Sibling Rivalry

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⋆ ˚。⋆୨♡୧⋆ ˚。⋆... more>>
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No description.
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Where the plot contains MC being switch at birth or at young age with someone. Stories here also include those of similar trope as the CENTER, such as someone being kidnapped/lost/died at a young age and the family took in someone else as a sort of "replacement".... more>>
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i want more regretful family with male mc's, because I've read too much villainess manhwas and i need somethin new >:(((
so this list just has male mc's!! <3  and also because I've read too much found family angst hahdsd-) 
(i also wont add those novels where the family is beyond redemption cos it just bores me, i love redemption more imo)... more>>
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awful sibling relationships (step-siblings, siblings as villains, fake child, scum family, family conflict as major plot point) :) i luv this trope... more>>
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Usual Chinese storyline of a CEO loving the protagonist in an overbearing way and lots of petty dramas.... more>>
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The second of the switched all inclusive lists/ Covers novels and QT series with children that were switched/taken from their families and have a later reunion. The list concentrates on stories that deal with the conflict.... more>>
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Lost children found back by their families. Does not include switched at birth there's a separate list for that.... more>>
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This is a sublist of... more>>
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When it's gone far beyond not getting along and the knives are out... more>>
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This is sublist of the Switch Real Children vs Fake Children list... more>>
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Novels that feature unhealthy sibling rivalry with the MC.... more>>
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Interaction between children that had their identities stolen/swapped. With an emphasis on family/ family reintegration problems... more>>
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Stories where the protagonist gets a do-over on their own life. No isekai or reincarnated into another world stories just REDO due to loop or... more>>