The Human Emperor


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17k’s Synopsis:

I cannot hand this world over to those who I disdain!

Thus, Wang Chong stepped over mountains of bones and rivers of blood to ascend to the throne of the Human Emperor. With his might, he reversed the fall of the Great Tang and brought it to the pinnacle of the world, thus becoming an unsurpassable legend!


Starve’s Synopsis

Forcefully brought over from the modern world to an alternate world, Wang Chong felt detached and lived his life aimlessly.

However, when calamity struck and he saw his family and everything he cared for being torn apart, he felt regret.

Thus, he stood up and eventually became the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains, leading an army against those who seek to destroy all he cherished.

Yet, despite all his efforts, it was already too late to reverse destiny.

But before his death, a shooting star, the same one which brought him to this world, appeared before him, and he was given another chance to undo his regrets.

The Human Emperor average rating 4.4/5 - 354 user ratings
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Nhân Hoàng Kỷ
Ren Huang Ji
The Records of the Human Emperor
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New Trent rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c195
It’s an interesting story, with a really smooth translation and solid characters. The MC’s clever and experienced, but not omniscient or infallible. He’s determined and unselfish, not to simply fill the heroic archetype, but because he has cause to be.

The story has its issues, though, because the author just writes whatever he wants to without a greater plot in mind, simply relying on his skill and inspiration to write interesting chapters.

-Plot: The author doesn’t know what to do with his plotlines. He threads in some, forgets others, will pick one up again later when he remembers it or has some space for it. He messes up details and wraps the story in contradictions.

-It’s the same for the MC’s first life: It’s a blank slate, which the author blindly scribbles onto without planning or foreshadowing. If the author has an idea, he’ll drop it in and have the MC suddenly remember some important person or thing. He keeps adding bits and pieces to the MC’s life, regardless of whether they fit together, and constantly retcons the timeline to fit whatever little story’s being told at the moment and to add one threat after another against the MC’s country.

And the less said about the cultivation and blacksmithing, the better. They make some sense, and don’t make other sense.

But though I can criticize the story all I want, it’s a good read despite all its problems. It’s genuinely interesting and fun to read. And that’s more important, isn’t it?
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Queen of Sheba
New Queen of Sheba rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: c180
A Chinese epic. The story is very intriguing. From its vast ranging machinations, to its well crafted Tang dynasty setting. The protagonist advances steadily whilst averting large-scale catastrophes that had befell his glorious nation in his past life. Well, at least diminishing the catastrophes as much as possible.

The protagonists schemes were rather amusing as well. Yet, the greatest problem in the end, is that simply put, the protagonist lacks the will power to be the man he says he was, and still is. Grand Marshall of the Tang dynasty. Why you may ask? The protagonist has absolutely no ruthless bone in his body as well, at one point in time, he was willing to sacrifice everything in order to simply say a few flowery words. Not to even mention that the protagonist doesn't actually really even understand politics that well. He's a traditional Confucianist, weak in the belief that all others are as morally good as he is. Cultured also. It leaves him in the precarious position of being a scholar general, rather useful in times of peace, but useless in times of conflict.

Recommended read. High-level world building.
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riida rated it
August 28, 2016
Status: c6
This here is really not that special, so I don't get the rating.

The author mashed together TDG, LOTD, reincarnator, and even a few pieces of TTNH, but not too well.
... more>>

Unfortunately I was immediately turned off by the lack of logic, when MC tried to persuade his father not to go to the secret meeting.

His internal argument states that he must not reveal information from the future, but who forbids him to speculate about current affairs? If the result of the meeting is a catastrophy for the family, how could his best attempt to make his father reconsider be "don't go, it could turn out bad", when there are enough reasons in the present why it's not a good idea, and he even MENTIONS THEM while thinking to himself!

That immediately made me think that the author isn't too bright and I shouldn't expect much from this title. I'll read a few more chapter though, to see if I'm wrong...

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DoubleTake rated it
October 6, 2016
Status: --
I find it somewhat baffling whenever people write a review on anything be it a story or a movie with minimal to limited information or source data. Though I do understand that with the sheer number of stories and novels that if a story does not grab you in the first 10 chapters. People are more inclined to drop the novel there and then and after a review is done on any site the negative feedback in turn cast a downer on the translators and they then throw down all... more>> tools and a true gem sometimes go unseen. I think this is one of those true gems


As someone who has took decided to look a bit further and machined translated all the to the most recent chapter 250 This is one of those true gems and it is one of the better 'reincarnation' story more well balanced in its pacing and approach. It is a curious blend of actual history and Xuanhuan, this gives the reader an insight into the culture of the Chinese of the time, it is evident that the author is a history buff given the time period and the political intrigues affecting china in that time and its subsequent downfall. This chronicles our MC's attempt to stem that flow, albeit with mixed results.

The characters are not too overpowered, barring the occasional MC's plot armour as we know if the MC dies the story is over; It is however tastefully done and the author has done good job in representing both sides of any argument from the standpoint of protagonist and antagonist (s)

If you're looking for something that is different from the usual trope of reincarnation where it's just a power grab and power up where the ending is fast approaching this may not be for you.

If you' re looking for something decently paced, immersive in his world building and political intrigue, grounded in some basis of fact, characters who are not cardboard cut outs and do contribute to the story then this is something that may pique your interest.

P. S. Concerning the MC's logic, this is all explained in the upcoming chapters with him not being able to give anything away which hearkens back to what I said about formulating an opinion and a review on minimal information. Which is understandable giving the small sample size no offence to the previous reviewer


Hopefully the translators are able to pick this back up again and have another go at it because this is a true gem which readers would enjoy, I've gone into some detail in the spoiler but without giving too much away. Good story contrary to popular belief.


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Alioptak rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: c404
This novel is okay at the beggining but after 100 chapters or so it's getting boring.

The MC is always the only guy intelligent, he says "I have a solution!" and everybody is like "This guy is a genius!". All (80%) of the chapters are about military strategy and there is nothing that interresting.

The story is slow and the MC is weak. There is no romance nor good friends.

No suspense and it gets on my nerves.

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Keimichi rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c521
[note: spoiler tags might contain minor spoilers from the raws]

I am actually more amazed by this than I expected. After 500 chapters of raws, the story has been absolutely AMAZING.

To summarize the background, this is a mix of historical and Xuanhuan. It is set in another world that shares a history extremely similar to that of Earth, and yet it is a different world. More specifically, this is a reincarnation + time travel. MC was a person from Earth that got reincarnated to this alternate history world. However, he... more>> failed the new life he got. However he gets a second chance. In summary, it might feel similar to TDG. However, it is NOTHING similar. This story is focussed on the MILITARY. It is not about a direct clash of power beams and "my level is higher than yours". It's all about politics and actual war. In fact, it actually feels like Wuxia at first. It's only when you read further than you slowly notice that it has Xuanhuan elements. (Side note: no sign of romance so far, even if we see female characters).

The narration is not flowery and widely poetic like Ze Tian JI for example. Rather, everything has a logical progression and everything is concise. The author doesn't just throw in randomly as things goes along and then resort to plot armor to fix them. Rather as things goes along you'll notice that actions and people that were mentioned so long ago would actually become crucial to the plans of the MC. I think the only thing that could have been handled better would be the minor time skips (ex: those that are a week or a month long that author sometimes adds in rather suddenly), but that could be just a personal preference on my part.

We have a rational MC. He is not superhuman, but he is able to make rational decisions based on what he have and what he knows. He is a quite intelligent character. But it's not the same type of intelligence as the MC of TTNH for example, who was more of a cunning type that uses small tactics and deception. He's not like the MC of TDG who is smart but too arrogant that smacks people with his knowledge. No, our MC has a calm type of wisdom indeed benefitting of his background story. The reason why I like this MC is because the author has well done the "show, don't tell". We are able to see each of the steps, and hence, I do agree he has more skills than just the typical plot armor granted to protagonists by time travel. (I'd say, the only "plot armor" is how fast things go. Ex: if he estimates something will take 1 week, "MC will be surprised it only took 5 days". But that is really minor and could be attributed to him being cautious.)

The antagonists are not mindless drones. They don't exist just because they are evil or bad. Not all characters that disagrees with the MC is a bad guy. And the MC does not eliminate all people who disagrees with him. The MC is able to see the big picture and seek cooperation rather than have a pitiful revenge against people who he disliked. He is aware that he must maximize his resources, and therefore he must not remain on minor grudges.

In fact, rather than "antagonists", I'd say they are more like "opponents". What he is really fighting against isn't really the "enemies" per se, but rather "the future" he knows would happen and that he is trying to change.

I think, the only down point is that we don't really get to see things from the perspective of the side characters. The story is just really focussed on the MC, so even if the side characters have their own thoughts, the author doesn't really dig in too deep to show us what they are thinking. It doesn't mean these characters are less important, just that lot of their crucial actions, decisions and opinions are off screen.

Anyway, I think this is an extremely promising series. I won't praise the schemes as being ABSOLUTELY STUNNING—However, things are all well foreshadowed and planned out in a way that makes me acknowledge the MC as actually have a higher IQ and knows what he is doing (rather than the author trying to convince us that he does).

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Fanya rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: c121
Into another world AND back to the past! If this keeps up, then definitely a 5 star.

1. Yes they do martial arts/cultivate but the focus seems to be how he can keep his clan out of trouble between the struggle for the throne (instead of flying off to random cultivation/saint realms and stuff with no mention of his parents/clan after 20 chapters). There are paragraphs of cultivation explanation later and I find his 'destiny struggler' thing quite corny, but so far it haven't really played a big part yet... more>> so I'll pass.

2. OMG his family loves him! It's more realistic than the ones where the MC is an orphan that gets blindly hated/bullied by everyone. His parents are strict but not unreasonable and loves him, and his little sister is childish but treats him like a big bro. Other people also have complex feelings instead of it just being loyalty or kill.

3. He's a normal person! He's not an assasin/secret agent/poison genius that adopts to the situation and pwns everyone within 2 days. The first time he reincarnated he acted like a normal person would, don't feel like the family is his real family, not really adjusting to the different culture. But now that he's back to the past, he tries to use his knowledge to rise up. He is smart (with a good memory) but he still needs to think in order to convince people and find possible fortuitous encounters, no instant trust from random people or blind love/hate.

It's well written, well translated with a good MC and plot. It's got lots of potentials.

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MondoX rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c137
It is an early review, but hopefully it encourages some readers that are hesitant to begin reading the series. After twelve chapters, I am hooked with the story. The MC is a transcender from another world, and lived and died in his new world. However, he lived mostly has an observer and never tried to build any human relations and acted as a prodigal son. Through varying circumstances, he lost his family and friends and realized how he took for granted the love from those close to him, but now... more>> he has a second chance to fix his mistakes.

I felt slight tension during some of the dialogue, where it goes back and forth and builds to something and not boring and pointless chatter. The MC has knowledge of future events, but unlike other Chinese light novels, everyone is not going to automatically believe the MC and worship him. The MC needs to test what information he is able to divulge, when can he divulge the information, how to divulge it (subtly or not, etc).

I think I like the mc's little sister more (she is adorable, but crazy strong). I hope the author does not stop developing the little sister. Both the mc's parents are likeable so far, especially the mom.

Again, it is an early review, but as long as the author does not deviate from the character's personalities, or introduces a beauty with a bad attitude that instantly makes the MC stupid, this story has great potential.

Update: So, the author has neglected the characters I liked and introduced two beauties that seem like they will make the MC stupid. Also, coming back to the past, the MC mentions many different events that caused the downfall of his nation. I understand there may be combinations to the downfall, but each event seems like that was the main reason and they keep popping up as the story progresses. He fixes one, then he mentions there was another reason. It would make sense if his current timeline reacted to his meddling, but it seems it happened in his past, he did not know the full story, tough. Plus, the pacing has been slow. For example, an arc was focused on selling of swords and then an arc on him impressing the older generation of his grandpa through a banquet.

Worse, a female assassin was trying to kill the MC twice, and when he had the opportunity to kill her, guess what he does? <<less
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nikhil rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c523
A different novel with mix of historical + drama + fast paced action

The strategy used and how MC strives to excel even when placed with limits is gratifying unlike other novels where MC has to barely struggle and coast through to defeat his enemies.

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May 12, 2017
Status: c75
The drama in the story is completely based on the misunderstanding / miscommunication trope. Based on the story, the MC could cut 80% of the unwelcome complications by simply demonstrating his competence while still keeping his central secret, but that would mean that the author would have to actually learn to write drama.

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GoGoInTheA55 rated it
August 7, 2017
Status: c156
I loved it at first, whoa! I said. When I first read it, I also rated it 5 which I rarely ever do. The world was totally similar to ours (in a different time) with xianxia twist. The character's first impression was also good, as how he acted with his father, and how his family didn't outright believed him even though he proved himself. It showed no romance (Which is my fav part) and other useless thing. He planned and executed all things perfectly, altering the future a little. But... more>> then comes the bullsh*t.


A f**king mechanical voice which grants him extra power if he passes the test conducted by the world, because only then can he change the future as he is going against the fate.

Remember friends this is feudal era, the MC though hailing from the present time was still living in an early time.


He was already not OP enough but he still got a cheat item, it would have been enough as it only send him into past.

But OK!! I can ignore this thing.

But then the author had to go on and ruin it much further by making the MC a blacksmith

he only had superficial knowledge, but was able to create the best sword in the mortal world. if considering. He was just a normal 20 year old from present day, and even if he read about it on book somewhere, he wouldn't remember it after he lived 2 different lives and was repeating the last one (as basically he improved the technique from the previous timeline.


Ok! then went the Damascus steel arc in which a few sadhu came from India, but I don't know if the author is stupid or just a retard, but those sadhu's though talked in Sanskrit but were worshiping Lord Buddha as their divinity. Even though they are Hindu (I know I am from India). And at that time they mostly worshiped Vishnu and Shiva (being 2 of the 3 major and strongest gods). SO historical facts wrong beside the ones belonging to china (I didn't check the Persians or Arabians history facts)

Ok!! then lets forget about this one too.

Then comes our coup de grace. I know it is history... their history... and we need to accept the history and forget about it, but still I was disgusted by the talk about how the

King wanted to f**k his own daughter in law even though his son was alive, he even wanted to make her his own concubine, and MC supported him (I accept he didn't had a choice) but still he was not disgusted by these deeds of the king, and the first time he met that bastardy king, he felt respect for him instead of disgust which would have been normal for a modern human.


I didn't know what the author wanted while writing this story.

He is a f**king great commander of humanity, he needs to get his sh*t together and don't act so scared and submissive in front of those higher ups (but he acts like a pu**y) his planning and all is for nothing, there were various chances to achieve better results if he had some balls (maybe the time reincarnation forgot to revive that part of him).

I am ok with him being weak as f**k, but he still need to show his great commander spirit and monopolize the whole country even usurping the present king. <<less
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tuado94 rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: c163
There are a few plot hole that ruins this for me. The story was really enjoyable from the start but later on it feels like it's just dragging on.

... more>>

According to the other chapter he is suppose to be a reincarnated supreme general or some thing like that however he certainly doesn't act like one, and is loyal to an emperor that he has never meet before for absolutely no reason. He meet the emperor for the first time in his two lifes time at chapter 163 after he got summoned to a meeting and talk about some strategy. After saying 3 sentences he was literally sweeting all over from head to toe because meeting the emperor is like meeting the tiger... it's just kinda dumb after all he acts all high and mighty against the other characters that he has heard of and meet before but when it come to the emperor that he had never have any interaction with. Certainly not the act of a supreme general that has killed thousands.

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rainymist rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: c400
First of all, this story is amazing! Reasons?

  1. The MC is extremely intelligent in politics and wars.
  2. There is no enemies that's just pops out without any reasons or just want be a stepping stone for the MC. No. They have their own reasons and circumstances.
  3. The progress of the story is slow but acceptable because of the settings which is more like wuxia. It's not a xianxia genre where there's legends about immortals traveling through worlds exists in the story. At least until where I'm reading right now, there's no such character yet.
  4. The MC is slowly getting OP. No training arc as of this yet as the MC most of the times involves in some politics issues and sudden wars that he knows or doesn't knows and through these battle he became OP.
  5. The story is a nice change from novels that have the MC runs into enemies at every corner and shouting 'You are courting death!'. Trust me, i've read a LOT of that kind of novels.
P. S: the story have some flaws but which story doesn't? So for me it's a a good and an amazing story considering after all the novels that i've read in the internet (thanks to the translators for their hard work!) from 2013. So this is MY review and opinion on this novel. So no offense since everybody have their own taste in reading materials. :)

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ZhaWarudo rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c117
Politics and kingdom building - good things

Bad things

Lame cultivation system (monkey stealing the peaches, white ape turning it's head and other silly animal tehnique names)

... more>> Word count filler - I basically skip read the text sometimes because it's not saying anything at all

You get into the wuxia feel, all historical and chill, and then bam xuanhuan punches you in the face, a booming mechanical voice appears in the MC's head and says some sh*t like you got the title Destiny's Struggler! It just doesn't fit, in wuxia kind of world what the hell you need that for? Fortunately that rarely happens, well that actually makes it even more out of place.

Someone said the MC is not like other transmigrators where they know all the tehniques, alchemy, arrays...

Seems to me the MC does know really all tehniques, and even though he wasn't a blacksmith he makes the world's best swords you know bcoz he probably watched some katana making documentary lol and out of the first try without experience he perfectly replicates it.

Still worth reading though. ~7/10 but I chose 4 stars because out of all the ***** novels here this one deserves a higher rating <<less
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AlesandroSamuel rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c173
Absolute Disappointed with the Misleading title! I Thought the Plot will progress further but it's not


Many People HATE Selfish Reincarnator, but actually, that's because they've second life. They think they're special, they're more than anyone. I just can't see any selfish desire from the MC, He's just like a robot that with the sole target to defend his Nation. Even all of the wealth, power, etc... more>> it's for protecting his NATION <<less
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Jack Anda
Jack Anda rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: c164
So disappointing. So mediocre.

I truly don't get all these good ratings. While it's a good read, this novel fail to show what a proper reincarnator/transcender was like. He might be amazing and powerful in the past/future, yet he, time and time again, failed to calculate all of the possible outcome of his own doing.

He boast wisdom that goes beyond normal, yet always end up almost got killed, and only survived because of LUCK.

He was the former great expert, yet got scared by his own uncle and cousin.... more>>

It's like all this stuff about being reincarnated to alter destiny is just to tell us how great a LUCK is. Ah, forget it. I'll continue to read this novel, hopefully it got better. Hopefully.

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Mimosa rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: --
It's definitely an interesting novel. The matters of politics and cultivation are mix nicely and won't cause you headache.

... more>>

His wits are greatly displayed when interfering into political matters, not so cunning, but his moves are calculated and helps things fall into place.



I like the fact that he have a filial nature and thinks for the greater good of his family, unlike most novels out there with storms of internal strife. Well, his family has some moments were jealousy here and there happens, but not to the point that it'll cause lives

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kari rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: c100
This one is definitely a gem!

Many ppl have reviewed that it is slow, which is the reason for lower ratings n dropping this novel... but we need to understand that we are reading translations here! Not to mention that the novel is still ongoing. Imagine reading harry potter or any other lengthy novel Chapter wise over a span of days/months/years! Of course it is not as enjoyable as reading it all together whenever we want. It will also seem more boring even though it's not.

Besides, the details add depth... more>> to the story & the main focus is never lost, so there's no real harm to it. You can always skim over it if you don't want to read the whole thing!

Besides that, the parts which are good are really good! :) <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c178
So far, it's the best 'Second Chance' novel I've ever read. Well-written and interesting.

I was totally hyped to read it months ago, and when I continued reading, it was still just as good (maybe better) as before. It might be a slow novel (I dunno, I feel it's fine...), but it's good.

MC's currently flawless. Hasn't done anything childishly (at least not on purpose) and hasn't screwed up. That might be an issue for character development, but there's no way he'll be perfect. He hasn't messed up YET, but... more>> he doesn't always perfectly achieve his goals. (20% completion lol). The MC isn't OP yet. He's definitely getting there though. Lots of talent and teachers. Training camp seems to be coming soon! Also, I find the MC interesting as a character even though he hasn't faced any major setbacks. Good portrayal of a character. Hmm, MC's a hardcore patriot (morally righteous too...), so I wonder why it's named The Human Emperor. Well, I guess the racism tag is because the MC fights for his country against its enemies. I don't really think that the story really deserves all the negative connotations of racism. MC interacts fairly with some foreigners (allies).

There's an explanation for why the MC received a second chance. Interesting system.

MC doesn't really have any cheats beyond knowing sometimes vague details of the future and valuable skills (that he has to train in and develop). He does seem to have a bit of plot armor and luck though.

Side characters are interesting. Can't wait to see more of the MC's family. MC's future masters are going to be fun to interact with. Also, the politics are actually not boring. I don't really like political stuff, but the politics are decently understandable and not utterly dull. The MC gets the most focus though. Some side characters might show up less than you like. I don't mind though. The MC's interesting enough for me, and new characters I like always show up. There aren't dumb enemies either, besides the ones that are supposed to be dumb (young kids).

The MC isn't all-knowing. He's encountered some mysteries that he didn't know about. He also hasn't become absolutely dumb because of silly stuff like women issues. There hasn't been much romance.

A really satisfying read. Totally worth the 5 stars. <<less
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Enryu022 rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c200
I freaking love this novel

... more>>

Main character is pure awesome. First of all if you're expecting a romance, there's none (so far at least). Main character has a mission and goal from the get go. What I like about this novel is that, main character 99% all the time helps or builds his country rather than fight bullies or train, usually when main characters go back to the past, they are always in the middle of blood shed and what they destroy turns out more than what they build, sometimes you will question yourself "what's their goal again?", but this main character 100% focuses on building his country, helping his people, give all the love his family deserved that he couldn't give them before, even that one bad apple that's in his family, rather than taunting them and destroy their reputation, he showers them with love until they come around on their own and notice how childish they are acting, because his main goal is unite his family first before uniting his country.

The power levels is very reasonable, main character doesn't power up very fast, even his 10 years old sister (he's 15) is still stronger than him in that 200 chapters, but yet that doesn't turn you off from the story, because MC focuses on uniting his country than powering up all the time, he makes a lot of allies, hires freaking strong body guards while he's slowly leveling up and enjoying his life.

Side characters, they are very well built characters, they notice main character's potential, instead of making an enemy out of him they make him an ally. Enemies are also likeable villains, there was this one villain where MC destroyed him politically, the villain saw his potential and feared his growth, it's predictable that he would think on eliminating him before he grows old enough, right? No, he decides to continue fighting him this way because the thought of him losing to 15 years old and eliminating him this underhandedly is unacceptable. Side characters/villains all are amazing.


Bottom line, I really recommend this novel, if you like very relatable main character with human feeling that builds stuff more than he destroys, makes more allies than makes enemies, then this novel is for you.

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rodadevil rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: --
This novel is quite good, a usual standard MC reincarnated plot as well as trying correct the mistakes of his previous life but to compare the other novel, this one is much more interesting. The MC well describe and the transation is excellent
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Jaehaerys rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c115
I would like to say that this is definitely one of my favorite stories. While I can't say much for what will happen in the future, so far The Human Emperor has been extremely satisfying, if not a bit slow.

This story brings an often used and popular genre of transmitigration and time travel combined to create a new and exciting story.

Unlike other MCs, he is not superpowering ever 2 chapters to defeat the next foe. He is also not the master at everything. Unlike other MCs that can... more>> do alchemy, forge op weapons, place divine arrays, and etc. While some stories are able to do those things, Wang Chong uses a mix of intrigue and economic advantages to win. Instead of running and bashing all his enemies he has to slowly build up his power using his foreknowledge from the future.

People in the story that are older and senior aren't all bloodthirsty arrogant masters. They don't immediately try and use their op cultivation to try and kill the MC for every small offense, same with other young masters. One young master tried to trap the MC in a plot, but the MC was able to use it to his advantage.

I like this story because the main character isn't some once in billion genius that will leave because this country is to small to hold such a figure. He uses wit and money to try and change the tragedy that will befall his clan. His clan isn't full of blood relatives trying to cripple each other, but that's not to say there isn't competition. The masters and strong people of the world aren't indiscriminate killers and have to follow rules set down by he emperor and court. There is order in a way and also chaos as the MC tries to navigate the future while the world is resisting his changes to the future. I highly reccomend you check this out.

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