Zither Emperor


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Nine harmonic zither chords shook the universe, who dared to not acknowledge the lord?

The curtains on a grand era of Rainbow Magic was raised.

He, the Zither Emperor, brought about heaven-shaking reform to the continent.

An ancient soul, pure and of strong heart, was born as the once in a generation Zither genius quietly by the ocean under clear blue skies.

This individual, a mere pure-hearted youth, gradually ascended to regency as the Zither Emperor of legends, demonstrating an unprecedented strength in musical magic and overcoming the conventional standards of society.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Indigo, and Violet; the colors of the Rainbow served as the ranking system of martial arts and magic.

Because of his profound skill, what was once a useless disregarded vocation became a legendary talent deeply intertwined with his immortal legacy. The legacy of an unparalleled genius who shone so brightly, no one could ignore his brilliance.

Even the acclaimed near-invincible dragon, in front of the Zither Emperor, cannot lift its bowed prideful head, because it was addressing a god. The pioneer of musical magic, responsible for reforming the previous Rainbow ranking system and entering the unknown level of Rainbow Magic, had become the standard measure for all martial arts and magic. Dragons were no longer the unequalled creatures of old.

A godly master of sound, a matchless spiritual mage, he raised this trash vocation to become the most legendary craft on the continent. However, this was all fiction, right?

An ancient soul, pure and of strong heart, was born as the once in a generation Zither genius quietly by the ocean under clear blue skies. This individual, a mere pure-hearted youth, gradually ascended to regency as the Zither Emperor of legends, demonstrating an unprecedented strength in musical magic and overcoming the conventional standards of society. Was he only the Zither Emperor, though?

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Emperor of Qin
Qin Di
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lpnp rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: v5c126
I ignored this novel for a long time, because the rating is somewhat low and I usually don't like naive Mcs. In this case however, I didn't mind, mainly due to the fact that the people around the protagonist don't really exploit him despite his innocence/lack of common knowledge. Sure, there is the one incident early on ... more>>

his storage ring with powerful zithers gets stolen

(which probably contributed largely to the overall low rating) but that's about it. I actually found reading a chinese novel with a more kindhearted and innocent protagonist to be rather refreshing. Additionally tjss usually does a decent job at letting the Mc's mentality mature throughout his novels.

The pacing feels a bit slow and the entire atmosphere leans toward tjss more lighthearted works. Overall, not tjss best work, but imo still one of his better novels. <<less
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JerryHatrick rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: v1c5 part1
Dropped at 5.1
Authors seem to love setting up a strong character, then doing something retarded to weaken them. Such a shame. I have a hankering for music and acting stories and this started out pretty promising.

In fact. The more I think about it, the more this annoys me. Usually, it's stories where things just seem to go right and everything just falls into the MC's lap. This time, it's a series of coincidences that just so happen to take everything away from the MC. I dare not read 5.2... more>> for fear that on top of all of this, he will become a slave. <<less
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Little Dragon
Little Dragon rated it
April 9, 2016
Status: --
I believe this story has amazing potential. It is unique and unlike other stories it not focus on “I grow stronger, I kill, I grow stronger, I take some pill, I take stronger.” The story focus so far has been the zither and hopefully it remains so. You can tell as you read that the author took his time to understand the zither. All and all I look forward to future updates.
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onesky rated it
September 15, 2016
Status: v3c77
I dont get why ppl give up on such good novel....

It's kind of new for me with music cultivation. And if you read some 'people' said the bad taste is ch 5.1 you are wrong...

It's true that chapter leave a bad taste but you know, it was a bit realistic for me when we im fed up with plot that always show our MC is lucky....

You should read till the current chap for better understanding that this novel isn't worth 1 star only
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TheHungryScrub rated it
August 20, 2016
Status: --
Hmm i'm going to be that 'person' and will say that the low rating were probably due to prejudice of the fifth chapter. Which is also ironic since i'm also prejudicing on other haha.

Anyway this will be a premature scrubby review and if anyone is familiar with tjss work this is another of his usual work.

So far to me It more similar to Shen Yin Wang Zuo and Douluo dalu in term of setting and maybe character but in a lesser version.

The setting is your basic big kingdom here,... more>> big kingdom there (north.south,etc). It fantasy like with magic/sword user and some variation of them (so far v3 whole chapter 17 subch65). So expect magical beast and the usual trope.

What different is our mc using zither as both his tool of offense and utility. For me it refreshing to see something other than sword in any other fantasy story.

To keep short since it still early phase of the story and nothing much to review.

Side-Character are decent. They are different and has personality but some of them fall flat to me. Also there can many names to remember and some of them come and go.

Mc is like a more naive/innocent version of the mc of Shen ying weng zuo. Although he is naive he is developed throughout and learn a bit here and there. So if you hate your mc naive flaw with a passion then this is not for you.

Plot armor/item luck-
At the moment no crazy plot armor and even the coincidence one of the reviewer say was not even a coincidence since it something you can foreshadow due to character and setting. I guess you can call it a nerf plot device. There are item mc obtain but it isn't a big deterrence from what mc already have (in term of skill i mean)

The battle scene are usually this author strong point so it good and can be confusing if you don't much of the terms.

Again at the moment not much plot and more of building up one. There are mystery with some character that haven't unravel yet but they are hinting.

Overall 3.5/5
I like the character and setting. Oh also because i know what to expect from this author since i have read his other work. So read if you also a fan of the author or if you looking for something fantasy like, mc with unique weapon, or killing time waiting for your novel to update.

Oh one thing i hate about this author and his other work is the chapter indicator. For those that are new, One chapter of his is subdivide into usually 3-5 part chapter. So whenever you see how many chapter there are, like 17 chapter? which is right now at the moment...it mean it has 64 or 65 chapter total subdivide chapter. So sometime i forget to get through one chapter event of the title, it usually mean 5 chapter before getting the juice of it haha.

p.s will change in future if any major stuff happen. <<less
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rdawv rated it
June 2, 2016
Status: v1c7 part3
Takes a long time to get going, and when it does, the MC might not be everyone's cup of tea. To put it simply, he comes off as incredibly naive and innocent. His background was that his mentors placed great importance in his innate talent and in order not to dilute it or influenced by the unnecessary, the MC was trained in a secluded manner. He was not taught any common sense or worldly matters and is almost child-like in his manners and curiosity. It's like sending your young kid... more>> on his first errand, and because of his lack of knowledge combined with his grown age he either offends or charms the people he comes across ('pectoral muscles').

You will need some degree of patience in reading this one because of the MC. If you're tired of stories with self-assured, smug MCs then you'll find a different kind in this one. <<less
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Callista Soo
Callista Soo rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: v2c49
I really like this novel. Although the MC is a bit naive but even still he is quite perceptive, kind and resolute. Plus you can count on this kind of guy, not arrogant yet not yielding. He seems to have gathered quite the entourage, sura the mysterious and dark assassin, a beautiful but sorrowful girl with amazing potential and skill in music, a man beast or some other kind of human Zi who is very strong and 'worldly' plus the MC's powerful grandfather's and parents. Definitely recommend to read!!!!😉
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Kittybear rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: --
I think that this story has potential to become a pretty decent story. If it proceeds far enough, I believe it will even become a fantastic read. However, most of the potential, in my opinion, is because of the obvious foreboding of how the mc and his friends will become the strongest existences in the future.

Honestly, I chose to read this because I wanted something that focused on some sort of music based cultivation. I came across this and thought "Perfect. It has a zither and martial arts!" I had... more>> higher expectations at first, but then the author just dumped a pile of shit on the mc later on.


At one point, the mc gets his most valuable treasures, that are priceless artifacts, stolen by some beggar on the street because he was so naive. Granted, he still received help to get to his destination and met a potential love interest because of this. Hell, it even hints that the mc will eventually meet the beggar again and get his stuff back, but still! That is so infuriating because the mc is just that naive and innocent. Later, we even find out that his father was following him and "protecting" him, but he still just let the beggar go! He later explained it was to teach his son independence and that shit. BS! Your just going to let all those precious artifacts go just to teach your son this one lesson?! NO! At least just let the beggar go a little ways and then get the stuff back! I almost dropped this series just for that.


This isn't your typical "mc never receives any set backs" stories. In the very beginning, he gets a huge set back that will no doubt drive away many readers, but the potential shows later makes it worth it to go on. Granted, in my opinion, I find that a lot of potential comes from the mc's friends rather then himself, which is why I'm not really calling this one to have the potential to be a legendary read, but it still has the potential to be a good read at least. However, this is potential I'm talking about, potential that will come to fruition many, many chapters in the future so, those of you looking for an instant good read, just leave this one be for a couple years and then come back. If you have time to invest right now and the patience for more chapters, put a bookmark on this one. <<less
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