Shen Yin Wang Zuo


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While the demons were rising, mankind was about to become extinct. Six temples rose and protected the last territory of mankind.

A young boy joins the temple as a knight to save his mother. During his journey full of miracles and tricks in the world where temples and demons are antagonistic to each other, will he be able to ascend to the strongest knight and inherit the sealed divine throne?

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Sealed Divine Throne
Throne of Seal
Thần Ấn Vương Tọa
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strixflash rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
One dimensional protagonist who is hell bent on killing demons because his father told him Demons are evil ~_~ It's like humanity is totally good while Demons are pure evil. The real world doesn't works like that. No race thinks themselves as evil... even the most heinous crime has a reason behind it. A life is a life whether it belongs to a human or a demon. But in this story the demons are pigs to be slaughtered by MC. (There is no absolute good or ultimate evil... that's what... more>> I like about the other Chinese novels like ISSTH or Xian Ni).

The other problem is that the MC has no personality. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: c362
I decided to write this review as to give a few counter argument to some negative reviews which I find baseless or bias

first is about they said the MC is killing the demons without reason, I mean for goodness sake are you sane? Invaders from another world came & started killing humanity which lasted thousands of years, are you just gonna wait like a livestock? Btw around the hissing cave mission it tells that the demons are not evil they are just fighting for supremacy & survival,

next someone said... more>> that the characters are boring, lets just say your just disappointed that you don't like good natured MCs you like ruthless MC that are illogical like ATG which I stopped reading where women don't care even if the MC massacres INNOCENT people just because they belong to the same sect & then the MC neglects his woman & child to marry another woman., the characters in SYWZ atleast are not neglected some even have their own romance, and LHC team member are very unique, I mean a priest that cant heal, a mage that cant attack, an unstable summoner, and they atleast show some personality, as for LHC though a good guy he is still merciless, and though OP atleast not the whole he can beat those above his level just because he's special.

and lastly though I kinda undestand his point on this one, the way cai'er's parent treated her is hypocrisy, well from my understanding her parents though reluctant still treated her harshly is because of their situation & position, they are at war with the demons & humanity needs those capable heroes with potential and unfortunately for cai'er she was born special so her circumstances wasn't something her parents can't ignore because its for the sake of humanity,

seriously they are in a world where the demon god emperor has a if in terms of level 1 million units while the strongest of humans are probably around 100k+ only and the demon side has insane numbers and 72 demon gods talk about unbalanced playing field <<less
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makenai89 rated it
November 9, 2015
Status: --
Shen Yin Wan Zuo tells the story of mankind war against demons from the perspective of a child that has been granted extraordinary strength and fortitude to take key role in the said war. We follow his journey and development, how he used the materials he was given smartly and righteously, with plenty of supports from people around him, for the good of the mankind.

An opposite to Douluo Dalu, another work of Tang Jia San Shou that hints at cynicism against human and the world, Shen Yin Wan Zuo sticks... more>> with normative ethics. The MC is an ideal human being who is loyal, generous, diligent, filial, wise, etc. On one side, it made for a good story material. Furthermore, Tang Jia San Shou clearly excels at character and plot development among other xianxia writers. On the other hand, the MC perfection may nauseate us who have realized that the world is not some place where we can survive by being exceedingly kind. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
The narration is third person, as it tells the tale of a generically good main character. The main character lacks any initiative as events happen to him and he just is generically nice, honest, and boring. The main character lacks interesting qualities or traits. His comrades are generically boring as well, execpt for the main waifu who is the most interesting character in the novel (not that’s saying much). The pacing is terrible as the first tournament takes more than a hundred chapters to get through, which I would not... more>> mind if the tournament had anything going on, but it was just a grind to get through. Afterwords the MC generically kill demons and is generically good and honest. To be honest the demon faction does not seem that bad. <<less
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ohmygulay rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
This is actually a great story which I personally love. Some would have a different opinion, others might agree but I do believe this is a great story. The story starts of a bit slow but as you read on, the story will progress. So far this is a novel that doesn’t bore me with too many chapters or frustrate me with a very short chapter (update).

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Crimefridge rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c448
Like most wuxia, the main concept of the novel is some overpowered protagonist with some legendary father figure training him to become stronger than him. It's all about cultivation, training, cultivation, training, repeat, ad infinitum.

You know how crappy wuxia writers write long "details" in paragraph form that are either redundant or blatant unnecessary recaps to fill pages?

This author is no different. If you're looking for a barely passable tr*shy series to get you through your escapist needs, this novel will suffice. Otherwise, if you want quality content, go elsewhere.
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NovelxFiend rated it
April 16, 2019
Status: Completed
excuse me for my bad English in advance...

I made this account just to write a review for this terrible novel which should be avoided like the plague.

The start was great I absolutely loved it

... more>> People complained about things such as MC being to good and his single minded slaughter towards demons.

1) He is the scion of light which in most stories represents 'good' so how he acts shouldn't be surprising. at least at the beginning Ill go on later about why this goes down a crappy route.

2) demons are oppressing humans, its only natural to fight back especially when he sees demons attack and kill people who he knows/knew.

now up to a bit past the tournament arc to when they start going in the demon territory everything was good. but it starts going down hill around chapter 3-400? I believe.

First off the MC is an idiot for multiple reasons. most of which are spoilers.

    1. His pet Hao Yue I believe the name is. Everything from his world is trying to kill him, and the MC just ignores everyone warning from that world about him being the destroyer of their world.
      at first it was just one lich which is understandable why the MC wouldnt believe him. But when the whole world from where he is from is trying their best to kill him you would kind of start thinking there might be some credibility to it.
    1. Also about Hao Yue, MC comes up with some crap pot theory of it must of been his ancestor when everyone is saying that its not and its the current Hao yue..... MC refuses to believe them and says it was his ancient ancestor who did it... someone who has no idea to whats going on sure does have all the answers.
    1. Again about Hao Yue, The demon emperor starts a holy war due to him (a war where both sides fight till one of them is 'extinct' will get to this later) sets up an elaborate trap all to kill Hao Yue and when the demon king tries to explain to them when they fall in the trap why their trying to kill Hao Yue, MC says he refuses to know... REALLY!? you come up with a sh*t theory of Hao Yue ancestor being the culprit without any proof and when people NOT FROM HIS WORLD AND ARE IN YOUR WORLD ARE EVEN TRYING TO KILL HIM AT ALL COST you would start thinking that he may indeed be a very dangerous being.
      But nope demon king tries to explain but MC is to weak willed to know.
    1. About that trap.... A girl who is madly in love with MC warns him of it and tells him to run. He refuses because he wants to go save some prisoners. Okay he does that he has the chance to flee. But wait what does he do? decides to go assassinate number 2 in the demon command because the
      demon king isnt around and he thinks its a perfect opportunity, Ill explain how dumb this is in the next point. Anyways he goes see the girl who is a double agent for him and gives him details on how he can accomplish his goal since she is worried he will die if she doesn't help. well it was a trap (girl was given bad info to deceive him since the demon king knew she was his helper) he gets caught bad things happen. Then when he meets her again he says he doesn't blame her but resents her for it... again what is wrong with this MC... she warns you escape multiple times, you refuse to listen to her and to the guy in my next point and decide to go do something they both said not to do which was to assassinate 2nd in command of the demon forces. and when bad things happens its NOT HIS FAULT BUT EVERYONE ELSE's... even when he was given clear warnings on not do these things...
    1. long story short... leader of the mage temple tells MC the demons won't ever wipe out humans because they are needed and the holy war is just a front. He tells MC don't do anything s*upid or rash or dangerous and just build up his strength since he has the abilities to fight the demon king in the future... based on point 4 you know he didn't listen.... also note that apparently he did not understand and it wasn't until the end of the book someone else said the exact same thing then he gained enlightenment when he said he already understood it from the mage temple guy....
    1. Tired of writing so ill try and sum this one up.
    2. Gets necromancer inheritance
    3. learns from snail known as the messenger of the goddess of light that he was a scion of light
    4. learns the scion of light only appears when the world goes to shit.
    5. blames necromancer for demon invasion for weakening humanity even though the appearance of him meant that humans have become too corrupt and dangerous based on pass appearances of the scions of light. So him killing lots of people was just him doing his job as the scion of light in an extremist way. But people had to be purge or else the scion of light would of never appeared in the first place.
    6. snail ask him to go find out why he chose such extreme methods.
    7. MC says yes but then says he will never go back into the inheritance... so he can never go ask..?
    8. Snail says the scions of lights become corrupt by being extremely strict with themselves in trying to be perfect. Snail says not to be strict with himself.
    9. some chapters later the MC says he needs to be extremely strict with himself like the Snail said to be......
      ah forgot about the girl that love MC. MC said they can be friends unless she hurts humans... I feel like he also means she isn't allowed to defend herself and should just let herself get killed... after reading this novel I would not be surprised if that is really what he means

      As you

      noticed the MC listens to NO ONE and BLAMES EVERYONE ELSE FOR HIS ISSUES.


Also the novel became such a mess a the end that the only way the author could end it was with the power of friendship... Not even joking.

Also some characters that were important to the MC disappear and never appear again *Cough* Hell yi*Cough* or whoever his name was the trained him in the beginning

and some others.

also one of the worst novels where the author constantly repeats himself to fill up the word count.

Says demon blood cant be red then when he goes to kill demon it says how red blood splatters everywhere....

fight scenes get extremely boring due to constant repeats of paragraphs to fill up the word count. <<less
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ceruleonice rated it
March 21, 2016
Status: --
Read the entire novel in Chinese, and I feel like some of the feeling and beauty of the novel is lost during translation. In review of the actual novel and plot itself, it is very well-rounded and there are no loose ends. It's definitely cheesy at times, but the novel is a very good break from all the bloodthirsty, harem, and indecisive MC's out there. Although it is pretty slow-moving, I really enjoyed the story. Not only that, the author also focuses on other characters besides the MC. The power-ups... more>> don't always seem like it is just dropped in the MC's lap, and I don't recall any scenes where something is too far-fetched. The story is quite decent, albeit idealistic (because the MC is basically perfect), but it's definitely a nice read if you like happy endings, closure, side couples, and team power-ups. <<less
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sleib rated it
March 20, 2016
Status: --
Very, very, very good novel. It has good action and an interesting world. While there are many battles where he has to fight alone, there are also many team battles where he fights with his teammates. The enemies are demons from another world, who invaded humanity and transformed many of them into demons. MC is extremely talented holy knight (similar to paladin). Other than holy knight there are other classes like assassin, warrior, mage, priest, summoner and maybe even more, each with different abilities. MC is much more honorable and... more>> less viscous than other usual xianxia heroes, but when it’s time to fight or kill he won’t back down. Main lead’s love interest is also very strong and with similarly great potential, she’s not someone who needs protection all the time and has enough power to fight side by side with MC. I read till chapter 270 and story gets better and better.

PS. Some people are complaining that he kills those poor innocent demons, but if any race or being wiped out millions of humans and mutated some of them into monsters, who the hell would question whether they are good or bad.... just kill those mother f**kers!!! Plus demons have upper hand right now in the story but I do not see any demons fighting for peace....f**k them! <<less
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Jack rated it
September 2, 2016
Status: c877
One of the masterpiece by TJSS. Though plot line is similar to DD and seems like MC is hell bent on killing the Demons and Demon Gods. Everything seems like demons are bad. But they too have their circumstances. Those who say that MC is mindlessly killing the demons, my question is what will you do when some alien species tries to invade and tries to make humanity its s*ave? Will you negotiate? It is one of those series where MC doesn't take the dark way, but rather stays in... more>> the light way. For humanity he is ready to fight his own, for love he is ready to give up his belief. Wait till you read to the end of the series that's when the plot thickens... <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jefferypendragon rated it
July 20, 2016
Status: c126
Just like in Douluo Dalu, I dropped during the first main tournament. I can't the long drawn out boring repetitive tournaments this author writes. Other then that it was okay.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Skoll028 rated it
May 21, 2016
Status: c336
This is a a really interesting story to read. The MC is in a monogamous relationship with someone that is akin to a childhood sweetheart. The action is good, the MC is definitely not a wimp, and is actually a high level genius. Granted, it's not to the extent that he has story-breaking powers of op-ness, but he is strong enough to stomp at his level. He also is one of the more hard working protagonists, and despite being slightly naive in some aspects, he is, in general, quite intelligent.... more>> The big bad's in this story are also not one-dimensional, and have an interesting personalities <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Justpassingthrough rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: --
Before I started reading this I heard a few people say that the protagonist is one dimensional and the plot is boring but I disagree. The story is pretty original as far as wuxia novels go mainly due to the fact that the MC isn't some arrogant guy who goes around offending people and then killing them, only to offend some other major person, get chased around, level up, then kill them and repeat. We get to see the MC slowly becoming stronger and more mature from the child that... more>> he was.

The author has done the world building very well, even if a little late in the story. The continent has an intriguing history that's slowly revealed. The characters are well developed and it isn't divided into just two factions of loving or hating the MC. Even the side characters have great backstories so they don't come off as one dimensional. The romance is cute and fluffy and a bit heartbreaking at some points. All in all, it's a well rounded and wonderful novel. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
evilbaam rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: c800
Had read this novel a while back and I must say, this is one TJSS's top works. Tbh, I am writing this because the reviews really irked me as well as some of the comments in the forum. Its not that I think all people should have exactly same preference as me, but if your really bashing on this novel please give decent supporting reason. The whole world is really well thought out and has been described pretty good as well. I have read lot of novels here (maybe more... more>> than 100) and this one has the best fighting scenes, hands down. TJSS is really good at describing fight scenes and he outdid himself here. Power system is similar to that in other novels, but it has its own characteristics which keep it interesting. Almost every fight has strategy involved. If you are one of those you likes reading about a battle in one sentence, then this is just, not for you.

Coming on to romance, this is decent, sweet romance element, lot better than most Action/Martial Arts novels. But just dont expect even chapter to have dooey stuff. Just remember this is primarily an Action/Martial Arts novel.

Moving on towards the MC, hes is pretty generic with amazing talent. Obviously he get his fair share of armor and luck (Show me one novel which doesnt have this element). Lot of people mention abt the fact that hes too good, which is total bullshit. No idea what they are smoking up. He is good to friends and ruthless to his enemies. If you want MC to randomly r*pe/kill his friends, then I will say again- STOP READING, LEAVE NOW.

I feel that TJSS doesnt get enough credit for foreshadowing and building things up, which become completely clear after 100s of chapters. Lot of the titbits are given out throughout the novel regarding why exactly the 'present situation' arose. Coming to wrong conclusions because of some of the wrong information given out by the characters who themselves have misconceptions make for good twists and turns when the true story is revealed. Ending a novel seems to be a pretty tough thing to do (not that I have ever tried), with most of the authors making a mess out of it or just not good enough. Fortunately this novel has one of the best endings among the novels I have read here and I thing you will be pretty satisfied.

So summing up, this is xuanhuan novel which sticks to its core elements pretty well. What puts it apart from its contemporaries great story with no major plot holes and inconsistencies. Nicely thought out story with great ending. Fighting scenes are its highlight. This is not going to turn the world upside down, but make a fun and engrossing read. If you are even a bit into this genre, you should try it out. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
scriptor rated it
June 15, 2016
Status: c355
Like Douluo Dalu, a nice classic novel with good plot and character development and romance. The MC in this novel is more of an innocent nice guy though (he's a little less innocent later on when he becomes a leader, out of necessity). Lots of humor too! Definitely one of the writer's better-written novels.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LAFORGUS rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: c430
Started to read it (just because I was looking for Completed novels to read) I was dissapointment with Author's DD1 and DD2, I give this a try, I was naive... this was but with different Plot setting, sadly the same mechanic:
    • MC with OP Plot Armor from Birth
    • s*upid Beta Sappy MC
    • Full Party of friends male of females to create Party Banter (word count)
    • Wife status sealed from the start, the same crap that kills romance, every female who appears later is just fan-service.
    • For some reason Wife goes sick, lose memory (insert plot device to remove her for a while), this makes the MC find female characters that fall in love with MC, but the BETA MC act, like.... that.
    • The world-building is bad
    • You see enemies with their strongest power since early, so there is no surprise, but makes the MC to rise in power fast, then catch and surpass everyone who was strong, which makes no sense, since it looks like everyone else does not training.
    • Not only MC get strong fast, his friends does it as well.
    • etc.
    • etc.

As DD series, this novel is more bearable if you read the Manhua, where many filler plots and characters who are not important are cut off. Some good points on this novel is that MC loses some times, is the only difference I see from DDs where MCs never loses a fight.

This Author seems to like to write Shounen like novels for the same purpose of being made into comics/Manhua. I gave it a chance but cant go beyond chapter 430, since read the other two novels, all those points repeats itself.

This will be the last thing I read from this Author, I started DD1, DD2 and this one, because I read Heavenly Jewel Change and laughed a lot with that novel, which is a lot better.

As for me I like more dark psycho-logic Smart oriented Novels, at my age, I cut off Shounen/Teen oriented Manga/Manhuas long ago, too bad there is no rating on Novel Updates that Warn you about it.

In Ressume: If you like the same formula as Douluo Dalu series, you can go ahead and read this, it seems that the author want to maintain the same formula for all these novels since they share the same universe, maybe he will create some big crossover with these MCs, sadly they are all a Copy paste of each other.

3/5 for repetitiveness between different Novels, lucky I quit, if I continue this score would get lower.

Update (Dec 21 2020) :

GOD! it was too hard to continue reading this, it was panful. stopping reading even for week and leaving the tab open until resuming again.

All what I said before Still stands, the score goes lower even more. So much friendship and love around that even you forget you are reading a cultivation novel.

Also the bullsh*t ending plot about:


MC being the Grandson of the Demon Lord, but MC's father thought

he was Demon Lord son,

drama etc. etc. etc. everyone happy in the end.


Also as DD1 and DD2, Author ties the relationship of MC early on, even the companions of the same group intermarriages each other so everyone have a happy ending.


Time to get some Bad ass ass Kicking Universe Traveling Novel to read. this was too much!

2 out 5 Stars my Final Score. (YES! you can edit your score.)
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Panda rated it
December 3, 2015
Status: --
The story got MC with no character :D. But all the rest is awesome. It starts with prodigy young boy who wants to become a knight. And well he became a knight. Quite typical, gets a teacher, father is godlike knight, meets the girl falls in love at first sight, gets a magical beast companion and then some tournament, creating a party, Final Boss is Maou. Well the important thing is that all characters are unique and there are not any ret*rded villains as of now. So quite refreshing. Add... more>> the fact that his girlfriend is a yandere and his mount is regularly growing new heads. His team is full of misfits and the mage is a drug dealer. So it actually becomes really interesting and funny in a way. Author shows us that even a typical set up can bring something new to xianxia genre. So if u have't read it yet go and start now. You won't regret it :D <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MangoGuy rated it
November 27, 2017
Status: c450
Even though I have rated this a 3, it is probably more of a 3.5

This review is valid is till c450, as I dropped the series after this. This review comes after about a month since I dropped it, so it is going to be more on how memorable (or not) it is.

First off, when you have TJSS write something for you, you expect something out of it. Unfortunately for this novel, it backfired. The writing was not up to the mark. It was just the average stuff. Below average,... more>> if I put it under closer scrutiny.

First off, as far as I remember, the MC is a one girl kind of guy. Good for us! So we can finally see a romance, a real romance? With the female lead in the story doing what ever the plot needs for her to do??

Yeah... on that. First off, the way they fall in love, is not really mature. Ok. We can give them the teenage desires card. but fall in love THAT deeply? Come on... And not just that. The male MC is until the portrayed as a perfect man, with barely any impurities in his mind. That kid sure did a sharp 180!

The female lead is constantly in the loop, but I wish she wasn't. Because the author tries desperately to keep her relevant without her really taking part in the story. She loses so and so of her senses so she is just a tr*sh, until plot needs her t overcome that. Heck, if this was a female MC novel, I would give this the biggest of thumbs up!!

Why am I harping so much about the romance in a cultivation CN? Well.. because most of the focus has been on that! And it is just half baked. I mean TJSS should probably recheck his romance concepts.

On to the rest of the cast. Obligatory OP dad. Check. Obligatory TJSS powerful team as long time companions? Check. They have some internal romance and what not? Check. There is an invincible growth type pet? Check.

And beyond all of this... THE PLOT ARMOR!! For as much harder the life of the female lead TJSS makes, the plot armor of the male lead is further strengthened. to the extent where fairies and deities acknowledge his plot armor.

Yup, you read it right. For a pretty bland male lead (seriously bland) struggles and secret plot armors is what you should be looking for. but here... uh. Any time you want to have an MC who is born as a God, just make sure that you put more thought into it.

Conclusion: Is it a good read? Sure. For those readers who like spiceless MC who are saints (THE VERY EPITOME OF SAINTS) this can be a decent read.

Is it worth the time? I don't think so. The chapters are kinda long. It is a TJSS work. You know what to expect.

This is not Mango approved.

And that takes a lot of heart to say, considering how much I have invested in this series. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: c146
The story isn't bad, but (so far) the plot is really corny. Whether it's the MC's one-dimensional personality or the whole 'golden knight in shining armor' thing, if there were no deaths in the series you'd think it was meant for children. Not to mention, the only side of the MC's personality that isn't one-dimensional is the romance, which is totally bugged. The MC pledges his eternal love to a female character simply because she's stronger than him and concedes a match to him so that he can save face...... more>> that's the sort of thing you see in shounen harem plots, but usually in reverse roles. This itself probably doesn't make the story bad, and it's most likely just my personal preference, but I can't relate to an OP MC who falls in love with an even more OP girl simply because she lets him save face, it just feels really forced. Moreover, the tag Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest is more like Protagonist falls in love with the first girl his own age that he meets. It's a really shallow romance, and so far about a third of the chapters have been revolving around this romance. But I feel like a lot of these complaints aren't objective but rather just my personal opinion, so going by the quality of the story I think it's worth 3 stars <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jyindo rated it
August 29, 2016
Status: c368
A good novel in the sense that its very straightforward, light comedy and interesting chars yet not as good as douluo. Combat is nice and the MC is a rarely seen type as he is fairly "Normal" no weird deviant here he is a just guy.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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