Master Hunter K


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Without warning, every man, woman, and child were teleported off to fight an endless series of battle ‘to prove the worth of their species with their own power.’ Failure to clear every objective means that humanity shall be purged, or so the Operator claims.

But if that is true, why was K sent back in time?

Master Hunter K average rating 4.3/5 - 321 user ratings
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Master Hunter K
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New whosays25 rated it
April 22, 2017
Status: --
I liked the story, partially because it resembled one of my favorite novels before, Reincarnator. However, I disliked the repetitive and boring setup. Temporarily dropped, may pick up again when it reached some sort of turning point.
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New Fallen_Icarus rated it
April 18, 2017
Status: c101
This is one of the best Novels I have ever read, it follows the same game world survival game that many other novels have taken up, but it leaves room for growth. The MC is incredible OP when compared to the other players yet he is always looking for ways to improve.

The players with the exception of a few do not repeat and yet they have some well rounded backstories, especially the MC companions, the Magician, the Wolf, the Horse, the Sword, the Helmet. They all have some story... more>> that intermingles especially well the the MC

Overall is just a really well written novel, if you like Arena, King of the Battlefield, or I am the Monarch you will really enjoy this Novel. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: --
The writing is solid however there is a serious case of power creep. In the first mission the mc got 500 stat points, while everyone else on his team got stats in the single digits. This power creep is huge in the first mission, and the second mission it only gets bigger as supposedly every mission gives substantially bigger rewards.

What is even the point of having characters besides himself at this point? In the first ten chapters the author already made the point of any side character obsolete. ... more>> I can't see this novel progressing any further than a power fantasy where the mc is op as fuck with the side characters giving countless reaction chapters, and the women instantly falling in love with the mc because he is mysterious, and good at fighting. <<less
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TaoTie rated it
October 17, 2016
Status: --
Good story so far, really really reminiscent of reincarnator and the king of the battlefield - humanity transportd to survival dimension and fights for their lives, after all of humanity eventually dies MC is sent back in tim to the beginning of the "Hunt" and rises back to the top growing stronger than ever before hoping to defeat the Hunt and save Humanity from extinction. Lots of fun well written and translated characters are diverse and have personality. MC's personality and actions are intelligent and calculated with his goal... more>> in mind - very very similar to reincarnator and KotB MCs. Worth Reading, hoping for More chapters soon. <<less
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Haruimi rated it
November 30, 2016
Status: c34
Easy for me to review this one.

I think the fighting, writing etc is all solid. It's not fantastic nor will it blow your socks off but you won't be complaining as you read. The style is simplistic and the story isn't bad (it's exactly what you think as you go in). I would say this is good for it's entertainment value.

My issues with it though are also equally simple.
1.) Author doesn't describe what the MC looks like, all you get is that he's asian (nationality not mentioned) and... more>> young enough to look like a teenager. Nothing else. I find it extremely difficult to picture the story when I can't even picture what our main character looks like, don't want to mention his background or name? Fine, but tell us what he looks like.
2.) Lots of talking about stats, but no comparisons to others. So when he has 10 pts into strength we know that's the average for a human. So at 100 is it 10x as strong as the average human? At 1000, 100x times stronger? Not mentioned.
3.) This really bothered me. They talk about how the fields are large, maybe a few miles... Yet the MC can cover every inch of it in 20mins while still managing to kill every weak and strong monster, and of course have short conversations/interactions with others.

So like I said, lots of things not addressed but as far as entertainment it's great! <<less
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Nikarret rated it
January 27, 2017
Status: c55
As of chapter 55, it's decent and enjoyable. Pretty generic for most RPG loving Korean Authors but MHK is simplified compared to other RPG based novels. Raids, Level UP, survival of the fittest. It's like Darwin's Theory of Evolution turned into game.
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craBebe rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: c8
I like it so far. It's got much more of a tournament feel to it than other survival novels like Reincarnator and Everyone Else is a Returnee have. Looking forward to more releases, a really good start.
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Zebul rated it
November 11, 2016
Status: c22
This novel is pretty simple and not as complicated for e.g. (tons of characters and organizations or worlds that are so big you know it will take 1000 chapters for the MC to be actually strong) which also makes it quite enjoyable.

You can see from the start that the MC will be overpowered and is kinda new, because if you look at Reincarnator for example there is always some human that is stronger than MC, but here it's not like.
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shihen121 rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: c23
This novel is quite bad. I don't mind the standard Reincarnator setting or the fact that, like so many Korean novels, there is just the minimum of descriptions given. It's bad because:
1) The MC has no personality at all. We do not know how he looks like, what did his life look like before being in this situation (we only know he's from an orphanage and he looks like a teenager), and his experiences from his first life do not affect the MC in any way. He just benefits... more>> from them somehow because he knows which monsters he has to fight each time. He doesn't have a goal aside from, well, I got sent back in time, I dun get it but let's eat up all the coins and XP anyway, maybe I'll find out someday why I'm in this situation. He does want to save up money in order to buy his old sword and some fragment of an OP artifact, but srsly?
2) The MC is ridiculously overpowered. The stats of an average human being: 10. The stats the MC gains after the first battle: 500. I forgot what came afterwards, but I do remember him allocating 700-900 stats to Strength, Endurance and Dexterity. THAT. DOES. NOT. MAKE. SENSE. Especially since he still has difficulties fighting the bosses! He's a friggin veteran who knows how to fight, he has stats which are literally 100x better than in the beginning, and if he still cannot defeat the hidden bosses in 1 blow then how are his peers supposed to be able to do that?
Well, i looked it up. After the 3rd battle, these are his stats
Strength: 1186 912 (+274)
Dexterity: 1421 1093 (+328)
Endurance: 1060 815 (+245)
Magic Power: 18 14 (+4)
Mind Power: 22 17 (+5)

Unallocated Points: 3080

I'd like to know what the strength of a human looks like with these stats. The MCs gonna destroy time and space whenever he sneezes, I tell you.

3) Side chars are completely unnecessary and superficial. They are awed by the MC or they're dead. Even if there are no side chars, we do not know how the others feel about their situation, they're just there to die like flies.
4) The novel is inconsistent, superficial and the author spews out nonsense frequently. I'm friggin put off. I do like to read stories about an OP MC, but it's just badly done here.

Please go look for a different version of Reincarnator, Life Mission, Terror Infinity etc. Please. <<less
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Onyx Aver
Onyx Aver rated it
December 7, 2016
Status: c38
Pretty good so far, since I myself enjoy these types of novels it's nice to see more of them come out. I don't think it's as good as Kotb or Reincarnator. Mainly because the MC isn't really fleshed out and we just see him wrecking everything. I'm fine with is as of now since there is plenty to learn about in the actual world that they are in right now, but if he doesn't get more development and just stays at is then it could go down hill.
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Jiggy rated it
December 6, 2016
Status: --
I think it's okay for me to say that it is very befitting of it's rating it may not appeal to everyone as for those who voted for 2 and 1 though dont frickin read it if you dont like it look at dem tags for goodness sake. It's a korean novel that's translated in NU so it's great as all the K-novels with ratings above 4 (more or less everything if you only count the active ones).

The story on the other hand as of now is great the MC... more>> isnt explained that much aside from he's an orphan and he doesnt have anyone to fight for as he had no family member(s) "hostage", so he fights only to live. The biggest plot hole though is the strength, agility,magic power comparison (not sure if i just forgot but i think its legit), as Endurance can be seen as hp and mind power as mana.

And I think the MC will only be unmasked (his facial features) when we hit the romance area though as it's only 61 chapters atm we cant be really sure it wont have one as of yet.

MC is OP with a reason not just a plot armor every chapter <<less
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Dusk rated it
November 17, 2016
Status: c26
To those of you who liked game element-apocalypse and turn back in time, especially Reincarnator, this is a novel I very much recommend.

It reminds of Reincarnator in it's heydays, it's a very well written good paced apocalypse, I hope it will fulfill it's potential. For now, I'll give it an 8.5/10.
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keklel rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c18
Only 18 chapters so far but already it's not very good. I'll read up to chapter 25 and if it doesn't get good by then I'll drop it.

First off the game setting is quite bad. It's nothing like Reincarnator. Right from the first chapter Reincarnator introduced you to the core characters (Hansoo, Keldian, Eres, Kangtae, etc), their motivations, personalities and thoughts. Reincarnator had an extremely huge world with many organizations and groups each with an unique culture. This novel has none of that.

In this novel there are (so... more>> far) no organizations, no groups, literally no characters of note besides the MC, because the game literally picks people out of a hat each round and have them battle some random monsters. This is worse than Sovereign of Judgment - even in SoJ the MC, although somewhat antisocial, still makes companions who he cares about. Here, the game itself forbids people from meeting twice, so there is literally no point in trying to make friends since you're never seeing them again. Also we still don't know anything about the MC - what drives him, his friends and family, his history etc. None of that has been revealed, all we got in 18 chapters was just descriptions of him buying items and trying to find hidden bosses.

The novel reads like someone playing a single-player RPG and grinding the levels. There are no significant character interactions whatsoever. It feels very restricted, like Gantz except with only one character.

Also in chapter 21 the MC activates a hidden boss without telling the other players, causing them to get killed by the hidden boss. He doesn't feel any guilt or regret for this reckless decision, since to him other people are just useless fools who suck up his XP and coins. <<less
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daves rated it
February 23, 2017
Status: c75
Excellent novel, binge read it up to the current 75 chapters. Was initially put off by the negative reviews on shallow mindless plot but I'm glad I still went ahead to read it. Enough for me to provide some token support on Patreon.

Imo, better than other similar reincarnator novels like Reincarnator and KOTB due to slightly more balance between OPness and shallow plot progression involving mowing through everything. No author reminding you in every chapter how amazing MC's skills are, no gaping audience providing reactions on how amazing he... more>> is all day and, laugh if you will, reasonable power creep. After reading many many of these titles, there are subtle differences between genuinely interesting OP skills/items that are utilised well in battles AND OP skills that end the battle by allowing you to obliterate things with one poke.

What was also surprising was the existence of actual character development. Not very much but the author tries. Some self reflection on motives, how he accomplishes it, some POV changes occasionally. Character development in similar novels is just adding a few sentences every few chapters to reiterate how MC must right his wrongs / win the final battle / save the human race this time around and then ends there.

I also liked the attempts at intelligent writing in the form of magic spell incantations, the hidden stuff every raid and the "history" lessons. Kudos to the translators for doing a great job with those.

Bottom line: For this genre, reading any novel past the 1st tends to be make readers more jaded and less forgiving of the fast / mindless / OP plot. What makes this worth reading are the slight differences that make it less cliched. Great novel, definitely entertaining and worth a read. <<less
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Guymaioh rated it
November 8, 2016
Status: c19
So far so good! It's another time leap / second chance story with a character that gets OP thanks to previous knowledge.

Up to chapter, It's in it's initial stages, meaning, the character is setting himself up to do "better" albeit not in a 'love for humanity' kinda way.

This has the same sort of vibe as memorize and king of the battlefield, but it's not as ruthless (yet) and the solo play theme seems to ba a means to an end, rather than the MC just doing it all himself.

In... more>> any case I'm enjoying this quite a bit! <<less
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lumiere rated it
October 27, 2016
Status: c14
This is really one of the most interesting "second chance" novel that i've read! It got a composed, realistic and dexterious MC.

The setting is easy to remember and i especially liked how even if the MC is just re-living all the "chapters" there are a lot of new things even to him! it makes the story even more enjoyable.

The story is well written and i like how fast-paced it is (keeps me reading avidely ♥).

The translation is very very good, so thank you translator for all your hard... more>> work, it's amazing ♥ i am waiting impatiently for the next chapters!! <<less
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alphaGulp rated it
October 20, 2016
Status: c34
This one is extremely fast-paced, with few-to-no distractions from the MC and his path to beating the test system that is picking on humanity.

What is rather poorly explained at first (so I don't think it is a spoiler to explain) is that the MC is basically in a video game, with individual instances of a shopping district and inn available to each surviving player in between rounds. So things are clearly designed for solo play:

... more>>

The MC teams up with people for each round, but the best strategy is to take as many points as possible for himself each time, leaving as few as possible for his teammates...

Well, that being said, it does seem like the MC will end up with a team of friends in the end (since when only 5 people are left, then they would end up always together each time).


The plot is basically a series of MMO video game raid instances, except the descriptions of the fights are pretty visceral and tend to be based on realism (ex: a sword cutting through a limb and incapacitating a monster), so the fights are more gripping than those in pure video-game-dynamics-based worlds.

In the end, say what you will about the simplistic plot and setting, but it does a good job of keeping the action going, with lots of loot and skills to relish gaining - basically like non-stop candy. <<less
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pjrc8899 rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c55
A simple read, it seems. Maybe a little hypnotic, even claustrophobic... One level after each other, like doing only the main quest in a single player game because there is nothing more. It might be a little better in the next chapters?

Some potentially interesting side characters, but the MC is kind of generic, although not too difficult to relate.

I cannot give it a 4 at this time, but it may deserves more in the future. I just don't know if i will give the story a chance, since i am... more>> sending it to the 'pause/let's decide later' shelve. <<less
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Randflag rated it
January 8, 2017
Status: c50
Generic but well done game-like RPGish wish fulfillment novel, I honestly think this is 3.5 stars since there is barely any plot or world building or impacting character interactions.

It's well written and enjoyable, good novel to read if you like OP characters getting even more OP in a game-RPG setting, but nothing to rave about.
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Overclock rated it
October 18, 2016
Status: c19
Main character gets a restart, but none of the nonsense that comes with it. Its a Korean novel, but might have a infinity genre vibe to it, but not much. Also, I don't find myself annoyed by his good fortune and luck because he doesn't care half the time and admits some times its just luck. Beginning reminds me of Heavenly Calamity.

After reading more I find myself very impressed. Its the perfect OP restart setting. Main character, nick name K, is very skilled and used his skills to get... more>> OP stats and good gear. Still he is not a broken OP character. Was the top swordsman in the final ten, but admits he wasn't the best.

Normally this is where most restarts fail as they rely heavily on OP MC who one punch everyone and were expected to be impressed after hundreds of chapters. Not K. The hidden elements of the raids are difficult to overcome and later on K pushes himself to do better than cruise threw the raids.

Setting is fast pace. Follows a mission/hunt format. You go on a hunt to kill monsters and boss. Simple, but the game adds a twist. Your teammates are random and there's a system to encourage Trolling/backstabbing comrades. Add a time limit and vastly increasingly difficult bosses and hidden elements, you get a thrilling ride. Especially with K who likes to solo in the early stages. Lacks a vast cast of side characters, but the author wrote a setting where such a thing isn't needed and would be boring to read.

Essentially, a normal OP MC will use his high advantage to beat his game/challenge with a 100% perfect score with ease. K who isn't lazy aims for what you can call a 500%-1000% score. K is OP, but his objective is so difficult he never has a easy time. Top contribution, speed run the boss, find hidden elements in time left, and much more later down the line. <<less
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edytor rated it
April 7, 2017
Status: c70
This was either a 2 or a 3 for me but conceded the writing a point.

The writing (use of imagery, 'show not tell' and other writing techniques) and presentation were solid (comparatively to it's WN brothers).


The story is nothing we haven't seen before, that's not a bad thing if it has an interesting world and characters. Unfortunately, the story does not lend itself to great character development because it's strictly a 90% solo story and any characters that do get introduced either get killed off or disappear just as fast... more>> as they appeared.
This wouldn't impact enjoyment so much if the MC wasn't so standard. He is relatable but his interactions with the world and the other characters are just barely better than flat.

The world isn't much better since it's in a constant state of rapid flux (except for the 'hub'). The novel describes much more what feels like a 'system' than an actual world.

All in all, it's a novel that was doomed before it started as the premise of the story does not lend itself to developing interesting side characters or a interesting deep fantasy world.

It's a shame because I feel the author has potential. <<less
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Chillingbear rated it
March 7, 2017
Status: c88
A pretty general resurrection/game/survival light novel. MC gets to start over so he naturally knows all the aspects of the game and shoots ahead of everyone else.

Each mini arc consists of fighting mobs in that current "chapter (what they call levels)", killing the boss, and killing the hidden boss. Some of the arcs are splatted with "trolls" (people who attack other players during the chapter) which gives the MC a chance to butcher them.

After the "Chapter" we another mini arc(2 chapters or so worth) of MC buying, auctioning, looking... more>> at equipment, pretty much preparing for next fight.

That is it really so far, there are so hints at Minor Spoiler:

him becoming a ruler due to that ring that allows people pledge to him, which makes them earn 10% less, but he gets a white coin that can be used to buy some special potion(we don't know the full affects of it yet as it hasn't been given to anyone yet).

I should note to people who want to read it, he hasn't do any group building or anything you would think a ruler might do yet. I think it might happen in the future though.


Other than that we have met 3 characters that MC likes and they only get a few appearances out of the 88 chapters so far, so they are very 1D.

My biggest complaint is that the Author started out the stats claiming that 10 of each attribute is what a normal person's stats are and soon MC is getting 3000, then 5000, then 9000 ect... This removes any idea of how powerful these players are and honestly makes it less interesting as we can't relate to the points as much and they are given so quickly.

Also MC isn't really an antihero, he kills those who attack and mostly keeps to himself. <<less
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