The World after the Fall


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This is the story of a man who refused to return to the past even after everyone else (apparently) did.

The World after the Fall average rating 4.3/5 - 188 user ratings
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멸망 이후의 세계
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New Isaic rated it
November 20, 2017
Status: c41
Excellent novel so far. There was a touch-and-go moment from ch.25 to about 32, where a female character was being focused on and the common tropes were overwhelmingly dumb. (Girl almost dies MC saves at last second, Girl almost dies MC only one that can save her)

But right then it changes back to a good novel, Idk if that is because the girl is passed out recovering though. I REALLY hope she doesn't become a focus again. If the author goes back to her then I'll likely be done.

There... more>> are some common tropes used, but most of them are changed slightly and it gives a good twist. If the author can avoid the romance bit, then this could end up as an excellent novel.


Consistent MC - the MC doesn't mind killing but he doesn't do so for stupid reasons.

World building - so far the world is pretty well described and though it isn't amazing it is solid.

Side-character development - Other than the one girl (who isn't that bad, just the author used stupid tropes), everyone else has pretty solid/entertaining development and personalities


Female tropes (ch.25-32ish.)

There are a couple reviews that say females fawn over MC, but there is only one female interest and she doesn't fawn, just follows around being slightly annoying for a few chapters. As long as the plot is focused on MC it is a good novel. <<less
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keklel rated it
September 2, 2017
Status: c28
The premise sounds intriguing at first sight, but falls apart once you stop to think about it for a second.

This entire novel is unoriginal, consists entirely of cliches, makes no sense, and is pretty much just a power trip from what little story I can make out of it.

All the characters exist only to make the MC look good. The female characters are there to fawn over the MC and the male characters are there to be slapped by the MC. Those are their only reasons for existing. The frost... more>> dragon (or whatever its name was) ? Just there to be defeated to show off how strong the MC is. Beastrain? There to show how amazing the MC is - a player in a game can defeat the game admin somehow. It actually would surprise me if anyone read through those first few chapters and thought it made any sense. Bunch of nameless thugs gang up to rape a s*xy lady AND steal the MC's items at the same time so the MC can have an excuse to stop them (of course it's not to make the MC look good, not at all) - that's the MC's first encounter with other characters when the MC goes up to the new world - and it pretty much follows that same formula for the rest of the story.

The master blacksmith is another example of a character designed solely to make the MC look awesome. A master blacksmith has been blacksmithing for like 150 years. The MC (who has no knowledge of blacksmithing) goes up and demands he makes a sheath out of a monster's horn. The blacksmith tries but fails because his ability is not OP enough. The MC uses his ability [Doubt] and fights a monster (LOL) and gets the sheath made somehow. This is supposed to show that the MC is more awesome than a 150 year old master blacksmith. In fact it just goes to show what a stupid and artificial world the author has constructed where skill and experience count for nothing and the only thing that matters is how OP your ability is. The entire episode was completely pointless (the MC and the blacksmith learned nothing other than "the MC ability is more OP than the blacksmith's ability") and just goes to show how poorly written the story is.

Mino is a classic damsel in distress whose raison d'etre is to be saved by the MC (and always just as she's stripped naked and about to get raped, no less). That is her one and only purpose in this entire novel. This has happened twice now and makes up the entirety of the fights in the novel after the MC arrives in the new world. The lines describing her internal thoughts are actually puke-inducing. I'll quote a few here:

With only a shaky view in front of her, Mino couldn't help but think.

Was there such a thing as salvation in this world?

A world where dog like bastards ran rampant. No matter how many good people there were, this world would continue to be a hell as long as those dog-like bastards reigned above. Both humans defined by Mino and Jae Hwan would be trampled underfoot by these evildoers.


Mino's imagination made her slightly envious.

But in fact, she already knew. Such a future was no longer available to her.

She would never be able to meet Jae Hwan ever again.


She wanted to say that it was to be expected.

She wanted to say that she knew it was going to turn out like this.

She wanted to say that she hated how things had turned out like this, but at the same time, she lost all strength in her legs.

Someone caught her. Rough, but warm hands. Like a stone, but sturdy. Mino lifted her head and saw his face.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Dropped. <<less
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PoshMafia rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: --
Plays on common tropes in really popular Korean novels like reincarnation, king of the battlefield and so on.

Worth the read for sure. Although the translation pace will probably be spotty at best. So I would recommend reading then setting aside until there are 40 50 chapters to binge read.
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jlkc rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: c9
Wow! What the hell is with the quality of this novel? It's miles ahead of everything else on this website. The amount of thought and planning put into this novel makes all the other novels feel half-assed. It reminds me of Terror Infinity before it turned to crap. If you're wondering if you should read this, stop wondering and just read the first three chapters. You'll know if you should continue after that.

I'm really looking forward to more chapters.
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selweron rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: c15
This confirms that a little creativity on common tropes or reusing them in a different way can become a foundation for a great novel. Totally didn't expect this piece of work would have a story so appealing already at the beginning, I was hooked up right after prologue :) It's somehow different than other already translated KR novels (in a good way).
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RikkSilirion rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: c33
I know this sounds weird, but this novel really is something different. The book carries a weight with it as you read it, I've never read anything before that could depict loneliness how this novel does. The main character is very human, he isn't an emotionless robot, and he isn't someone who complains a bunch. He has gone through alot, but he has to keep going on because that's all he can do. This is in my top 3 novels I've read on this site so far.

edit: kekel just... more>> has something wrong with the story for some reason. READ the story, you'll understand the reasons why characters did things, and how it isn't as 2D as kekel likes to believe it is. <<less
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henrywolf123 rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: --
For those of you looking at this review you have probably read some of the stereotypical game element loner Korean novels and are expecting something like that. While that's not exactly wrong the world after the fall has done something that no other similar book I have encountered has done. It has truly made me feel the sorrow of the character, I don't have words to describe it properly.

If you have read and enjoyed similar novels... read this, you will not be disappointed.

if you are already depressed/ looking for something... more>> happy, skip this for now. <<less
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SleepLover rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: c9
Although there is only 9 chapters released I feel that this novel has a lot of potential. There is also this elements which is common in korean novels which is game elements. And game elements is one of my favorite elements. The plot seems a little complex. The characters and companions he had seem to have a good attitude and there may be villains but it would be disappointing if the protagonist has it too easy. So overall I think this novel would be great.
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xtruthxliex rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: --
Story (Overall) :

It's enticing. The MC is really unique, in my opinion, and he doesn't pertain to the norm at all.

I guess you could say his personality is so "OP" that it's almost Gary Stu-ish, considering that Gary Stus are strong, confident, brave, never-backing down kind of trait, etc.

... more>> BUT this MC... Is kind of aloof, cold (the kind that makes you think he has mental issues, but given his circumstances, it's a given), he's strong, but doesn't really realize that HE IS STRONG. It's funny, kind of...

The plot goes very slowly, thank god for time skips. It's not the type of slow where nothing happens and everything is useless situation. It's the type of slow that makes you think, baby steps. The type that makes you have a better understanding along with the MC, so that you grow along side him and know what is going on. At the same time, you will not know everything, which then decreases the chance of making you lose interest from guessing the outcome and being correct.

I have high hopes for this MC. The plot is okay, there are a few confusing things, but not so much that it overwhelms you.

Romance (Possible) :

I hate harems, so hopefully he doesn't have one. If he does, I hope they're like the only female fully introduced to us, unique, has strength, "weakness, " and beauty. I much rather not have any romance at all though.


If you're looking for something that goes into depth about every fight, this novel is not it. It's a pretty-not basic, but-down to earth. It skips all the boring same old, same old and jumps into the "prequel" of the exciting stuff. It gives a nice summarize of the fight. (Ex: Stabby, Stab, Cut, Thrust, Yayyyy!) It's a more talk. less fighting-explanations.

Notes: I recommend you read this if you like to read. Other than that, read it.

Notes2: The prologue is pretty intense for a prologue, be prepared. Lol. <<less
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OrderedChaos rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: --
Ah f**k yes, finally found another diamond. When you guys read novels in this site, most of the time you find it interesting and read the next chapter. You go on, and on until you're probably 20% in, then you notice and turn your brain on and find that the novel seems kinda dull, lost even or just plain dumb at the first chapter. I'd call this the momentum of interest. Due to the fact that the novel has piqued your interest, you are driven to find out where the... more>> novel will go. When I just started reading webnovels, this is basically what I would do. Turn brain off and end up going into a rabbit hole that seemed deep, but in reality is not really that deep. Due to the consequences of experiences like that, I can usually notice how deep the rabbit hole is (or accidentally reading spoilers in reviews, srsly stahp guys). So nowadays, I look at reviews or translator taste and quality and ratings (hit or miss). Also, I keep my brain on unless im really bored. Anyways, away with my contextual rambling and on with the review.

It may be a bit early to call it but, with what has been written and shown so far, I can see that this author is considerably skilled and I would say that this story may turn out to be a really good one. It has tons of potential. At first, it may look like one of those litrpg/game novel clones running rampant right now, and you're definitely right. It is but there's a difference. That is, the way it is written. Im no professional critic but I would say that the way the story is written and how it is executed is so good that it blows everything (that we have in the genre rn) right out of the water. When reading other stories I can feel slightly disengaged because of the way they are written. It can be dull, apathetic, out of place, convenient and all the other mistakes most web authors make. Its like they turned their brains off. Yet, when I read this, I can see how deep, deliberate and well thought the first few chapters are. You can get a grasp of the various character's personality/traits WITHOUT having it being spelt out and written in your face. Even if it was written down, I feel that the author wouldnt make it feel out of place. As a bonus, the characters feel alive, established (although its still the start and may change, its great to see side chars thinking). The world being built is making me get the hansel and gretel feel of picking up crumbs (minus the witch ofc). It isnt overwhelmingly detailed so that it suffocates you but its there, as the background, the setting the readers/MC are trying to find out. It enhances the story. I feel that I am saying too much and its too early to see where it will go, so I'll end it here. It just goes to show how great I felt seeing something like this just blow my mind.


Tons of potential and high quality (as of right now). Better than everything else imo. <<less
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NothingPersonal rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c33
You know, of course there are going to be bad reviews and I get that. This is a novel with an unfathomably powerful main character, which are disliked by some and the only good novels for others. Except that this novel doesn't really deserve any bad reviews, because it is not only that simple of a novel. I won't go onto details since others did, but just know that the things that are said in this novel hold a message, a simple one, but a very uncommon one; "There are... more>> many ways things can be seen". Of course the whole novel isn't around that message, but I found the idea behind the message, who is also the strength of the main character, very intriguing.

Well, no matter, just read the damn thing and don't be an ass to the next translator, if there ever is one. <<less
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Lundynne rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: c23
I made an account just for this novel. I've been using this site for a while now, but I've never been so impressed with a story that I felt inclined to leave a review. That is no longer the case.

This story has the potential of being an absolute masterpiece. If you enjoy post-apocalypse novels, then you will enjoy this ... more>>

(Even though it's technically not post-apocalypse)

The tone is bleak, the world is harsh, and the characters are cold-hearted. Even so, the main character is extremely relatable, especially as you're exposed to what he's been through, and can understand why his personality is the way it is.

Give this novel a try: it's worth it. <<less
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Nvelist rated it
October 11, 2017
Status: c33
I assure all of you readers, worth reading.

Going to a degree of nice quality and real life experienced of what made you changes upon yourself. Main character is truly admirable with experience changes himself that overcome odds and the impossibility again & again. Characters that no plain as role itself, amassed towards understanding the difference of a harsh reality and a very cruel one. Perfectly outstanding story indeed but sadly translator-kun is having problem. Also harsh readers give a painful feedback that lost some composure to translator even though the... more>> story is still at the starting point and I say don' read it any longer you motherf*ck*rs! At least, hope is there to regained translator problem to become stabilized and continuous on.


Its not actually that everyone else return to the past but stuck in a never-ending reality they have of what they want to feel and see in their own world within themselves. What I'm saying is their soul is on another realm of their own world while their bodies remain intact with the world never crossed the apocalypse as it continuous on moving without any armageddon event after the Nightmare Tower appeared in the world's cities skies. The people who choose to enter the tower never actually moved their body but only their soul and the government taken care of the unconscious seemingly comatose bodies of the thousands who choose to enter the mysterious tower floating above the cities sky. Like I said that those who chooses to go in the past, trapped in a reality set by their own choice. With the hellish tower is nothing more as a Tutorial mode set for the Walkers that binds them to death and challenges but the protagonist refuse to play any longer as he kill the operator and broke through the hellish game letting the operator failed of his job. <<less
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Chance rated it
August 28, 2017
Status: c23
Really a unique novel. It is worth reading. 5/5 for now

Had to come back and make some updates after the story getting dropped and reading keklel's response.

There's reading and then there is reading and not understanding.

... more>> 1) How did the MC beat the administrator? Well the big insight that the MC gained was to see things as they actually are. Illusions inside of illusions used to maintain other illusions. The MC understood this while the administrator did not. Matter of fact, most everyone dont not understand this fact.

2) The female character was working as an assassin, trying to look weak so she could kill her target. She actively put the MC into difficult position's and did not follow the MC fawning, think she tried to get him killed once as well.

3) The blacksmith? He couldn't see the world as it was and despite his hard work, he was limited by a self imposed glass ceiling. The MC showed him how to see the world as it truly is and to exceed the arbitrary limitations put on him.

4) and everyone the MC is around right now have already died at least once. Not exactly the elite.

If you read max level noob, everyone else are players that rely on the system and have yet to exceed it. In this story, the nc doesn't have access to the system, no inventory, nada. <<less
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