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Mixing c*cktails at a level beyond anyone else in the world, a sommelier, the one known as the liquor god Li Jie Dong. He died at the age of thirty in order to taste the recently excavated wine from the Han Dynasty.

When he awoke, he found himself in the world of the Five Element Continents as Ji Dong the little beggar. In this place, there was a special occupation known as the Yin Yang Spiritual Masters who control the the 10 elements of the sexagenary cycle. These bizarre 10 elemental techniques could make anyone gasp in amazement. Each and every Yin Yang Spiritual Master has their own Ying Yang crown that is condensed by one’s own attribute.

Due to the abundant love the people held for their wine and liquor, bartenders gradually gathered together to form a guild. This guild is named the Bartender Guild, and is respected by all.

Associated Names
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God of Wine
Wine God
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8 Reviews

May 24, 2016
Status: --
Tis is actually a very short novel compared to, but it's really really good (raws). Characters are awesome, and fun. Story can be confusing and weird at times, but the world building is very interesting and only adds to the story.

One day may the rest of the world find the joy of this novel.
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Jul 08, 2016
Status: --
A so so read. It's about a kid who acts very arrogant and pretends to know everything but in actuality, he is fkin useless and and super weak at the same time.
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Feb 22, 2016
Status: --
Review as of end of Volume 1.

The first volume is mostly about world-building and establishing the setting. Switch out the novelty of c*cktail mixing with, say, medicine making or being a chef and you pretty much have the same story. It’s just a vehicle to show off the author’s knowledge of wines and c*cktails, similar to the author’s description of fine living and luxury goods in his other work, “Skyfire Avenue”.

And just like Skyfire Avenue, the setting looks to be a jumbled mix, trying to cram potential paths to give... more>> the MC ways to become overpowered. Not only that he was reborn with his memories intact, he worms his way to become the apprentice of a magic school teacher. He is also born with a unique body characteristic. Oh, and finding his way to meet a somewhat friendly, powerful being by complete accident.

This isn’t a novel about making c*cktails, it’s a novel about a guy who journeys to become powerful and knows how to make c*cktails. Making c*cktails is just an excuse to ingratiate himself to others, instead of the stereotypical “kneeling in the rain” to move the heart of a teacher.

It is still too early to tell, but expect more of the same usual tropes by the author TJSS. If you enjoy his other novels, you will like this one. <<less
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May 10, 2017
Status: Completed
Classic Tang San style novel. If you dont undertand what I meant go read more novel by him.

... more>>

MC, the one called the Wine God, dies after drinking an ancient wine. Thinking he has no regrets, accepted his death. Sike! God doesnt let him go, instead he was sent to another world, possessing the body of an orphan kid who recently died of cold, under a bridge. Thus began his painful life of a poor child in contrast to his previous life of someone standing at the peak of the world. Luckily or perhaps unluckily, he still has his old memories, yet he is too poor to mix wine. And then he met and old man who at the same time is a wine connosseur, and mixed wine for him to tempt the person to take him in. Gotcha! Who could resist a wine mixed by a wine god. So he got a job mixing wine for the old man in exchange for learning for free. After this is the common Xianxia and Tang San part. There is still some wines here and there, but the novel changes focus from wine to Xianxia.


My summary of the whole story


Story progress normally, random skills here and there, kill this dude save that dude, showoff some wine mastery, meet beauty fall in love (remember he is older than he looks yet a virg*n), and then repeat them all (except the beauty fall for him instead). Starts peaking when the war gets close, no real feel of war of any sort at all tho, fight some more, cry, die. Then get revived by the 2 old dudes that used their lives as bets, became God in place of them. Finally troll old dude seeking love with a prostitute.

Oh, there is also some pig with flower on its tail.

Important mention here is Tang San identity as Asura and Poseidon, he also pops up in some chapters saying stuff, thus placing this novel far beyond DD timeline (also the fact that 1 Day in Spirit World is 100 Day in Mortal World, or was it 1 Year, who cares.)

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 01, 2016
Status: c --
I honestly love the story idea and his epic talent, but his arrogant attitude is a huge putoff. I swear, if it wasn't for his luck to run into a master who loves good wine he would be - completely - useless.

As I said before great idea, good plot, unique talent, nice cultivation system, BUT his arrogance makes me want to choke him. I understand he was a big hot shot in his past life, but does he not understand with subtlety? Humility? Then again I should not be surprised.... more>> This a chinese novel. Xuanhuan...

*sighs* I'm just so frustrated tat I can't stomach his personality. I'm glad other people can stomach it and enjoy the novel. This just isn't my cup of tea. <<less
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Oct 19, 2015
Status: --
Reincarnation. Liquor. Magic. Seems to have potential. So far so good.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 15, 2015
Status: --
Pretty awesome. Has lots of potential.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 24, 2020
Status: v2c15 part2
Ok story so far... seems a step down from Doulou Dalu, but not too bad. Not much interaction between the characters, and way too long explanations make the story a bit dull... Unlike Tang San's hidden weapons, Bartending is MC's Ace - he got admission to top school (for free!) And a place to cultivate with a beauty (whom he lusts after), just because he can make 'unbelievable' c*cktails!!

MC is a bit arrogant, but considering he was 'God' level in previous life, it's understandable, if not likeable... Two genii from... more>> the two departments sticking to the MC, who's supposed to be tr*sh, is a bit unbelievable.

Besides that, just usual cultivation novel with OP MC and his beauties and lucky encounters... <<less
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