The Tutorial Is Too Hard


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On a normal boring day, a message appears, inviting him to a Tutorial.

A tale about Lee Ho Jae and his escape from the Tutorial.

But he just happened to choose the hardest possible difficulty, Hell.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard average rating 4.2/5 - 318 user ratings
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튜토리얼이 너무 어렵다
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longshot3990 rated it
December 15, 2016
Status: --
Amazing potential from what I could infer in this story.

So the tutorial basically prepares you for the real world in this novel, which has been taken over by monsters. The MC chose hell difficulty which no one wants to be in and is stuck at a certain level. The potential comes from the outside world.

The tutorial could be an ark by itself and the outside world could be another ark if the author is smart enough to realize this. If you plan this out correctly this story could... more>> have up to at least 700-1000+ chapters if they plan it correctly.

You should try this novel until it either gets better, or so bad that you drop it. Its interesting right now at least.

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keklel rated it
January 3, 2017
Status: c13
EDIT: Actually having looked at the chapter titles in Korean it does look like each individual Hell Level (from 1-60) is going to be described IN DEPTH (3-8 chapters per level, so maybe 300-500 chapters in total just flashbacks). I hope new people will be introduced each level or it would get boring fast. But the fact that he had to wait this long for a newbie at level 60 probably means there will be fewer and fewer people later on. And since none of them survived to level 60... more>> it means any emotional investment in them is wasted as well, so I don't see a way for this to get much better actually. We'll see how the author plays it, but I don't have much hope that it'll get better.

======================REVIEW AT CHAPTER 13==========================

Pretty good so far. The start was amazing, but it got slightly tedious when describing Level 1 of Hell (I feel it spent too many chapters on that).

>"Life is a series of choices. "
>A phrase I once read in 3rd year of highschool.
>Life truly is a series of choices.
>But what the f**k am I supposed to do about it?
>That phrase hasn't helped in any way for me to make better decisions on improving my life.

>Lastly are the misfortunate. For example, those who were summoned while riding a rollercoaster. Those who pressed Hell difficulty while they were waving their arms in the air.
Of course their survival rate was 0%.
>[Lee Yeon Hee, Floor 1 : Uh... am I in Hell difficulty sdalkhfiuoqrg. I think I pressed the wrong button. Please help me. HELP MEDSKLFJGLKG]
>I can feel her sanity crumble with each passing word. It may have been the greatest misfortune in her life, but for me it was my only ray of hope! Hoorray!
>Meanwhile, the Newbie’s post received enormous attention.
>[Lee Joon Suk, Floor 90 : Uh... Hm, I. Uh... Cheer up. ]
>[Lee GI Suk, Floor 22 : Ah... mistakes were made. You misclicked and now you’re in hell. FeelsBadMan. ]
>[Goo Dae Ho, Floor 53 : Uwaa lolololol. Press the wrong button and into Hell you go lololol. ]
>[Lee Won Ill, Floor 17 : Cheer up. The survival rate isn’t 0%, it’s just 0. 01% kek. ]

Not only is the dialogue great, the character relationships and interactions, even for a few short days, is also well written, realistic and gives you a feel for what the characters are really like, their quirks, motivations, personalities and you feel that even though they aren't perfect, they're humans and they work with each other to overcome adversity as a team. And you feel that they are likeable after all.

>Although It was only for 3 days, I thought I managed to make a bond beyond that of friendship with them. But, all I felt was a little sadness for them, only that.
>Was I the weird one?
>I don’t know.
>Although my brain had calmly accepted the situation, tears flowed from my eyes. To think I could still cry even after all that sh*t that happened before.

The characters are really well written, you get a deep insight into the mind of the MC, how he thinks, his personality, his emotional state.

And yes, he is simple, he is like the average NEET, but the story did very well to capture those feelings and it makes you feel like you are right there with him, it makes him feel like a real person. Just your average frustrated but good-natured guy, not some one-dimensional otaku stereotype like in many Jap novels or some guy with a chip on his shoulder like you get in xianxia novels. Actually if Reincarnator did a flashback to 50 years ago when Hansoo first entered the tutorial stage I'm sure he wouldn't be that much different.

The number of chapters describing Level 1 was unexpectedly high, and at some points you do feel like the author is dragging things out a bit. But then again you get a better sense of just how tough Level 1 really is, and how much room left for improvement there was. It feels really realistic. There is a lot of potential for further chapters. However, I feel that if the story continues to be focused on only the MC for up to level 60 then it's going to be a LOT of chapters of him just grinding levels and that would get boring really fast so I'm hoping that doesn't happen.

Also I hope the story isn't only covering the tutorial level since there is so much more interesting stuff that could happen once he leaves the tutorial stage with probably the highest level in the world. It might be even more interesting.

We'll see where this story goes. There's potential for it to go either way so I might have to revise my rating later.

Mad props to LightNovelBastion for having good taste in novels. <<less
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Chamber rated it
May 29, 2017
Status: c180
Now, for those of you who are wondering when the tutorial ends, it hasn't ended yet. The novel will keep following the younger MC, and not the 60th floor one.

This novel is really interesting. It has a pretty generic title (for Munpia anyway), but the contents are sooo much better.

Not only do we get to see MC becoming stronger physically, we also see him making moral decisions as well has character development.

Also, comedy is a plus for me.

Too bad there's no 6/5. One of the best... more>> novels that rank up in the top three for me, with EER and Arena.

P. S KirikirI best girl <<less
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Trent rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c45
This. This is it. The dungeon story I’ve always wanted. Where one needs, and gains, more than just game skills or stats. Where grinding is painful and dangerous, but valuable for those who are motivated enough. Where the MC’s thoughts make perfect sense, whether they’re ultimately correct or incorrect. Where the excellent humor doesn’t undermine the seriousness of the situation. Where the story doesn’t skip levels.

The mental traps. The dangers. The opponents. The gods. It’s not just the challenges; everything’s great, every action and feeling’s believable. The MC’s superb, he’s so human but the right kinds of abnormal to survive and thrive like no one else had. The dungeon wonderfully lives up to what it’s supposed to be: a place to train survivors into warriors, and warriors into heroes.

Years ago, I hoped I’d be getting this with ToG. Later, I thought I’d see it in other dungeon novels. Finally, I’ve found it here. I kiss you, TTiTH.
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Horoscope rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c25
*breath of releif* Finally, a good 'game world' novel.

This novel has a very, very good author who, like most great authors, can take elements that seem cliché and turn them into complex story-driving elements.

For example, right off the top, the author is not afraid to reveal that the MC is the strongest in the story with his level in the 250s. However the OP MC pitfall is completely avoided.
Why? Because otherwise he would be dead. Compared to his surroundings his strength is just about what he... more>> needs to MAYBE survive. He isn't invincible at all: his life is In danger every single time he steps outside. But he can use his experiences to surpass the trials ahead of him.

The story flashbacks to when he was lvl 1 (a risky move by the author, but again handled in a strong way) so the trials he had to undergo to get to where he was are fully grasped. You get the feeling that the story is entirely centered around his journey starting from square one.

Anyway, if I was to summarize, this story is not 'weak to Strong'. It's from 'doomed to NOT doomed'. Survival is a better word for the story.

However, I am very nervous looking at the tag 'skill assimilation' that is tagged for this novel. It could easily ruin the vibe set down right now: working with everything he has to not die rather than breezing through trouble by sitting on a pile of skills stolen from monsters.

Truely, I can't wait for more chapters! <<less
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MillenniumMoon rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: --
It was really interesting at first but there's just one thing that makes me drop it.

... more>>

So the MC is Korean and he's pretty much the strongest person in the tutorial game. Cool. But then of all 'miracles', a beginner accidentally selecting the hell mode appears! Of course it turns out to be a beautiful young woman and of course she has to be Korean. (Talk about the odds when supposedly the whole human race is being gradually summoned.) She's also an archery Olympic gold medalist, she's so perfect right? A Mary Sue to be exact. It really pisses me off with how easy she gets it with how she has the MC's backing. Even though the MC went through hell she gets a lot of free passes.

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clowred rated it
May 25, 2017
Status: c28
It's simply a pain to follow the plot line. You are sent from one point in the timeline towards another with no reason whatsoever. The beginning was funny and intriguing, but then they added a beginner. In the end I got used to the idea that the protagonist will act as a babysitter to have a companion. Then we go back in the past when the protagonist had barely started his conquest. I said f**k it, it's interesting, so no problem. Then we are sent once again to the future... more>> only to find out that the beginner

is a female with a lot of talent that can somehow survive because she is really talented, really really talented, how talented you ask? Well the author said something along the lines "She qualified as a participant of Korea in the Olympic games as an archer, which is known to everyone to be even harder than winning a gold medal at the Olympic games. "...

Then we get whiny gods of adventure and so on that somehow help him with money and other gifts, jokes that are repeated over and over again, development that is shortened to only a few words from a few chapter.

And so he started the second level. Next paragraph - After 28 days he had only 46 hours to complete. Then we are presented the new titles and stats he got during those 28 days...


This novel is a disaster where the author wanted to seem original by adding tons of pace changes. Its like preparing a soup by throwing everything you have in the fridge. Is it possible to get something tasty? Absolutely f**king not. <<less
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Lorddarkpig rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: c18
Being a very broad reader, The Tutorial Is Too Hard has been very satisfying.

The premise in which the story is set in is quite refreshing as it not your typical reincarnation or transported to another world with vengeance being the MCs prime motivation.

It is all about survival. The author takes us into the mind of a former pro gamer as he faces the difficult challenge of clearing the Tutorial. The novel has plenty of action and comedy, while also brilliantly depicting the darker themes of the story.

One... more>> of my Favourites for now! Highly recommended survival novel with some degree of realism.


KirikirI is awesome!!

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August 22, 2017
Status: c72
As they say, slow and steady wins the race. This story starts quite slow, and each floor takes quite a while to clear, but thanks to that it ends up being a pretty solid story.

When the story starts, the MC is stuck at a higher floor with no possibility of advancing further, since the floor absolutely requires two people to clear, so there he sits, slowly losing his mind. Luckily for him, as the novel starts, another unlucky person chose Hell Difficulty by accident (there were others but they... more>> all died), so now he's slowly guiding her up while recounting his own experience.

The highlight of this story is that the 'Hell Difficulty' is really not just for show. If this were a game, by Floor 2, you'd be chucking your computer out the window, and by Floor 12, you'd be swearing off video games for the rest of your life. The setting is so hilariously unreasonable, and not just in terms of difficulty: from incredibly repetitive to unreasonably trial-and-error-ish to how-the-hell-was-I-supposed-to-find-this-needle-in-the-haystack, in the flashback, the protagonist was only a dozen floors in and had already suffered multiple blows to his psychological health.

It's not all doom and gloom. The story is peppered with a myriad of amusing comments from voyeuristic gods (though probably not as amusing from the main character's point of view), and the main character can interact with those at other difficulty settings through the forums and through special events. Sadly, these are meager distractions. Even though his slow-steady-self-mutilation approach enables him to grow to the point where he can beat-up whatever comes his way, there is nothing he can do about the infuriating scenarios and objectives.

Overall, despite the lack of plot or too much psychological depth, the setting and character reactions themselves are amusing enough to warrant giving this a try.

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faerro rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c19
For those that are hoping that the tutorial will only amount to the first major arc, I am sorry to burst your bubble but it looks like the tutorial will be the only real place that the MC and other selectees can grow. The following is an excerpt from the second chapter:

"The Tutorial is made from Floor 1 to Floor 100 and Players who were able to reach Floor 100 are sent back to the real world. And those Players who are strengthened through the Tutorial become 'The Awakened' and... more>> protect the earth from monsters.

How the Awakened grow is not through experience or training but through level ups like in a game and they can no longer become stronger the moment they leave the Tutorial. They may become more experienced and efficient, but that's the limit.

The evolution of their skills and growth of their stats simply become impossible. "

I really hope I am reading too far into this, but unless the author changes his mind part way through and decides to implement some special post tutorial growth system (like the shop from 'Life Mission'), the chances of the author taking this story beyond the tutorial look to be pretty slim.

As for the story itself... it is ok. Probably closer to a 3. 5 than a 4 so far, but it is still early. There is too much inner monologue and debate. At times it seems the MC is describing what he is feeling with each and every footstep he takes in the dungeon. At this point I am starting to skim a bit. Hopefully things will improve in later chapters. <<less
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ChenSoBased rated it
February 13, 2017
Status: c21
I just love the realism of this survival/leveling novel. The author describes in detail the pain and difficulty that the protagonist goes through to achieve each level. Unlike other rpg novels, the life and death danger feels realistic. Worthwhile achievements in this novel requires constant struggle, just like in our real lives.

This novel is focused only on survival and leveling. You wont find much character interaction or character development here.

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Onyx Aver
Onyx Aver rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: c14
The light novel is about a guy who is one day asked if he would like to do a tutorial and what level. He being an ex pro gamer and someone who was the best of the best hit "HELL MODE" with no hesitation. Needless to say this mode is the hardest mode! Anyways after that he was sent to a lobby with 3 other people where they conduct training and wait to begin the first level of the tutorial.

Anyways the novel is really good at the moment and... more>> I am quite interested. I'd definitely recommend this light novel if you're a fan of novels where the MC is sent to an alternate dimension where he has to survive which a mix of Gantz/Terror infinity. (At least so far)

Lobby, gets to heal up there even if an arrow is in the persons leg. Might just be tutorial though, idk.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
edytor rated it
April 7, 2017
Status: c26

It's a dungeon-like setting of 100 floors of four difficulties. People are transported at random and are given the choice to choose the difficulty setting, easy, normal, hard or hell. Our MC chose hell and the story starts off with him being stuck on the 60th floor and in need of a co-op partner, to attempt the higher floors, on a difficulty no one wants to attempt except the insane, stupid or unlucky. An unlucky girl gets transported and he guides her through chat functionality and other derivative game... more>> mechanics and it examines these floors through his own personal flashblack (s).

The author has spent 3 chapters on the 1st 'waiting room' and about 8 chapters on the first floor, 3 chapters on the 2nd 'waiting room' and another 7 chapters so far on the 2nd floor. I'll remind you he's on floor 60.

If you're like me and read stories for interesting characters and their relationships with each other and their environment in a deep fantasy world filled with mystery and awe, avoid this novel. There is little interaction with other characters and the world to speak of is a boring dungeon setting you've seen many times before.

The saving grace is that this author has some solid writing (for a web novel author) but is made worse that the tension has already been removed since we know he survives. But character development you say? There's only so much character development for the MC you can convey on 8-chapter-floors 60 times before it gets incredibly boring. Seems like a poor effort to pad the story out by the author when he can make each level incredibly hard then make the MC survive by plot armor again and again.

Avoid this novel if you're not a fan of the genre, give it a go if you like gauntlet type stories and do not mind a lack of a character cast.

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Overclock rated it
December 10, 2016
Status: c28
Seems like a nice guy the MC, but a bad ass who never forgets a grudge. Ever and even keeps a list.

Very hardworking to the point of actually becoming a M. Is smart, but can be foolish, yet that allows him to grow unlike some complete and unrealistic MC's out there.

The game is survival base rather than monster fighting, at least early on, yet very amusing to read the sh*t hardcore mode throws at him.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mrttao rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c31
There is some real potential here. But it is hampered by a few things. The fact that the author starts in medias res and then skips back and forth on the timeline constantly. And the fact the MC is a moron who keeps making idiotic mistakes and surviving because of plot armor. Also, characterization is poor. Those are serious mistakes that should drop it down to 1 star, but the good parts counter balance it to get to an even 3, middle of the road story.

Some of the negative... more>> reviews complained about the odds of the other person entering just happened to be a korean woman. They must have missed where the MC explained that it is separated by national "servers" so to speak. The MC is korean, so the tutorial he is in only has koreans there. It isn't 100 people total all over the earth, it is 100 people per nation are taken every month by the tutorial.

He also mentioned how in the american server there are 11 survivors in hell difficulty (although they got stuck in level 30, the scrubs), because americans are so macho that significantly larger numbers of them are willingly entering hell difficulty even after the people from easy difficulty got out and informed the world of how suicidally dangerous it is (0. 01% survival rate) <<less
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Zyst rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: c14
Level up/Survival novel. They do a semi-quentin, starting in the future and then phasing back to the past as he went through the challenges.

Right now it's up in the air as to whether it'll be good or not, but it certainly has a lot of potential. If you like the genre I'd recommend picking it up in a heartbeat, if you're not particularly a fan I'd recommend letting more chapters come out before giving it a shot.

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pomoli rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: c68

    • Great story building.
    • First person in WN are a rarity, and this one is well done.
    • MC is interesting : he is neither a cold hearted machine, nor a psychopath killing everyone who is slightly against him. He makes sense as a human being.
    • Other characters are also developed and the way they are shown (through forum and discussion) makes things interesting too.
    • Author seems to know where the story is going.

    • I'm not fond of flashbacks, and this one is full of them. I would have preferred a linear story.
    • No romance (yet?), though it's not super dry on friendship so at least there are human interactions here.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hexfirwe rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: c58
Great novel with interesting characters and setting. My only complaint is that the MC scales faster than the tutorial. There's no point in having so many chapters per level if he can clear it on his first run with bare minimum difficulty. Currently it's not like that but it feels like it could head into that direction.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
OrderedChaos rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: --
While I liked it, its badly executed. Idk if I missed something but I didn't know why he was stuck on F60 until I read reviews. Starting in medias res is really retarded if you're trying to make a story about how someone SURVIVES through the hardest difficulty when non MCs get wiped. Also, the fact that there's some kind of message boards is great but since were in the future apparently theres conferences and guilds and sh*t. Like wth? There was no established background content about it and... more>> author just writes it in as if it was established. Seriously, if he just wrote the main mc's progression and how people eventually figured things out up to the 'present' F60 he would've doubled the chapters and then tripled them as main MC read about other mc's own adventures until she got to where main MC is at. I have experience in mmos where I explained how to get through stuff to newbies and I feel as if this is what the author wanted to convey, yet hes written it quite weirdly.

Theres so much great concepts and material that hes working with and it is well written to boot. Though with the stupid idea of writing in medias res, hes literally made a house with a crooked foundation and with all the good ideas he has wont save it from being f**ked up at the start. Id predict that everything gets better once author gets to F60 but he has the consequences of spoiling everyone with content that we have no idea of how they work and fleshing them out after spoiling what they are. See how confusing the latter sentence was? Basically how I feel about the only mistake the author has done. Otherwise on top of it there is a fairly decent novel.

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