Child of Light


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Zhang Gong decides to learn light magic, a magic few show interest in and eventually becomes the legendary Grand Magister. While trying to end the continent’s east and west separation in order to unite all of the different races, he becomes every race’s Child of Light.

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Guang Zhi Zi
Son of Light
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39 Reviews

May 14, 2016
Status: --
The main character is very naive and childish throughout the whole story and can't seem to stick to a personality, but changes to whatever the author wants him to be.... And he isn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen, so to speak.

The story is supposed to revolve around magic, but it’s seriously flawed, casting take ages, and enemies just stand there waiting. It’s like a turn based RPG game. Even though close combat “Qi” like energy exist which makes warriors OP, but never really fully utilized, because “magic”. The combat... more>> is very predictable because of this, which kinda makes it boring.

Now all of this might sound pretty bad, but it was a solid 3/5 or even a 4/5 before Volume 9.

You had two potential love interests in this story, but the MC falls for one of them and taking in his innocent and “pure” character he stays as friends with the other potential love interest, which is fine, because nothing happens, you know, until it does.


The MC is truly in love and says he would never betray her or be with anyone else, ever. But Lo and behold, it turns into a harem. Love interest nr 2 keeps nagging MC, telling how much she loves him, and he just caves in, totally going against his “pure” and honest character. MC says that he might never love Nr2, but she can at least “be with him and Nr1” What the f*ck!? It seriously doesn’t make any sense at all, I guess the author wanted a threesome, and this was as close as he could get.


Anyway, TL:DR: Don’t read this if you hate childish, naive, s*upid MC and s*upid harem, which goes against the very characteristics of the MC.

I had enough of the rage inducing story, so dropped it.

The rage you will accumulate from this novel can become quite great, but it can still be enjoyable at times, hence the 2/5, but definitively in low tier of 2s.

If you got nothing else to read, I mean literally nothing else, give it a try. <<less
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Mar 01, 2016
Status: --
Nothing good comes from leaving your kids home alone. They can either start a fire or write the tragic piece of work that is child of light.

The story started off below average and somehow manages to go below that, the grammar is horrible, description aren’t there, characters are flat and their action are nonsensical and unrealistic (like when the mc’ s best friend ends up stalking a girl for years who threats him like shit, even though he has a hold class of females vying for his attention).

Wanted... more>> to write more but got tired of thinking about this shit. Take my advice stay away from this novel 0.5/5 (for effort) <<less
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May 20, 2016
Status: --
This was an exceptionally terrible read riddled with terrible, TERRIBLE, western fantasy cliches. The only explanation I have behind this is that eastern readers aren't familiar with sword and sorcery epics so this guy just ripped off a bunch of old western fantasy tropes, stuck them in a novel and because the mythos was new to the eastern audience he created something "new" and "different".

Having consumed most decent fantasy novels before I started reading any of the Chinese WN stuff this novel really stood out as being exceptionally awful. Aside... more>> from the cannibalized tropes and content (mages, dragons, elves, dark elves, swords of light, hero of light etc. Etc.) the story isn't even well written. There's no real reason behind the hero's power, he's basically walking around in a Gundam suit of plot armor and his entire purpose in the story is so s*upidly overpowered and cliche it's painful to read.

I have no idea why this is on Wuxiaworld as their website seems to adhere to a certain standard which this one certainly doesn't meet. Highly unrecommended. I can however see why it's on Radiant Translations. <<less
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Dec 04, 2015
Status: --
really not up to the standard of the author.

Multiple changes of narrator. Selfproclaimed Hero... And the whole story is just like it's writen by a child.
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May 18, 2016
Status: --
Absolute crap writing. Terrible plot with severe lack of depth and very forced scenarios. Not worth the read.
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Aug 25, 2016
Status: v7c6
I've really come to hate reading this. When the story first started getting translated, it was an interesting read. The MC was young and talented. He was lazy which allowed him to cut corners like a genius. It was funny. Things were exaggerated, but I was just getting into it and it was okay. Then it sort of gets ridiculous from there. There really isn't any sense of urgency. We are told from the very beginning that MC saves everyone and becomes this legendary person. We know he succeeds and... more>> is amazing. Throughout the chapters, the author will include little snippets of "Little the Child of Light know, this incident would have lasting consequences, " or whatever. So whenever there is a battle or tournament with the MC, we know he wins. It's not always a crushing defeat of his enemy, which is strange because he is supposed to be super powerful, but we know he wins.

MC gets strong really quickly. It's kind of ridiculous. Still, he's not that strong? Compared to other wuxia/xianxia/magic stories, his abilities are kind of meh. He's not really much stronger than everyone else either. All his allies are really strong (of course, they go to the best magic school in the country, but still), but he is the child of prophecy so he's the best. He's childish. So annoyingly childish. Like ten years old childish, but the MC is an adult for a good portion of this. Just take his s*upid romance for instance. He meets this girl and she's cold to him or something so he starts teasing her and then falls in love with her. It's the dumbest s*upidest romance. Then there are all these other girls who like him as well and I could not for the life of me as a fellow female understand why. He's strong, arrogant, childish, handsome. That's all he's got going for him.

His magic beast is supposed to be a super powerful beast when it grows up. In it's weakened state though, it's really not that amazing.

Anyway, I'm quitting here. I'm fed up with the MC doing s*upid things in the name of love. He's blinded by his dumbass love. I don't even care if it gets better or whatever. These s*upid things just ruin it for me. <<less
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Feb 18, 2016
Status: --
It was interesting in the beginning. I can tolerate his laziness and becoming OP despite always slacking off But

... more>>

when the MC decides to free the archenemies of the human race over love (especially one where its development is lacking)


I dropped the series like a hot potato. I can't respect a MC that


would betray his friends, country, and family for a girl. These demons, though I'm not prejudiced towards them, came to annihilate the human race. If their plot was successful, then everyone including his family, teachers, friends, etc. Would all be dead.

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Feb 13, 2016
Status: --
Read up to v8c2. Brommance is gone and the romance started and even the beginning? Of the harem. Usually I'm not a fan of harems but it's well introduced, logical so I don't mind. The story I agree is not the typical xianxia and has a feel of slice of life sometimes but that change of the usual hack&slash of the other novels.

It's also has more realistic fights with limited amount of mana and even if MC is a genius he can't fight someone as strong as him and follow... more>> up with an army of 10k.

Sometimes the characters do idiotic things for love but that's not unrealistic even if some might find it s*upid. Overall it's not a bad story and it really change from the usual stuff so it's nice to read. <<less
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May 31, 2016
Status: v6c1
I succeeded reading until the middle of the second book. I regret it. I am also little sad that I couldn't give this novel 0/5.

I have to say that this novel starts not so bad and the pov of the writing was refreshing. Also the fact that the MC have 2 (!!!) living (!!) parents is amazing. This novel could have become a good novel. Sadly, the MC changes his lazy personality, there are no supporting characters with personality, and there is nothing... smart about this novel. Even the magic... more>> concept (perhaps clinch but I like it) had stayed in the mind of 3 y old boy.

This novel becomes bad slowly step by step. Now that I think on this, I should have seen the signs from the start.

If you want to read good novels go to my just go to my list. <<less
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May 05, 2017
Status: v5
I give up.. This novel managed to bring me close to death with one of the most obnoxious protagonists in the history. I understand that simple is beautiful, but for f*ck sake, this kid's mind is somewhere up in the sky all the time. At first I was inclined to believe that the author tried to create a pure and relatively peaceful world expansion. But no, the only peaceful thing is the protagonist's brain. There is no activity whatsoever inside his head. I know that this is the first novel... more>> of this author, but I find it hard to believe it somehow reached the status of a translated novel. While MGA is annoying AF, at least it had some decent parts. This one instead is like free diving inside the abyss. At some point you just ask yourself, "can it get even worse?". I sincerely don't want to know. <<less
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Aug 06, 2016
Status: v9c44
I rarely ever write reviews, but I'm not trying to say this story is so amazing that I just had to write a review for it. It's the complete opposite, this story is tr*sh.

I don't know wtf was going through TJSS's head when he wrote this shit, but this novel is sooooooooooooo childish.

At first, before volume 9, I just read this novel just to pass the time when I had nothing else to do. The childish story was ok to the point of being able to stomach all of it,... more>> but after volume 9...... things are sooooooooooooo bad that I was forced to write a bad review.

The characters are shallow and TJSS tries to cover up this borderline yaoi MC with two chicks.

The magic itself is inconsistent and pretty weak, since the MC is supposedly one of the top 5 strongest humans in the continent, but the author just throws some enemies that don't make any sense in order to develop this non-existent "plot". Not to mention that the MC is just so childish, it's beyond childish

There's basically no background building or character development and if there's any, it's extremely shallow. Everything about this novel is pretty childish and sounds like it's trying to get the reader to go on a feel-trip at least 5 times per volume

The action is boring, the romance weak. The only thing I found interesting about it was some of it's unique things that's specific to this story and that's been the thing that's letting me push on reading.

I seriously don't understand why this crap was published <<less
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Eternal Tranquility
Eternal Tran
May 30, 2016
Status: v9c43
At first I really liked this novel. The MC was the lazy yet smart type. He practiced light magic, entered the best academy and became the disciple of an extremely powerful light magician - A Magister - The story flowed nicely and the MC wasn't rash. He also valued friendship greatly. All in all it was good until................ He met a girl.
... more>>

The MC suddenly became and idiot. He did a childish trick on the girl for a s*upid reason. He confessed his love for her so that he can dump her after she develops feelings for him. However after some time he magic~~ly fell in love with her and she... the same. Afterwards the story goes even more down hill. The plotline becomes worse and the MC becomes s*upider. The characters slowly lose their personalities and now Zhan Gong - the MC- suddenly has a harem even though he claimed he'll only love the Female lead. The current events all feel forced


I am currently skimming through the chapters. Hopefully it'll become better later on or I'll drop it. Gave it 3 stars for the beginning. <<less
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Nov 24, 2015
Status: --
This is a story consisting entirely of telling and not showing. For those unfamiliar with the term, the author shoves flat character traits down the throat, forces events, and generally means boring written. The main character barely has a personality he just floats along while stuff happens to him, the rest of the characters are so artificial it makes me puke. 1 star for not being nonsense, and 1 start for amount of chapters.
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Nov 15, 2015
Status: v12c29
Edit: Finished reading

The story starts ok, the pace a little slow, but otherwise a good setting and character development. The world description is very good (magic levels, magic types, etc) and the way the MC cultivates is way too funny.

The problem is that the action seems written by a 7-year-old. The relationship between the main character, Zhang Gong, and the other characters is, nicely put, innocent and immature. For those parts, I simply read between the lines and skipped the 5th-grade details. I can't blame that author, because the story... more>> starts when the MC is very young and trying to make him act too mature might ruin the story another way. For those that like this type of story, I recommend 'Close Combat Mage', which also has a very young MC. Another thing that bugged me is the ending, which was too abrupt and forced. It seems like even the author got bored with Zhang Gong s*upidity and decided to simply end the story.

I definitely recommend this book for small kids. Is has everything, from blind trust to true friendship and love. In the end, the book theme is the fight between light and darkness, good vs evil, etc. Overall, the author stayed true to the character, maintaining the innocence that only kids have and ending up with a fairy tale. <<less
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Feb 18, 2017
Status: Completed
The plot is quite good. It's just that is not well written enough. There are lot of loopholes (e.g MC got his face full of scars and acts like there will be no chance of curing it. Damn! He's the representative of the gods and his main element is light yet he lose hope like that). Another downside is that the MC is quite childish or s*upid? When his face got scarred, he just give up her girlfriend w/o even asking her opinion. It's like he's belittling his girlfriend. And... more>> his childishness even caused harm to the other girl. Well overall, it's still quite a good read for those who are running out of their list. <<less
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Jul 26, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm sorry this isn't a review this is a rant. I just need to do something with the anger I feel after reading this book

TLDR.: Run! You really do not want to read this. No matter how much you like the Authors other works or the Manwha.

So I actually finished this novel and never have I regretted reading a novel till now.

... more>> I started reading this because it's an early work of the Douluo Dalu author and he normally writes decent novels.

(Except for having issues commiting to something and because of that always finishing of his novels, as if his editor told him his manga isn't popular enough and that it will be thrown out of Jump resulting in car-crash like endings. And this one is no exception.)

It starts of like most of his novels with a young boy who grew up in a village who goes on to become the strongest in the world.

Not very creative but fine for a beginner. The characters are for the most part as one-dimensional as they can get and the plot of getting strong enough to defeat the great evil that will soon awaken isn't really great either but if it was just that you could chalk it up to the author being inexperienced and the novel could get away with a 2-3 star rating.

But it just gets worse from there. In the novel the author makes several narrator quotes about what will happen in the future, which already isn't that good for storytelling but literally nothing of these comments about the future actually happen. Like really if you include something about the future of your novel then make sure it really happens.

The next part of my rant spoils the end so if you want to read this piece of garbage then don't read any further.


So for the ending..... it is a catastrophe both in the literal sense and the literary sense. So the big evil is a monster that needs a living person as a vessel and takes advantage of the gaps in peoples heart to posses them and the one who got possessed is one of the MCs girlfriends because apperently he never showed any signs of really liking her even though they nearly had s*x with each other once and kissed each other and resolved the problem with him having more than one parter one chapter before the possesion happend so plothole mumber one. Then in the fight he kills her body so he can take her over more easily. Like you spent 3 f*cking days trying to completely posses her and in the end you didn't even need her alive so you could just have done this from the very beginning or I don't know take one of these dead swordmasters (Yes most of them didn't even get names) which are far stronger than her and could have killed everything fast enough that he would succeed with his world conquest. No why should he do such logical things. Plothole 2.

Meanwhile "all" the strong characters are supporting the MC in the fight. And by all I mean a select few while the rest is at first keept at bay by other monsters but after some time all these monsters are dead and these guys still just watch from the sidelines.

Meanwhile MC gets possessed after he sees girlfriend 1 dying. Girlfriend 2 tries to help him while the rest of his friends just escape on his dragon, that should only listen to his orders, instead of trying to help girlfriend 2, who is their only hope in bringing MC back to his senses.

Girlfriend 2 uses some secret technique to get Monster King out of MCs body but dies because of said technique and just in this moment the devine being that ordered them to kill the Monster King shows up and finishes him of even though it has been established that it can't kill the Monster King until the part of it they were fighting till now is dead and you'd expect the devine being to revive the dead people as a reward for the MC. Nope the MC gets a lifespan of 60 years and nothing else, because apperently he is at fault for killing half the world population while the Monster King possessed him, even though he only blew up one fortress during that timeframe.

MC says he is going to search for magic that can revive people and the story ends there.

We do get a glimpse of what happend to MC in Douluo Dalu 2 where he becomes Calamity Necromancer Electrolux and as his name suggests wasn't very successful in reviving the dead but that was it and it is just so unsatisfactory.


So in short don't read this book.

I have wasted precious hours of my life just so you wouldn't need to. <<less
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Jul 23, 2016
Status: v10c19
I don't know why I read so far, I thought it was am alright read, but I found it to be frustrating and suffocating once the MC became all powerful.

Romance I admit was pretty shitty btwn the MC. It was almost childish. But I didn't mind it. I really minded the addition of several girls he had no interest in and another forcefully dropped on him just cuz she loved him for beIng the only oone able to beat the crap outta her.... masochist much? I hate harem, and... more>> wish I saw this on novel updates first with the tag 'harem'. I read it somewhere else tagless.

The story itself was an alright read. I don't remember much now.

It is not BL. There is nothing near BL in here (I wish it was rather BL...).

The recent events in the story pissed me off the most...

MC goes to see his beloved muzzy in the demon kingdom. His face gets ruined by dark attributes in the process and because his 'handsome' face is now hideous, he pretty much throws her aside with the excuse 'I'm to ugly for u now'. Like srsly, just wear a fking mask! The author doesn't seem smart enuf to think of such idea, so he just has the MC walk around with such a face and have him lose confident with himself, thus leading to his constant 'I'm not good for u' statements towards the female lead who he went to see. It's REALLY f**ing annoying having to read him avoid her cuz his face. He didn't even have a proper talk with her!

Whenever I read anything about his face, I'm like 'here we go again'. I wish the author had planted the idea of a mask and made him more like a 'mysterious' figure later. But instead he had to make him into low confident guy who uses his face to avoid his 'true love'. Srsly, Just deal with it bro. This is how ugly ppl feel. Move on!


All in all, it would have been an ok read if the recent events didn't annoy the HELL outta me. I'm so mad at the author for ruining his story, srsly. He wasted my f**ing time. <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Read
Jun 18, 2016
Status: v4
Drop. Unable to hold my integrity if continue reading this novel. 1/5 because it's early TJSS in his journey to be king of the CN, like legandary Gu Long early novel.

You won't miss anything if read not this novel. However, for the newbie, it's great. The translation quality is good. The story is easy and simple. There's not much bloodshed scene like other xianxia novels. Thinking of it as Early Guide to Journey Through CN Novels. That's all.
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Jan 30, 2016
Status: --
Really good lighthearted Xianxia although MC loses too easily compared to his strength and experience. Story is really fairy-tale like :D World is about mage and qi cultivation in typical fantasy setting. Edit. At first this was decent, but after reading initial chapter to current one it really has exposed its flaws. I would give maybe 1.5 stars for this.
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Oct 31, 2015
Status: --
Like the review below me, the great story, with a MC picking up something that has feel outa favoritism. We get to see a "genius" rise to power and go on adventures. While theres too much bromance at the start, there is hope in future for less bromance and more romance :D.
I do recommend this if you want to watch a child grow up from being lazy into a hero.
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