The Human Emperor


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Forcefully brought over from the modern world to an alternate world, Wang Chong felt detached and lived his life aimlessly.

However, when calamity struck and he saw his family and everything he cared for being torn apart, he felt regret.

Thus, he stood up and eventually became the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains, leading an army against those who seek to destroy all he cherished.

Yet, despite all his efforts, it was already too late to reverse destiny.

But before his death, a shooting star, the same one which brought him to this world, appeared before him, and he was given another chance to undo his regrets.

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Nhân Hoàng Kỷ
Records of the Human Emperor
Ren Huang Ji
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Anonymousse rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c394
Read this in my free time n kinda disappointed.

The plot taken from a real history of ancient china, Tang dynasty to be exact, with "What if..." as the main plot from the author. u may take it as an alternate ending of the tang dynasty. google if u wanna know more bout tang dynasty, but beware that it might spoils a bit about future plot.

MCs father is an brainless general, probably had lower IQ than other ppl rather than the so-called straightforward and honest.

MC so lame at his effort to... more>> change the future. he sucks at explaining or reasoning for his plan, create lots of misunderstanding. He also act like a living budha which always only care about his goal, sometimes end up with disadvantages to his own (once, the imperial financial minister comes to pressure him with low prices, yet hes dumb enough to even lower it further, and he complain bout how hes always lacking of money??). Hes a great general, yet hes got scared of ppl like his cousins (a teenage girl), some girls (yet another teenagers), his uncle, etc (like WTF?!)

The title also a mislead I think since MC have a very soldier-minded thinkview, not the so called "THE HUMAN EMPEROR".

Overall, I just view this novel as a way to brainwash its readers to always put the nations affair high above personals affair. <<less
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AllHailMyBanana rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: c72
I thought before this novel is good, but the first thing I read this book is too much racism.
Read this make you kinda disappointed.

If you didnt like novel who have many RACISM, PATRIOTISM, or from other country other than chinese. BETTER DONT READ THIS.
Actually the novel have good plot, but too many racism going around the novel.
I think its better if author use fantasy name and make the world histories not from our true world.
This novel only mislead history so have wrong impression in reality because... more>> you never read the true history.


This novel is like author want to blame the fall of Great Tang because of invasion from Abbasid Caliphate. lul... if you have ever read history of Great Tang, Tibetan Empire, Abbasid Caliphate you will know the truth. Here is it en (dot) wikipedia (dot) org/wiki/Battle_of_Talas

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Nic rated it
March 21, 2018
Status: c335
I've been reading this for quite awhile now and I would say that it's worth waiting for a chapter release everyday.

So far, among the countless novels I have seen in NU, The Human Emperor is one of the very few that I keep on reading (*cough* that is not in anyway BL-related *cough*) because I like the way how transmigration and rebirth made the plot more engaging.

The male protagonist's (Wang Chong) personality is very likable. All side characters play vital roles in Wang Chong's goal and weren't just there to... more>> be mere cannon fodders.

The show of patriotism here is something that can stir up one's emotion and that's also the main reason why I admire this novel a lot!

Overall, THE is really good! Even a BL fan like me was hooked! Lol!

Salute to the author! Well done, translator! You have all worked hard! <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c178
So far, it's the best 'Second Chance' novel I've ever read. Well-written and interesting.

I was totally hyped to read it months ago, and when I continued reading, it was still just as good (maybe better) as before. It might be a slow novel (I dunno, I feel it's fine...), but it's good.

MC's currently flawless. Hasn't done anything childishly (at least not on purpose) and hasn't screwed up. That might be an issue for character development, but there's no way he'll be perfect. He hasn't messed up YET, but he doesn't... more>> always perfectly achieve his goals. (20% completion lol). The MC isn't OP yet. He's definitely getting there though. Lots of talent and teachers. Training camp seems to be coming soon! Also, I find the MC interesting as a character even though he hasn't faced any major setbacks. Good portrayal of a character. Hmm, MC's a hardcore patriot (morally righteous too...), so I wonder why it's named The Human Emperor. Well, I guess the racism tag is because the MC fights for his country against its enemies. I don't really think that the story really deserves all the negative connotations of racism. MC interacts fairly with some foreigners (allies).

There's an explanation for why the MC received a second chance. Interesting system.

MC doesn't really have any cheats beyond knowing sometimes vague details of the future and valuable skills (that he has to train in and develop). He does seem to have a bit of plot armor and luck though.

Side characters are interesting. Can't wait to see more of the MC's family. MC's future masters are going to be fun to interact with. Also, the politics are actually not boring. I don't really like political stuff, but the politics are decently understandable and not utterly dull. The MC gets the most focus though. Some side characters might show up less than you like. I don't mind though. The MC's interesting enough for me, and new characters I like always show up. There aren't dumb enemies either, besides the ones that are supposed to be dumb (young kids).

The MC isn't all-knowing. He's encountered some mysteries that he didn't know about. He also hasn't become absolutely dumb because of silly stuff like women issues. There hasn't been much romance.

A really satisfying read. Totally worth the 5 stars. <<less
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Kefi rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c312
This is a time-traveling do over with a bit of a twist.... more>>

A mysterious game-system that the MC has to accomodate to survive the penalty for changing destiny


It's a somewhat enjoyable read, due to the quality of the story and the translation, with a solid background anchored in history.

The story is not without defaults but is quite interesting as it encompasses politics, economics, cultivation and warfare. And althought the MC is presented as a genius in all these topics, it's often presented in a clumsy fashion as everyone is dumbed down to make him shine in contrast.

The first of my main problems with this story is that the writer floods his story with entire chapters of repetitions, obvious explanations of what has just been told in one sentence and paragraphs from the point of view of irrelevant characters...

Secondly, the MC's blind patriotism to an empire that fosters corruption, betrayal, cruelty at every level instead of focusing on saving the actual people in it, finally made me wish that the great tang actually gets destroyed.


In no specific order, here are some of the things that annoyed me and ultimately made me drop this story:

  • The "great sage" emperor initially left his empire fall due to rampant intestine conflicts, sh*tty weapons, armors, lack of rations for the army... I wonder what he should have done to be dubbed a fool...
  • The MC supposedly becomes rich while consistently making bad deals and spending more than he's supposed to have
  • The best secret teacher at the school that the MC manage to get, tries to kill his five student by a surprise attack the first night and laments that he only killed one them... and that's the only "lesson" we ever see him give.
  • The same first night, the school for the young elite is attacked by enemy army and the tang army stationed outside of the camp that is aware in advance of this attack lets them die for the same sh*tty reason: you can't count on anyone is this stupid empire
  • Despite having all the cheats and future knowledge and being OP, the MC systematically gets trashed by every female he encounters and never develops a grudge about that like he consistently does with male rivals

Believe me, I have more, but this is already too much of a wall of text...


All in all, if you don't expect too much, scroll through the stupid fillers to get to the action and don't mind the nationalist propaganda, it's a somewhat passable read imo. <<less
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prakx_rj rated it
December 23, 2017
Status: c1
My only prob is that the story contains very heavy Chinese propaganda.. However, the story is great. Tang is China, Gogureo is old Korean nation, Caliphate is Arab kingdom, Monks who bring Damascus metal is India, Kitan should be Mongol (i guess). Now, the invading foreigners should be colonising European nations which defeated China is 19th century. This is mostly retelling actual history while protagonist is trying to change future. I think the author actually believes that Tang (China) is best nation while rest of the countries surrounding it are... more>> A-holes and B-tards. <<less
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ZhaWarudo rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c117
Politics and kingdom building - good things

Bad things

Lame cultivation system (monkey stealing the peaches, white ape turning it's head and other silly animal tehnique names)

... more>> Word count filler - I basically skip read the text sometimes because it's not saying anything at all

You get into the wuxia feel, all historical and chill, and then bam xuanhuan punches you in the face, a booming mechanical voice appears in the MC's head and says some sh*t like you got the title Destiny's Struggler! It just doesn't fit, in wuxia kind of world what the hell you need that for? Fortunately that rarely happens, well that actually makes it even more out of place.

Someone said the MC is not like other transmigrators where they know all the tehniques, alchemy, arrays...

Seems to me the MC does know really all tehniques, and even though he wasn't a blacksmith he makes the world's best swords you know bcoz he probably watched some katana making documentary lol and out of the first try without experience he perfectly replicates it.

Still worth reading though. ~7/10 but I chose 4 stars because out of all the ***** novels here this one deserves a higher rating <<less
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Onponmon rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: c708
To be honest, the first 450~ or so chapters were solid reading. I felt like I couldn't put the novel down and I wanted to keep going. Unfortunately though, for me—that's where the fun ended. The battle scene in this part takes over 100 chapters to complete and things just drag out. I also found myself disliking the MC more and more as the story progressed. Part of it was the MC always being right but the other part for me was his smug attitude about it. There's probably a... more>> thin line between confidence and cockiness but he just started to become more like a prick than anything in my eyes. I found myself rooting for the enemies to give the MC a big L.

So quick background, the MC deserves to be smart and have intimate knowledge of war and strategy. This MC is a dude living his 3rd life. If you can't have a grasp on certain things at this point...I mean come on. Anyway, I've got a huge rant coming up so stick with me.

This might be considered a spoiler, I mean, you'll learn most of this in the first 10 chapters or so but a few parts are gleaned from various comments/chapters/flashbacks as the story progresses so here goes the spoiler alert:


The MC's first life is only mentioned (up to 708) in a few statements here and there. I'm paraphrasing but it basically amounts to: the MC was a gamer in his past life and was known as some War Saint in a strategy (VR??) online game. Next the MC is a "transcender" who finds himself in the body of this 15 yr old kid in a new world (universe? reality?). He lives a detached life with the motto, "not my world, not my problem" and allows himself to fall into debauchery and becomes an all around POS. Then sh** hits the fan when he's around 25 and the world gets invaded by some "foreign invaders." His family bites the dust and because he never trained or cultivated his pleb status makes him a burden. But being the upstanding family of generals and ministers that they are—they one-by-one basically all die to protect him and he realizes that he should never have acted like they didn't matter and should've embraced his life in this new world. Cue the sad music. Next is the vaguely explained power-up sequence. The wastrel MC decides he needs to help the empire, so being the war strategy gamer-god he was in his past life, he makes a name for himself in the military. The elders of the military realize they need him and channel all their strength to the MC, thus creating a god-like general from a total pleb. He becomes the head of the military and is known as the "War Saint" - remember this, as it gets mentioned repeatedly. His War Saint status apparently makes him top sh*t in every aspect. He's among the strongest (cultivation-wise), knows every martial cultivation technique (including secret/sacred ones for the royal-lineage only), is a master of every weapon, can speak all foreign languages, is better at strategy than anyone, he's also a master blacksmith, architect, engineer, mason and he knows the chemical ingredients for concrete and brings it to the imperial era. The 2nd life ends when he is 45 and dies fighting the foreign invaders. He gets a redo and wakes up in the 15 yr old body of himself to start his 3rd life. This time he vows to do it all differently. So now he's a 15yr old debauchee who decides he's going to prepare the empire for the foreign invaders.

In the beginning this is all kosher. He uses his knowledge of major events regarding the empire in his 2nd life to know what to prepare for and which major players to connect with and to avoid. He remembers key dates regarding his family and their deaths which makes sense because he felt such enormous guilt for how he treated them. Where I begin to have issues with the story is when the MC starts to gain massive power-ups and have intimate knowledge of minor characters or even "brothers/sisters" he fought with in his 2nd life when they were young. I.E. he knows everything about them and it makes them easier to manipulate. Now remember: during this period of time in his 2nd life, he was "mr. worthless debauchee-guy." He wasn't friends with these people and when he does learn of their existence it's 15+ years later (after the foreign invaders and after he got crazy power-up status.

I started to get irritated with this novel when the MC openly flaunts his prowess as a divine figure and nobody calls bullsh*t. A 15yr old well-known debauchee suddenly understands an exclusive blacksmithing recipe and monopolizes it—ok? Then the same worthless debauchee now knows martial arts and is cultivating himself at a rate which puts longtime geniuses of the younger generation to shame. Then that same debauchee who turned his life around now understands strategies better than the "War God" Old Marshall Su Zhengchen (big-wig). He achieves all of these feats as a 15/16/17 yr old boy. It starts off like a longterm training novel like legendary moonlight sculptor but he gets a cheat code and skips all the hardwork to become a supreme expert. Even with this, I was trying to be patient. I finally abandoned this novel when the MC visits one of his (past life) general's village (chapter 695) while she's still a child (in this timeline). My problem, is that he knows exactly where she's going to be and exactly what she's doing at a specific time of day. It doesn't sound like this should drop the immersive element but for me it did. I mean, just think about it. Even if he fought wars with this chick general and became intimate in his past life or stayed as just friends (who cares?), it's impossible for him to find out what she was doing 15-20yrs ago on a specific day and time. There's no way he would ever know the exact day and time she was out in this cavern with a mission to look for grass. But the author specifically states, the only reason he went this round-about way to enter her village was to look for her because he knew she'd be there; on this day, at this time. The author also said he left it up to his most trusted dude to handle this recruitment mission (to her village) and had no intention of personally attending. So he wasn't specifically planning on this date/time to enter. Yet it just so happened that when he got word sh*t went wrong and he had to intervene it just happened to coincide with the exact day/time this girl is outside doing a mission. So serendipitous. These eye-rolling moments happen with ever-increasing frequency as the novel progresses. Just major gaps and plot holes that are masked with lazy writing.


Okay, my rant exceeded even my own expectations. If you read it all, hopefully you found it somewhat useful, otherwise, sorry. For what it's worth, the book is a decent read and starts off really well. The fight scenes are descriptive and the environment is rich. I made it all of the way to 700 before deciding to abandon this series. <<less
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hanlerris rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: --
The novel starts out fairly strong, but it devolves after 200+ chapters or so. In the beginning, the main character's opponents were not brainless idiots and you can see the author putting in the effort to develop their thoughts, their objectives, their needs, which was a breath of fresh air in this genre of Chinese novels. However this does not continue (maybe the author was running out of ideas and pressed for time?). Also on a side note, the novel is clearly geared towards Chinese nationalism, as they adopt the... more>> age old Chinese proverb of "Barbarians to the North (Mongols), South (Vietnam/Thai), East (Korea/Manchu), West (Turkic Khans) " concept where everyone who's not Chinese are enemies that needs to be conquered/slaughtered. I found this a bit laughable as political/diplomatic situation throughout Tang dynasty was more nuanced then that. Well if you are in the mood for a mediocre Chinese web novel to burn time, you should take a look. <<less
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JohnnyBeGood rated it
March 14, 2019
Status: c769
It started great. The MC manipulating those around him to stop various plots against his family and clan and later the Country. But then the Author started expanding his World building and failed. There is neither external consistency (matching reality/common knowledge), nor is there internal consistency (the fantasy elements matching together). Externally most of the knowledge the MC supposedly brings back from our modern world and applies is pure Bullsh*t. Internally neither the cultivation, military nor the economic and social aspects fit together (a great example of this is the... more>> Author claiming that a single powerful cultivator can´t beat armies by himself and then having mid-tier generals doing exactly that). It's like a cook thinking this ingredient is cool let's just throw it into the pot without caring about how it fits with the other ingredients.

Another thing when designing a MC giving him genius IQ/sage level wisdom/knowledge without a good excuse for why he does not or cannot use those awesome abilities most of the time, will usually lead to a never ending list of plot holes and dumb downed villains and side characters, while still making the MC look stupid as f**k. In this story the MC supposedly has high Mental stats (IQ, EQ, Wisdom, Cha etc.), modern knowledge and rebirth knowledge as well as very important reasons to use those three to their fullest, but nope they are only used when the story needs and conveniently ignored otherwise. An averagely smart person in place of the MC (given the same knowledge, resources and time the MC had) should be able to come up with a dozen's of counters and guards to the first invasion and have them in place long beforehand. The MC only comes up with three and without plot armour would have lost that war. <<less
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ZeroBlink rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: c400
My tolerance for this novel wears off around chapter 200

Pros:first 100 chap, Politics, Economy, Technology and Grand Strategy.

Let's get the obvious faults out of the way before I get into the meat of it.
Firstly all women are the same, if you erase the name of a character and put their dialogs next to each-other, You would not be able to tell who's talking. 99% of girls are constipated, no matter if of higher or lower birth than MC.

The author throws a sh*tton of absolutely usless fodder characters at you while sidelining important once, like the MC's father and brothers or even gramps. In 400 chapters I've seen the gramps once

Then MC knows everything about everyone so it doesn't matter.

The MC is still from power standpoint barely gotten trough first Realm breakthrough that is going from level 1.4 to 2.1 and he's like "wow I leveledup 6-7 levels DAUMN IM FAST"... no you're not you're putting me to sleep its been 400 chapters already you realize that right?.

In short the novel has abysmal pacing and power progression.

I liked the fact that the MC was weak physically and stronger mentally, however it is different now author gives him all of the best SECRET techniques in the world, and he still cannot compare to his peers.

Now then STRATEGY... I'm sorry to say but it's simplistic beyond simplistic.... I get that the empire is in decline, but my god!
In most scenes the army acts like 9 yr olds
"yeah so we attacked them and we lost, idk what's wrong.. teheeeee" - and we're talking here about young leaders who were in training since birth, coming from general families.
"REALLY THEY HAD SENTRIES?" - *facepalm* no retards they were waiting for you to come play at the playground.

My point here is that there are no standards in this army, in fact instead of these YOUNG PRODIGIES you could pluck out any peasant, huntsman or even housewife and they would do a better job, because at least they fear death and value life.

When the prodigies make massive blunders and say loose 300 / 1000 for no reason at all, they're flippant about it.

Most strategy conducted in this novel so far is like one move chess, every move is a checkmate.

Where as a battle SHOULD BE a dance. It's SO strangely Close to a dance that some boxers take dancing classes and fighting styles like capoiera were disguised as a dance.

Same goes for grand strategy, if you're not dancing, you're not evenly match or you are blind (in strategic sense)

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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
April 8, 2018
Status: c858

This is a decent novel.

The fact that the novel is heavily reliant on wars while the author is clearly lacking in understand of actual art of war really drags it down. Art of war is put on center stage in the novel while taking a backseat in wars where it's clearly more about cultivation styles and levels.

... more>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The MC is transmigrated into a different world which he rejects until calamity strikes and he finds out that you don't know what you've got until you've lost it, luckily he gets a second chance by going back in time to a time shortly after the initial transmigration.

His journey to change the destiny of his country and him learning how his involvement can bring both favorable and unfavorable results is interesting despite the clear nationalism shown by the author, just to be clear, what you see in this novel is justified by the author through the MCs knowledge of what will happen in the future, everything he does is to prevent the calamity, it should however be noted that the clarification made by the author about the difference in culture between the races can't be called racism and is pure fact. Many correlations can also be drawn between this novel and the modern western world including its different political movements.

There are however several infuriating things in this novel, like how things that we already know are repeated constantly, especially before conclusions of wars or fights as a filler.

Worse than this however is the fact that he's called the soldier saint, the top commander and strategist in his previous life, where he could easily take on armies that had 10 times the number of his own, this is consistent with real world history and has been accomplished by using the art of war, however in his new life he is incapable of doing this, at first it is explained away through the quality of the soldiers being low, the different powers in this world making sieging easier and the quality of the enemy commanders being higher than after the calamity. It is infuriating though how even after picking up top level troops he 's reliant on cheat powers and superior equipment and despite it being pointed out how superior his tactics are and how perfect his planning is he keeps getting surprised by the enemy and they keep escaping despite traps laid for them. They are like cockroaches that just skitter around, there just to be annoying, it's fine if it's once, but repeated escapes just to act as filler is annoying.

The last and worst sin commited by the author is iron and steel cities, seriously, are they swimming in it?! This has no relation to reality, these resources were hard to come by in the historical period of the Tang dynasty and despite the special powers in this fantasy world it's still just plot armor to be honest, even if it could be explained it's just dumb. Especially when he later makes concrete which should be cheaper and if reinforced with steel it should be sufficiently strong, but worst of all is that it isn't stainless steel, seriously, that sh*t will rust in no time. <<less
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Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips rated it
November 11, 2017
Status: c227
The concept is great but the author lacks the ability to follow through. There's no romance, barely any drama, a little warfare, some martial arts, but 90% of this story is politics and scheming. The problem is that politics and scheming are only entertaining if the characters are intelligent, and the most intelligent character can only be as intelligent as the author... In this case, the MC, who is supposed to be a genius, really only has average intelligence at best. His "genius" is derived from a combination hindsight and... more>> plot armor. I really, really like the concept, but the author simply placed too much focus on an aspect of the story in which he is lacking.

Additionally, this series, like so many other Chinese series which are evaluated by word count, drags on way too much. The author repeats the same information several times, and over-describes things for the sake of filling the word count. I remember there was an entire chapter that was wasted simply describing the MC walking a few dozen steps.

As such, I wouldn't recommend this series to anyone who isn't particularly partial to reincarnation and time travel genres. <<less
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Mimosa rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: --
It's definitely an interesting novel. The matters of politics and cultivation are mix nicely and won't cause you headache.

... more>>

His wits are greatly displayed when interfering into political matters, not so cunning, but his moves are calculated and helps things fall into place.



I like the fact that he have a filial nature and thinks for the greater good of his family, unlike most novels out there with storms of internal strife. Well, his family has some moments were jealousy here and there happens, but not to the point that it'll cause lives

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kari rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: c100
This one is definitely a gem!

Many ppl have reviewed that it is slow, which is the reason for lower ratings n dropping this novel... but we need to understand that we are reading translations here! Not to mention that the novel is still ongoing. Imagine reading harry potter or any other lengthy novel Chapter wise over a span of days/months/years! Of course it is not as enjoyable as reading it all together whenever we want. It will also seem more boring even though it's not.

Besides, the details add depth to... more>> the story & the main focus is never lost, so there's no real harm to it. You can always skim over it if you don't want to read the whole thing!

Besides that, the parts which are good are really good! :) <<less
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Shtirliz rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c532
Started interesting, but later became too much bullsh*t. Novel name and prolog suggest that there would be good strategies (political, economical, military, etc), that MC would be smart and wise in these fields, but nothing of these there. More or less realistic settings with army vs army, where a single person strength is limited, in the end became typical fantasy where one strong person can easily wipe out armies. So called 'system' became retarded and annoying, announcing one idiotic 'quest' with bullsh*t conditions after another. It's simply amazing how a... more>> novel with great potential was buried by author story decisions. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
October 13, 2018
Status: c459
A person who reads CN expects no filler! That's hard to find...

Well gotta admit... a lot of things got stretched out for word count and the author tries to empower women by turning them into pretty dinosaur fairies. War strategy details lacks more detail.

But overall it was an enjoyable read. I liked how the determination and character of the MC is portrayed. The story so far heads to an interesting plot. 4.5 stars for chapters 1 - 459.
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h0b0onsn0w rated it
October 5, 2017
Status: c206
Sad to say I'm going to drop this novel.

Story started out great but then either bad translation or logic gets thrown out the window. Stuff get super overly exagerated like shooting a bow and arrow from a couple of mountains away or firing 50-60 arrows per second per master. Another case of Chinese authors not knowing how to math and logic works.

In one part of the story dudes uses a super awesomely sharp and strong sword to cut something like 6 or something meters high stack of iron ore in... more>> half, in another part dude used the same sword to slash a tiger and suddenly said tiger bones were hard so cant cut through it and then 2 paragraph later dude goes back to this sword is super awesome and ill cut it anyway.

dumb author also said something about a tiger swipe can do 2k psi worth or force or come thing as a note.

Awesome basis and has a lot of potential.

Would recommend reading this if you can ignore those glaring flaws of logic and general Chinese overly extravagant exaggeration.

It killed it for me though. <<less
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Rosver rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: c172
The story for me is actually better than average. It has a constant tension throughout that keeps it intense. It does have issues like he just meets, obtain, or remember what he needs suddenly due to luck (deus ex machina), or the story would force him in a bad situation (diabolus ex machina). Still, it is way better than most.

The main character is well fleshed out and have a very pleasant and sympathetic personality, but the other characters doesn't receive much care. This novel is very strange in that aspect.... more>> It delves very deep into the details of the setting and the situation and the events, but it barely put effort into the characters that isn't the MC.

The main character himself, even though he is in a compelling situation that makes him very proactive and is pleasant enough, isn't very different from your typical Chinese protagonist in that he is very focused on acting on a goal. A single goal. Everything he do is for this goal. This really narrows the protagonist's actions and interactions like he don't take up a hobby, or just have fun or we don't see him interact much with his friends and family. He sometimes feels like a puppet that just works for his goal rather than an actual character.

If there is one thing this novel fails at badly, it is in the pacing. It is really slow. Really, really, slooooowwwww... This novel does almost everything to slow itself. It repeats, reiterate and state again every detail that could be repeated, reiterated and stated again. It looks over various details of the setting, the situation and the back-stories in excessive length. A single action (like walking up a set of stairs) could suddenly take several paragraph or take the whole chapter. It is terribly slow and is the biggest source of frustration in this novel.

So, a good enough story with under developed characters and an extremely slow pacing. It can be a very satisfying read if you can tolerate its pacing. <<less
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Enryu022 rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c200
I freaking love this novel

... more>>

Main character is pure awesome. First of all if you're expecting a romance, there's none (so far at least).. Main character has a mission and goal from the get go. What I like about this novel is that, main character 99% all the time helps or builds his country rather than fight bullies or train, usually when main characters go back to the past, they are always in the middle of blood shed and what they destroy turns out more than what they build, sometimes you will question yourself "what's their goal again?", but this main character 100% focuses on building his country, helping his people, give all the love his family deserved that he couldn't give them before, even that one bad apple that's in his family, rather than taunting them and destroy their reputation, he showers them with love until they come around on their own and notice how childish they are acting, because his main goal is unite his family first before uniting his country.
The power levels is very reasonable, main character doesn't power up very fast, even his 10 years old sister (he's 15) is still stronger than him in that 200 chapters, but yet that doesn't turn you off from the story, because MC focuses on uniting his country than powering up all the time, he makes a lot of allies, hires freaking strong body guards while he's slowly leveling up and enjoying his life.
Side characters, they are very well built characters, they notice main character's potential, instead of making an enemy out of him they make him an ally. Enemies are also likeable villains, there was this one villain where MC destroyed him politically, the villain saw his potential and feared his growth, it's predictable that he would think on eliminating him before he grows old enough, right? No, he decides to continue fighting him this way because the thought of him losing to 15 years old and eliminating him this underhandedly is unacceptable. Side characters/villains all are amazing.


Bottom line, I really recommend this novel, if you like very relatable main character with human feeling that builds stuff more than he destroys, makes more allies than makes enemies, then this novel is for you. <<less
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