The Human Emperor


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Forcefully brought over from the modern world to an alternate world, Wang Chong felt detached and lived his life aimlessly.

However, when calamity struck and he saw his family and everything he cared for being torn apart, he felt regret.

Thus, he stood up and eventually became the Grand Marshal of the Central Plains, leading an army against those who seek to destroy all he cherished.

Yet, despite all his efforts, it was already too late to reverse destiny.

But before his death, a shooting star, the same one which brought him to this world, appeared before him, and he was given another chance to undo his regrets.

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Nhân Hoàng Kỷ
Records of the Human Emperor
Ren Huang Ji
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tanzoo7 rated it
January 11, 2019
Status: c639
I don't know why some people rate it badly but one thing for sure this novel has many interesting aspect unlike other cultivation novel. One thing I love about this novel is it's historical aspects. Writer added many real historical data in this novel. If you like game element then sorry for that bcoz game element of this novel is almost negligible. The story circled around the great Tang dynasty. Unlike other cultivations where MC tried to dominate the world this MC's main objective is to protect his country. Up... more>> to C639 no love aspects is found and there isn't a fixed female lead either. The scale of the war is huge and mostly strategic. Rather than kingdom building it's actually kingdom protecting. Those who wanted something different it's will suit your taste.

PS: I want to thank the translators as well bcoz they added many foot notes to explain the real historical figure and story. Since writer used all Chinese unit, translators had to explain those as well. Good work. <<less
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bloomsburyhouse rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: c621
The build up was quite nice, but as of 620~ the actual war/battles are very disappointing. In reflection, reminds me a little of how Bleach was back in the day - a lot of really nice and entertaining things in the beginning, and then when the big boss comes along its just random fillers and "this is not even my final form" stuff.

... more>>

For example, despite being a war-god/saint etc., MC doesn't prepare enough water. And then the author explains this plot hole by saying water is not as easy to transport, as if the "god-level organizer girl" MC wooed couldn't also just as magically solve all that as well.


Basically, the author just ends up pulling enemies out of his puckered butt hole. <<less
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rapture_edge rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: c511
Read up to 511 (latest when I was reading this)

Five stars. Other reviews (negative ones) make this story sound too boring or too clique-ish but it's not. Its a unique spin to the second chance novel as it is mainly focused on army building (unlike others which emphasizes on MC growth)

Battles are well written. Especially the wars. Kind of like the manga/anime Kingdom. Uses actual Chinese history and adds an alternative world as a good spin to spice it up.

As several people "don't get" why this has high... more>> ratings... I don't get why people give this low rating... I enjoyed it. It gives the MC enough power to make you read in anticipation... enough knowledge to make you expect sure victory but at the same time enough opposition to keep you on the edge of your seat. <<less
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Face The Fact
Face The Fact rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: c364
This is a Chinese novel so the author have the right to emphasize much more on China, just like how hollywood movies ridiculously propagandize america.

Even though the protagonist has the advantage of memorizing his former life, he is not that powerful compared to not only his enemies but also to his own allies.

The story is also interesting since the author is able to mix history with fiction well enough, it's also full of political intrigues.

Some of the annoying things of this novel are the lack of variety of female characters... more>> (many of them are of dominatrix type), the protagonist's response to such females and some of the chapters are more of click-bait as compared to others which are better written.

In totality, this novel is definitely worth reading and is much better written than many other novels including non-Chinese ones too. <<less
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Cashew Farmer
Cashew Farmer rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: c220
The premise of the story is very good. A man living in Ancient China experiences the Tang Dynasty crumble to foreign invaders. He then goes back in time when he was a young boy and retains his memory of future events. This story focuses on Wang Chong's efforts to strengthen China to prevent in from falling into ruin, using his position as a young master of a powerful noble clan. Sadly, the execution is very poor. This is due to several reasons:

1) Filler: There is far too much filler... more>> where arcs are stretched far too long even if they are about mundane things like selling one sword or walking in a palace. The descriptions, the dialogue and all the actions and reactions are terrible when the author does this, which unfortunately happens very often. The author probably is doing this to increase the word count to get more money. 2) Game system: There is a game system which powers up the protagonist, Wang Chong, however it's unnecessary and slightly ruins the story. I find it highly incompatible with the already established cultivation system. Furthermore the protagonist was supposed to be a great general in the past, however, he wins a major battle by using the game system instead of using strategies or clever tactics. 3) Protagonist: Wang Chong originally came from modern China and then lived one life in Ancient China before restarting. It doesn't make any sense why he would revere such an incompetent Emperor who brought his empire to ruin by firing competent members of the imperial court and prioritizing getting a consort. I've also never seen Wang Chong use any tactics or strategy apart from the author telling me that he used a battle formation from the future, without giving any details or advantages to using this particular formation.

4) Lack of actual military strategy: I really need to emphasise the fact that Wang Chong was the supreme commander in his 2nd life (because he played strategy computer games) but cannot come up with any strategies to defeat the enemy. He instead has to rely on his game element/system cheats.

Overall pretty average story <<less
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rougeteddyz rated it
January 15, 2018
Status: c274
While much of the reincarnation 're-do over' concept is all but familiar, it is a nice change from the same generic novels out there. It is a story that focuses on history and politics, with martial arts coming second.

The lack of 'drama' allows the story to focus on the main plot, the fall of an empire. It allows the story to flow smoothly without having constantly repeated moments where small actions of the MC causes everyone to either hate or love him. The lack of romance (drama), although this may... more>> change in the future, allows its female characters allows each of them to have distinct personalities. There appearance isn't overly described causing situations, where the strongest is always better looking then the other. By not having these ladies falling 'head over hills' for the MC, the MC's personality stays constient and the 'impending doom' is the focus.

The MC doesn't start off overly OP, his main advantage is knowing future events. If your looking for a expontially growth in his martial arts, then this is not the novel of you. The MC knows his age and powers limit his ability to make 'true' changes, so he focuses on building up a foundation of connections to rely on others for support. He is not constantly battling peers of the same age (drama), but tackles difficult situations where he knows he may not get his way.

Overall, I personally enjoy this novel and understand it may not be for everyone. However if you are looking for something a little different to read, I do recommend. <<less
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RezieNovian rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c58
I write this review at the same time I decided to drop this.

The story line is good. The Main Character is likeable, cunning, and kind-hearted. The grammar is fine.

My only problem is the pace is too slow for me. I have just entered 58th chapter but I feel that the current story (at 58th chapter) can be finished in only 30 chapters.

... more>> Some chapters are TOO MUCH in describing every single people's feeling. The slow-paced story with only a few chapters. What a perfect combination!.

I decided to drop this temporarily. I'll read it again when the chapter is more than 200 or 300.

I'm not professional reviewer or kinda, but I feel like to write it since I really like the story. I'm not saying this story is not good, for reader that like to have every single detailed-description, it is the best story for you. <<less
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Jetset24 rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: --

That's quiet a waste that the longer the story goes, the more the martial arts are getting blurry. For example, the super sword art of the ex War God Su, the author barely mentioned it lol, the guy didn't cultivated it, and to be honest, this sword art doesn't look that impressive. The MC only shoots swort qi with is fingers.
Even the swort art given to him at the start by the old man was skipped, it was suppose to have a lot of levels, but the guy didn't even pass level 2 (I'm not even sure he passed level 1 lol). When I say those things, I understand that it happens off scene, but that's a waste, it just looks like the author forgot it then remembered it suddenly.
There are a lot of other things like that. The 3 level of the halo of dusk stalion has been skipped too, he didn't even lost cultivation levels when he did.
Other thing, the Huang girl, the genius who is cultivating a technic that will kill her.... He still haven't told her lol.
There is also another thing that surprises me. The MC is 17 or 16 (it's not clear anymore), he is already at the emperor realm, but nobody is shocked lol. I know that the MC cultivation is fast cause as a general he needs to be strong but still...
Other thing (lol), everytime the MC attained a new realm, he always learned a technic special for this real, but the emporor real is completly skipped lol. Same with the banne of battlefield, it looks way to random, as if it leveled up only when needed.
There are other things to say but here we have the general idea. Things are getting less and less clear, everything is getting blurred in favor of the general plot, particulary the martial part. Even the Wushuang guys, the Huang protector dude is now a general (suddenly lol), but he is not even given importance, that's sad.

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readingbro rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: c710
Just got to the latest chapter!

I really enjoy how the novel is based around military exploits rather than just cultivation, and I love how he doesn't just search for power for himself but looks to empower those around him. It's different from the other novels I have read such as Coiling Dragon, I Shall Seal The Heavens, and Heavenly Jewel Change. The MC gathers a strong following of people who respect him, as he charmed them through carrying their best interest in mind! If there are any other novels similar... more>> to this, please recommend! <<less
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isengoethe rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: c533
Story is good, kept me interested yet marred by the fact that minor supporting characters seem idiotic to highlight MC's flawlessness. Generals who are supposed to be veterans of numerous battles "panic" in front of insurmountable odds, then miraculously get mindblown by MC's keikaku (plan). Even characters that have been with the MC for 2-3 arcs, having seen MC's marvelous operations still doubt the MC when they see him do something dubious in their eyes. These characters have just become the backdrop for the MC. They can do nothing without... more>> the MC or if the MC didn't tell them what to do. Story is still good. It just irks me that I see these things happen over and over again, arc after arc, chapter after chapter. :V <<less
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earthdrake rated it
July 26, 2018
Status: c393
THE is an excellent novel filled to the brim with details. It's an enjoyable novel with a lot of world building (most of it being true story of the Chinese) however there are a few issues.

Thanks to StarveCleric (TL) and the wonderful notations about history, customs and everything else you can really enjoy, understand and really appreciate the novel. Without StarveCleric this translation would be less because we would loose part of the understanding. Also this is an extremely VERBOSE novel (I'm guessing to increase the character count) there is... more>> a lot of text that doesn't really add to it (endless praise to MC, endless stupid or worthless comments, etc) you could remove most of that text and the novel would be even better.

All in all thanks to the current (vanished) TL this novel is a solid 4.5. Without the proper knowledge about the setting this novel would be a 3.5. <<less
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Xen rated it
July 20, 2018
Status: --
This novel really failed my expectation.

The characters are fine, at least it doesn't generate the disscomfort at the beggining of history, is it later that the importance of which will never show importance, such like the apparison of a X general, the certain family he regards the one of the utmost regrets in his live. No, tecnically all characters that keeps pour out of nowhere, serves by the only purpose of showing his or her admire to the center character then get burried during the entire history.

It is a... more>> fail in the construction of the characters, but when you read up to ch100+ you will have a look at first hand what it is the true definition of cancer, dumb loopholes will keep revealing, but what makes it unfforgiveable is that it is used to strengh that dumb center character, and extending the story shamelessly, no misstakes would be worse at all than this, I can account the misstake in the timelapse that supposes to need in cultivation, the failure in explanation and dumb logic regarding sword qi, the abrupt change in the matter regarding the explanation in the cultivation origin 9, the unexplainable discovery by the other party regarding spirit vein that supposes to be found 30 years later. But the most infuriating of all is the constant changing in that cheat ability bane of battlefield, the author keeps changing and changing the function of this idiotic ability, with this regard the matters of the increase of origin later will not see, the others are allowed to contribute with the increase of this with just a token no relation with the the initial logic of this ability, later even this token can disregard making the story sunk even more cancinogenic.

If I said that the presence of the characters are faint in the first chapters, later in the story you can take them as dumbs, the ferocious and the wise like center character will take the rol of making thrm like that, like I said they will keep rolling at his feets, but when you really take a look how the lines of they talks are, the first will always display ¿! What?!, ¡!!! Imposible!!!, and so even if the matter whether scheme, or strategy is more clean and simple, further the story will make him look always caring, if you pay attention to it the outlines they use to describe him always match the circunstances he is, like the care he has for the soldiers, family, decoring his suppose goodwill, and magnanimous being, but if not for the prasing rol the side characters adquire, they will fade very quickly like the eastern japanese, and the number 1 blacksmith of tang. Worse when they are mentioned after a long time, actions is just to again displaying admiration for this dumb center character.

I say he is dumb, but a more correctly term reffering him is common, the author just wants to flatter this completely and common guy with just talk, and the surrounding dumbs characters, but as he tries to conceal this fact, less is the quality of this novel, the grand achievements of his can be showed with highlights, but the process to achieve it really makes you wonder if that's all and at the end it not really makes you think "oh this is a genius", often the author describes how he used modern strategy to retaliate, but at the current moment I see none. <<less
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February 6, 2018
Status: c299
I'm so happy I could cry real tears. It's historical. It's wuxia. The MC has no romance interests. These days I don't like the romance because it means that there will be a girl in the way. Our MC is on a mission to 'save the world' and that's it, no girls. It's wuxia. I love cultivation, cultivation in this one is bit far fetched and unbelievable but, again, there isn't a girl or girls in the way so I'm happy anyway. It's historic. I know nothing of the history... more>> but it helps that the translator includes footnotes and links. I LOVE AND AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS NOVEL! If it isn't obvious, I love Kingdom. I love Kingdom because it's historical, action packed and there isn't a girl in the way lol. If you like Kingdom, maybe you'll like this. <<less
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Noahjeno rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c683
This is my first review for a novel. I am just writing to address some of the dissatisfaction other reviewers written about. This is my opinion that's all.

First of all, this story is mainly about wars, strategy, politics and kingdom building. So people who don't like this stuff, stay away.

Personally I feel this MC is very desperate. He has lots of regrets. He watched his family, friends, followers and his country got destroyed and he truly feels if he could worked better from the beginning at least somethings could have... more>> changed. So that's why our MC behaves selfless. He was the grand marshal so it's his job to protect the nation.

Regarding blacksmithing, he doesn't know it. Only basic ideas. As a marshal trying to save his country he having considerable knowledge about wootz steel and its making is well within acceptable range. He only does the last two steps in making it which according to the novel was easy and could be done by anyone with basic knowledge in smithing.

Many feel that this weapon arc was unnecessarily big. But it is his wealth and the foundation with which his all future works are to be done. So I feel it is necessary, readers should know how important it is.

Some said that MC who was a marshal in past life, is scared of many of elders and superiors. As I said he feels he was responsible for his family's destruction in the past life. So he is just being humble to them and wish for their wells being.

Wang chong has mixed feelings about the emperor who was said to be the strongest person, greatest emperor in the history who in his later part of life became addicted to riches and wine. It was said that many felt when the catostrophe struck the nation, if the emperot was alive, the country could have been saved. Understand that our MC never attained his strength through hard work. It was given to him. Even then he never reached the heights emperor currently in. This strength is what truly makes the MC to feel awe about him and the emperor slightly shows he is foresighted than others in recent releases.

About emperor taking his daughter in law, why the people are so angry with mc? Clearly author stated there is bigger mystery in it which will be later revealed. MC knows emperor won't listen to anyone and the concubine will become powerful so why would he stand against her? He has bigger problems to solve and he need strong backings for it.

Next something about author throwing problems one after other and many works done by MC are halfway left for others. A powerful dynasty how can it be destroyed by few problems. It was riddled with both many internal and external problems that our MC can only solve it one at a time. Mc's each actions are well planned and wil be used in the future. It is never half done we just have to look forward for it.

Finally about romance, story possibly lead to harem but for now only girls are showing some interest but not our MC. He is not dense. He realises others feelings. But he is simply too busy. Females are strong and smart but so far not enough to make any impact in the story or MC. So our MC is still clearheaded and progressing towards his goal slowly but steadily <<less
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rodadevil rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: --
This novel is quite good, a usual standard MC reincarnated plot as well as trying correct the mistakes of his previous life but to compare the other novel, this one is much more interesting. The MC well describe and the transation is excellent
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Jaehaerys rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c115
I would like to say that this is definitely one of my favorite stories. While I can't say much for what will happen in the future, so far The Human Emperor has been extremely satisfying, if not a bit slow.

This story brings an often used and popular genre of transmitigration and time travel combined to create a new and exciting story.

Unlike other MCs, he is not superpowering ever 2 chapters to defeat the next foe. He is also not the master at everything. Unlike other MCs that can do alchemy,... more>> forge op weapons, place divine arrays, and etc. While some stories are able to do those things, Wang Chong uses a mix of intrigue and economic advantages to win. Instead of running and bashing all his enemies he has to slowly build up his power using his foreknowledge from the future.

People in the story that are older and senior aren't all bloodthirsty arrogant masters. They don't immediately try and use their op cultivation to try and kill the MC for every small offense, same with other young masters. One young master tried to trap the MC in a plot, but the MC was able to use it to his advantage.

I like this story because the main character isn't some once in billion genius that will leave because this country is to small to hold such a figure. He uses wit and money to try and change the tragedy that will befall his clan. His clan isn't full of blood relatives trying to cripple each other, but that's not to say there isn't competition. The masters and strong people of the world aren't indiscriminate killers and have to follow rules set down by he emperor and court. There is order in a way and also chaos as the MC tries to navigate the future while the world is resisting his changes to the future. I highly reccomend you check this out. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: c72
This is a good novel but the slow phase is very annoying

The repetitive chapters is no longer fun for me

Take this Stone arc something

... more>>

The MC crafted the most powerful weapon what happen next? A never ending loop of dragging, each chapter became POV by some random people saying this and that the annoying part is this arc seems won't be done even after a hundred chapter. I mean he make the so called amazing sword to advertise but he was so indecisiveness of whom he should sell it and it keeps on dragging and dragging to the point that I no longer feel reading


This is not your typical reincarnated MC as MC is from our earth transported to another world got a very mess up Life and manage to redo it, but the thing is I can't find any thing that will make MC came from earth, with those ridiculous decision making.

The Habit of author repetitive writing like this

MC do something big->Train->Random POV->Train

The training part is annoying like hell why must the author write half a chapter of training that can only be describe in a simple single sentence!

Decide to drop this novel I might read it again later or might forget about it as there is nothing that makes you wanna read it at least for me I already lose interest in this novel as that stone arc something already test my patience. <<less
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Boon rated it
April 23, 2017
Status: c104
* 3/5. Update from c58 to c104, downgraded from 3.75.

*It continuously hits more cliche's, being unoriginal, and everyone unceasingly and endlessly praising the MC.

"Pretty good. Definitely above most of the average xianxia, and by that I mean things like ATG, TMW etc. I'd put it in my top 75/200 of the novels I've read on here. (Pretty much everything tagged action rated over 4.0)

This novel required me to skim a bit, and for that I knocked it's rating down a bit. Things happen like people lining up to get... more>> their faces slapped, endlessly praising the MC, or the cultivation techniques, but they are much shorter and much more tolerable than TMW or ATG by comparison. The somewhat cheesy robotic voice with purchase options feels a bit cheesy compared to many, trying to cross genres into an mmorpg but not being very successful. But I enjoy reading this very much, and was disappointed as I quickly ran out of chapters to read. What I like about this novel is that despite it being a xuanhaun that will no doubt be full of fighting, the cultivation technique takes a back seat. Yes he gets stronger, but we don't have to read about how he rotates his energy REALLY hard for 15-30 minutes at every step of his power progression. Though it did mention it, and I did automatically skim it, it was very brief. The point is that the plot is more complex than just train, bash heads, train, etc etc. He is slowly training his martial arts in the background as the story progresses, but he is not really running around fighting anyone at this point. He is just using foreknowledge of events to protect his clan from scheming, while the early focus is on creating the highest quality swords using future technology. Also, the enemies he runs into are intelligent, and thus not boring. Despite a few drawbacks, it is still an entertaining read, enough to race through 58 chapters in nearly one night." - old review <<less
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Stop staring at my username
Stop staring at my username rated it
April 16, 2017
Status: --
It's pretty good, I'm getting some TTNH vibes from this book. Well it certainly has its flaws and some failure in logic but compared to some other xianxias with mindless killing and power ups, this is not bad. I find the way he lived his life when he first transcended to be very believable, most MCs just seem to adapt so well after transcending so this is a nice change. I also like the fact that he has very normal relationships with women in the novel. (From what I've read... more>> so far)


Unlike TTNH where MC has physical reactions just by carrying a child qing wu... and even though she's the love of his life, he goes on to marry 3 other women.

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Rangle rated it
April 14, 2017
Status: c26
I've just started reading but so far I'm not impressed with the story. The MC's family is too rigid and stupid. They can't adapt to political machinations of others and too fixed on tradition instead of being wise. Thank goodness for plot armors or else these kind of people would've been destroyed in reality. I will update my rating if the story gets better or worse the further I read.

Edit: The story got one good thing going. The MC is different than the normal xuanhuan protagonist. He uses his wit... more>> to achieve his goals and not all things will go his way.

PS: I quite appreciate the translator notes explaining the cultural background in the story. <<less
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