Boundless Necromancer


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I never thought I could become a hunter.

I never thought I would get the chance.

But that wasn’t true.

「 ‘Tower of Trials’ has selected all suitable candidates from Earth. 」
「 Please select your difficulty. 」
「The chosen difficulty will be directly proportional to your rewards. 」

I was given a chance now.

A special one at that.

Associated Names
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Boundless Ascension (manhwa)
The Boundless Necromancer
나 혼자 특성빨로 무한성장
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Fluffums rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: c5
Way too much time is spent on monologues explaining the reasoning behind his actions, when they aren't all that complicated. Also, it feels way too cheap having him gain 6 stat points from defeating one enemy he'd called "weak" 3 times before killing it. Considering he'd spent 7 years training without gaining a single stat point increase...

The other thing is, who spends 7 years training without any sign that the training is working? Training is a process where you gradually improve. Your time gets faster, you can lift more weights... more>> / more times, you can work longer, you learn new moves and become able to use them in different combinations, so on and so forth. It's literally unimaginable to have someone go that far and then easily accept it when he's suddenly told to stop.

The worst thing is, the motivation is just not believable - it would have been super easy for him to move on to a support role for hunters as soon as he understood he was not suitable. He would have had just as much ability for the purpose of the story, but he wouldn't be an insane ret*rd who spent 7 years trying to get stronger without anything to show for it.

Ah, and I wouldn't mind it nearly as much if he wasn't basically the only character I could expect in the story, but it's a solo tower. There will probably be undead minions with quirky personalities, and cameos from other tower goers, but I see no reason to care about this character or what happens to him. He's not fun or funny. He's shown in just 5 chapters that he has no desire or ability to improve himself normally. And the author seems way too impressed with himself for the strategies the character takes... which so far are just copies of strategies characters in similar books have taken in the past.

The translation seems decent enough though. <<less
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FocusTheBeast rated it
January 30, 2023
Status: c95
This is a "want to be" novel.

Protagonist is extremely lucky to the point of disgust. The odds that he gains the best things or evovles the right skills at the right time is just plain impossible (and boring). He hasn't gain a single thing that he didn't actually need.

... more>>

And he is not even trying that hard, he is climbing the tower very fast and does not even stop to train. At least in the first chapters he did train.


There are plot holes. And the answer to those plot holes is by the power of the tower.

Fights are way to unbalanced.

Example, he uses all his souls to replenish his mana to perform a powerful attack but he can still survive a enemy who is way way stronger than him with out mana.

Stats are meaningless, the writer just put some random numbers here and there that don't make sense at all,

Example -10 stats to someone who is extremely strong (if we go with the writers logic he should have 150 on all stats) shouldn't make a huge difference normally, but it does. To a point that now he is considered week. On a another hand a +1 to the protagonist (with 60 points on all stats) can be a difference between losing and winning. We also can't compare the stats with different characters to alteast know what normal and not. We only know the protagonist stats.


And after chapter 91 I was out of here, protagonist is at death doors, no energy, no mana, a hand and eye missing, but he can still do major damage to a super strong enemy that has a hand that is just shaking. And how does the protagonist survive this? Well the enemy just runs away, yea. I gave this novel so many chances and it through them out of the window.


The only good thing that it has is the good translation and not many unnecessary characters, that are just there to fill a chapter.

This novel isn't like Solo leveling, different powers, different end goals. <<less
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Shishin rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: c5
The plot genuinely almost the same as TTTH. The differences are MC awakened as necromancer and those humans that goes to tower are awakened (but stat reset) and normal human. In addition, the knowledge of the monster in tower are known since the world has dungeon outside of the tower. The story is written well and the world background details are as clear as the day. I can't comment much since I read only 5th chapters but I bet 100 bucks that this book gonna be good.
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October 24, 2021
Status: c6
Its so bland, everything about it is mediocre to the bone. Even the Protagonist is so boring, he gets lucky and the monologues about how different he is from everyone for a fourth of a chapter.
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SonicWizard rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: c36
Yet another dime a dozen Korean gate/tower fantasy set in an alternate earth. MC is tenacious and methodical and unfortunately a bit of an edgelord, which isn't really shocking but still disappointing nonetheless. All in all a decent time killer. It certainly doesn't reinvent the wheel or even bring any drastic changes to the standard formula but it's not bad.
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phobos rated it
February 18, 2023
Status: c36
i guess its to much hassle to give the world your creating some consistant rules or (natural) laws. Instead it boils down to the MC is always right, what the MC think is right, what the MC expact will happen, what the MC buys will be needed (like 5mins later)...

take a look at the skill system

all tower go-ers get a skill and stat reset did all start with a F reated skill like the MC ? should be to be fair right ? well we dont know I dont... more>> even know why a stat/skill steal skill would be rated in the lowest rank. Then skills can be upgraded so "F" skill went to "E" easy right ? next skill upgrades from E to E+ ok now I got it next time it will be D- right ? no MC tells us it will be D

there isnt any consistency or rule in it its just "shut up and take it"

what are the others doing to be stronger than to super speical/op MC is the tower pulling favors? letting some start with a A-skills and others with F- skills?

until now I dont even know why he is a necromancer when all he does is skill/stat stealing while running around playing a strange mix of thief/rogue/assasin (dagger damage dealer) and a shield tank summons?, necromancy? bones? poison? blood? nope nothing (so far)

character seems to be far off :

coming from a history of being weak he awakens the skill "contempt for the weak"?


while calling the other tower challangers phsycophatic animals that using everything as excuse for their killing sprees he got probably the higherst headcount of them all while going on like "they attacked first" "they were in the way" "i just put them out of their misery"

fighting weak enemies deciding not to show mercy but kill them all but he's on the moralic highground and dont want to get to bloodthirsty while saying every other chapter to do everything to grow stronger

i doubt the author even noticed that hypocrisy.


To hit it home the plot armor is over 9000...

unbeatable enemies ? sure your weapon proc will save the day

(would electricy even work vs platemale or would it count as faraday cage?)

and the dagger unable to pass the armor before magically kills the enemy with 1 hit

floor rewards for finding creative solutions giving the MC maximal rewards even for the most standard or even only possible approach ?

first fight:

running from a slow moving golem for 10 min seems to be impossible since no human with "normal" stats ever managed to run such a long period of time


ask the admin:

ask 4 questions, call it one and because reason the admin answers about 3 of em and dont even deduct your "1" question


the number of disquallified (dead) contenders seems off guess that the reason the author get pretty vague on that point

why are all choosen from humanity seemingly all korean ?

if you arent into believable worlds or characters arent annoyed by plotarmor as thick as it could be but just some "weak to strong" in rather few chapter you might have fun with this story <<less
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absenior19 rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: c63
My Rating: 4/5 [ Why reduce it? ]
Problems. From my pov. They might not be problem for you, so just glance at them.
... more>>

MC is not anti-hero or evil or cold.
He is a good person. [ Don't forget this. It's important. He is not Messiah, but at the same time he is a good person you will find in any movie, is all I will say ]

Some things That I would like to clear:

> MC started off as a whimpering MC who I would say is a beta and.... basically I will say all the bad words to it. Author even describe it again and again, and focused on justice and humanity so many times in starting few chp that I almost dropped this novel.
> But MC grow up, from chp 30 you could see the change, and this change continue on. At least now he don't whimper and author is also not showing too many times. Like, MC: I can do this, but if I do, it will harm humans. So I won't. and so on. It would be ok, if he simply didn't do it. But author writing it in a manner to show me that MC did this for humanity, made me feel like, greater good, humanity, morality, FETTERS, fukin WILL OF FIRE. so that might be my personal problem. But I don't like such troupes.
But later it changed, that's why I started enjoying it.
>So author improved and MC also grow up, this growth would be finished at 30 chp and you will be able to see changes afterwards.

Purpose for me to clarify these were, These exact reasons were enough for me to drop it and some of my friends to not even try it. So, I think, by clarifying these things, people might wanna give it a try. That's all.
**Instead of writing a review, which literally give no fukin view and answer to the question I have. I like to explain and say everything I feel.**

Romance/harem- Till chp 63 which is latest in wuxiaworldsite, from where I read.
No romance or anything till now.
My take on it or what I think will likely happen in future, based on the vibe or understanding I got till now:

Romance will definitely happen. MC is not a eunuch [ no referring to anything, I am just saying, he like girls and I feel when he grow more strong, he will encounter some girls who will like him and then slowly k-drama will begin ]
As for Harem, honestly no idea. It can go like, solo levelling and have only 1 heroine [ Which I would love to see ] or it can go on like, seoul station necromancer [ and have a tons of harem, which I will hate to see... but whatever ]
So harem is not sure.
His Nature: Good person, can kill enemy, can do things if needed, but have his own bottom line, of course enemy don't come within that bottom line.
Some imp. time stamps:
From chp 30, MC started changing. this novel got a bit interesting from chp 30
In chp 40, MC finally got skeleton summoning skill.
After chp 48, this novel kinda changed and become better. so I am enjoying it more now.

And afterwards, my experience just kept on rising. I won't say it is like solo levelling, as they are too far apart. But still I will say, now this novel can barely catch up to such great novels.
I also liked the power system in this novel.

You will find more translated chp on Wuxiaworldsite <<less
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Overclock rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: c28
Its 5 out of 5 for now. MC is OP, but isn't the strongest player as of yet in or out of the tower.

Also like that the MC isn't evil or cold to be an edge lord. His singular goal was to fight monsters to stop tragedies which occurred when monsters first showed up. Even when he has to kill others it to survive, not to show his dominance or just not care at all.

... more>>

Currently he has to fight with himself over his feelings about the tower. He has gradually come to love the tower that has given him chance at last to grow stronger, but hates the tower for giving him no choice but to kill fellow humans from earth.


It's still a 5, but the novel's only real weakness is the author constantly having people praise the MC is a 1 in 10 billion genius when he's not. He's hard working and was blessed with a OP unique skill and another broken skill that compliments it, but that's it. He's more effort/opportunities than gods chosen one Luke characters treat him. <<less
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Foolish Mysteries
Foolish Mysteries rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: prologue
It was pretty good until it decided to boast how f*cking good Korea is and how it's the strongest country in the whole f*cking world.

I get it, it's their home country and it's natural to be biased but the story just changed from challenging the Tower to f*cking challenging other non Korean people cause only Koreans are great here and others are racist.

The writing style is very much like Chinese style where everybody in the world is tr*sh and only they are strong.

It's a shame cause it started quite good,... more>> but ended up as a f*cked up racist and ambiguous style of writing. The MC gets surrounded by OP Administrators and most of them are women. Of course, the writer won't forget to describe that it's all going to be good looking, white, skinny, and powerful women.

I don't get what's the point of including all that f*cking details when there's no romance tag and it's supposed to be action. I wanted to read a levelling novel but ended up with a OP MC surrounded by side character women with no contribution to the plot at all, they for real are just there for face value. <<less
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NekoShouma rated it
August 21, 2023
Status: c180
Haaa... I really don't know what to say here😮‍💨😮‍💨

The MC just doing ... more>>




He doesn't even thinking to make the enemy subordinate to become his subordinates or make "instal" the fear to his enemies so that he can get the divine power stats cause divine power can be get from the faith or the fear. He didn't even think about making a contract so he wouldn't be betrayed. He just go killing anyone who in the opposite side of him. Even if that person was far more profitable if they could become his followers rather than die.


I don't know what the author's intention is.

why does they give MC the opportunity to get subordinates but instead doesn't make the most of it


even though I really like and interested in this story. but getting here, the MC becomes

more dense, arrogant, self-centred, look down on people, and smart (only at times when he is needed to be smart for the sake of the storyline #plot armor)


3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cactiii rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: c9
Overall it just feels like the author didn't fully think through a large portion of the book and world building causing the story to just not feel well made. To start they made the MC essentially s*upid, the MC trained for 7 years to gain strength without ever getting a skill or gaining a stat point (Which to this point was not explained why he could not, so it feels like the overused everyone other than MC is strong before MC becomes overpowered) and not once did the MC consider... more>> the situation before the gym kicked him out. Then the author tries to shoe horn in a midlife crisis of him drinking a beer and contemplating his choices only to enter the tower and act like a somewhat regular guy. At least personally I think this story arc would of been a lot better if the author just made him insane, where his desire to get stronger is of an obsessive quality which then would make it so he can train in the trials beyond what a normal person could do to justify why he is powerful.
Onto the problems of the series, which a lot of people have already pointed out, the worldbuilding itself is very flimsy with things like his stats going from 10->15 which should be a 50% increase in strength (Its never explained how the stats correlate so the 50% is a guess) all it does is make him stronger without any lose in control or anything like that. The skills feel haphazard with things like his regeneration where rather than just saying its a skill most hunters try to get and somewhat rare with numbers like 1/1000 the author instead makes it sound like an incredibly rare ability, the regeneration itself also rather than just being described as increasing the natural healing rate instead is something about healing light wounds which just feels flimsy. There is also plot holes like how in 24 hours he can somehow get use to using a sword and shield to a level of proficiency that's absurd compared to the previous day, and then you get situations like where he is given three days to assassinate an orc chief and he does recon for 2 days but it skips over how he survived in the wild... We were told just before that point that he didn't have enough points for food and theres no mention of how he slept in the wild just giving it an overall feel of the situation not being through out. His ability of being able to absorb souls for stats just doesn't really make sense, as a baseline it should have some limitations if the ability exists like the souls giving him corruption due to the fact that they aren't his and overtime as he gets use to the gains the corruption gets reduced making it so there is a limit to how fast he can grow due to the risk of one of the souls processing him, although the ability itself is just a bad plot device. As a necromancer it should of focused on him trying to use necromancy rather than just having him fight with the stats from souls, I've seen others say that he can temp revive later but overall he barely qualifies as a necromancer.
Overall it just feels shoddy, its not horrible but it feels like the author has read books of this genre and tried to add a slight twist of him being a necromancer but overall it feels just like the author just didn't decide on how they want the tower to work, how the skills and stats work, and a lot of other factors that come together to make a bad novel that doesn't really have anything going for it. I think it could have potential if the author re-writes it after deciding how they want it to go and gaining experience but at least currently I would say its a bad book. <<less
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BookedOnAFeeling rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: c145
The start had immense promise but now... it's fine.

At times it feels overindulgent in minutia that is both repetitive and overly drawn out. At other times, it feels like a story rushing to get things over with but using a checklist to make sure certain plot points are hit.

The current translation, while passable, is hampered by formatting issues. Line breaks that sometimes happen in the middle of sentences and block paragraphs without paragraph spacing so everything blends together. Which is bad enough but there's one thing that makes it all... more>> worse.

The site has the worst dark mode I have ever seen.

Grey text on a grey background with the lowest contrast possible to make it barely readable while causing maximum eye strain.

This is the default mode. Changing it to light mode fixes that (except for the RPG popups that are now white text on a white background with a blue glow) but you still have the formatting issues.

The story at this point is maybe 3/5 but with the site as it currently is, 2/5 and that's being generous. <<less
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BlinkToThePast rated it
December 6, 2023
Status: c134
Edit:They fixed it.

The story is interesting and I'd usually give it a 4 star and move on without commenting but the absolutely cancerous ads on the translators site ruins my enjoyment. Its ridiculous, infamous scans blocks access without disabling adblock so I did so but you are then bombarded by the worst ads.

As soon you open the page several pop up ads block your vision so you have to individually unclick them so even see the words. Then every time you touch the screen to scroll down an ad... more>> opens a new window to some scammy looking site. It even requested Firefox to allow in-browser pop ups! This is the kind of site your browser blocks access to to ensure you don't get viruses. Makes me want to go find a pirate site instead of this nonsense. Fix the user experience and I'll happily delete my review. <<less
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ThomschK rated it
March 25, 2023
Status: c100
!!!The uploads on reaper scans are gone. Those are dead links.!!!!


The MC was a player that couldnt increase his stas. Innate ability and skills are different and so are the ratings. Necromancy F does not mean its F-rank as an ability, it means the proficiency is F. Which also indicates the overall possibility of growth. Obviously the MC lucked out on that front. The story is a wish fullfilling genre. Many "against all odds"- moments and so on.

I cant ignore the fact that it mixed 3 popular stories... more>> together but in my oppinion thats not a downside. If something resonates well with many, then its fine to work around those things. Thats what humans do, no?

I am a major fan of "The tutorial is too hard" and I also enjoyed "Solo Leveling" to a certain degree. The third Story I am reminded off is not available anymore (dont know why but I cant remember the title anymore because the bookmark didnt contain the name). Anyways, the story is a nice mix of those. Only with the downside of the illusional stat-game. Its unnecessary information because the author neither implemented it properly nor does it help us understand. Many had pointed out those issues.

Many critiszed the flow of the story. Please dont mix your wants with the authors story. Thats not how it works^^

The story is a 2.5/5. The translation is good. It will be a nice binge read for now and then because you dont have to remember any set rules (Because they get "adjusted" when needed). Nothing serious, nothing laughable. <<less
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Luxraypro100 rated it
January 14, 2023
Status: v1c95
Hmm, looks like it might actually be a decent Necromancer MC. Don't get me wrong, I like me some Solo leveling and Kill the Hero. But these days all the Korean Modern Dungeon MCs really seem to be Copy/Pastes of each other.

While the MC is capable of resurrecting corpses it's only for a limited time and the skeletons are extremely weak, as they should be. Instead his strength comes from absorbing and utilizing the souls to boost his attributes and gain skills to then fuse with his conquer Radiance. And... more>> I think the idea of the Radiances was a clever. This way the MC has a proper excuse and way to 'clean up' his rapidly growing skill list while everyone else also has the chance to get super strong themselves. I just hope we don't see a whole bunch of Conqs and leave the other Radiances in the dust.

I'm rating this 4 star as a precaution against the Administrators. Administrators for Tower of Trials often interfere and bu*t in too much for their own good. While at the moment it seems like they're here for comic relief with their banter. It probably will devolve to the redundant 'guild conflicts' we always see with these types of stories.

I also like other dimension mechanic they added. Invasions really give off the vibe that the Author likes them some Souls/Born games. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BeLikeWater0416 rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: c36
I honestly think it's a good read. Though the plot at the moment isn't the most original story out there, I like how the MC is solid and cautious with decent intelligence. I'm also interested in how the plot will develop since it's a bit different than the others. In addition, the TL is good so I look forward to the few chapters released every week.
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