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    22 Series 0 Comments 2073 Views 2 Follows Dec 24, 2020 Ranobeeater
    No Tags
    Most have Anime or Manga adaptation already but they are best, all of them have 4 or greater than it rating.... more>>
    25 Series 2 Comments 4882 Views 19 Follows Dec 15, 2020 NouShin123212
    Some of the best novels with romance in no particular order ... more>>
    55 Series 0 Comments 8545 Views 9 Follows Sep 20, 2019 Y0rozuya
    This list is composed of all the stories that I have enjoyed reading but did not make the cut for my very detailed  'Fun Reads and Good Reads' recommendation list. This list also contains a variety of different types of stories and there is no real number ranking. Take a look and see what might suit your taste. ... more>>
    100 Series 1 Comments 19164 Views 30 Follows Aug 7, 2019 Lonewolf
    This novels are adapted to Anime and I watched (even the sh*t ones) . Ranked by how good (my opinion) the Anime is. Top ranking... more>>