The Kind Death God


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Growing up in a thief’s den, Ah Dai remained innocent and kind. During one of his thieving runs, he was caught by a powerful alchemist, Ge Li Si, who took him along for his own reasons. Ah Dai’s life was forever changed.

Fate lead him to save the number one assassin from the Continent. In order to bring about his revenge, the King of Assassins forcefully brought Ah Dai to a secluded town, and passed on his life’s learnings to him. Following an assassin, will Ah Dai become a demon?

Blood sun high in the heavens,
Evil will be born.
Blood rain across the world,
Calamity shall come.

Thousand-year destruction to befall the Continent,
Who is the Savior?

The melding of Kindness and Evil,
The fusing of Light and Dark.

With the Phoenix’s Blood as guide,
Pass all obstacles.
With the Dragon’s Blood as bond,
Love through eternity.

Associated Names
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Shan Liang De Si Shen
Shanliang de Sishen
The Good Reaper
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athlonkmf rated it
February 15, 2016
Status: --
[finished the raw]


Not the best story of TJJS. The side characters never really grow into you. Which is a good thing, because they don't really appear anymore. Even though they are very important for the MC's growth.

MC himself is also emotionally unstable, making a lot of annoying mistakes.

There are three main parallel running arcs, or better said, 3 main goals of the MC. But they all end abruptly. The main arcs and the side stories often ends in a deus ex machina way. In the end I didn't really care anymore for the final battle.

The MC's "mystery" is quite simplistic too, and you'll see it coming miles ago.

Good thing is that the novel's a short read, and while reading, you will keep reading. But if you were to wait for (slow) translations, you'd give this novel up very soon.

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fir537 rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: Completed
Tang San theme of one love (Doulu Dalu), so basically one love and yet multiple girls showing interest. So those who dislikes harem can safely read this novel.

MC is a kind, dumb child. Not that he is an idiot, but he is too honest to a fault. He became a thief because a guy told him he can get bread if he steals money from people, so he steals. Later was taken in by an Alchemist, and starts being exposed to magic and the world of cultivation. While his mage... more>> master was out, he met a man hunted down, saved him, and was taken away by him. Thus a sword master became his second master. Learnt swordmanship, and later inherits his master's weapon.

Short Novel. Doesnt take long to read it all. BUT, the twists and turns in the story made me take near a month to finish. I got frustrated a lot while reading, thinking why this not that why that not this, which is a common thing whenever im reading a Tang San novel.

Seriously dont read if you dont want to get spoiled.


After losing his master, and his second master, MC starts to think. Not that he never thinks, just he doesnt think a lot before. And thus he starts his journey, as naive and kind as before, yet more determined than previously. As if fated, met a girl. Twists and Turns abound, reached elf forest and later the Sword Mountain. Met his master's generation disciples, older and younger generation disciples. Met his Master's master. Egg hatches, Dragon GET. Left the mountain for another journey to avenge his master, sort of. Later became known as the Death God.

SKIPPING A TON OF STUFF and then he managed to stop the war between the Underworld and the God realms. The EnD. Lol

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Edamh rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: c19
Really good, slow start, but latter like all xianxia, the MC is somewhat unique, you could says is kind, but have his own character I like it, 4.5/5, just that translations really low :/
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MondoX rated it
April 15, 2016
Status: c23
Read up to chapter 9, slow start, but not slow enough to make me drop it. The MC has bad luck after bad luck or is it good luck. So far, everyone that is helping the MC is doing it for their own ulterior motives. The MC is a good kid, that does not know he is being used. However, at the same time, he is getting stronger little by little.

Update: The story, and MC are both progressing, but the appearance of an annoying female character is ruining the novel.... more>> Would rate it higher if if was not for the annoying character, but now thinking of dropping it, because of her. <<less
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Random rated it
December 13, 2015
Status: --
A good novel about a kindhearted child who has an interesting backstory to say the least. Again... just read the damn novel. It is good.
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Chachingmel rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: --
I actually read the webtoon (manga?) of this and stopped.

A s*upid MC is just isn't my cup of tea. I'm just not used to have an MC so oblivious to the fact that everybody he meets is using him for their personal gain.

His teacher that he's so obsessed about only took him in to do experiments on him, that will eventually kill him.

... more>> The assassin's he meets, only wanted him to carry out his revenge.

The girl he meets tricks him to being her servant and s*ave and so on.

I don't think the MC having a good heart and getting slowly OP can save this character for me.

When I think the MC is finally getting smarter like leaving the girl who took advantage of him. (I think she loves him now) The Author seems to realise he's getting too smart and rebounds.

Its outputting for me but my last straw was the Author suddenly proclaiming the s*upid MC and the girl who is taking advantage of the s*upid MC as the 'Saviours of Mankind'

I just can't enjoy it like a lot of people can. I wish I could.

I really want to enjoy a book that is apparently 4.0 in ratings. <<less
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Mamasere rated it
February 13, 2023
Status: --
Out of all the novels of TJSS I've read, this is by far the weakest. Not only is the MC royally s*upid, the whole premise of the story before, during and even after the novel is all caused by the s*upidity of the characters. Another problem is the lack of plot. You know, the end goal.

Let's take for example Douluo Dalu, another novel of TJSS. There we have Spirit Hall and Tang San, and both don't depend on each other to exist. If you removed Tang San from the story... more>> Spirit Hall still has their goal, and if you remove them from the story Tang San still has his own goal.

Now let's go back to this story, more importantly the MC, Ah Dai. What is his goal, his ambition? What does he want to do when he grows up? Short answer, nothing. Not a thing. He just wants to continue living with his magic master in the forest forever. This guy is basically a slice of life character in a cultivation world. He has zero ambition, all, and I mean ALL of his goals are forced upon him by others. That's a big minus.

Ah Dai is also a complete moron. Sometimes you'd be surprised that he still knows how to breathe. I don't mind kind protagonists, but unlike Zhang Gongwei from Child of Light, Ah Dai's s*upidity and borderline suicidal dedication to a (minor) goal at hand is a major turnoff. He is gullible, spineless, naive, too emotional, rash, weak as hell and completely oblivious to others' intentions.


At the very beginning of the story he is perfectly content living as a thief, slaving away every day for a crappy guy just to earn a single mantou to eat. His grain-of-sand sized brain can't comprehend the thought of "maybe if I bring more money, I'll get more food..." Instead no matter how much he collects, he still expects and ends up extremely happy over that single mantou.

His first master that he loves so much adopted him to perform experiments on him. Luckily for MC his s*upid nature looked endearing to the master and he couldn't bring himself to sacrifice him. Had this been a darker world dude would've already been sludge in a cauldron.

His second master outright kidnaps/threatens him to follow him so that he can impart his assassination skills to MC for his own gain. Unfortunately MC is so s*upid that for the remainder of the 88 manhua chapters I read through he's still weak and at most average. After some bonding second master is found by his enemies, ends up dead, and MC says that he'll fulfill master's revenge for him. Why? Dude f*cking kidnapped you, even if you are his disciple or whatever doesn't mean you have to throw your life away for him...

And don't even get me started on the love interest. Ah Dai wastes every single chance God gives him to run away from this nutjob of a girl, even swearing that he'll be her servant for one year. Just because she cried!

Mind you this happened not long after his second master died. Yet he already forgot about the revenge!

Ah Dai just apparently has object permanence worse than a baby, everything is thrown at him and he just responds in kind, throwing himself into ridiculous situations, promises and deadly situations just because someone has a problem. The word "No" doesn't seem to exist in his dictionary.

As you can see, this also ties in with the "no plot" thing I mentioned. Like a leaf in the wind, Ah Dai just lets others dictate his goals for him, and he doesn't even visit his first master for seven whole years. Pretty ungrateful in my opinion (and let's not mention how he didn't even bother to ressurect any of his masters in the Divine Realm upon becoming a God)


This novel essentially has no story. Sure there is that apocalypse that happens every 1000 years and it's supposedly coming soon, but no character seems to give a shit. Even when MC and love interest are proclaimed saviors of the world everyone still shits on MC and no one bats an eye on their status. The Church even wants to marry love interest off to some young master despite her being a savior together with Ah Dai. I guess the savior status doesn't mean jack in this story?

Naturally since there is no end goal this means that we're stuck with Ah Dai and his revenge that was forced on him/a journey of being a s*ave to a spoiled b*tchy brat.

The author also peppers it with some side quests like helping the Elves and some tribe with a mu*der case but ultimately? These things don't matter. These people have zero connection to Ah Dai and anyone in his party of misfits. This makes it even more annoying when Ah Dai instantly accepts any request these strangers have for him. The Elves didn't even ask him for help yet he goes and swears a f*cking oath that he'll save their princess from s*avery. That princess is being held in another empire, but Ah Dai don't give no shit, if he says he's gonna help them he will endanger everyone of his friends for his suicidal self imposed mission, and that's that. And the villains themselves...


The villains are terrible. Plain and simple.

The assassin's guild that killed second master is evil for no reason at all. They want to kill MC just cause it's their creed. They don't even seem to show interest in the OP weapon MC carries around.

The rest are some small time forgettable tr*sh, and there's also typical evil Demons who are in fact being misguided by their king (who is a simp). Poor dudes think their conquering the world for themselves.

The king simp (underworld king) - the main cause of everything in the story and he's also MC's dad. His only reason for wanting to conquer the world and the Divine Realm is so that he can f*ck MC's mom the Goddess. sh*t motivation all around, and even the idea itself is beyond ret*rded since it was later shown that he could've actually entered the Divine Realm the whole time and spend time with the Goddess freely. Our main villain everyone *slow clap*...


The fights are not interesting

Most fights follow the same formula of encounter enemies>oh no enemies too strong>Ah Dai can't bring himself to see his friends/owner get hurt>gets tr*shed>uses OP sword to one shot or almost one shot every single threat he encounters. Repeat over and over.

Ah Dai has no real advantage nor innate gift like Zhang Gongwei, Tang San or other MCs. He's supposed to be talented in magic but the love interest is already so powerful magic wise that he can only continue using warrior techniques to barely bridge the gap between them. And he's not good with them as he keeps getting shat on by every enemy. Even after a long time skip of 3 years when he has a total of 3 Divine Tools (4 if you count the OP sword) he still gets poisoned and almost DIES to some no name tr*sh that almost got killed by his second master years ago. f*ck they even roast the crap out of him before they're chased away by the love interest.


The side characters are not interesting, which is strange since TJSS is good at writing interesting side characters. Here, everyone is s*upid or unbelievably unlucky, and TJSS even shoehorns in many tragedies to make the plot more interesting, but it fails because it's so forced.

One of his friends just has his wife get r*ped and killed so that he gets crushed and ends up following MC on their journey.

One maid MC helps sacrifices her life for him because he was about to die and she's just dead. She was barely in the story.

MC's childhood friend gets r*ped by her boyfriend or fiance and dies. She was also barely in the story.

Even MC's first master is dead when MC visits him again. I thought he would've been an important character in the story but he's only there for the first part and then dies off screen. This one struck me as particularly forced since the master was a very powerful and influential alchemist. Are you seriously telling me that in 7 years he couldn't have tried to find some other kid or person to refine into his Divine Tool? That he couldn't exchange some services to some small forces in return for the one he's looking for? I mean Ah Dai wasn't all that impressive in magic so there's no way that another person like him doesn't exist. For example the fact love interest exists already proves that they do. But nope! Master went and refined himself. What's more, he admits that he doesn't have the level of talent Ah Dai has in magic, yet the refinement is a success? What the heck is up with that? So do you need someone talented or do you just need someone powerful as a sacrifice? I don't think TJSS thought this part through all that much.


And finally, our "love interest"

Dear God I really want to punch her through the screen, and Ah Dai for not just leaving her behind. From the moment she's introduced she constantly goes out of her way to insult and berate everyone, acting like she owns the lives of the people around her. And whenever someone talks back to her she snaps at them and threatens to call her daddy to kill them. She joins the Mage Guild and just attacks the Mage there like she was about to kill him. And when Ah Dai's artifact accidentally absorbs her magic she gets insulted and demands that he be her servant for one year. And when Ah Dai surprisingly gets fed up with her shitty attitude, the bit*h smashes her hand with a rock and plans to bleed out so that she can blame it all on Ah Dai and even kill him. She is completely unlikable, unjustifiably smug and arrogant, annoying, and she doesn't even get some kind of redemption arc. Her "change" doesn't change the fact that literally the only reason why she even changes is because only Ah Dai is braindead enough to stay by her side long enough. Any other person would've found the first chance to run away from her.

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Hurried mad man
Hurried mad man rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: --
I haven't read Tjjs other novels except Heavenly Jewel change.

First of this story is just a kinda bad makeshift of Heavenly Jewel change in my opinion.

First Ah Dai. Bad character development all around. I mean the struggles he goes through with his relationship like with background, looks and all that just come off as awkward and forced. I mean in my opinion Heavenly Jewel change My precious Zhou little fattys bad looks are used as a kind of face slapping for those handsome guys, how it isn't looks that matter... more>> but the heart. I mean literally in the first 100 chapters I think. he says "What can those handsome guys do." Furthermore his change in status is obvious to everyone and I can't believe he gets looked down on. Literally dude is stronger than half the church, but gets looked down on. We don't see him fighting this or anything, but kind of accepting it...

Also the love interest sucks. Literally one of the worst. She complains about Ah Dai being wishy washy, but she has forgotten about him, she keeps letting other dudes flutter her heart. There's so much to dislike from her attitude when he runs away and stuff, but yea.

Also I hate how we are kind of forced by the story to sympathize with others. Don't force it down our throats. Literally we get all those dad speech's to the love rival and the love interests dad's prejudice and support. It's just a whole thing. Literally I felt no sympathy towards them they were entitled punks messing around.

Theres alot hate, but it's a good casual read I suppose. The end is kinda meh. <<less
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