Gate of Revelation


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We attend school, find love, work, buy a house, pay our housing loans, insert weird faces in WeChat, watch movies… do any of you find anything amiss? One day, a group of strange people entered this world, equipped in strange clothing and possessing extraordinary powers, cold-blooded killers! They call themselves [Players].

Wait! Wait! You people want to kill me? You say I am NPC (Non Playable Character)? Stop joking around! You crazy bastards! I will fight you to the death! I will survive!

NPC beating up Players! Original residents beating up Transmigrants!

My world, my rules! What makes you think you bastards can come over and boss us around?

Treading the path of the strongest saviour in history, one destined to be filled with excitement!

Chen Xiaolian: From today onwards, an organization whose sole purpose is to oppose those bastards is established! Our guild shall be named… Player Thwarting Alliance!

Guild Member: Leader, this name, if we are to say it out, I fear we will be beaten up…

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Associated Names
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Gate of Apocalypse
The Door of the Apocalypse
The Gate of Revelation
Thiên Khải Chi Môn
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acoleman2 rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: --
Fun once you get to the explanations of what the heck is happening. That takes a little while so I imagine a lot of readers will quit early on. I had to put it down and come back to it like 3 times before I finally managed to get to the explanations. Then I enjoyed it. Consistent translations, and since it's on WuxiaWorld, if it ever gets dropped one of their translators can pick it up like what happened with The Great Ruler.
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damancy rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: --
At first, I wasn't too impressed by this, but then, I read the Chinese raw and I was throughly hooked on to this

It takes a long time to get the ball rolling (2nd dungeon is like chapter 100+) but it’s worth it.

Even though it is long, all the fights doesn’t feel forced unlike other ones where random characters just jump in one after Another for no apparent reason. You can see the fights that are going to happen yet you will be surprised almost every time

I admit though... more>> the first dungeon is not that exciting, the others will grab your interest. Also it’s one of the rare wuxia where the mc manages to keep his penis in his pants despite having multiple chance. Its refreshing <<less
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Dusk rated it
June 3, 2016
Status: c219
The Gate of Revelation, previously Gate of Apocalypse is one of the few CN novel in NU that does not get the attention it deserves, it is really really underestimated. All in all, GoR can be actually described as a "fun" read, yes, even if it has apocalyptic-game world theme. But it's the slightest bit of " dark ", instead it's very fun and this is very true as more time passes.

To rate this novel as a truly an underestimation to the greatness of this novel.

Beware of slight spoilers... more>> below ! Read at risk.

Theme : The theme of the novel is apocalypse in the real world, with game like elements appearing in the world. This, however, only affects certain people and very few people knew about it's existence. The earth they are living in is basically 'invaded' by people from higher realms who calls themselves ' players ' making the original habitants of earth NPCs. The players treat the world as a game and the NPCs fought to exist, they don't just battle in any place though, but instead a dungeon like place where there are mysteries and puzzles they need to overcome to beat the dungeon, so not only brawns but brains too. In addition to that, the dungeons doesn't mean it always has to be something like the original dungeon concept in dungeons & dragons. Anything can be a dungeon! From a secret location, an island, a mausoleum, all the way to an entire city! The scale of the ' dungeon ' is so big I wouldn't be surprised if t the end of the novel the entire Earth would be a dungeon.

Style : Actually, this novel practically improves at every part from style to story as the story goes on, so at the early phase you might not agree with me at all if I say that I like the author's style.

Also, it does not use the leveling system that game like world usually uses, there are distinctions, like A rated, B rated, etc. but the author doesn't focus on that at all so there is not much complications stats and all those things, in fact the battle scenes are not a strong point of this novel, it's strong points lies in it's mysteries, real-world knowledge use, fun read and excitement.

The translator is Podao and he translates 7 FREE Chapters a week at the time i am reading, so no need to worry about quality and speed either.

Story : The pace of the story is just right to me, not too fast nor too slow. It has it's own one-off jokes and when it does, it is very funny.

At first, the story picks up very slowly.

The mysteries and puzzles of the dungeons are very entertaining and it adds a premise to the story, if i were to say one of the things the novel is lacking, it's in it's battle scenes, because I myself does not feel too into it when the battle scenes occur, and compared to some other Master-class battle scenes writer, GoR's battle scenes indeed fell short, there is a bit of improvement after 150 chapters or so though.

As time pass, the story will reveal more and more secrets about the world they are living in, and the mysteries that it will reveal gave me chills everytime i read it, it is one of the best aspects i loved about GOR. This however, does not appear in the beginning chapters so to fellow readers out there, i beg you to stay with it for awhile before deciding to drop it because it gets more and more interesting as time goes on, especially when it reaches the 70s or something chapter, it only gets better and better.

Another aspect that this novel is falling short of is that the author doesn't really put too much attention for some small details, he is much more focused on the " bigger picture " of the novel, but this, also improves as time pass.

Tldr; Basically, Gate of Revelation is NOT a perfect novel, it has it's own perks and faults but the faults are few to mention ( things like small plot holes in the system, C.X's unwillingness to remove garfield & his reasons,etc ) and as time passes, GOR has evolved as a novel in the entirety and it tops my list as one of the best of NU. I can even say that this is my favorite Apocalypse novel. If you are willing to be a bit patient and is willing to ignore some small aspects, then you are up for an exciting, great read in a fresh take to the apocalypse genre.

Go try it out ! 9.0/10 <<less
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TerraEarth rated it
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Overall it's a interesting read, however it feels unpolished at times as there are a lot of small kinks and nuances that the author has not fleshed out too well.

Here's a few issues just to illustrate:
... more>>

1)The people who created/host this 'game' must have an incredibly high level of sophisticated knowledge/technology, however they fail to maintain their core AI and don't even notice that it has rebellious elements?
2) The 'anomaly' factor that the MC has become doesn't seem to be very difficult to reproduce in the first place, which begs the question: why weren't there more of them? Why is the MC the first?


Things I dislike:
- The pet system. Reminds me of Zhan Long's pet system which was somewhat boring and tedious to read about, especially when everyone can have one. Also, MC prefers keeping a weaker pet purely out of sentimentality when in fact his life could be determined by his pet choice... Hmmm idk about that.
-Skills. They're unreadable. MC has to just blindly guess what skills to invest in as the 'system' does not provide any description about their usages. What kind of design is this?
-Mc's skill. MC's skill is one of the worst, most garbage skills that i've ever seen. It's absolute shit. Supposedly it's a 'god' ranked skill, yet it's just so distastefully bad that I don't know what else to say.

If not for the above it probably would have been a 4.5/5 for me, but i'll doc a star. <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
June 19, 2016
Status: c80
Temporary stop at ch.80. (current Tl'ed at 95). As raw is ongoing, the 80th of 450 chapters is almost nothing.

Good plot with NEW idea, good dialogue, good fighting scene. Good Translation. No nonsense characters, No boring copied idea/copy (as in all those generic xianxia).

Worth reading (though I stop, waiting for more chapters).
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hillybilly rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c124
To all fellow readers,

For unknown reasons this novel is underrated. So, if you want to check whether this novel is worth reading please read the novel by yourself.

Up to my understanding this novel got Matrix movie vibe. I recommend you to give it a try.
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Uggrock rated it
June 8, 2016
Status: c85
it's an okay story so far. One thing it has in it's favor is that the characters feel a little bit more real than most of the other stories listed on NU. Thankfully, the needless ruthlessness, cruelty, and sexism that so permeates Xuanhuan web novels is absent for the most part.

The bad: a lot of missing detail and description about the mechanics of the world. nothing in depth at all. the system is barely explored, so far. The background history/mythology that the MC just happens to know is pretty... more>> unbelievable and a lot of it is badly explained, if it is at all. bloody boring repetitions. everything seems to be repeated. sigh.

Overall, it's an okay read for what it is, one just has to remember it is a translated chinese web novel, and not to expect too much. <<less
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Arnissan rated it
October 28, 2016
Status: c215
I think that this novel is underrated, here's why:

*Characters have more depth than your average Xuanhuan or Xianxia.
*Plot is original, not your standard xianxia rehash
*Modern day is a plus because most novels here are historical or pure fantasy
*Villains aren't generic evil dudes. They all have their reasons and motivations to act like they do which are believable.
*Party/guild management - not many novels has this or not as well done as here.
*Superb translation

Now there are several problems with this novel. Here are some of them:

... more>>

*Skill system is not that interesting
*Pet system is not great either
*The little girl could be written better, it's hard to like her at this point because she turns sociopathic whenever danger strikes.
*Some aspects require a serious suspension of disbelief like the girl's split personality.
*Novel lacks downtime, shit's happening all the time and it's difficult to binge read it.


But even with the problems it has the rating should be higher. <<less
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Shaiole rated it
August 2, 2016
Status: c248
At first, it was totally different from the sypnosis. I was like huh? Did I read the right novel? Plane crash you say? Is this cage of eden?

The story doesnt start until like ch 50. That is when I liked reading it.

Never thought it would be so interesting.

Characters have life in them. Dungeons are different each time. It is not the best story out there but I can say that you wont get bored with this one because it is not repeatative and it gives a new perspective... more>> of the tropes. It's a mixture of VR, isekai, 4th wall stories.

One of the novels i read everytime there is an update. <<less
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illumi rated it
May 21, 2016
Status: c67
Mmm.. it an refreshing story. definitely the first one (for me) that bring an "anti transmigration" genre.

I haven't found any noticeable fault so far, so i give it 5 star. If you like to read story that has a 'game like' feeling, you should try this one.

update: there's one fault i found after 67chs. mc sometimes acts like veteran, cool, calm and smart, but sometimes he acts like a newbie.
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sleib rated it
August 19, 2016
Status: c150
This is something similar to both Matrix and Terror Infinity. While MC is weak and softhearted for now, he will get stronger and more ruthless with more experience (this is how it usually happens in such novels). Pacing is not fast but not unbearably slow either...I really like it and it s quit addictive.
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Amiraute rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: c75
The author try to be original with concept of anti-player, awakened. However his explication is sometimes not really credible or hard to accept.
... more>>

soso is logically the same as the MC : an irregular. But the author said 'she has forgotten her memory of the dungeon due to dual-personality !' The second personality is cold and determined Or in the first dungeon she didn't seem cold and determined. On the other hand, Han Li is an awakened but he's also have no memories of the dungeon until he's KO. I find it strange : after exiting a dungeon the awakened don't have memories of the dungeon


It's very interesting the way the MC thought to solve puzzle in the dungeons. It's more fun after around 60 chapters, MC found allies. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
December 16, 2016
Status: c236
Someone kindly recommended this to me and though I don't usually prefer a modern setting, I found myself rather enthralled by this novel and its unique premise. It's not perfect yeah, but I think it's interesting enough to keep me going, and most importantly, speculating.

It starts out kind of slow, admittedly, the first dungeon was a little boring... but that's because we don't really know what exactly is going on. We are kind of like the MC who is confused but trying his best to survive. Once we are... more>> told (through some info dumps, honestly) what on "earth" is going on (get it?!) it makes so much sense and it becomes very interesting. The world building steadily moves forward and opens up many possibilities.

Character wise... it's definitely diverse. I must say that I do not like the two female companions of our MC; the loli is especially creepy with that anti-social, yandere-like personality and her sister seems like a carbon copy of all useless female sidekick. The sister started off a little better but ended up a common trope. I must say however, that all the other male characters are quite well written. Each has a distinct flair and personality appropriate for their character making them seem more relatable. Our MC is the smart, almost a walking library type of guy who isn't afraid to use his fist. He is quite realistic in that while he does want to "free" his world, he is quite the pragmatist.

There are gaming elements, and more modern weapons, down to the sci-fi mechas but it doesn't overshadow the world that he lives in. While others might dislike the author's Gundam or LoL references, I think it instead solidifies the world that our MC lives in which is technically our world. If this was a fantasy series based in Imperial China, then yes, Garen or Jarvan from Demacia jokes would certainly be out of place.

The translation is done well, I have no noticeable complaints and it is consistent enough. The story is fresh and unique in its premise for me personally where the closest novels I could think of that has this admin vs the world or bug fixing would be Kumo Desu Ga and My Disciple Died Yet Again respectively. Worth a shot if you are looking for a good read! <<less
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chocholate rated it
July 5, 2016
Status: c111
I love this story, the story concept is new and fresh, maybe it was because of me but sometimes i hardly understand the concept that the writer want to tell...
... more>>

like arc about bai (forgot what its name, but it is second arc) i can't bring myself to understand it, like sometimes gone blank for me... lol

Although it was like that i can't help myself to anticipating the next chapter. btw, i love the 3rd arc, can't wait for the party \(^o^)/ <<less
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Data rated it
April 20, 2016
Status: --
There are a lot of good parts but a lot of cheesy awkward parts. It’s a novel idea, and a very interesting one at that. However, the dialogue for several parts are… Forced. The fact that the mc is a web novelist yet similar to what nubdog stated forgets himself makes it really idiotic and forced to the point where it feels awkward to read.
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Recklezz rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: --
I like the novel, though the genre is a bit weird, though the translator/author mentions that it isn't infinity it certainly feel like it. The main characters break the 4th wall quite often and bleeds from other works (star wars etc.) happen in the primary story line. The main downside is that the foreshadowing happens too soon and that the MC gets introduced to an impossible task that we as the readers can't find realistic at all.

What i would say that this is a normal virtual reality story that... more>> is jumbled up with an original from sites like RoyalRoadl. Not that it's the genre it posses, but the progress of the plot certainly feels like it.

Great story overall, just a bit weird genre, that is all. xD <<less
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Dream Seeker
Dream Seeker rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: c54
Honestly the idea is without doubt first rate, our world (us readers) is but a beta game (knew it) where otherworlders developers and testers are working out the bugs before it all resets. But unfortunate mishap for the otherworlders a bug beyond the control of god sets some of npcs who where meant to die on the path to becoming world saviors from the otherworlders.

The story concept is mind bending, but some of the other elements or lack luster in comparsion, though not bad they aren't great. The primary and... more>> secondary characters are above average with behaviors and motivations that don't bend toward plot, but the dialogue is mostly bland with distinct flavors besides vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Still is honestly an alright read of 7/10 <<less
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MondoX rated it
May 8, 2016
Status: c56
The closest comparison to describe this story is like the manga _Cage of Eden_ with _game-like_ elements and like a certain movie that if I mention the name will spoil part of the story. The story is well written, and fight scenes are described very well. The best part of the story is its uniqueness compare to other LN/WN, I have yet to come across anything similar. Anyone that reads this series will not be disappointed by the story.

Probably my only complain so far is the strength... more>> of the MC. Every time the MC fights, he almost ends up dead and most of the time he needs help to defeat his opponent. He does not need to be OP’d, but he needs to improve some. The MC also has the most useless, and wasteful skill I have ever heard of. When another rookie (noob) shows up, they turn out to be stronger than the MC. All of the MC’s allies and enemies are stronger than him, or have a better skill. Expect a lot of luck or help for the MC to win his fights, because I do not see him beating anyone with strength or skills. The one thing I will say about the MC is that he is not a coward and will fight. <<less
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Shio rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
Read up to ch.50

It's a nice one. While there are some problem; author breaking the fourth wall and some inconsistency in the system logic, it doesn't bugs me too much. The idea behind it is pretty fresh and I like the character. All side character that has been introduced so far has enough screen time and feels like they will continue to hold some role in the story, which is a good thing. One thing to be noted is, while story does use a lot of game terminology, the story... more>> it self is doesn't fall into MMORPG/ virtual game category. <<less
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onesky rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
Uhm, im almost completely forgot this novel and some of these day it was already absorbed by WW.

Well story wise, this was absolutely not a VRMMO story like you will imagine. The character and etc need sometime to be build up or you can say developed. (Welp, you can’t expect they are ‘developed’ in just 20 chap or so after reading)

If you want something fresh out of ordinary Xianxia, this is for you.

Translator wise, it was good, well you guys should know he was the original translator of... more>> JunMoxie.

Well then again, everyone have its own preference. Toast and uh I mean no offense. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 3, 2016
Status: --
l like this novel because its told from a unique perspective than most game elements novels l have read lately it very interesting and has more room for development
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