novels of 60's, 70's and 80's where the story started in the country side then going to the capital after the reform. Most of these novels... more>> would be about farming then starting a business. This one is about a girl who improved from one job to another. Turning into the youngest restaurant manager at 18 years old from a simple factory employee. Slapping down discriminants along the way.

I love the MC, Tong Xuelu. She's smart and calculative but also vigilant in others'schemes. She's got a high IQ and equivalent high EQ. She values her family, loves cute children and very caring to Wen Rugui. She was neither spoiled or pampered much in the novel. It was mostly, she who spoiled and pampered the ML. What I also love about her is her interaction and love for the ML, Wen Rugui. And Rugui is lovable and but his past also breaks your heart. He's like an adorable bear who'll blush easily. He the most and also best character development in the novel.

Spoiler below:


Their romance is what I love. Rugui is a newbie to romance and determine to learn how to chase his wife.

Xuelu is also proactive in approaching Rugui. She's not like most MCs who are hesitate in romance nor is she dense af.

In most novels, it's usually the guy who falls first in the first meeting. Then the guy chases the girl etc. Xuelu, however, flirted with Rugui flirted first in their first meeting in a very green tea way. It was in their series of meetings did Rugui find out he liked her.



Wen Rugui has a traumatic past which caused him an almost severe psychological effect.

Xuelu found out about not too early nor not too late. But she did her best to subtly heal him and prevent him from being instigated.

I love how she stayed strong in healing the instigated Rugui. And it was even in her pregnancy state.


A little spoiler:

Wen Rugui has facial blindness. However, he can recognize Tong Xuelu. It is not because of some plot halo but because of Xuelu's teardrop mole.

It was mentioned all the time when Rugui remembers Xuelu that he will always remember her teardrop mole instead of her face. That is why he can remember her. Rugui's facial blindness is not severe and is less likely to males. His facial blindness is only serious to females due to his traumatic past. It also caused a lot of women to get embarrassed.

Tong Xuelu's siblings are also lovable and each one unique. There were some changes to from their previous life to the current life. The biggest change would be Tong Jiaxin.

There is, however, no extra story from them. I would preferred a one chapter summary of their futures especially Xiao MianMian's.

The side characters were also nice. Some stayed while others were left out due to personal things.


Tong ZhenZhen's early death quite caught me off guard. Her cause of death was also a little unexpected.


A very recommended read and I would reread it again. <<less
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Apr 06, 2022
Status: Completed
I enjoyed reading this novel very much after coming back to reading CN novels again.

I used to skip this novel because I thought I wouldn't enjoy it. Boy, I was wrong. I love both Tong Xuelo and Wen Rugui so much!!!! The FL, Tong Xuelo, is a green tea b*tch, but the good and smart kind of green tea b*tch. To be fair, she was only a green tea bit*h in her past life since she was abused by her stepmother and her stepsister stole her fiance. In the '70s,... more>> she only used her skills to protect the people she treasures and worked hard and smart in order to become successful. The ML, Wen Rugui, is such a sweetheart and must be protected at all costs! He isn't really a little milk dog kind of ML but is more of a 'cold but warm only to FL and their loved ones'. His innocence and affection are just so endearing.

I also contribute a lot of my enjoyment to the really fun supporting characters that surrounded the ML and FL. They made me feel warm and their interactions are just precious. It just felt a bit awkward reading about the patriotic parts at the end of the story since it was quite sudden but that is understandable so I still enjoyed reading it.

This truly made me realize that people's futures depend on their decisions. I also got reminded that giving love to others is better than just spreading negativity and hatred.

Overall, recommended read~ <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I'll keep it short because I'm a little burnt out. This novel is one of the rare cases where you'll find the story spans across many years of the character's lives without diminishing its quality. The ending was both satisfying and moving. Most importantly, the story kept me interested unil the end (I not even felt tempted to skip parts, that's rare).


-Sly green tea x shy blushing scientist. There's somewhat of a role exhange in their relationship but you'll soon realize their relationship is very much equal, both of them... more>> are willing to take the lead or be vulnerable when required.

-Heart-warming, realistic family dynamics. The siblings have a wonderful dynamic, however it doesn't fall into the simplistic trope where everyone adores the MC at sight or for s*upid reasons. They mostly act according to their age and their trust develops slowly (Except baby sister MianMian, but she's a 3yo baby who lacked a sense of security so that makes sense).

-The ML isn't there as a mere accessory of the MC. He has his own friends, career and story and it actually matters in the plot. Their lives merge instead of it feeling like someone's stealing the show.

-Reasonable, smart MC. An unrepentant green tea who has her own bottom lines. She's smart enough to calculate benefits and proper connections without abusing the feelings or trust of others. For once, I think she handled her enemies the best she could. She did her best to eliminate threats without leaving handles or putting her family at risk. Killing some enemies would have been faster and 'safer' however it was too dangerous, she took the legal route and it was the best long term decision even if it did bring her some harm in the mean time.

-Likeable, reasonable elders with behaviours that prove them actually worthy of their high status.

-The braindead enemies weren't that simple after all. Don't get me wrong, they were still s*upid but the author did a good job giving them a proper reason for their hate.


-The story is so long that it ends up including a lot of common tropes (child trafficking, real vs fake daughter, long-lost powerful relative, outrageous evil relatives, spies, supernatural dreams, etc) but it is pretty well done, it doesn't feel like a script ticking off events but rather they serve to add some excitement to the natural flow of the plot). Still, it could get repetitive to some people. There's also way too much patriotism but I guess that's to be expected beacuse of the time period.

-Some exaggerated achievements. Technically possible yet not very realistic

(taking 1st place in national examinations (universities fighting over her) + 1st class chef + capable of remembering structure and mechanics of household objects + excellent acting skills)

There's a 'reasonable' backstory to explain it, but still, the overall sum of everything is a bit too much.

-Not everything gets an explanation. That's fine by me, I prefer it rather than forcing an explanation with a mighty system or the like. Most supernatural elements (transmigration, premonition / ori!world dreams) don't get an explanation as the MC doesn't seem to ever wonder about them or resist such events. <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby
Sep 18, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of the most memorable novel for my preference.

There was face-slapping, psychology, fluff, comedy, romance, child care, pets, family’s love and food p*rn. I think I will not forget this novel for a long time.

Although there was a little bit plot holes, well 95% web novels have it, but this one is the one that you will not find it too obvious.

Our MC’s journey to have a good life, she is a professional green tea queen. It is so satisfying to read how she “face-slapping “ her opponent... more>> with her green tea’s skill and conquering her family and friends with good foods.

The ML is a sweet heart but has traumatic childhood. I pity him and hate his mother.

This is one of a few unforgettable novel that I have read. I recommend this. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 03, 2021
Status: --
I really love this type of MC. She is easy going yet doesn't take sh*t from anyone who messes with her. Instead she turns the tables on them and ends up looking like a innocent saint in comparison. I love the ML too, he is so shy and tries his hardest to take care of the MC. They both take very good care of each other. Im not so sure the mental illness was done that well but I am not overly familiar with it so in my opinion it... more>> was written fine.

One con that mildly bothered me was that she seemed to be an ordinary house cook in her last life but when she transmigrated to the 70s it was like she was a world famous chef. Was 70s Chinese food that bad? Lol. <<less
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