The Legend of the Dragon King


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The Age of Gods has long since ended, their voices no longer heard on the continent of Douluo. Humanity, standing on the shoulders of legends from its history, advanced soul technology to inconceivable heights. The humans of Douluo invented weapons of mass destruction, mechanized armor, and living metals. With these advancements, they went on to conquer the oceans and discovered two new continents. To fuel these new technologies, humanity hunted the soul beasts to the very brink of extinction.

Once the dominant force of Douluo, the few surviving soul beasts now hide in the darkest recesses of their last sanctuary. The weakest have all been hunted, leaving only the strongest to scheme in the heart of the forest. The soul beasts, not willing to fade away, plot an uprising for their survival. In the midst of this, a god from a long forgotten era awakens in the depths of the Great Star Dou Forest to seek vengeance for the soul beasts.

As darkness encroaches from the abyss, hope is found in a young boy who holds a power beyond divinity within himself—Tang Wulin! Hope for both humanity and the soul beasts, as the bridge between the two. He finds his way into the fabled halls of Shrek Academy, where he learns to wield his prodigious powers, makes friends and finds allies, eventually rising to become a towering leader.

As he learns to harness his strength, danger lurks within the shadows as the various factions of humanity maneuver and plot to usurp Shrek Academy. Tang Wulin discovers the threat to the only world he knows as he sinks deeper into the intrigue. Meanwhile, camouflaged by the chaos and unbeknownst to the humans, the soul beasts’ plot continues to steadily advance.

To defend what he loves and reclaim what was lost, Tang Wulin must seek out the legacies of legends past and unlock the full might of the Golden Dragon King!

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Douluo Dalu 3: Legend of the Dragon King
Long Wang Chuan Shuo
Soul Land III
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37 Reviews

New pitre960
Feb 29, 2024
Status: c823
Greenhorns raised in protective environment. Only spars and tournaments. Rarely there'll be some accidents and missions which are somewhat adventurous. I am now in 800+ chapters, MC and his friends have always been students of an academy and don't have independent thoughts or goals (except for one). Just following the orders and being students without individual thinking. Academy arranges everything for them (resources or trials). If it were a solo MC travelling to this world, he would've trapped them 100 different ways before letting them off out of pity.

Explanations/Descriptions are... more>> way too lengthy. There are well written from a writer's pov, but not so from audience's view. This is way too 'shonen' for me. Hopefully it gets better as MC graduates and wishing for the war to start soon.. Tournaments (not life-death fights) fill 40-50% of the chapters.

Edit (super spoiler) :

Well, there's drastic change in MC's academic life as his academy gets destroyed. It's been 200 chapters since then and it's still the same boring stuff. No thoughts of revenge, only of restoration (naive)

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Mar 08, 2016
Status: c1035
EDIT : Sadly enough, I'm dropping my review of this novel by a star, and dropping the novel as well.

My problem here is that the novel IMO no longer continues in the spirit of the previous Douluo Dalu series (or at the most just pays lip service to it), and has become just another run of the mill wuxia novel.

Soul abilities are no longer prominent / important, especially for the MC who mostly just uses his dragon based bloodline abilities. As a result, I feel like the battles are a... more>> lot more generic : sure, there are plenty of flashy effects and moments, but they're like individual farts in the air instead of being part of a comprehensive, understandable battle system.

The final straw for me is the way that the MC keeps on powering up! It's devolved to a never ending rat race of trying to outdo the previous power up, sacrificing story in the process similar to other, more generic wuxia novels.


At just the 6th soul ring (around lvl 64ish), the MC was able to beat a Titled Douluo (lvl 9x) ! That's how OP the MC has become, and looking at the next few chapters, it looks like even more powerups are just a corner away. It's a far cry from the previous books of the series where the power level was a lot more defined and respected, where a Titled Douluo would be more of endgame type opponents instead of being a snack on the way.


Previous :

4/5 stars as of now.

I've read up to the current RAWs - chapter 127 (getting by with machine translation), and so far it's been ok, but not that outstanding. Douluo Dalu 2 is still a much better read for me. Reasons for this include :

* Pacing

now this might be a plus for some, but DD3 feels that it is paced quite a bit faster than DD2. However, this comes at the expense of plot build-up : I enjoyed the time Huo Yuhao spent with a "gimp" ability, showing how he can maximize with what he had before getting his OP 2nd spirit. Not so with Tang Wulin; even though he had a "tr*sh" spirit, he was still showing at least glimpses of his OPness from the get go, what with his huge strength and all. Same thing with their sub occupations : not much of a build up for Tang Wulin, he's a genius forging talent at the start.

* World building

the past DDs have been better fleshed out in this area I think. The problem here is that, while we may still be in the same Douluo Dalu continent, things have changed so much 10k years after DD2 that it might as well be a different place. I'd have liked to get a better feel for those changes, enough to get a better mental picture in my head.


Another issue for me is that soul abilities don't have that unique feel anymore. I don't mean that they feel like they've been copied from earlier DDs. The thing here is that, at least in the current point in the RAWs, the spirit links are no longer acquired from hunting spirit beasts (I enjoyed reading about whatever rare beast that they can encounter and get spirit rings from, and what ability they can get from it). In DD3, spirit beasts have mostly died out, links are actually just BOUGHT from the Soul Pagoda (where they are artifically manufactured o_0). That means it's pretty much a matter of pay2win at least at the beginning.


However, all those points aside, if you're a fan of the DD universe like I am, it's still quite enjoyable. Feels like going back home ;) <<less
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Jan 09, 2019
Status: c330
I don't usually give bad reviews but this novel is such sexist bull. I only notice most on hindsite.

... more>>

the main character is ridiculously overpowered. He kicks everyone's butts and he's the greatest genius in his secondary progression that's ever lived. Then he meets a girl his age be who is always better than him. No matter how much he powers up she's always stronger. Then he finds out that she even had the same rank in her secondary profession. I didn't register all of that until recently.

This is the part that really bothered me. So, they're living in a dorm. There's a woman pretending to be a man for whatever reason. A guy gets assigned as her roommate. She switched rooms but no one knows. A guy goes for a walk and sees a light on in an unoccupied room and goes to check on it. He thought it might be a thief. He accidentally sees her naked. She tried to kill him, and almost succeeded. I mean full homicidal rage mode. The MC shows up and attacks her to save the other guy. Instructors show up and discipline everyone. The first guy gets fined a large amount of contribution points, which are hard to get and very important, because he should have been psychic and known that it was a female student bathing. The MC had the same punishment because apparently she was justified in attacking and he shouldn't have saved his friend. The girl gets a slap in the wrist and told not to overreact and kill people. Worst of all was that both guys had to give the girl thousands of contribution points for mental trauma, because apparently being seen naked is a huge mental trauma and nearly being killed isn't. It's just such biased sexist bs.


Sorry for the long rant but it was really bothering me. I have similar complaints as other low ratings on here, but that's my primary complaint. The author should be ashamed for propagating such a mindset. <<less
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Jul 17, 2017
Status: c1200
Hrm, a DD3 review... I guess the main issues new readers will ask is how it compares with DD1 and DD2.
... more>>

First off, the story follows the pattern TJSS is setting and is 10, 000 years after DD2 finished. This makes it 20, 000 years ahead of DD1. For those wondering if the first two stories had any impact on the current one, you'll find that the main characters of both have become old legends and fantastical myths.

The main character of DD3 is Tang Wulin. His background is easy to spoil if you read TJSS's short story, DD2.5. Otherwise, he'll appear as the most ordinary MC of the three stories. His parents are mainly ordinary low-income parents and he awakened to a tr*sh Bluesilver Grass. Unlike Tang San, his talent in it is completely mundane. As a character he is the more relatable one of the three as he lacked Tang San's deep maturity and Huo Yuhao's polarizing childishness and avenging air.

Shrek does not become a part of Tang Wulin's life for a number of chapters. Instead, TJSS introduces the world of DD3 to readers through Tang Wulin's interaction with more ordinary academies, various organizations, as well as school competitions for youngsters like himself.

The setting of DD3 reveals that the world has entered the modern-ish era. Soul Power grows to become the equivalent of energy as it powers machines and devices in this world. Of course, this means that Soul Masters become portable batteries and have more flexibility with the devices. TJSS also introduces two new combat methods for Soul Masters. That is, Mechas (giant robots controlled by a pilot) and Battle Armor (mechanical armor that promotes the user's abilities). Both have their perks and their issues and TJSS slowly expands on them as the story continues.

Overall I view DD3 as the better of the trilogy. While I liked DD1, the MC wasn't as relatable to me and the world really was quite simple and ordinary. DD2 had a lot of new things that contrasted greatly with DD1. It was refreshing, but the issue for me was the MC. TJSS didn't make Huo Yuhao that relatable and to me he was just a really angsty teenager.

If you liked the world of Douluo Dalu, you'll find that DD3 continues to offer up its diverse range of fleshed-out martial souls and detailed battles. A nice improvement from the two is TJSS developing the MC's side jobs. In DD1, Tang San had the side job of forging and constructing as he remade his original world's hidden weapons. In DD2, Huo Yuhao developed and made advanced Soul Devices that grew better as his martial soul matured. Neither was explained in great detail and was disappointingly sidelined.

DD3 took this to a new level with its blacksmithing. The MC is a prodigy of blacksmithing and TJSS does not skimp on the details and scenes as the MC forges. One of the best parts of the story to me is actually the blacksmithing scenes as it seems to breathe more life into the story and shows that the world of DD isn't just focused on martial souls.

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May 06, 2018
Status: --
Don't misled the others!

... more>>

So many readers complaining why its sub-par when it comes to the past DD's saying "its not following the previous based stories, etc. Etc. Lol" Can't you read the title alone, it's called now "The legend of the dragon king" not DD anymore, jeez why compare when its already not the same plot anymore? Sure its based on the same continent but that does not mean it will follow it, furthermore and what if it follows the same as the previous one? Dont you think it will not have an impact anymore? Thats why make a review based on the story alone not compare it to the previous one lol. There's so many readers there that want to read this story but misled to not reading it anymore because of the critics on it.

Lastly if you're comparing the 3 MC, try to understand the background of each of them:

Tang San - Past disciple of a sect

Huo Yuhao - Avenger

Tang Wulin - Son of Tang San

See the difference? The story revolves in different era and background of each of them. Dont based it on how OP they are this is not a Japanese Isekai Novel. Smh

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Jan 07, 2019
Status: c529
Screw this series.

I was really enjoying it at the beginning, thinking it is going to be really great and all. But it just keeps being the same plot from the previous 2 versions. Praise Shrek, join Tang sect, everything else is tr*sh etc.

I can't tolerate it anymore. As if in a span of 10 000 f*ckING years would there still be a trace of evil soul masters, unless the entire universe is filled with ret*rds, which apparently it is.

The MC is overpowered in the wrong way, but that's nothing new... more>> in this series, and his luck to encounter garbage enemies is just annoying and designed to make us feel something other than boredom in the generic cultivation and blacksmithing.

And before you go "Oh but the author was dealing with IRL issues because of his wife blablabla" I am dully aware, that is not an excuse. Dealing with life issues? Take a break, don't pull one of your works into the tr*sh with you. <<less
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Feb 14, 2018
Status: v28
The final book became

few days ago and I read the ending book

  1. Too many tournaments, and they are like the author didn't know what to write so mix together I know Sometimes tournaments can introduced characters skills, but too much are bored, because they even seriously affect the main plot
  2. MC has a good
    personality like it but

    MC is dependent on his King Dragon bloodline and he is almost forgot his Blue Sliver Grass so that one of reason why I kinda disappointed

  3. I like the heroine (Gu Yuena) 's
    characteristic in the ending compare to some character in her mind she more want to solve soul beats and human's problem the soul beats can live in myriad beats platform and Great Star Dou Forest. She also can very good to her husband, I dislike her in the beginning but later I think she is a great chara in DD
  4. Sadly there has a tragedy ending Male lead and heroine both died though there will revive in DD4 but still a bit sad : (

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Feb 23, 2019
Status: c330
The beginning was really dragging out, due to the whole "tr*sh spirit" nonsense. Sorry, but we had enough of that in the prequels. Then, his power-up appears right as I was getting bored. Right when you think we're going to be having fun doing original things, he starts getting all super depressed repeatedly like Yuhao in the previous novel.

Let's get into spoiler-ish territory.

... more>>

Then, we get to Shrek, my biggest beef with this story. Everyone is praising Shrek. Saying Shrek this, and Shrek that, and Shrek is fair, Shrek does no wrong. Shrek will do no evil. In walks in some students from Shrek. One of whom tries to con our MC into paying for their dinner because it's his "privilege" in gaining the honor to do so. Then gets mad when he escapes, leading to them lying, cheating, and breaking the rules in order to get petty revenge. Which almost turns into lethal revenge. You would think that since they are from Shrek, they would be held to higher standards? F*** no, we're Shrek, rules don't apply to us, that's only posturing for the outside world.

Then comes time to join Shrek. Guess what? There's an Elder even more childish and vindictive than the person above. Purposefully acting like an entitled arrogant prick just to screw the MC over. The Author might call it "plot development" or "Character building", but I call it pulling stuff out of your rear and telling us you worked hard for it. Oh yeah, did I mention that an ELDER of Shrek basically told our MC to essentially kill or cripple himself or he can't join? Oh, that's right, she didn't know that could happen, right? Then why was she in charge of that part of the test? It's equivalent of asking your babysitter to perform open-heart surgery on you. Without anesthesia. Or clean medical equipment. And a pizza cutter. In your garage. With your 90 year-old neighbor dying of tuberculosis is acting as the nurse.

Not even one hundred chapters later we have the same elder again screwing the MC and friends over for something they couldn't control in a way that is so over the top it would cause the founders of Shrek to roll over in their graves.


Welcome to Shrek Academy, where we don't have rules. Unless you are the MC or his friends. Then we relentlessly ignore them and make new ones to screw you over for plot development. MIGHT MAKES RIGHT! Except for the MC, he has to follow the rules and anything we arbitrarily make up. Because screw that guy. It's not like the story revolves around him or something, amirite? Oh, it really does? Well, let's make a rule against that while we're here... <<less
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Aug 29, 2018
Status: Completed
People who are saying dd3 is tr*sh are almost corect because I have read machine translation until the novel finished and it mentions how the author is going through a rough time ... more>>

since he was going through a rough time he started to become more depressed which caused the end of douluo dalu3 ending with tang wulin "suiciding" and their child being born for the next douluo dalu


Since he went through his wife having cancer and only having news that his wife had only some years to live he was struggling with his writing but you have have respect for the man he still put out work better than two thirds of the isekai genre (edit) looking at some other reviews I realized why I liked this much better than the first 2 and its the fact that the tang wulin is relatable which is something that you dont see in novels nowadays except in things like tsuki ga and this, plus I think this goes for all intellectuals the fact that dd2 had a good lead up in the beginning until it turned into bl then the MC seems like some lead of movie about teenage life from the 1900's

So yeah I realized something today and it that I put to much effort into this <<less
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Jul 17, 2017
Status: c222
Legend Of Dragon King is a satisfying read.

I picked this novel up due to nostalgia, recalling a manhua about spirit rings and a common blue grass from a long time ago. Turns out the manhua was based on a novel. Legend Of Dragon King is the second sequel to that novel, the third installment of a potential trilogy.

In 222 chapters, the main character Tang Wulin and his classmates are still ten years old. I reckon this is still the "prologue stage" of the story. Although the main characters are so... more>> young, the chapters are very engaging. The interactions among the kids are relatable and makes for a good read. Each has their own flaws, no matter how insignificant those flaws may appear.

The cultivation and rankings in the story are easy to understand. When it comes down to it, the strength of a soul master is reflected by how many rings and what kind of spirit rings he possesses, along with his martial soul. Luckily, the novel doesn't go too in-depth regarding the intricacies of every rank and level. I know that some may find those details interesting, but I prefer cultivation paths and methods to stay clear cut.


Currently, there's a tournament arc going on. Even though TWL's body and martial soul have mutated, because he's still a child he still loses to people. TWL is also not affiliated with Shrek Academy. This makes things interesting, especially since Shrek Academy's entrance examinations are about to begin.


I'll have to admit: I have yet to finish reading Douluo Dalu or Unrivaled Tang Sect. However, that's because neither are translated fully into English, and I can't read Chinese. That being said, from the several hundred chapters that I've read across all three novels, there doesn't seem to be any spoilers interlocking them. You can read all three books as stand alones.

Even so, if I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say Legend Of Dragon King. This is because the protagonist is extremely likable and the prose from the releases is the best relative to the other two novels. Thank you to the translator and editors who poured in their hard work! <<less
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Nov 13, 2016
Status: Completed
Well there is a lot of things I hate about this author. His plot choices I often dislike. But his characters are always 4 dimensional. They are more like people than some people.

Now DD3 I think is the lesser of all his novels. Power levels are no longer respected and the protagonist growth is pretty linear. I personally dislike the heroine, but that is more of an opinion.

If you love DD1 and 2 and miss it, read it, but do not expect the same quality. If you did not like... more>> those, you might like this one as it is quite different. If you are expecting a master piece like the previous ones. I would not read it. <<less
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Apr 16, 2018
Status: c400
2.5/3 out of 5

At the very beginning I gave this gave this 4 stars, I was so hyped up and I really liked the beginning.... right until they started attending Shrek.

I heavily dislike the characters (MCs including, the World building, the conflicts, in the universe that DD3 wants you to like

... more>> Okay I'll start off with what I like and what I still at least kind of liked and even want I found confusing but at least halfway acceptable.

Confusing The battle armor and fake spirit familiars

they live in a world where the soul can be digitized, artificial Souls can mold to your spirit so believing metal also can mold to your spirit as well sure under the laws of universe, okay why not cool. just a little overwhelming but you can get used to it.

What I like/liked

Wulin (in the beginning) he's supposed to be good-natured honest and friendly unlike most of these stories where the main character is just selfish of a mu*der, a rapist, easily angered, screws over everyone except beautiful woman ofcourse, I loved douluo dalu because it was different in some ways. He it slowly becoming your typical generic main character he's rarely nice any more or relatable unless you are Glutton and manipulative

Gu Yue..... I'll say one thing she's fun to read because she's incredibly unlikeable, a lot of people like her because she likes the main character and she's serious about liking the main character that's good but I absolutely hate the type of character she overpowered arrogant she's more of these main characters people adore for some reason because they're terrible people

xie xie I like him silly and Clowney but honest says how he feels and tries his hardest most relatable character in the entire series actually feels like a character has the most character development that you want in a character that over the span time actually matures

Xu Xiaoyan..... if you like this character let me ask you a question why? other then being cute, acting being dumb and being gu yues wing man useless

Tang sect DLC store

enough said.

I officially hate Shrek Academy

the elders of shrek SUCK (there funny to read) other than that they act like children and suck at educating characters to act more like are noble adults but spoiled a**holes

rather the blacksmithing family they actually act like characters who care about the outcome what happens with these children.

I no longer understand what they teach at Shrek from the beginning of the series the teacher did a lot of Hands-On practice that went into great detail and actually put the children and some Danger the gave them experience once they get into Shrek the quality just drops that's all I can say without spoiling anything.

DD1 Ill admit I didn't like Tang san you just basically perfect wu xiao was more or less a spoiled child but Universe the background stories fighting and the other five of The Seven Devils made it interesting

DD2 I love the main character was relatable yes he had a 100% week beginning and had to rely on others to fight and over every time you became OP but he still had a lot of character that made him more interesting And similar to part 1 the rest of the Seven Devils are also really interesting and have good correlation between each of them

DD3 nothing is important other than Wulin and Gu yue 400+ chapters in and I barely learned anything about any of the characters moments where some characters get flushed out and it's instantly brushed over

I honestly really like this in the beginning I'm not even going to mention the stuff that Shrek allows now which goes against what they used to allow 10, 000 years ago for what they didn't even think of 20, 000 years ago I'm just going to drop it can only read it when I need something to do <<less
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Mar 19, 2018
Status: c350
i read ahead with MTL for a while than stopped bothering. I like DD 1 and DD 2 a lot more than this story; I found the other two MC easier to relate to. Plus, I don't usually like stories with mecha in the tag; I like them more than harems but less than almost anything else. Not a fan of giant robots in my fantasy stories and DD2's soul tech and war machines were hard enough for me to get through.

one of the things I really liked about DD1... more>> and 2 was the soul ring set up and as a few other people mentioned, that's pretty much crapped on in this story. Instead it becomes more like a regular cultivation novel with the MC having to use treasure herbs to unlock his bloodline and cultivate more strength. His power ups/ abilities all come from the bloodline, not his rings (so much for the whole soul land title), which is disappointing. And there are tournaments, and more tournaments, and some competitions and also a few more tournaments; it's not true martial world bad but there are still a lot more than there should be in any decent story.

And yes, the whole thing with that crazy old bat once they get to Shrek was a very bad idea on the writers part. One of several. <<less
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Jun 29, 2020
Status: c815
My actual chapter is 1767 at the time of this review. This series is the worst out of the first three Soul Land/Douluo Dalu series because it completely tramples the foundation he laid out in the first two series. The main example of this is the soul power system that was expanded in the second series, Unrivaled Tang Sect. The second series went into the complexity of forming soul cores and why they were needed for Titled Douluos and Limit Duoluos but this series completely threw it out the window... more>> and pretended it didn't exist. It also took a hot steamy dump on the second series protagonist's complete disguise ability, who had the spiritual power and soul ring that allowed him to do it, whereas the characters from this series learned it by just by training.

Legend of the Dragon King suffers from the overuse of Deus ex machina heavily throughout the series. The author makes the protagonist pull abilities out of his rear end without any indication of previous competency to do so nor the build up or leading to said capability. The best example so far goes to when the protagonist is almost exposed while using the learned disguise ability mentioned above but suddenly is able to influence everyone around him into a riot in order to escape using illogical accusations and his 'powerful' spiritual power that he was never mentioned to have.

Lastly, this series is just composed of terrible pacing and writing. It takes chapters to describe the situation, then more chapters to advance the plot, and then when the fights actually happen, it's complete chaos but always ends with either the protagonist never losing, ending in a tie, or the protagonist "leveling up" via Invincible Hero trope.

This series started making me hate it when the author decided to take a liquid slurry dump on his world he already built upon and now I'm just reading it in order to finish it, like I did with Skyfire Avenue. It suffers the same problems as that novel in that the beginning was interesting until the author decided to start taking dumps on the plot and pull fecal matter out by the truckload. <<less
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Titan LLS
Titan LLS
May 05, 2018
Status: Completed
My feelings about this can be summed up in one short line, "I expected more."

I really anticipated this one. Thus my disappointment, what really worries me is this may be an indicator of what I should come to expect from his novels. Skyfire Avenue (his previous) I just could not bring myself to like, I read it for 400 odd chapter's, and in all that the only part I genuinely enjoyed was the segment referencing the Titanic, which almost seem's like a bad joke in retrospect.

The novel tried hard to... more>> be sophisticated only to come across as pretentious. Reading SA it is pretty clear he made it as a trial run for this subsequent work, where he does a near 360 to try to dumb it down as greatly as possible. I expected more, DD1 was really great but eventually suffered rushed powerups.

DD2 was in my opinion compared to DD1 a bit worse but more stable plotwise. But when it came to DD3 I cannot bring myself to understand, really why things ended up like this. I really still anticipated a good read when I came to the realization that the MC was going to be overpowered. In the end, it just fell so flat of all that I was expecting. I mean overpowered MC does not mean a bad story by any means it is why people can enjoy thing's like

https://www. Novelupdates. Com/series/reincarnator/
https://www. Novelupdates. Com/series/arifureta-shokugyou-de-sekai-saikyou/

These are novels that have overpowered MC's and are still at least able to maintain interest. So I can only say that this is not up to par with his usual. What irks me though is that in Skyfire Avenue I saw an experienced writer try a different approach for a better story. For me it did not work, but some people enjoyed this work of his. In DD3 it's hard to put into words the feeling, it gives off is like someone reached the height in a field and suddenly lost drive for innovation, then decided to recycle used thoughts. I'm a bit disappointed, I know writing is not easy, and writers works tend to have similarities but this is not that. This is somehow even shoddier, I'm thoroughly disappointed.


I have as of this chpt finally pieced together the identity of the nagging sensation, budding in me as I read this thing. It is too similar to DBZ, as you read this you really will come across concepts that seem so similar to DBZ it is astounding. For something that is supposed to be based on martial souls, really I feel like I'm reading a fanfic story/alternate reality, what could have at one point been Gohan's life. I really do not want to give anything away, but anyone who has read to this point and read/watched some DBZ should be able to see some similarities, that draw too close for comfort. This is astounding, really I do not have problems with someone drawing reference from DBZ for a story. But it's disappointing


I am not going to compare this to anything anymore, because if I did it would look far too similar to an arc I read years ago from jump's then top 3. Which Is it? Those up to date can infer if you consider things being done.

I think he at this point is just setting up for his subsequent works and I hope it makes it all worth this.

Status: Completed

As readers come to find out at the end of this one, the author is going through some really dark times. Pressure makes or breaks, but in his case it is arguably too much to call tempering. I hope he retires to sort his dire affairs in order. He is really pushing it to juggle his tragedy and writing to the point where I almost feel his writing has become a punishment for him. As he is the primary earner for his family as I infer from the explanation it might not be possible. <<less
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Apr 23, 2018
Status: --
A very interesting story


the heroine is a very strong, very independent beauty, she isn't like many Chinese novels' female lead, in fact, her love story isn't so touched, but she is a woman with her own faith, for her, her love is not all her life, she It's very cunning, but it's because she must protect her nation. When your nationality is near extinction, you can't do nothing.

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Oct 09, 2016
Status: c77
To begin with I wasn't too sure about this as it seemed far too similar to DD1 (he has blue-silver grass and becomes a blacksmith) however as the story progresses you'll see that things are actually very different. It's been 20000 years (I think) since DD1 and spirit beasts are in limited supply and a substitute for soul rings has been found which also introduces a different power mechanic 'spiritual power'. Furthermore the continent has become more advanced with soul items wide spread (ie. Soul lamp, soul camera, soul train,... more>> soul car, etc.) basically electrical appliances in different form. What this opens the way for however is mechas, often referred to as super soldiers for the confederation. We haven't actually seen any as of yet however they have been mentioned quite a bit and I look forward to their introduction. Very much in the early stages and my rating is still subject to change. However the author hasn't let me down yet and I'm excited to see how this one continues.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. <<less
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Cereal Is Life
Cereal Is Li
Oct 13, 2020
Status: Completed
While roaming wuxiaworld, the title of the novel caught my eyes years ago. Back then, I spent my free time waiting for the updates while reading several novels at the same time. I consider myself lucky, being able to read Chinese, I got bored and went to read the spoilers on the Soul Land Wiki fandom page.

The MC relied on hard work and his heaven-defying golden dragon bloodline to be OP but yet also seemed on the losing end when it involves the FL.

When did it all happen? The... more>> relationship between the MC (Tang Wulin) and FL (Gu Yue) seemed to be more complicated than ever.

classmates -> teammates -> friends -> love interest -> lovers -> 'siblings'??? -> enemies -> couple -> enemies again???

Seriously, recalling that time in 2018, I felt like dying reading through the raws. What dual personality? What enemy of mankind? What the actual f-??!? I had free time thus I barely managed to roughly translate the last few volumes into summarized format on the fandom page where his teacher died and both MC and FL ended up dying...


I am skimming through the raws for DD4 for any interaction as

the MC for DD4 is their son who is too OP with both golden dragon and silver dragon bloodline. The last boss Huo Yuhao (DD2 MC) have to fight to marry Tang Wutong (DD1's MC (Tang San) 's daughter) became some sort of his servant.

Apparently, they both awoke but TWL became an idol and GYN is a teacher, and they're both amnestic... (╯°□°) ╯︵ ┻━┻ They met around c839 and he regained memories around 1230+ when he hugged her, he got slapped... 🤢🤮


I learnt that the author has written several books during his career as an author for 10 years+, comparing the first novel of the series to this third novel, I felt sick that there are way too many tournaments and fighting scenes and the depression I feel from the novel as the

author's wife sadly suffered from cancer and passing away, he literally added so many fillers just to make the chapter count to 1981, the year which they are born.


Even HJC has a better ending... Guessed I was too naive or s*upid at that time when started reading web novels since I literally read 2000+ chapters of MGA before dropping it. <<less
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Nov 21, 2017
Status: c145
Honestly i'll keep it short, I dropped this. I'll try to elaborate concisely.

It is dry and boring, it seems to leech off DD's success and writing, but fails in a number of ways. It isn't interesting in the least, the world building is shallow and generic besides throwbacks to previous iterations of the series. The main character is brutally simple, his battle power hinges on this bloodline that frankly isn't interesting at all and so much less grand and exciting than the name and title suggests.

If this novel gets better,... more>> it's not worth the time since it takes so long for that to happen. Go read something better unless you want to enjoy something horribly average.

This was reviewed objectively, leaving out my personal tastes in novels, the story-writing, plot, character and character development are undeserving of the high ratings it's getting. Not being harsh, just honest as DD has been great so far from what I've read of the translations. Each to their own though. This doesn't even carry on the spirit of the previous novels and lacks proper defining features. As I said before, you should read something else. <<less
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Feb 22, 2017
Status: c877
To start off at the time of this review I'm up-to-date with the raws which is chapter 877.
(starting off with proper translation and going to machine translation after awhile you begin to estimate what certain parts are supposed to mean and eventually you'll do it subconsciously to the point it barely affects the reading experience)

In this story the author seems to take it back to it's roots of DD1 in its writing style, which I approved as I enjoyed DD1 more than DD2 but doing this he... more>> brought with him some of the bad things about DD1.
It's beginning pace is about the same as the prior books but serves to show the MC's potential as well as his differences to DD1's MC.

-Spirit System - In this, the 10k years since DD2 their have been drastic changes.

To progress as a spirit master is even harder due to near extinction of spirit beast as well as the introduction of armor and mechs. Spirit rings are replaced with spirit souls (you buy these but the better they are the more rings you get, this confused me at first as it wasn't really explained for a good while)


-Characters - The story seems to mainly develop the MC and it isn't until a few hundred chapters in that the author seemed to realize he neglected to power up some of the main cast. As always there personalities are different enough that you can remember all of their names.

-Romance - honestly the romance tag really isn't deserved. It's the same"alright, you're together now" romance as in DD1. They have a few bumps but there's no suspense for the reader

-The World/Technology - If you just read the first few chapters you could say it was still in the ancient setting, you would be wrong. There are soul camera's, soul communicators (cellphone), soul cars, soul tains, soul planes, ray guns, soul shells (this ranges from missiles to nukes) The world has never been so dangerous.

- Combat - Great as always, it has taken more to the style of DD1 than DD2 which I have no issues with although the MC seems to neglect to use some abilities, in fact it's been so long since he's used some i've forgotten what they are, in fact one of them has only been used once in the 877 chapters. The supporting cast doesn't have this issue though, they make use of everything.

-The Bad - Repetitive situations. Granted these situations are all combat and the combat is so good you can overlook it but that doesn't make it right. Worse is what I call "Man Faced demon spider syndrome"

Man-faced Demon Spider syndrome, where an event will occur multiple times no matter how rare the event should be even the first time it occurs. It is actually so bad that the MC develops a fear of going anywhere near the "trigger" for the event. Even his friends realize how often this event occurs and vowed to never be with him and the "trigger" Every time it happens you think no way in hell it will happen again, and that is always the wrong answer. It has occurred maybe 4-5 times, 4-5 may not seem like much but if I was as unlucky as the MC I would never leave my home, it's so bad it wouldn't be a stretch if the MC got arrested solely because of how improbable it is


In this series once the pace seems to slow down a bit the author immediately remediates this and throws something at the cast, even the world and gives the character's direction. <<less
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Sep 10, 2018
Status: c1981
I don't think LDK is a good novel. But I know TJSS's wife suffered such a big illness and TJSS really loves his wife so I understand him so I give 4/5. Actually I only vote 2/5 for this book.

I thought LDK's beginning 400+ chapters and ending part are good. But the middle part is terrible af.

... more>>

The ending is Gu Yue and Wulin both wish Douluo Dalu has a peaceful living place for all race but for some reasons them must have a fight. But they don't want kill lover. Gu Yuena choose her died let Wulin alive. But Wulin can't live without her so he also killed himself. Their kid will born after 10000+years because they will revive that time.


My disappointed

  1. Crap and Flashback chapters. These really ruined my mood to read. When you read fight with much crap and flashbacks it's too terrible. If these flashbacks are copy the previous chapters... more annoying
  2. There are too many insignificance or annoying female characters imo. I especially dislike the princess girl and the sciencist girl. I don't think TJSS can't write good female character (Sheng Cai'er is one of my favorite CN female character.) But some of DD3 female made me felt boring.
  3. Spoiler

    I seriously dislike TJSS always bring Tang San to his other novels. Tang San's appearance ruined the story.

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